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T470s antenna cables to the new wireless ThinkPad EM7455 Wireless Cellular Modem

Q: T470s antenna cables to the new wireless ThinkPad EM7455 Wireless Cellular Modem

I want to install the ThinkPad EM7455 Wireless Cellular Modem in T470s . Does the Modem come with Antenna cables. If not, which ones do I need and where can I buy then from in the UK. I have tried searching them on the internet but have not been succesful

Any help will be appreciated

Thank you

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Preferred Solution: T470s antenna cables to the new wireless ThinkPad EM7455 Wireless Cellular Modem

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I want to install the  ThinkPad EM7455 Wireless Cellular Modem  in T470s . Does the Modem come with Antenna cables. If not, which ones do I need and where can I buy then from in the UK. I have tried searching them on the internet but have not been succesful Any help will be appreciated Thank you 

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I have just replaced the 802.11b Intel PRO 2100 wireless adapter in my Dell Inspiron 600m laptop computerwith an 802.11b/g Intell PRO 2200BG. I am confused about connecting the antenna cables to the new mini PCI board. Originally, the grey cable was connected to the Main connector and the black cable to the Aux connector. This is how Dell shipped the computer with the 2100. However, the Installation Guide for the new adapter (2200BG) indicates that the black cable should be connected to Main and the grey to Aux. How would I know which connection configuration is correct? Thanks.

P.S. I don't know if this is of any relevance, but the Intel PRO Wireless 2200BG adapter appears to be intended for HP computers. The drivers CD has HP on it and the Installation Guide is "Copyright 2004 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.". Is the antenna cable colour standardised among computer brand manufacturers?

A:How to Connect the Antenna Cables to a Mini PCI Wireless Adapter

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Hi All, I had to apply a recent MS patch to my laptop. On reboot, my previously working cellular card is now not able to turn on.  Th device does not show as disabled and my service with AT&T is verified as active.  The cellular card simple shows as turned off However when I click on the button to turn it on, nothing happens.  Any help is appreciated. Thanks,Erik 

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Hello, i have issue on one laptop ThinkPad T470s (type 20JS, 20JT). When i install LTE modem and Sierra network drivers (7.50.4783.0101, and try other-older versions), notebook detect modem and SIM card (i tested with 3 different SIMcards), but not showing network.BIOS 1.20, Windows 7 x64, T470s (type 20JS, 20JT). Any suggestions?

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i try to connect my bluetooth earphone to x1 carbon gen 6, but it is terrible signal. then i open the back cover and found that a black antenna cable which connect to wireless card is broken.please let me how to fix it or buy other adapter for improving bluetooth connection. i don't want to return it because this is my birthday gift.will it affect others function ?antenna cable

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My thinkpad T470s is not able to detect sim card. I checked in Device manager and I could not see sierra WWAN driver. I downloaded EM7455 driver from Lenovo website and installed yet I did not see it in Device manager. I therefore want to know if the laptop came with installed Sierra WWAN card reader and Antenna. Would it be able to support 4G LTE if I should upgrade it. I recently upgraded to the current windows 10 and adaptive brigtness is missing. how do I fixed all these. thank you all.
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Hello and welcome,
Your  machine is listed as "WWAN Upgradable" - so no card but the antennas are in place.

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My thinkpad T470s is not able to detect sim card. I checked in Device manager and I could not see sierra WWAN driver. I downloaded EM7455 driver from Lenovo website and installed yet I did not see it in Device manager. I therefore want to know if the laptop came with installed Sierra WWAN card reader and Antenna. Would it be able to support 4G LTE if I should upgrade it. I recently upgraded to the current windows 10 and adaptive brigtness is missing. how do I fixed all these. thank you all.

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Hello everyone,i'll try to give the most details i can.I just bought a 2nd hand t470s, and started by reinstalling windows from a usb bootable win10 i had at home.Everything worked fine except for the wifi card : i dosnt show anywhere. i cant see it on the device manager, its not greyed out nor hidden. Everything up to date, from windows update, to single driver update from the device manager, the intel update tool or even all the lenovo support drivers.I finally asked the support for a clean win10 pro update using my serial number. reinstalled everything clean, but still no wifi card detected. I switch with a killer 1535 from my other laptop : the ac 8265 worked on my other laptop, but i couldnt get the killer 1535 to work on my 470s (i could see it in the devicer manager but kept getting greyed out..).I spent the last 4 days on it and i feel like i read all the google pages that couldve helpt me. 

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Howdy folks, We have a new rollout of laptops with Win10 that we want the machines to grab the network as soon as they come up so our co-workers can log right in. We have a CA that our ISE service checks before sending to DHCP for addressing and AP allocation. We are seeing intermittent and inconsisent successful connections, every machine in our test group has failed auto connect at least once. Things we have tried:Making sure power settings are set to best performanceTurning off Fast BootDisabling HibernateLatest Intel WiFi driversLatest Lenovo power managementWin 10 build 1709 We have also done some network traces to watch the traffic and see if there was anything glaring that would tell us why the connection would not initiate. We are kind of at our wit's end and could use a few extra eyes/minds on this. Let us know if we can provide anything else and we will see what we can do!  :-) Thanks in advance for any help. -brad and the team

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Hi everyone, this is my first post here. I've trawled the net for ages but have found nothing. I believe I have a unique situation here and would love some help from some net savvy people. I have strong computing skills, but keep away from networks if possible. Hope someone here can help, would really appreciate it.

Here's my current setup:
- HP Pavillion Laptop with Windows 7
- Receiving internet from a USB connected wireless modem (Huawei model E160E)
It all works well, internet is fine, I'm happy.

Why I want to share this network connection:
I have a couple of iphones and a Nintendo Wii and we would like to connect them to the the laptops internet connection.

Other things I've tried first:
I DO understand "Connectify" is out there and have tried it but it just fails every time I've tried it, the devices that try to connect all just sit there trying to connect and time out.

My possible solution found:
So what I found deep in my cupboards is a Belkin N Wireless Modem Router (Model F5D8633-4). It's a relic from my days of having an ADSL connection. This was back in the days when I used to have a physical phone line. Ahh they were the days, a physical connection to my house. Imagine that!

What I intend to do with the the Belkin relic:
I want to still receive the connection to my windows 7 laptop as I currently do, but have that connection shared over the belkin wireless modem router so that the nintendo wii and iphones can then co... Read more

A:Unique Q: USB Huawei Wireless Modem to feed house via Belkin Wireless N Modem Router

You enable Internet Connection Sharing on the internet connection and configure the Belkin as follows.

JohnWill's procedure (Aug. 30, 2008) for configuring a secondary router as a switch and, optionally, wireless access point follows.

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. [You will not need a cross-over cable if one of the "routers... Read more

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Hi, as per topic title, the WWAN is not working outside my country. I have a local (national) operator's SIM card and all is ok while using cellular in my country (Slovenia). If I go abroad, I get "NO SERVICE". Now, the SIM card is definitely ok, works in other laptops etc. Just not in my X1 yoga.  Turning ROAMING on or off in Windows 10 /x64 does not make any change. As if the EM7455 is locked for roaming or what? Any idea what I can do before I take the laptop back for warranty claim?ThanksBostjan

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I got my x1carbon 5th gen couple weeks ago, and play it around for sometime i realize that a 4g module could be installed.After searching, i ordered a em7455 lte module and installed it. But i can get the gps works.I do installed the latest drivers&firmware from sierra site,and"Sierra Wireless Location Sensor"do appear in device manager.But i couldn`t get a fix in maps,or in sierra`s skylight.So what`s wrong? 

A:A question about em7455,antenna and more

Welcome to the CommunityLocation applications might need NMEA port if they (usually, legacy applications) can't work with sensor. Default modem' configuration doesn't provide such port. Check out the applictions settings.

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Hi everyone,After installing Sierra Wireless EM7455 driver, it is checking a cellular setting "Let windows manage this connection". THis setting should be unchecked or grayed out. MS says that this setting is set by third party or drivers. Can you please help how this has been set when driver is installed. How to make it unchecked or grayed out. System Model: 20JECTO1WW

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I would like to purchase a carrier unlocked Sierra Wireless EM7455. Is it possible to update/modify the firmware on the Lenovo CRU part, allowing alterantive to At&t and Verizon carrier options? Does anyone have a trusted source to buy unlocked versions that work with Lenovo MoBo's?I'd like to use T-Mobile (via google fi) in the States, and Three mobile in Europe. Also if the Lenovo part is able to be unlocked, which of these two is the one to be ordered? What is the difference?http://search3.lenovo.com/search?w=sierra%20wireless&fsearch=yesThanks

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I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon (5th gen) laptop, running Windows 10 Pro, with a Sierra Wireless EM7455 Qualcomm modem.  I brought my own SIM card, and called AT&T to link my IMEI to this SIM card.  For one day, it connected, but the next day it won't connect.  Spent 1 hour on phone with AT&T support, but they were no help (the guy was nice, though).  It gets a signal (4-5 bars), and "AT&T (HSPA)" shows on my Cellular tab on the Settings app.  I'm running the latest firmware, drivers, laptop BIOS, all Windows updates etc.  It keeps trying to connect, as the APN settings page keeps showing the NXTGENPHONE APN blinking rapidly between "Applied" and "Activating".  Is this an AT&T problem, or a modem problem? A few relevant details from cmd line, running netsh mbn sh int are below.  Any thoughts??State : Not connectedModel : Sierra Wireless EM7455 QualcommFirmware Version: SWI9X30C_02.24.03.00Provider Name: AT&TSignal: 51%RSSI / RSCP : 16 (-81 dBm) 

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Hi, I got this great machine a while back and now i might need the option to insert a sim card to connect when on the road Am I ready or do I miss something? This is what I see  

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Hello.I just received my X1 Carbon gen. 4 laptop with a factory installed Sierra Wireless EM7455 WWAN card and provisioned with Windows 7.  Unfortunately, I have a very persistent and annoying problem. Almost every time it resumes from hibernate mode the WWAN card device fails to restart---the Sierra Wireless EM7455 Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-A QDLoader Port has an error: "This device cannot start. (code 10)" as reported by the Device Manager. I have updated the drivers to the latest version  on the support site (version 7.26.4539.0105 of the Sierra Wireless Lenovo Mobile Broadband Driver Package/Device driver version 16.3.1005.41) Any thoughts?

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Received new Lenovo T470 with Sierra Wireless EM7455 and booted it.  Default windows drivers for the WWAN, so I downloaded latest Sierra Wireless drivers from Lenovo's website (NZ3WN03W 17.11.0130.37).  Installation was going fine, but when the installer prompted "Configuring your mobile broadband device - 68% complete. Do not shutdown or restart Windows" the system BSOD'd and now I cannot get the drivers to install - swmbbser01.sys will not load and only windows drivers are used even after completely uninstalling the drivers and removing any devices or pnp driver store packages via devcon.  The laptop came with a restore point but it seems like it's corrupted and I can't revert to that state.  Does anyone know of a reliable way to get the drivers to install cleanly? I have tried power cycling the card by disabling internal battery in the BIOS

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I have an X1 Yoga 20FQ with Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit and a Sierra Wireless EM7455 WAN card that came with the unit from Lenovo and an AT&T micro SIM card (also in the unit when it came from Lenovo). I also have the latest Lenovo software for the Sierra Wireless card (v. 7.47.4743.0105) from the Lenovo web site. The WAN card will connect to HPSA on AT&T (using the "default APN" and "broadband" in the Win 10 settings) but it will not connect to AT&T LTE. The AT&T web site at https://www.att.com/esupport/article.html#!/wireless/KM1218316 says to use NXTGENPHONE as the APN, but when I input that as the APN the card does not see it at all. I know that NXTGENPHONE is the LTE APN because that is the APN that my cell phone uses for its LTE data connection. AT&T tech support told me I the Windows 10 and NXTGENPHONE APN settings are correct and the AT&T diagnostics show I an LTE connection is available to me.I realize that there can be sources for this problem (Win 10 or AT&T) but I thought I would ask here to see whether anyone has experienced the problem or has a solution.Thanks.

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On a large number of our Yoga 460 we are seeing the following error whenever systems resume from sleep while connected to 3G:Miniport Sierra Wireless EM7455 Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-A, {...}, had event Fatal error: The miniport has detected an internal errorThis is causing system instability. We have tried downloading and installing both packages from the 460 driver section:https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles/nz1wn10w.exehttps://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/mobiles/r05wr12w.exeHowever neither have resolved the issue. 

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Hello!Lenovo Yoga 370Fresh new install of Windows 10 1709Restart computerMobile broadband: Inactive (adter every restart)Click on: MobileAfter a couple of seconds, status changes from "Inactive" to "No service"Tested with 3 SIM card that works in other devices (Lenovo Yoga Book), on the same locationAll card are activated They dont need PINAny ideas? Makes me crazy!  /Kent

A:Yoga Sierra Wireless EM7455 No service

Hiem7355 doesn't work in European LTE networks, in Sweden including. So, contact the cellular provider supporters to check out the SIM cards options, whether they support 3g network (UMTS/HSPA+) service for em7355.

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I live in an area not served by cable or DSL. Wireless telephone providers offer "broadband" internet access using either a PC card or a USB device.

I would like to connect 2 or more computers (one Mac and other(s) Win XP) to the internet wirelessly using one or the other of the above-mentioned cellular products. I have been told that it might be possible using a wireless router, equipped with a USB port and the USB cellular access product . Another conceivable option, less preferable, might be to use my Dell laptop, equipped with the PC card cellular device, connected by Cat 5 cable to a wireless router, using Internet Connection Sharing, and have other computers access the internet wirelessly using my Dell laptop as some kind of a gateway.

Do you think either of these scenarios can work?

A:Solved: Wireless Routing using Cellular USB Device

Yes, people have used both. A router that can work with the cellular access is preferable (more convenient and more reliable), of course, but more expensive.

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Lenovo why you lock the com ports on the Sierra Wireless EM7455 ????? USB composition for the EM7455 is set to 9, which is MBIM only. I need to have MBIM and also COM ports for the AT commands and NMEA GPS data. So I need the USB composition 8My question how to enable the com ports again ???thank you in Advance...

A:Sierra Wireless EM7455 COM ports are Locked... Lenovo Why do you do something like that?

Hello and welcomeThat's not a Lenovo deal to lock the ports, more clearly, to choose appropriate default USB composition. MS and Sierra do that. To change default USB composition change Sierra wwan card drivers installation configuration and reinstall them. Edit the configuration.ini file within the drivers package:- [Default Values] section- USBCOMP=x parameter (choose 8 as you want).

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Hey guys, haven't been on in a while, but i need your help again

my sisters laptops wireless antenna used to turn on automatically, after a few updates and whatnot, i need to press fn+f2 every time i boot, granted it's not much of a problem,but i believe i just need to add a program to the start up list and the problem is sorted...any idea what program i need to add?

the laptop is a Asus k50c, with windows 7 on it

Thanks in advanced

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I have bought T470s model 20JT last month. It was without LTE modem. I have ordered EM7455 with FRU 01AX746. After install the modem, notebook hang on Lenovo logo, after restart it shows "to interrupt normal strat up, press Enter" and I hit Enter, and then F1 but laptop hang on "Entering setup . . . ." message. I was install modem with and without internal battery. After I remove modem, notebook start normally. Any sugestions? Help please. PS. Sorry about my english, I'm from Poland.

A:T470s hang on Lenovo logo after WWAN EM7455 install

Welcome to the CommunityCould you provide the modem sticker photo? You might paint the IMEI on the photo.

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I'v just recieved my t470s and i cannot see the cellular option in the network and share settings. But the device manage appear to be all ok, ll the drivers are installed.  I've downloaded and installed the drivers for the Sierra Wireless EM7430, but the network adapter for the Mobile Broadband doesn't appear. Well please help because i've bought this laptop in part for that functionality haha.  Best Regards,Mickael Bonjour

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Lenovo Sierra Wireless EM7455 aka. qualcomm snapdragon x7 lte-aHow to enable COM ports on Windows 10 ?Thank you in advance... 

s-l225.jpg ?11 KB

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Hi I resently got a Thinkpad x1 yoga gen 2Type 20JE-S1C600S/N R9-0NGFRQ 17/05 As far as I know there should be a Sierra Wireless EM7455 modem in the machine, but i can't get windows to detect it. I doesn't show up in device manager, or in the network setting of windows. It is running Windows 10 Home. 64bit. In bios I can enable or disable WWAN (under security > IO ..), not sure if that means there is a modem, or just a setting thats always there in the bios.There is a slot in the back of the machine for a SIM card, but not sure if that means there is a moden in the machine, or the slot is always there.  I Tried reinstalling the machine, but didn't help.I've made sure there is no pending updates for the machine.   1. Can you guys help confirm if there is a modem in the machine. (If not, then the seller lied to me)2. If there is, how do I get it working ? I did put a SIM card in the SIM slot in the back of the macine. I'm pretty sure it is currectly inserted. There is only one direction where I hear a small click, and the card stays in place.  Thanks Simon

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Current Lenovo firmware for the EM7455 is, however Sierra Wireless has a newer version, listed here: https://source.sierrawireless.com/resources/airprime/minicard/74xx/airprime-em_mc74xx-approved-fw-pa... After flashing with the newer version and rebooting, the card reverts back to Has anyone else experience this? Is this something the carrier would dictate and enforce? Any help would be appreciated. Reason for upgrading is, when traveling internationally the unit has spotty connectivity and not very reliable. Hoping firmware upgrade would be a step in the right direction to resolving it.

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I'm trying to bring my wireless out to the garage which is a metal building

the signal is strong outside it, but inside you get no signal

I've seen booster antenaas but do those only transmit? I have a WRT54G

A:wireless antenna question

You don't need a booster; you need a hole in the metal. An antenna in front of a window would probably do; else figure out a way to mount an antenna outside.

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I have a wireless card now ( GO wireless Data Diamond card 802.11 b) and it looks like there is a slot for an antenna but i cannot seem to find one, is there such a thing? where can i get one and are they worth it? is it also an internel accelerator?


A:laptop wireless antenna

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Hi there, I'm having some problems with my dad's pc which has been completely knackered for some time now. Although it is a reasonably fast pc, it's been running horribly slow and has had several things wrong with it for ages now which made me suspect virus infection, as he's a novice user and hasn't really been keeping up with his antivirus software. Rather than go through all the bother of trying to remove them, we decided to do a clean install of windows xp.

This has cleaned up all of the problems, but we now have a few missing drivers, mostly in the "other devices" section of the device manager, and also the wireless antenna driver was missing so I could not connect to the internet to replace these drivers.

I downloaded the latest driver for the speedtouch 121g antenna on my own pc and installed it on his pc. The antenna light blinked on and the pc reset so I thought it had restarted to complete the installation, but it just continually restarts over and over again before it reaches the windows loading screen until the antenna is unplugged. If I do unplug the antenna and restart it, the pc starts normally but resets itself as soon as the antenna is plugged in.

Does anyone know why this is? I'm being driven mad by my dad suggesting things like "maybe the internet's not switched on" or "try plugging it into a different hole" so I thought the best thing to do was ask people who know what they're talkin... Read more

A:Wireless antenna crashing pc

You made the mistake of formatting the hard drive and doing a clean install of XP without first identifying the devices in that computer and then obtaining the XP drivers for them before you started.

What's the brand name, model name, and model number of that computer?

Go into the Device Manager and advise what's listed in

Display Adapters

IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers

Network Adapters

Other Devices

Sound Video And Game Controllers


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Hi All,I need to replace my wireless antenna cable (attached in the rear screen lid). I could not find a spare part. Is there an alternative? A wireless antenna from another model? Or direct me to where I can purchase it, please. 

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I only recently discovered that you can buy directional antenna for wireless routers/pci cards. Since i live in an area with high wireless activity (detecting up to 15 networks) i deicided my network was taking as much interferance it could so i decided to get one.

D-Link 6dBi Indoor Directional Antenna - Ebuyer

It has increased & stabalised my network signal loads. To put into perspective, i used to get -55dbi at most when there was a few networks in my area. Then it gradually started to decrease as more networks popped up. last few weeks ive been stuck with it dropping to -70dbi which is always dropping out. After attaching directional antenna, ive got -50dbi with a good strong stable connection.

Now that wireless routers are popping up all over the place coz the broadband companies offer them for free, it might be worth investing in.

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Hi folks... Been wondering about something and would appreciate any hints about setting up a high gain antenna so I can use a neighbor's internet satellite modem (with permission, of course). I live in an area with no cable or DSL, so satellite is about all that is left. I tried Verizon Wireless with their external window mount antenna with no joy. This neighbor has Direcway satellite and is willing to share. I have been able to connect with my laptop when I'm outside her house, but I lose signal about half way to my house.

My question relates to trying to understand just how this would work. Since internet is a two way process, would I need an antenna at both ends? My impression from what I have been able to find so far is the antenna would connect to the satellite modem and transmit the signal to my computer wireless. That seems to me to be one way only, thus the basis for my question.


A:Wireless antenna setup

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hi guys,

i have a lan with sbs server 9 clients...bla bla bla

i have an antenna at the factory (where the lan is)
and an antenna at the house...
(where we need internet)

there is a linksys wireless access point connected
to the antenna at the factory by
coax (and its plugged into the main switch
[by ethernet cable]) and a linksys ap at the house.
(that a coax comes from the dish to the AP)

how would i go about getting the link working
is it wds that needs to be configured
or do i have to bridge

can somebody please briefly explain what
needs to be done to accomplish the link...

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I've just bought 2 Belkin wireless USB network adapters (F5D6050), and want to connect them over 110m (335ft) outdoors.
I intend to connect an external antenna to each one using co-axial cable, but dont know how. I opened one up, and saw two antenna cables going into each rubber antenna from the circuit board. Does anyone know how i should go about it?, or do they know of any online tutorial somewhere on the net?

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I have 2 buldings about 1000 ft apart and have a D-Link wireless system in place.

Both antenna are OMNI-Directional (360 deg range).

I want the remote building to have a Directional anntenna that will narrow the direction to the main building. Reason being is that there is company behind us that is on wireless aslo.

The only product that D-Link has that is out door directional is a YAGI antenna that will hone into the direction I want but travel a few miles beyond the building.

Can anyone help with some feed back or knowledge of wireless antenna or otherwise a better security feature other than WEP.

A:Wireless outdoor antenna help

The purpose of a directional antenna is to receive weak signals not provide security.

This page contains good advice for wireless security: http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,1558,1152933,00.asp

This page contains several articles on wireless security: http://www.practicallynetworked.com/tools/wireless_articles_security.htm

You can get a secure wireless network running with several precautions taken. Even without spending loads of money, you can make your wireless network very difficult to break into. You should also assess the value of what you are protecting and the threat to it to decide how far you want to go into the security of your wireless network. For example, how worried are you about that other company? Are you afraid they would casually somehow connect to your network or do they have a hate on for you and will hire experts to try to spend months trying to get your secrets?

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I was looking for a part number for antenna for wireless card.
Can anyone please help me?
My system is: Dell Latitude E5530
Service tag is: <Removed Service tag>

A:Antenna for wireless card

The antennas aren't sold as separate parts - they're sold as part of the display assembly.

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On my new acer laptop with Vista installed, for some reason lately when i boot up, it give me an empower technology window that says " you are connection to the internet... are you sure you want to close the antenna?" I didn't ask it to shut down the antenna so why is it continuously asking me this question when i boot up? any ideas?

A:wireless connection antenna

Is there a driver/app for your wireless card or is it using a native vista driver?

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Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question, but I was trying to get an antenna (possibly make one like http://www.oreillynet.com/cs/weblog/view/wlg/448 ) and was wondering how I would connect this thing to my laptop. In the picture they connect it somehow to a wireless NIC card, but mine is built in. So, where would I connect it, and with what?


A:External antenna for wireless

With built-in you might be out of luck. e.g in my laptop the aerial is inside the leaf with the display wound round three sides of a square (rather like the internal aerial in some mobile phones such as Nokias where there is no external aerial) and there is no facility to connect an external antenna.
In the case of this exernal antenna I think you would have to resort to getting a wireless NIC with an aerial connector ... !

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New T470 I have installed a Sierra Wireless AirPrime EM7455 WWAN Card  FRU PN: 01AX746.  The card is properly installed.  Wireless Wan enabled in BIOS, I tried installing the driver and the card showed in Other devices, after removing and restarting I haven't been able see the card again in the device manager.  Anyone having and resolving this issue?

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Hello,I have replaced our old router with a new one and can't seem to get it to work.I have a Sierra Wiress 306 3g Modem, connected with Bigpond. It is working when plugged directly into the computer via USB.I had it plugged into a Netcomm router, which was ethernet cable connected to the destop and also our TIVO device. I was able to link o the internet wirelessly from my laptop - though not if someone was using the desktop at the same time. I suspect an IP address conflict was at fault here, though had no clue how to fix that.My actual problem is my Netcom router no longer works and I've had to purchase another. When I plug my router into the computer I get an error message saying there is another computer on this network with the IP address.... but I tried to change the IP address of the router, to no avail....I returned that router and got another and ended up with the same problem. Something tells me there's nothing wrong with the router or my computer, but perhaps it's my incompetence.That's where you come in...Thanks,Jennifer.

A:Solved: Unable to use wireless router with 3g wireless internet modem

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