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Low CPU benchmark scores on Precision 5520

Q: Low CPU benchmark scores on Precision 5520

I recently purchased a Dell Precision 5520 with the following hardware: i7-7820HQ, 32GB RAM, M.2 PCIE 512GB, Quadro M1200. I noticed performance issues with the laptop - simple things like a lag sometimes between when I typed on the keyboard and when things actually appeared on screen. Generally slow performance with simple tools like PgAdmin, etc. Subsequently, I ran benchmark tests (PassMark, Geekbench, and others) and I find that my CPU scores are dismal - about a 1/4 of what they should be. I did a couple of things to isolate the problem: (1) updated the bios and switched off sidestep, (2) complete reformat and reinstall of the latest recovery image from Dell, (3) all windows 10 updates and driver updates through command center, (4) configured power option in Windows to "High Performance" and plugged in the a/c adapter, (5) removed all peripherals - basically back to stock, out-of-the-box factory image except the Intel Sidestep setting in the bios. Again, no improvement - low CPU benchmark scores (Passmark CPU score - 2424). See attached image for details. I'm not sure what else to do? Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Low CPU benchmark scores on Precision 5520

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)


I dont know what is wrong with my computer but recently i ran aquamark3 and 3dmark 2003 and in aquamark i scored a low 21,000 and in 3dmark2003 i scored a low 2,500
yet i am running a intel p4 2.8 ghz 800 fsb ht oced at 3.6
512 mb 3200 hyperx ddr
visiontek 9600
Asus p800s
i know its not the ram because i tested it with prime95

A:Low Benchmark Scores

i think it is either the motherboard or videocard because i know that the visointek 9600 is underclocked at 324 mhz core and 202.5 memory but can it really make that much of a difference because people with the same ram, similiar video card and processor have scored in the 30,000- 40,000 range yet i can barely score 20,000

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Hey all,
Just built a new comp and I thought this thing would scream but I'm only getting a whimper

AMD FX-62 Dual Core CPU
1.0 GB DDR2 PC3200 (I believe its 3200)
ASUS M2A-VM-HDMI Motherboard
Ultra X-Connect Titanium w/ UV Blue 500Watt ATX PSU
Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 250GB Hard Drive (Serial ATA II, 7,200 RPM, 8MB)
Haven't done the video card yet
This thing should move like lightning right?

Something about this thing is mega slow to load programs and such.
I just used CrystalMark to get some Benchmark scores and my CPU ranked a bit lower than an AMD FX-60 (19442 vs. 25188) but my HDD was piss poor with a score of 4738 vs others out there ranking between 2 and 4 MILLION!!
Now my HDD is in a constant churning state, ya know always sounds like its struggling and grinding away when running programs especially ones like adaware or spybot that scan, not super loud but it bugs me. Is this an indication that is a piece of junk?

Is there any other way to determine if its is my HDD that is the weakest link in my new computer besides getting another and popping it in and are there any other good benchmark programs out there that can confirm this for me. Also, why would my CPU be scoring lower than a lower model? Maybe its just that CrystalMark isn't reliable.
Also, I'm running some EMSA Disk Check Program right now to try that out and see what happens

A:Low benchmark scores on CPU & HDD - Is my HDD poo?

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I made this thread so we can share the results of our benchmark scores from unigine heaven 4.0. If you want to post your result, all you have to do is go to this site , download it and install it.

Run it in the Extreme preset, save the results somewhere you can find, print screen the results and post it here!

I own a GTX 580 3 GB EVGA Classified version, and this is what i got at nVidia stock settings:

A:Unigine Heaven 4 Benchmark scores

I'm a bit confused... I have a GTX 690 and i only get 2.6 fps more than you...

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I put a new processor in a computer here at work yesterday. Previously, the computer had a K6/233, and I replaced it with a K6-2/300.

I was surprised to note that the benchmark scores (I used WinTune for the Benchmark test) for the new, "faster" processor were lower than the "slower" one

CPU Integer................... -2%
CPU Floating Point............ +29%
2D Video...................... +2%
Direct 3D..................... +12%
Open GL....................... -15%
Memory........................ -38%
Cached Disk................... +18%
Uncached Disk................. +1%

So what's going on here? Why would the CPU Integer and memory transfer scores go down with the new processor? Did I missed a configuration in the BIOS, or could this processor just not be suited for the motherboard? Specifications on the motherboard are at: http://www.qdigrp.com/eng/products/tx1bp.htm

Thanks for any insight, as this is rather perplexing to me.

A:Benchmark Scores Lower w/ Faster Processor?

You may need to check the version of the bios to ensure that it supports this chip.

I found this in the FAQ's at that site.

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Q5. Does Titanium B series support AMD K6 266/300 and K6-II 266/300 CPU?
Our Titanium IB+, Titanium IIB and T1E(TX400) Motherboards can support AMD future K6 266/300 MHz and K6-II at 266/300 MHz CPU in specification, which may use 2.2v as CPU core voltage with the latest BIOS downloaded and flashed.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Check out this little program for CPU info. WCPUID At http://www.h-oda.com/ This program will give you all of the info you need. It is on this download page. http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA002374/src/download.html

Remember the light at the end of the tunnel just might be a train

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Hi!I'm a pretty new gaming notebook owner, as i got a really screaming good deal on a y530 (8750h/1060-6gb/16gb/512ssd/144hz). Im currently trying out some recommendations from the internet like undervolting the CPU and having the power limit at 50W (CPU) and im currently getting 2678 points in cinebench r20, and the cpu is sitting comfortably at 70-72 degrees C at full load. (-0,150v undervolt) Is this good or is there something else i should change?

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I thought that I would bring this over from Seven Forums to see what scores we are getting with this OS.

I'll start off with mine. The first image is my score, using the default settings, and the second is with all applicable settings maxed out.

Download Heaven DX11 Benchmark | Unigine: real-time 3D engine (game, simulation, visualization and VR)

A:Show us your Unigine Heaven Benchmark scores!

Updated, for my new system. Note that I have only used the default settings for Heaven here, but you can quite clearly see what an improvement I have over my old system. In addition, the effect of having crossfire enabled can be clearly seen in the second image, with a final score approximately twice that where crossfire is disabled.

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I was surprised to see here that the Intel Celeron D 330 2.66 GHz processor benchmark scores are lower than the AMD Sempron 3100+ 1.80 GHz processor benchmark scores.

I recently resurrected and upgraded 2 older desktops.

Both have 2 GB DDR PC2700 RAM and have an UDMA/ATA100 7200 rpm hard drive and have the same antivirus program running.

The Intel processor has a 533 MHz FSB and the AMD processor has an 800 MHz FSB.

The desktop with the AMD processor appears to be the faster and more snappier of the two.

Is the higher FSB of the AMD processor the deciding factor, or is it something else?


A:Solved: Intel Celeron Vs. AMD Sempron Benchmark Scores

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I have a Dell Precision 5520.   I am trying to PXE boot this off of the network and it does not connect.  We are trying to use SCCM (or now called Configuration Manager 2012) from Microsoft to drop an image onto these devices.
In the BIOS I have enabled Legacy Mode, I have enabled the Thunderbolt settings etc....  when I boot up and press F12 the following happens.
I get my boot option (boot from NIC).  I pick this.
It starts DHCP and it then prompts me with the second F12 (boot from network)   I press F12
It then gives me this error:
configuration manager is looking for policy' and then gives a pxe:mof exiting pxe rom error. 
So how do you PXE boot this device?   Thank you!!

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I just got the Precision 5520 and I was expecting to find a way to edit preferences on the touchpad gestures and such, but I haven't seen anything dealing with options like that. There is no touchpad icon in the system tray, and nothing obvious in the Control Panel. Am I just looking in the wrong place, or is something missing, or does it just not exist?

A:Precision 5520 Touchpad

Click on the Settings icon (gear) on the Taskbar, select Devices. Or Right click on Taskbar to get to Settings

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Any successful story to install RHEL7/CentoOS7 on the new Precision M 5520?Not a big fun of Ubuntu and I would like to install the OS myself anyway.

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Just received my 5520 and noticed the light that comes on (just below trackpad) when I plug in the AC Adapter only lights up half-way.  Does anyone else have the same issue?   I'm not impressed with the cutout either, isn't as sharp looking as it should be.  Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,
Would be grateful if anybody can help please. After the last Windows 10 update (KB 4054517) 2 unknown devices have appeared in Device Manager. They are:
DDDDriver and DellProf
I tried to find these drivers on dell's website but couldn't locate them anywhere.
I then updated my drivers on dell's website using my Service Tag.
Are the DDDDriver and DellProf essential components? If so, where can I download them from. If not, please let me know.
The computer seems to be running just fine at the moment without them.
Many thanks.

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I have a brand new Dell Precision 5520 and I noticed some dark shadows on both bottom sides of the screen, as shown in the pictures. I see them even if I change brightness or if I run the LCD built-in test.
Is it a screen issue?

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I got the precision 5520.
I have a problem with the wifi where I recognize as:
a. Can't work with google docs in Chrom browser.  Google docs always stuck. and also the Gmail. 
b. When I work with hotspot from my phone, I recognize that the amount of data transfer is abnormanl (I only worked with Emails).
c. In general, I compared with an other laptop that I have at home, and I really felt the difference in the rate of responses.
d. i updated the drivers,  but it didn't help.

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and is it fused in HW, so as not being deactivatable

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I heard somewhere that the Xeon version of the new Precision 5520 is going to support ECC. 
Is this correct?
Does the hardware already support ECC ??


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I'm trying to achieve a heavily relied upon gesture on my new precision: the back swipe.  I'm accustomed to it being 3 fingers, but I'll take any gesture better than meandering the cursor across thousands of pixels to a tiny target at one edge.
I found: 

But, while seeming promising, the instructions are too vague to follow in practice.  
I really hope there is some option for this.  It was really useful.  

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Just got my defective TB15 swapped out for a TB16.  So far the USB connection and display connections are rock solid.  Still having a problem with the USB-C port on the TB16, however.  I have an Akitio SK-2520 USB 3.1 Gen 2 dual sata RAID enclosure populated with 2 x 1TB Samsung 850 Pro SSDs.  
Plugged directly into the USB-C port on the 5520 itself I get the following in CrystalDiskMark:

Plugged into the TB16 I get the following:
The enclosure has external power because neither the laptop nor the TB16 can provide enough wattage to power it.  It is a USB-PD certified device, so not sure why I have to use it's external power brick, but that's another discussion entirely. 
At first I thought the fact that I'm driving my LG 34UM88C-P monitor (2440x1440 resolution) was eating into the bandwidth available to the neutered TB3 20Gbps connection, so I disconnected it.  Even with the enclosure being the only device plugged into the TB16 the speeds remain the same.  The USB-C port on the back of the TB16 has a Thunderbolt logo indicating that it's TB3 certified.
Per the Intel Thunderbolt 3 FAQ: "Thunderbolt 3 is a superset solution which includes USB 3.1 (10Gbps), and adds 40Gbps Thunderbolt and DisplayPort 1.2 from a single USB-C port."  Meaning that port should be capable of providing 10Gbps of throughput to be a properly certified TB3 port.

A:Precision 5520 + TB16 = Slow USB-C connection

I think the problem is likely in the limitation of PCIe over TB3. 40 Gbps of TB3 is dynamically shared among DP and PCIe lanes. Up to PCIe3 x4 (32 Gbps) is generally possible (assuming DP not taking more than 8Gbps, otherwise DP has priority), however the 5520/9560 support only PCIe3 x2 (16 Gbps ) - this was found by the eGPU gaming community and later confirmed by Dell. Likely even less than that is available via the "downstream" TB3 connector on the TB16, because the TB16 occupies some of the PCIe bandwidth. The TB16 specs don't list much for its TB3 port, maybe it is restricted at USB-C 3.1 gen 1 5 Gbps?
Regarding USB-PD, cross-compatibility is a tricky issue. The two devices must negotiate a voltage-current pair, and many devices which are not primarily power supplies in practice don't support different voltages. I gather the Akitio wants 15W @ 5V 3A, while the Dell laptop and dock likely only offer 20V, maybe also 5V but at a low power.

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I just received my Dell Precision 5520 and notice that the trackpad of this laptop is WAY TOO slippery.
Super difficult to do something with Precision (quite unlike the name of the laptop).
In spite of istallig the Touchpad drivers this issue persists.
Any help on howto fix this, will help !

A:Precision 5520 slippery trackpad issue

Explain in detail, by slippery do you mean the actual physical "feel" of the touchpad?

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So i bought a precision 5520 - win 10, 16GB, intel xeon 3.0-4.0 Ghz , SSD
and yeah the display is UHD
Now I would assume this would assume latest laptop + good config = awesome experience. But alas!
that has not been the case so far.
Any help on how to fix the following (if possible) would be awesome. thank you.
issue1: UHD is cool, but the color saturation *** so bad. All my photo editing went for a toss. Is there any way I could get to the correct saturation for photo editing? I tried every option under the Dell premier color, that did toggle brightness, but saturation didn;t seem bothered with those settings...
issue2: battery life 1-2 hours.. sheeesh
issue3: running adobe premier elements 15 for video editing, clogged the whole memory. Super drag.

Any advise much appreciated. Thanks.

A:PRECISION 5520 - CONS - any help with resolving these would be a huge help.

Hi howUdelling,
Thanks for posting.
Windows color management is not the most intuitive. Wide-gamut panels such as the UHD are great, but one needs to know how to use them.
Many windows programs are non-color-managed. It is assumed that a sRGB display is used. Viewing on a wide-gamut display, best use the sRGB profile of Dell PremierColor, otherwise the colors will look oversaturated.
In color-managed graphic programs, the AdobeRGB profile of DPC will make better use of the available display gamut. When exporting for the web, images may be saved & tagged for sRGB target gamut, and may be then proofed on display using the sRGB profile of DPC.
Oversaturated colors may also appear in CM programs with untagged or mistagged content.
Calibrating with the ColorMunki or such will produce more accurate colors than the generic AdobeRGB profile of DPC. DPC should be uninstalled when calibration is used, due to likely conflicts.
Battery issues:  http://www.dell.com/content/topics/global.aspx/batteries_sitelet/en/batteries_faq?c=us&l=en&cs=19
Adobe Elements: https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2259426

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Need the SATA cable to add a 2.5" HDD to a 5520.
Is the SATA cable part for the Precision 5510 the same as the SATA cable part for the 5520?
They look almost exactly the same (from pictures) but If someone could confirm, I would appreciate it.

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I just picked up a Precision 5520 for work and I have a few questions.
1) Is it normal that the fan is always running? Even when I lock the Windows 10 session and close the lid, the fan still runs.
2) I also have the Thunderbolt Dock but I've noticed that I lock the session and close the lid. When I come back the next day and login to the sessions and resume, the mouse (which is plugged into the dock) doesn't work until I quit Virtual Box.
3) It installed a bunch of Dell software that basically gives the browser access to my laptop, which I assume lets their website and ultimately their staff access my machine. Did anyone NOT install this software and enable this? This freaks me out as I don't know what these applications and the website is collecting from my machine.

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Hi all,
I have a weird problem with my Precision 5520. Ever since I've updated Windows 10 to 1709, I get weird colours when using Night Light.  The following images illustrate this:

With Night Light - notice how distorted the blues look (should be redder)
I've already opened a support ticket with Dell, but has anyone else had this problem?
Thanks, jafico1

A:Precision 5520 - distorted colours when using Night Light

Could be a bug in Win10 1709 (there have been a few big ones already reported), but try adjusting the warmth/coolness slider. Even if you end up putting it back where it is now, ?toggling? it might change something. And then I guess make sure your graphics drivers are current. No ?competing? applications such as F.Lux, correct?

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I need to purchase an original Dell Precision 5520 laptop battery.
Li-polymer 3-cell (56 Whr) with ExpressCharge: Dell P/N YWYV6
I recently bought my 5520 with the 97 Whr 6-cell battery which occupies the space for the SATA hard drive.  I contacted Dell sales to buy the 3-cell but they do not have one available.

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Just got my new Dell Precision 5520. 32 GB RAM, Intel 7700, internal M.2 SSD 500, Hi-Res screen.
I have a problem connecting an external Samsung T3 1 TB SSD. No matter if I connect to USB 3.0 or USB-C Port, the transfer speed to the SSD is only 34-38 MB/s. Even my older WD external USB 3.0 HD is about double as fast?
The Samsung SSD works fine on another Laptop with USB 3.0, at about 260 MB/S speed.
Windows 10 64 latest Update, and all available Dell Driver updates installed.
Any idea how to improve?


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Hi guys.
I have a Precision 5510 work station laptop, where I have struggeled with getting my two 4k monitors running on 4k / 60 Hz. The HDMI port does only support 4k / 30 Hz, which is unbearable.
I now have a Plugable thunderbolt 3 hub, which gives me one DP port so I can run 4k / 60 Hz.

Do any of you have any tips on which Thunderbolt 3 hub that can pull off 2 x 4k / 60 Hz monitors?
My colleague is looking on the 5520 laptop, but if it can run what we mean is the future standard (2x4k 60Hz monitors), we might go for another brand.
I would prefer a hub, so we only need to unplug the carger and TB3 cable.
I have found this adapter, which may be plugged in the TB3 port of a TB3 hub, but that will be pretty messy.

Any other tips?

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Hi @ll
We recently got a Precision 5520 for our company, we were able to image the machine using windows 7 however we cant install the  video driver, always an error saying this PC does not meet the minimum requirements appear, on the device manager the driver installed is VGA Standard which we cannot update, any help with this will be appreciated
Currently this laptop does not recognise external monitors.

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Is anyone noticing a squeal when shutting down/rebooting after upgrading to bios 1.1.3?
I'm running the 5520 with Xeon and 32Gb of member, 256 NVMe ssd. OS, Fedora 25.

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Dell Support-
I was "given" a Precision 5520 that was ordered with Windows 10 to use and would like to install Ubuntu. I've been having trouble with the 16.04.2 generic install and have also had issues installing 17.04. Neither seem to work for me (probably because of drivers).
I see in other posts (here and on Reddit) people have gotten 16.04.2 working but no one has posted specifics on how and I have spent too much time trying.
So I logged into your support site with my laptops service tag to try to obtain an Ubuntu linux recovery image and your site only gives me the option to download the Windows 10 recovery image.
I have even changed my "selection" to Linux and your site redirects me to the Windows 10 recovery image. It will not let me change to linux.
How can I get access to the Dell Ubuntu recovery image for my Precision 5520?
Please advise.

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We have a Dell Precision 5520 that uses a TB16 docking station that all of a sudden is having difficulties connecting to our VPN. It was fine earlier in the day. We tried clearing the DNS cache and tried a winsock reset. THe drivers are up to date and everything. 
Also tried to reboot the computer multiple times.
Even tried a K17A Dock and had the same issue.
We were finally able to get the computer to connect to the vpn once we used a usb net adapter to plug the ethernet cable into.
Tried plugging the usb adapter into the computer directly and into the dock. It worked whether it was directly connected to the computer or the dock.
It only does not work when we connect the ethernet cable to into the lan port on the TB16 and K17A dock. And only for the one computer.

At a loss, any ideas?

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I have mentioned new combintation Precision 5520 with TB16 dock. And I suffred odd problem USB and audio problem after first attachment ever of TB16 dock. USB ports and audio out in Laptop side stopped working, yes those are working from dock.
I got audio working after installing drivers again for it, but USB are staying silent after re-installation of all available drivers from Dell support pages (or via command update).I can see from device manager that laptop has one problematic (not working) USB controller, but it looks that I'm not able to find driver for it to get it working.
So some help is appriciated here.

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I have recently received a Dell Precision 5520 with the UHD display which is a fantastic machine and will be serving me well for the foreseeable future. However I have one rather large niggle which I cannot seem to rectify.
The display seems to be constantly over saturated. The reds and blues are very unnatural and make using the screen rather painful for me.

I have tried to change icc colour profiles using the ubuntu colour config tool to no avail. I have even use the colourmgr cli tool to also change the profile which also didn't work.
Strangely if I use a profile that should switch reds and green around, nothing happens which leads me to believe the icc colour profiles are not being honoured by the system.
Has anybody had the same problem and/or know of a solution.
Thanks in advance.

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I have a TB16 docking station with 240W power supply connecting to a Dell Precision 5520 laptop.  The laptop is powered via the TB16 through the thunderbolt connector.  About once a week, I get a BIOS warning that states:  "Alert! You have attached an undersized 100W power adapter to your system, which is less than the recommended 130W power adapter..."
All I have connected to the TB16 are two displays, an ethernet cable, a USB keyboard/mouse, and speakers via the audio out.
I've also had problems getting enough juice out of the USB port to charge my phone.
Several co-workers have the exact same setup, and are having the exact same issues.  Is the power supply or TB16 defective, or just incapable of supporting this configuration? If so, that is disappointing.  I ran a lot more with a 90W power adapter on my old Dell laptop/docking station configuration.

A:TB16 240W BIOS undersized power adapter warning with Precision 5520

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The precision 5520 is available with two wireless cards, the dell wireless 1820 (when configured with ubuntu) and the Intel WiFi Link 8265 (when configured with windows 10).  I have the 1820 and ubuntu, but I also want to use windows 10.  When I installed windows 10, the card worked fine.  However, when I installed the anniversary update, the card stopped working.  In the device manager, it said that the device cannot start (code 10).  On the dell website, there are only drivers listed for the Intel WiFi Link 8265 card, and none for the 1820, so I couldn't install any drivers.  
Does anyone know how to make the 1820 card work under windows 10 anniversary?

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I have two displays connected to the laptop (one to the native HDMI and one to the docking station). In effect, I am able to drive three displays (Laptop display, native HDMI, and DP from WD15). I wanted to connect one more display to drive four display? 

When I connect the fourth display it's not showing up in the detected displays list. 
How can I do this? Is it possible? 

A:How to drive four displays from DELL Precision 5520 with Dell Dock WD15 and native ports??

It's not going to be possible without some other type of hardware purchase - no.  The internal GPU cannot drive four displays at a time.

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I'm trying to connect my new laptop Dell Precision 5520 with Dell monitor U-2412H (now approx 4 years old] and I have troubles.
Laptop is having HDMI output only, Display is having VGA, DVI and Display port, so I need any conversion. 
HDMI to VGA conversion (analog ) works, but displayed picture is not fully sharp etc.... 
HDMI to Display port cable - (tested and working between my old Precision M4300 (Display port) and HDMI TV ( Panasonic AS ) doesn't works 
HDMI to DVI ( new cable) doesn't works 
In both digital connections, external display is not detected by video card. 
Built in display is UHD ( 3846x2160) with Touch panel, used display driver is (Intel 630 graphics ]  ( dated as 21.4.2017 ) - but this numbering is incompatible with pure intel drivers versions  (there is noted river version like 15.60 ...
Is this Hardware or sofware issue ?

A:Dell Precision 5520 - DigitalVideo and Dell U-2412H

I don't see a U2412H display anywhere.  I see a P2412H and a U2414H -- which display are you talking about?
You definitely don't want HDMI to VGA because analog video never looks good.
DisplayPort to HDMI only works if the source is DisplayPort and the display uses HDMI.  It doesn't work in the opposite configuration that you're attempting.
HDMI to DVI should work just fine because HDMI and DVI actually use identical signalling as long as it's 1920x1200 resolution or below -- but since I'm not sure what display you have, I'm not sure what resolution you're trying to run.  If it's 1920x1200 or lower and it didn't work, you might want to try a different cable.  If you're trying to run a resolution higher than 1920x1200, HDMI to DVI won't work because DVI can only handle higher resolutions using dual-link DVI, but there are no simple converters from HDMI to dual-link DVI.  In that case, you wouldn't have any way to drive that display from that PC at the panel's native resolution.

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Are areas other than RAM affected (score wise on the WEI assessment) by the amount of RAM you have?

I had an A42JV notebook with 4gb, but it had some issues and I traded it in for K42JV which only has 2 GB. The processor and GPU are the same, yet now my Windows experience score for Aero Performance is 3.9 (Intel HD). It was 4.2 with the other notebook.

Could the difference possible be due to having 2GB instead of 4GB now...Or could it possibly be due to a different motherboard or a different Intel HD?

Also I see people with the same processor scoring 6.7 (i5 450) for the processor score, yet I'm scoring 6.2... What could account for the difference? Motherboard?

Thanks much for any answers...

A:Windows 7 experience scores...Does RAM affect other scores?

You will see a performance boost by having more memory. Having less memory will affect your Aero performance.
Processors will vary slightly in speed. Also, the processor is going through your mobo.

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I have 2x2GB of DDR3 1600mhz memory installed on my machine.

My WEI score is only 5.9. Can anyone help me understand why this is low?

You can see my system specs below.

A:WEI Scores

I am wondering if it's running at 1600 Mhz. Have you set it in your BIOS? That may be an issue. Some boards you will have to set the speed in the BIOS.

You can check CPUz memory tab to see if you're running at 1600.

Dual channel will be 800(X2=1600) and triple channel will be 533 (533X3=1600)

If it's running at 1600, it's probably just the WEI...I would not put too much faith into it.

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I have search for many hours for answers to questions on new Graphics Cards which require 8pin and 6 pin or 8pin and 8pin power connections aside from the motherboard supplied power and what the appropriate method was to connect the GPU cards to the 8 pin pcie power connections. This is complicated by the fact that the Precisions seem to only have 6pin cables installed with the towers regardless of the power supply that is installed.   Yes. Everyone understands hopefully that if you have, for example, a 450 watt power supply ( forget the efficiency aspect of the actual power supply) as I am interested in the mechanics of the  design.
The power supply connects to a PC board, which appears to be called "Power Supply extended card"
Now, looking at the connectors on this extended card, there is a "POWER_VGA1" 8pin connection on this extended card (bottom left black socket).  To this 8pin connector, on my T5600 and seemingly on all the others that have made similar inquiries, we all have a 8pin male connector that fit into the extended card. My 8pin connector has two sets of wires leaving the connector and becoming two 6 pin connectors, one of which 6pin connectors is plugged into my stock Quadro 5000 video card.
OK. So, now most people are wanting to change out the 6pin Quadro card with either an 8pin or 8 pin plus 6pin or 8pin and 8pin graphics card such as a GTX 980TI or GTX 1080 or GTX 1070 or AMDs similar card. 
Having researched the... Read more

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Hi everyone,I don't know if Iam in the right forum or not....if not maybe someone can point me to the right one...I have joined this mp3 site for like 85 cents a mp3....anyways would any one know why when I download a mp3 that it puts a down score in every word of the mp3 like this _ it not like that when I download it......any help on this matter would be greatly Appreciated..

**Thanks bobbylee**

A:down scores in notepad

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Just talk about your graphic card scores that you get in the Windows Experience Index.

Gaming Graphics performance: 5.4
Graphics: 3.9

Meh, not that good. I'm guessing people will have amazing scores.

A:Graphics scores

you can actually post that in this thread Show Us Your WEI

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Windows Vista
The pre-installed games on the PC and installed games no longer keep up to date scores. Ex: If PC says I have played solitaire 50 times then I play it 10 times today, the next time I turn it on it does not register those games played, it still says 50. Other games do not keep a running score, always start me back at the same game level and old score of some previous time. I think someone here must have unknowingly changed some settings or something cause I never had this problem before. Anyone understand what I am talking about?

A:saving scores

If you had XP I would suggest

Start > Control Panel > Add/remove programs > Add/remove Windows components > go into Accessories, uncheck games, click ok, then doing it all again and rechecking games.

Maybe it's similar enough in vista to if you wanted to give it a shot.

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I'm sure this can't be right

I have a HIS 5770 1GB graphics card, this seems pretty low too me. Any suggestions?

A:5770 low scores

Sorry guys just installed latest AMD drivers and popped in a new Athlon II x4 640 CPU, lo and behold these are the results, next item is a SSD me thinks :P

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Hey i'd like to view some Aquamark scores. Just post your pc and scores.

Here is mine http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y290/nvidia290/aquamark.jpg

CPU: 8,965
GFX: 9,238
Score 60,945

AMD Athlong 64-bit 3200+
Sapphire X800GTO

How do I rank up?

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