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Weird noise from speakers - hiss when turning up volume, th...

Q: Weird noise from speakers - hiss when turning up volume, th...

I am getting a weird sound coming out of this laptop's speakers (equipped with Beats Audio). When I turn up the volume all the way, I get a hissing noise which quickly downgrades to a warbling sound that resembles chirping crickets. Lowering the volume lowers the noise, turning the volume up brings back the hiss then chirping. It's driving me crazy. Help please!

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Preferred Solution: Weird noise from speakers - hiss when turning up volume, th...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


So this problem seemed to come out of nowhere, I have no idea why it started. Basically, when I use my internet, eg: opening link, loading video or downloading randomly my speakers make a grinding noise and until the noise stops (can be 1-10 seconds) my internet drops (the internet icon on the bottom right shows it is still connected but nothing loads until the noise stops. Even then, the noise can drop in and out like 10 times in a minute and is constantly messing up the internet.

If someone could help, it would be much appreciated, my speakers are Logitech (doubt that makes much difference as I doubt the problem is linked to them and my LAN card is some Ralink thing, nothing special.

Here is a low volume recording of the noise, turn up your speakers to hear it well.

A:Speakers make buzzing/hiss/grinding noise and internet drops until sound stops

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Hi , recently after installing a new sound card after having problems with my previous on-board card , I have noticed that when i use the volume slide bar i get a weird "dong" noise when adjusting the volume level.I know this isnt a massive problem but it is pretty annoying.Any ideas on how to get rid of it ?

A:Weird noise on volume bar

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Lately my HP Pavilion dv7 -6135dx has been making a popping noise from the speakers which is independent of both the laptop's set volume and the devices plugged into it. I have checked, and I'm certain that it's not the "Click of Death," as it's not consistent, comes from nowhere near my hard drive, happens independently of memory usage, and will sometimes cause my headphones to "dull" in volume for a brief second. SMART data checks via DiskCheckup also say my HD is working fine, though as I know, SMART isn't always reliable.

The sound comes either from my speakers directly, or from my speaker region at the back of the laptop. Covering the speakers muffles it, so I'm almost certain it's the speakers themselves. The only way I'm able to replicate this sound is to unplug an inserted audio device like a headset. Otherwise it happens at seemingly random intervals. As I said, it's not consistent, but it's happened multiple times in a row before. I think the highest string was five.

My device manager says that the drives are working fine, and this problem has only recently started in the past week or two. I haven't updated my drives recently (at least that I'm aware of) so I don't think it's that either. Google's been of little help as well. The laptop's not even a year old, but it sees a heavy amount of use.

EDIT: I recently moved in for a visit with my father to Okinawa for a two month period. I've heard interference from a wireless network could cause simi... Read more

A:Speakers Make Occasional Pop/click noise independent of volume

I would start checking for RFI Sources.


RFIing Computers


Identifying Sources of Radio Frequency Interference Around the Home

EMI - RFI page

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I have a strange intermittant noise coming from my computer speakers. I have never noticed it before and am running pretty much the same software I always have. The best way I can discribe it is a high pitched tickling of the ivorys. I only hear it about once an hr. Short only 3-4 notes.

And I can't name this tune to save my life. Ran virus scan and everything seems ok. I have a HijackThis log if it helps.

A:Weird noise coming from speakers/computer?

do you have a webpage open - if the page has an automatic refresh this can make a noise - more of a click

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So I'm on the same setup I have always been... Nothing was changed. On Windows 7 I had no problem, on 8.1 it started and now on W10 I still can't get rid of it.
Anytime I'm in game, no matter what game, I get this weird buzzing/humming/screeching noise that won't stop. It happens both on my built in speakers of the screen I'm using (Samsung SyncMaster P2770HD) and on my headphones (Razer Kraken). I even tried to plug my Sennheiser ear-phones to see if it has anything to do with that. Still noise.
I tried switching plugs, uninstalling Realtek Audio Drivers, reinstalling Nvidia drivers, playing with all kinds of settings in game and Windows-wise. I just can't figure out what the problem is.

My specs:
i5 - 4460, GTX 970 G1, 8GB Ram, Gigabyte H97 Motherboard.
I'm on the latest Windows 10 version with the latest drivers installed.

Thanks in advance!

A:Weird buzzing noise in headphones and speakers while in games

The playback for microphone or line in may be too high, check in Realtek control panel and lower it, turn it down or mute it.

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I have a vast collection of vinyl records and have no problem transferring them to my computer and then to CD's. I would like to process them before transferring them to CDs to remove some of the inherent pops, hiss, etc.
I have tried Cool Edit and with the noise reduction plug-in it does a pretty good job. I am using the trial version and it puts “bells sounds” in the edited data(they say this will be removed with a full purchased version . I don't mind paying for a good program but an extra $49 just for the plug-in seems steep.
Any suggestions? (I have searched this section and found some references (even one to use for belly dancing) but can't find a good noise reduction program.
Thanks much!

A:Noise, Hiss, etc Reduction

Wave Repair costs a little less, but for $49, you may be better off with what you have.

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How to disable a random hiss noise when plugging any headphones, or large speakers onto the laptop's aux port? I'm asking this question again because I had a HP Envy last year with the same issue, and now a HP Pavilion. I have spoken to a few people from HP and to an advisor yesterday. I was advised to go to: Device Manager>Audio inputs and outputs>Speaker/HP (Realtek High Definition Audio)> right click and the Properites>Driver>Update Driver>Browse my computer for driver software?Let me pick from a list...>click on Audio Endpoint. This seem to have fixed the noise issue every time i used to open Steam but, I can still hear a random hiss noise when I'm browsing the internet. I've also just noticed when I goto https://uk.yahoo.com/ yahoo's main page this hiss noise comes on for about 10 seconds then dissapears, no video playing just the main yahoo page. What's going on???

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Hi All,Siva is here
I am having Dell XPS L502X model laptop JBL speakers (One side base is creating noise when I put a volume 50%. I am hearing the noise from my right side speaker of base)i wanted to know if anyone else is having any issues with the jbl speakers on the xps when i play music or movies above 50% volume the speaker (or maybe sub-woofer) starts jarringits like a huge vibrating metal sound that i get ive tried messing wid the settings and lowered some individual speaker settings too didn't work anyone help me or provide some advise. I have uninstalled and installed the audio driver still I am facing the same issue.

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Hi everybody.

I m the first time user of this fourm. actually my problem is related to my Gravity 5.1 speakers. My computer is of following config.

CPU - PIV 2.8HT, Intel 865GBF motherboard, 512MB DDR1 RAM, 80GB PATA HDD, ASUS 52X CD-ROM, SONY 16Xwriter. Creative Live 24-bit soundcard.

i have connected my PC to my Sub-woofer with 3 AV cables. now the problem is that whenever i switch on my speakers, a sharp & continuous "HISS" sound comes frm every speaker. which is very irritating & destroys all th fun of songs & movies. so guys pls help me out of this problem.

i have just changed all the pins. the latest driver of the sound card is installed. latest BIOS is installed. but the situtation is still the same. so pls get me the actual solution

A:Hiss Sound from Speakers

You will usually find it is a defective speaker or a defecdtive sound card. Drivers usually don't come into play here.
Appears your sound card has been overdriven, and an output chip has gone bad. You will perhaps need to repalce that sound card. But the problem could also be in the speakers, so try another pair to see if they reproduce the same hiss. Disconnect the Woofer. Woofers are often a cause... those by Koss, Altec Lansing, and Boston all produce a hiss when they are burned out. I haven't seen any bad Gravity speakers.
Usually with sound troubleshooting, it is helpful to be able to remove speaker components, and try different output pieces. But sound cards are fragile and burn out easily when overdriven. Even a cheap sound card can give you a quick idea of where the problem lies.

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I have first noticed this issue about 3 years ago, on windows 7, reported it to HP but they couldn't do anything about it so I just ignored it. I then upgraded to a newer pc which came with windows 10, noticed again, the same dim white noise comes up randomly even if the volume level is muted, high or low. It lasts form 10  seconds, and sometimes up to 2 minutes. I spoke to HP again and they just couldn't find a solution for it. I have a HP Pavilion Gaming Notebook - 15-ak113na Windows 10 - Home 64 Bit, i7, 8GB Ram, and Realtek High Definition Audio with B&o. I have tried all the basic steps to resolves this. From uninstalling and using only the generic windows sound, full system reset, muted the microphone and disabled it, windows sound test and troubleshooter, ticking and unticking the two box under Exclusive Mode in the advanced section in the Sound properties, tested it on google chrome, internet explorer and Edge. Anybody else have this issue as well, or is it just me? fix? 

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Hello. Well like some folks Im having problems with my brand new (Not even a week old) HP Envy x360 15T Notebook.Specs:i5 5200u w/HD5500 Graphics8GB RAM1TB HDDB&O AudioFHD IPS Screen Touch.The issue is: Terrible Crackling Noise, Hiss and Noise problems in Speakers and Headphones.. After doing some troubleshooting myself I pin pointed the issue to the Bang & Olufsen Audio Codec. The issue became aparent when I updated the Realtek Driver to the lastest version last night.. There werent any noises before after upgrading to Windows 10 (The notebook came with W8.1) but after installing the Realtek drivers the noise began. If I unplug the notebook a horrible crackling noise will happen and its in sync with the brightness level of the screen being lower when entering battery mode. If I plug AC the noise will POP and level out. Before installing the Realtek Drivers the only issue I had was ground static in headphone mode, I could hear the HDD spinning on the headphones if there werent any music or sound playing but the noise was muffled If I played anything like music or youtube video.Then with the new realtek drivers the noise was horrible... Crackling Noises and Hiss are completely evident over the music our sound being played, Even on the speakers it is noticeable.   New issues on B&O Audio Codec Control Panel:B&O Sound Enhance Has never worked on Headphones but at least the EQ Worked, After the Realtek Driver ... Read more

A:Crackling Noise and Hiss on HP ENVY x360 15T

One thing that did work was disabling multiple audio deviced on the B&O Control Panel that got rid of the Crackling sound in headphone mode... But speaker mode is still affected.

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Hello, I am having an issue where my PC locks up randomly (either gaming, Youtube, music, etc.). I am using Windows 7 Home Premium x64. When the computer locks up I hear a hissing sound or static through the speakers and have to manual power down the machine.

I downloaded the SF Diagnostic Tool and followed the instructions for the .zip file.

I also notice whenever I disconnect a USB device from the computer this happens as well. I do not however, receive a BSOD for either lockups.

Windows 7 Home Premium x64
Intel DH77EB Motherboard
Intel i5 3570k CPU
8 GB Ram
GeForce GTX 550 Ti

I've recently updated chipset drivers as well as the GPU driver.

A:PC Locks up randomly with hiss sound through speakers

Welcome aboard. We need some more info than the event logs.
upload your MSINFO32.nfo file.
Click on the start button
Type "msinfo32" (without quotes) in the search bar of the start menu, click the resulting link. It will open the System Information window.
File>Save. In the "File Name" filed, put "MSINFO32" (without Quote), give the save location to desktop, and click the "save" button.
Give the time for processing, it will save a .nfo file on your desktop.
Zip it, and upload it following the instruction.

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Hi there!

I have a Dell Latitude E7440. I recently purchased a Voxoa BTunes Bluetooth adapter for Bose QC25. When connected to the laptop, there is a noticeable background hiss while sound is playing. When no sound plays, there is no hiss.
However, when it is connected to my iPhone, there is no hiss while sound is playing. This leads me to believe that it is an issue with the laptop. I have upgraded my Bluetooth drivers, and I have had no success. I was hoping that somebody could help me out. I currently have the Realtek audio drivers installed, and i have tested it with the standard drivers, and the hiss is still present.
Any help is appreciated.. thanks!

A:Bluetooth Headphones hiss on laptop - no hiss when connected to iPhone

Perhaps there is an alternative driver? I am thinking that that maybe it may be the Bluetooth hardware, but I am pretty sure both the computer and the device are BT 4.0, so I am not sure.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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I have an XPS 8700 with AX210 Speakers. The speakers are set up correctly as I can play music thru them fine. The problem I am having is an intermittent 1 or 2 second weird noise as if someone is drumming rapidly on a piece of wood. Then it stops, and may not occur again for quite some time. It is
low in volume compared to the music or the Windows sounds, but it is annoying as the dickens. It seems to occur more frequently when I am using the laser mouse, and I don't recall it ever occurring when the machine is sitting idle. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this or what I can do to troubleshoot this? Thanks.

A:Weird Soft "Drumming" Noise from Speakers on XPS 8700

Do you have any wireless devices around the speakers? Cell phone, blackberry, Tablet, Android?

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I'm not sure if this happened with 5.55, but with 5.56, when I hit the volume up or down on my keyboard to turn the sound down for everything, it turns down winamp's volume bar too. Sometimes I can move winamp's volume bar up and down and it won't even be working. What causes this? It's pretty annoying for the music to turn down twice as fast or winamp's volume bar to not even work at all.EDIT: Moved to a more appropriate forum

A:Volume keys turning down computer volume and winamp volume at the same time?


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Hi,Since last week, there's a static noise from my laptop's speakers, on playing music. But when I'm on earphones, there's no static noise. The static noise is a bit too much, when songs with humming sounds play.My laptop is 10 months old and all my drivers are upto date. The problem persists at both times, when the laptop's plugged in and when it's on battery. Please help me as soon as possible.... : (

View Solution.

A:Static noise from the speakers and crackling noise from the ...

Hi @Tardis40... thank you for your help...Well, the link was of no use.... The last option left is recovery, which i do not want to resort to....Today, i noticed crackling sound in my earphones...So, now my problem is,Static noise in the speakers and crackling noise in the earphones...I am in a very disturbed state, and don't know what to do... Please help me asap...

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Hi! Please bear with me ... I will not be using the correct terminology, but hope I explain myself OK all the same!
I have a DELL studio XPS PC With Windows 7. I used to have a DELL screen, with a speaker section attached, which belonged to my previous DELL. (Altec Lansing 5650 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers with Subwoofer set).
I ditched this due to the plastic attachments breaking, and the fact that I could only get sound from 2 of the speakers, not all 4, after changing my PC. I therefore thought it was an unnecessary amount of "hardware" kicking around my desk just for getting sound out of 2 speakers.
So, I bought Creative T15 Wireless (Bluetooth) speakers, although I use the wire directly into my PC due to not having Bluetooth. These worked fine to begin with - OK sound, so not complaining.
Now, I'm not sure whether this happened simultaneously with buying a New screen (a Samsung 24") but all of a sudden I started getting very scratchy noises coming from the left speaker. This noise comes even when unplugged from my computer. I contacted Creative who said that if the speakers work when attached to my ipod/iphone then there is nothing wrong with them:

That means the speaker is good. If speaker is faulty, the issue will remain the same no matter as to what device you connect it. Issue seems to be with your computer sound card's audio out. Check the settings in your computer, playback application settings . Reinstall/update the compu... Read more

A:Bad scratchy noise from speakers, but speakers OK. No IDE ATA/ATAPI???

I started getting very scratchy noises coming from the left speaker. This noise comes even when unplugged from my computer

If I understand that statement, your speakers have the scratchy sound, even when unplugged from the computer. Does this happen if the monitor is powered off? (trying to determine if there is some radiation from the monitor that is affecting the speakers).

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y0 I got this other problem i really hate. The most. Please jonathan_king, zigzag reply please. I beg you, i got this problem that i plug in my headphones and its extremely low volume. It use to work fine, but now nope. I tried the jacks on the front, back and my monitor. Please help me.

A:Extremely low volume on headphones but high volume on speakers

Just so you know, Ken and I aren't the only members of this site. We have 200+ active, knowledgeable members, many of which I'm sure can figure out your problem. Ken and I just roam the Crashes section.

Have you tried a different set of headphones? Have you tried those headphones in another machine?

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I just received X1 Extreme.
Everything works fine and as expected, but there is one thing that keeps bugging me.
It's a weird little electric noise X1E makes.
Here is the electric noise.
I am not sure what causes this noise but I think this happens when the fan starts running.
I don't think the laptop should make this kind of noise since there is no HDD, CD, or other parts that makes noise other than fan.
And fan should not make those electric noise.
Also, I noticed that there is little rattling sound (only noticable when I put my ears very close to bottom of laptop).
The elctric sound happens when heavy-loading and the rattling sound is unnoticeable.
But I am worried if there is some malfunctioning hardware in my laptop.
Does anyone have similar issue? Is this normal?
Admin note: two discussions merged, subjects edited for relevancy

A:Thinkpad X1 Extreme weird noise / Fan Noise

I received my X1 Extreme yesterday. So far great machine, but I have niggle with the fans. When testing the machine, the fans kick in as expected, but as well as a general "whoosh" sound of air blowing, which is sort of loud, I also hear a faint high pitched sound that is a little annoying; it is more prevalant in the right fan.
Is this fan loudness and the faint high pitched sound just normal for these fans? I am in two minds whether to return or get someone out to fix it up, only to find it is 'normal' for these laptops. Any thoughts, or experiences from others?
Here is a link of the fan sound I am experiencing.... https://youtu.be/k_Z5zOUMsUM This recording was taken about 15-20cm away from the device on the right side, opposite the power button. You can hear them slowly ramping up, and then ramping down.
Btw the way I am not concerned as to when the fans come, as that is working fine, it is just the sound they are making, in particular the background high pitched sound, and whether they are supposed to be this loud?

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When I plug the power cable to the back of my (other) computer, I hear this weird humming/buzzing noise.

However, the computer won't turn on at all. I press the power button over and over and nothing turns on.

I tried switching the reset button to the power button and I get the same thing. The humming noise when the computer has me worried.

Any thoughts on what the problem is, or what I can do to fix it? Is it a bad power supply? Or is something fried?


A:Humming Noise - Computer Not Turning On

Sounds like a Power Supply failure . . do you have another one to switch out to test?

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Recently a grinding noise can be heard when I turn on my PC, but not always. So far it has happened twice, the first time I looked inside my PC but found nothing, and the second time it stop after about 5 minutes once the computer had been turned on. I have literally no idea what it is as nothing is touch any of the fans and both HDD's in my build feel fine when I rest my hand on them.
I've made a video of the noise, for which the link is below. You may have to turn your volume up slightly to hear it, but it is much louder in reality.
YouTube Video
Any help will be appreciated,

A:PC makes grinding noise when turning on

The CPU cooler is most likely loose because I've had a similar issue where when the CPU fan spins fast, it makes a similar noise.

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Hi all

I have recently put a new motherboard (asus M4A89GTD PRO) on my pc and, since then, everytime I shut down the pc, the HD makes a very strange sound, I will explain that with more details:

when I shut down the pc from windows, I get the "Shutting down" screen, everything is normal there, but some seconds later the HD Led turns on and the HD makes a very strange sound, that happens during a second or two, and after that, the sound stops and the pc turns off

EDIT: I forgot to say it: that noise sounds like the HD is revving very very fast... sounds like a disk turning very fast

It makes me feel that there is something wrong with my motherboard/OS/HD... What do you think? What can be the cause of that? is it a serious problem?

A:My hard drive makes noise when turning off PC

I dont seem to understand the meaning of revving, would it be like when its too busy, that kind of a sound or something else.
Because if that's the case then it could be ok, plus is that a SATA or IDE disk/s...
I also think it could be Data caching, maybe look at you disk properties in your management console and see it you have a setting like this snapshot below...


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I keep getting an advert on facebook and a few other sites that have sound and say 'Congratulations you've won'. It has also happened a couple of times when no advert is there. Here is requested info:
Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.4
Scan saved at 23:31:30, on 27/03/2012
Platform: Windows 7 SP1 (WinNT 6.00.3505)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v9.00 (9.00.8112.16421)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Messenger\msnmsgr.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\EgisTec MyWinLockerSuite\x86\SuiteTray.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\EgisTec IPS\PmmUpdate.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\NTI\Acer Backup Manager\BackupManagerTray.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Launch Manager\LManager.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Acer\clear.fi\Movie\clear.fiMovieService.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Java\Java Update\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG2012\avgtray.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Launch Manager\LMworker.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\EgisTec IPS\EgisUpdate.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\ARM\1.0\AdobeARM.exe
C:\Users... Read more

A:Advert keeps turning up and making noise on facebook


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I have an XPS 8900 with a Dell Ultra HD 4k Monitor P2715Q connected to a EVGA GeForce GTX 750i video card with a DisplayPort cable.
If I turn the monitor off while the computer is on and then later I turn the monitor on, the screen becomes black, the fan goes very fast, and I hear a very loud noise. The only way to stop this is to do a cold shut down by keeping the power button pressed during several seconds.
I would like to be able to turn the monitor off when running programs that take a long time but I need to be able to turn it on again without these problems.
Can anyone help with this?

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i get this continuous humming background noise from my speaker (harman/kardon) when i turn it on.
what could be wrong? where should i check to see where the problem is?
thanks for suggestions

A:Noise from speakers

couple things...

Make sure that your speaker wire is not close to or traveling along a powercord for a long distance... you might be picking up EM signals off that.

Do you have any Radio (RF) transmitters near them? (wireless mouse, keyboard)

If you go into your advanced sound settings and make sure that all control sliders are shown... and you mute the each one... does it affect the amount of noise (video for some reason is an issue with mine)

What kind of wire are you using between speakers... if it is a high gauge wire... it might be signal bleed from adjacent electronics.

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My desktop has 1 SSD and 4 HDDs, running Windows off the SSD
I want to turn the hard drives off when I'm not using them in order to reduce noise from the PC and power consumption (it does matter to me because I often run my PC off a UPS). What are my best options for doing that?
Currently, I have set my Windows power options to turn off hard drives after a set time, but with this approach the hard drives turn off and on too many times, which I imagine would not be good for the drives. Also, with the drives off, if I put my PC to sleep, ALL hard drives must come on before the pc goes to standby, which again would cause wear.
My question is, what is the best way to go about it? And is there any way to prevent unnecessary access to the drives by Windows so that they dont randomly keep turning on?(like in Linux, the drives can be unmounted easily, preventing rogue access to them)

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Just today I noticed that my laptop has been doing funky things. The two main issues are that the Wave Volume on my Master Volume has been muting/sliding down to the lowest level without me doing anything and when I do manually shift it up, I can here the occasional clicks of advertisements popping up but never showing up on my screen. Is there any advice for what I can do?
Thank you,

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I have noticed that when I visit a new website and there is an ad on the page that I cannot turn off the volume.

It will work (=mute) for a short while (seconds) but the volume switches itself back on .

This only happens (to my knowledge ) when these ads are playing.
Do they have some sort of an overide built into them ?

How can I stop this short of pulling out the audio cable (which the computer mightn't like)?

A:Turning off volume during ads on websites.

I use my mute button on my keyboard.

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Every two or three or four seconds I get a clicking sound from my speakers, sort of like would come from a relay. Random spacing, but all of the time. This has not always been the case. I probably turned something 'on' by mistake. Any clues where I might look and turn it 'off'? Vista SP2

A:Clicking noise from speakers

One way to narrow it down is to see if it does that in safe mode. reboot in safe mode (F8) and check


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hi , when i have mi speakers on and when the cd player buffers the noise comes out of the speakers?? :S i checked the wires they arnt near each other

A:cd rom buffer noise through speakers??

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Hi guys,

(I live in a large house divided into 9 flags)My speakers (Logitech Z4) have, for about, 6 months or so, randomly had a large burst of sound, like an explosion crackling noise comes on for a second. It's really loud, often makes me jump if my speakers are turned up. I think I read somewhere it is relating to someone turning a switch (or something) on in another flat. Has anyone had this trouble or know anything how to solve it?

I have no idea how to diagnose it or even google for a solution...


A:Sudden Noise on Speakers

Um, could you explain more in details that what kind of sound do you hear?
Is it high or low pitched, is it like a shot or a whistle?


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I have this really annoying ticking noise that comes out of my speakers. It sounds like static and almost sounds like a lawn sprinkler (tick-tick-tick-tick). Is there anything I can do to fix this?
These are the speakers I have:


A:Ticking noise from speakers

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I am getting a buzzing/clicking noise periodically in my speakers from my external seagate HD. I'm certain it is coming from the drive because I can disconnect it and the noise stops. If I don't use the computer, the problem appears about every 5 mins.
Please help!! It is driving me crazy~

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Hi,Since last week, there's a static noise from my laptop's speakers, on playing music. But when I'm on earphones, there's no static noise. The static noise is a bit too much, when songs with humming sounds play.My laptop is 10 months old and all my drivers are upto date. The problem persists at both times, when the laptop's plugged in and when it's on battery. Please help me as soon as possible.... : (

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Yesterday I'd been using my computer for about 3 hours (you know, surfing the 'net, playing games, etc), and everything worked fine, but when I opened Winamp and clicked on Play to listen to a mp3, no sound would come out of my speakers!
This is really strange, because there was sound coming out when I played a game an hour before, and I had even listened to a mp3 or two.

Anyway, I checked if all the wires were connected correctly (they are), and I ran dxdiag to see if there was a problem with my soundcard (there wasn't). Then I tried playing a game (no sound), and restarting my computer to see if the annoying start-up music would play (it didn't), so I figured I might as well ask you guys.

The only thing I can think of that might have caused the problem is that I downloaded directx 9 earlier that day (and rebooted my PC), but I know for a fact that it didn't cause the problem right away, because I played UT2003 right after that.

Oh, and I also downloaded and installed the digital sound add-on pack for the King Quest 2 remake (by Tierra, www.tierraentertainment.com), but, again, if that's the cause of the problem (hey, you never know), it didn't make a difference immediately.

The last thing I did before I noticed the problem is change from my account to my roommate's. Sound worked after I switched to his account, and I'm pretty sure it worked after I switched back to mine, but I'm not 100% certain.

My speakers a... Read more

A:Speakers won't emit any noise at all!

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Hi, I post here today because I have a really really really annoying problem. Everything started the day I installed The Anniversary Update of Windows 10, I am a League of Legends player and am using this Spectre X360 (i5-5200u) for a year to play this game. The day I installed the Anniversary Update everything went wrong, because as soon as my game of LoL started the PC was crashing (after lots of " clicking/buzzing noise from the inside of the laptop while charging the game).  I solved this THANKS TO RIOT SUPPORT (And not HP or Microsoft Support who are just a bunch of people who only tell us to do what's on their board, without having a personal opinion).  I think I had no issue then for several days/weeks but now I have a new annoying problem as my speakers are doing a clicking/buzzing noise every 20/30 seconds (And it's really a loud one). Even when there is no " music / sound etc.. " to recreate the speakers are still clicking/buzzing. It happens while listening videos on youtube, music on my laptop, when nothing happens etc..  It's either a software (Drivers etc.) or hardware problem but as my guarantee expired I hope it's a software one. But believe me when I say that if it's a hardware problem HP will have to fix this FOR FREE as it seems to be a general problem because I'm not the only one suffering from this: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebook-Audio/Crackling-sound-while-playing-music-in-HP-SPECTRE-X360/t...http:... Read more

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win xp, asus p5q-e onboard soundcard

When some sound is playing (game, video) every 30 seconds there is some "static" noise. It sounds as looking up different stations on a old radio.

I don't know if this is hardware or software problem. No new hardware is added. I dont have any other loudspeakers to test.

A while ago I had this problem as well but somehow it disappeared. the noise is more often when surfing on internet or only navigating in windows.

A:noise from loud speakers

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Hello i've had my pc for over 3 years now and only just discovered this forum!

My pc is only used as a touchscreen jukebox, however it makes an awful crackling noise from the pc speakers (sometimes louder than other times). This has always happened, seems quite mad that i've only just decided to resolve the problem!

Any ideas?

A:Crackling noise from the pc speakers

Can you please tell us which PC model do you have? Do you use original preinstalled OS version?
> This has always happened...
How to understand this? Have you noticed this issue from the first day?

Have you tried to test sound quality using headphones, different ways to test internal speakers, anything?
Please post a bit more information. This can help us to understand the problem.

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Its a system sounds glitch below is how to fix
The Windows Explorer click sounds are enough to drive you crazy after a while.

To open up the sounds configuration panel quickly, just type in mmsys.cpl into the start menu search box, and hit enter. You could also go to the Sounds and Audio devices in Control Panel, or even type Sound into the search box.

Click the Sounds tab and then browse down in the list to “Start Navigation”

You’ll see that the dropdown box has “Windows Navigation Start.wav” selected. Change this to (None) at the top of the list.

Hit OK and your annoyance is over with.

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Just the other day I noticed when I was watching a movie on my computer with my headphones on then muted the sound I heard heavy static. I also have a Logitech mic that I just bought recently and when I played back my voice via from Audacity, all I heard was constant static noise. Are my speakers going out? Or do I need to update my sound card/driver? If so, what kind for a Windows 7 64 bit would I need to download?

Any help would be very much appreciated

A:Static noise in speakers?


Download and Re-Install the Latest Audio Drivers

Run the Windows Audio Playback Diagnose and Repair from the below MS FIX-IT
MS Fix it: http://support.microsoft.com/mats/AudioPlayback/

Keep us posted

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My speakers/headphones make noise when no audio programs are running.

A:Noise from speakers/headphones

Turn up the volume on the computer and turn down the volume on the speakers.

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All of a sudden I am getting noise from my speakers (like a deep buzz). It lasts for about ten seconds, stops and keeps repeating every five or ten minutes. The physical connection "seems" ok. Any ideas welcome.


A:Static noise from speakers?

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hi friends

everything was fine .. i reinstalled firefox3.00 for some internet purpose now internet was ok.. but when i restarted Firefox again after a reboot it noted me that "Firefox not able to start sorry for the inconvenience" .and the i noticed some kind of grinding noice from my system..

so i checked my cabinet all was fine and finally noticed that the noise was from the speakers...

and i noticed the noise was associated with the hdd data reading which was indicated by the hdd light on the cabinet..

i thought this is the problem of firefox so i reinstalled to the latest firefox the problem still continues...

other things i noticed along with this problem is that

the windows boot up time is long than wat it was before the problem.. but after boot up everything is fine except for the grinding noise from speakers..

i test my system with directx diagnostic tool ..everything is fine

i suspected my hdd and made a long test with seatool hdd test tool everything was fine
i have smart enabled on my hdd

there is this cricking noise along with the audio which is also distrubing my adio and video play back

i am confused wat might be the problem.. that noise is disturbing the regular sound pattern of my system

i tested my speakers with external devices the sound was crystal clear

my sys config is
c2d 1.86
intel 946mobo
3gb ram
160 sata hdd
nvidia xfx 8400gs overclocked rivatuner
creative 5.1 speakers

plaese help me
&nb... Read more

A:Grinding noise from speakers help

when a card goes bad sometimes it doesnt properly filter out noise. if they play fine on like an mp3 player or another computer you may want to look at replacing the card. theyre cheap enough now

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My HP Pavilion 15-ac163nr laptop speakers are producing a static sound. This occurs when I use videos or when there is a notification from the computer. The sound is ok when I use headphones. When I looked at the audio driver it says that it's up to date. I'm not sure what to do, but it's frustrating because I just bought this laptop a few months ago. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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I have a straight connection from the sound card (green headphone jack) on my computer to the phono (red & white) input on an amplifier. The cable is stereo to phono (1.5m long). When I have the volume low on the pc and turn up the volume on the amp I get a really bad buzzing sound on my speakers, espically the center speaker (I've a 5.1 setup). When I play music on the pc this noise is very bad. I get this noise both from the onboard and PCI sound cards. This is no conflict of sound cards on the pc as this occurred before I instlled the new sound card. I also tried a different stereo to phono cable but the noise is still there. Any suggestions on the cause of this noise or how to eliminate it?

A:Buzzing noise on speakers

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