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Can't import Hotmail contacts to OE

Q: Can't import Hotmail contacts to OE


This might be the most stupid question ever, but is there any way to export my Hotmail contacts, so I can use them in my Outlook Express?

Thank you in advance.


Preferred Solution: Can't import Hotmail contacts to OE

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Can't import Hotmail contacts to OE

Open Outlook Express
Make sure that you have added hotmail to your mail account

Now Click View | Layout
In the Basic section, check Contacts

Then click Tools | Synchronise all

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Anyone know how to do this?

I have tons of contacts online (in Hotmail) and I would like to be able to acces them when i am at home using Outlook xp.

Can anyone help


A:Import Hotmail contacts into Outlook

This may or may not work,
1. First have the HotMail acct installed in your OE application. To do this follow instrucitons at this link
2. Than open up Address Book> TOOLS> Press Synchronize Now.
3. This will move contacts from the Address Book's Main Contact folder
(not any contacts in sub-folders that you have created) to the HotMail
Address Book, and visa versa. You will need to check both address books
for duplicate entries, and delete as necessary.

Hope it helps


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I have been trying to import my Outlook 2007 contacts to my Hotmail account.

I have exported a copy of my contacts from MS Outlook 2007 to a .csv file. But when in Hotmail I am unable to import the .csv file to my Hotmail contacts list.

I have followed the online steps for doing this and still nothing.

Is Outlook 2007 compatible with Windows Live Hotmail?

And does anyone have any ideas on how to overcome this problem?



A:Import contacts from Outlook to Live Hotmail

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This guide tells how to import contacts into the Windows Contacts folder:

Import, export, or change the format for contacts.

But "Import" is not available anywhere on the toolbar (running wab.exe). Am I missing something?

Any other ideas on how to import (or sync) Outlook 2010 contacts to Windows Contacts?

A:Import contacts into Windows Contacts folder

If you open the contacts folder in Explorer there is an import button on the task bar.

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I want to move some contacts from my google account to my hotmail account, without having to manually enter them. Is there a way to accomplish that? Thanks.

A:Moving Google Contacts to Outlook/Hotmail Contacts

Download the contacts from Google online in CSV format to a folder then import into Outlook.

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I'm being spammed to death. So, I've registered a new Hotmail account. Now, I would like to transfer/copy all my contacts in the old account into the new account. Can someone please tell me how?

Arthur Bay

A:hotmail -- transferring/copying contacts to new hotmail account from old

Have you tried using the extensive filter and spam blocking on Hotmail?

If you are usiing OE also go to it and export your address as an .csv file then go to this url and import them to your new hotmail account.


I don't know if their is a provision to import them from your old Hotmail account.

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I have put in a new HD and new system in my laptop. The old HD is now used as an external one now and all the data and programs are still on it. I am trying to import my old data base, contacts, calender, etc. from Outlook 2003.

I have found out how to do it by exporting it to a .pst file but can't do that now as that HD is not bootable, unless I can boot from a USB run external HD. Is there a way to find and grab my old OUTLook Database from the old HD?

Woops sorry double post, not sure how I did that.

A:New HD, How to import contacts

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I have a dead laptop, MB failed and the user doesn't want to fix it. He does, however want his email contacts back. He used Windows mail (Vista home) on the laptop before its demise and is using Outlook 2007 WWindows 7) on his new laptop. The data is still intact on the hdd of the old laptop, the contacts folder is on a flash drive. I don't have his new laptop in my posession but I would think that I should be able to import his contacts from the flash drive into my bench computer's (XP Pro) Outlook 2007 as a test, then do the same with his computer when the process has been proven.

Thanh you in advance

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is there a way to import my hotmail contacts to my outlook express mail?

A:import contacts


Yes there is.

First you have to

Setup Outlook Express to access your Hotmail account:

In Outlook Express, go to Tools > Accounts > Add > Mail
In the Display name field, type your name, and then click Next.
In the E-mail address field, type your Hotmail address, and then click Next.
HTTP should already be in the My incoming mail server is field and Hotmail should already be listed in the My HHTP mail service provider is field. Click Next.
Enter your Hotmail password , check the Remember password box and click Next.
Click Finish and close the Internet Accounts window.
You will be asked: would like to download folders from the mail server you added? It's up to you. It's not necessary if all you want to do is import the contacts.

Import Hotmail Contacts:

Open the Outlook Express Address book and select Tools > Synchronize Now

Your Contacts will begin to download to Outlook Express.

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I accidentally deleted my Windows Live Mail contact list while coping and transferring it to another PC. That works fine.

I keep my contact list backed up in .VCF format and have Imported from my backup before.

But now, when I try to Import the (entire) contact list at once, (as I've done before), it imports VERY slowly, and after each contact slowly comes into the list,

I get a message " you already have this contact, do you want to over-write it?" (There are ZERO contacts there now??)

It would take days to import my contact list at this pace.

I have Win7 Pro, 64 bit.

Any ideas as to what is causing this?

Thanks in advance........................

A:Can't Import Multiple Contacts into MLM

Your Live Mail contacts list along with emails are stored on Microsoft Servers.

When you install Live Mail onto a fresh OS installation and set up the Live email account(s), all is downloaded and populates the the new Live mail installation.

Regards. . .



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I have an Acer desktop pc at home, running WIN8 Pro, and I use Outlook 2010 as my primary (POP3) email tool.
Obviously I have an extensive contacts file in there.

I have just bought a SP 128Gb and installed Outlook 2013 on the one month free trial.
So, far I like it.

I took it in to work today and the IT guys set it up for connectivity to the Corporate WiFi, VPN, etc.
Cool! Now it's a mini-me of my work pc!

My question is, and I'm a complete dummy here, is how can I copy my contacts info from my home pc into my Pro?

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

A:How to import Outlook contacts?

Did you try this? ↓
Export contacts - Outlook - Office.com
Import contacts - Outlook - Office.com

If yes, what problems did you have?

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I started using MS Office Outlook. Anyone tell how I would go about importing my contact address's to Outlook...
I've been using ATT mail service by default.

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is there any way to import contacts from an old windows instalaion to a new one? i have the contact files in the contacts folder, but outlook doesnt recognize them.... HELP PLEASE!!!!

A:import contacts in outlook 07

This might help you

Backup and Restore | HowTo-Outlook


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Hello guys

I searched on google about how to save contacts from MSN and import them into another MSN account, but all answers saying to follow from main list:

1. contact > export contacts .. but i did not see any export or import under "contacts" in the main windw of MSN, is there any other option to export and import msn contacts?

many thanks in advance

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I've got Windows XP, newly installed Office 2007.

Here's the history: I formerly had Outlook 2000, and my .pst went over the 2GB limit, so my Outlook stopped working. Did a patch that truncated the file below 2GB, tried to bring it back into Outlook, but it didn't work.

We installed Outlook 2007, tried to bring back the >2GB .pst, but it appears to be corrupted (we assume--is it?), won't work. When we tried to bring back the truncated file, the first time (we replaced duplicates) it brings back email and over 8000 reminders (some are simply emails, others appeared to be contacts and calendar entries); the second time (we did allow duplicates) I got a few of my tasks back, but not all, and it didn't bring back reminders and does not populate contacts or calendars.


Any suggestions most appreciated!

A:Can't import contacts/calendar from .pst

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What's the bes way to import Outlook Express 6.0's address book with keeping the structure/category.

5 folders with contacts in each folder

A:How to Import O.E. 6.0 contacts + structure

First things first, you probably need to export your OE address book.
1. Click File/Export/Address Book
2. Click Text File (Comma Separated Values), and then click Export.
3. Locate the Mail Backup folder that you created (or a 3.5 floppy if moving to another computer)
4. In the File Name box, type "address book backup" (without the quote marks) and click Save.
5. Click Next
6. Click to select the check boxes for the fields that you want to export, and then click Finish.
7. click OK and then click Close.

Now open OE at the location where you want to import the address book, click on File/Import and locate the backup file that you just created. The rest is automatic.

Hope this helps!


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Can someone point me to documentation on how to import contacts into Outlook when the contact list is in some other format - in this case a .rtf file?
I thought it would be good to run some automated procedure to get the .rtf file into the format that outlook expects for an import of contacts.

A:Outlook - Import Contacts

Would it be possible for you to create a CSV file instead of a RTF file?

Someone else maybe able to help you with this better, but I have heard that "A RTF file is difficult if not impossible to import into Outlook contacts."

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I have a CSV file from Excel of a set of contacts, and I want to import it into Gmail. How do I go about this? I've looked online but was unsuccessful in the method I found, which was: go to gmail----mail-----more----import-----file----- it didn't work.

Thanks for any guidance on this.

A:How do I import CSV file of contacts into Gmail?

In Google mail: Gmail (drop down list) - Contacts - Import Contacts ...

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I am having an issue with Incredimail. My old computer died so I just purchased a new one. I installed the hard drive from the old computer as an extra drive on the new computer (drive F). On the old computer I was running Incredimail which is where the contacts and messages were stored. Now, I installed Incredimail on the new computer (drive C) and I am trying to import my contacts and messages from drive F to the new computer. This is where I'm having issues. I cannot import the data because I cannot find where the contacts and messages are stored on the old hard drive. I have looked everywhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


A:Incredimail Import Of Contacts & Old Messages

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I would like to know How to Import my Contacts from Excel in Incredimail ?
please help.


A:Import Contacts fromExcel in Incredimail

does anybody knows how to do it? please help

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I want to transfer the contacts from a vista pc. the vista pc uses office 2007. I want to export or transfer the contacts from that pc to a windows 8.1 pc that has outlook 2013 installed. I tried WET, but that doesn't work with 8.1 from vista. advise please.

A:import contacts to outlook 2013

No good exporting default? (I dont have 2013) does 2013 not use .pst files?

Export to file:
Comma separated values
Tab seperated (dos/windows)?

I use Sync PST for Outlook. Allows me to load two pst files and copy (between the two either way) only what I want to e.x. contacts/email/calendar etc

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I have sucessfully exported my contacts from outlook express to googlemail (shame they can't file them with surname first!) But now want to import them to my mail2webaccount...I create a csv file but when I upload this mail2web says is not a CSV file...what am I doing wrong!!

A:import contacts tomail2 web from outlookexpress

Here is a solution I found in a tech forum on the internet. It is for Windows Mail output but should work for Outlook. Read both pages.

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I'm trying to create a email distribution list. I've got all the names in excel and I figured the only logical way to do this would be to import the excel spreadsheet into my contacts in outlook and then create my outlook distribution list from my contacts in outlook.

When I go to import my spreadsheet I get the following error message.

"An error has occured in the Microsoft Excel translator while getting the contents of a file system.

The Microsoft Excel file "c:\folder\excel.xls" has no named ranges. Use Microsoft Excel to name the range of data you want to import."

The error makes sense but I don't know how to name a range.

A:import contacts from excel into outlook

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In importing contacts from Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007, the name field is changed.
Specifically, "Adams, William and Cythia" is changed to "Adams, William R."
My client prefers to mail to the Husband and wife format, so is there a way to change this?

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My computer was upgraded with new processor and hard drive. A copy of the original hard drive was stored on a server. Would you tell me how to import my old Outlook contact file from there to new hard drive. I would really appreciate it.

Also, where is the file containing the addresses created in Netscape? Either one will work.

Thank you, dyna

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A:Solved: Import Outlook Contacts

In a nutshell, you will EXPORT from your old PST file and then IMPORT to the new location. You will be able to select what information (inbox, contacts, calendar, etc.) you want to work with.

The PST file by default is named OUTLOOK.PST and is stored on the hard drive. This, however, may have been changed by the individual that original setup your PC.

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I've been using Windows Live Mail for some time now but have never really liked it and thought I'd try Thunderbird. The installation went OK until I tried to import my contacts. WLM wasn't listed in the email programs so I had to 'browse'. Found my contact csv in My docs but got the message that there was no folder. There is - in fact there are two copies of my contacts each with a different title.

Can anyone please tell me in simple terms how to import contacts from WLM or export to Thunderbird? It will be a laborious process if I have to enter each address manually.

Thank you

A:Unable to import contacts from WLM to Thunderbird

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I have managed to import my Outlook Contacts to Vista Home Premium EMail using a CSV. file. Now I need to import my Group contacts from Outlook but not sure how to do this without having to do so by typing in each one manually :-( Is there any other way to do this?

A:Import my Group contacts from Outlook

Try copy & paste.

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Basically here is my situation, I had an iPhone, I hate Apple, so I'm using the new Touch Pro 2 and I love it!

However, I'm trying to get all my contact on there, around 300, and they are all stored in the "C:\Users\{User}\Contacts" folder. I need to get them to sync with the Mobile Device Center. The only way I know to do this is to put the contacts in Outlook 2007.

If you have a better mouse trap or know how I can do this, please chime in.

Thanks SF.

A:Import Windows Contacts to Outlook

I had the same problem. Evidently you have to specifically check the folder that you want to import from the .pst file. So I did one import and go my archived data, but no sent or received. Then I did it again and chose sent. It worked. But no received, so I did it again and it worked. But no contacts. I did it again and chose contacts. It worked. Be careful to correctly select import duplicates or not and to correctly choose the existing personal folder to import into or you will get a duplicate personal folder in the list (its ok, you can delete it). In the end it was simple and I just needed to pay more attention to what I was doing. My fault for doing it at 3 am! -S

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The title would make it sound like a simple problem, but I can't figure it out for the life of me. Here is the situation. Last week a thunder storm blew through and sent a electrical spike through my protection and rendered my motherboard useless. My computer guy salvaged my data for all users from the drive. Once the motherboard was replaced, he had to repair the OS,(Vista). He then plopped the data into a folder on the drive. Now I just need to reload my programs and all that stuff. My question is this: I see the folder with all of my contacts in it. How do I get those contacts back in Outlook 2007? I tried the import wizard, but it seems that there is no option for importing that format. I looked at the properties of one of the contacts and it is listed as a .contact format. What is that? Any help would be appricated.

A:Import Contacts into Outlook 2010

Did you save the original Outlook.pst file? If so, just replace the new one with the original.

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I have saved my gmail contacts as a .csv file in excel. But, it does give this error message:

Attachment 236078

Although the data is there in excel:

Then I try to import to Windows Live Mail as so:

And it says "importing"..... and then nothing else. No contacts come in and no other message.

Please can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong?

A:Import email contacts to WLM from gmail - how?

Sorry - didn't see this thread.

Yeah, the import in WLM and Outlook suffer the same problem. there is no "select all".

So you have to tick each field you want to import.... each time you perform an import. It does remember some fileds, but not the ones you might expect, such as name.

anyway, the default mapping should suffice - just tick all fields and try again.

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Background: I have been searching for a solution to sync contacts on my BlackBerry with my Thunderbird Contacts. Since moving to my Vista Home Premium x64 system (from XP), I decided to move away from Outlook 2000 for good as well due to incompatibilities with Vista as well as performance and security concerns. My BlackBerry did sync flawlessly with Outlook but I am committed to my move to Thunderbird.

Research: I found that the newer versions of BlackBerry Desktop Manager support synchronization with Windows Contacts so I experimented with the exporting of Thunderbird contacts to LDIF format for import to Windows Contacts but this failed (forum posts suggest it's a problem with extended character support in Windows Contacts) so I tried exporting to csv file for import into Windows Contacts.

Solution: The csv file import worked flawlessly after I set up the mapping of all fields that were not recognized by Windows Contacts (a lot of them).

Problem: The mapping of all fields that were not recognized by Windows Contacts was tedious and time consuming since I want to use this process to keep my BlackBerry up to date. Does anyone know if I can save my custom mapping as a template or where the default mapping table resides so I can customize it?

It would be great to be able to perform an import of modified Thunderbird Contact records to Windows Contacts without having to manually set up the mapping every time.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I am in great trouble.

I exported my folders and settings through export data wizard and when try to import, system found 4 cab files, but asking for 5th, which is not there.

As such, I am unable to retrieve my old data in to new one, making a big problem.

Kindly help me urgently.

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I created a folder called contacts ad exported all 1100 contacts into that folder. I copied that folder to another computer but for the life of me I can't figure out how to import these contacts into Live Mail, Windows 7. I guess it isn't saved as a wab file, just a bunch of contacts in a folder. Can anyone help?

Thanks, Airpix

A:Import contacts to Live Mail, How?

This might help:
Import your e-mail, contacts, and calendar into Windows Live Mail

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When trying to import from Excel I don't have the option as the instructions say under Help to "Import from another program of file". I have 3 options which are: "Export to a file", Import Internet Mail Account Settings" and Import Internet Mail and Addresses. Can anyone help direct me, this seems simple but I am stuck.

A:Import contacts from Excel file

What email program are you using?

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How do I import my Comacast contacts into Outlook2003?

A:Import contacts from Comcast to Outlook

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Hey gang!

I have an issue with Windows Live Mail, it won't let me import contacts, all options are grayed out.

OS: Windows XP, SP3 with all updates, freshly installed.

I successfully imported the email accounts, messages AND contacts after I installed Windows Live Mail. When I launched the program the next day, everything was fine except there were no contacts listed. I saw them there after the import (over 500 entries) but now they are all gone. The contact list is a .csv file exported from Windows Live Mail prior to reinstalling the OS. So I attempted to do the import all over again except I can't; all the import options are grayed out. I can create a new contact from scratch as well as create categories/groups but it won't let me import a contact list. With over 500 entries to restore I really don't want to do them by hand!

Any ideas?

A:Can't Import Contacts in Windows Live Mail

Hi -I just found this post that covers from XP to Windows 7 -http://emailclient-expert.blogspot.com.au/2010/11/windows-live-mail-how-to-import.html << These steps can be followed on windows XP and Win 7Hope it helps -

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How do I Export then Import my inbox/mail, sent mail, & contacts (everything) from one computer to another.

A:Export/Import: Mail/Contacts From Outlook

It all depends on what e-mail program you are using. If you are using outlook then you want to copy your *.pst files and *.pab files. *.pab files is your personal address book. Hopefully you created a *.pst files, this is your personal folders. if not then you can either create one or export it. you can also export your calender too.

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Moved from Software Development
Hi, We are a team of 25 who all use the same contact list (which contains addresses, organisation name, tel numbers, emails, contact names etc for approx 600 organisations). We regularly have to bcc all these contacts in to emails. We previously all held the distribution lists (sorted alphabetically by email) and had to let the rest of the team know when details changed so they could be updated by all. The problem with this was that the distribution lists do not hold all the information needed (e.g. addresses, organisation names) and contact information was not always updated as it should have been. I have updated an excel spreadsheet containing all the information and I would like to create a macro for all the team to periodicaly import this data in to Outlook Contacts and possibly create distribution lists from these. I trust this makes sense I am using Outlook 2003.

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Hello Group,

Trying to import one long Excel 2007 column which has only e-mail addresses, into a specific folder in my Windows Contacts. I want to then create a new contact group and then Open that folder with the imported addresses, and do a single Add step, selecting all the imported addresses, from the folder into the new contact group.

Have read some posts about this but it is not working for me (PC Windows Home Premium, Office 2007). Step-by-step:

OK, I save the Excel as a CSV file. Then Tools>Windows Contacts and open the destination folder. Clicking Import > CSV > Import and browse to the Excel file saved in CSV format > Open > Next

Then "Map the fields you wish to import" window appears, showing only the first e-mail address (from the top of the Excel column).

I click on Change Mapping and select "E-mail address" from the list of fields, tick the Import this Field box, and OK, then Finish. Voila.

The e-mails are imported, but they are scattered throughout my Contacts, and the destination folder remains empty.

How do I import to a specific folder in my Windows Contacts? I did not see a destination folder option during the import process, but that folder was opene when I did the import.

Thanks for looking in. Hope someone can solve this, as otherwise I must handle the addresses one-by-one into the Contact Group.


A:Import Excel to Windows Mail Contacts

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I'm at my wits end. From Windows Live Mail, on my 1st PC I've exported my 1900 contacts as CSV files, (using excel) transferred to my new, 2nd machine (via email) and tried to import them to WLM but only 40% show up and there's no error message. Is there a better way to export / import contacts?

Thanks, John / Airpix

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I am trying to migrate from XP to Windows 10. On XP, I have a large address book in a .wab file. I couldn't find any help about how to access it in Windows 10, so I tried clicking on the .wab file. Windows 10 then said it was importing my contacts. The process took a few minutes, and I could see my contacts' names flying by. It seemed to finish normally, but now I can't find the contracts on Windows 10. After the import, there was a message saying my contacts were in something called People. I found People in the Start menu under All Apps, but when it opened, it said "No contacts were found." Please help.

A:How to import contacts from Outlook Express (.wab file)?

Originally Posted by jfniss

I am trying to migrate from XP to Windows 10. On XP, I have a large address book in a .wab file. I couldn't find any help about how to access it in Windows 10, so I tried clicking on the .wab file. Windows 10 then said it was importing my contacts. The process took a few minutes, and I could see my contacts' names flying by. It seemed to finish normally, but now I can't find the contracts on Windows 10. After the import, there was a message saying my contacts were in something called People. I found People in the Start menu under All Apps, but when it opened, it said "No contacts were found." Please help.

Put Contacts in the Search or Run box and it should take you to the Contacts Folder in C:\Users\YOUR_NAMZE\Contacts. I usually use Windows Address Book on WinXP to Export the contacts to a .csv/Comma Separated Value file which can be use for importing into a number of E-Mail programs and some Webmail and can also be opened in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel, Corel/WordPerfect Quattro Pro, Lotus 1-2-3, LibreOffice, OpenOffice, etc.
OEClassic has a built-in address book. OE Classic - Easy to use Outlook Express replacement

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I'm trying to import 6,000 contacts into an Outlook Contact Form I took weeks to design.

Someone please help me, and tell me if it's possible.

A:import 6,000 contacts into an Outlook Contact Form

The form only displays the data, just import it and it should work fine if the fields in the form correspond to the ones imported.

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*Can't Import from XP Outlook Express 'Address Book' (wab.exe) to Windows Vista Mail 'Contacts'.

-My XP laptop crashed, but a friend downloaded my harddrive to an ipod and I copied all from there.

-I imported all messages with no problems.

-I tried to follow their Importing procedure, but it doesn't show any address book to transfer from.

-I have activated for hidden files to be viewed, but still they are not showing.

-I also cannot import the address book that I correctly backed up on my external hard drive as a (csv.exe) file. I go well with the importing, but after I press the IMPORT button I get an error message saying..."Error Importing to Windows Contacts".

Are both problems related. Can I kill two birds with one stone and fix them both with one correction (yeh sure!). Please help.

A:Import XP OE Address Book to Vista Contacts

Try moving the file to your desktop and importing from there. Also move the actual file not the .csv, which is called .wab and importing from that from desktop. This can be really tricky.

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Hi, recently have been transferred from using Outlook for email to Lotus Notes at my workplace.

None of the techy guys have come up with a good way to transfer my Outlook contacts which are local to my laptop to my local address book in Lotus Notes.

Looking for a easy way to do this and free of course!!

Any ideas?


A:Import Outlook contacts to Lotus Notes

In Outlook, click File, Import Export, select export to a file, select file type - most likely Comma separated or Tab separated will work.
But you may need to do some editing of exported file Excel to comply with LotusNotes field naming conventions, sequence of fields, etc.

Perhaps this will be useful to your techy guys (who should have prepared for this when they switched you, what were they thinking of!)

If you describe what your techs already tried and failed to do, someone here will find an answer. Also computer system and Outlook version might help.

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I'd like to import all of my Windows Contacts into GMail's contact lists. I've tried a few different methods but none have worked so far. This should not require the services of a great mind but should be simple for a pea brain such as me. Can you help?


A:Import all Windows Contacts into GMail/Google+ or whatever

What happened Importing the csv file in gmail ?
Windows contacts can you be a little more specific ?
Livemail/ outlook.com/.... where your exporting to a csv file.

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I just bought a Win8.1 laptop and would like to use all my email contacts from my old laptop. The email program on the old one is Thunderbird.

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