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Unable to activate Windows 8.1 OEM License, says it is KMS Volume License

Q: Unable to activate Windows 8.1 OEM License, says it is KMS Volume License


This machine is a very common model in my environment and I have done many fresh windows installations using the OEM license key without issue. however, on this particular machine, it reports it cannot activate because it cannot contact the KMS for activation.
Again, to clarify, this is the OEM product key that has been automatically pulled over from UEFI and NOT a MAK/KMS key.

I've run diagnostics as typically requested for this type of issue and can provide any additional information you might need. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated!!

The failure event:

Log Name: Application
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Security-SPP
Date: 11/2/2015 10:21:03 AM
Event ID: 8198
Task Category: None
Level: Error
Keywords: Classic
User: N/A
Computer: Temp-PC
License Activation (slui.exe) failed with the following error code:
Command-line arguments:
Event Xml:
< Event xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/win/2004/08/events/event">
<Provider Name="Microsoft-Windows-Security-SPP" Guid="{E23B33B0-C8C9-472C-A5F9-F2BDFEA0F156}" EventSourceName="Software Protection Platform Service" />
<EventID Qualifiers="49152">8198</EventID>
<TimeCreated SystemTime="2015-11-02T15:21:03.000000000Z" />
<Correlation />
<Execution ProcessID="0" ThreadID="0" />
<Security />
< /Event>

Here's the diagnostic report:

< LicensingData>
<ProductName>Windows 8.1 Pro</ProductName>
<TimeZone>Eastern Standard Time(GMT-05:00)</TimeZone>
<ActiveSkuDescription>Windows(R) Operating System, VOLUME_KMSCLIENT channel</ActiveSkuDescription>
<Model>HP 355 G2 </Model>
< /LicensingData>
< HealthCheck>
< /HealthCheck>
< GenuineAuthz>
< /GenuineAuthz>
< /DiagReport>

Let me know if you need anything else, all help is GREATLY APPRECIATED.

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Preferred Solution: Unable to activate Windows 8.1 OEM License, says it is KMS Volume License

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi folks,
I am working with a company (that I have actually worked with for over 10 years on a consulting basis) and we are auditing our Microsoft Windows Server and server product licenses and preparing to upgrade Windows Server products.  We have ran into a snag, where the former System Administrator left the company a few years ago, however it was understood that the information regarding the VLSC was transferred to another partner in the company.  A new Systems Administrator has taken over, and we have determined that we do not have this information, including a Microsoft account username and password to access the VLSC and our Windows Server 2008R2 product keys, license agreements, SKUs, and downloads.  Unfortunately, the situation became took a turn for the worse about three months ago when the partner that had this information passed away.  No one at the company has access to this login information.  I currently administer most of their licensing, and have access to their much of their licensing information, download, product keys, etc., but I am clearly missing some very important ones.  I called Microsoft and they were of no assistance.  Since I am an administrator on the network, I can create a mailbox that the VLSC was probably originally registered under, however the VLSC says that Microsoft account is not even valid, not even prompting for the password.
I have a mailbox on their Exchange Server for their domain to prove I am ass... Read more

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My enterprise has perchased many licenses of Windows 7 Pro.  including KMS activation license key.  And I have deployed the KMS activation infrastructure in my enterprise network.
Recently, we bought a set of Opliplex 3010 , 7010 & 9010 PCs, nearly 100 PCs. All of them are N-series without pre-installed Windows 7 by Dell factory.
I tried deploy OS and many enterprise APPs to these PCs through network , using MDT.

The OS image I used in MDT is Window 7 Pro Volume License Edition which was from Microsoft volume license site. But the KMS method cannot activate Windows 7 Pro. on Optiplex 3010, 7010, 9010 .

After deployment, the PCs telled that the the volume license key is invalid, MAK is required. Windows cannot be activated. 

But the issue has never come out on any other computers of our enterprise before.
I have been searching for the solution on internet, but get nothing. And some one said that the BIOS somewhere is locked or modified by Dell to prevent
prated operating system. But the OS and KMS we are using is lawful.
Can any one tell me how to activate our volume licensed Windows 7 Pro. by the KMS infrastructure in my enterprse? Thanks!

A:Volume license activation (KMS infrastructure) cannot activate Windows 7 Pro. on Optiplex 3010, 7010, 9010 ?

did you purchase these computers without any OEM Windows license?
Volume Licensing agreements only offer "upgrade", not "full" - an existing license such as OEM, will have the necessary SLIC table in BIOS populated, and this is usually what VL products look for, to confirm legitimacy.
You can use the MGADiag utility from MS to confirm the SLIC table in BIOS has been populated.
Without the SLIC table populated in BIOS, it may be necessary for you to use MAK not KMSDon
(Please take a moment to "Vote as Helpful" and/or "Mark as Answer", where applicable.

This helps the community, keeps the forums tidy, and recognises useful contributions. Thanks!)

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I am running Win8.1 Home on my laptop.  I have access to a Win8.1 Pro (volume license) through my university. 

My question is - how do I do the upgrade, keeping all my data and system settings intact?
(I have looked at the info online, and the closest I have come to an answer is 'you need media, this cannot be done through the online Store'.  I have an <Win8.1-Pro-x64 .ISO> disc, is this sufficient?)

Thanks for any pointers.

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I am having the KMS Server with Server 2012 KMS Key,which is hosted on Windows server 2012 R2.

We need to update the KMS Server 2K12 Key to 2K16 KMS Key, Is there any way to Get the detail that the key will activate these OS Versions?

MBAM Report Feature Error Alert

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Okay, so right now I am using the Windows 10 Tech preview. I previously had Windows 7, but opted for a full wipe for my bloated Windows 7-filled hard drive. Now, since I read that I will always be in beta (never officially get a home version, more of a beta: Upcoming changes to Windows 10 Insider Preview builds [UPDATED 6/22] ) for the rest of my life. I don't want to be in beta forever. So, I tried to activate from in settings my Windows 7 activation Key. I typed it in multiple times, but come up with the following error:

"Error Code Oxc004f050" (I don't eactly know if they are o's or zeros).

How can I restore my previous Windows 7 license form my computer? (the same one that I wiped and now has Windows 10 on it) Please help...thanks!

A:How can I activate my Windows license?

If it came with Windows 7 installed, there should be a sticker on the case somewhere with the key. What brand and model is it?

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Windows 7 pro is OEM with License key built-in on board by Supplier. And this license probably oem shared one , and can not be dug  out from the computer. Recover CD installed with package is windows 8 pro without license nor.

Can I use a purchased windows 10 pro license install in this computer ?  Won't be duplicated license ?  If valid , how to removed the windows 7 pro on board license please ?

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Getting ready to pull the trigger on around 700 licenses for Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. What will I need after I Ghost a machine with Windows 7 in order to activate these licences? I have read that you can actually setup a licensing/activation server?

A:Windows 7 Volume License

You'll be given 2 sets of licenses. MAK And KMS... You'll add only the MAK keys into your image.

Microsoft Volume Licensing - Product Activation

You can use an internal KMS server, but it's a pain.

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Sorry if this is a daft question

Lets say i started my own pc repair shop and one of the things that i wanted to do is to sell windows 7 to people, install it for them

Im wondering how much will this volume kit cost? I assume it comes with a a installatiom cd and 5 licenses meaning i can install windows 7 on 5 machines and then id hav to buy anothr 5.... Is thst correct?????????

Id appreciate the help...cheers, im based in uk

A:Windows 7 License Volume Kit Question

You don't use Volume Licenses for sale - you use OEM System Builder licenses. - see the OEM System Builder pages here...
OEM System Builder Licensing

Volume Licenses are only for use within a single organisation.

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Hi guys,
I am looking for some answers on how I may update my Windows 8 Pro computer to 8.1 and then to the 8.1 update, if possible.
It's a volume licensed copy of Windows and I have no access to these updates. From what I've read, I need an MSN (what ever it's called) subscription to have access to these updates. I've seen articles around the web with ways to update, such as this one William's Blog: How to upgrade Windows 8 volume license to Windows 8.1 from the Windows Store but I do not want to do anything illegal or mess up my computer, so I want to be safe and ask you knowledgeable guys first. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

A:Updating volume license copy of Windows 8 Pro

Well you could get an MSDN subscription but at $699 (How to buy) for the year it isn't a cheap way to do what you want.

Unfortunately you can't legitimately upgrade from Enterprise to Pro - you'll need to buy the normal version and do a clean install. 8.1 costs $120 from Microsoft. 8.1 Pro is $200 (Buy Windows 8.1 Pro - Microsoft Store). You might find it cheaper elsewhere but personally I would not risk it - you'll end up buying a non-legitimate key. If it was my money I'd buy the standard Windows rather than the Pro version - the only thing you would need Pro for is joining a domain and in that case your company would pay for it. All the other "advantages" have free alternatives but see here Compare Windows 8.1 Editions in case any of them are worth $80 to you.

On the bright side it is far cheaper than in the past. I paid $190 to upgrade from 7 Pro to Ultimate just to get the language packs which are now free.

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Hi all, new user, first time poster and hoping you smart cats can help me. The forums have always provided answers in the past, but I feel I need to ask this one myself.

So, after three hours on the phone with MS Customer Support today (Worst time to call, by the way), I find out that this computer I purchased from a local company I did contract work for is unable to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1, and therefore, unable to be upgraded to Windows 10. It has a volume license key, which is not allowed to be upgraded via store or any other method (apparently).

MS support suggested I take this back to the company I purchased it from. The issue with that is that I purchased it at very low cost because the company was going out of business. No luck there. I thought maybe it was an Enterprise copy, since those cannot be upgraded, but the System screen shows Windows 8 Pro.

So Microsoft's one and only suggestion was to purchase a "legitimate" product key, which got me to thinking it was a pirated version or some sort, but they checked and said it was not.

So, I come to you with the hopes that someone has successfully upgraded a volume license Windows 8 Pro to Windows 8.1, and then, hopefully, to Windows 10. I will leave this here and head off to bed, and I sincerely hope someone can be kind enough to assist. Please let me know if you need further information. Cheers!

A:Volume License Key'd Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Assistance Need

Volume MAK keys are not only version, but edition specific, meaning one can't upgrade with them - thus going to 8.1, let alone Win 10, is not possible without a new key.

PS: Run ShowkeyPlus to check if you have a Windows 7 OEM marker - we can then get you back to factory install and upgrade to Win 10 from there.

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I'm installing a Windows XP Pro SP2 volume license copy at my work, and it won't take the product key!? I got the product key off the case, compared it to the product key in the Unattend.txt file, and it's the same, and exactly what I typed in. Why doesn't this work? Please help! I really need XP on this computer!

A:URGENT! Problem installing Windows XP Volume License Key?

mike, follow the instructions on the following link http://www.microsoft.com/genuine/sel...ceRequest.aspx.

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I have an HP Pavilion 15 that came shipped with Windows 8.1 and I need to replace it with Windows 8.1 Pro from our VLC. I have an ISO file for Windows 8.1 Pro that I downloaded from our Microsoft Volume License Center burned onto a DVD. I tried changing the BIOS boot order to boot from the DVD. Did not work.I tried the Update and Recovery: Advanced startup: Troubleshoot: Advanced Options: System Image Recovery     This did not recognize the ISO file in the DVD Any suggestions are appreciated.  

A:replace shipped Windows 8.1 with Microsoft Volume License 8....

Hi, Rather than changing the boot priority in the bios menu, try the following. With the notebook running, insert the Windows 8.1 Pro installation disc and Shutdown the notebook with the disc still in the optical drive. Tap away at the esc key as soon as you press the power button to enter the Start-up Menu and then select the Boot Options Menu ( f9 ). Use the arrow keys to highlight the CDROM option and hit enter - if prompted to 'Press any key to continue....' - do so. Regards, DP-K

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I purchased a microsoft refurbished laptop with Windows 8.1 preinstalled and now after using it for around 2 years it's telling me that I have to reactivate the windows license. 
After spending most of my entire day trying to get help from Microsoft, (having to spell and respell my first name last name and email address to each and every person I spoke to) I found that nobody knows what to do and the only way to speak to a technical
person is to pay $500 (499).
I am really disgusted. Apparently my license key and product key match but they are part of some kind of volume licensing - I really don't care about all that - as long as it works which it did all this time.

Why do I suddenly need to reactivate and how do I do it?
I was told I neeed a MAK license - I don't know what that is and in the end noone was able to help me with it.

They just sent me to go to forums.
I am so fed up.  
Please somebody restore my confidence in Microsoft. 
Nathan Gross

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First of all, thank you all for your great inputs. I've been monitoring this forums for quite some time now and all questions I had, have been answered... until now I have been using practically every W7 build "available" and a very satisfied user of 7600.16385 at the moment

Forgive me if this has already been asked before, but here it goes:

From what I understand RTM = Retail and so I will be able to activate it with a key supplied with the retail versions coming in October. For Vista I bought a relatively cheap OEM/Systembuilder license (don't know if they sell this everywhere) and I'm planning to do the same for W7. Will I be able to activate my RTM install using the key supplied with this version?

My guess is no.. If indeed not possible, will this OEM version be available (or "available" for that matter) anytime soon or would this mean I'd have to wait till I get my copy from the stores in October?

Thank you in advance

A:Activate RTM using OEM/Systembuilder license?

You will be okay to use the OEM license with the RTM...please note that most OEM licenses once applied to a computer cannot transfer to another legally...just a heads up

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I'm getting now this error now after 1 year
We been using VDI-Windows 7 for more  than a year , suddenly we got this message

Can please advise what wrong in VDI image ?
Observation :
> office and Windows OS is NOT immediately activate through KMS

> delay of 1 to 2 minutes before successfully activated the windows / MS office  

Error :
License Status: Additional grace period (KMS license expired or hardware out of tolerance)
Windows Script Host
Software licensing service version: 6.1.7601.17514

Name: Windows(R) 7, Enterprise edition
Description: Windows Operating System - Windows(R) 7, VOLUME_KMSCLIENT channel
Activation ID: ae2ee509-1b34-41c0-acb7-6d4650168915
Application ID: 55c92734-d682-4d71-983e-d6ec3f16059f
Extended PID: 00392-00170-918-500000-03-1033-7601.0000-0602015
Installation ID: 008975677433059582065751136626964085574702997444417101
Partial Product Key: HVTHH
License Status: Additional grace period (KMS license expired or hardware out of tolerance)
Time remaining: 43200 minute(s) (30 day(s))
Remaining Windows rearm count: 3
Trusted time: 18/1/2016 3:45:43 PM
Please use slmgr.vbs /ato to activate and update KMS client information in order to update values.


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Our company buy almost 6 months ago the Microsoft Action Pack that includes Visual Studio 2013 with online login to Access the program.  A few days ago I started having this error message and I cannot access the application anymore. 
Any advice on how to fix this?  I already contacted the MSDN support and they ask me to create a topic in this forum for help.  Or they will have to ask me for small fee($$$) to resolve their problem.

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I am new to this forum so please forgive me if I violate any forum protocols. I have a 3 license Win 7 Home Premium upgrade pack and have been running it on two computers for some time. On one of these computers, Win 7 failed and I had to reinstall it. On the other, the motherboard failed but Win 7 worked OK with the new motherboard after it checked itself to see if it was valid.

Now I am trying to upgrade a third computer from XP to my 3rd copy of Win 7. Installation is no problem but activation fails on-line and the automated telephone system tells me I am trying to exceed the number of copies on my license.

Where can I go for a solution to this problem? I want to use this computer as a media center in conjunction with a large screen TV and I don't really want to buy a new Windows license. I could use Linux but there are certain aspects of playing HD videos with Media Player that suit me better.


A:I can't activate my 3rd copy of a 3 license pack

Hello Jerry,

I'm assuming that this is a Family Pack version of Windows 7.

Are you able to get a operator to help you get it activated when doing the phone activation?

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I got me a laptop which has Windows10 on it. For personal reasons, and I do not want to start an argument as to why I would want to "downgrade". Can I activate Windows 8.1 with my Windows10 license?

A:Can I use win10 license to activate win8.1?

Short answer - No

Basically every licence is tied to a particular OS and type, Also OEM licences which are the type supplied with new hardware also have additional limitations. You would also have to source drivers for 8.1, which may or may not be available. There have sometimes been included downgrade licences available on previous OS versions( mostly to business, but sometimes to home users), these are not, as far I I know, being offered at all with Windows 10

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My wife wants to buy a laptop (oh joy - another PC to maintain!)

The thing I despise about laptops is the Bloatware. Even after uninstalling as much crapware and trialware you can find there is still gigabytes of useless data left over.
And I can't remember the last time I've ever seen OS media come with a computer.

So I'm wondering if, after creating the "Recovery Disks" and doing a disk image of the drive out of the box, I could wipe the hard drive and install W7 clean using the OEM key (usually on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop) to activate.

This would be using an upgrade version of W7 media. But the idea is to re-activate the OEM license, not another instance of my upgrade license.
(Please note that I know how to "Clean Install W7 from Upgrade Media").

Would this work?
And, is this a legal, socially acceptable way to get a new, clean system on a new laptop?

A:Activate OEM license on a clean install?

Yes, that method should indeed work. With many manufacturers, if you call them and complain they will often resort to sending you the install media. However, they do get kickbacks from the bloatware vendors and hence the reason they can afford to lower their prices and save you some cash.

With my wife's HP though, I simply went through Add/Remove Programs and deleted everything I deemed unnecessary. In all honesty, I don't see that much still around and the hard drive is big enough that I don't care about a little lost space and the box has been running trouble-free for about 18 months now. So, I don't in any way regret not starting that machine from scratch. So, might just be something to think about.

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Quick question: Is the Volume license install cd SHA1:66ac289ae27724c5ae17139227cbe78c01eefe40 ?OrSHA1:1c735b38931bf57fb14ebd9a9ba253ceb443d459 ?Just want to make sure I grab the correct install cd from the site.

A:Full retail and volume license installs of Windows XP SP3 now available to MSDN / TechNet Plus subscribers

en_windows_xp_professional_with_service_pack_3_x86_cd_x14-80428.iso (Retail)MD5:  f424a52153e6e5ed4c0d44235cf545d5SHA1: 1c735b38931bf57fb14ebd9a9ba253ceb443d459en_windows_xp_professional_with_service_pack_3_x86_cd_vl_x14-73974.iso (Volume license)You can see "vl" in the filename after "cd_"MD5:  5bf476e2fc445b8d06b3c2a6091fe3aaSHA1: 66ac289ae27724c5ae17139227cbe78c01eefe40They may have made a mistake when naming the files.   The should add "VL" in the file description of the volume license download.In order to distinguish retail and volume license, use the drop down menu to list "Professional-Retail" or "Professional-VL".   This will give you the correct file.

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Hi all I have been wanting to upgrade my laptop from win7 home to pro for a while and now final going to get it done,
The product key which I am planning to use is from MSDN Academic Alliance Software Centre see link: AUT SCMS Microsoft Product Key Distribution Centre
Can I use Windows anytime upgrade with this key...I don't want it falling,
It's most likely a volume license and I know enterprise won't work with WAU and they are also volume licenses

Many Thanks


A:[SOLVED] windows anytime upgrade on volume license windows home to pro???

Do you have serial number for WIN 7 Pro also did you download and burn to your cd as an ISO file. I mean is it ready for installation.?

I had XP and i download same website win7 pro and i am using 3 computer very fine.

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I decided to do a little spring cleaning and clean (re)install Windows 8.1 Pro to my Bootcamp partition. I downloaded the Windows 8 Pro files by choosing create install media (ESD-USB). I actually had trouble getting this far as my Windows-route was Windows 8 Release Preview license -> Windows 8 Pro Upgrade license (bought from Microsoft) -> Windows 8.1 Pro Update. Anyway, I now thought that I could just erase the Bootcamp partition, create a new one and clean install Windows 8 Pro with the ESD-USB media. Unfortunately this is where I realized that I had made a mistake. Firstly, my iMac didn't support Bootcamp installation with USB media. I then chose to go the virtual machine route (which is handier anyway as I hated the constant booting when switch from OS X to Windows) and downloaded Parallels. The Parallels installer accepted my Windows 8 Pro license and installed Windows 8 Pro. After some tweaking, Windows accepted the license key as well but, alas, informed me that the key was being used by another computer. I did a little reading and apparently I should have deauthorized Windows before erasing it. I also read that even though I'm using the same computer and the same hard drive, Bootcamp (partition) and Parallels (virtual machine) might be interpreted as being separate as far as licensing is concerned.

Could someone help find a way out of this mess? What I have is Windows 8 Pro Upgrade key and a Windows 8 Pro ESD-USB media. I want to install Windows 8 Pro (and o... Read more

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I have several license that I want to ask because I don't know what function for this license. here are the detail :
1. Subs VL OLV E 1mth Acdmc AP
2. ShrdSrv ALNG Subs VL OLV E
3. ShrdSrv
4. OLV E 1Y Acdmc AP
5. Upgrd SAPK OLV E 1Y Acdmc Ent
6. OLV 2Lic E 1Y Acdmc AP CoreLic

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I need 8 windows keys and an install disc for a Non-for-profit group. does any one know where i can get these for windows XP?

A:Volume License

The people to contact for volume licensing (multi-user setup) information would be Microsoft -> Microsoft Volume Licensing - Product Activation

I very much doubt that XP will be available, and it wouldn't be a worthwhile long-term investment anyway since support will end sooner than later.

Good luck.

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I need some help finding out whether or not a version of Office 2007 has a volume license or non-volume license.

Any ideas or places in the system I can look at to see either the key and what the volume keys look like or anything else?

A:how to tell volume license

Here's the one for 2010.
Might be the same place for 2007
Office 2010 RTM Available for Download to Volume License Customers Today - But just to those with active Software Assurance (SA) - Softpedia

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OS: Windows 7
App: Activation
Errors: In the App log I am getting the following error license activation scheduler (sppuinotify.dll) was not able to automatically activate (0xc004f038)  Event ID 8196 Source: Security-SPP
I am also getting the error when I run the slmgr.vbs /ato command: Activating Windows 7 Enterprise edition. 0xC004F074 The Software Licensing  reported  that the computer could not be activated.  The Key Management Service is unavailable. 
I get this error when I do a volume activate from the KMS Server with the volume activation tool: The software licensing service reported that the product could not be activated. The count reported by your KMS Server is insufficient.

I have ran the slmgr.vbs /rearm to ensure the cmid was changed.
I have ran slmgr.vbs /ckms to clear the old kms server.  In addition I also ran slmgr.vbs /ckhc and slmgr.vbs /skhc to disable and enable the KMS server cache on the client.  

I have then ran slmgr.vbs /ato and tried to activate from the Volume Licensing Server (KMS).
I have google searched these errors and little has came back.

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We use a Volume license for our Windows 7 computers.
When I reimage a computer, sometimes I am able to use command prompt and slmgr.vbs /ipk xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx
Then I c:> slmgr -ato to activate.
But sometimes I get an error and have to activate over the phone. Unfortunately, this burns up one of my volume license's. How can I reimage a computer and apply a licenses key without burning a volume license which has already been "used" for
this PC?


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Just a quick question regarding Microsoft office license installs.

I have just been working on an unbootable computer. Prior to this I asked the user what she would like me to back up regarding docs, music etc etc.
In conversation she told me that she had Office 2003 on the system, her software allowed her three licences to install on three different systems which she had done. I managed to fix the computer without loosing anything in the end.

My question is, would I have been able to reinstall Office and activate it just by reinstalling and supplying the VLK if I had reformatted and reinstalled the Operating System.

Thanks in advance of any replies.

A:Office volume license

You should be able to do so with no problem. If you do, however, have an issue you can simply call MS and they'll take care of it on the phone.

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Recently decided to use my old server (Dell, Xeon processor) as a regular work station, PC. The hard drive has been formatted, deleted and loaded with a W7 Pro (enterprise), everything seems to be ok but at the time to try to activate the license through my license server this is the message I'm getting:

The software licensing service reported that the computer could not be activated with a volume license product key. Volume licensed systems require upgrading from qualified operating system. Error 0x004F035.

Also, no way to join domain !!!!!

Any ideas, thanks in advance


A:Invalid volume license key

It depends on where you got your Win7 Enterprise version. Some can only be activated on a volume business network.

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I bought a laptop in Thailand with Windows 8.1 Pro pre installed. 11 months down the road it has expired and will not activate using the code I was supplied. I have now been told that it is a volume license and never should have been supplied to me as
a personal computer. How do I activate this product?

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I have a volume license key and an installation cd for win xp pro but it doesn't even have service pack 1. I have about 30 computers to work on and doing updates have been taking a lot of time. Is there a place where I can download or order xp pro with sp3?

A:[SOLVED] XP Pro SP3 for Volume License

try a google search on "sliptream windows xp sp3" that will assist you, but this will only help you if you are re-installing from the start. There will also be further updates that have been released since sp3 to apply to the systems.

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I bought a used Laptop and recently found out that it has Volume license Win 8 Pro, which does not allow for Win 8.1 Upgrade... really painful to miss out on some useful apps that only for 8.1

To make thing worst, my license seems to expire in about 6 months. Does anyone know if Volume License Win 8 Pro can be upgraded to Win 10 ?


A:Is Win 8 Pro Volume license eligible for upgrade to Win 10

Hi... just found out that Win 8 is not to be upgraded at all!

"We will offer a free upgrade to Windows 10 for qualified new or existing Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices that upgrade in the first year!"

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...On Monday and Tuesday of this week (Oct 2-3), some VLK customers may have experienced problems with WGA validation. If a Windows XP system with a VLK recently began failing validation or reporting as non-genuine, then they may experiencing this problem. The problem was the result of an issue on the Microsoft server side, and we are still investigating the cause...microsoft.com

A:Volume License Key Validation Notice

Microsoft?.........Problems?...............Who would have thought?

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I have a Vostro laptop running Win 7 pro x86. I want to upgrade it to Win 8.1 pro x64 and have a volume license key. The optical drive on the laptop is broken so I need to install from a USB stick. I created a bootable USB drive from here:
Create installation media for Windows 8.1 - Windows Help

The laptop boots from the stick, but when I input my license key, a message pops up saying it can't verify the product key.... please check your installation media. I have the laptop connected via ethernet cable, so I don't believe it's a connection issue.

Is installing from a USB stick not supported for a volume license key?

A:8.1 pro volume license key fails when installing from USB


It appears you need to use volume license software and not OEM/Retail software

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I am trying to activate Windows 7 64 bit Enterprise onto my machine which I have recently rebuilt. I have a volume license and have recently rebuilt my machine. When I go to activate it though, it just comes up with an error message with the error code 0xX004C020 which I understand to mean volume license limit has been exceeded. Obviously his shouldn't apply though because I have rebuilt my machine and not installed Windows onto a new machine.

In the past when I have done this, it comes up with an error message along with a license server ID number and a telephone number to call to activate it over the telephone. I would normally then go through the automated service, enter the server ID and be given a new activation code and it would activate. As a server ID number if not coming up, I can't do this. I've spoken to someone at the Microsoft activation centre and they say they can't help without the server ID...

What's going wrong and how do I go about getting this server ID? Any suggestions appreciated.

A:Trouble activating with volume license - Help please!

0xC004C020 - The activation server reported that the Multiple Activation Key has exceeded its limit.

This is an MAK Key - All such Keys have a predetermined number of activations allowed, and this number is recorded on the MS Activation Servers.
In your case, this number has been exceeded - or the subscription for the licenses has not been renewed.
Either way, you will have to contact your System Admin for assistance and/or a new Key.

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Actually I have installed Windows7 Ultimate on my laptop and I have a volume license key. And it seems, the windows7 activation required windows volume license server to activate. But I am in remote and I could not able to access volume license server available in my office.

If I use this key I am getting the error. I there any way that I can use the volume license key on my laptop to validate the product.

A:Windows7 volume license key to be used in Laptop

Ring Microsoft and get then to activate it.

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I can't get a striaght answer anywhere. My question is, I work for a large company and I am studying Windows Vista OS and if it should be deployed throughout the company. I need to know if Windows Vista Business has Volume Licensing? I know Enterprise does, and also... Whats the main difference between the two versions. I really can't find anything to significant between the two. Except one has MDOP (Enterprise). I just want to know if we should spend the extra cash. Your insight would be most appreciated. Thank you!

A:[SOLVED] Business Volume License?

If you're in the U.S. call (800) 426-9400

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I have a servral year old multimedia laptop that stopped functioning a couple years ago. Well long story short, i upgraded that from the Vista OS originally installed to 7 Ultimate Upgrade. I have now built a new machine but I am unable to license the
software because i did not have a previous vesion installed. I have the product key from the Vista OS and I also have 2 copies of XP. What are my options?

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Hi, is there some website on the interwebs where one could check the sha1 for office 2013 professional with sp1 volume license?

I have checked the subscriber downloads page on microsoft but i cant find the volume license sha1s.


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can i change the key, from a volume license kms one, to upgrade retail one?

A:change key from volume license kms to upgrade retail?

No. I don't believe that is possible.

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Hello all,

I should first mention that I am a XP fanatic, have 4 computers, 1 desktop with xp pro, 1 laptop with xp, one desktop (this one) with win 7, and one desktop with win 8.1. Of those 4 puters only 8.1 has the (free) Win 10 notification. My problem is I can't get the win 10 notification on this 7 install, and I suspect that's because of one of 2 or 3 reasons, itemized below. And BTW I want to install win 10 on 7 instead of 8 as a test because I don't want to mess up 8.1 before I know how good (or bad) 10 is for me, so I want to use 7 as a guinea pig first. I have spent too much time and effort getting 8.1 to look and act like XP. I never actually wanted 7 or 8 but since M$oft forced everyone and stopped supporting XP it seems I have to get around M$oft somehow, or else go to linux (which I am actually using on another HD).

(1) My 7 install is a copy (DVD burn) of a school M$oft Win 7 system grant and the 7 copy won't allow 7 activation (???)
(2) I am networking all 4 computers of which 8 is the host and the other 3 puters are clients, so win 10 can't be "shared" with networked puters (???)

I have been unable to formally activate my win 7 copy install even though it works fine and has all updates, the same as any activated M$oft windows does. However in spite of the functionality of the 7 copy install I can still get the warning that this copy of windows is not genuine. I delete that irritation by using SLMGR -REARM. Of course that's only a temporary fi... Read more

A:Win 10 upgrade on Win 7 volume (site?) license install?

Hi and welcome to SevenForums,
I doubt there is any shortcuts to genuine copy of 7
I wonder if you even have sp1 on the 7
I'd contact the school on how to get the install genuine

Or just buy a oem/ system builders copy and enter that activation key they are still pretty cheap on Newegg/.. less than win-10 pro but similar priced as 10 Home version that is about 100.us
10 Pro for 140.us

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I have AVG 9 (not free), upgraded from 8.5 a few weeks ago. On Dec. 6 it stopped working - even though my license doesn't expire until Dec. 6, 2010, the license is now shown as expired. Reactivating it doesn't help, copying and pasting from the email I received does nothing.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the program, the license is still showing as expired.

I've gotten no response from AVG at all. Can anyone suggest the next step?

A:AVG 9 license problem - invalid license

Click on this site it may be of some help http://www.avgvirusfree.co.uk/avg_support.htm

Also this one http://www.avg-antivirus.com.au/avg_technical_support.htm

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A few months ago I upgraded my Windows 7 Pro to Windows 10 Pro via the free upgrade promotion. For the first few months I experienced absolutely zero problems. A few days ago, the "Activate Windows" watermark appeared on my screen. Upon checking my activation settings I got a notification saying that I don't have a valid digital license or product key - which makes no sense, since I got the digital license directly from Microsoft. Below is an image of the window.

The troubleshooter gave me the following message:

I also tried to reinstall Windows 10 Pro, but every time it stopped at 40% progress for the following reason:

Some other notes:

Before all this happened, I received a notification that my C: Drive needed to be repaired. I ran the drive repair utility which stated that the repair was successful. This happened about a day before I started having problems.

The only hardware change I've made since upgrading was a new GPU, with a clean install on its drivers.

I don't recall which (if any) Microsoft account I linked this digital license to. I haven't been logging into Windows with a Microsoft account.

My previous version of Windows was Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, which I still do have the product key for.

I received remote assistance from a Microsoft technician, but he wasn't able to resolve my issue. He did give me a Windows 10 Pro product key which didn't work when entered in activation settings.
Are my system files corrupt? Anything else I should tr... Read more

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My product ID listed for Microsoft Office Pro 2016 is not the same as my license number.

Microsoft automatically enabled/activated Office 2016 and I was not asked to enter my license number. I think the wrong license number was added by mistake. How can I fix this? 

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Ok, heres the deal.

I was in computer retail for many years, participated in the Intel retail edge program 3 or 4 times, and thus have 3 or 4 valid, legal, XP Pro CD keys in my cd key list. However when it came time to format the system after a virus infection, I didn't have any of the XP Pro OEM install disks, and therefore I hastily installed a volume license edition I did have kicking around. This obviously impairs optional windows updates, etc, so I began searching, and eventually found a friend that has a sp2 OEM install disk.

Now I'm looking to switch over the system to a legal version of windows, and although I have everything backed up, I would rather not spend the next 6-8 hours reinstalling everything. So heres my plan: Slipstream a new disk with my raid drivers, and do a "system repair" off of the cd. This should replace all the volume license files with retail ones, then boot into recovery console, and use a vb script I found online that runs from a command prompt to change the cd key to a valid retail OEM key.

Can anyone poke holes in this solution, or offer a better one for what I am trying to do?


A:Changing from pirated volume license to retail OEM without format. - can it be done?

See if this helps . . http://www.majorgeeks.com/download4138.html

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