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Access, trying to autmatically fill in fields after chosing ID

Q: Access, trying to autmatically fill in fields after chosing ID


I couldn't find the answer answer anywhere, so hope someone here can help.
I have several tables with info about partners, subsidiaries, contracts etc.
They all come together in a single table with the name project. Since 1 partner can participate in many projects I need to know how I can set up that my form for the table projects, with subforms partners and contracts etc fills in the data (name etc) for partners automatically when I only choose the partner ID from a list box.

Thanks in advance!

Preferred Solution: Access, trying to autmatically fill in fields after chosing ID

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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A: Access, trying to autmatically fill in fields after chosing ID

Can we have a look at your table structure?

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I have a table in an Access database. This table has three columns in it, and I want to add a fourth column. I want the value of this fourth column to be "Primary" for every record.

What's the easiest way to accomplish this? I'm an Access newbie.

-- Richard

A:Auto-fill access fields?

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Earlier I was playing an online game (Final Fantasy XI) when my screen began to behave strangely. I logged out, and then noticed that a TextPad window I had open began to fill with "+++++++++++++++++++++++" as though the plus key was stuck. I checked my keyboard (Logitech wireless LX710) and didn't see any obvious issues.

None the less, I shut-down the computer, swapped keyboards with my other PC and booted up again. The problem did not follow the keyboard, it remained on my first PC.
I tried a corder USB keyboard, and it does the same thing. Initially I can sometimes login because the "+++++++++++++" begins - but it is hit and miss. I generally need to reboot 2-3 times before I can login.

I have removed the Logitech software and installed the latest edition.

I have run McAffee and Spyware Doctor, but nothing was found.

Does this sound like any Virus, Trojan or Worm anyone has run across?

A:Virus? Text fields fill with +++++++++++

Meh... it was mouse-related.

After much swapping of gear, several virus scans, and copying a ton of data from the "bad" PC to my other PC (just in case), I tracked the issue down to my Logitech MX700 mouse.

I had swapped-in a corder mouse earlier, but apparently I was too hasty in eliminating the mouse as the issue.

Now I am back up a running, with my cordless keyboard - no issues. Just using a vanilla Dell corded mouse for the time being, until I can determine if the MX700 is salvageable.

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I'm working in Access 2000. I created a database in which you select a course number and the course name automatically appears in the "course name" box. I created this database but cannot for the life of me figure out how I did that.

Now I need to do it again...I've looked at the properties of the fields in the form and everything, and cannot find where you point it to fill in one field based on a another.

Can anyone help me with this?


A:Access2000 -Automatically fill in fields based on a selection

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Good evening,

was trying to find a piece of VBA code online for the following problem, found pieces for some single aspects, but cannot make it work. Have excel and word 2013.

I have a excel spreadsheets which is my master database. Every row (90 in total) lists one data set with up to 40 columns, but I will not need all informations. The first colum has a checkbox which I would like to use to chose which data set to work on to populate the word doc (working with multiple ticked would be great as well).

In addition I have multiple word documents, where I added text form fields which should then be filled with the informations from the excel sheet (I will not need all 40 columns for every word doc).

The code needs:

(1) To open the correct word document

(2) Fill in automatically the present date at a defined location in the word doc styled Jan 31st, 2018 with the correct st, nd or th.

(3) Fill in the specified data in the text form fields

(4) One column in my spreadsheet is a drop down menu, is there a difference if this content is transfered to the text form field?

(5) Some of the cells in the excel may be empty, how to make sure the transfer is not hicking-up?

(6) Save for every data set ticked a document (word and pdf) in a distinct location with some information from the data set contained in the name of the file.

I would be so greatful, If one of you can help here, guess for you this is done in a split of a minute...


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I think I have narrowed it down to on mouse movement that text input fields fill with %E?;E?+E? or %%E; or different variations of those characters followed by ENTER... I think!?!?
I removed all other languages from the keyboard settings in windows, and turned off the hotkeys for switching languages, this didn't help.
The next step was to swap out the Logitech keyboard/mouse combo with a ps2 keyboard and usb mouse and uninstalled logitech's setpoint software thinking that might be the problem.
It wasn't.
Not sure what steps to take next.
BTW, it doesn't matter what program is open...

Thanks for any help

A:On mouse movement text input fields auto fill with %E?;E?+E?

Maybe take a look in device manager to see if any of Logitech's drivers are still in use, if it is, uninstall them.

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Hi all,

I?m really in need of some help from some Access experts! I?m a newbie to Access, but I got myself busy with quite a big project... I?m trying to map out the product supply to shops in the whole country. I?ve come quite far for a starter, but I keep having 3 questions, it would be great if you could help me with this!

I have, amongst other tables, two tables called Stock_counted and Reported_quantity.

The table Stock_counted has the following fields:
- Shop_number
- Product_code
- Quantity_counted

The table Reported_quantity has the following fields:
- Shop_number
- Product_code
- Quantity_in
- Quantity_lost_or_returned
- Quantity_out

1. What I would like to do is to make it one table based on Shop_number AND Product_code. So in one record I would like to have Shop_number, Product_code, Quantity_in, Quantity_lost_or_returned, Quantity_out and Quantity_counted. How do I do this, making sure that the quantities end up behind the right product and shop? It is possible that some shops don?t have all items, while other shops might not have all products reported, or both. On top of that, I have another table with a price for each product, which needs to be related to it as well.

2. It happens that some products are found more than once in one specific shop and therefore appear more than once in the table, with the same shop number and product code. How do I automatically SUM these quantities, so that this product only shows up once per shop?

3.... Read more

A:How to combine fields in Access 2010 based on 2 equal fields?

Quote: Originally Posted by Josephine87

2. It happens that some products are found more than once in one specific shop and therefore appear more than once in the table, with the same shop number and product code. How do I automatically SUM these quantities, so that this product only shows up once per shop?

select shop, product, sum(quantityfield1), sum(quantityfield2)
from sometable
group by shop, product

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I got a form A and a subform B. I use B to display data retrieved from a table while use B to simutaneously update that data. More particularly, if I click a row in B, that row will be display on A and the user will be able to edit that data. The forms were designed by someone in MS Access 97. I converted it to MS Access 2003 format. Therefore, I have to link form A and form B. However, I couldn't find Link Master Fields and Link Child Fields in MS Access 2003!

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

A:Link Child Fields and Link Master Fields in MS Access 2003

climbingrose said:


I got a form A and a subform B. I use B to display data retrieved from a table while use B to simutaneously update that data. More particularly, if I click a row in B, that row will be display on A and the user will be able to edit that data. The forms were designed by someone in MS Access 97. I converted it to MS Access 2003 format. Therefore, I have to link form A and form B. However, I couldn't find Link Master Fields and Link Child Fields in MS Access 2003!

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!Click to expand...

It really sounds like form A and subform B are both using the same table, and are not a Master/Child field link situation. But rather, form B (the subform) will have code in the "On Current" event that will find the current record on the form B within the form A, therefore allowing that record to be edited. Review your original post, I think you used the "B" one place where you meant to say "A". No matter what, you need to clear up with us out here if both form A and form B are using the same table.


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MS Access:
I have several fields in a form that uses two tables. I would like to set up a command button so that when you are on a current record, it will copy the field information from the record you are on to other fields in the same record. I do not know the SQL commands to set this up.

For example, there are name fields, address fields, and phone to be copied. Reason: One is contact information; one is survey information. In most cases the information is the same but on rare instances, the information needs to be entered (when different).
This is not an update for all records in the database. This is based individually on each record.
Not sure if you need to do On current, on click, or after update.
Not sure if default value in form can be used.
Please help.

A:Copy data fields in same table to other fields in same table MS Access

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how many total fields can you have in an access table
I'm using access 2000

A:access fields

I believe the limit is 255, but I am not 100% sure. Even so, you will most likely never have that many fields in one table...

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Access newbie using Access 2007 with Windows XP. I have a table that contains the following columns.
Author LN

I want users to select title from a drop down list in the title field which will auto populate the two author name fields. Users will enter data in remaining fields.
1. Title field has scroll arrows but only shows first title?
2. How do I get the AuthorFN and Author LN to auto-fill based on title selected?

Can't find a solution that a newbie can understand.

Forgot to add that users will create multiple "info cards" because only 1 comment for each record.

A:Access 2007 Auto-Fill

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i do not know how to make pages fit my monitor. there is 2.5 inch gap at either end

A:[SOLVED] my web page does not fill fill my monitor screen in the horizontal direction

this is not equip. failure as it worked ok before i had to go back to a restore point. i am a complete novice,trying to keep up with grand kids,please excuse.

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Here's the situation:

I have been given several access databases with contact information in them. The contact information has all the usual info (address, phone, etc.); however, the name format is two different fields: a first name, and a last name. My goal is to import all the database information into ACT!

I was planning on doing this by exporting a text file with comma seperated values; the only problem, though, is that the existing ACT! database doesn't have two name fields, and instead only has one "Contact" field.

Sooo.. my question is, would it be best to try and convert the names to one full name in access, or is there some way to import and convert them with ACT!? And, whichever way is best, how exactly would I go about doing that?

Thank you very much!!

A:Merging two fields in Access and/or ACT

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I know how to concatenate field values in a record but I'm wondering if it is possible to concatenate field values in separate records. My reason is that I have a form showing data from a query made from two tables. I want only one record in the underlying data and if I join two tables where one has multiple matches then there will be multiple records in the query. Table 1 has a record with joining field f1 (no duplicates allowed) and Table 2 has multiple records for f1 with different f2 values. Here's what I mean:
T1 has f1 = 90000
T2 has
f1 = 90000, f2 = T
f1 = 90000, f2 = Y
f1 = 90000, f2 = N

Is there a way to set up a query operating on T2 to give a table with the value
f1 = 90000, f2 = Y,T,N

If so, then a join on f1 with this table would yield only one record for the form I display. As a fallback position should I just do a summary query on T2 and show the resultant records in a small subform?

Thanks in advance for any advice on this?

A:MS Access Concatenate Fields

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In Access 97 SR-1 is it possible to create a lookup field in a table that is also a required field? I have created a table in Access containing several lookup fields. Now the user is requesting that the fields also be required - that the person doing the input via a form would not be able to advance to the next record before choosing an option in each lookup field in the current record. Setting the required switch to "yes" after the field has been created as a lookup field does not prevent the user from advancing to the next record in the form.

Please advise any suggestions. Thanks!

A:Access 97 required fields

You can set the "lookup" field back to a standard field and use a Combo box to do the look up for you.

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I must be having a brain fade here but what i want to do is real simple, just can't get it right.

I have a field on an MS Access form and all I want to do is check if something has been entered into it.

Something along thw line of :-
if field is blank do then
do something
else if field is equal to spaces then
do something different
end if

of the life of me I can't get it to work :-(

A:Blank fields in Access

I'm presuming this is just pseudocode for a corresponding Vb project.

If so then i recommend:

Option Explicit

Dim wksp As Workspace
Dim db As Database

Private Sub command1_Click()

Dim entry As Recordset
Dim search_string as string

search_string = txt_search_string.text

Set wksp = DBEngine.Workspaces(0)
Set db = wksp.OpenDatabase(App.Path & "\DATABASE NAME.mdb")

Set entry = dbfacilities.OpenRecordset("SELECT * FROM [TABLE NAME] WHERE [FIELD NAME] = '" & search_string & "'")

If entry.RecordCount = 0 Then
MsgBox ("The field is blank")

txt_search_string.Text = ""

'unsure of what you wanted here...
End If

Hope this helps.

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I have a form with Qty, Price, Total, MTD(MonthToDate), YTD(YearToDate). I am only storing Qty and Price in the Table. I can get a sum for Total, but how do I get a sum for MTD and YTD?

Should I have a field in my table for the Total, MTD, and YTD?

What is the best way to set this up?

A:Summing fields in Access

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I have this table that I want to have a drop down list for the builder and then the next field another drop down list that only lists those tracts that the chosen builder has. I am trying to create a form right from the table

A:Access lookup fields

Please read this previous post

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I am building a query in Access 2007 and when I select and drag a field from a query into the lower section of the building query screen it only brings the one field (like I want), but when I run the select query I am getting all the fields in the original query. How can I get it to only show the one field?

A:Access Query too many fields

Ensure that the query does not contain a column with the heading tablename.* or queryname.* where tablename and querynames are the names of your query table or query.
The "*" means all fields.

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Ok, i have a form that has a calendar...when you click on the "hiredate" or "birthdate" the calendar appears, and when you click anywhere on the detail area, it disappears...however, whenyou change a date on the calendar you must click in either the "hiredate" or the "birthdate" for it to take the change....i would like to make this automatic, so that when a person clicks the calendar the coresponding field...hiredate or birthdate, is changed....is this done with the "on update" event? any help would greatly help my grade!
if so could someone give me an example?


A:Access: One Calendar for Two Fields?

Yes, well, a couple of questions, so that our solutions change your environment the minimum amount possible:

1. Are you sure that the calendar that appears is on the same form? Or is a special calendar form appearing and disappearing? You might want to poke around in the db window, and/or post back the details (macro or code behind the events, for example, on click) for hiredate and birthdate.

2. Also, what's behind the calendar? The tricky part of what you're talking about is having the same control (or form containing a control) for two different text boxes; that's why you're having to click in the appropriate box, I'm guessing: to tell the calendar which box to put its value in.

I'm guessing that you didn't build this initially? If these questions seem to complicated, just zip up an example version of the related table(s) and the form(s) in an .mdb file and send them to me. (Must be under 1MB.) But if you can post back the details on what's going on behind your controls, we can probably give you a faster response.

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I have two tables tEp and tLn.

I have a field in tLn for tEp but I need to be able to select multiple values, Ive followed guys on office and here: http://www.databasedev.co.uk/multivalued-fields.html

But I cant get the Allow Multiple Fields checkbox!! It just doesnt show!?


A:Access Multiple Value Fields

Worked out this only in accdb, is it possible to do something similar in mdb?

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I am currently building a shop type database...

I have made a 'transaction form' On the form is things such as transaction ID, customer details, staff details etc, then there is a subform, where the products on the transaction get entered into.

On the subform (Transaction/Product link Subform), there are the fields (among others...) 'Product ID', 'Price' and 'Quantity', I have then made an unbound field to calculate the subtotal which has '=[QuantityOrdered]*[p_Price]'

On the main form, I then wanted to have a 'total' field, whereby it adds up all of the subtotals from the subform, the problem is is that through the various methods i have used i keep on getting #Error or it will only show me the subtotal of one record, when I need it to show me the total subtotals from all records.

Any solutions? please

A:Calculated fields in Access

... it will only show me the subtotal of one record, when I need it to show me the total subtotals from all records.If I understand correctly what you said, I think you need to make a calculated field on the form which will say something like=Sum(the name of the calculated field on the subform)and put that total field in the footer of the form. The footer should contain form totals.

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O...Kay! I need help with a now, 4 year old Access database. Many thanks to OBP, I have cleaned up and worked out kinks that really has made keeping up with parent involvement in the schools much easier. Now that I have worked with the database, I am in need of some advice regarding a form that is needed now. This is a form that is used to enter just basic demographic information on a parent who calls to sign-up to be notified of special events.

The form is simple, but this is where I cannot quite make it work. The unique identifier of the record is the school's location code number. I have tried to find out how to fabricate the form so that when this location code is entered, the associated fields (school name, type, and region) will auto fill in. I'm sure that this may seem trivial to the experts, but I am once again STUMPED. Many thanks in advance for any assistance that I may be given.

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Hello! I'm hoping someone out there can help me. I'm creating a basic form, it would be nice if when a record is created the day you created the record could autofill into place. Does anyone have any suggestions out there how I could do this?

Thank you,

A:MS Access Date Auto-Fill Form

You could set the default for the date field to Now().

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I am using Access 2003 and have a question-- I have a table called tblContacts, and an associated form with demographic info. I want to add a field to this form called "notes" , which would be opened with a button on the form (that way the notes on the individual would not be immediately visible to anyone walking by).

I created the subform Notes (and associated table tblContacts_Info). My problem is this:

I want the contact_id (unique identifier of individual) to automatically fill in when the subform opens with the value from the record of the parent form.

I tried creating a one-to-many relationship, and tried setting the record source as the contact_id from the parent table, but am having no luck.

can anyone help? Is there a better way to do this than a subform/second table? I just want to create privacy on the form...



A:Access subform (I think) and auto fill in question

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I am wondering how to automatically fill a cell in my TransactionForm. When I want to lookup and insert a commodity into a transaction I would like the form to automatically insert the CurrentPrice of a commodity into the SalePrice field. I have attached the database. Thank you!

A:Automatically fill blank field - Access

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Dear all​ I have a problem to fill table for preparing database.​ Problem:​ I use COMBO to fill table. For example we are preparing a table related to cloths of some people.​ I want, If i select shirt from the combo of first record, the combo of next record (cell) show me only specification of shirt (e.g. color, size...) not shoes, etc..​ OR, If i select shoes from the combo of first record, the combo of next record (cell) show me only specification of shoes (e.g. price, size ...) not shirt, etc..
​ It would be appreciated to have your reply,​ Regards,​ M.Maleki​

A:fill table in microsaft office access

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I have read through similar threads/posts but they don't seem to answer this exact problem (or I can't find the answer - maybe someone could point me to the solution?):

I have a hierarchy of descriptors for a program/project management tool I am creating as follows:
Department contains several AreasofResponsibility, which contains several Goals, which contains several Programs....etc....

I want to build a form for entering a new project task with combo boxes to select the right path in the tree above to associate with this project task.

Therefore the first combo reads its values from a table containing a list of Departments.
The user selects a Department from the list.
The second combo should only be populated with the AreasofResponsibility (AOR) that are in the selected Department. So I want to conditionally display the list of AORs that corresponde to that particular Department.

What Event Expression should I use?

Here is what I have set up already:

I have a separate table and form for entering the Departrments = Dept Table
- this is a simple 2 column table where each record has a Department name and an ID (key field)

I have a separate table and form for entering the AORs = AOR Table
- this is a simple 3 column table where each record has an AOR, a Deparment name based on the above table and an AOR ID (key field).

Now I need to combine these two in a third table/form for a lower value entry on the hierarchy and am stuck....

A:Conditional Combo Box Fill Access 2003

DunnerJ, welcome to the Forum.
Your search should have shown up at least 2 databases that I have worked on for other Posters that do exactly what you are asking about.
There is this one

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Please help

I have 2 tables:-

1 Master Input Table.
1 Job Lookup table - (contains Job Number and Name)

When in-putting job details into the Master Input table i would like to enter the job number only and have the job name appear automatically without running a query, much the same as a 'vLookup' command in excel.

Is this possible?

Can anyone help?

A:Auto Fill In MS Access Table Field

Yes it is, the easiest way is to have the Job Lookup Table as a Sub form on the master form (Master Input Table) linked via the Job Number.
Or you could select it from a combo box, (no typing).

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I'm running latest firefox, vista and windows 7. Wireless Laptop worked fine yesterday. Went to log on today and can't connect. Think I've found problem, but ran into another. under connections tab-LAN settings---automatically detect setting is unchecked. It allows me to check it, but when I click "ok" to set it nothing happens. Literally nothing. the box does not go away and the check mark stays. "ok" doesn't work at all. any ideas?

thank you,


A:autmatically detect setting does not work

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Our objective was to get the field to populate throughout the datasheet table. Meaning that

Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4
1111 Contract Apples Carrots
1111 Contract Soups Celery

Getting and Maintaining Field 1 & Field 2 to stay the same throughout the table
Since my brain is fried today and its already the middle of the week. Any suggestions?

A:Access: Record Keeping. Same Fields

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Aloha FRIDAY Tech ppl!!
I've set fields in MS ACCESS 2010 table to be required fields --- BUT it "kicks" me out the form IF i try to save the record to test the field by leaving the field blank!!

Were should I enter the parameter to ask me to enter the required field then SAVE the record ...
thank you!!!!!

A:MS ACCESS table required fields

The table is the correct place to do this.
I am not sure what you mean when you say "save the record" as Acces automatically saves the record.
What happens if you try to close the form yourself, or move to another or new record?

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I have a database, and I already have several fields "locked" so that chances cannot be made to these particular fields.

I have some command buttons that I currently have enabled, but would like to disable them when a certain checkbox has a "true" value (is checked).

How can this be done (if at all) on a "per button" basis, as I have some other buttons that I want to leave enabled all the time.

Thanks in advance!

A:Solved: Locking fields in Access

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In an existing database, there are fields that have text I would like to separate (like first name and last name both in same field). Can this be done and how?

Thanks for your help!

A:Access - Can you separate text in fields?

Yes. You should probably start by reading up in Access help on the following functions:
InStr: Looks for a specific character, and returns its position in the string (data in text fields is called string data
Left([FldNm], x): Returns the leftmost x characters from a string
Right([FldNm], x): Returns the rightmost x characters from a string
Mid: Used to return part of a string, beginning from a midpoint, continuing a certain number of characters or to the string's end.

Access Help will explain to you how each one works in more detail. Basically, you test a field for a space using InStr; InStr will return 0 if it doesn't find one, or a position number if it does. If my name is "Joe Kool", for example, InStr will return 4. You then use Left() and Right() or Mid() to separate out the strings.

Let us know what more we can explain.

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I've looked for this and people don't seem to have the problem. I have a form that populates a single database. on enter a new refreshed form is presented to the user - but now my user has requested that 3 fields on the form not clear. She wants to be able update them if needed, but generally they will not be changed during a batch of input, after she has entered them the first time. How do I STOP them clearing?

A:Access form clears all fields

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I cannot change entry in ID field of Facilities Table due to 1-1 relationship to Test Data Current Table. I just want to modify it from "70100" to "AI-70100".

A:Modifying Fields in Access 2010

Is there just the one record that you want to change?

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I have a fully functioning dbase with the last Calculation that I cannot work out.

I am attaching a sample Dbase to help w the explanation.

I would like the Bonus Total to reflect all Totals. After totaling rate and standby total, I then want to choose my services and total out the Services total and refresh the Bonus Total with all of the updated info. I have stared merciless at this and tried several ways to make this happen.

I am slowly going mad. This is the last calculation then I am finished with this but have gone blank.

If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it.

As you tab through the dbase you will see that the Base rate is divided by 2 to get the standby rate and this reflects automatically in the Bonus Total in the top half of the dbase. Then you progress to service selections and the total is reflected upon pressing enter in the Services Total. This Total is what I want added to the existing Bonus Total that is calculated in the top of the dbase.

Sorry if I am repeating myself.


A:Solved: Access, Calculated Fields, OBP?? Anyone?

Bonus total has the calculation =[cboRateTotal]+[cboStbyRateTotal]+[cboServicesTotal] as it's control source.
Once you do that you can no longer change the value using VBA.
So the answer is to replace the =[cboRateTotal]+[cboStbyRateTotal]+[cboServicesTotal] with the VBA version.
So either set the control source to nothing or make it a field in the table.

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I have an Access database where the data is being input in Access and displayed by Lotus Notes. Originally I had a number of Yes/No fields e.g. "Outside Storage" in the table. The person doing the Notes interface requested that I change these to Text fields which I did. The table values remained as Yes or No when I did this. The input forms kept their check boxes when I did this but as one enters data via the checkboxes the values are 0 and -1. If I delete the field from the form and add it again it comes as a text box which then displays Yes or -1, etc depending what is in the table.
The Notes person says data tables should not contain Yes/No fields or Combo Boxes like solid/liquid. My question is what is the best way to handle this assuming the Notes developer wants text fields in the table? Should I delete all the checkboxes from the forms and replace with text boxes showing Yes or No? Right now I have the validation of the table set to accept yes, no, 0 or -1. Finally, is the field on the form able to be changed back to a checkbox without changing the table field back to a Yes/No field? It seems as if the type of field placed on the form is inherited from the table.

A:Solved: MS Access Yes/No or Text Fields?

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Here is my problem. I have a table with details of enrolled students. Many of the students have the same name with only an initial or middle name to differentiate them.
I have a field each for forename, initial/middle name and surname in the table.
I need each field to be able to accept duplicate entries but where both forename and surname are identical, the initial/middle name must be a required field.
Problem is, not everybody has a middle name, so I cannot set the field property to required. I need it to be required ONLY in the case that the forename and surname are identical.
Anybody got any ideas?
I tried using ID, forename, initial/middle name, surname as PKs but that doesn't work.
Please explain in simple words, I am not a technical expert, just an admin.

A:Access 2010 unique fields

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Hi there,

Let my preface this post by saying that I have some experience working with Access, but nothing official and so what I know is as a result of hacking my way through. Also, let me start by saying that I apologise if this seems long winded, but I am unsure how much info to give.

I've inherited a database at work which I need to develop further, but it uses some methods I am unfamiliar with, though I think I understand enough to know they need to be there.

Basically the database is a customer transaction system and its that particular section I am trying to sort.

I have a table (tblPupilTransaction) which is meant to be updated whenever a transaction occurs. It has :

Transaction Date
EAN (item code)
Billing Status

However, because there will only be a static group of customers that can purchase from us, we have a lookup table (tlkpPupil) which has :


My difficulty comes when developing the form that would be used to input the transactions. I had thought to use combo boxes to link FamilyName, GivenName and PupilID into one selection, but that doesn't automatically complete the exisiting PupilID field (which cannot have a null).

Likewise, when I use a combo box to put in the product data, the price is not automatically complete (these also have the appropriate lookup tables).

So, in short, I want to know how I create a form which will input into tblPupilTransaction w... Read more

A:Bound Fields on Access Forms

You are on the right track. Have the data in the Combo boxes. All it takes then is some simple VBA code in the Combos After Update Event Procedure to pass the values to the fields.
However, the only thing that should be stored for the Pupil and Product is the ID numbers.
The rest should only be "Displayed".

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Hi all,

I am making a report in Access 2003. I have salaries that will be displayed by the month. However, since we are only in April, the months May-December are not in the query that the report is based on. Is there a way that I can make the report display a 0 in the place of the months that aren't yet there? The months that are there will display the salaries.

I appreciate any help! Thank you!

A:Access 2003 non-existing fields

Are you using a Crosstab query for the Report?
If so you can force the Headings to be entered by typing them in the Haedings Property of the Query.

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I have to concatenate the following by item number: I have attached a file with a sample table.

item number / memo subject / memo text
15056 / x/ e
15056 / t / r
15056 / s / q

there is also the issue where I have ~;~ in the memo text field. This is coming from some type of code in our ERP software. I would like to have this removed and not added in the final result which would be something like this:

15056/ x t s / e r q
I do not need comma's in between the data but if the field is blank i don't need that either.

I have researched and I have tried to do some VBA with Modules but I really don't know what I am doing.... Help!

A:Solved: Access - Concatenate fields

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Hi, I receive an excel file everyday that I need to import. However, the column header of the fourth column of data changes daily (it's the corresponding day's date). I would like to import/append the data to the previous day's import. Is it possible to import and append fields by their position number, e,g, the fourth column is not called using its column header but is called by its position, say "field4"(?).

A:Access: querying fields generically

PMCD, welcome to the Forum.
I don't think what you want to do can be done with just one Import query because of the name change and Append Queries use the field names.
You can Import the Data to a temporary table, change the name, append the data to the master table and the run a delete query to remove the data from the temp table.
What you could have is an SQL statement renaming the field, although I am not sure if SQL can handle the field name change, and then run the append query.
You can definitely use VBA code to change the name and then run the Append query though.
Or you change the field name manually prior to running the Append query

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I have generated an access report that shows the process comments for the different locations we have in the organization. What I need to do is to count the total number of comments we have per day for the daily report I generated. I used a textbox under the gourp footer with the expresson "=Count([Comment])". It worked fine to get the count of teh comments under each goroup. I need to gererate a grand total for the report summing the values of the textbox with the above expression. Also, is there a way to count the text fields one time as a grand total for the report. Thanks in advance.

A:Summing calculated fields in access

The unbound text box that you have used for the "=Count([Comment])" should have a name like text2, so you use the following in a another unbound text box in the report footer using the correct name for your counting text box


I am not sure about your last question "is there a way to count the text fields one time as a grand total for the report"

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I was wondering if there was a way to jump to a specific field in a Access database from VB6 using an SQL statement or something simliar.

Any help on this matter would be greatly appriciated,

Thanks in advance,


A:Jumping to Fields in VB6 from Access Tables

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Please help. I am trying to calculate a percentage of my yes's. I have several yes/no fields in which I'll need to calculate a rate. I would prefer to create a report that will calculate this for me. However, right now, I am really just looking for the easiest/quickest way to do this. So if I need to run a query first and base the report off the query, I'll do it. Please help ASAP if you can.


A:Solved: Calculating Yes/No Fields in Access

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