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Database Server CPU Comparison: Athlon MP vs. Hyper Threading Xeon

Q: Database Server CPU Comparison: Athlon MP vs. Hyper Threading Xeon

This is one of the first (if not the first) dual CPU shootout I've seen. Amazing things from AMD...

Database Server CPU Comparison: Athlon MP vs. Hyper Threading Xeon

Date: April 4th, 2002
Type: IT/Enterprise Computing
Manufacturer: Various
Author: Anand Lal Shimpi

If you wanted to find out what the fastest desktop CPU is, it would just take a few clicks and you would have 10 reviews at your disposal. If you're trying to put together a workstation system, you'll have a bit less to go off of but there is still more than enough information available to help make your decision. But when it comes to servers, the information flow is severely reduced.

Generally speaking, you'll find reviews of individual servers from Dell and HP but you won't find the type of component level comparisons we're used to seeing in the desktop and workstation sectors.

There are a number of reasons for this. First of all, it's very difficult to test the performance of CPUs and platforms in a server environment without actually setting up such an environment. Especially as you get into the 4-way and beyond realms, it becomes very difficult to stress those systems. There are industry standard benchmarks that can be used but again, they are very costly to run and require a great deal of setup. In the desktop and workstation worlds, you simply load up the application you wish to measure performance under and find a benchmark to help you gauge performance.


With Hyper Threading enabled however the 2.2GHz Xeons can keep up with AMD's Athlon MP 2000+ CPUs. Oh, how times have changed; it used to be that AMD would never have been taken seriously in the enterprise market, and now we're talking about Intel striving to be competitive enough with the AMD's enterprise level performance.Click to expand...

Nice to see that AMD CPUs are now beign considered to be "production" feasible

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Preferred Solution: Database Server CPU Comparison: Athlon MP vs. Hyper Threading Xeon

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I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


What is it, and should my BIOS be enabled for it or not? My P4 Intel 2.8 GHz, Win XP Pro thinks that it has a dual CPU, I was told by someone that it may be Hyper-threading. I went to the BIOS, and it's enabled for it...???? Should I disable this feature, I don't even know what it's for.


It's a new feature in processing. You should enable it or leave it enabled if your processor is capable of doing it. It's supposed to improve performance or something. As to you having dual CPUs, ummm. Not sure. I know XP supports symmetric multi processing, but normally workstations don't have more than one CPU. That's usually in servers and such. Where exactly do you see that it says you have more than one CPU?

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What is this new Hyper-Threading that everyone is talking about.It is
mark on boxes as HT.

Thay have this new Pentium 4 D 820 and the Pentium 4 D 670 is it any
good ? People say D processors are better becuse it is 2 processors
in one so a processors running at 820 MHz with 2 processors it runs
at 1640 MHz.

Also people say processors that have a higher X is better .Thay have
this CPU at Best Buy new Intel's Pentium 4 D processor speed 2X
2.8GHZ so each core runs at 2.8GHZ.

I would like to get a Pentium 4 D 820 processor speed 3X 2.8GHZ so
each core runs at 2.8GHZ that be 8.4 Ghz if you add all 3 cores .
Anyone know when it is coming out less than year ??

At this time you only have processor speed 1X and 2X later on may be
3X or 4X that be nice if you had a processor speed 4x 2 MHz that
would be 8 Ghz


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How do I Enable Hyper Threading on my computer ? (I have p4 2,53 with HT and I'm running Windows XP pro)

A:Hyper Threading?

The 2.53 P4B does not have HT enabled. The P4C ( from 2.4 to 3.2 GHZ ) or the P4B 3.06 GHZ are the only HT capable P4s.

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hi can someone please tell me how how hyperthreading works when the cpu dosnt have 2 cores?????? how does windows say theres 2 cores but theres not how does it work?? chrs

A:hyper threading

How Hyperthreading Works will get you started.

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I am studying CPUs in my class at school and my Certifaction book doesnt talk about hyper-threading. I have a pentium 4 running at 3.02 GHz and it has hyper-threading. I must say i do notice a improvment when running multiple programs. But what is hyperthreading?

Thanks much


Take a look at this Sean.

CPU's have execution pipelines; basically an on-chip cache of instructions to execute. Often, to increase speed, CPU's will have multiple pipelines.

Some operations cause what's called a "pipeline stall" - the CPU has to wait for, say, a floating point operation or a memory read. the CPU COULD be doing other stuff.

Hyperthreading is something Intel cooked up to use those "stall slots" in the execution pipeline to run multiple threads while the CPU would otherwise be stalled.

Regards Howard

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hey there, just a quick question.

i've just bought a ASUS P5N32-E mobo. and its still on the way, so can someone please tell me if it supports HT? may sounds like a noob and everything, but never really paid attention to HT support in the past. so a answer would be appreciated


http://dlsvr04.asus.com/pub/ASUS/mb/socket775/P5N32-E SLI/e2929_P5N32-E_SLI.pdf

Page 11, so yes.

There are 2 models of that board, SLI and SLI Plus


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Click Image above for related article
Am I now better off with it off?
Would OC'ing maybe be a little more stabile?
Maybe even temps?

Thank you for any replies.

A search of threads did not reveal an answer.

A:Hyper-Threading, am I better off with it OFF!?

Why not just Try It (TM) with HT off? It's not like you will be doing any permanent damage..

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Hi ,
I am using windows 7 ultimate 32 bit my machine is 64 bit machine.
Configuration is
RAM--> 3 GB
Hard Disk--> 320
Graphics Card--> 512 MB ATI

I want to disable the Hyperthreading but I am not able to find the hyperthreading option either in BIOS setup
or programs and features.

A:Hyper Threading

What processor are you using?

Do you know for a fact that it supports hyper-threading? Most Intel CPUs do not.

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Is it true i need win xp PRO to handle hyperthreading, instead of just win xp home ed.--at microsoft they didnt mention any difference--

A:win xp for hyper-threading

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I was wondering can this be a cause of stuttering in games? I get high fps and sometimes i get these little mini jerks. I was wondering if anyone knows a little more about this.

A:intel i7 Hyper Threading

Hi sotorious,

Is your question generic, or specific to a problem you're having?

If it's specific, I have to say that you haven't provided enough information to seriously answer the question. That the question as is can only lead to guesswork and supposition.

If it's generic, I suppose it would be like asking if Windows 7 causes game problems; completely debatable, and dependent on the game(s).

You might want to look at my "How to ask for help" guide in my signature.

Sorry, and good luck.

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G'day just a quick one , my system says that it supports HT processor and chipset support HT but it is disabled. How do i go about enabling this??
Any help much appreciated.....Adam

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 12:10:11 AM, on 17/06/2006
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Ahead\InCD\InCDsrv.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft AntiSpyware\gcasServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Internet Security 2006\pccguide.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.5.0_03\bin\jusched.exe
C:\Program Files\Messenger\msmsgs.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft AntiSpyware\gcasDtServ.exe
C:\Documents and Settings\Adam\My Documents\In... Read more

A:Hyper Threading disabled??

Are you sure your cpu is HT? The HT option in the bios is usually grayed out if it does not detect a HT capable cpu.

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Can some one please tell me what I can do to fix this problem...

I have Hyper- Threading Enabled in my Bios but when Windows XP Pro boots up, I show only one processor. In Task Manager it only shows one CPU, in device manager, I show no listing for any CPUs. 3DMark and SISandra both say that Hyper-Threading is disabled. Apparently it has been this way since I built this computer, I just never noticed. I have tried to update the driver under standard PC in Device Manager, but it says I'm using the best driver for my device already. Here are my specs...

Intel 3.0GHZ Prescott CPU
Abit IC7 MAX 3 Motherboard
Geil Ultra Platinum PC550 Dual Channel DDR ( 1 GIG, 4 sticks )
Maxtor DiamondMax9 160 SATA x2 ( RAID 0 array )
Gigabyte GV-R80T256V ( X800 PRO )
SB Audigy 2
Lite On DVD R/ RW CD R/ RW
Sony Floppy
Koolance case
Antec 430W PS
Windows XP PRO w/ SP2

I have the lastest updates for Windows, my BIOS, Video Card, etc.

If you need more info, just let me know

A:Hyper-threading headache

I've been told that you need to have installed XP with hyper-threading enabled to have it active. I only have one machine with hyper-threading, and when I installed XP I made sure it was active in the BIOS, and it installed properly.

I did a search and I came up with this page: Enable Hyper-Threading on XP

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Why is it Hyper-Threading Technology or dual-core processors that Windows XP or Windows 98 does not support it.

In April of 2005, Intel announced the IntelŪ PentiumŪ processor Extreme Edition, featuring an Intel dual-core processor, which can provide immediate advantages for people looking to buy systems that boost multitasking computing power and improve the throughput of multithreaded applications. An Intel dual-core processor consists of two complete execution cores in one physical processor (right), both running at the same frequency. Both cores share the same packaging and the same interface with the chipset/memory. Overall, an Intel dual-core processor offers a way of delivering more capabilities while balancing power requirements, and is the first step in the multi-core processor future. Click to expand...
Last time I check Office 2000 does not support Hyper-Threading Technology or dual-core processors .And most programs do not support multitasking or multithreaded applications.

Have you ran adware,AVG and office 2000 at the same time? Sure it slow the computer down becuse it does not support ,Hyper-Threading Technology or dual-core processors..

What about Windows 98

A:Hyper-Threading Technology

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Right, I know this is not really a problem with a computer that I need help with, but however it is really puzzling me!

I know about hyper threading, and how that it creates a virtual thread so it makes your computer 'think' that it has 2 cores, and that it can give a 14% - 17% increase in performance. But what really puzzles me is how? Surely its getting something out of nothing which is against the laws of physics?

Is this just me being stupid and missing something here haha!

Just been puzzling me!


A:Solved: CPU & Hyper Threading

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ive been reading (over at process lasso website) that HTT supposedly can decrease the performance of your system/applications...

is this true?

if so why then do they bother to manufacture HTT CPU's?

A:Hyper-Threading - friend? or foe?

there are many different views on that subject here:

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Recently i reinstalled my windows several times.
And finaly i think i got my windows 7 set up once for good
and then i discovered that windows 7 only sees 4 cores in stead of 8 (earlier installations) (4 cores and 4 as a resault of hyper-threading)
now i did check my bios and i could see that hyper-threading is enabled.
Does anyone have an idea how to get hyper-threading active in windows ?

Hmm i just find out that under device manager and when i double click on CPU it does show 8 processors, but then why is it showing only 4 in task manager ?

thanx in advance

A:windows 7 without hyper-threading ???

A semi-random suggestion: have you installed the Intel chipset driver?

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if i have a P4 motherboard and it says nothing about HT can i use it? its a 3.0 GHZ p4 HT so what i wanna know is will it work?

A:hyper threading questions

if the motherboard and processor are HT enabled then you can take advantage of said technology, provided your operating system can handle it. you gave almost no useful information, btw.

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I have an intel P4 prescot, 3.0 ghz hyper threading technology, what exactly is hyperthreading and just how good is it?

A:how good is hyper threading

HT is an effort to keep the cpu busy, as in busy busy. Even though a cpu may show 100% useage, in actuality it might only be 30% _efficient_, instruction execution wise. This is because sometimes threads must wait on other threads, an os call, or i/o, to complete the function, thus leaving parts of the cpu idle. With HT the cpu is kept "more busy" by keeping the registers humming on two threads rather than on one single thread. Threads being basic cpu food. Well ok, threads are the actual parts of an application that gets processed by the cpu. Consider HT to be vestigial cpus rather than literal cpus, even though the os considers HT to be SMP. In a single cpu non HT system, only one thread can run at any given time. On a Symetric Multi Processor system, or HT enabled cpu, two or more threads can be run concurrently.

The gist is that multithreaded apps can see a 5 to 30% boost in performance, and single threaded apps can see a benefit as the os can do something on the cpu at the same time as the app thread. This generaly means a smoother system. But not always; sometimes HT makes an app perform worse, as certain amounts of resource contention can occur in the cpu, creating delays not present in a non HT cpu. I'll take that risk.

As you can see, dual core is the way of the future. HT is kinda being left behind, but is still worthy. The Prescott ver of the p4 has some slight enhancements that the earlier HT p4s don't have. Still, a p4 with HT enabled... Read more

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Does enabling hyper-threading with multiple cpu cores increase or decrease game performance, i.e. (FPS) in high intensity games such as Crysis and Half Life? Or does it matter?

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Any benefits...

Could not decide where to put this one...maybe should have been hardware...

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i was wondering what exactly is hyperthreading and its benefits?

i have recently bought a new P4 with HT but I am wondering is it always turned on, or do i have to do it?

A:what is hyper threading? have i got it turned on?

kumadude said:

i was wondering what exactly is hyperthreading and its benefits?

i have recently bought a new P4 with HT but I am wondering is it always turned on, or do i have to do it?Click to expand...
I have it on my 2.8 GHz

Yes it is on when your PC is running, you may not even notice it if you are just a home user and not doing lots of multi-tasking ect.

A technology developed by Intel that enables multithreaded software applications to execute run, (to perform an action, as in executing a program or a command) threads in parallel on a single multi-core processor instead of processing threads in a linear fashion. Older systems took advantage of dual-processing threading in software by splitting instructions into multiple streams so that more than one processor could act upon them at once

Hyper-Threading Technology offers :

Enables more user support improving business productivity

Provides faster response times for Internet and e-Business applications enhancing customer experience

Increases number of transactions that can be processed

Allows compatibility with existing IA-32 applications and operating systems

Handles larger workloads

Offers headroom for future business growth and new solution capabilities

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I have a Pentium D 3.4Ghz HT cpu in device manager it shows 2x CPUs but in taskmanager it only shows one. Not that this seems to be a problem in anyway but I wanted to make sure the settings are correct...

Is there a way to fix this?

I am running Windows XP Pro SP3 32 bit

A:Hyper Threading Question

There is a change you need to make in the Task Manager.
Please look at picture attached for instruction.
Let me know if this helps
Apparently I'm having trouble attaching...
Open Task Manager,
under view, select CPU history, and then "1 graph per CPU"

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I need a computer with hyperthreading, i know that pentium 4 has HT, but does AMD Athlon duel-cores?

please help!



A:AMD or Pentium? Hyper threading?

Hi after you look at the performance ratings of most p4 to amd and mobos with price comparison you usualy will find that amd will end up on top also the way amd is constructed means that the cpu can handle more when it comes to games and alot of processing tasks like cad rendering (no gpu usage) encoding and compiling tasks.

Also amd has the hyper transport of which is similar. I recommend the am2 slot cpus 64 bit if you have the money get the expensive models they seem like they are way too expensive and the speed looks bad because of the ghz rating however they have quad huge l2 caches that increase the performance to a huge degree.

Also consider buying a 120 mill power supply and if you want to make your new computer even quieter and faster you can buy quiet or silent heat sinks for the cpu and video card. They are idiot proof in the instalation procedures. The hard disk will be much quieter if you use laptop hard disks with adaptors also the power usage will be reduced.

Also buy some ddr2 800 mhz ram the performance is increased significantly if you use two of the same type to gain an extra 50% speed. The hard disks can be used in a similar way but you might need a driver floppy in order to install xp and partition the hard disk. Its called raid and there will be a section on it in the mobo book.

There are cases that come with 120 mill fans and a quiet power supply I bought a nice black one. I'm sure you know how to shop online

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how to disable Hyper Threading  in y510p?  thanks. 

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Hi, i have a toshiba Tecra w50-a-11D with a Intel i7-4810MQ which i use manly for work. The program which i use the most doesnt take advantage of this technology and instead it gets slowed down, because it use only half real core (4 real cores->8 virtual cores-> when i see process tab i see only 1 virtual core working... So the process is being carried by half real core). FYI, I tried using affinity setting in msconfig.exe but this Windows tool just "tells" the process which core can they use. But still i have 2 virtual cores per phsyic core. My problem still persists, i cant use 100% of any physical core to run my single thread process because they are all splited onto 2 virtual cores. I checked on my BIOS but I did not see any hyperthreading disable option.
I would aprecciate if someone could tell me how to disable this technology because im getting quite the opossite to benefits. Thanks.

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Hello, 2 months ago I built a new machine with a Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 7 motherboard and Intel Core i7 4790K. It is running Windows 8.1.

I have virtualization enabled in BIOS and Hyper-V disabled but, in some machines on VirtualBox or VMWare, i can't set it to use 8 cores instead the 4 physical ones. In other, it allows me to use it. At this time I could only set it to use 8 cores in a Windows 7 VM in VMWare.

I checked CPU capabilities with coreinfo and it says Hypervisor is disabled and the other two options are OK.

Did I forget to change some setting or something? I can't understand why sometimes work and sometimes not.

A:Can't set virtual machines to use hyper threading

Hi there

VMware Workstation 11 in the VMware settings for the VM you cans et the nr of processors - I think 32 is the max. !!! You don't need to set it in the Virtual (or HOST) Bios. Use the settings in the VM.


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Is there a way to get the [email protected] client to use 100% of the processor instead of half of it?

A:[email protected] with Hyper Threading

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A friend mentioned to me that Intel's HT CPU's actually work like two half-speed P4 CPU's so my 2.6Ghz HT CPU actually runs (in HT mode) at 1.3. He said if you set it to non HT mode you will actually see some performance gains depending upon the task you are doing.

Firstly, is this true and secondly my motherboard has an enable hyper threading option ... is that what I would change to get supposed benefits?


A:Hyper-Threading: Enable Or Disable?

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I recently upgraded to WinXP Pro...So I thought...COOL, now I can turn on Hyper-Threading...I enabled it in BIOS...but according to Sandra and Device Manager it is still off...what can I do?

Asus P4P800
P4 2.6C 800 FSB CPU

A:Cannot get hyper threading to work on P4P800.

When you go into your Device manager, is there two CPUs listed under processors?

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Just wondering guys...I've got a new laptop with a Mobile Pentium 4 3.06Ghz processor in it....i just want to know...does anyone know a way to find out if its a hyper threading processor?

A:Mobile Pentium 4 hyper threading

Check the screen where cpu type is shown prior to windows loading - it should show 'two' cpus although of course there is only one cpu in the pc.

Alternatively check in BIOS for the relevant setting to ensure its set as 'enabled'.

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Performance tab of task manager will not show 2 graphs for CPU (used to)
Sandra says HT disabled
Device Manager shows 2 processors(?) (as it's supposed to)
HT enabled in BIOS
This used to work...I would sometimes disable in BIOS(cause some programs did not work with HT) now when I enable it I get above symptom...

A:Solved: seem to have lost hyper threading!

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Hi, I have a T470p bought at 04/2017. Now, I want to disable i7-7700HQ CPU's hyper-threading feature. How do I do it ?I cannot find the option DISABLE Hyper-Threading in BIOS. The BIOS version is 1.12. Thanks. 

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Is it really worth to spend money for hyperthreading?. I played two video files in windows media & real player in a regular & in hyper thread m/c I could not find any difference.

What would be the future of existing pentium P4 processor, whether every one has to move to 64 bit platform, Is it advisable to upgrade to a P4 -32 processor now or postpone the same.

A:Hyper threading...worth buying?

Exactly, most modern systems running 1.4ghz and above really don't run normal tasks any differently from another.

Now onto hyperthreading, its a good idea that in reality doesn't really help very much with performance. (ie not really worth it unless you must have that last FPS in you fav game)

As for 64bit I doubt everyone will be forced into it any time soon, it will gradually phase in sort of like the 32bit instructions when the 386 was released in 85. You didn't NEED a 32bit platform until around 95 or about 10years after its release.


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Hello to all members of the Lenovo-Community till now, i am very happy with my new Lenovo E50-70, but there is one issue that i cant solve. I am searching for a way to deactivate Hyper-Threading, because some of my programms (especially older ones) have massive problems with Hyper-Threading. I can deactivate the 2 logical cores that Hyper-Treading is creating while running one of my programms, but i have to deactivate them every time when opening my programms (and that is very annoying). Is there a way to deactivate Hyper-Threading? There is no option in the Bios, is there something like a advanced Bios? Yours Sincerly,Tobi

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my dad has a 3Ghz pentium 4 with HyperThreading - in Task Manager it shows as two cores , in device manager it shows as two processors , iin process lasso and task manager you can set affinity - core 0 or core 1

does Hyper Threading emulate dual-core? if so is it actually effective?

i know its running two threads on one core but i just want to know if its effective

A:Hyper-Threading vs Dual-Core

The P4 HT processors were able to multi-task slightly better than the previous standard P4's(good for 4 years ago). My entry level machine has one and it's actually pretty fast despite Vista choking it. The are definitely a single processor. The next generation which is the Dual-Core processors are supposed to be an improvement over them but I hear it's slight. The true dual processors of course are the Duo-cores which are superb. They leap-frogged AMD with this technology. Quad core is state of the art now.

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Im in the process of motherboard and cpu upgrading.Im a novice when it comes to the Hyper Threading Numbers.Im dead set on a motherboard that has a FSB of 1000mhz HT(2000 MT/s) .Will that run a processor with 2000mhz HT front side bus? Thanks

A:Hyper Threading Compatibility For my mobo

im pretty sure hyperthreading boards only goto 800mhz fsb

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I have a ASRock p4al-800 motherboard which supposedly supports HT.

I have been using a P4 1.7 GHZ

I cannot afford a new system so I am attempting to upgrade some what by adding a hyper thread processor.
I have a P4 2.80GHZ/1M/800 HT cpu that I just got for it..It appears to be compatible but when I install the 2.8 ..I get nothing at all...my computer wont even start..I am wondering if there is something I am missing ..or is my cpu shot?

Any help would be very much appreciated!

I am running XP pro with 768 ram and have a NVIDIA GeForce 5900 ultra video card (256)

A:ASRock P4AL-800 and hyper-threading

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Hello first of all thanks on a quick replay regarding another question what a service any way. I just obtain a burned motherboard that has Pentium 4 2.80 ghz with hyper threading technology, now mother board is fried but Pentium 4 CPU is just fine my question is, can i take that Pentium 4 CPU which has hyper treading technology and install it in to my PC which also runs Pentium 4 but it is without hyper threading technology. Or do i first haw to get new mother board which supports Pen 4 with hyper treading technology

PS is hyper treading technology on a CPU or it part of a motherboard


A:pentium 4 wuth hyper threading technology

First off, to use hyperthreading, you have to make sure that the motherboard supports it. But u can still use the processor in the motherboard, just without HT.

Second HT is part of the processor.


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I have an Ideapad Y700-17ISK.  I believe the current BIOS is installed.  It's CDCN54WW .  My problem is I can't see a way of disabling hyper-threading. Any help is appreciated.

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I'm currently running this processor and MOBO:

Newegg.com - Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz 2 x 4MB L2 Cache LGA 775 Quad-Core Processor BX80562Q6600

Newegg.com - ASUS P5K EPU LGA 775 Intel P35 ATX Intel Motherboard

It's just not fast enough for me.

I was leaning towards the i7 because it seems to be the fastest processor for around $300.

But apparently these new intel chips have sandy bridge which is a form of hyper threading.

I'm just trying to figure out if I truly need the processor with hyper threading. I understand it basically turns the 4 cores into 8 virtual cores, but does it apply this speed to all computer programs and functions?

I run 3 monitors and constantly doing multiple things including web design, graphic design etc.

I also plan on maxing my ram at the 32gb the MOBO will allow to help this system run as fast as possible.

A:Need to upgrade processor and MOBO - do I really need hyper threading?

Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyScience

I understand it basically turns the 4 cores into 8 virtual cores, but does it apply this speed to all computer programs and functions?

Take a look at the performance section here:

Hyper-threading - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It helps under certain circumstances, but is not a substitute for additional cores. How much it would help in any situation varies, depending on the software involved.

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Many already know what serious problems are revealed at Intel with Skylake and Kabylake processors when using Hyper Threading technology. These problems are discussed at least several weeks though in Intel knew about problems much earlier. We have already seen attempt of the Intel company to correct errors of operation of Skylake and Kabylake processors through updating of a microcode in the updated versions of BIOS for motherboards of computers and laptops.In particular, for one of top laptops of the Thinkpad series - Lenovo Thinkpad P50 at the end of May, 2017 (and it is real - in June, 2017) has released the new version of BIOS 1.40 with that updating of a microcode.Unfortunately, this updating of a microcode in BIOS 1.40 hasn't solved a problem of sudden hardware stop of the Lenovo P50 laptop because of incorrect operation of the Skylake processor in the Hyper Threading mode at all. Only full disabled of the Hyper Threading mode in the BIOS Lenovo P50 laptop has completely saved the specified laptop from sudden hardware stop!But such decision wasn't without the victim. Productivity of the processor of the Lenovo P50 laptop has dropped approximately by 20-30%.Personally me as the buyer still quite recently of the flagman laptop of the Thinkpad series - Lenovo Thinkpad P50, doesn't accept such situation at all. Why I, having paid more than $2000 for the powerful laptop of the class "mobile workstation" with the i7 processor, have to be content with artificially limited prod... Read more

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Hello i'm using a P4 hyper threading CPU and it's slowing down, when i check the task manager i notice that the CPU usage is not the same
the one on the left is picking up (or higher than the other one) and the one on the right is in its normal mode.. 1st time to encounter this...any advice outhere...Thanks!

A:P4 intel Hyper-threading 2 processor un-equal usage

intel P4 hyper threading 3.0 XP sp3
slowing down cpu due to unequal cpu processing i think (1st time to encounter this problem)
can you help thanks..... attach is procecp.txt

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Hi everybody.It's been 3 month since the issue was discoverd (original message) and yet no BIOS update fixing this from Lenovo (at least for my Yoga 710-15IKB).On top of all there is no option to disable hyper-threading in BIOS (or I was looking at the wrong places).Is there any chance of getting the update in the near future? Thanks. 

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I noticed the following oddity when working with a Lenovo P50 notebook.If you turn off the Hyper Threading mode in the BIOS of this notebook, then when you turn it on with the power off, the laptop costs about 25 seconds with a black screen and only then does the red "Lenovo" logo appear and the laptop continues to boot.If you turn on the Hyper Threading mode in the BIOS again, then when you turn on the laptop, the boot starts immediately and the red "Lenovo" logo appears in just 1-2 seconds.Is this a bug or a feature of the BIOS?

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