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Dual Monitor single cable

Q: Dual Monitor single cable


My question after thinking a lot is very simple... Does anyone know if there exists a cable that splits in two in one of the ends, or should I say a triple cable? Is it possible if it exists to link two monitors at the same pc with one only video card? turning the pc view with two monitors.


Preferred Solution: Dual Monitor single cable

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Dual Monitor single cable

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I need to find a dual-A-to-single-mini-B USB cable like this one except I need a supplier in the US that takes credit cards. I don't care for PayPal--too much trouble.

A:Need to find dual A to single mini-B USB cable


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Hi, i just moved in to college and set up my computer, but due to limited space didn't bring my second monitor. Now my aim, and ventrilo windows are still on the other monitor but no way to get them to the current monitor for use. Any help?

A:Dual monitor to single monior, windows stuck on other monitor

Go into the properties of your graphics card and select Single Display.

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Hi guys! I've been coming across an issue lately and wanted to get some insight as to what exactly is going on. I'm guessing it's the video card, and all my drivers for it are up to date, but I want to make sure.

The first time this happened was on 5/31/2014(see attached screenshot). It's happened a total of 4 times in the past two weeks and always at the same instance. I have a single monitor plugged into my video card(HD 6850) and also have my TV plugged in as well for when I want to watch movies and such. Typically I am running my PC in dual monitor mode(duplicate screens) even when the TV is off but when I turn to TV on these past 4 times, the screen flashes black as normal, but instead of both screens appearing again in tandem the TV is blank and my pc monitor now has a GSOD. I've attached another screenshot as well from 6/4/2014.

It does not happen every time but as I noted it's done this 4 times. As instructed I've also attached my zip file with all the info from DM Log Collector. Let me know if I'm missing anything else that you need. My pc specs are in my profile as well.

A:BSOD when switching from single monitor to dual(monitor + TV)


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I'm currently using two 4:3 monitors of my PC, and I'd like to substitute them with one big wide screen monitor. The only thing I'm worry about is that I won't be able to have different "spaces" for my windows that they could expand to (so I could have, for example, my e-mail on the right part, and my browser on the left).

All I've found so far are virtual desktop software, but that's not what I need. I'm looking for something that splits the visible desktop into multiple parts.

Any ideas? I'm using Vista by the way
Appreciate your help

A:Solved: Having Dual monitor behavior in a Single monitor?

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i have only one monitor, and somehow it is being treat as though its the secondary monitor in a dual monitor set up.

i cannot view my start menu, or view any programs being opened, as when i try to open them, they presumeably open on the phantom primary monitor.

even when i try to open display settings, i cannot see the box.

i am able to move my mouse to the left border of the screen and move it off into oblivion, and occasionally drag random folders and short cuts over to view.

if anyone can walk me through how to fix this (im not very good with computers, beyond playing games it would be appreciated.

im on my gf's mac right now to write this post, as my pc cant do anything at the moment.


A:single monitor stuck in dual monitor setting

just wanted to add, when i go into safemode to try to change the settings from there, there is no monitor alternative to choose, and it is stuck in default. ive read here and there, that safe mode is where need to go to change this back to a single monitor, or at least choose your monitor as the primary, but i dont know if there are no options

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Hello,I have a teacher that would like to show a video, and work on grades at the same time using a single monitor. I thought I could just go in, and extend the screen, and all would be good. I don't see an option for extending the screen. The machine we are using is an HP5800 desktop, running Windows 7, and I have an Nvidia 8 bit add on graphics card. I tried to plug the monitor into the add on video card, and plug the projector into the onboard video card, however that didn't work. So I took the graphics card back out, and plugged the monitor in with a splitter, and then hooked the projector up. That didn't work out either. Any suggestions to make this work would be awesome!! The machine is only a 1gb ram, and 40gb hard drive. I think we are asking it to do the impossible!!Thank you in advance.

A:Would like a single monitor, to behave like dual monitors us...

fivelitregirl Sorry, but you misunderstand how the video in your PC is designed to work. Your PC has something known as Switchable Graphics, and that requires two video chipsets.When doing routine desktop stuff, the PC uses one of the graphics chips, but when more demanding work is done, like watching videos or playing video-intensive games, the PC automatically switches over to the other video chip. So, it only uses ONE video chip at a time, and switches between them. So basically, there is no way to utilize both video chips at the same time.

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Is it true you can run dual video cards on a single moniter for better video preformance? Does anyone know any good articles or can give a brief run down of the process for me please?

A:Dual Video Cards single monitor

You're talking about SLI (nVIdia) or CrossFire (ATI). In truth, from what I've read, you'll be better served by putting the money that you'd spend on the two video cards into one really high-end video card. There are plenty of stories about issues getting SLI systems to perform better than a single video card.

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I did, some years ago, implement a couple of dual monitor solutions with Dell machines using a Y-Cable provided by Dell (using a DMS59 socket on the computer). I'd like to do that at home now.

I have a Radeon 7850, which has a fully populated DVI-I-plug (i.e. two monitor signals). I want to buy a DVI-Y-cable, connect two monitors to it, and let Windows 10 (1511) create a Desktop which spans these two monitors (monitors have same resolution and frequency).

Now, I read on Amazon a lot of talk that you actually cannot do that with a Y cable, you can only have the same content on both monitors. Which is the opposite of what my own experience tells me, and also seems unlogical, since there are two fully equipped data channels which can provide a horizontal resolution of at least 2560 pixels, and I have done this before, a few years ago, and it worked.

Can anyone please she some light on this for me - am I missing something? Can this be done with my graphics card and a Y-cable, or do I need some sort of active box which splits the signals onto two monitors for me?

Thank in advance for all comments!

A:Dual Monitor Y-Cable

What makes you think the content is different on the Analog vs Digital lines of a single socket?

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I just purchased a XPS 8910 and two UltraSharp U2417H
I know an elementary question, but i'm confused.  Do i just need some type of displayport cable or DisplayPort to Dual-DisplayPort Adapter?  I don't plan on anymore than 2 monitors. 
A direct link to Amazon or Dell cables, would really be appreciated.

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I have 2 Dell monitors connected to my RADEON X800 graphics card using a dell splitter cable. When I turn on the PC the first monitor show the initial Windows XP boot up sequence then the other monitor takes over with the first going blank.

I want to be able to view DVDs/TV on one monitor whilst using applications (Word, Excel etc.) on the other.

Any thoughts most appreciated


A:Dual Monitor using splitter cable

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Hi, I am building a new computer and I want to go with a dual screen setup. I was wondering if I should go with a GTX 670 2GB GPU or two Sapphire Radeon 7870s. If not specifically these cards, let me know what you think.
Is it better to have a single GPU with dual DVI output or two slightly cheaper GPUs using crossfire?

A:Dual Screen, Dual DVI GPU vs. 2 Single DVI GPUs


The only thing that changes is the graphics performance you will have.
Two Sapphire HD 7870s beat a single GTX 670, but I'm not a Crossfire fan, so I suggest you to get a faster single GPU, because a lot of applications won't use multi-GPU technology.

What you need to do with your new pc?

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This one has me stumped, hoping someone can lend a hand.
(The rig in question is up to date in my system specs)

I currently run a triple monitor setup, all the monitors were purchased at the same time, and are the following model:
Asus VS247H-P 23.6-Inch LED Monitor

The three monitors are all connected to: XFX DD Radeon HD 695X (Cross-fired with an identical OEM/Model/GPU) All three are connected to a single card (which was tested out of cross-fire beforehand, and each card was tested separately)
The monitors are arranged as shown below:
1-DVI ========2-Display port to DVI (active adapter)======3-DVI
With monitor one being the far left, monitor two the center display, and monitor three the far right display.

The best way to describe the issue: There seems to be a single blue pixel on display 2 that stays in the same place, but this pixel does not show up when the color displayed is solid white, solid black, or solid red.
To rule out the usual suspects:
-All cables have been checked with new replacements (on two different rigs)
-Both cards have been tested and work properly (on two different rigs)
-The cards are NOT overclocked
-The display that shows the pixel has been tested as well (the pixel does not appear on my test rig)
-Disabling eyefinity does not resolve the issue
-Removing the second card does not resolve the issue
My question: What am I seeing? A stuck pixel? Artifacting?
Could the active adapter be causing the issue?
If it turns out to be a... Read more

A:Color anomoly on single monitor of triple monitor setup.

Sounded like a stuck pixel until you mentioned it doesn't show itself in solid black. It's possible it still could be though, have you tried any of the remedies?

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Hi All, Can I connect two monitors to an Acer Aspire X desktop? I know they have one VGA and one HDMI, so can they have dual displays? Thanks.

A:dual monitor support - Acer Aspire X Dual Monitor

Specifically what desktop are you asking about?  Do you have a part number?

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Basically, it is safe to use one each for my two MSI gaming r9 290s with an EVGA G2 1000w, right? They fill all the pins on the card itself. My PSU came with two of these and only three of the normal 6+2s, so I suspect it would be an odd omission if it is not supported this way.


A:Question about single VGA cable with 6+2-pin and additional 6-pin?


6+2, or a straight 8 pin PCIe connector are just fine. If you're asking if you can use an 8 pin CPU connector? No. The pinouts are different.

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greetings to all,

this is my first post as sevenforums user.

as the title of my thread suggests i am not getting the display using single link dvi d cable. presently, i am using dvi to vga converter to get the display. i have HP 2009f monitor and it has dvi input.

when i connect my system with dvi d single link cable i am not getting any display and the monitor after scanning for the display signal, finds no signal and goes to sleep.

i was wondering, is there anything to be done in bios? i have onboard graphics on i7 2600 and am using dh67bl as my motherboard.

kindly pour in your suggestions



A:not getting display via single link dvi d cable

Hi Ray and welcome to W7 Forums

Have you tried explicitly setting the monitor input source to DVI via the Switch Video Input option in its OSD menu?

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I have a cable modem which is currently going to a secured linksys router. I can not connect to this router. Is it possible to split a single cable modem link to connect with two seperate linksys routers? Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

A:Two routers to a single cable modem

sure, just give the second router a different IP range (ie: If router #1 is 192.168.1.xxx, use 192.168.2.xxx on router #2)

Internet <-> Cable Modem <-> Linksys #1 <-> Linksys #2

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Thanks in advance for helping here, because I am at a loss as to how to fix this. . .

I have a Panasonic 35" TV. I have a coaxial cable connected to the back input. Occasionally, the screen picture will go black, with a single line of compressed video appearing across the middle of the screen. The sound is unaffected. If I jiggle the coaxial cable slightly, usually by pushing or pulling it slightly, the problem goes away. Until I let go of the cable.

And yes, the coaxial cable is firmly screwed into the input jack.

The input jack at the back of the TV set does seem to have a little play. The metal plate containing the input jack moves slightly when pushed or pulled, and this restores the picture.

Thanks, Chris.

A:TV cable connection - single horizontal line

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I have HP Desktop Tower Pavilion with windows 10, I had two HP S2031 monitors in dual mode, worked fine. One of them died, I got a good deal on a larger HP 27er monitor.  I hooked it up, they were both working fine ... it was using a default monitor
setting ... and then yesterday the computer downloaded some updates, and in doing so, it downloaded the driver for the HP 27er and installed.  The next thing that happens is the older HP S2031 starts to go dark ... like it is going into sleep mode, and
then it is totally black.  On reboot, it starts up with both monitors working, but within seconds of reboot the HP S2031 goes black again. The HP S2031's buttons do nothing, other than the power button, which turns it off and on, but that is it.  
I have done all troubleshooting, I did not even have them set up to sleep, all settings are at NEVER.  In coming here, I have done all the fixes I can find for similar  that are posted for similar issues, the Windows Key + W... nothing. 
The create new power plan ... nothing.  the device manger>display adapters>disable then enable ... nothing.  and lastly Start>Control Panel>System>Device Manager>display adapter>driver tap>update ... still nothing.  HOW
DO I GET THE HP S2031 MONITOR TO NOT BE IN SLEEP AND HAVE BLACK SCREEN.  I can not figure this out and am not finding any fix.

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i got one big questions.. hehe
i want to buy a processor.. (im upgrading from my 2.8 p4 prescott.)

to AMD..

im going to use it mostly for gaming and graphics designing...

theres two CPUS that catched my eye..

AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ DUAL

which one would you recommend me to buy..

A:AMD Single or DUAL

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I have put this in networking as it appears to be the most relevant forum.

The current setup is a networked (CAT5e RJ45) PC located approx. 40m (accross a courtyard) from my ADSL modem/router. The cable has been in place for some time and works fine.

I need to extend the analogue phone connection (for modem Dialup) to this PC, but don't want to run a second cable, too much hassle to install etc. and can't use wireless due to interference from a nearby generator which badly degrades the connection strength.

Is it possible to split the CAT5e cable so that the existing network and the analogue/dialup connecetion both run over the same cable?

Thanks in advance

A:Analogue voice and IP Network over single CAT5 cable

You can use any of the unused pairs as Ethernet only needs the Orange and Green pairs in a properly wired connection. Most telcos use the blue pair for phone line 1

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If any one could suggest that whether I can connect to two cable line of different bandwidth through single computer and share it to other computer in my network.

Currently I'm using single line and share it through ISA server 2004 in windows 2003 server standard.

If yes please help me.

with regards

A:Managing and sharing two cable line through single computer

I think you need to be more specific as to what you intend to accomplish.

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When I bought my computer (had it put together to my specs, just didn't do the physical building part myself) I know I bought a single core P4 3.0 GHz chip.

Just recently (bought my comp 9 months ago now) I was checking the "system" area in Corel Draw 12 (don't ask why, I can't even remember) and it says I have 2 cores. Huh? So then I check System Information and it shows I have TWO 3.0 GHz chips as well. Huh?? again.

How do I know for sure if I have a single or dual core? Are these system info's accurate and if not, how can I get an "accurate" read on what chip I have exactly? Is it possible I was given a dual core by mistake? LOL.

It just occured to me to check my bios, I can't remember what it said there last time I looked cuz i haven't had to check my bios more than twice since i bought comp. Will that give me an accurate read on my chip and if not, again, what will?

Thanks in advance.

A:Do I have a single or dual core?

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Hi, I have recently had a computer built for me with the AMD A10 5800K APU. Not knowing the limits of the dual graphics/crossfire compatibility, I installed a XFX radeon 6850 GPU. So now the APU's graphics are disabled and I'm only using the GPU because they are not compatiable. The latest GPU that is compatible with my processor is the Radeon 6670. So i'm wondering which would perform better for gaming, one XFX 6850 or my APU + Radeon 6670 dual graphics/crossfire. Thanks!

A:Dual Graphics or Single GPU?

Depends on the motherboard. Many motherboards disable the onboard gpu when a video card is installed. With that said, assuming you can use the onboard gpu and a video card at the same time, you are limited by the slowest chipset when running sli or crossfire. And the recommendation is typically to use two of the same cards, as mixing chipsets often doesn't work.

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Hi ...

Actually I am really confused, I am about to buy a new system and I am confused between

the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4000+ (2.0 GHz, 2x 1 MB L2 Cache)

and the AMD Athlon 64 4000+ (2.4 GHz, 1 MB L2 Cache)

which one do you think is better and why?

A:Dual or single core ???

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Ive just purchased a 2x 1GB Dual Channel RAM Kit for my pc.

I was wondering whether I should just use the new RAM in Dual Channel giving me a total of 2GB or whether I should put my old 512MB stick in as well, giving 2.5GB but no Dual Channel???

The CAS timings for both types of stick are the same.

I am using an AMD 64 3200 on an MSI Neo4 Platinum mobo.



A:2GB Dual Channel or 2.5GB single???

use dual channel. No point adding another 512mb in there

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If I have an intel D945GTP mobo, could I upgrade from a single core CPU to a dual core? If so, which dual core CPU would work with my MOBO?


A:single to dual core CPU

Yes, it does support dual core, here is a list of all the processors it supports http://support.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/d945gtp/sb/CS-026628.htm

The D family is dual core

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My motherboard (Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe Socket 939) currently has Geil 2x512MB Dual Channel ram, using DIMM_A1 and DIMM_B1, but windows will not boot after I installed a new single 1x 1GB DDR400 Hynix ram stick on either DIMM_A2 or DIMM_B2. Since I already have dual channel installed must I have another 2x 512MB dual channel pair on DIMM_A2 and DIMM_B2 to upgrade to 2GB?

A:Can Dual Channel Ram mix with Single?

Dual channel actually refers tot he motherboards capability. paired sets of ram are called "dual channel" because the are paired to make sure they are operating at the same speed and timings. Your problem is that either the geil doesnt like the hynix or your motherboard doesnt.

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I have just has one of my 4gb sticks ( one of 4 x 4gb sticks ) go wobbly....

Crazy as it may sound but 8gb ram (older modules ddr2 pc6400) isn't enough for my Photoshop work. I was wondering if it's possible to put in the remaining good sticks back in. 12gb (x3) in total , I'm guessing my mboard would drop the speed to single speed ram instead of dual speed ram....Ram capacity is more import than Ram speed as my images are hitting the Photoshop scratch which is bottlenecking my system.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


A:mixing dual ram with a single ram??

Hi damocles,

Should work OK. Just remember to replace the stick with an identical one ASAP to get back full performance.

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I'm currently putting together my own machine and i know how dual gpu's are much better then a single, but at the moment is it really worth it? Do games like BF2/2142 and those really run that much better on dual's? Sounds like a dumb question, but i want to save myself some money if it isnt worth it at the moment.

A:Single vs. Dual 7600GT's

Welcome to Techspot :wave: ! If I were you, I would buy one more powerful card, like the GeForce 7900GS/GT, in which, you'll get better performance than 2 7600GT's in SLI, and it's cheaper . What SLI does is take half of the workload and disperse it on 1 card, and the other half on the other card, making performance better, usually.

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HI there - in Australia, looking to purchase a new toshiba settallite laptop with one of the main cons, accoridng to reviews, being that it has on single band wifi as opposed to dual band wifi. Just wondering what the deal with this is and if this is going to be a problem, and what kind, in having only sinlge band wifi?

A:Dual band vs single

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what is the advantage of a dual core cpu vs a single core. is a 2.4ghz cpu faster then a single core 2.8ghz? please help!

A:dual core vs single

A dual core cpu can run multiple programs or multi-threading from a single program faster and better than a single core. If you run two programs at once, they have to fight over one core in the single core machine. Having a dual core cpu is like having 2 cpu's in one computer, each of the two programs has it's own core to use, making the system faster. As far as clock speeds go, a single core that is clocked higher than a dual core would be faster if you were only running a single program or one that doesn't support muti-threading. But if you want to have more than one program running, a dual core would be faster, so long as it wasn't a huge difference in clock speed. Like a 2.4 dual core and a 2.8 single core are so close in clock speeds that I don't think you would notice a difference.

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My RAM appears to be running in single channel only. Any ideas why and how to fix this?

I'm running 2 x 2gb sticks of Corsair XMS2 800MHz + 2 x 1gb sticks of the same. 6gb altogether but my Vista Performance base score is 4.8 with the RAM being the lowest score!

Everest Spec:

I've tried fitting the RAM in different slots aswell as running various RAM checking software. It makes no difference if I only have 1gb inserted.

Any help would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks.

A:Dual channel or single?

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Ok i have a dual boot going on, vista and xp. xp is the main and vista was a test. How can i turn the vista partion back into xp free space? just formate the secondary HD it shows? or

A:Dual Boot into single

even if i just formate the secondary partion will it give me that free space back ? it doesnt have to go back to the main drive.

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I have a 4GB set 2x2gb from G Skill PC8000 and another set of G Skill PC6400. I'm curious if I'll have better performance with just one set or both.


A:4GB Dual Channel Vs. 8GB Single

What version of Windows?
If it is only 32bit it won't make a jot of difference as less than 4Gb is ever going to be used.

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quick question: Do I need to re-install Windows 7 when I change from an AMD single core to a dual core?

A:Changing CPU from single core to dual


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Hi Guys!...I was running Vista and Windows 7 as a dual OS on two HDDs. I have just removed the HDD with Vista on it and reverted to a purely W7 OS however, when I now bootup, I am still seeing the message on screen giving the choice of W7 or Vista. Can someone tell me how to remove this message?.
Any help will be appreciated.

A:Solved: Dual OS converted to single OS

One way ...

Hold the Windows logo key and press r. In the Run box type msconfig and hit Enter. On the Boot tab make sure Windows 7 is the default and delete the other entry.

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Is 2 slots of memory in performance better than 1 slot using the same amount of RAM, e.g., 1 x 16 GBs of DDR3 Laptop Memory or 2 x 8 GB of DDR3? I think I know the obvious, 1 x 16 GB in 1 slot, correct?

Also, I have seen some lower ended laptops - say with just a skylake i5 (6200U) perform better with DDR3 than overkill of DRR4 - DDR4 seemed to have latency issues, like bottle necked traffic. I have seen where there is this 10 second lag before a program responds when opening a new application using DDR4, where an i5 6th gen seems to utilize DDR3 laptop memory much smoother, instant gratification while opening up a new application. BUT, overall, while the application is up and running, DDR4 has the advantage to perform better being its at a higher frequency - 2133 HZs as opposed to DDR3 at 1600 HZs, so is there sometimes a trade off using DDR4 over DDR3 in lower ended laptops, say those who do not have a dedicated graphics card?

One more unrelated question, if I can? While swapping out a mechanical drive is as easy as they say, correct, I am not concerned about my programs I have on the mechanical drive, I just want to swap that mechanical drive out for an SSD. I do the swap, use a USB boot to Windows 10 downloaded on that USB media created tool, boot using the USB option, correct, or just boot normally, and your BIOS will automatically detect the USB Media created tool? Just a bit confused on just how easy all of that is while doing a swap, like I say, not worried about ... Read more

A:What is Better Dual or Single Channel Memory?


In theory a set of matched 2*8GB modules should be faster. In practice however I'd doubt anyone would notice a difference.

I have a machine equipped with DDR3 (I7 4770) and another running DDR4 (I5 6500). Not a fair comparison but I haven't noticed the impact of the type of RAM used. The amount of it, yes. Of course the I7 CPU is much more powerful than the I5 too.
Swapping a HDD out for a decent SDD makes the most difference overall.


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Hello everyone,i want to upgrade my lovely notebook ram from 4GB (single channel) to 8 GB (dual channel) / (single channel ) my ram now,               i want to change    i need advice for best performance... 1.              2.             -----------------             --------------------------       --------------------------  and last how max ram i can upgrade for m4-1007tx Notebook PC thanks for attention. regardricky rfsm

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Hi again guys!

just a quick one. For a system used for gaming (althought not a high spec) and maybe migrating to Vista (now on XP)

what would you preffer? what of this options about RAM you think is better (in terms of performance, speed, etc)?
Now 1gb ram DDR 400mhz

1) Upgrade to 1, 5 GB on Dual channel.
2) Upgrade to 2gb on Single Channel.

Thx in advance.


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hey guys,
Right, i have dual booted XP Professional from a single drive before with the following procedure for quiet some time now (3/4 years)

1:Format Drive, Create partition (50:50)
2:Install XP on one partition
3:Make a image of XP partition with Acronis True Image
4:Restore the image on the second partition

I have always ended up with dual boot XP on a single drive (after editing the boot.ini)
When i went into the first partition, which i named 'General Use' it was C: drive
and when i booted into the second partition named 'Gaming Only' it was C: drive
(While I'm running on a partition, the other partition shows up as D: drive, but once i restart and select that partition, it shows up as C: drive and the other partition becomes D: drive)
This was all good and well and just what i wanted

Last week my motherboard died and i got a free upgrade (under warranty)
Anyway, my old hard drive images were useless because of the different drivers installed during XP, so i decided to start fresh, formatted the hard drive, went through the usual procedure but this time, when i boot into the second partition (Gaming Only) it said it was D: drive and i got a windows error message.
No matter what i try, it comes up with D: drive, which isn't what i want.

When i restore the image with Acronis, i set it as Active (i have a choice of Active, Primary, Logic/al [cant quiet remember the last one])
Could this have anything to do with it?
... Read more

A:Dual Boot XP Single Drive

You can use Drive Management by going to Administrative Tools -> Computer Management -> Disk management to change the second drive to any ID other than C:
The first boot must be on C:, or whatever the first avaiable drive is other than C: and the second boot can be any other drive other than C: but it cannot be C:, and it cannot be any other drive with the same ID as that on which the first boot is installed. The boot drive ID cannot be changed.

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Hi there, I got a Lenovo n200 with preinstalled Vista on it. I partitioned the drive and reduced the Vista partition to 63gb, then installed XP on the other partition. Since that time I've only ever used XP, in fact I hadn't even installed the dual boot software to get back into Vista (this was more than a year ago).

Now, I see that the 63gb drive is full, and I can't figure out why. I installed EasyBCD, got into Vista and ran TreeSize Free. The analysis shows 16.7gb is used, but at the bottom of the window of course it says only 2.29gb of 63.5 is free.

I can't access the RRbackups file, nor the System Volume information but it says Folder is Empty.

I also checked ghe vssadmin settings and it was nothing out of the ordinary, 2gb or something.

Can anyone offer up any idea about what this might be, and how I can fix it? 50gig is a lot of space to lose :(

A:Is it possible to go from dual boot back to single?

Agh, - update. It WAS the rrbackups file. It said empty, but once I removed the Lenovo backup program itself, I found all the backup files and sure enough it was 48gb. So, yay on that, but now even though there is more than 50GB of free space, the Shrink Volume says zero available to shrink?

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Hi Guys. I was wondering if there would be any instability issues if i use 2x2GB modules in dual channel mode and another one in single channel. the reason for this is i have a faulty motherboard with one of the 3 lanes dead. So i can only ram slots 1,2,3,4 and not 5,6.

I was planning to install the rams in 2,3,4, since 1 is blocked by the CPU cooler.

A:mixing single and dual channel

Quote: Originally Posted by Macpod

Hi Guys. I was wondering if there would be any instability issues if i use 2x2GB modules in dual channel mode and another one in single channel. the reason for this is i have a faulty motherboard with one of the 3 lanes dead. So i can only ram slots 1,2,3,4 and not 5,6.

I was planning to install the rams in 2,3,4, since 1 is blocked by the CPU cooler.

It should all work fine, but if possible, try to have all memory modules come from the same manufacturer, and all with the same timings (5-5-5-12, etc...)

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I'm upgrading the RAM on my P5Q Pro motherboard... Right now I have 3 GB total, 1 GB on slot 2 and 2GB on slot 4 running in dual channel mode.

Today I ordered a new 2GB stick. So I'll have 3 sticks of RAM on my motherboard, for a total of 5GB.

Considering that I will run 2+2GB in dual channel mode, if I add the third 1GB stick to the motherboard, will my RAM run in dual channel mode?

What is better in terms of performance? only 2+2GB or 2+2+1GB?

A:DDR2: dual or single channel?

Those two 2GB sticks will run in dual channel if you install them in the correct slots, usually the same color. Adding the 1GB stick will not harm this.

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I have just configured and purchased a HP ProBook 450 G3 with 8GB of DDR4-2133 Memory in a single SO-DIMM configuration. HP Sales cannot tell me if the memory to be installed will be single or dual ranked. I will be adding a second 8GB SO-DIMM so I want it to match the current configuration. Anyone have any ideas. Seems impossible to get direct HP Technical Support without a serial number which, of course, I do not have yet.

A:Dual or Single Ranked Memory

The Service Manual shows the 450 G3 using DDR3?? Manual But the specs at the HP Store say it is DDR4-2133. All I can say is that the DDR4-2133 that came in my Zbook 15 G3 is single rank. I added another 8 gigs of Patriot memory I bought at Frys and it works fine in dual channel mode. 

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We are getting a new computer. The model I looked at offers either Dual or a single drive for burning DVDs and CDs. The sheet says it is a Dual 48X Combo + 16X DVD+/-RW w/ dbl layer write capabilities. I'm not sure if I need a Dual or not. The current drive I have on my old computer only burns CDRs. I assume I will burn some DVDs but I cant say how many. The salesperson said it is easier to just copy from A to B rather than the method I had used for CD's- copy to the hard drive, burn from there. Since I am a novice on these matters, could I get some feedback, please. The difference in Dual and single would be about $40. Thank You

A:Single or Dual Optical Drive?

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