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keyboard cannot load driver

Q: keyboard cannot load driver

My Microsoft USB Dual Receiver wireless keyboard (IntelliTypePro) Devise Manager - Devise Status says " Windows cannot load the device driver for his hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing (Code39) I uninstalled the hardware and software/ download the InteliTypePro software again, installed it and I still get the same message So I ran a through scan and found a couple of virus',a 'Win32 Trojan-gen" "Win 32 Fraud Tool-Bn", "Win32[Tr], spyware etc. and Avast removed all that... I still keep getting a spyware message that says again..I uninstalled the hardware and software/ download the InteliTypePro software again, installed it and I still get the same message... The trouble shooter will not load, nor will system tools, or help files. What should I do to get this working?

Preferred Solution: keyboard cannot load driver

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: keyboard cannot load driver

You could try disconnecting from the internet, shutting down avast, then installing the software with device manager instead of just clicking on the executable.

If you really want this virus etc removed, and avast can't remove it, I'd suggest either posting a hijack this log for someone in security forum section or reinstalling the operating system

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Just downloaded the latest G15 driver from Logitech. Installed. The keyboard lights up, the LCD shows CPU usage and Mem usage, my mouse runs from the USB port... but the only keys that will type are the q, a, z keys. I've tried uninstalling from DM and then reinstalling. I brought this thing out of mothballs because my HP keyboard quit on me. (This just isn't my week...!) Before installing this keyboard I had a problem with my HP keyboard... thought it was a virus (mute on/off displayed on screen) so I ran a plethora of rescue applications trying to fix it. I've uninstalled most of them. But this problem just doesn't make any sense to me...?! Can I get some help?

Custom build:
Gig GA-MA785GM-US2H (Award BIOS F7)
AMD Athlon II X2 245 (Regor)
4 Gig G. Skill 800MHz (2 x 2G in banks 2,3)
AMD Radeon 5570 (1GB) Redwood
HID keyboard device, HID compliant mouse (mx518)
WD 640G Caviar Black
Win 7 Pro, 64 bit

A:Logitech G15 keyboard driver won't load or kb is bad...?!

Does the qwetrty section work without any drivers installed for the extra G15 features?

Basically does it work with the stand HID windows drivers? If so it's obviously something to do with the app software.
Have you completely cleared all the HP KB software?

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Hi guys,
I need help..
I've been using winxp sp2 for about 4 years now, I rarely use my desktop pc so after about 2 months since the last use, I started it just now.
The keyboard is not working, I checked the device manager and the property says, the driver fail to load, missing or corrupted.
- Uninstall and install didn't work
- Safe mode didn't work
- replacing keyboard didn't work
the keyboard only work in bios (at least that means it is not broken).

I read somewhere here about similar problem but that one is on laptop and related to bad battery, well mine is desktop. On some other source I checked, it could be related to registry or something, not sure.
I'm a novice user.

anybody can help? If there has been a post somewhere regarding similar problem, kindly point me to the right direction.
appreciate it, thanks! :)

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I can't seem to get Windows 7 SP1 to load a driver for an HP printer that is on my home network. My laptop sees it but won't let me make it the default printer or load a driver so that I can link to it wirelessly. I restored my laptop back to windows 7
because Windows 10 was moving too slow. I only have 4gigs of memory, and windows 10 probably runs better with 8gigs of memory.

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I'm working with a Dell Dimension C521 PC. It came with a PCI-Express video card which apparently has failed, yet the motherboard itself has on-board video. The system will boot using this video output (as opposed to the card which produced nothing) but when it finally gets to windows the auto-detect driver routine kicks in and begins to detect the video card, prompting the user to "Continue Anyway" to finish installing unsigned drivers. Unfortunately this event takes place in front of the installation of the USB keyboard and mouse (times like these I wish it had PS/2 ). Anyway, whether I boot up into Safe Mode or normal a prompt comes up about installing drivers for the on-board chipset. I can't interact with it because the driver install routine for the keyboard/mouse becomes interrupted.

A:Dell Dimension C521; USB key/mouse driver load interrupted by video card driver load

Bump. I've been thinking... the only way I think this can be fixed is if I boot from a Linux CD or something similar and delete a particular set of drivers for this video card. It can't prompt you to install any drivers if they don't exist, right? But I don't know where to go to delete such files and prevent them from automatically trying to install themselves. Any ideas?

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Hey everyone! I just installed Star Wars Battlefront 2 on an Asus Vivotab 8 tablet running Windows 10 32 bit. It has a weird bug where the game will crash unless I have a keyboard plugged in through an otg cable or over bluetooth. Is there any way I could install a driver so it thinks I have a physical keyboard plugged in 24/7?

Also, if this is possible, is there anything similar I could install so it believes I have a mouse plugged in as well? Thanks!

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I have a problem with my ThinkCentre E72 (Windows 8). Suddenly, it shuts down with "shut-down" screen. Later, in my Event Viewer, I found the following System Warning:"The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device ROOT\SYSTEM\0001" where the source of problem is Kernel-PnP. Only thing that is plugged in my computer is mouse, keyboard and monitor. Many thanks,Matija 

A:E72 - The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device ROOT\SYSTEM\0001

In case anyone else is affected by this, please have a look at my post in Kernel-pnp (PLEASE HELP). Best regards // ThinkErEr

ThinkCentre M900 Tiny, i7, 16GB, Samsung 950 PRO M.2 NVMe 512GB

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My Windows 7 64 bit desktop is several years old. The other day, without warning, both my CD drives stopped working. I discovered the error above (in title). First, I simply attempted to have Windows update the drivers (both from the PC and from the Web).
The response I received was that the drivers were up to date. Next, I did a system restore to a point when I knew the CD drives were working - no help. I next attempted to repair Windows from the install CD using a portable CD drive. When I plugged it into
the USB port(s) I got the same error message. I also did an uninstall and let the system search and reinstall - no help. I've been searching for the correct drivers but, so far have been unsuccessful. The drive description is "Optiarc DVD RW AD-7280S
ATA Device". Type = DVD/CD-ROM drives; Manufacturer = Standard CD-ROM drives; Location 1 (Channel 1, Target 1, Lun0). Driver provider - Microsoft; Driver Date - 6/21/2006; Driver version - 6.1.7601.17514; Digital Signer - Microsoft Windows. File version
- 6.1.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255) The driver location is (of course) C:\Windows\system32\DRIVERS\cdrom.sys 
Any suggestions will be most welcome. Thanks in advance

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Okay so, my laptop's system is unable to boot, so I just tried to format it since I have to do that for a very long time, and when it asked me in which partition I want to install windows there was nothing, although when I clicked "Load Driver" I could access the hard disk's files, the hard disk IS listed in the bios normally but windows does not recognize it, I tried using Kaspersky Rescue disk(the only CD I had along with the recovery disk)and when I used the File Manager, the hard disk still didn't show, are there any drivers I have to install?I have burned both fujitsu
9that's my laptop) and Seagate's websites and can't find anything, I have searched forums but the only answers were
"check if your hd is listen in bios".So, it IS listed in bios but I can't reinstall windows nor access it, any suggestions?

A:No drivers found. click load driver to provide a mass storage driver f

Nevermind, I sent my laptop to a technician and he told me I burnt the hard drive by destroying some cables while cleaning with compressed air.

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My PC (X380 20LH) was unstable and slow. Decided to reset to factory. Downloaded re-install kit, and performed installation. Ran through all Windows updates and Lenovo Vantage updates.  But the event logs shows several error/warnings despite it is a fresh install. Some I have cleared searching online for solution, but some remains. A portion of the remaining warnings is driver load failures remains: The driver \Driver\WudfRd failed to load for the device HID\Vid_8087&Pid_0AC3\6&b6813b&0&0000.The driver \Driver\WudfRd failed to load for the device HID\Vid_8087&Pid_0AC2\6&d8e60ad&0&0000.The driver \Driver\WudfRd failed to load for the device HID\Vid_8087&Pid_0AC2\6&52b4ff8&0&0000.The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device USB\VID_2CB7&PID_0210&MI_02\6&2db79ea2&2&0002.The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device USB\VID_138A&PID_009D\03048c8924d0.The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device ROOT\SYSTEM\0002.The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device ACPI\INT3400\2&daba3ff&2. I have by search seen that VID_138A is the fingerprint reader, and I have downloaded the specific driver from lenovo.com, and installed it. No luck. Warning persist. /Kaare

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Hi there!
I'm in a desperate need of help.
This is the situation (sorry for my bad English as always...).
Yesterday I left my PC running with a download in progress through MiPony.I told the program MiPony (for the first time) to shut down the PC at the end of the download.Until then the PC had no problem.Before going to bed I checked the PC and I saw that it was offThis morning I turned on the PC and I glimpsed a sign that it was starting a scan (the only letter I saw was I:\) but I could not stop it.The PC is turned on regularly. Only half an hour later I found out that an entire 3TB HDD in 4 partitions had disappearedI did some search and found this error: The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device ROOT\PARAGONBLOCKDEVICE\0000.I tried to reboot but same situation (no scan and normal situation) but NO drive.I checked the event log (attached) and I see the problem started after 4 different event regarding my network connection (It's a week that I have to reset the modem \ router several times a day)

Event[18423]: Log Name: System
Source: e1iexpress
Date: 2015-12-27T15:04:05.437
Event ID: 27
Task: N/A
Level: Warning
Opcode: N/A
Keyword: Classic
User: N/A
User Name: N/A
Computer: Lio-BigBear
Intel(R) 82579V Gigabit Network Connection
Network link is disconnected.

Log Name: System
Source: e1iexpress
Date: 2015-12-27T15:04:08.507
Event ID: 32
Task: N/A
Level: Information
Op... Read more

A:The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device ROOT\PARAGONBL

I was just looking in the Device Manager for my drive problem and noticed a new entry called "User-mode block device" containing a device named "Block device mounter" which reports that "This device is working properly" and then:

Device ROOT\PARAGONBLOCKDEVICE\0000 was configured.

Driver Name: oem50.inf
Class Guid: {54F3637B-4777-4F96-970C-6BFA5477B542}
Driver Date: 07/14/2015
Driver Version:
Driver Provider: Paragon Software Group
Driver Section: blockmounter
Driver Rank: 0xFF0000
Matching Device Id: WUDF\ParagonBlockDev
Outranked Drivers:
Device Updated: true

and seems to be my error, but I cannot understand.

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Hi all, I have a Dell M1530 XPS and what a nightmare I am having installing Windows 7 on it.
I go to install and get hit by this message
"No Drives were found. Click Load Driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation"
When I click next nothing happens I have the to cancel the installation.

I have tried pressing F2 to bring up the setup menu but do not know what to do from there.
I have had a brand new motherboard fitted from dell and now unsure what model I have now.
Using Belerc Advisor this is what it says about my system, any help would be great:
Processor a
1.67 gigahertz Intel Core2 Duo
64 kilobyte primary memory cache
2048 kilobyte secondary memory cache
64-bit ready
Multi-core (2 total)
Not hyper-threaded
247.18 Gigabytes Usable Hard Drive Capacity
146.89 Gigabytes Hard Drive Free Space


Ricoh MMC Disk Device (247.18 GB) -- drive 1, s/n 0001

A:o drives were found. Click load driver to provide a mass storage driver installation

Hi there

Some problems I had and that also BSOD alot was that the hard disc compability mode was set wrongly, if so you would not see the discs.

Check in bios for somwthing like "AHCI" mode and "Compability" mode.

Put it to compability as otherwise special drivers are neededm ones added you can swap this back to get more speed.


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emachine EL1200, AMD Athlon 64, Boxer 61 MB DA061L, 08120-1, 48.3V801.011. 2GB RAM, SATA HDD. Originally Win Vista but upgraded to Win 7 home premium 32 bit which worked ok. Problem - at boot up the following happens: verifying DMI pool data...update success, boot from CD, bootmgr is missing, press ctrl+alt+del to restart. inserted win 7 CD, installation progresses to stage where i get error message: no drives were found. click load driver to provide a mass storage driver for installation. any healp well be highly appreciated. many thanks!!!

A:no drives were found. click load driver to provide a mass storage driver for installa

Is your drive listed in BIOS? It could be a hard drive failure. No drivers should be needed for Windows 7.

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Hey, I'm trying to install a new copy of Windows Vista on my desktop. I get this message "NO drives were found.Click load driver to provide a mass storage driver for installai" right after the installation step of "which type of installation do you want?" I select Custom because Upgrade isnt bold so i'm not allowed to click it.

I have a HP Pavilion Slimline s3713w

A:NO drives were found.Click load driver to provide a mass storage driver for installai

Hi -

Is this your system? --> http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/s...=3870526#N1740

If link does not work, paste this into web browser address bar -



I don't see XP listed as an OS for it. What OS came pre-installed?

Is the copy of Vista a full retail copy? If so, back up any files you need and wipe the HDD with KillDisk. Then try Vista installation again.

KillDisk --> http://jcgriff2.com/killdisk_imgburn.html

Regards. . .



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In My Device Manager appears a exclamation mark next to the SCSI/RAID Host Controller



How can I fix this???
Any help is greatly appreciated

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i have a couple of weeks ago installed windows and i just got bsod crash and this was the only error in the event viewer
The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device WpdBusEnumRoot\UMB\2&37c186b&0&STORAGE#VOLUME#_??_USBSTOR#DISK&VEN_GENERIC&PROD_USB_CF_READER&REV_1. 01#18E3312D81B&1#.

after looking at the minidump i thought it was due to a usb vidio/audio capture device so i tried updating the drivers and windows update couldnt find any and i cant find any online.

could some one help me and check my dump file to see if im right.

A:The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device error

Hi bftdsh.

A stray crash dump is not enough. Click on the button below ....

It will download the DM log collector. Right click on the application and run as administrator. It will generate a .zip file on your desktop. Upload the .zip.
Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums

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I was looking at my system logs today and found an error that is being repeated quite a lot and I would like to get rid of the darned error.

The error in the applications event loge is TrueVector Service, event 5003. The message in the event says:

TrueVector driver: Driver install or load failure: LoadNTDeviceDriver. Win32 error: The system cannot find the file specified.

I checked on the Internet and have found numerous resources indicating that TrueVector is a part of zone alarm. The weird part is that I have never had zone alarm or any other firewall installed -- Note even Microsft's within XP SP2. I have no references to Zone Alarm in my registry. My references to TrueVetor are in My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Eventlog\Application\TrueVector Service

Can someone suggest any soluton to getting rid of this event?

A:Solved: TrueVector driver: Driver install or load failure

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Please help me. For both of my cd/dvd rom drives I get the following error: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)

Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device. How can I fix this?

Any help is greatly appreciated,


A:Solved: Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be co

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This has been a problem for over a year now. 140+ identical PCs running identical images, with identical keyboards. Some have the problem, some do not, and it's incredibly unpredictable.

PCs are HP Compaq Elite 8300 SFF running Windows 7 x64 Professional.

People will be working at their PC, hear the USB disconnect sound, and their keyboard will become unusable for 30+ seconds.

An Event with ID 219 is created in the Event Log:

Log Name: System
Source: Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-PnP
Date: 2014-03-31T16:15:30.226
Event ID: 219
Task: N/A
Level: Warning
Opcode: Info
Keyword: N/A
User: xxxxx
Computer: xxxxx
The driver \Driver\kbdhid failed to load for the device HID\VID_03F0&PID_0324\7&3c64d09&0&0000.

For those affected, the frequency of the error runs anywhere from 10 times a day to once every few weeks.

Re-imaging the PC has no effect but that same image running on another PC with the same hardware can run without ever experiencing the problem. The system I use has not experienced the problem once in over a year.

I have rebuilt the image from scratch and pushed it out to a group of people experiencing the error. It seemed to resolve it for a few months and then the errors inexplicably came back. I've tried replacing the keyboards with completely different models. Again, it seemed to resolve it for a while and then it came back.

Moving the keyboard to different physical ports has no ef... Read more

A:Out of ideas - The driver \Driver\kbdhid failed to load for the device

I know this may sound simple; but have you tried completely uninstalling the keyboard from device manager; then let windows reinstall it? That may fix the issue. If not then post back.

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In My Device Manager appears a exclamation mark next to the SCSI/RAID Host Controller



How can I fix this??? I really need help to fix this
Any help is greatly appreciated

A:Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted

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Hello everyone, I'm new here and after searching without finding i am asking for your help.
I have just updated from Me to Xp update install,all is working fine except the sound card drivers won't load and in the device manager it says
'Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)'.next to my 'Creative Audigy Audio Processor(WDM)
My system is:

a7v8x-x asus MB
amd sempron 2500+ socket A processor
audigy platinum ex
512 MB RAM
I have updated the MB and the Processer Bios,I have installed sp2for XP,
I have tried to follow 'instructions' from Creative Support etc.
I really need some advice.

A:Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted

Go to the sound card makers web site and DN the latest XP drivers.

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Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39) <-- This god for shaken message is stopping me from enjoying my computer.

The driver is MAT****A DVD-RAM UJ-861H ATA Device

And that up there is the error message, i havnt downloaded anything i just pressed the button on the cd/dvd drive and my computer shut down and when i turned it back on nothing it it worked.

Does anyone know how to fix this? Im practilly computer illiterate so please be easy on the big words and stuff =]

A:Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted

Please try the steps below:

1. Uninstall all third-party burning software, such as Nero and Roxio.

2. Perform a Clean Boot to test the result.

Clean Boot

a. Click Start, type "MSCONFIG" (without the quotations) in the Search Bar and Press "Enter" to start the System Configuration Utility.

Note: Please click Continue if the "User Account Control" window pops up.

b. Click the "Services" tab, check the "Hide All Microsoft Services" box and click "Disable All" (if it is not gray).
c. Click the "Startup" tab, click "Disable All" and click "OK".
d. Restart the computer and test the issue.

Note: Clean Boot is a troubleshooting step. If some programs have been disabled, we can re-enable them later. If you see the System Configuration Utility, check the box of "Don't show this message" and then click "OK".

Please test this issue in the Clean Boot environment. If the issue disappears, we can use a 50/50 approach to quickly narrow down which entry is causing the issue.

If the issue persists, please contact your computer manufacturer to check if the DVD drive is damaged.

If not, you may need to restore the system to its factory settings.

Hope it helps.

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Updated Windows and after reboot got the message:A drive cannot load on this device:Intel Graphics Kernel Mode Driver   Message shown on Intel driver update:"A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer. The Intel Driver & Support Assistant is not able to update the driver. Installing a generic Intel driver instead of the customized computer manufacturer driver may cause technical issues. Contact Lenovo for the latest driver for your computer." So I did download latest, but it is still quite old.Driver version: date: 09 Nov 2018However in this package the real driver verstion seems to be: On Intel site generic driver seems to be a newer:Date: 03/19/2019 Version: (Latest) There might be some changes in driver loading that was made strickter in latest windows updates. Currently there is no 3d graphics support in windows due to Lenovo not updating the driver.

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Since the 11/18/2012 event viewer (Event ID 219, Task Category 212) has been posting a warning:

The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device WpdBusEnumRoot\UMB\2&37c186b&0&STORAGE#VOLUME#_??_USBSTOR#DISK&VEN (followed by name of USB device)

It only occurs on start up if I have a USB memory device plugged into a USB port. The USB memory device functions perfectly and the error never occurs when I plug in and out a memory device after boot up.

The error only occurs for memory devices like memory sticks, external USB hard drive does not cause this error.

Checking back to around the 11/18/2012 I see nothing that I have changed/installed that might indicate something that has caused this. No other Windows 7 failures or issues.

Booting a second hard drive with windows 7 on the same system (I have this second installation for testing faults etc), the issue does NOT occur.

From checking forums and searching I have found a few others with this issue and a few articles on its cause

WUDFRd failed to load for the device

Event ID 219 is logged after you install Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2

I was just curious as to why it would suddenly start occurring after a particular date when as far as I can tell I have not made any changes to anything around this date.

Also I wondered if there was a fix to stop this, other than removing a memory stick before boot up!

Any thoughts?

A:The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device... error

I just started getting this exact same error message logged in Event Viewer when I plug a USB stick into a USB port. It happens with two different sticks from two different manufactures, but it does not happen every time I plug them in. It seems that it may mostly happen the first time I plug a stick in after I have booted up my PC.

Have you been able to find a solution to get these error codes to stop logging?

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I have this problem:
Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device driver is still in memory. (Code 38)

The driver could not be loaded because a previous version of the driver is still in memory.

and now I am not able to connect any usb device to my laptop making it virtually impossible to use windows 10.
How do I downgrade to windows 7,have enough of the beta testing.
I even have a purchased version of windows 10 pro which I really regret buying, worst investment ever.

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At Windows 10 startup this Warning appears in my Event Log as Event ID: 219.

The driver \Driver\WudfRd failed to load for the device SWD\WPDBUSENUM\{a1c931b2-3b00-11e5-9c14-806e6f6e6963}#0000000008100000.

I know why this happens. The device in the message is an internal SATA AHCI hard drive. All AHCI drives, even internal ones, are considered removal or hot swapable. It even causes the safely remove icon to appear sort of like it was a USB drive. It happened on Windows 8.x. Don't remember if it happened on Windows 7. I can't make any changes in my BIOS to make it not hot swapable as there is no option for this drive.

The fix to get rid of the message in W8 was to modify the Service 'Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework' Changing the Startup type from Manual to Automatic fixed the problem. However, on Windows 10 this method does not work.

I can't disable the Service as it's needed for other devices. Just wondering if anyone found a nice clean way to get rid of the warning message like in W8?

A:The driver \Driver\WudfRd failed to load for the device .......

I have the same issue. I have upgraded from Win 7 home, had some issues so I did a clean install of Win 10 home, and I also tried changing the Windows Driver Foundation - User Mode Driver Framework from manual to auto and same as you it did not work. And, Yes, I have downloaded and installed all of the latest driver/firmware from my manufacturer for all my hardware but still have this issue.

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I'm getting this error once a day, where my computer crashes, and the only way to turn it off is to reset it and turn off my charger so I can turn it on again. What can I do?

A:The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device


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*** Problem has reappeared, so this is NOT a solution ****
It worked for 5 reboots, so strange it reappeared

Been searching for days to find a solution for this problem (including fresh installs of Windows 10 etc), and today accidentally found it ... for my Asus Maximus V111 Formula at least, but it may also work on other motherboards

In BIOS, ensure that the XHCI Hand-Off is set to ENABLED (default is disabled)

I changed this, and now I can boot the system with USB devices inserted, and not get any Kernal-PnP warnings

Hope this helps somebody else


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I have this computer what for some reasons wont install USB Smartcard readers.
Its Win7 64.
I have tried different smartcards but they wont help, also i tried to install drives manually but still wont work. I uninstalled and installed drivers many times.

Also i tried, but didnt work:
Change the 'Windows Driver Foundation - User-Mode Driver Framework' from 'Manual' to 'Automatic'.

Also the error from events.

I found something like this.

Should i try it or would it be easier to just format the computer. Its a work pc and it wont take long time, there isnt that much stuff on it.

A:The driver \Driver\atrfiltr failed to load for the device...

Update Chipset and USB controller Driver.
It would be helpful if you can send us a screenshot of Device Manage while Card reader is connected.

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Apparently, I am one of many who seem to be having this issue. And just like everybody else, I turned to Google for some answers. Here is my scenario (perhaps gregrocker could point me in the right direction?):

I am running on a laptop with the following specs:

Dell Studio 1735
32-bit Vista Home Premium, SP1
Intel 2 Core Duo, T8100 @ 2.10 GHz
250 GB SATA HDD, 5400 RPM
4 GBs of RAM
256 ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3650
8x Slot Load CD / DVD Burner (Dual Layer DVD+/-R Drive)

I downloaded the .iso image of Windows 7 through the software program at Penn State and burned it to a DVD. When I restart my computer and boot off of the DVD drive, I get the Windows 7 Installation interface. As the setup begins, I get an error message that says "Load Driver" across the top of the window, and says "A required CD/DVD Drive Device Driver is missing". I tried a few things to circumvent this issue:

1. I swapped out the installation CD with one of the CD's that came with my laptop that contains all of my device drivers. It found one compatible driver for the ATA/ATAPI Controller, and despite selecting it and hitting next, it didn't work.

2. I took the service tag from my laptop, downloaded each and every driver that it's associated with, burned it to an .iso, and swapped THAT out when I tried to install. Again, nothing happened.

3. I mounted the .iso onto an 8GB Cruzer and made a bootable flash drive. Upon trying the install again, I had the same problem.

4. I tried to bu... Read more

A:Load Driver: Required CD/DVD Drive Device Driver: HELP!

Try extracting the ISO to Vista desktop to run Setup from there.

You can locate the driver in Vista's Device Manager SATA controller Driver info tab.

The fact that it would duplicate the error for USB flash install sounds like a malfunction.

Try removing 2 gb of RAM.

Check BIOS version to see if you have the latest.

Checksum the HASH of the ISO you downloaded to confirm it here: http://www.mydigitallife.info/2009/0...vd-iso-images/

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I've got a program that loads a driver on-the-fly.

Can I do this via a command?

Is this dynamic driver loading dependent on the driver type?

I've seen sc can install services and .inf stuff, I wondered if I can emulate this voodoo

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I get this message often and whenever I do, my Windows runs in slow motion The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load for the device HID\VID_1B96&PID_0006&MI_01&Col02\8&1c39cefe&0&0001. What should I do?

A:The driver \Driver\WUDFRd failed to load

you ever resolve this?

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I got my computer virused-up and unvirused thanks to the services of MBAM, and too any others to name.
In the process, something's changed with my keyboard. There's a problem with my space bar. When I tap the space bar to separate one word from the next, the cursor doesn't move. When I type the following word, the space appears between the first and second letters of that word.
The droll sentence, "The quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dog." would appear as:
"Theq uickr edf oxj umpedo vert hel azyb rownd og ."
I can create a space between words by placing the cursor where the space should be, tapping the space bar and tapping the --> arrow key. While this creates a space, it sends the cursor rapidly across the screen, as though I am holding down the space bar.
I can stop its progress by tapping the backspace button, or a button corresponding to a letter.
Other than this, the arrow keys are either non-functional, or work as usual. The page-up/page-down buttons work as expected.
Because of the uniformity of this dysfunction, I'm inclined to believe that it's a systemic thing, not a mechanical error with the keyboard.
Because I had to wipe the drive to get it unvirused, my "restore point" is gone. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling Windows 7, uninstallling and reinstalling the keyboard driver(s), and updating them. Apparently, I have the most up-to-date iteration of drivers available for Windows 7, already.
Befo... Read more

A:Keyboard or Keyboard driver problems.

Did you try a different keyboard?
What type keyboard do you have...and where did you get the drivers for it ?
System manufacturer and model?

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Windows 8.1 Pro x64 - please find the complete system log warning details below and a (related or not?) disk controller error below.  Motherboard is an ASRock B75 Pro 3 with an Intel B75 Chipset.
I keep getting these warnings.  I get them for all my Windows Portable Devices (disk drives) on boot up.  Here are my disks:
Disk 0 on internal SATA 3 connector off an
ASMedia ASM1061 chip on motherboard (internal drive, but enumerated as removable) - Seagate ST100DM003-1CH162 D: data drive
Disk 1 on internal SATA 3 connector off the B75 chipset on motherboard (internal drive, not enumerated as removable - gives no warnings or errors - Seagate ST100DM003-1CH162 C: system drive (has Windows 8.1 OS on it)
Disk (2 or 3 depends on order of USB connection) on external USB 2.0 connector off back I/O panel of motherboard - Kingston DT 101 II USB device F: backup thumb drive
Disk (2 or 3 - depends on order of USB connection) on external USB 3.0 connector off back I/O panel of motherboard - Seagate BlackArmor DAS35 USB device G: backup external hard drive
There are no symptoms other than another (probably unrelated) disk controller error (shown below).  The controller error is on either drive 2 or 3, but never 0 or 1, so it is one of the external back up drives (the thumb drive or the BlackArmor drive).
 Note that on boot up I get the warning for disk 0 above whether or not the external drives are connected so the disk controller error may be unrel... Read more

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I have been having an issue with my flash drive being recognized by my laptop computer. When I initially start up my computer, it reads my flash drive. If I take out my flash drive and reinsert it, it no longer reads it. (It still makes the sound the the
computer recognizes it was inserted, but it won't open the drive.) When I go into device manger, it has that yellow exclamation point with this message, "Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware because a previous instance of the device
driver is still in memory. (Code 38)". My cordless mouse has been working just fine.
I did troubleshooting and it told me to restart the computer. That helps for the first time, but then when I reinsert the flash drive , the problem happens again.  
I tried to uninstall the hubs and reinstall but that also doesn't seem to be helping.
Any ideas?


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I had a wireless Logitec mouse/keyboard combo on my daughters computer. WAY too soon, the mouse crapped out, completely non functional (yes i checked the batteries lol). Now i cannot get any type of mouse or keyboard to work. The logitec keyboard works, but after logging in to the admin account from boot, it's useless. All I can get it to do is CTR ALT DEL where I can then use the arrow keys to manipulate it to shut down.

When I get to the admin account from boot, the found new hardware wizard pops up which would allow me to let XP install drivers (I'm just trying to use a generic mouse and keyboard at this point), but I don't know how to manipulate the cursor to get it to start using just the keyboard. No other mouse or keyboard will load.

I tried using a Dell XP re-install disk (it's a dell but I don't remember if I used the dell disk to install the XP) and do a repair. However, all it will do is give me the C: prompt. I also noticed after I tried that on the disk it says it doesn't install drivers anyways. I've never done a repair, or much of anything with XP, I kinda skipped that OS lol. I know how to do Vista, but obviously it is way different. Any idears? I really don't want to re-install the OS or get another OS for the thing, I'm building her a new computer for Christmas and am going to put Win7 on that one, i certainly don't want to buy a copy of Win7 to use on a Pent4 for a month lol only to have to buy it again to put on ... Read more

A:Mouse and Keyboard won't load

Try using the tab key to move around!

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I have a Dell XPS 400 with NO ps/2 ports. The integrated usb ports stopped working sometime back and so i installed a new set of usb ports. they worked great until i got a BSOD user32.dll error. I threw in the boot disk the machine came with however, i have no keyboard until windows loads. so no usb drivers prior to windows which causes an inability to safe mode or disk boot. I can't access bios or anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. this machine has windows vista all sp installed.

A:USB Keyboard can't load windows

Why are you unable to access the BIOS; is your computer not allowing you to?

Your BIOS is where you'll change the settings from "USB detect in Windows" to "USB detect in BIOS"..
(not those exact words though). For starters, try clearing CMOS.

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hi all,

i don't know if its a problem or not, but when my windows is loading, during the animated windows logo, my keyboard goes off. the small led light for num lock goes off till the windows is loaded. when the screen shows login accounts the keyboard again shows light.

is there any problem with the keyboard or does my comp is falls short of power?

pls help

A:Keyboard Goes Off while Windows Load.

That should just be the num lock light thing. Mine does that too; I set it to off in BIOS, but the light does still turn on until the login screen, only after which it turns off.

There shouldn't be any problem, unless it's not happening consistently.

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Hello Guys I need your help in my laptop Graphics error.I uninstalled my AMD graphics card recently from control panel.Now i am trying to install the drivers and i have downloaded my graphics card driver from www.amd.com .But when the drivers installing there is a error message coming that is "failed to load detection driver".Please Help Me.
My Laptop is HP Probook 445 G1.

A:AMD Graphics Driver Error "Failed To Load Detection Driver"

One more thing guys.My graphics convert into Standard VGA Graphics.

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I am operating on Windows 7. When I turn it on, it will bring up the Toshiba logo then proceed to Advanced Options screen to: Repair your computer etc. It says to use the arrow keys to select, but the entire keyboard is unresponsive. Arrow keys, Enter keys, Esc. key, nothing works. In addition there is no count down clock that will automatically route you to the default selection. System is approx 3 to 4 years old.

A:Windows 7 will not load - keyboard unresponsive

laptop or desktop

try a cmos reset

try another k/board

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Hello everyone. I am running Windows 8.1. My computer just installed some Windows Updates and now I can't open my on screen keyboard. When I try it from the start menu nothing happens. When I double click the osk file nothing happens. When I go into change PC settings>Ease of Access>Keyboard and I turn the Keyboard to on nothing happens and when I close out of that and go back in the keyboard is back to turned off. This is very frustrating as I use the on screen keyboard often. I don't like the touch screen keyboard. Can anyone help me get this back? This happened once before and I found a post somewhere that fixed the problem but I don't remember where it was

A:On Screen Keyboard wont load

Kevin, I have two suggestions that you may want to try...

1. Go to the Start Screen and Pin the KB to the Start Screen and try activating it from there.


2. Create another User as a Local Account and see if the KB works for that User


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Background -

* Computer running XP pro (native install from Dell), sp2
upgraded. Pretty standard USB keyboard, Kensington trackball (w.
Kensington software). System works fine.
* Tried to install a Wacom Graphire III tablet. This works fine
(even simultaneously with the trackball), but whenever you reboot the
system, you get a system stop, and the only thing to fix it is to go
back to a "pre Wacom" restore point. Wacom drivers updated to best off
web, no help.
* Called Wacom - they suggested that I deinstall Kensington to see
if the conflict is there. This I did, and it didn't help. When back to
the "pre-kensington deinsall" checkpoint.
* At this time the symptoms below started happening:


* The keyboard has stopped working! When you boot windows, the
keyboard (what few keys you can test) works fine, and the "num lock"
light is on. About 3/4 of the way through the Windows reboot process,
however, the green light goes off and the keyboard stops working
(entirely). For example, you can't log in, because you can't type your
password. This also happens in safe mode, I think.
* Luckily, I routinely use this machine in remote desktop mode -
so I log in remotely. All is well, except when you go into device
manager view, the keyboard shows and error. The error (#39)
explains that Windows was unable to load the drivers, because they are
corrupted or missing.

Attempted solutions:
I have tried many combin... Read more

A:Corrupted keyboard drivers in XP, can't load

Best suggestion I can offer is to make a bootable cd with service pack 2 and then do a repair. Here's how you do it:


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My cat stepped on ma keyboard and it did something weird, it keep going around on a black screen with a loading simbol and it says windows can't start, I am currently factory resetting it but idk if that is the correct thing. Help major. For windows 10, no message just, there was a problem loadindlg windows, continue startup or see advanced options

A:cat stepped on keyboard now Windows won't load

Hi, and welcome to TSG.

Cimputerhelpme111 said:

I am currently factory resetting it but idk if that is the correct thing. Click to expand...

A less drastic measure may have been a better first choice of action, but it is too late now. Trying to stop a factory reset could cause even bigger problems.

Should you ever find yourself in a similar situation, going into advanced options and seeing if there is a choice to repair Windows might be a better first move.

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Recently I moved to a new pc, with Windows 7, same as my previous device, but now 64 bit.
In the old pc I used a personalized keyboard layout, created with Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4.
I installed that creator again on my pc.
But whatever I do I can NOT:
? Reload my saved .klc file with the personalized 'old' keyboard
? Load any existing keyboard from the list.
At least: The program screen says that my layout IS loaded and active, but I do not see anything...

What do I do wrong?
What can I do better?

Thanks, greetings,

A:How to load and modify my personalized W7 keyboard layout?

Hi Wim,
if im reading your thread correctly >>> now 64 bit <<<
Is your old klc file is 32 bit??, installing it in compatability mode might work

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Hello everyone,

While I was in the middle of using my system, all of a sudden the mouse and keyboard stopped working. I had no choice but to press the switch button to shut it down. I removed the battery, the power cable and all the input devices (Keyboard and mouse). After replacing them back I switched the machine ON, and I could see the flashing light on the Keybard, and the mouse light also ON (red). The memory count starts to the end, on a black screen, and then followed by the blue box at the bottom left of the screen where written "F1: Save Changes".

But I can't get rid of it this time because the Keyboard doesn't function/respond.

Machine Desktop HP 7100 CMT, Win7 ultimate 32bit, IE11, HP Keyboard PS/2, HP mouse PS/2.

I removed the HD into another machine, it works without any problem. Therefore, the problem seems NOt on the HDD side. All the keyboard and mouse work properly on other machines.

I changed the Keyboard to USB but the same result. I removed all the memory modules of 4GB in total, and replaced them with just one stick of 1GB, again no change, still can't move past the black screen to record the change, or to advance to Windows, or to access into BIOS setup.

I did this with and without HDD connected, but with the same result. I inserted the Installation disc into the DVD Drive for repair or recovery, it didn't make sense because it required the command "F1: Save Changes" must first be accomplished. But it doesn't go beyond t... Read more

A:System won't load keyboard and mouse at start


I'm stumped as well as normally I would suggest plugging in a PS/2 keyboard... Have you tried waiting to see if the message times out?

When you removed the battery, did you also press the power switch for 4-5 seconds to ensure that everything was powered down?


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Problem - following a Windows 10 upgrade ( I think that was what caused it ) the following happens

Machine boots in to BIOS keyboard & Mouse power up ( lights in both come on )
Windows starts to load
Lights go out
Machine boots in to windows
Keyboard & mose dead
Keyboard & mouse become live after about 90 seconds.
Machine used to boot up from SSD very quickly now comparatively long delay waiting for USB to load.

Windows 10

Operating System: Windows 10 Home, 64-bit
DirectX version: 12.0
GPU processor: GeForce GTX 980
Driver version: 391.35
Direct3D API version: 12
Direct3D feature level: 12_1
CUDA Cores: 2048
Core clock: 1152 MHz
Memory data rate: 7010 MHz
Memory interface: 256-bit
Memory bandwidth: 224.32 GB/s
Total available graphics memory: 8163 MB
Dedicated video memory: 4096 MB GDDR5
System video memory: 0 MB
Shared system memory: 4067 MB
Video BIOS version: 84.04.2F.00.18
IRQ: Not used
Bus: PCI Express x16 Gen3
Intel Core i5 4690K Haswell Refresh Processor 3.50 GHz (Overclocked to up to 4.3GHz)
Asus Z97-A Motherboard - Haswell CPU only

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