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To switch or not to switch? That is the question.

Q: To switch or not to switch? That is the question.

Hello. I currently have a home network as follows.

3 PC's connected to router.
router connected to cable modem.

I would like to increase the througput on my LAN (amongst the 3 pc's) so I'm thinking about adding a switch such that it would be [3pc's->switch->router-cable modem]. I was wondering whether adding the switch would actually improve the LAN thoroughput or is this just adding unnecessarily repetetive. I am aware of the "7 layers of the osi model" of networking but am wondering whether switches and routers work on the same layers. Im assuming NO because router bases routing based on IP address while switch will deal with the MAC addresses (am i correct???). Since a switch will perform less inspections on the packets (IP filtering, SPI, etc..) am I going to get better results when adding the switch??

BTW, my router: SMC2804WBR
Switch i might add: Gigafast Mini Switch EZ500-S

Preferred Solution: To switch or not to switch? That is the question.

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: To switch or not to switch? That is the question.

Your router has a 100Mbit switch in it so unless you are getting a gigabit switch and your PCs have gigabit interfaces you will get no significant boost in network speed.

You may get a small speed inrease if you buy a good 100Mbit switch - the ones integrated in home routers tend to be the bottom of the barrel type - this will give you some extra under very high loads.

What is a "good" switch? You would want something with crossbar fabric and/or cut-through packet forwarding (those are expensive).

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Need to no if I have this right

they have a dsl modem going to a Linksys router to a 24 port switch then to a little 4 port switch. sure, so then Would it be modem to router then router to any port on the big switch or is there an uplink port on the big switch it should go to? then you would hook a cat5e from one of the regular ports on the 24 port switch and run it to the uplink port on the 4 port switch need to no if the whole sequence is right. Hope someone can help, john will told me the cable would go from the big switch to the uplink on the small switch but I am wondering if I have it all right or not and wonderiing about from the router to the 24 port switch does the cable just go in a regular port in the big switch or if there is an uplink port does it go there. Hope you can understand my rambleing here. Thanks (please don't send me to a link) just need to no modem to router to regular port or uplink port on 24 port switch then from regular port on 24 port switch to uplink port on the 4 port switch. Thanks

A:Solved: Windows xp hookup question for modem, router, switch, to switch?

Router to uplink port on 24 port switch, and then normal port on the 24 port switch to uplink port on the second 4 port switch. An auto-MDX port on a device negates the need to worry about uplink ports for that particular cable connection.

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One question I need to know

If you go from DSL modem to Router then Router to switch
my question is then
If I wanted to hook another mini linksys switch into the bigger switch would you run the cat5e cable from the first switch to a reg port in the second switch or would you run it to the uplink port and then hook the 1 or 2 computers into the reg ports of the second switch.??

A:Solved: Windows xp-question of hookup switch to switch?

Obviously, run it to the uplink port if available.

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I have Windows 7 Professional on my PC. In the first load I had, the PC should automatically detect if the LAN cable was plugged in, turn off the wireless radio, and change the network icon in the right bottom corner to reflect the cable was now in use.
Unfortunately, I had to reload my PC, and since then I can't get it to do it again.
So, what I'd like to achieve is this: Have Windows automatically detect when the cable is plugged in, turn of the wireless radio, and change the network icon in the right bottom corner to reflect the cable is in use - and, obviously, vice versa.
Can someone tell me what I need to do, please?

A:Have Windows 7 automatically switch to LAN when cable is plugged in and switch to wireless when it's removed

There are two methods can help you.
1. Go to <Network and Sharing><Change Adapter Settings> and right click your wired and wireless adapters one at a time to change the properties. Select IPv4, click <Properties>
then click <Advanced>. For each one, clear the "Automatic metric" check box and assign the metric value manually. Setting your wired adapter?s metric value lower than wireless adapter one, such as ?1? for wired adapter and ?2? for wired adapter.

2. Go to <Network and Sharing><Change Adapter Settings>,
hold down 'alt' to bring up the "File" menu, select "Advanced", select
"Advanced Settings" from the dropdown menu, adjust the priority of your wired adapter higher than your wireless adapter in the "Advanced Settings" window under the "Adapters and Bindings" tab.
Hope this helps.Please remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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I have a wireless router connected to my modem, and ALL PC's connect to that for internet.

I also have a gigabit switch I use to transfer data in between several of the machines. I do it quite often and I don't want it eating up the wifi bandwidth.
I have done it before, but it has been a long time and I cannot remember how I forced internet traffic over the wifi and local traffic through the switch
Is the only way to do it to specifically tell Windows to use the IP address of the LAN connection? I know it will work that way, forcing local traffic directly to that IP, but I seem to remember there being an easier way to do this.


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Am a new Networking BEE I had built a small network of 20 systems at my office and there I had connected a switch and router.

All the switch ports have been covered by all the systems and one port is given to the router

And also I connected a HUB to the switch ..

It works fine for my internet connections to all the systems but how do i make authentication of passwords and username to my network systems from one server which I use server 2003 at one system

let me know the detailed step by step procedure to build.........

I would feel very happy If at all any Suggestions for me to make my Business grow.....

As early as possible ................

Thanks in Advance


A:Connection of Router to Switch and also a Hub to Switch - N/W systems internet share

>>I use server 2003 at one system

you need to enable Network Login, but that requires that win2003 have

a domain controller
a DHCP service
and a DNS service.
the Domain Controller is just another name for LDAP and it becomes the control point
for all systems.

get some books on Configuring Win2003 Server

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hi all,

system gets hang, pc configuration is intel 865bgf motherboard with PIV 3ghz ht processor with 80 gb samsung hdd and 266 mb ddr i reinstalled the operating system (xp pro) changed smps and changed 256 ddr but the problem still continues, when the system gets hang i am not able to use my keyboard or mouse i have to restart the system , please help me and also i have to know weather is this the hardware issue or the software issue, and also i am facing same problem with same configuration with the other customer pc .
warm regards,

A:system gets hang (it freezes) only option is to switch off and switch on

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Is it possible to switch off a laptop screen - laptop runs Windows 7 - and prevent it being switched on again, without inputting a password?

I need to keep the laptop running, therefore I can't put it to sleep and logging-off has become a pain.

I've tried the Power Options, but the display comes on again when the mouse is nudged.

I've also tried "Fn + F6" on my Acer laptop, which switches off the screen, but an accidental key press brings it to life again.

Any ingenious little prog around? None I've seen have that crucial password privacy aspect.

A:How to switch off laptop screen & password protect switch on again?

a password is is used when you are out but if you are home you don't need a password.. unless you don't trust somebody...

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We have 3 16 port switches connected to our router. Everything has been in place and working well since last May.
Beginning this week, as soon as one employee arrives and turns on his pc, every pc on that switch loses internet access. Not network access - can still see other pc's - just no internet.

The pc causing the problems is the oldest on our network, but it is running Win10 like the others. When I check the stats on the router for his IP address, his has the highest transmission numbers.

We are scheduled to replace that pc within the next 2 weeks, but is there something I can/should look at doing in the mean time?

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Hi everyone, I searched through the forums but couldn't really find what I was looking for.

Currently we have a DHCP server set up to a switch, that has a special line connecting to a switch in our shop which is just across our back lot, giving network access to the few computers over there. They recently put in a new machine that needs network access, but they have already accidentally cut two ethernet cords. I'm looking to provide a wireless solution for the machine, but I don't want to have to spend a few thousand dollars on a large wireless switch.

Can I plug a wireless router into the switch in our shop, and essentially turn it into a wireless bridge, or is there another, simpler way to do this?

If this has already been answered, sorry for missing it!


A:Solved: DHCP Server -> Switch -> Switch -> Wireless

While you could use a router, or even configure the router to act as an access point, why not just buy a true access point? They start at $27: http://www.newegg.com/Store/SubCate...ame=Wireless-AP-Bridges-Repeaters&Order=PRICE

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I thought that I had this all figured out, but my dad just asked me a question about my setup, and I can't answer it.

The setup is like this:
[ip-phones + computers]-->[small switch]-->[managed L2 switch]-->[router]-->[modem]

I have several ip-phones and computers grouped into blocks of 8. Each set of 8 is a medley of phones/computers connected to a small switch http://www.linksys.com/servlet/Sate...nksys/Common/VisitorWrapper&lid=3681322279B34

Each of these switches, in turn, will be connected to a managed L2 switch http://www1.ca.dell.com/content/products/productdetails.aspx/pwcnt_3448p?c=ca&cs=calca1&l=en&s=biz that will create 2 VLANS: One VLAN will contain all of the phones, and the other will contain all of the computers. In turn, each VLAN will have its own router and DSL modem, thereby separating the network traffic.

I know that I can use this L2 switch to make the VLANS based on the MAC addresses of the devices. However, the smaller switches do not support 802.1q [VLANs]. Will it be a problem that the smaller switches do not support VLANs? Essentially, will this setup work to split up network traffic?

Thanks once again,

A:Computer, switch, switch, router, modem

I have the same DELL switch for my phones. You PoE will not carry across the linksys switches, so that is the first problem.
Next are the computers attached to the phones? Or does each device get its own drop?

And whats this about 2 routers and modems? Thats a bit over kill!! QoS would do the trick.

I would run all the devices off the Dell and attach the computers to the Phones (most IP Phones have a passthrough port) Configure the Dell with trunk ports with the Computer VLAN passing untagged traffic making it the native VLAN. While having the phones on a Tagged VLAN(If you phones conig allows you to set the VLAN in its config great! If not you can bind the MAC to the VLAN). The you create a QoS policy giving the VoIP traffic priority!

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i have this sr224 switch and i like to connect it to my giga network sr2024 switch.
now, i plug a utp belden cat5e to port 1 of sr224 and the other end to port 1 of sr2024.
what i got is the whole panel lights of sr224 will blink very fast.
is this normal? or sr224 and sr2024 cannot be paired?

thanks in advance guys

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Can any one advised me

I want to implement network on 6 Floor , 12-12 Port on each portion in one floor, total 24 ports on each floor keeping in mind distance between the each floors how do i connect them with fiber cable (which fiber cable i required) so speed remain constant for all floors.

How is my Idea to implement...right from server room in 1 floor where all internet connection providing to each floor. Cascading from 1 to 2 , 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 5, 5 to 6. UPon this setup...do i get into a low speed bandwith comparing to 1 floor Network. Does Network Gets slow by connecting through Cat5 UTP cable in cascading example.

Please adviced me.

-Thank Q>

A:How Can i Connect Gigabyte Switch to Gitabyte Switch

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Hi, guys. I have connected Huawei switch S5700-24TP-SI-AC with Cisco switch 2960 using one single fiber with LX SFP. The port is up on one side (Blinking on Huawei side) and down on Cisco side...Please help.

A:Huawei switch vs Cisco switch, How to connect

What kind of 2960 switch do you have? Have you checked the interface to verify the switch recognizes the optic and all the stats report back as normal? Are you using a Cisco branded optic? Do you see light being shot out from the optic in the 2960?

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Hi Everyone.....
So, I just got Wireless Broadband hooked up in my business. I hooked the LAN to the Router and then hooked up a 16 port gigabit switch. I have three terminals coming out of it (in the bcak of the building) as well as a line running to the front of the building. At the front of the building I have the line going into another 16 port gigabit switch. I have 4 computer terminals coming out of that switch. I AM getting internet at the back of the building .....but nothing at any of the terminals after the second switch (front of the building). Can someone help?


A:Router to Switch to Switch.....No Internet at end terminals

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I use windows 7.
When I turn on laptop (acer Aspire 5742) cannot connect to internet until I switch user and log in again. Soon as I touch any browser icon the rest of computer stops responding as well. It's only me on computer. Have virgin media security/ spyware/ virus protection. Tried CCleaner. After I switch user everything is fine.
Additional info; On 16th October had great difficulty getting my emails from Yahoo. Sometimes sign-in box appeared without my security signature and different style of writing for browser remembered log-on details.



A:Solved: have to switch user to continue after switch on

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We are moving to a new office location. The guys who will be setting our network is proposing the following equipment:

1. 3Com 24-port 10/100 mbps switch
2. 24-port Patch panel
3. 6u data cabinet
4. 1u cable management

The new office will be a 2-floor building with around 40 computers. I asked some of my friends who are more expert on network setup and told me typical switch (Linksys, Cisco) will do if we need to save some money.

What do you think? Thanks a lot!

A:Is 3Com 24-switch necessary or typical switch will do?

Well, first off, I'd be specifying a gigabit switch for expandability, I can't see investing in a 10/100 switch in 2010! If you don't need a managed switch, or need to save money initially, and unmanaged switch will probably be significantly cheaper.

In point of fact, if you want to go really cheap, you can get away for less than $100!

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produ...igabit switch&bop=And&Order=PRICE&PageSize=20

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Hello all

I just installed 4GB ram on my 32 vista and it only recognized 3GB in the os (vista 32) and all 4GB in the bios. so I decided to use the /3GB Switch, by using that command in bcdedit, it all worked good. The problem is now I have 3069 mb physical memory and ONLY 209 mb Kernal Memory!!! so I used the "bcdedit /deletevalue IncreaseUserVa" and bcedit said it worked successfuly so i restart my pc and it STILL had the same memory! so right now im stuck with only 209 mb Kernal memory! any ideas on how to fix this? I looked all over google and found nothing. Should I keep these settings or try and fix it?how do i fix it?

A:3GB switch will not switch back, vista 32!

I am not too familiar with those commands you speak of, but I do have a question: Is the video card built into the motherboard? If so, what amount of system memory is being shared with it? Besides that, I have no more ideas to offer you. Sorry

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im connectiong a switch to a switch, what connection do i use straight or cross.


A:switch to switch straight or cross

standard rj45 cables

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Hi, i have a AIO B50-30 and I'm trying to connect via the hdmi input socket my TV satellite box. I have found out recently that there is a switch on the side of the unit that will allow you to switch to the input channels so allowing viewing of the box and other like units Xbox etc. My issue is that I'm pressing the switch but nothing is happening it's simply staying on my desktop on Windows 10. Can anyone please help to see if I'm doing this right or am I missing something ?.  Any help, suggestions would be gratefully received since there is very little on the subject in connection with this particular model .thanks in advance.

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I understand that a hub is more like a party line, where all devices hear and read data before sending it to next port, and a switch is advanced hub. But, what is a router. I know what a wireless router is, but they say a router is more advanced than a switch. Can you buy a non-wireless router?

Also, can you connect 2 switches together? So, Modem-----to Switch----to Switch----Computer

And both switches have other devices connected?

A:Hub vs Switch vs Router/ 2 Switch Story

you CAN buy a non-wireless router--but--the two I found on Amazon were only 10/100 (most modern systems use gigabit ethernet 10/100/1000) but wired are generally cheaper than a wireless router(the Cisco below is NOT cheap)--however--it's not necessary to use the wireless part of the wireless router as most have at least 4 ports (wired).

Yes you can connect switches together but they won't allow for multiple computers to connect to the Internet (at least not easily nor in a way that makes sense).

What devices are you trying to connect together?

wired routers:
Amazon.com: TRENDnet 4-Port Broadband Router TW100-S4W1CA (Black): Electronics

Amazon.com: Cisco-Linksys EtherFast Cable/DSL Router with 4-Port 10/100 Switch: Electronics

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Seeing how switches themselves do not have MAC addresses, when a computer on one switch wants to communicate with a computer that resides on another switch, wouldn't the 1st switch forward that frame to all nodes on it's own switch and then subsequently forward the frame to the switch with the computer with the frames corresponding MAC address? Seems to me that a switch would work like a hub in this type of scenario. Or does each switch have some sort of built in forwarding table?

A:Switch Question

In general switches (unmanaged/dumb) don't have MAC addresses unless they are managed or a layer 3 switch.

Yes, if the switch receives a frame with a destination MAC address it does not know about, it will forward that frame across all its ports. The chances of this happening is minimized as many computers/servers/devices will at least generate some traffic when it is first plugged into the network. When the particular computer/server/device generates traffic the switch will learn about the MAC address on that port. As you've said, once the switch has the MAC address in its MAC table for which port that MAC address resides on, all traffic will be directed to that port for that destination MAC address.

No, the switch is just broadcasting for this specific scenario. There are also ARP broadcasts which get generated by clients when there is a who is ARP request. Even when there is a broadcast like this, the reply message from a device will not be broadcasted across all the ports. The other thing that makes hubs hubs is how they function electrically. They act as a splitter. So the implication of this is that the devices connected to the hub HAVE to run in half duplex. Half duplex operation allows CSMA/CD to run which is the spec in ethernet to allow for collision detection. The way ethernet operates is that a device will listen on the wire before sending a frame. If there is traffic already on the wire, the device will wait a random amount of time before checking to ... Read more

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i have an older belkin 4 port omnicube kvm switch that had 2 desktops & my old dell laptop conn.
i just got a new thinkpad with port rep
the port rep has only video in, no kb or mouse.
when i tried hook up video i got nothing on monitor.
should a kvm switch work in this config ( 2 desktops using kvm inputs, laptop using only v)
i did try direct conn from mon cable to port rep & it worked but not shure if kvm bad or its just not supposed to work in that config.

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What are the requirements for Fedora 7, because the computer I plan to run it on isn't that good, but it runs well enough.

A:One question before I switch...

Hardware requirements:

Fedora 7 requires an Intel Pentium or better processor, and is optimized for Pentium 4 and later processors.

* Recommended for text-mode: 200 MHz Pentium-class or better
* Recommended for graphical: 400 MHz Pentium II or better
* Minimum RAM for text-mode: 128MiB
* Minimum RAM for graphical: 192MiB
* Recommended RAM for graphical: 256MiB Hard disk space

The disk space requirements listed below represent the disk space taken up by Fedora 7 after the installation is complete. However, additional disk space is required during the installation to support the installation environment. This additional disk space corresponds to the size of /Fedora/base/stage2.img on Installation Disc 1 plus the size of the files in /var/lib/rpm on the installed system.

In practical terms, additional space requirements may range from as little as 90 MiB for a minimal installation to as much as an additional 175 MiB for an "everything" installation. The complete packages can occupy over 9 GB of disk space.Click to expand...

In reality however - especially if you use Gnome or KDE - you'll get much better usability with 512 MB RAM, the more the better.

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I was wondering if anyone knows if the vga portion of an electronic kvm switch would work in reverse? Instead of 2 pc's sharing a single monitor, could it work by allowing one pc to switch between 2 monitors? Or if there is a better solution to achieve this? I need to be able to use one or the other or both monitors.:wave:

A:Kvm Switch Question

A better way to accomplish this is to purchase a video card that has 2 outputs

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I need help. I just purchased an AT powersupply for an old computer. I was in a hurry and didnt read the box well. Its an AT powersupply that uses the motherboard switch. I need some ideas on how to wire it to the older exterior switch. The old switch has 2 brown wires and the new ps have 3 wires, red, black, and white. Any Ideas?

A:AT switch question

I have searched everywhere for a solution to a similar problem, but with no luck. The only way I could find to get around it, was to get hold of a new power supply. I hope you have more luck than me.

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I have the following environment:

Linksys wireless router connecting 4 computers.
The os's are windows 2000 pro, xp home, xp pro and 98se
The xp pro is my business dell notebook with a docking station.

My company wants to send me a 19 inch lcd monitor for it. That's fine by me. The 98se computer is also in my home office and it uses a 17 inch monitor that is the size of a small van.

So the question is this ....... Can I make this xp pro notebook with a docking station and the old win 98se computer share not only the new 19 inch lcd monitor but also the keyboard and mouse. The keyboard and mouse I'd like to share is currently hooked into the 98se machine and isn not usb. If so what kvm switch would you recommend? Also, when I'm traveling with my notebook would the 98 se machine still function ok?


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I have two computers at home. One's my daughters and I have no need for them to be networked. I'm using comcast cable for internet access. I simply bought a small D-link 5 port switch and run the two computers thru it. I've been doing this for a little over three weeks. I told my brother about it so he ran off to Fry's to get one. The guys there scared him to death. Said it wasn't possbile to do and that comcast would be able to tell and wouldn't allow it.

Don't want to be doing anything illegal or at least get temporary turned off. It's working like a dream but whats the skinny?

Thanks Ed

A:Switch question

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We are deploying 32bit and 64bit Win7 PCs here. I accidentally ran: BCDEDIT.EXE /Set IncreaseUserVa 3072 on a 64bit PC.

So, did I just restrict this PC to only using 3GB? And if I did, is there anything I can do to reverse it?

Thanks for any help!

A:3GB Switch Question


Try bcdedit /deletevalue increaseuserva 3072

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Hey guys,

Ive got one monitor that i would like to share between my laptop and my other PC. When i use it with my laptop id like to use it as a 2nd screen and with my pc id like to use it as the main screen.

I bought one of these:

CBL-102U 2-Port Mini KVM Switch with Cable

I connect the main adaptor (or the box) part to the shared screen. Then i hook one end of the VGA cable to my laptop and the other end to my other PC output..right?

I turn on my laptop and the screen and try the screen setting to extend monitor but nothing. Also tried using the function key on my laptop with the screen switch button - nothing happens

The only thing i get is a red flashing light on the PS1 light on the box, thats it. Do you need to have the PS mouse & keyboard plugged in order for the VGA to work??


A:KVM switch question


When i use it with my laptop id like to use it as a 2nd screen and with my pc id like to use it as the main screen.

You would go out of the shared monitor into KVM and then out of the KVM into the laptop's VGA. And Into the Desktop's VGA. And Yes, the USB Keyboard and mouse must be plugged into the KVM and the output would go to the laptop USB as well as the Desktop USB. The USB has to be plugged in for everything to work.
Once you switch the KVM to the laptop, Then you have to adjust the Display to Extend Desktop.

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Ok, I have a weird problem and it may sound simple to some. I have a laptop, Xbox 360, and sometimes a desktop (when I am repairing one) that I need to hook up to one monitor. I figured a KVM switch would be perfect but it gets its power from the USB/PS/2 port. Therefore, I am unable to use it as I will not be sharing a keyboard or mouse. I am unable to find one that actually has a power adapter (unless I overlooked it). I tried searching for a VGA Switch/splitter but I have only found one that would allow me to do what I need to do and the rest only allows you to connect one device and 4 monitors. Could someone recommend a cheap (under $75) KVM that has a power adapter or inform me of what I need to be looking for (like the correct words for the product that I need). Thanks in advance.

A:KVM/VGA Switch Question

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817196027 Try this

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I've searched the forum and could not find an answer to this problem.

I have a Windows 7 Enterprise machine where at the login screen the "Switch User" button is missing and so I am unable to clear the last user.

Just about all the results I got back on this topic was how to re-enable the "Switch User". This doesn't help because I can't login to make the change.


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So, I just bought this 32 port and another 24 port switch for a big lan party i'm having....I managed to hook the two together via their uplink ports, and, well, when I plug my comp into one of the jacks, it says "limited or no connectivity" So, my question is, how would I configure the TCP/IP settings? I know the subnetmask is, and the ip address is 192.168.1.xx, but what about the default gateway and DNS servers? Do I put anything there? At the last LAN party I went to, I had this same problem and someone showed me how to do it, but I forgot Any help would be appreciated!

A:n00b switch question

Well first, don't set ANY of that manually. The router should assign you all the IP info. If that's not happening, DHCP is screwed up, or else you have a bad cable or bad port.
If other PCs connected can get dynamic info, so should you, or setting static info won't help.

Try a new cable, and a new port. Make sure your NIC settings are all set to auto, and make sure you don't have firewall software interfering.

Good luck!

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If I have a broadband connection, a server with gigabyte nic, and I replace my 10/100 switch with a gigabyte one, will I see a noticeable increase in speed through remote desktop or internet throughput?

A:Gigabyte Switch Question

None at all. If you have local workstations sharing files you may see an improvement in access speeds locally. The 100mbit connection is far faster than your Internet connection already.

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Hopefully this is the right forum for this question. I have a Catalyst 2900 Switch that I am playing around with--learning the Cisco system. I tried to sign on and it will not accept the password. I need the password recovery sequence for this type of switch. I have the recovery for Cisco routers 25XX & 16XX but they do not work. Thanks for any help.

A:Cisco Switch Question

have you tried just hitting enter? Or another original one - password or password1??? Some people just aren't very original when it comes to passwords. We have a couple Cisco switches and some of them use these. Just a thought.

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hey guys i have a quick question bout a situation i have going on. the computer i am now on is hooked up into the internet via a wall ethernet jack, which is hooked into an ethernet switch (or hub i think) in another room where the cable modem is located. the tv that i play my xbox 360 on is a good 10 feet away or so, and i want to get connected onto xbox live from there.

i have an ethernet cable that is long enough to run from the xbox itself to the wall ethernet jack that the computer is hooked into.

what my question is is that if i buy another ethernet switch and hook it into the wall jack, and then from that switch run another ethernet line into the computer which is literally right on top of the jack and then another line from that switch into the xbox 10 feet away, if this will work since the wall jack itself is hooked into another ethernet switch in another room.

i can kinda guess that was kinda annoying to follow but i just wanted to explain everything to avoid confusion. help would be really appreciated . thanks guys

A:ethernet switch question

im not sure if theres a difference between a hub and a switch, but i do know that the wall jack is hooked into an 8 port linksys ethernet switch. if that helps at all

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If i use a switch, do i need a an IP for each for computer connected to it? and also, if i dont, will they all have the same IP and will it not be one of those 192.168... IPs?

A:Newtork Switch Question

Every machine on a TCP\IP network must have a unique IP address regardless of whether they are connected to a hub, switch or peer to peer. Using the same addee for more than one machine will cause an error and the second machine attempting to load TCP\IP using this address will fail to load the IP stack. There are many ways around this depending on your network, ISP and needs.

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Hi everyone:

First of all - I am a real novice at networking but am learning fast so feel free to laugh.

I have a question about a networking situation I am doing within my computer lab at my school. (Systems running W98 and 95).

I have a 24-port switch and have my system as well as 21 of my total 24 systems hooked successfully to it (one of the ports in the switch is bad!)

I have three more systems that I'd like to get hooked to the network. How would I go about doing this? Would I need another switch? (Perhaps a simple 4 or 8-port)? If so - how do I connect a switch to a switch?

I'm learning quickly - made my own CAT5 cables last week. That was fun!

Thanks for any advice.

A:Networking switch question

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Hi, and thanks for taking the time to look over my question.

My father runs two towers through an 'IOGEAR' KVM switch. Both systems are Windows XP Home, SP3.

It appears that the KVM switch might be causing some issues and I thought he should disconnect the switch, re-boot and reconnect it. I did have him look through his Device Manager, but he was unable to locate anything related to the KVM switch.

I thought we might try and uninstall any drivers, then re-boot and have Windows re-install a new one. I don't believe the switch even came with any drivers, and it ran using the Windows drivers from the beginning.

My question is: Can somebody tell me where I would find the drivers within the Device Manager? (Under which category?) I'm guessing that it might be under the Human Interface Devices, but if anybody knows for sure and how I can identify it, that would be great.

A:KVM Switch Driver Question

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I understand that this person wants to split his internet connection with his pc and his xbox, but what is the difference between trying to share with a hub versus a switch, what makes the switch better in this situation?, Im curious to know, not try to bash anyone...

A:Another hub/switch to a router question

I am giving you your own thread.

You've been around here a bit, please start a new thread for a new problem!

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Hey all. Quick question.
I'm new to networking. I'd like to expand my network (currently just 2 computers w/crossover cable). All it needs to do is play multiplayer games. Will a switch work or do I need a hub or a router? The switch was $10 so I bought it and before I open it I wanna know if it'll work. Thanks!

A:Quick Question Switch/Hub

Have used all three

Switch is better than hub
Router is better than switch

If you just want to play games on home lan switch should work fine

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so i bought myself a Netgear GS608 gigabit switch, so i plugged my switch into my router and my server, my download box and myNas all into the switch, port 1 where i plug my router to my switch is orange(10/100) and my port 3 and 4 NAS and Download box are both green(10/100/1000).

On the network connection on my NAS and Download box both say 1Gbps but yet transferring 40GB will take almost 3 hours i'm not sure why its not transferring faster.

A:Question about Gigabit Switch

About 4mb/sec is typical for most stand-alone NAS boxes. The gigabit port is strictly for advertising copy.

What's the exact make/model of the NAS box?

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I have a Motorola SBG6580. It's on one end of the living room, my computer is on the other end. The cable from port 1 on the SBG6580 is connected straight to my desktop (Cat6 cable is run under the baseboard). Port 2 will be for a HTPC, port 3 is for the blu-ray player, port 4 is empty.

Can I take the ethernet cable from the modem/router (port 1) connect it to a switch (Netgear GS105 5-port Gigabit switch) that's on my desk and use the switch to have multiple ports at my desk? Will I need to change any settings in the SBG6580 for this to work?

A:quick question about a switch

Quote: Originally Posted by HAVOC

I have a Motorola SBG6580. It's on one end of the living room, my computer is on the other end. The cable from port 1 on the SBG6580 is connected straight to my desktop (Cat6 cable is run under the baseboard). Port 2 will be for a HTPC, port 3 is for the blu-ray player, port 4 is empty.

Can I take the ethernet cable from the modem/router (port 1) connect it to a switch (Netgear GS105 5-port Gigabit switch) that's on my desk and use the switch to have multiple ports at my desk? Will I need to change any settings in the SGB6580 for this to work?

Yes that is exactly what switches are made for, no adjustment to the settings is required.

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I recently had a power supply failure on a Netgear 16 port switch (GS116) and managed to get a refurbed switch and power supply.

My system set-up includes a number of terastations ranging from 1TB to 4 TB, all connected to the 16 port switch. My question relates to my oldest terastation, which cannot be accessed if connected to the new switch but can if use my old one.

I thought a switch was pretty simple, it appears to not have any firmware to update. Is this a hardware issue?


A:16 Port Switch and NAS devices question

Yes. If the choice of switch makes a substantial difference, then it's a hardware issue, though not necessarily in the switch - it may also be the Terastation.

Without wishing to be seen to cast aspersions, the Buffalo Terastation is built to a budget - around $2.45 in resistors, transistors, and solder. It's entirely possible that the signal-level voltages given off by that thing are not considered acceptable by the new switch, whose standards are stricter, but were OK as far as the old switch was concerned.

Otherwise, it could indeed be the new switch. Unlike a "hub", switches are actually relatively sophisticated bits of kit which understand MAC (hardware) addresses and keep internal tabs on which MAC address is to be found on which switch port. When it notices two of those addresses attempting to talk to each other, a switch sets up a temporary link between the ports in question. It's far from a dumb amplifier, and things can go wrong.

I'd suggest borrowing a 3rd switch. Hell, I'd gladly give you one if you lived closer, just to get rid of some hardware and create space! If the third switch also refuses to acknowledge the existence of your "problem" Terastation, that just about seals it.

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I need to add a switch to my existing network and am looking for the easiest way to do it. I have a lab network I setup with a server running server 2003, 8 windows XP computers and 10-12 instruments connected to a Netgear JFS524 switch. Everything, including the instruments has a static IP address. The network is a stand alone network not connected to the internet nor any other networks. My current 24 port switch is almost full and I need to add some more process automation instruments to the network. Can I just daisy chain a second 24 port switch to my current switch, or is it better to go the more expensive route and purchase a 48 port switch.

Thank you for the help.

A:Daisy-chain switch question

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I'm sure my brain has the answer to this from when I got my network cert 10 years ago but I just can't seem to figure this one out.

When I cross connect the switches the link lights go crazy and I can't connect to the internet or the servers.

My configuration is the following

2 Poweredge 440sc's

48 port patch panel

3 Netgear 24 port 100/1000 switches (Then do NOT have a dedicated uplink port)

A Dlink 4 port 10/100/1000 router.

Its wired like this (I'll try to keep it simple without pictures)

Switch 1

Servers, Phone System and 4 ports from the Patch Panel
1 Connection to the Router

Switch 2

22 connections to the patch panel
1 Interconnect to Switch 1
1 Connection to the Router

22 connections to the patch panel
1 Interconnect to Switch 1
1 Connection to the Router
So in the configuration, technically each switch is interconnected twice, once through the interconnects going from 2 and 3 back to 1 and then each switch's connection to the router.

When I take the Interconnects out or the simultaneous connections to the router (one or the other), everything works fine.

Why is this happening? I would think more interconnections the better.

Secondary question:

Given it does't work, which way would work better, the interconnections to Switch 1 with 1 wire going to the router from Switch 1 or all interconnecting at the router (It is a re... Read more

A:Multiple Switch Configuration Question

The reason the way you have it wired doesn't work is because you created the text book switch loop. Apparently your switches and router does not support spanning tree. Spanning tree allows multiple meshed links between switches without creating loops by determining best pathing to the root switch and putting the other links in blocking mode.

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