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X201 sound not working

Q: X201 sound not working

I am posting this in case it is of use to others:I have a refurbished X201 which worked OK when I got it but now the loudspeakers have stopped working. The headphone jack output is OK.I dismantled the machine and discovered that there was a "fur" of steel filing particles around the cones of both loudspeakers (the speakers are located just inside the front edge of the machine adjacent to the lid catch). Blowing out the filings with compressed air (away from the laptop!) fixed the problem completely. [Amazing how completely a small deposit of filings can stop the speaker operation.]I have now glued in place thin gauze across the small grills below the speakers to stop any further ingress. So be aware that the speaker magnets can draw up iron swarf through the grill holes if you are using the tablet in a workshop environment.Hope this is of use to others.

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Preferred Solution: X201 sound not working

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Hi everyone, I shut down my laptop and the next boot up took very very long , like 15-20 minutes. And the audio symbol was like that on the photo (a red cross on it)  I tried to install the driver but somehow it didn't work. Then i decided to format and reinstall windows. btw, im on win7. After new installation, i have the same problem. I could install he drivers and everything seem to work but there were still no sound and when i click on sound symbol or go to any settings about sound, my laptop is lagging. Boot time is still that long. I disabled and uninstalled everything about audio and now my laptop works fine except no sound  anyone has idea what could be wrong ? Thanks in advance

audio.PNG ?1 KB

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I have a sound problem on my X201 Tablet: The speakers work fine, i tested them on another X201t ...but sound is not working at all (also headphones not working). Not in Windows environment, not in BIOS/Boot environment - so i assume not a drivers, but hardware problem. Anyone an idea what might cause the problem?  

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I have a sound problem on my X201 Tablet.The speakers work fine, i tested them...but sound is not working at all.I tried multiple drivers from Lenovo.Might be a hardware problem, but not the speakers itself. Anyone an idea what might cause the problem?

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Is it difficult to replace the screen latch on an X201 tablet?  I've worked on T series laptops replacing lcds and drives and the like.  Thanks for any info!

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A:X201 replacement latch on X201 tablet?

Welcome to the forum!
Well, it's not that difficult but you need to disassemble a lot of parts. This is fairly easy to do if you closely follow the instructions of Lenovo's Hardware Maintenance Manual, which you can download from here: click me!
Check chapter 8 -2040

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My laptop recently got a sound problem, which has lasted for about 3 weeks. Every time when I need to hear the sound, no matter playing music, watching online vedio, or vedio chatting through internet, I could only hear the sound for a couple of minutes, after that the sound is lost. But if I click the pausing button, and wait for a couple of minutes, the sound can be restored. But the restored sound will disappear again after a couple of minutes. When the sound is lost, if I restart the program or internet vedio, the sound will also come back. I have tried to uninstall the sound card driver, but it did not solve the problem. Does anybody know what caused this sound problem and how to fix it. Thank you very much for your help.

A:sound problem with thinkpad x201 windows7 system

Double click the Volume (speaker) icon in the task bar. Make sure volume is all the way up. Start your program with the volume window in site. If you notice that the sound slider volume slides off automatically, this is caused by a virus.
Due to forum rules we cannot comment or assist in virus removal here. Please click on the link in my signature for Virus/Malware Help and do those things and post in that section of the forum.

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Hi everyone, I just bought a lenovo thinkpad x201 but I have a problem.Windows 8 says that my wifi card works fine (Intel centrino ultimate-N 6300 AGN), but I cannot turn on the wifi. If I press fn+f5 nothing happens, and if I try to switch it on via software, clicking on the network symbol on the right corner, it says:Wi-Fi(Off)and the button is grey, so I cannot do anything with it.Do you guys have any idea how to fix this? Thanks in advance!


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A:[SOLVED] x201 wifi not working!

Welcome to Lenovo Community Forums!
I?m sorry to hear that you had issues with Wi- Fi in your Lenovo ThinkPad X201.
Ensure that you have turned on Wireless radio switch on the left side. Refer this document to locate the switch.
Since you are using Windows 8, you will have to check if you have switched on airplane mode by mistake. View a list of available networks by pointing to the upper-right corner of the screen, moving the mouse pointer down, and then clicking Settings, and then tapping or clicking the network icon (Wireless network icon or wired network icon). Under Airplane mode, tap or click the control to turn it off.
Hope this helps!
Best regards,

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Hello,using Windows 10 64bit on a Thinkpad X201. WiFi won't turn on (Fn+F5). Radio button is ON. Bluetooth is ON (green light shows), WiFi is OFF (no green light). WiFi adapter is NOT visible in Device Manager. Radio is enabled in BIOS.I've tried to swap WLAN card itself, without effect. I must use USB WiFi. Any thoughts?

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Some time in the last month, the tablet function of my X201 Tablet PC conked out.  I'm running Windows 7 (32 bit).  Perhaps there was something wrong with some driver update that was installed either through Windows Update or through the Lenovo Thinkvantage stuff.  I never managed to figure out what was wrong.  I tried installing various updates and drivers from both those sources, and from Wacom, without success.  I couldn't find any thread on the internet that discussed exactly this problem or suggested a solution.  It was a frustrating week! I seem to have solved the problem, though.  Through Control Panel -> Uninstall programs I found and uninstalled everything from Wacom, and all of the "Ultranav" driver stuff from Lenovo.  Altogether there were 6 or so things that I uninstalled.  Then I reinstalled Wacom's tablet driver (ISD Tablet, version 7.1.0-8), and then pen's back, and, indeed, working better than it ever has (the alignment calibration has been terrible since I bought the machine).  I haven't reinstalled the Ultranav drivers, and will probably refrain from doing so. I hope this helps the next frustrated Lenovo tablet user. 

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A:X201 Tablet pen: Stopped working, but here's how I...

Hey there dmsk,
Thank you for sharing this information with the community, it is greatly appreciated, and I'm sure it may help someone who is experiencing similar issues.
Thank you for being a part of the Lenovo Community!

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After update at Version 1511 of Windows 10 I run into problems: windows was freezing. At the beginning for not reason at all but afterwards I've noticed that it was freezing during this video autoplay in facebook for example.
Other symptoms were that youtube was not functioning, in any of the browsers. Best results were in Chrome but also there the sound was not functioning.
Googling it did not helped so I've tried somehow to solve it without a clean install (**bleep** Microsoft way...)
and I've found the solution: I've reinstalled the video driver. I've took the one for Windows 7 from lenovo support site, set in in compatibility mode and reinstall it.
This seems to solve the problem and I've wanted to share it with you.
Laptop in case is an x201 but an update on a T410 is in progress and I will make the checks for the symptoms and if they are the same I will try this one on. Will let you know if there are any updates.

A:X201: Windows 10 Version 1511 10586 freezes (mainly on videos), youtube not working, etc.

L.E. T410 does not seem to show the same symptoms. It seems the update was installed correctly.

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I have upgraded my X201 Tablet to Windows 10 32bit. As far as I can tell, everything is working, including the WACOM drivers and touchscreen.  Wireless has worked perfectly so far, not sure about Bluetooth as I don't use it. My only issue is that the buttons on the display do not work. The power button located on the display does work. I tried installing the Tablet Button Driver II and it will go through the install but the buttons do not work.  This is the download link:http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds027627 The document claims Windows 10 compatability and was Last Updated :08 Jun 2015. On inspection, all the files extracted are dated from 2012 and when trying to manually run the software Windows throws up an error that the software is not supported on this PC.   I removed and reinstalled and noted that the driver information page when running the installer does NOT have Windows 10 listed as a supported system. My assumption is that the driver that they have linked on the download page is NOT the most current driver and is infact the driver for Windows 7 from 2012. Does anyone know how to contact Lenovo to get the correct driver posted to the page, or know of an alternate source to try and find it?

A:X201 Tablet Windows 10 Tablet buttons not working

hi, I can't help you with your question, sorry! Gooed to hear everything else is working fine on your system. Can you tell me what to do to get the x201 tablet's touchscreen to work!? I will have a clean windows 10 install. Where do i get the (right) drivers (windows, Wacom?) Thanx!Carlo

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Just got my guitar pro 5.2 on my computer,
And the sound isn't working when i push play,
This has also stopped working on powertabs,
I found that my SndVol32.exe was missing and re-installed it,
Still not working, any suggestions would be very very appreciated!

A:Sound not working on programs that use a midi sound file (Guitar pro, power tabs etc)

Doubleclick on the speaker icon in the system tray. Click Options then Properties, check all the boxs to show all the volume options. Then click ok. On the main speaker screen, make sure nothing is muted and everything is turned up (Microphone and CD Player shouldn't matter).

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After closing a tab heavy google chrome window my pc had a crash during this crash the 1 second of the song that was playing repeated til the pc rebooted. After this tho I no longer have any sound at all from my computer. I'm running windows Vista Home Premium with Service Pack 2 installed. My speakers work I checked them with my mp3 player and the pc isn't on mute or turned down to zero. The strange part that confuses me tho is that the sound mixer window shows audio levels when i do play music or youtube but even with volume at full blast there is no audio as a work around for the time being i've set my pc to broadcast my pc's audio and then just use my lap top to tune into my station to listen to my music but this is getting old really quick when i check my sound card (realtek high definition audio?) in device manager it says 'this device is working properly' is it possible my soundcard broke/fried and it still showing it fine with audio levels moving?

A:Lost sound after a computer crash, shows sound working but can't hear a thing!

I've seen that before. Try uninstalling then re-installing the drivers. Worked for me.

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changed integrated sound card for Sound Blasster Live but it is not working right. It shows up in the device mnager, but when I go to Start>>Settings>>Control Panel>>Sounds & Audio Devices, it shows that there is NO AUDIO DEVICES.....why. I am running Windows XP Pro, on a P4-1.8, which has an Asus motherboard model P4S333.

A:changed integrated sound card for Sound Blasster Live but it is not working right

Hello and welcome to Techspot.

First. Go into your bios, and disable your onboard sound, and save and exit bios.

Once your computer has booted up, go into contol panel, and double click the sounds and audio devices icon.

Click on the audio tab, and set the sound playback device to your new soundcard.

Do the same for the sound recording device. Click on the voice tab and do the same. Click apply/ok.

Make sure you have the correct drivers installed for your new soundcard, and that your speakers are plugged into the new soundcard.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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I have installed Win XP Pro SP2 (had Win 7 installed and couldn't run half my games). Now the games run fine but no sound! I know this is because I'm relying on the on-board sound on the (I have been told by my brother-in-law who used to own the pc!) Realtek motherboard as the soundcard broke 6 months ago (was a Creative Soundblaster 16 or AWE 32 Compatible (WDM)) and was removed.

When I installed Win XP yesterday everything runs fine but no sound. In the Device Manager I have problems with the:

Other Devices -Audio Device on HD Audio Bus (Code 1)PCI Simple Communications Controller (Code 28)Unknown device (Code 28)

Sound, Video & Game Controllers -Creative Soundblaster 16 or AWE 32 Compatible (WDM)(Code 10)

I don't understand why it's even picking up the sound card when it's not plugged in!

The dxdiag is as follows:

System Information
Time of this report: 12/21/2009, 17:48:03
Machine name: GENESIS
Operating System: Windows XP Professional (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: DIXONSXP
System Model: MS-7255
BIOS: Phoenix - AwardBIOS v6.00PG
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU 6300 @ 1.86GHz (2 CPUs)
Memory: 2046MB RAM
Page File: 370MB used, 3568MB available
Windows Dir: C:\WINDOWS
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.... Read more

A:[SOLVED] On-board sound not working - no sound card installed

Thanks anyone who had a look - I had a look at the Audio HD Device again - the Code 10, and it let me re-install the drivers this time, which it never did before. At least I have sound now!!!


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motherboard is MK8T89-000LC
Sound Card is SBLive! (WDM) Audio Device
OS is Windows 7
After I installed Windows 7, the soundcard I was using couldnt be used. I dont wish to buy a new sound card if i dont have to, so I am wondering if I could get my onboard sound to work. can someone help me out? thanks.

A:motherboard sound not working, sound card not recognize, help please

It sounds as though the driver for the sound card doesnt work on windows 7. Also I think that the driver for the motherboard audio will most likely not work either. It is hard to find drivers for windows 7 because hardly any one is using it yet. Have a look for your sound card drivers and see if they are ok to be used on windows 7.

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okay, so i redownloaded windows xp and now my sound is not working. I clicked sound and looked at my drivers and i have ATI High Definition Audio Driver and its working properly, but it says i have no sound card and the volume is greyed out?? help please. my speakers work perfectly fine, i can play music on my itouch on the speakers.

The specs on my computer are
Windows XP
Intel Pentium 4 650
Dell E510
0WG261 Motherboard
Chipset: i945P/PL/G/GZ

A:okay, so i redownloaded windows xp and now my sound is not working. I clicked sound a

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So my sound has recently stopped working. What I did was I uninstalled the driver and restarted my computer and the sound worked then it stopped working after that. The sound options are grayed out and I am unable to hear. Could a virus be causing this? Everytime I turn on my computer I always get 35362.exe and random numbers like that. What type of virus is this? Is this a cause of this?>

A:Sound stops working after Windows XP Introduction sound

I have also lost sound after an XP upgrade. I was told it is because the sound card in 8760C will not work with XP and I need to install a new sound card.

I took the back off and everything is so covered and hidden (multiple screwed on panels with no obvious way to remove them). I used a flash light to get a better look at the sound card and it looks customized for HP. It does not look like the Dell sound card I pulled from another unit.

So... where can I take this PC to get a pro to replace the sound card with something that works? Dallas, TX

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Recently, when I was using my Windows 10 desktop PC, I noticed that I had no sound for all programs and speakers/headphones I tried. Normally when I have no sound, it is exclusive to one program. I tried to fix the problem by reinstalling my Realtek audio drivers, but to no avail. Perhaps my sound card is broken or I am just doing something wrong?

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) CPU G3258 @ 3.20GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 60 Stepping 3
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4038 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti, -2048 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953316 MB, Free - 622491 MB;
Motherboard: MSI, H81I (MS-7851)
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled

A:Sound not working for all headphones... sound card broken?

To be sure, they're not muted, correct? Sometimes it's the most simple solution.
If they're not muted and the volume is turned up, then it's possible your sound card failed.

You could try booting into safe mode to see if some type of software is causing it.

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Hi, I'm asking for your help to get my sound back. I'm not getting any sound from my speakers whatsoever, but when i checked my device manager, my computer says that my sound drive is working properly and is up-to-date on its driver. I recently lost my sound after installing a Logitec Quick Cam Pro 5000. What do I do?

A:Not getting any sound... But computer says my sound drive is working properly?

do check your volume [might be muted or volume down]; likewise, check your audio connections

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Hi, as stated in the subject, I am unable to hear any sound from my speakers since upgrading to the windows 7 64 bit. I followed the other post that I found on this but I still cannot hear any sound.

I have a dell inspiron 531. The hardware ids from the device manager are



I have installed the realtek drivers and they as working but I still get nothing but a slight hiss from my speakers. I have tried them on my laptop and they work fine.

Does anybody know what might be causing this? I am half tempted to get a new sound card but I am reluctant as it says my existing one is working (it just seems to have forgotten to tell the speakers!)

If anybody knows a fix for this I really would be eternally grateful

Many thanks

A:Sound card drivers show as working but still no sound

Let's start by right clicking the speaker icon in your system tray and select playback devices from the options...right clik on the speakers and set as default. You can select to disable the independent headphone jacks if the speakers are plugged to the sound card. Then clik on properties and go to the levels tab at top. Set the slider to 100%. Go back to the playback devices window and select Configure button. Test the individual speakers by clicking on them one at a time.

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Hi, first of I love your website here and everybody is so helpful (I posted here about a year back and I got help right away )

Anyways, I've been having this problem where my sound icon won't appear in the system tray. When this happens I can't adjust the sound using the buttons on my laptop either. I can usually fix this problem by doing a system restore to a week or two ago, but it seems like everytime I restart my computer I get this problem again (I usually just put my computer on standby). I wasn't having this problem for a while because I never turned off my computer (standby ) but I just got a random BSOD while watching a youtube video and when I restarted my computer the same problem occured (no sound icon in system tray and I can't adjust sound with buttons on laptop). I've tried many different things, from simple stuff like going into the control panel and checking "show sound icon in tray" to stuff like editing the registry (I tried googling how to fix this problem). Well I've had this problem for about half a year, and I'm officially sick of it . If any of you know how to fix this I would GREATLY appreciate it! Thanks in advance!

A:Sound icon missing & sound buttons not working

Hi -
Can you still access the sound area and volume controls via Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Volume control
and adjust those slide controls -

Thank You -

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1. My computer had some malware issues and some browser redirect issues (probably from before the more recent malware). I ran a full MBAM scan to get rid of Internet Security. I also ensured the .exe and .dll files were no longer present. I also ran a HijackThis scan and did manual removals. So far it looks like Internet Security is gone but I'm still getting redirects, youtube doesn't work (404 not found -ngix), and I can't access/edit/move/do anything to my hosts file. I tried safe boot as well and I still can't edit. I attempted some command line stuff to try to give me access to the file but it doesn't work. Also, read-only and hidden are checked in the properties but it doesn't let me edit those either; I get an access denied error. My lone O1 line from the Hijack log is something with localhost, nothing suspicious. Any idea on how to fix this?

2. Windows Defender doesn't open. It says something like "failed to initialize handle is invalid". It's listed in the Startup tab of msconfig and enabled.

3. Not sure if it's related but my sound has recently stopped working as well. I know it's not the speakers (built into monitors) as I tried brand new ones and they didn't work either. In the mixer, I can see the audio levels fluctuating when watching a youtube video for example, but I don't hear anything. I've toyed around with settings and everything in my audio control panel but still nothing.

Thanks in advance.

A:Access to hosts file disabled + Windows Defender not working + sound not working

If you use a browser other than Internet Explorer, you could try uninstalling it, deleting all files (so in your profile and program files), and then reinstall.


In regards to Windows Defender, it sounds as if your registry is damaged and/or core files for defender. That said, have a look at this: Error message when you try to start Windows Defender on a computer that you recently upgraded to Windows Vista: "Application failed to initialize"



A bit more information in regards to your system specs, setup, etc., would be helpful.

Do you have more than one output port on your computer? If so, try plugging your speakers into that and see if it works.

You might need to recheck your sound/audio settings in Windows, just to check it is outputting to the correct device.

If no success, try uninstalling/reinstalling (or just updating) your soundcard driver.

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I couldn't find the answer to this. Apologies if it is already posted somewhere

I have a Dell Precision 5510.
I have it hooked up to an external monitor using dual screen
The sound from a video on youtube (etc) works fine when the external monitor is unplugged, BUT NOT WHEN THE MONITOR IS PLUGGED IN. This confuses me.  Is there a solution?
Thank you.

A:5510: Audio from websites not working when external monitor is also hooked up. (But Skype sound still working)

Hello. What might be happening is after you connect to the external display, the audio switches to HDMI audio. To get the audio to emit from the laptop's speakers again, go to the Windows Sounds dialog and make Speakers the default playback device (right click). You might have to do this every time you connect an HDMI cable.

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So recently the sound on my desktop and my laptop has stopped working. For seemingly no reason. I really don't understand it.

I first noticed it with my desktop. The sound just randomly stopped working. But not...entirely. It's really strange and complicated what's been happening, so bare with me while I try to explain it as best I can.

First time sound stopped working on PC. Restarted computer, sound came back, no issues.

Second time I woke up to find VLC frozen. Sound wasn't working. I restarted VLC. No sound. Found out that there was no sound on the computer at all. When I'd try to increase the volume on VLC, it would only change within an interval of ten percent. So it was at 50 percent initially. Would not let me go below 50%, but not above 10%. Sound didn't work anyway. Restarted, sound returned VLC working fine.

Third time I was playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. Sound worked fine, using my headset (Turtle Beach). Went to speakers to lay down and watch some shows on VLC. No sound on speakers. Switched to Turtle Beach again, sound returned. Restarted VLC, now suddenly no sound on VLC OR speakers. Had to restart computer, no issues after restart.

First time sound stopped working, used the "disable audio and reenable audio driver," didn't solve anything. Restarted, sound came back. Sound stopped working again same day, restarted, sound came back.

The next time I restarted the audio driver (Realtek) and then I shut down Explorer and then restar... Read more

A:Sound on Laptop and Desktop Randomly Stops Working and Working

Update: I'm not at home to test my PC, but I think I discovered the issue. It seems to possibly be a glitch or something with flash player.

After watching an episode of Daily Show on Hulu, I went back to Tumblr and saw that a video didn't have sound, and then all sound on my computer was suddenly gone. I then tried something out, and shut down flashplayer. That temporarily brought sound back.

But it quickly went away.

Then I shut down Firefox and flash player entirely, and sound comes back even when Flash Player comes up.

What could cause this?

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I have started having an issue over the past week (config/drivers/etc not changed in months) where sound will randomly not be output by HDMI.

System config/specs...
Win7 SP1 all patches, nearly a stock install... only running WMC and XBMC.
Only 3rd part stuff installed are SpeedFan an ATI drivers. (problem occurs if Speedfan is running, or not)
system runs 16 hrs per day, auto shutdown at night.
Dell Optiplex, 6GB RAM + Core2Duo E7400, SSD - no swap file
HDMI is the default, and only sound device enabled (disabled all others in OS)

History... was working perfectly for over 2 years. One Win7 rebuild in that time. Updated video card once and drivers occasionally.
Approx half the time when I start up WMC or XBMC sound output via HDMI does not work. The other half of the time it works fine.
-- to get it working I can open Sound CPL and run "test". Sound will play through HDMI and all is fine usually the rest of the day, but sometimes it has the problem again if I don't use the system for several hours.
-- it never faults (stops working) while in use... only on initial XBMC or WMC startup... again system is always running hours before I start the apps.

Any ideas?

A:HDMI Sound randomly not working - test in settings gets it working?

This sounds like a problem with the video driver pack (also includes hdmi audio driver)
I would completely remove what you have now then download and reinstall the latest fresh again.
It could just be a glitch in the matrix so to speak.

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well everything is plugged in and stuff, but the sound doesnt come out. do i need a driver for it? if i do where can i get one

A:sound not working for new speekers, need a sound driver?

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i have lost the sound icon on the bottom right side of the screen and also the sound on the PC is now not working i found SNDVOL32 and try to run but comes up with the message below:

There are no active mixer devices available. To install mixer devices, go to Control Panel, Click Printers and other hardware, and then click Hardware.
this program will now close

after i have done this i got back Realtek HD Audio Manager but the sound comes out funny like an echo what can i do do get this back to normal?

please help

A:LOST sound icon and no sound working

go to sound and audio devices in control panel in the properties window click place volume control on the task bar once you can open the sound controls check none are in mute option.

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I've been using a used PCI Sound Blaster for about a week and found that it was slowing down my system and providing same sound quality as the on-board sound(C-Media AC 97). I have added the Sound Blaster after i formatted the computer. I uninstall Creative tech from add/remove programs, removed sound blaster from device manager and removed creative registry folder. When i removed all sound blaster drivers the sound was still working. I turned off the computer then i removed the sound card. I went to my motherboard page and got the sound drivers on their website and it is the correct drivers cause i used it before. I rebooted and the on-board sound drivers show up in device manager and it says its working properly. I have done the following:

1. I tried all three sound ports with three different devices and none of them produced sound.
2. I loaded a system restore point to when my sound was working and it didn't work still.
3.Windows Audio services is started automatically.
4. My on-board sound card is listed in sound and devices properties.
5. Volume is turned on max and nothing is muted.
6. My on-board sound card is the only playback device listed.
7. I showed all hidden devices in device manager and there is no yellow or red mark in sound, video and game controllers.
8. On-Board sound card is enabled in bios.
9. I have the latest Directx although i installed it when i had the Sound Blaster.
10. I reinstalled the C-Media drivers several times.

I think this proble... Read more

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sound on my XPS isnt working so i check my hardware and i find this.
how do i fix it?

A:sound isnt working: yet sound drivers are there

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Hi there im in need of help please sound is not coming out from any external audio devices from my computer and from my computer itself. The digital audio device is called:



A:Sound is displayed working on my pc but no sound coming out.

Go to device manager and see if there are any yellow exclaimation marks?

Also, make sure you do not have it muted.

Do you have another set of speakers to try on the computer?

Try running system restore.

Go to the control panel and check if the sound is working.

Try the speakers on another computer.

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I left my computer on while on the pause screen of Fallout 4 and it eventually fell asleep, when I came back a moved the mouse to wake up the computer but nothing happened, the monitor said there was no signal even though no wires were moved. I unplugged the DVI cable and I also had to unplug the wire that sends sound from the PC to the monitor. If I remember correctly I put the sound in last.

The monitor turned on no problem but Fallout 4 lagged heavily for a bit and I noticed there was no sound. The lagging was something I expected, I'm not sure if this piece of information helps, but I did get a message a couple days ago saying my PC had overused memory or something (I think it was related to my RAM) after I woke up the computer when I had Fallout 4 paused and when I saved the game when I had that issue the file was corrupted and I couldn't load that save.

I have tried the typical stuff like restarting, shutting down and checking to update drivers. All the cables are plugged in correctly and none are loose. My PC claims that my stereo and headphones are working perfectly and that isn't true because no sound can be heard whether I am using headphones or I am using the monitor's speakers. I hope I provided enough information for anyone who is willing to help, I won't be able to do anything until the morning because it is rather late here on the East Coast but thanks in advance to anyone who responds.

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Hi, for some reason or another, my sound isn't working. For a few weeks sound would only come out of one speaker or the other, but never both. Eventually, no sound came out at all, no matter how i balanced them or twiddled around with the wires. I thought it was just a problem with the speakers, so I plugged in some speakers I have on my other computer (which work very well), but they didn't produce sound either. I'm fairly convinced that this is a problem with my sound card, but I don't know how to go about fixing it without getting a new sound card altogether. If anyone can direct me to a patch or installer or some way to fix it so that sound comes out of even one speaker that would be awesome.
Here are my specs (from DXDIAG in Run). If you need anything else, please just ask:

Name: SoundMAX Digital Audio
Device ID: PCI\VEN_8086DEV_266ESUBSYS_01811028REV_0 (I believe there's more to it, but it's cut off so I can't see it)
Manufacturer ID: 65535
Product ID: 65535
Type: WDM
Default Device: Yes

Name: smwdm.sys
Version: 5.12.0001.5246 (English)
Date: 1/27/2005 15:31:06
WHQL Logo'd: Yes
Other Files:
Provider: Analog Devices

DirectX Features
Hardware Sound Acceleration Level: (on a slider bar) Full Acceleration

A:Sound not working, suspect sound card

I would do the following. download the latest driver from your motherboard manufacturer. Go to device manager and uninstall the device driver, then uninstall the device. restart the computer. Ignore the new hardware found wizard(cancel out). run the driver program. Check to see that the device is now present in device manager. check your sound. If nothing is coming out check your sound properites in the control panel to be sure your device is selected as the playback device, the volumes are up and there are no mute buttons checked.

edit: if none of that works you may need to add in a sound card to an expansion slot.

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I have a dell inspiron n4010

Basically the sound doesn't work unless its in a hdmi or headphones. It won't play sound out of the laptop itself. I've updated the drivers and checked the bios, and it seems to be enabled. What can be the problem?


A:Sound is not working on laptop. Drivers updated, still not working.

Digital Audio (HDMI) Is the standard Windows driver for sound. You need the realtek drivers which can be found here - http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/uk/en/ukdhs1/Product/inspiron-14r

Download the driver (listed under audio).
Make sure the on-board audio is on in the bios, disconnect from the internet, uninstall all sound drivers and reboot.
Install the driver you downloaded and reboot.

An then reconnect to the internet. (This prevents Windows from reinstalling the Digital Audio HDMI before you can install the correct audio drivers).

Post back and let us know how it goes

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hi, i just purchased new RAMs for my X201 previously it had 2GB DDR3 1066Mhz PC3-8500 SO-DIMM Memory ( Samsung ) i purchased Kingston 2x 4GB DDR3 1333Mhz  PC3-10600 SO-DIMM Memory . i installed new RAMs but windows ( also ubuntu with dual-boot ) didnt start. i tried each rams also each slots. when i install both of the 2 rams together, OS doesnt boot, just freezes while booting ( for windows 7 it freezes when it says " windows is starting " , in ubuntu it cant boot, instead it restarts again and again ) when i try just one 4gb ram for 1 slot , it is giving Blue Screen Of Death error at boot screen ( in windows 7 when we see colored booting window flag it freezes for a second then blue screen )  after all of these , i uninstalled my old laptops 1066 mhz 2GB ram ( same with the previous ram of x201 ) and installed it into x201. it worked.  so slots dont have any problem.. it seems rams having issue. My X201 Type number is : 3626-FBG Kingston RAMs  details : on cover it written: KVR13S9S8/44GB PC3-10600 CL9 204-Pin SODIMM207767C2C20000006549306004 Any idea why is it happening?  

ThinkPad X201 3680-AD6 / Intel Core i5 M560 2.67Ghz / DDR3 8GB / Intel SSD 730 Series 240GB / 12.1 WXGA 1280x800px / Dual boot Win10 Pro x64 - Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64bit + X200 Ultrabase + ThinkVision L2250pwd

A:X201 RAM Upgrade

Hi,one reason of issue might be the frequencies of new RAM sticks and CPU i5-520M in your laptop. That processor supports DDR3-800/1066 memory types only. Who knows how SPD feature on the stick regulates the work on lower frequency. Another reasons might be the RAM sticks CAS latency and timings. There is a chance the new memory is too fast for x201. Look at the such parameters of Samsung stick (in CPU-Z, for example).

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I have a X201 thinkpad that I am trying to update a bit.  I purchased a new samsung evo 860 500gb ssd drive.  I tried to put fresh install of win 10 onto it (boot from usb stick) but was getting media test failure errors and constant restart loop. I took the ssd out and put it into my even more ancient X61s and managed to load windows onto the drive with no problems.  The ssd runs fine in the X61s.  On the X201 I updated the bios to the latest version (1.40).  I tried to put the ssd into the computer but it just keeps loading the window symbol, saying preparing to repair and then it reboots.  What am I missing here?  I compared the bios settings on the 2 computers and they looked the same for most options? Thanks for any help Unrelated question, should I update bios of X61s?  What would be most recent version?

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Dear all,
I am encountering strange behaviour from my newly purchased NB from Lenovo.
Every morning when I first start my nb will enter into BSOD screen during start up, but once I restart it the system become very stable no matter how many time I restart or boot the system for rest of the day.

Could someone help me on the problem? If it is hardware problem I would better get back to vendor with in this month.

Lenovo Thinkpad X201
Windows 7 Professional
-No Preloaded OS
-Full Retail Version from MSDN
-Just bought the NB within a month

Best regards,

A:Lenovo X201

Dear all,
My note book hang again this afternoon, after I remove and reinsert the memory module. Please help or comments on my issue.


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Hi, Is it possible to install an SSD flash drive on X201 tablet? If yes, which type? SATA3, PCIe etc... and where to buy? Thanks in advance.

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Hi, i am wondering if my X201 supports DDR4 rams? current system is 3626-FBG and i5 520M 2.4 ghz  any comment or advise is appreciated thanks  

ThinkPad X201 3680-AD6 / Intel Core i5 M560 2.67Ghz / DDR3 8GB / Intel SSD 730 Series 240GB / 12.1 WXGA 1280x800p / Dual boot Win10 Pro x64 - Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64bit + X200 Ultrabase + ThinkVision LT2252p

A:X201 - DDR4 RAM ?

Simply, no.
DDR4 is physically different from DDR3.

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Hi All, Have one of these PSUs (20Vdc round connector), and it has stopped working, and the module rattles when shaken. Can anyone advise how to access, so I can see if simple fix, or need to purchase a replacement... Doesn't appear to be any obvious access (screws under voltage label, etc.)  Thanks, Dave

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Has anyone got windows 10 anniversary update to run ok on a Thinkpad X201?

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I have a Thinkpad X201  running Windows 10. It has an Intel Ultimate N 6300 AGN wireless adapter. My router is a Linknsys E1200. The router is "n" compatable, works great in n mode on my HP and my MAC Book. My Thinkpad will not connect in n mode. Windows say "can't connect". It connects fine in 802.11g mode just runs slowly only 22 mps.In properties for the N6300 I have 802.11n mode enabled. 802.11n channels set to auto. I have my wireless secuity set to WPA2/personal. WMM disabled.Has anyone else had this problem? Any help? 

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When booting my x201 I get fan error on screen. If I press escape it continues to boot to windows but begins to get quite hot quickly. What component needs to be replaced and how difficult is it?

A:x201 fan error

This forum is for the tablet, not the notebook.  It is the fan. (running too slowly).  You need to remove the motherboard to get at it.  The fan is mounted on the underside.
Manual: https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles_pdf/45n3683_04.pdf

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i5 [email protected] 10 64 Pro SSD Which 128GB SD card would be good for permanent use in SD slot?What specs would be best for R/W speed?   

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