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New Nvidia drivers not compatible with Win7 Aero theme

Q: New Nvidia drivers not compatible with Win7 Aero theme

I installed the new Nvidia Drivers gor my gt 610 from the 301 version to 306 version,when I installed theme it says the windows 7 aero theme is not compatible with these drivers. Is there any way I can revert back to the previous drivers to resolve this problem?

Preferred Solution: New Nvidia drivers not compatible with Win7 Aero theme

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: New Nvidia drivers not compatible with Win7 Aero theme

You should be able to roll back the driver to the previous driver by right clicking on Computer and going to Manage. When there, go to Device Manager and highlight the Nvidia component, which should be the display adapter. Right click and click on properties. You should be able to roll it back from here.

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ok, follow these easy steps to make aero work on your fx5200-based system

the wddm1.0 driver that DOES work with this card is the last forceware release that included the FX series, wich is the 96.85 release.

you can do a google search for it or download it from here:
FX 5200 Vista Driver - Software Driver Download

after installing this driver you will not see any new effects, so just go to the
"theme" settings and change the theme to any theme with 'aero' effects (I chose 'Architecture', you can choose another one), and VOILA!!, aero comes to win7 with your FX5200 card.


A:nVidia FX 5200 driver for win7 (makes Aero work!!)

well i've installed windows 7. and i cant resolve my problem with aero... windows updated my graphic card geforce fx5200. and still wont work... tahn i uninstalled the driver tried to install this driver which u have psoted here... i installed it and still wont work.. i followed all the stes u have written here but. when rightclick on desktop ... only 6 options appear.. and the last two are screen resolution /gadgets. thats all... i cant choose the themes option or "personalize" option that i should to choose aero themes.... i've already had once windows 7 and then it worked... now it wont ... i dont get it... now 2-3 months worked ... and now when i reinstallad it it wont work...please help me. i treied all the things that i have found in topics on this forum and sill nothing.

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Hi all,

For the past few days, if not a week now, I've noticed that when I switch to Basic theme for RAM intesive programs like Adobe After Effects, Windows is quite slow, almost running as though my laptop is 1GB not 2GB RAM.
Though when I switch to Aero theme, Windows is only slightly slower with Adobe After Effects running.

My laptop is Compaq Presario CQ56, 2GB shared graphics and I can't explain why the Basic theme is running slow whereas Aero is responding faster, so much so, programs tend to stop responding more frequently on Basic.

I have run MSE, MBAM and SAS (MSE realtime, others are standalone mode) and found no viruses and I update them all either daily or every two days.

I only have Realtek Audio and MSE on Startup so I can't figure out why this happening!

Thanks in advance for any insight as to what's happened/happening

A:Windows 7 Home Premium basic theme is slow but aero theme is fast?

How much dedicated video memory does the laptop have?
It's conceivably possible that you are actually dumping more onto the system reserved ram by turning it off If the configuration is sharing ram with your video card anyway.

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I was surfing net and listening to music , then the aero theme switches to basic theme out of nowhere. I tried to go to personalize and set it back , but could not.

I had to log off as user and log back in again to solve it.

Anyone experienced it ?

A:Out of sudden , aero theme it switches to basic theme

Have you updated all your drivers? Use driver sweeper on the nvidia graphics drivers.

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So, to make a long story short, I have a computer I'm supposed to fix for a friend. It gets lots of graphics artifacts, black boxes, colored dots, etc. It has an Asrock motherboard (an unusual board with both AGP and PCI-E) and a GeForce 7900gs (AGP).

After much reading, I have determined that this is a solved problem . Its a driver problem on Asrock boards with nvidia AGP graphics cards. The solution is to install a (very) old version of the nvidia drivers (forceware 97.52). This is described by user Brainwashed here:
Wonky Screen Corruption Problem

But I am having trouble finding and installing a win7, 64bit version of this driver. I know one exists, because in the very next reply in that thread, user Vighi says he found one for Vista64, and it worked (he has win7). But he doesn't give a link to it.

I tried to find one on my own with google. I found this one:
v97.52 VISTA 64bit | Nightly Build - LaptopVideo2Go Forums

But its on a laptop video website, and might be for a laptop video card. Its also a "modified Inf" driver, whatever that means. Anyway, I ran the setup file, but it wouldn't install. In safe mode, it said it couldn't find a driver compatible with my hardware. In normal mode, it says I have the wrong operating system, that it won't work with a 64bit OS.

Thoughts? Its really frustrating having identified the problem, and found a solution that almost everyone says worked for them, but not be able to make it work myself.

Thanks guys!

A:Finding a win7, 64bit compatible version of an old nVidia driver...

You can use the vista driver if you install it in compatibility mode

Right click the installer>properties>compatibility>chose vista.

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hi all,
i cannot update my Nvidia drivers for my graphics card. it is a EVGA 8800GTS 640MB and have tried updating but i get the following error: 'The nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware, setup will now exit.'
i have uploaded a video of what it is like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YopP6IFAEWY
this is extremely annoying and would really want to get it solved,
many thanks,

A:The nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your c

Did you try the EVGA drivers?



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I plan to buy a new notebook with pre-installed Windows 8

I don't want to use Windows 8 but use Windows 7 instead.

Can I remove Windows 8, then install Windows 7 and use the drivers from Windows 8?


A:Are Win7 drivers compatible with those of Win 8 ?

Maybe, if they list windows 7 drivers I would use them. I've installed Windows 7 and Windows 8 on my two desktop PC's that have ASUS motherboards and a lot of the drivers are the same for Windows 7 and 8. They will say compatible with Windows 7 x64 and Windows 8 x64 in the description and you will get the exact same download regardless of which OS you select. My new laptop came with Windows 8 but also lists Windows 7 drivers in its downloads. Before you buy just go to the support page for the one you plan to buy and see if there are Windows 7 drivers available for it. If they are dedicated Windows 8 drivers they may not install, you'll get a this OS not supported or something similar message. You could also Google that model to see if anyone tried the OS swap and ran into problems.

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Hi! My computer is an older Asus notebook. Because of that the drivers are old too and i cant find any. Even if i use windows update utilitys and so on, for searching for drivers, it will find just a few.

But other important drivers, like audio drivers and so on, are hard to find.

I used a free trial of "Driver Whiz" but will not find any new drivers for my computer too.

Does that mean that my computer will not work properly on Win7? Does that mean that it would be better to install XP again?

My computer is a Asus A5e.
Thanks for any insights on this.

A:Drivers not compatible with Win7 (Asus A5e)

The Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor is a tool designed to remove uncertainties about Win 7 and an existing system.You might give that a shot.Louis

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Assume I have drivers for a certain device/motherboard for only Window7.
Can I use them in Windows 8?

And conversly: Can I use Windows 8 drivers in an Windows 7 installation as well?

Are both driver models compatible?


A:Are Windows 8 drivers compatible with the ones from Win7 ?

All the Windows 7 drivers for my gigabyte GAZ77X UD5H motherboard and the ASUS drivers for an ASUS Z77 chipset motherboard work with Windows 8. I haven't come across any problems with several installations.

I've also checked/updated the Intel devices on the motherboard at Intel and the drivers that they have for my hardware are for both Win 7 64 bit and Win 8 64 bit.

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Hi, After having so many problems with Win 8.1  I decided to downgrade my OS into to Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit).   unfortunately HP driver support does not have any Windows 7 drivers for this particular model (Pavilion TouchSmart 15-b129wm) .So Can someone please help me in finding any or all the device drivers?  The ones I desparately need are: (((SM Bus Controller - Ethernet Controller - Network Controller - Universal Serial Bus"USB" Controller ))) Thank you very much for your help! 

A:Compatible Drivers for Win7 64bit

meshkov wrote:Hi, After having so many problems with Win 8.1  I decided to downgrade my OS into to Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit).   unfortunately HP driver support does not have any Windows 7 drivers for this particular model (Pavilion TouchSmart 15-b129wm) .So Can someone please help me in finding any or all the device drivers?  The ones I desparately need are: (((SM Bus Controller - Ethernet Controller - Network Controller - Universal Serial Bus"USB" Controller ))) Thank you very much for your help! There is no HP drivers for Win7 version but you need to ask one of the MOD to see if they can locate a matching driver for it from a different HP model that might work.

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I am using a win7 x32 Ultimate on my Acer Aspire E1-510 laptop but i am not able to find any compatible graphic driver for it.

Can someone please recommend me one..?

A:Help! Need win7 x32 compatible graphic drivers for acer aspire e1-510

Hello Bradlee12.. I found this on Intel site for you. : https://downloadcenter.intel.com/Sea...ng&ProdId=3656

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Apparently, this issue has been mentioned here previously. See,

Asus EEE PC1000H + Card Reader Driver

Generally, I am not concerned with my SD card reader as the OP of the above thread was yet, I am concerned regarding the need for appropriate drivers. So far, the Win7 install behaves well with the lone exception of an odd display of two rows of four tabs of Chrome when I attempted to return to my browsers home page yesterday following the install. Every use of Chrome since this lone bad example has been fine. The Intel 945 (?) chipset driver was upgraded after the install was completed.

I did not activate my Win7 during install so, I have 30 days to do so. My WEI is 2.2 in view of the Atom N270 but, the response of the OS is good because, I coupled the Win7 with a Samsung 840 PRO 256 Gb SSD.

I contacted ASUS regarding use and compatibility of the XP drivers that remain available for the 1000H but, this sounds like a lost cause.

Any advise?

A:Win7 32-bit Clean Install: Compatible ASUS Eee PC 1000H Drivers?

Did you complete all Window 7 Updates?

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Hello,This has been mentioned before in these forums and elsewhere on the web.  The Windows 7 Compatibility Center says that the Promise Ultra 133/TX2 is compatible with Windows 7 64-bit (and 32-bit):http://www.microsoft.com/windows/compatibility/windows-7/en-us/Details.aspx?type=Hardware&p=Promise%20Technology%2cInc.%20Promise%20Ultra%20133%20TX2%20ATA-133%20PCI%2066%20MHz%20Internal%20Hard%20Drive&v=Promise%20Technology%2cInc.&uid=&pf=0&pi=0&s=promise%20ultra&os=64-bitHowever, Promise's driver page still only has the Vista driver as the latest available:http://www.promise.com/support/download/download2_eng.asp?productId=87&category=driver&os=0&go=GOI tried contacting Promise on several occasions but they don't respond.  I'm wondering if anyone here has had any luck in getting this card to work under Windows 7?I tried the Vista drivers, but the device manager just reports "This device cannot start. (Code 10)".  I know I'm not the only one who has this problem.  Why does the Compatibility Center list this card as compatible?  Is there a workaround or a hack to get it to work again?Promise still lists the Ultra 133 TX2 as a "current product", not an archived one.  I know this is entirely their fault and not Microsoft, aside from the fact that the Compat Center lists the card as compatible.Thanks so much for anyone who can help me tweak things to get this card to work.  I'd like to avoid purchasing a new card if... Read more

A:Promise Ultra 133 TX2 - Win7 Compat Center says it's compatible, but no drivers work!

Hey,I read the windows 7 Compatibility center result on the device you post above, now it shows:"Information coming soon. We are working with the device manufacture to confirm this product's compatibility."May be the website was updated recently.From the manufacture's webside, it is true the latest driver was released in the year 2007. Given this, you can try download Ultra 133 TX2 Windows driver for Vista and install it in Compatible mode as follows:1. Download the driver and extract it to hard drive. Right-click the exe. file and choose Properties.2. Under the Compatibility tab, please check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for" and choose "Windows Vista".3. Check the box before ?Run this program as an Administrator? below.4. Click OK to save the settings.5. Follow the instruction to install the driver, and test.

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I hope someone can help me. I ran the patcher that came with this Vista theme SoulGlass by ~bubito on deviantART and now some windows have Aero and others have what looks like a messed up windows classic theme. I tried using vista glazz to patch it back. I tried restarting multiple times. I tried switching to classic theme and back. Nothing works. I have Vista Ultimate 64. Here's a screenshot.

Thanks for your time.

A:Solved: Windows Aero Theme Problem - Some windows using classic theme

I was able to do a system restore.

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I have a GTS250 made by EVGA. When I installed windows 7, it knew it automatically.

I would prefer to leave it alone, but I am I missing out? Will it perform better with the Drivers from EVGA?

A:Win7 drivers or NVidia drivers?

Do things seem sluggish? Are you having any problems? Anything unstable or acting up? If you answered no, I'd leave things alone.

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Hi to everyone,
I cannot find graphics drivers that will fully install for my Sony Vaio Laptop.
The model number is VGN-AR71ZRU
My operating system in Windows 7 x64 bit
The graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT GPU (sony website showing as 512mb)

The official sony link for my laptop is
VAIO : Sony Europe
The Nvidia Link is
if i go to device manager, i get a standard vga card

Mobility modder allows me to install a driver but after restart, i still get a standard vga card in device manager..

If i go to standard VGA Graphics Adapter properties, click details, hardware ids, i get the following


I have seen on some threads that a custom NV_DISP.inf is made, which i dont have

Can someone here assist on what to do


A:Sony Vaio NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT GPU Win7 x64 Drivers needed

gurudave, welcome to the forums.

This is probably the site you are think ing of,

Drivers | drivers for mobile cards and laptops | laptopvideo2go.com

that has the driver and/or INF already modded.

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Hi to everyone,
I cannot find graphics drivers that will fully install for my Sony Vaio Notebook.
The model number is VPCL138FG
My operating system in Windows 7 x64 bit
The graphics card is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M

The official sony link for my laptop is
This PC is classed as a notebook / laptop but isnt if you look at the product on vaio website.

The Nvidia Link is

Basically i have never encountered Nvidia drivers before, i was always an ATI user.
I have been playing skyrim and after a patch it has send the graphics in game totally crazy, looking around people say to update gfx drivers.
To which i tracked down the driver i need and tried to install and ended up with " the graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware" error.
I have heard about this problem before but never owned a Nvidia card what can i do?

Can someone here assist on what to do


A:Sony Vaio NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M Win7 x64 Drivers needed

most nvidia laptops use optimus that means they use integrated intel gpu + nvidia
best thing is to update driver from nvidia site but please note:
"The following Sony VAIO notebooks are included in the Verde notebook program: Sony VAIO F Series with NVIDIA GeForce 310M, GeForce GT 330M, GeForce GT 425M, GeForce GT 520M or GeForce GT 540M. Other Sony VAIO notebooks are not included at this time (please contact Sony for driver support)."
for some reason sony limits general driver usability.
so you may be stuck with sony support.

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I don't like Vista's interface, but I like its theme (if that makes sense).

Is there a way to get that theme on Windows XP?

A:Is there a way to get the Aero theme on XP?

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I am using Windows Vista Home Premium with a 32 MB Graphics Card. Is there a possible way to enable Aero on my Vista PC?

HP Vectra VL420 DT
Intel Pentium 4 1.59 GHz
767 MB RAM
32 bit Windows Vista Home Premium

A:Aero theme

Nope. I've heard of some hacks, but I believe they have been disabled. It will slow you down anyway if you can get it and it won't be worth it.

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Hello i'm having trouble with the aero theme.
I troubleshoot it but always get the same message.
It says that i need to download a new driver for my graphics card and that my video card isn't compatible with the Windows Display Driver Model. Can someone please help?
I have windows 7 the 32 bit version

A:Aero theme trouble

Please give some information about your computer like specs, model, etc.; flyin' blind without knowing what we're dealing with.

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Out of stupidity, I downloaded this Vista OSX '09 theme for my Vista . It seemed to work fine when I installed it, then I deicded against it and switched the theme back over to Aero. All fine and dandy there. I shut off my laptop, and this morning started it. That's when I expirenced a couple of issues right off the bat. The theme has been changed over to Windows Classic, the laptop is running slow. I've removed all the Vista OSX '09 files, since the stupid thing wouldn't uninstall.
I cannot change the theme back over to Areo because I'm receiving the message:

"The theme could not be loaded because the theme service is not running. File C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\areo.theme"
I've done the task of checking out the issue through Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services>Themes. I encounter another error message:

"Failed to Read Description. Error Code: 2"
So regardless, I hit "Start the service" and another message follows:

"Windows could not start the Themes service on Local Computer. Error 126: The specified module could not be found."
If anyone has any assistance for my issue I'd be so greatful to hear all you're troubleshooting plans.

A:Vista Aero Theme

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I am using Aero Windows 7 do not like the look of the theme I want to know is their Aero theme which looks like xp or 2000 or classic windows
themes for Aero

A:Aero Windows 7 theme

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About a month ago I downloaded a software to delete couple viruses, but it did something with themes. My aero themes are grayed out and even thought I have recovered files which were deleted (theme service was among them), I can't even turn on theme service,
It says ''Failed to read description. Error 127". I tried force enabling theme service, but it doesn't work. Sfc / scannow doesn't work either...

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I just recently got a new HP ENVY 15 running Windows 7. Up until yesterday everything was running fine. I believe I compiled a LaTeX document, and a package was missing, so I launched the package manager, and suddenly a message appeared that said that the aero color scheme had been disabled. Since then, I have been unable to reenable the aero glass effect or any of the other fancy features. I doubt LaTeX is what caused the problem, but that's the last thing I was doing at the time.

Since then, I've tried EVERYTHING to try to fix this, and nothing has worked! I've restarted my computer several times. I've closed all programs and disabled all unnecessary processes and tried to reenable aero and that didn't work.

I believe the issue is that for some reason Desktop Composition is disabled, so the Desktop Window Manager isn't working. I tried editing the Composition and CompositionPolicy in the registry - they immediately switch back! I tried doing net stop uxsms followed by net start uxsms, and that didn't work either. I tried updating my drivers but they are already up to date. I tried rerunning the Windows Experience Index which did not do anything.

The event viewer shows some suspicious messages. At about the time where the issue started, an event is listed:

A request to disable the Desktop Window Manager was made by process (Skype)

However, I've tried ending Skype with no results, and also, I had been using Skype for the last few days with no problems. ... Read more

A:Aero theme disappeared!

Have you gone into Services and tried to enable and start the Desktop Window Manager Session Manager there?

EDIT: I have no idea of why Skype disabled it, because I did have Skype until recently, and it never disabled that for me.

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Hi Everybody,
Operating System on my laptop is Windows vista home premium 32Bit (Genuine). My Laptop model is HP G50 116CA; 3GB of RAM; Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T5800.
The problem is that whenever I start my system it's theme automatically changes to Windows Basic, even if it was changed to Windows Aero at last session. However it works fine during whole session when I manually change it to Windows Aero.
I restored my system & updated the drivers, still the problem persists.
Can somebody help me how to fix this????


A:Problem With Aero Theme

Hello Jatinder, and welcome to Vista Forums.

You might check to see if making sure that your WEI score is updated or refreshed may help.

Hope this helps,

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Hey guys, after messing around my entire OS ( i red your tips and tutorials one by one ) i just realized on obvious thing: I'm not using the aero theme, so i dont get the transparency. I'm using the basic them, i wonder why? how can i enable it in build 7000 ? i'm pretty sure my laptop can handle it. i don't see aero in the theme list!

Edit: guess i'm wrong... google told me my chip is not aero capable. ok, they blowed all the fun for me

A:Aero theme missing?

Quote: Originally Posted by cassiel

Hey guys, after messing around my entire OS ( i red your tips and tutorials one by one ) i just realized on obvious thing: I'm not using the aero theme, so i dont get the transparency. I'm using the basic them, i wonder why? how can i enable it in build 7000 ? i'm pretty sure my laptop can handle it. i don't see aero in the theme list!

Edit: guess i'm wrong... google told me my chip is not aero capable. ok, they blowed all the fun for me

I just found your thread, and your edit comments.... and... i think google is lying to you there... aero should work for you just fine, as long as its the same card you have in your specs, the 8400gs... i'm running a 6800gt and a mobility x1600 on the laptop and having aero work just fine....

hope you got this working.... only a 4 month old thread here

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I was just wondering, after seeing screenshots of how Windows 8 will look without Aero, can I download this "theme" from anywhere or is there any way to achive the same looks with maybe some regedit tweaks?


A:Is the official non-aero theme available anywhere?

Do you really use Windows 8 x64 as your system specs say? Windows 8 does not have aero (if by "Aero" you mean transparent windows borders), only the taskbar is slightly transparent.

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My aero theme is missing! Obviously...

I don't understand, at all, how this happened. Every few days I run chkdsk (paranoid), which involves running cmd.exe as administrator. One day, when the consent dialogue disappeared, my aero theme disappeared. Windows told me that an application was running which wasn't compatible. Okay, so I do chkdsk, exit, reboot.... Still off.

I went to switch from the classic theme to aero, as usual when it gets stuck, only, the theme's not listed. I'm absolutely certain that I'm in the right place.

I Googled for a while and checked that the theme service and "desktop window manager and session manager" services are started. They are.

I also checked that shadows under icons and other required settings are enabled. They are.

Next, I checked that the files under "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes" are there. They are.

To be extra, extensively certain, here's a "dir /S C:\Windows\Resource\Themes":

Directory of C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

11/02/2006 11:07 AM <DIR> .
11/02/2006 11:07 AM <DIR> ..
01/20/2008 11:04 PM <DIR> Aero
11/02/2006 11:01 AM 1,764 aero.theme
09/18/2006 05:38 PM 3,057 Windows Classic.theme
2 File(s) 4,821 bytes

Directory of C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\Aero

01/20/2008 11:04 PM <DIR> .
01/20/2008 11:04 PM <DIR> ..
01/20/... Read more

A:Aero theme missing

Hi -

Please see --> http://support.microsoft.com/gp/aero...ts_not_working

Regards. . .



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Well, I have recently installed Windows Vista home premium. I noticed that the aero theme for vista wasn't there, because I changed it to classic but decided to change it back. I did that test where it calculated your computer rating, everything was fine to fit aero except for the gaming graphic card, which I installed the latest of not long ago. I need to know how to get this theme back.

Also when I try to get to the task manager it says Windows - No Disk and under that is says exception processing message.. bla bla bla.

A:Aero Theme in Vista..

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The Aero theme of windows 7 has suddenly stopped working.
I had just updated my video card when it stopped working, it is a Nvidia gtx440.
If any other information is needed please tell me and I'll supply it


Did a Repair install to solve the problem.

It's been about a month, its back again.

A:Lost the use of Aero theme?

you should see a troubleshoot option like this. troubleshoot to see if it solves the problem and post back

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The Problem I have is that when I try to change themes/ color scheme in the Personalization thing I get the Appearance Settings dialog box instead of the Window Color and Appearance window. And I've been running the Aero theme untill this problem came up.

I check out the FaQ on microsofts support site to find this http://windowshelp.microsoft.com/Windows/en-US/Help/c33fe91a-9e6f-41f4-ae82-3ed2d5fa2fbf1033.mspx

And everything there tells me I should be able to Have Aero Running. So I don't know if I have some sort of corrupt file or what. Any help would be greatly appreciative.

A:Vista Aero theme Help

What version of Vista are you running?
Home Basice, Aero will NOT work.

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hi...im new here...my aero theme can't display..it's happen after i reboot my pc...i've watch so many video to fix it but the result is zero..i always run the troubleshooter..n it say the desktop windows manager is disabled..n then i search how to enable it..but nothing happen..i hope u guys can help me with this thing~~..

A:Aero theme problem

Right click empty space on desktop. Personalization is where you make Aero adjustments. To turn aero off, Window Color & Appearance, change to Open Classic etc., etc.

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Hello Expert Guys

Please help me on this.

I was trying to install DVD player software but some how it started giving the messages of Application Crash and changes the theme (because of compatibility problem). After that i restarted my PC and the message came PC was not able to restart properly so automatically it went under Repair and i just pressed OK.

After all these process i got my logon sreen back but when i entered into it, Theme was already changed to basic. I then tried to restore aero themes but no success.

I tried windows help on Aero, which give the below message.

"find and fix problems with transparency and other visual effects"

I clicked on it and it went through whole process of checking and diagonosis but finally the message came, problem could not be solved with the below reasons:

Aero theme is not supported - Not Fixed.
Desktop Window Manager is disabled -- Detected.

I then searched over google for possible solution and found registry hack to enable Desktop Window Manager but that too did not solve my problem. Please help me on this as i want my aero theme back. Also, i did not create restore points so i don't have opiton of restore to previous date.

I found this site very informative and solution-oriented, so please help me to get my aero theme back with all its visual effects.

Awaiting for your feedback.

A:App Crash & Aero Theme gone

check your device manager and check your display adapter... you may need to re-install your graphic cards driver...

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i am having a problem w/ my vista aero theme i can see it under C:\Windows\Resources\Themes but it doesnt show up under Personalization Themes, and on this thread http://forums.techguy.org/windows-vista/650892-solved-vista-aero-theme-not.html i saw that it could be solved just by getting a copy from someone else, so im wondering if it would be possible to get a copy of the theme folder from someone

A:Vista Aero theme issue

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Hi guys. I have this question. It still bugs me a lot for both Vista and Seven. Is there a way to FORCE software that desactivate Aero to keep using it?

I would like to know if there's a way. Thx guys.

A:Force software to use Aero theme?

Quote: Originally Posted by Lebon14

Hi guys. I have this question. It still bugs me a lot for both Vista and Seven. Is there a way to FORCE software that desactivate Aero to keep using it?

I would like to know if there's a way. Thx guys.

Generally speaking, Windows Vista and Windows 7 will turn off Aero effects for older programs that may not work correctly with the Desktop Windows Manager (the service that provides Aero).

I'm sorry to say that the only way to force such programs to not turn off Aero is to update those programs to newer versions that know of and work with Aero.

I wish I had better news for you...

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I have a problem with my Vista Aero theme. When I start the computer, the Aero theme works perfectly, without a hitch. Then, as time goes on, I notice that the scrollbars and text fields look different than they normally look with Aero. If I try to do a start menu search after that, it will not work and when I restart the explorer process, the taskbar looks way different, like Windows Classic style. I have tried everything to make this better - System Restore, Registry Restore, Graphics Card driver update, computer scan. When I try to restart the themes service in services.msc, it says "Error 230: The pipe state is invalid." Restarting the DWM service makes the Aero theme completely bad. I have located the aero theme in my Windows folder but when I try to double-click on it, it says something about the Theme service not working. The only thing that temporarily fixes it is restarting the computer, which I have to do every hour.No particular program seems to be making this happen. I thought uTorrent was causing this, but it happened without uTorrent. Another possibility- The Windows Update program was running, but I couldn't seem to get into it to see what it was downloading. It never downloaded anything. When I tried to access it from the control panel, it said that nothing was downloading, even though I could clearly see that something was on my taskbar. Could this be a corrupted file? Or worse, something to do with my graphics card or memory? Is it worth it to fix ... Read more

A:Aero Theme Doesn't Work!! I Have Tried Everything!

I would suggest that you re-install Vista and leave uTorrent out in the future. Re-installing Vista using your Vista DVD or the recovery partition that came with your system is the only way that you will be able to rule-out the seeimingly dozens of issues that you are now considering to be the cause.

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Windows 7 Aero Theme Service keeps Stopping after a few seconds, i have already done :
Right click desk top>personalize>Trouble shoot problems with aero

It AlwaYS COMES up with the error Themes service isnt running :fixed
but after a few seconds it shuts off again.. It makes it to where i cannot see firefox close button,expand,minimize etc.. and completely makes the bottom task bar solid white and square with old buttons (like win 95) and various other windows including the volume button scroll etc..

I have completely reinstalled windows 7 ---does same thing
I have completely formatted the partition and reinstalled--does same thing

I have reinstalled all drivers from dells website--same thing
I have downloaded and used Driver programs that find missing software such as easy driver pro--Does not work still

I have gone into the manager-its set to automatic..Step 1 restart program, step two restart program..step 3 do nothing

I have had this computer for 3 years and run the same operating system and this has never happened.. it has crashed twice in those three years..the second time i had to buy and install and new hard drive in March of 2012..everything worked just fine until recently, Also Windows update has an error where it crashed while communicating with the server and now will not download updates its stuck at 0%. I have downloaded the Microsoft "Fix it" program and the program will not install it says:Error-Cannot open

A:Win 7 Aero Theme Keeps stopping after few seconds

try stopping the service in device manager then restart it, it may help. as for the updates issue, i would start a separate thread for that

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I find it odd that my overall system speed seems quicker and snappier when I've got Aero enabled compared to using just the basic or classic theme.
Why is that anyway ?

My system :

AMD Athlon TF-20 1.60GHz Single Core
ATI Radeon X1200

A:My system seems faster when I have Aero Theme on

As far as I understand it, aero runs almost entirely from you GPU whereas classic utilizes the systems CPU.

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I can't seem to turn on Aero in the display properties menu at all. Please Help!

A:Vista Aero Theme Disabled

Have you uninstalled your graphic card driver?

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After a sysprep I found that the Aero theme was not active, so, google is my friend and found, before running sysprep, type winsat prepop, this will create a copy of the Windows experience index in xml file and after /oobe will give you Out of the Box working Aero theme. Followed all the leads, but... what ever I try, after sysprep no Aerotheme, because windows has no experience index.
Yes the hardware is identical on all workstations.
Yes I run Winsat prepop in an elevated command promt before running sysprep.

What am I missing?

A:Aero theme failed after sysprep

You've not included any system information, does your graphics card even support aero?
Have you gone into the system panel and re-run the experience index?

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OK, I would like to use the classic theme, but keep the start button orb too ( OR use the aero theme, but keep the classic style and 2 color styles on the top of my windows...) Is any of this possible? Just wondering...

A:Windows 7 Classic Aero Theme

104 views yet no ideas on this? Hmm...

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I have started having problems with the Windows Aero theme. I have all the system requirements needed to run the program, yet, it is still not working.

I think a problem may be that the file 'igxprd32' is not digitally signed. Here is information you will need: ------------------
System Information
Time of this report: 12/21/2009, 20:00:42
Machine name: ASHLEY-PC
Operating System: Windows Vista? Home Premium (6.0, Build 6001) Service Pack 1 (6001.vistasp1_gdr.090805-0102)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Acer, inc.
System Model: TravelMate 4060
BIOS: Phoenix NoteBIOS 4.0 Release 6.1
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1.73GHz, ~1.7GHz
Memory: 2038MB RAM
Page File: 897MB used, 3412MB available
Windows Dir: C:\Windows
DirectX Version: DirectX 10
DX Setup Parameters: Not found
DxDiag Version: 6.00.6001.18000 32bit Unicode

DxDiag Notes
Display Tab 1: The file igxprd32 is not digitally signed, which means that it has not been tested by Microsoft's Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL). You may be able to get a WHQL logo'd driver from the hardware manufacturer.
Sound Tab 1: No problems found.
Sound Tab 2: No problems found.
Input Tab: No problems found.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance,

A:[SOLVED] Have not got Windows Aero theme

Have you applied SP2 to Vista?

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Hello, my computer won't support the aero effects in Windows 7, is there a halloween theme that doesn't use aero affects?

A:Halloween theme that dosn't use aero

Unfortunately, I doubt it. Most third-party Windows 7 themes require Windows Aero to be enabled.
Seeing your system specs, however, I would not change your theme. :/

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Hi all,

I'm using self created toolbars docked on the left of my screen as a sort of much-extended taskbar, keeping the taskbar space itself free for stuff I have open. I have all kinds of shortcuts in there - programs, folders, network links - covers the whole left edge of my screen.

My question: Can the color of these toolbars be changed or made transparent-ish? I haven't really expermented with implementing any other themes, just on the basic Aero so far... I suppose I could also look into one of the "dock" type accessories.... Cheers, --ch

A:Aero/Display/Theme question

I would not think so, as they are the regular Windows toolbars right? The ones you get when you drag Computer to the side?

I don't think you can...


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A long time ago I installed a Mac theme because I grew so weary of the Vista theme. But, when I uninstalled it, it never seemed to do so correctly (i.e., logon screen still has a mac background). I didn't care so much because it was only the logonscreen.

BUT. Recently I was surfing the internet and found out (YEAH I hear everything first!! xD) that Vista Home Premium slows down your computer. So, I switched to Vista Basic. But I grew tired of that too and wanted to switch back. BUT THERE IS NO AERO THEME! THERE ARE ONLY 3 VISTA BASICS! 2 of them are mac themes and then there is the original Vista Basic theme.
I found the Aero theme in the /windows on the HDD and when I click it, the Vista Basic theme chooser doesn't show up, but Windows Vista Premium. This is all very strange.
OH, I almost forgot. The files that are in the themes folder are: MAC OS X 10.5, VistaOSX Theme, Windows Classis and Aero. Also there are folders named: Aero, leo4, VistaOSX9.
I tried moving the files and folders that were in VistaOSX folder to the desktop and then copying the ones from Aero to there, but then the VIstaOSX theme disappeared (or one of the Basics and VIstaOSX turned into the new basic cuz I put the files in there).

I know this is very complicated and all, but I need help. I need Vista as it was!!!


A:Aero theme permanently disabled?!

Themes are not the operating systems- What Operating system are you running Basic or Premium?

1. Did you install Basic on a seperate partition so that you are dual booting Basic/Premium?
2. Did you reinstall Basic over your Premium install?
3. Are you just running a theme with Aero disabled? and cant get it reinabled?

If you reinstalled Basic over Premium, then premium is gone. You will have to reinstall premium.
If you are dual booting both, then boot up into premium. There is a way to remove the dual boot by marking the Premium as Primary/active, then deleting Basic, and repairing the boot config.
If you are running Premium, and using a Basic theme, try system restore and restore Premium to a point before you changed the theme.

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All of a sudden my Vista Business PC has switch to the Standard view and I can't find any way to activate Aero. It's been working fine for ages, since I installed Windows but I turned my PC on today and it's gone. The Aero themes just don't appear in the themes list.

I've updated my graphics drivers and uninstalled LogMeIn which I thought might be causing it but still no joy. Any suggestions?

A:Solved: Cannot find Aero theme

try system restore

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