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Dell XPS M1210 can't sleep more than once

Q: Dell XPS M1210 can't sleep more than once

I have a Dell XPS M1210 running Win 7 Professional. Did a clean install on a brand new hard disk from a self-burned DVD (from the MS Student Discount program).

Some specs: C2D T7200 2.0G, 4GB DDR2, NVIDIA 7400, WD3200BEKT, A08 BIOS

Ever since the install (back in January), the laptop can only sleep/wake once. The laptop experienced no issues when running XP/Vista.

Boot -> Login -> Sleep -> Wake -> Sleep -> Hang -> BSOD (sometimes)

This problem is reproducible 100% of the time. I checked the system log between sleep attempts. Windows always logs the same error that reads:

"The platform firmware has corrupted memory across the previous system power transition. Please check for updated firmware for your system." The error cites the HAL as its source. The first and last corrupted page is always 63. Subsequent attempts to put the laptop to sleep cause the system to hang. Only the screen/wifi turn off - the rest of the computer is powered. The only way out is to press and hold the power button.

Microsoft does have a paper detailing the issue, and suggests updating the BIOS. However, the most recent version of the firmware for my system is already installed. I have tried updating stock Windows drivers with those from the manufacturer (ie Dell, Intel Chipset), but that did not help. Device manager shows no hardware conflicts/problems.

Are there any other XPS M1210 owners experiencing the same problem, or is this an isolated incident?

Preferred Solution: Dell XPS M1210 can't sleep more than once

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Dell XPS M1210 can't sleep more than once

Personally I don't recommend using sleep functions in Windows. While it may work wonders in Unix based systems, it's not quite as refined in DOS based systems. It frequently hangs, disrupts processes and causes BSODs. Just shut down your computer when not in use, if you have a decent system it should take no more than ~60 seconds to boot.

Some feedback from XPS users:

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Vista, Intel Centino duo

I press the power button and it does nothing except turn the blue power button and green lights on. It does not start up at all. Its the same with the Media Direct button.

First, it had blue lines down the screen a couple weeks ago. That seemed to be solved by the F12 hardware assessment. When we got it to boot up again, we ran a full virus scan and found nothing. We did a really in-depth hardware scan and found no problems. Later it would freeze and then go to Blue then red then green then white screens at start up. Today it kept freezing on the welcome screen and once on a white screen. It started once in safe mode but that's all. Now it won't do anything.

I'd greatly appreciate any help/advice. Thank you! Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post to.

A:Dell XPS M1210


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I have a Dell xps M1210. I know little to nothing about computer hardware. My laptop crashed sometime ago. It was reformatted and everything to the best of my knowledge was re-installed. I am running Windows XP Pro.
My laptop appears to get on the wireles network at my office. I sent my laptop home with one of my guys... and after some tinkiering he says he could get on at his place. I bring my laptop home and the same thing occurs, my laptop sees our network here at home, tries to connect but is "unable to connect". The wireless is intel(R)Proset...? Generally when somebody tries to access my home network I get an intruder alert. My network has shown no warnings about my laptop trying to connect to it. We've used Home Network Magic previously ( came as a free trial on my XPS when I purchased it). My wireless router is a d-link extreme.
My home network is accessed by my wife's Mac.
I hope there is something really elementary as far as a solution for my situation. When it comes to computer I am a total caveman.
Thanks... If I'm in the wrong area for this kind of question, apologies, hopefully I can get pointes in the right direction.

A:my dell xps M1210

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I have a problem I need to bypass the Dell BIOS Admin Password. My Service Tag # is BCVWQB1 or is there a master password for it ? any help please thanks.

A:Dell XPS M1210

What is the service code? Does the asset tag have an extension (BCVWB1-xxxx)?

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I re-installed Windows on my Dell xps m1210. I used the provided drivers and utilities CD to install the drivers and applications. However, the in-built webcam doesn't work.

It doesn't show up in the device manager as an installed working device or an unidentified hardware that drivers need to be installed for. It doesn't show up in the control panel or anything.

I tried to launch a video call using skype but it said, no webcam detected. The webcam was working fine until I did the re-install. Also, I've used the OEM windows cd that came with the laptop.

Can anyone please help.

A:Dell xps m1210 and webcam

Try installing this driver for the camera

Then install this driver for the camera software

You'll click the download button on each page, then choose Download through your Browser.

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My Dell laptop is locked I need a master password. XPS M1210 My system # 7X5GHB1-595B . Could anyone help me to bypass the Bios password. I'm only getting a grey screen that said that I need a admin password. thank you.

A:Dell Laptop XPS M1210

This belongs in the "Mobile Computing" forum

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When i start the computer it powers up for about 5 seconds. There is no screen activity at all. Or any noise.

The only LED which lights up is the green power light at the top right of the laptop.

When i do the error function test. It gives me 3 solid green indicators LED lights. Which i cannot decipher. 3 blinking lights mean a new mobo, but it has just been replaced.

Any insight into my plight would be greatly appreciated.


A:Dell XPS M1210 Won't Power Up

Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo Processor T7600 (2.33GHz 4MB Cache)
Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945 Dual Band 802.11a/g 54Mbps Wireless Mini Card
4096MB (2 X 2048MB) 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM Lenovo
120GB SATA Hard Drive
Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 3945 Dual Band 802.11a/g 54Mbps Wireless Mini Card
Dell(TM) Wireless 355 Bluetooth Module

Do you need any other information?

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My built-in camera as well as the mic doesnt work in my Dell XPS M1210. I tried to find information elsewhere on the net but was unable to fix the problem.

The camera used to work when I had bought but now vista doesnt seems to recognize it. And I never tested the internal microphone.

Do anyone know the solution for the problems?

>> manjunath

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Hi all!

I have a Dell XPS M1210. It was running Windows XP Professional. It was running quite slowly, so I reformatted and installed Windows XP Media Center Edition. Even when I was just first installing drivers (that I loaded onto my flash drive from a safe, virus-free, and malware-free desktop with internet access) onto this M1210, it was taking 10-11 minutes to just log off.

I have the "welcome screen" turned off, so it says "Logging off..." for about 10-11 minutes (when I didn't have the "welcome screen" turned off, it was just a blank screen [my wallpaper, but no taskbar or icons]). Then, as soon as that's finished, it takes ~10 seconds to actually shut down.

It's not hanging during that ten or so minutes, as when I press the caps lock button, the light turns on.

When I run it in Selective Startup Mode, even with all of the start up options checked off, it logs off quickly and shuts down quickly. When put back into Normal Startup Mode, it goes right back to taking forever to just log off.

Something curious - in my System Information, the OS is listed as Windows XP Professional. However, the log off window says it's Windows XP Media Center Edition. When I was using the Windows XP Media Center Edition CD from Dell to install it onto the M1210, it said it was installing Windows XP Professional, but I thought nothing of it. Is this a mere coincidence?

I installed the drivers that I got directly from Dell's site. Th... Read more

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I couln,t find the 24C chip on the Dell XPS M1210 can someone help me so I can use the shorting Method. Help to locate the chip please or anybody knows the password for this laptop XPS M1210
Tag# 7X5GH1-595B


read: http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic86309.html

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My daughter has a Dell XPS M1210 laptop running Windows XP Media Center Edition. She got fooled by PSGuard and thought she was downloading antispyware software after a warning came on her screen. She ended up with the TrojanDownloder.xs and the SmitFraud problem. With a lot of assistance from techs on this site (thank you, thank you....). I was able to fix all the problems. At least that is what I thought.

Recently she tried to burn a audio CD. The CD drive reads CD's and DVD's but won't allow her to record. The drive had worked in the past. Is there a chance there is still a registry problem here that is preventing the drive from recording? She has reloaded the software from Dell. She uses Itunes, Windows Media Center, Nero, which in the past has allowed her to record. All worked in the past.

Thanks in advance.

A:Solved: Can't record CD's on a Dell XPS M1210

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I just remembered to update my system specs for the extra info about my laptop, and I figured I might as well announce the good news for any poor wanderer searching for such info. A few months ago, I installed Win 7 32-bit on my Dell XPS M1210 ultra-portable laptop, and everything has been wonderful!

The laptop itself is from 2006, but at the time I maxed out the specs, and have since taken the best care of it, so it's running perfectly. I'm pretty sure 7 is even faster on it than XP ever was. All of the drivers automatically installed immediately while the OS was installing itself. The only thing I had to install myself was my Synaptics touchpad, so I could turn off tap-to-click, which otherwise was working as a normal default touchpad should. The system also bugged me about installing a driver for my SD memory card reader, but it actually worked even without it. What really surprised me is that my nVidia GeForce Go 7400 was able to do dual-screen without any further configuration! I still haven't installed the extra tools for it, but as I have a behemoth desktop with 2 screens, I do that work here, and the dual screen on the laptop is only used anymore for watching movies on the TV. Since I've figured out HomeGroup, I usually stream movies from my desktop in the bedroom to the laptop plugged into the TV in the living room. Not a single issue. All in all, 7 on this laptop is awesome!

Full System Specs:
(& changes over the years from the original stock)Dell XPS M1... Read more

A:Report for Win 7 Pro x86 on Dell XPS M1210 Laptop

Thanks for the success story!

Your story is especially heartening since it's still not fully sunk in that Win7 is driver-complete in the installer and via optional Updates with few exceptions. Many still following XPired methods think they have to change out all their drivers like chipset and run into problems. Win7 is the authority on its own drivers.

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So. The primary power button is non-responsive.

The media direct button works after you hold it for a few seconds.

It also loads into media direct if you put the battery back into the laptop automatically without touching any buttons.

It sometime spontaneously starts into media direct when the screen in closed and turned off.

I cannot gain access to the windows environment or bios, or access the boot Cd's because it won't turn on via the main power button.

A:Dell XPS M1210 - Only boots into media direct

Also the first few restarts after the re-install were flawless.

I've just put in another hdd from a m1210 and the main power button won't work either, but it loads into windows, perhaps media direct was't installed on this hdd.

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I'm trying to pair my computer's bluetooth with my phone. Is there a way to find out what is the passkey code for the Dell XPS M1210? Or does anyone have it?

A:Bluetooth passkey code for Dell XPS M1210

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Hi the screen was working fine last night when battery ran out plugged in charger then switched back on and the screen didn't come on properly just goes grey with a grid of black spots showing on it... help please have only had this screen in for 2 months. Any suggestions? I have opened it and checked evrything is still connected properly. I am running windows 7

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Of the 5 antenna wires for the WWAN and WLAN, what is the gray antenna wire for?

The white & black wires are for the WLAN.

The white/gray & black/gray are for the wwan.

What is the solid gray antenna wire for?

A:Solved: DELL XPS M1210 Gray Antenna wire

A third WLAN antenna?


NOTE: Your WLAN card may have two or three antenna connectors, depending on the type of card you ordered. If your computer has a gray antenna cable, attach it to the connector with the gray triangle, if one is available on your card.Click to expand...

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I've had a Dell XPS M1210 for about 15 months. I am running Vista Ultimate on it, now with SP1, before the RC1. Several times, I've had problems with files getting corrupt (about every month), which have made program being non-working. I also have problems with the wireless networking, but that's another problem...

I fixed the files with chkdsk and that sometimes solved it. I can't remember all files, but it has been the login, photoshop, office, logitech cam e.g. I couldn't even start up the computer without getting the message - file corrupt, run chkdsk several times. Luckily, the RC1 solved everything. Unfortunately, I had to uninstall it to install SP1 and that time everything crashed.

Now I have used the Dell restore to get the computer running (in April). Everything worked fine, but now I have gotten the files corrupt messages twice. Chkdsk has fixed it, everything seems to work ok. But I think it is only a matter of time before there will be more problems. Running the sfc/scannow shows there are some corrupt windows files...

Anyway, I called Dell about this and they recommend me doing a clean install from CDs instead of their image on my computer. I doubt that this will work. The only thing is that this will take an enormous amount of time (since I have to install Adobe CS3, Office, etc), even though they claim it is quick. Their support is pure BS, IMO.

Has anybody had a similar problem? Any suggestions? I don't want to spend time reinstall Vista, but I gu... Read more

A:Multiple corrupt files occuring on Dell XPS M1210

hi lofling, and welcome!

have these errors always happened or did it work ok for a while?

sometimes mail order computers get shaken up in transit - I would open the case and make sure all the connections are tight, especially around hard drive.

But hard-drives do fail, and Dell use cheap ones. You may have had a head crash, in which case particles are floating around and the problems will get worse. Does the bad block count increase each time you run check disk?

I would not waste any more time reinstalling on this hard drive.

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I have two pci-e cards for my wwan, neither are recognised or detected. It says they there isn't a cellular device installed when going through the bios.

I have the A08 version bios.

Any other information that may help?

I have the antennas for the device.

UPDATE: It was recognized after a few restarts.

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Video Controller (VGA Compatible) [UNKNOWN DEVICE]
Chip: Intel 945GM/GU Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller 1

Video Controller (VGA Compatible)
Chip Vendor
945GM/GU Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller 1
Video Controller [UNKNOWN DEVICE]
Chip: Intel 945GM/GU Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller 2

Video Controller
Chip Vendor
945GM/GU Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller

A:Please Help! I can not find my video controller(VGA compatible) for my Dell XPS m1210

I reinstalled my windows xp and my drivers are gone i need video controller(VGA compatible) and Video controller. Any link would be appreciated except the dell website it didnt seem to help : (

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I have this dell xps m1210 tha i been working on for the last 13hrs
This is what is doing when i start her up it works fined for the first 2 to 5 minutes and sometimes maybe even 10 minutes but then the screen goes black but i can still see the desktop but then it gets real black to the point were i cant see it anymore and when i plugged her up to my external monitor it works fined no problems at all . And when i unplugged her from the external monitor and press the fn key and the other button to switch the screen back to the dell the screen comes back to life it works again but only for about 2 to 5 minutes and then it gets real dimm again but i can still see the desktop.
I took her apart and everything looks good the cables tha go from the monitor to the motherboard look fined no damaged there the motherboard looks fined too and everything else is connected were it should be.

I think its the the backlight are the inverter but i dont no for sure so i rather just replaced the whole screen plus it looks alot easier to do?

Thanks for your help in advance

A:dell xps m1210 the screen gets real dimm after 2/5 minutes after starup.

Ok so after running a diagnostics test i got this back
Error code 5300:0d25
msg unable to detect inverter lamp status

So my question is how hard is it to replaced a inverter i can take a latop apart and put her back togeather with no problem. But i had never taking a part a lcd screen

Thanks for any recomendations in advance

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Hi all. A friend of mine dropped a small dell XPS 1210 into my lap. The laptop is really nice in that it is very tiny, but it seems to have a wierd display problem. I originally attributed it to a worn inverter card, but I am not sure. Anyway, the laptop will boot and before Windows XP can finish starting, the display will go dark. YOu can still see the icons and the system will function normally, but the backlighting is dead.

However, when you hook the unit up to S-Video output, the screen's backlighting will work normally, and it will also output a display onto the TV. When you plug the laptop into the charging receptical, the screen will go dim, but once again, hooking it to a television will revive the display.

Anyone ever heard of this? This is really wierd.

A:Dell XPS M1210 display problems (i think inverter card related)

You are correct - the backlight power supply has failed.

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I have a Dell Latitude 6430u running windows 7 64.
When I first got it I worked through many BSOD issues and it was running fine for many many months.
Now recently it started not sleeping, waking up by itself during sleep and waking up from sleep with an unexpected crash message.
Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

A:BSOD - Won't sleep or crashes during sleep on Dell Latitude 6430u

Please enable Driver Verifier by following these instructions. A driver is most likely at fault that can't be identified.

Driver Verifier - Enable and Disable

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Hello,My Dell Latitude E5270 shuts down abruptly when resuming after sleep on its DELL E-Port Dock.The Windows Windows 10 login background with time is displayed for 1 second and the pc crashes immediately.Then I have to wait 1 minute to turn it back on.Have you ever encountered this problem? I reset my PC today, installed just like new, updated the bios, ... but this problem has not been solved.Thank you for your help.Yours,

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Hi guys, I pulled out my old m1210 from years ago and forgot my sys admin pass. I tried pulling the cmos and replacing the HDD. No luck. Called Dell and they said sry about your luck. Can anyone help me?? Thank you!

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I am trying to figure out if the results I'm seeing for my M1210 in CrystalDiskMark are normal for this computer or not. Please see the attachment. I know ATA is limited to like 150MB/s but the results I'm seeing for some of the write speeds are sooo low. Is it because I put an SSD in this old computer? I think this is a great computer and it runs Windows 10 surprisingly well considering it's 10 years old so I would like to get it running full speed, any help is appreciated.
BTW I found a driver online that gets the Nvidia graphics working on Windows 10, it's so smooth opening and closing basic apps like Edge.

A:M1210 CrystalDiskMark results seem very low?

You're likely not going to get more than that -- this system is old enough it likely has a SATA to IDE bridge -- and no native support for AHCI.  Even if it's in AHCI mode, SATA 150 is the limit -- and you're at 126, so you're not likely to do better.

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I am unable to use the NetFlix Watch Instantly Application on my XPS m1210 because my current Nvidia Geforce Go 7400 Driver is not compatible and needs to be updated.  I updated to the latest Geforce Go 7400 driver available on the Dell Support site and I am still getting the same message.  Has anyone else had this problem and were they able to find the correct driver update?  

A:XPS m1210 video card: Nvidia Geforce Go 7400

Try this driver,  http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/forum/lofiversion/index.php?t17737.html . I am using this driver and it's been stable and better than the performance driver from dell. You can also download this driver from the dell download driver page,it is listed under the XPS M1710,that is where i downloaded it from. Forgot to add,this driver is for the geforce 7,8,9 series cards.Message Edited by dgkpcon on 10-10-2008 04:33 PM

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Mod Edit:  Split from http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/592908/dell-xps-8300-windows-7-wont-recover-from-sleep/ - Hamluis.
Exact same problem with Win7Pro on a Dell Inspiron 3847; Core i5-4400, 4GB ram.  Updating to Win10 is not a good option.  My wife's computer and she does NOT do well with change.  Running Win7Pro so I can keep running Office 2000 on it.

A:Dell Sleep Problem

Just curious about why this was split from the previous post when we are having the same problem.

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I have varied the screen saver settings and find that the screen saver does not always come on, and if it does, it rarely ever triggers the computer to go into sleep mode as I desire it to.  It has gotten worse with the new windows 10 anniversary update.

Appreciate thoughts

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Recently instlalled 7 without a hitch and PC running problem free. However after sleep cannot always wake up without BSOD. Sometimes OK sometimes not. Problem issue is USB Driver but all Intel drivers up to date according to Windows and Driver Detective. Any ideas woudl be welcome. Minidump Attached

A:Dell XPS 420 BSOD after sleep

Quote: Originally Posted by keven

Recently instlalled 7 without a hitch and PC running problem free. However after sleep cannot always wake up without BSOD. Sometimes OK sometimes not. Problem issue is USB Driver but all Intel drivers up to date according to Windows and Driver Detective. Any ideas woudl be welcome. Minidump Attached

Hi and welcome

No surprise its the USB driver LazerUSB.sys

If driver dective isnt finding a newer one I would suggest doing it manually
Ken J+

Microsoft (R) Windows Debugger Version 6.11.0001.404 X86
Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Loading Dump File [C:\Users\K\Desktop\120609-35287-01.dmp]
Mini Kernel Dump File: Only registers and stack trace are available

Symbol search path is: SRV*d:\symbols*Symbol information
Executable search path is:
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7600 MP (4 procs) Free x86 compatible
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS Personal
Built by: 7600.16385.x86fre.win7_rtm.090713-1255
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0x82016000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0x8215e810
Debug session time: Sun Dec 6 07:40:22.593 2009 (GMT-5)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:09:52.608
Loading Kernel Symbols
Loading User Symbols
Loading unloaded module list
3: kd> !analyze -v
********************************************... Read more

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My Dell XPS 15 undergoes BSOD when trying to put it in sleep by closing the lid. The computer fails to go to sleep and the heatsink fan keeps running. One of the BSODs were caused by Netwns64.exe, I had therefore updated the intel wifi drivers but other BSODs were caused by NTOskrnl.exe. I would appreciate any help.

The dump files are attached.



A:Dell XPS 15 BSOD when trying to go on Sleep

Quote: Originally Posted by meeyaoon

My Dell XPS 15 undergoes BSOD when trying to put it in sleep by closing the lid. The computer fails to go to sleep and the heatsink fan keeps running. One of the BSODs were caused by Netwns64.exe, I had therefore updated the intel wifi drivers but other BSODs were caused by NTOskrnl.exe. I would appreciate any help.

The dump files are attached.



I do notice Symantec which is a frequent cause of BSOD's. I would remove and replace it with Microsoft Security Essentials AT LEAST TO TEST

Microsoft Security Essentials - Free Antivirus for Windows

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Hi people, I have two dell machines one at work and one at home. When left for around 1 hour they go into standby and never come back out again no matter what i do. The monitor light just stays on orange and no longer green. This means i have to power the machine down by holding the on/off button.

Sometime the machines can come out of standby but not often.

Has anyone any idea what might be causing this, seems to be a Dell only thing?


A:Dell PC going into sleep mode

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I did a clean install and windows automatically installed all the drivers. I does not go to sleep no matter I press the power button or click on sleep from the power options. The screen just turns off and when I touch the keyboard the screen instantly lights up again. The battery is consumed greatly during screen off and the computer gets hot if put in to a bag. Anyway, it just does not sleep.

A:Dell XPS 13 2 in 1 9365 does not go to sleep

Make sure you are showing the correct video driver since it is involved in the situation.  Have you downloaded drivers from Dell?
Did you clean install because of a problem?

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Dell laptop with Windows 10 suddenly will not wake up out of sleep mode, nor hibernate mode.  Goes into sleep mode fine but no buttons will wake it up, and pressing the power button will only shut it down, so it must be rebooted.

Unit is Inspiron 3521 from Dell, upgraded with Windows 10 from Microsoft.

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Most of the time it works fine. But once in a while nothing seems to wake up the computer. I've tired using the mouse, keyboard, turning off the monitor, opening the CD drive, and plugging in new USB peripherals. The monitor is on and reports no signal from the computer so it goes into power save.
There are no changes to the hardware or software between the times that it wakes up normally and times that it does not. This problem is infrequent and I do not know how to reproduce it. In order to use my computer again I have to hold down the power button on the cpu to get the computer to restart.
I've found another thread that indicates this is a long-standing problem with Dell computers and monitors.
Optiplex 3040, Windows 10, driver is Generic PNP monitor, Monitor is 2408WFPb, connected with HDMI
It seems like the problem is with the computer because the monitor has power and buttons on the monitor respond normally. Also nothing seems to wake up the computer. But I have had this  problem with this same monitor and an earlier Dell computer -- Optiplex 755.

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When my computer stays asleep for a longer period of time, when resuming i see nothing but my mouse pointer. No login screen. I have to do a hard reboot to get things back working. Why is this?"

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Hello There! My Sister's laptop went to sleep and now the power button shows that is on, but the screen is black. She needs it for College that starts next Tuesday, so any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advanced... Blessings from the Universe!!!

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I have an odd problem. I've noticed that when I close my XPS 13, it shuts down (as indicated by the annoying front LED) but then later on it will start back up while it's being transported. Sometimes I'll get home, take it out of the computer case, and it will be as hot as a thermal missile because it's been running.
I'm not sure why it would just randomly start up like that? I have the power options to "sleep" when lid is closed, as seen here: http://i.imgur.com/p0x1C86.png.
I don't believe I have malware because I have reset my computer to factory settings on multiple occasions and scanned with SpyBot and Windows Defender.
In Bios "Wake on LAN" is Disabled.
For the life of me I can't think what would be triggering this besides the NSA (I joke). Does this happen to anyone else? Did you find a fix for it? Was it a dell program? Or is there a faulty piece of hardware on this computer?
Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks :)

A:Dell XPS 13 powers up after lid is closed and put to sleep

This is happening to me too. Did you ever find a solution? I just got an XPS 13 9360 and the only solution I have found is to hibernate it instead of using sleep, but this is annoying because it takes longer to wake up.

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As title. Whenever I tell it to sleep or hibernate, it restarts immediately after doing so. Still shutsdown, though. Any fixes?
Thanks for your help!

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I'm having an issue with my Dell XPS 15 laptop (i7, 4K Touch, 512GB SSD, Windows 10).
- the laptop instantly wakes up after I put it to sleep (by pressing the power button or closing the lid);
- this happened after the laptop failed to hibernate from sleep and now it's happening every time I try to put it to sleep and it just wakes up instantly after the sleep starts;
- there are no waking devices or scheduled tasks, nor is the wireless card waking it;
- the issue seemed fixed after I updated the BIOS with the November firmware update (01.00.07), but it started again after another failed attempt to hibernate from sleep.

Thank you in advance for your help.

A:Dell XPS 15 (9550) sleep issue

Even with the latest BIOS update 01.01.19 (05 Feb 2016), I still have this issue.
I was able to further explain the issue on this thread: answers.microsoft.com/.../ce44911e-c472-4773-8e7f-d3d58518aabc
I will transcribe it.
Some notes:

the expected behavior is: put laptop to sleep by pressing the power button > wait 1 minute (I configured it that way) > the laptop wakes to hibernate > the laptop hibernates > the laptop stays in hibernation until I boot it up again
the bug is: put laptop to sleep by pressing the power button > wait 1 minute > the laptop wakes to hibernate > the laptop hibernates > the laptop instantly wakes up afterwards
when the bug happens, the laptop is in a state where it wakes up instantly after every sleep, hibernate, and shutdown (even after restarting it)
to "fix" this state I have to prevent windows from booting up when the computer wakes. I usually shutdown the laptop, wait for it to wake automatically and hit the power button again, making it shutdown for real.

Steps to trigger the bug (default 'balanced' power plan with 1 minute to hibernate from sleep):

the laptop is plugged to the charger, with only a usb mouse connected
put laptop to sleep by pressing the power button
while asleep, unplug the power changer and disconnect the mouse
at the scheduled time (after 1 minute) the laptop wakes up to hibernate, and a sound is play... Read more

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Just received my Dell 8920 system and it really is fantastic. The only issue I have is being unable to 'wake' it after it goes into sleep mode other then pressing the power button which re-started it. I remember reading somewhere that I need to enable USB wake in the BIOS. Am confident to do this but just wondered why Dell don't set this up from new since they actually supply a USB mouse and keyboard? Thank you for advice on this Sam.

A:Dell 8920 Sleep Mode

You did exactly as you should when a computer is in Hibernation. A brief press of the power button (NOT a  press and hold which shuts it down) will wake the computer from Hibernation. You can change power settings in Power Options, change Advanced settings. Rule is try the mouse or key press first and then the power button if a key press doesn't wake it.

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i have a dell inspiron 531 with a 128 mb nvidia graphics card
athlon 64x2 processor running windows vista.
when i push power, the fan will run and the light on the tower will turn blue,
but the monitor will show entering power save, i've tried to push the space bar, move the mouse, push the power button, etc, but my monitor will only show entering power save, self test on the monitor passes ok, and i've tried another known good power cable. still same thing, i've also tried to remove the memory cards and re-install one at a time,the monitor cable is connected to the proper port on the tower and i have only 1 graphics card installed,i can't even get to bios settings to further diag
-anyone have any suggestions?

A:dell inspiron 531 will not come out of sleep mode

ok thank you for the honesty :/

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Hello, I am having trouble recently with my dell xps 13 9350. The computer starts up from OFF fine, however if I try to wake up the laptop after closing the lid or pressing the power button quickly (which in both cases causes the laptop to sleep) all i get is a blue screen with a loading wheel. The computer does not wake up and must be restarted by holding the power button for over 4 seconds. 
I have had this computer for two months and this is the first issue I've had with it. Hoping someone can help me resolve this issue. Thanks!

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Hey guys. I hope someone can help me.

I upgraded my Dell XPS9000 from Win 7 x64 Pro ? and it ran without a hitch ? to Win 8 x64 Pro. Now I have a weird shutdown problem.

If I start the machine, or reboot it, it goes into sleep perfectly as per Power Plan. When sleeping, the power light flashes. The system never crashes while I work on it before it goes to sleep ? for hours! Nothing happens until after the first Sleep. Then, when the system gets out of the first Sleep mode, it still works well for all the tasks I perform on it. Only after that, it no longer goes to sleep, the power light is solidly lit, and the system eventually crashes and shuts down. Of course, I don?t know it until I notice the power light being off, at which point I boot up and am greeted with a BSOD-esque message plastered over my Metro tiles saying the ?Computer had to shut down, report to Microsofr? or such. And then the cycle repeats.

Boots ? On ? Works ? Sleeps (blinking light) ? On ? Works ? Does not sleep (solid light) ? Crashes - Shuts down.

This cycle has been very consistent, and I was able to replicate it several times. I have compiled a crash file that contains several DMP entries.

Have reinstalled the OS several times, updated all the drivers, everything works great until the first sleep. Very strange.

Thanks in advance for any help you provide?


A:BSOD after *first* Sleep on Dell XPS 9000

Have you checked or posted on the Dell Community desktop users forum? If not that would be the first place to post since there are those there familiar with your system. Desktop - Dell Community

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I have sleep issues with my Dell XPS 15 9550 laptop with Windows 10. I have set the laptop to turn off display and go to sleep after 10 minutes, both on battery and when plugged in. When I leave the laptop for 10 minutes, the display turns off correctly but the laptop does not go to sleep.
My BIOS is up-to-date. The laptop correctly goes to sleep when closing the lid or using the Windows start menu - it is only time-based sleep that is not working.
Does anyone have any ideas?

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So, I recently bought a Dell XPS 15 9550 i7 Skylake model, and the problem that bothers me is with the sleep mode. It's the 3rd day when i watch a movie on battery, close the lid with 70% of battery and wake up after 7-8 hours with 5-10 % of battery remaining. IT IS ABSURD !!! I paid a lot of money for this product, and I think this can be solved with a BIOS update. (i have .19 version of BIOS).
Please give me an answer of what I can do, and does anyone else have this problem??

A:Dell XPS 15 (9550) SLEEP Issue

This is a known Windows 10 issue. You can use the Power > Shutdown buttons and you think that it is totally shutdown, but it is not. I did that with my laptop which I did not have plugged in and a while later when I brought it back up, I discovered that the battery had almost run down. What you can do is shut off "Fast Startup". That should solve the problem. The XPS 15 will still come up fast enough without it.

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Hi. I have a Dell inspiron 15-7559. And sometimes it accidentally goes to sleep. I don't press keyboard buttons at this moment, usually I scrolling thru web pages or just looking to the screen. 
After going to sleep, it doesn't want to wake up and it lasts about 3-5 minutes every time. Battery/AC adapter-  doesn't matter, happens on both configs.

How can I troubleshoot it?

A:dell inspiron randomly goes to sleep

Hi CriggerMarg,
Please try and change the sleep options.depending on the OS you are using.Also update the system BIOS from support.dell.com to make sure you have the latest version of it update the chipset and video drivers.If issue still persists get back to us.

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