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Error When Trying to Share Folders on a Home Network

Q: Error When Trying to Share Folders on a Home Network

Hello all, today I finally got around to creating a home network between my two desktops and laptop. Well, I set it up using the Network Setup Wizard, and then attempted to share my "My Music" folder (22 GB) and "My Videos" folder (12 GB). Well, when I went to Properties->Sharing and checked the "Share this folder on the network" tab, I got an error message stating:

An error occured while trying to share My Music. The Server service is not started.
The shared resource was not created at this time.

Anyone have any ideas?

Edit: I think I have found why I can't share files on this computer. When I go to My Network Places and click on "View workgroup computers", I get another message saying:
Mshome is not accessible. You might not have permission to use this netowrk resource. Contact the administrator of this server to find out if you have access permissions. The network path was not found.

I found this odd because this was the first computer I setup for networking. I have also googled this message, and found that it is commonly caused by the Windows Firewall. I have the Windows Firewall deactivated, and instead I'm using Zone Alarm.

All help is appreciated. Thanks

Preferred Solution: Error When Trying to Share Folders on a Home Network

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Error When Trying to Share Folders on a Home Network

Probably, the server service stopped ('entered the stopped state') because Windows detected illegally downloaded music and video files. This is standard behaviour.

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help please. I have 2 desktops and a laptop on a home network 2xXP machines and 1xVista.My problem is on the vista machine, I have 2 folders already shared on this machine but I want to add another but after clicking "share" and entering share wizard when clicking apply I get a pop up box saying "folder cannot be shared", if I turn off sharing wizard when I then click share, the share box is greyed out, if I try thru advanced option I get a popup box saying "an error occured trying to share this folder..incorrect function"

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Dear Windows 7 Home Network Experts,

After hours of trying, I can see my 2 compupters on the Home Network. I can share printers, but no matter what I do, I cannot access folders or hard disks. I have:

- encabled sharing
- disabled firewall

The messages I get are:
Windows cannot access \\other computer name\disk or folder name
You do not have permission to access \\other computer name\\disk or folder name. Contact your network administrator to request access.

These are my own computers and I have created and am managing the home network....

Thank you!

A:Home network can share printers but not folders or entire disks

Did you select "everyone" when you try to share a folder?

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Hi all,

I have problem adding new shares on xp pro.
My desktop (pro) has 3 partitions, and I was sharing several folders on D:. Everything was fine, until I add a new share folder on E:. My laptop (home) can see the new share, but cannot access it (not accessible... might not have permission... Access denied). I can still use and add share folders on D:, but not elsewhere (not on C: or E.

Firewalls shut down, computers restarted, networking wizard run, network drive mapped using net use (GUI way didn't work), ip instead of computer name used, NET BIOS enabled. Nothing seems to help.

Isn't it weird?

btw, C$, D$, E$ are default shares but can't be accessed from laptop either.

A:adding more share folders on xp pro to xp home on crossover

nvm, I solved it by disabling all shares, switching to simple file sharing, adding new shares, turning off simple file sharing, and things work :/

(not sure what is/not necessary though...)

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Firstly I apologise because I know there is so much written about this subject. However at the same time, when one cannot find the solution after literally hours, one must get help! I have thrown the towel in as they say, put the white flag up and here I am..

I have 4 PC's all with Win 7 Pro. I have access to web via cable via a CG3000 router.

All boxes belong to same named 'Workgroup'

Under Explorer/Network tree all boxes and drives can be seen.

All drives on all boxes are already Shared with small shared icons showing on drive's name in tree and all passwords are off.

All permissions are set for full use as I am the only one here who uses them.


Whene evr I go to a drive on any box from any box, I get the dreaded ..

'Windows cannot access etc..

I have turned off, router, boxes and left and re created and joined a Homegroup but this only got me to the Public etc folders. I need to get to all boxes and all drives/folders.

It was hard in Dos and got easier thru 3.1 etc until it was a piece of cake in XP

Now it is a nightmare.

I was advided to not have a Homegroup so had all the PC's leave the Home Network. It does not exists anymore.

I have Googled and read all day but am still not clearer.

I still see all the folders in each box from every box but as soon as I click to see the files in the folders get the NO Access panel.

I can see and access all the Public User folders but not the drives and other folders.

I need to access many folders on man... Read more

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I have a laptop with win 7 Home premium 64 bit. it is a share (T with my desktop.

Here is a screenshot of the windows explorer from the laptop. The directory is


Here is the screen shot of Win Explorer on Desktop

note that the folder My Scans2 is missing on the desktop explorer.

interestingly, on the laptop, the CMD window does not display it, either.

I went to the file, opened properties, and guaranteed that it was not hidden.

Any ideas?

(Edited - as I look at the thumbnails, the left TN is from the laptop [My Scans2 is present], the right TN is from the desktop on share [My Scans2 is absent])

A:Cannot see all folders across network share

ARG This was a system folder that got renamed. So good old Win 7 shows the original name everywhere BUT on the Win Explorer page. Who thought this up?

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Hi to all

I don’t how to ask this or to explain it, but I will try my best to do so.
Just want to give you as much information as possible, hope I don’t confuse you.
I have a Server 2003 domain, and all the computers on the local network have WinXp Pro SP2. The company is divided into to buildings the “finance building” and “consultants building”.
The finance building: The Server2003 with a 16port switch, a Planet Access Point, an ADSL internet router. The Server2003, Planet Access Point is connected with CAT5 to the 16port switch and the ADSL router is connected to the Server2003 for internet. So the computer’s that is in the finance building connects wireless to the Planet Access Point (1). From this 16port switch is a CAT5 cable to the consultants building. The consultant’s building has a 4port switch that connects the CAT5 cable coming from the finance building. The 4port switch then connects to another Planet Access Point (2). Computers in the consulting building connect to the Planet Access Point (2).

I hope that explains the lay out of the network for you, and that you are not confused.

Now to where I actually want to be. The computers in the consultants building can only browse the network to folders that are sync with the user computer and the server. The computer can browse the domain network see all the computers on the network but can only see the sync folder on the Server2003 and not the rest of the shared folders. This happens intermittently.
Now t... Read more

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Hi guys,

This is my first post, so please accept my apologies if i make any mistakes.

I've recently setup a media pc and have installed a program called XBMC, but my question is mainly related to Windows 7 and Network Sharing

Currently i have the following:-
ONE Media PC with 2 user accounts (Administrator and MediaPC):
Windows 7 Ultimate & XBMC on C: (250gb hard drive)
Media files on D: (1TB hard drive)
ONE Office/Gaming PC (One user account - Billy) - only i use it
ONE Laptop (wireless) - (One user account - Family) kids/family use it
All the above computers are on Win 7 connected on the same homegroup to my virgin media superhub.

I want to network share the Media PC - D: drive with my Office PC (Billy Account) which should have FULL READ/WRITE/MODIFY RIGHTS access.

At the same time, I want to Totally DENY ACCESS to the kids laptop (Family Account), so they cannot SEE the media drive.

Is this possible? If so, how do i go about implementing it? I've got a limited knowledge of networking, so please could you explain exactly what i need to do?


A:How do I Network Share Folders? (Windows 7)

This should help follow step #5: Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups

Since you have 7 Ultimate this may also help: Group Policy - Apply to a Specific User or Group

But if you use the Group Policy Editor you should also use this for security: Local Users and Groups MMC Snap-in - Enable or Disable

Apply the settings from the machine that has the media drive.

May I ask, are both machines Windows 7?

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I have Four PCs, one is my home Desktop (HOME-PC) and Others are THREE laptops with different names connected to one wifi netowkr.
I often share folders from my HOME-PC so that other users can access them, but I can only share a folder with 'Everyone' but How do I share a folder in such a way, that only LAPTOP1 can access it?

A:How to share folders with Specific PCs on network.

This is what the Homegroup is for.

In this case you would want to create a Homegroup on the laptop1 or the Home-PC, don't allow the other machines to join this Homegroup and don't give them the password. At this point the two Homegroup machines will have full access to all shared folders on each others machines and will also have access to all shared folders on the Workgroup machines. But the Workgroup machines won't have access to any shared folders on either of the Homegroup machines.

The Homegroup creates Private Domain within the Workgroup.

Now lets assume that you want one of the workgroup machines to have access to a folder on one of the Homegroup machines.

You only need to add "Everyone" to the shared with list using the Homegroup style sharing settings in order to share that folder with the workgroup. The picture below makes this more clear. For this you would right click on a Library folder, choose "Share with" then "specific people" then use the Add button to add Everyone to the list, add read/write permissions as required.

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I have a small problem browsing my own shared folders. That is, accessing the folders through Network in Windows Explorer.

I can access folders on other computers (and they can access mine) in the Network but not my own. Windows hangs forever and gives me an error that I cannot access that folder.

Also, I cannot access my own public IP address when on that very samme IP. These issues may be related to the extent that I cannot access localhost when I'm on that host.

So, I can browse the folders on the local drive (e.g. C:\NAME\SHAREDFOLDER) but not through \\[LOCALCOMPUTERNAME]\SHARE ...

This issue cannot be reproduced on the other computers in the Network.

Any ideas?


A:Cannot access own folders through network share...

You normally cant access your internet ip from within you local network as you using NAT how do you connect to the network cable or wireless. Its not clear what your trying to do your logged in to your own pc and trying to access your own shares is that correct? can you ping localhost or ?

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I'm wondering if there's a way to share certain resources over a network to specific computers only. Wired and wireless, without a domain controller.

A:Is there a way to only share folders with certain computers on the network?

This may help. It is good for Vista and Seven.
Permissions - Allow or Deny Users and Groups - Windows 7 Forums
Permissions for user on networked machine
For network shareing
Network Discovery - Turn On or Off

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So here is what is happening. I can see this computer, and I can access the share folder on the network. But I cant see other computers, I can however see printers. Network discovery is on for both computers. I can access the share folder from a different
computer. Basically the problem is that I cannot see other computers on the network.

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Xp Pro "Server" which hosts a small offices critical files is being accessed by 4 office XP Pro PC's. Workgroup Environment, not domain. Is it possible for me to set permissions so that only certain users, (from the 4 office XP Pro PC's), have access to certain folders/files on the mapped network drive? If so, How can I accomplish this please? Thanks!

A:Share some folders but not all on mapped network drive

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When using WinXP - I changed the location of the my documents folder to a shared location, which would automatically enable offline files for the local my documents folder.

I'm trying to do the same thing with Windows 7. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

I tried changing the location of the my docs folder in Win7 but a duplicate folder which cannot be deleted shows up.

If anyone understands what i'm trying to do, please help!

A:User folders located on network share.

Quote: Originally Posted by GOBrien11

When using WinXP - I changed the location of the my documents folder to a shared location, which would automatically enable offline files for the local my documents folder.

I'm trying to do the same thing with Windows 7. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

I tried changing the location of the my docs folder in Win7 but a duplicate folder which cannot be deleted shows up.

If anyone understands what i'm trying to do, please help!

Hi GOB and welcome
I dont think you can. XP was a very different animal. You can change the docs folder to a new location but there is a symbolic link that has to be kept there so win 7 knows where to go. I am not sure but with a move like that you may experience some odd weirdness

Ken J+

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hi everyone

got a bit of a weird one
ive got 2 windows 8 pcs, ones my trusty old desktop, the other one is a tablet/laptop that ive been using for about a year, recently took it in for repairs and had to reset to factory settings (haven't restored the backup just yet... having some issues in that dept too...)

anyways im on the tablet, I goto file explorer, select networks, in networks I see my 2 computers, I select my desktop pc and it asks me for a username and password (which to my knowledge do not exist), I jump on my desktop and try entering my laptops shared files, same problem

where would I be able to view/change this username/password, as its on my personal home network and ive never configured a network password (in fact have shared drives on the network before and never came across this issue)

A:trying to share folders on 2 windows 8 PCs-network passwor

Goto: Control Panel->Network and Sharing Center->Change advanced sharing settings
and set as shown below:
For each shared folder, right click on it->Properties->Security, check if you have a user: Everyone on the list and set the permission to Full. If not then add a user: Everyone then set permission

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Hey i got a new laptop at my house and vista came with it, i got an old computer with windows xp aswell. anyway heres the question
Why cant i play games on lan with a crosscable or just share folders with my laptop?
Is it not possible with vista? when i share a folder on my xp system and search that folder with vista it wont open it. it finds the folder but cant open it, it allways loads allot and then says it could not read the source file or some thing like that.

A:Can i share folders with vista on a network with XP systems?


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Computer1: XP Pro desktop
Computer2: XP Pro desktop
Computer3: XP Pro laptop (that was just formatted, clean install)
**each computer's only user is an administrator**

For the past year the above computers have been networked from a
netgear router. I have successfully had shared folders on each
computer and given full write access to each of them.. I have
copied/cut/pasted files/folders at will from each computer to another
using shared folders with full access....

just last week, I discovered that computer1 (when accessed via the
network by computer2 or computer3) would behave as though there are
permission problems.. I could not MOVE, CUT, or COPY a file FROM
computer1 to computer2 or 3 if I was ON computer2 or 3....

i could MOVE, CUT, or COPY the same file FROM computer1 if I was ON
computer1 and dumping it into the shared folders on computer2 or 3..

heres where it gets weird... I can be on computer2 or 3 and go into a
shared folder on computer1 and CREATE a folder, CREATE a file, and edit
that file...

another weird thing.... while on computer2, i can take existing files
from computer2 and cut/paste them onto a shared folder on computer1....
it works... then if I try to CUT/COPY the SAME file BACK to
computer2.. it gives the only error I am getting thru this madness:

error copying file or folder

cannot copy <filename>: access is denied

make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is
not current... Read more

A:Permissions problem on network re: share folders

amazing that i would find someone with the same problem as i have.

weirdness on one of my pcs allows me to see files on it from other pcs, add files to it but not copy files from it.

but my mac can get files off of it.

i have tried opening all the permissions and securities on all of the pcs to no avail.

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Computer1: XP Pro desktop
Computer2: XP Pro desktop
Computer3: XP Pro laptop (that was just formatted, clean install)
* all users belong to administrators group, each computer **

For the past year the above computers have been networked from a
netgear router. I have successfully had shared folders on each
computer and given full write access to each of them.. I have
copied/cut/pasted files/folders at will from each computer to another
using shared folders with full access....

just last week, I discovered that computer1 (when accessed via the
network by computer2 or computer3) would behave as though there are
permission problems.. I could not MOVE, CUT, or COPY a file FROM
computer1 to computer2 or 3 if I was ON computer2 or 3....

i could MOVE, CUT, or COPY the same file FROM computer1 if I was ON
computer1 and dumping it into the shared folders on computer2 or 3..

heres where it gets weird... I can be on computer2 or 3 and go into a
shared folder on computer1 and CREATE a folder, CREATE a file, and edit
that file...

another weird thing.... while on computer2, i can take existing files
from computer2 and cut/paste them onto a shared folder on computer1....
it works... then if I try to CUT/COPY the SAME file BACK to
computer2.. it gives the only error I am getting thru this madness:

error copying file or folder

cannot copy <filename>: access is denied

make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is
not currently in use.

basically, I can... Read more

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I want to share 3 folders to 3 computers. And I want to set different passwords to each folder so they can't see each other's files.

I googled but I really can't find the working method. Here's what I tried so far:

I Created a new user Ben, passworded.
Computer Management > System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Users > New user...

I shared the folder:

Method 1
Right click folder > Share with > Specific people > Add Ben > Give Read/Write Permission Level
Result: Didn't work, Network Error, I do not have permission to access, contact administrator.

Method 2
Right clock folder > Properties > Sharing > Advanced sharing > Permissions > Add Ben to the top list > Check box full control
Result: Didn't work either, same error message

Method 3
Right clock folder > Properties > Security > Edit > Add Ben to the list > Check box Allow full control
Result: Nope, same

Other settings I changed:

Admin Tools > Local Security Policy > Security Settings > Local Policy > Security Options > Network security: LAN Manager authentication level > Send LM & NTLM - use NTLMv2 session security if negotiated
Result: Didn't seem to help

Enable NetBios
LAN Adapter Properties > TCP/IPv4 > Check Box Enabled NetBios

It still doesn't prompt me for user name and password and I can't access as Ben.

Please help!

A:Password protected network share folders


I've looking for a way to do this but have given up, Windows 7 doesn't support folder level password control as far as I'm aware.


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I'm having an annoying problem and I've exhausted both my Google skills and 'bash it with a hammer' solutions, so I figured I would ask for help.

I've got a home network set up with a laptop running Vista Home Basic, one desktop running Vista Home Basic and a desktop running Windows 7 Home Premium. The router is a BT Home Hub 2.0.

Up until about two weeks ago I had this network set up with a desktop running XP instead of the Windows 7 desktop, and a Netgear router. That was all working fine and doing what I wanted it to do [though I do remember a lot of headaches in getting it working]. Unfortunately the XP desktop finally died and we got a new broadband contract, hence the BT hub.

The internet has been fine on this, so no issues there. What I now want to do is make it so that I can share a folder and a drive [external hard drive] between the Windows 7 desktop [where these are both placed] and the laptop. They are both in the same workgroup. I don't want the Vista desktop to be able to access either of these.

I've tried messing around with the share options in the menus but the only location option I ever get is the computer I'm on, which clearly isn't much use. This might have something to do with the fact that I can't access the network map on either computer [except for one random instance when it showed but nothing would be placed]. Yesterday the network maps on both were working, but today nothing I do will budge them... Read more

A:Solved: Network map not working and unable to share folders

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I have a Windows 7 Ult x64 Desktop which is basically the house "File Server" and all of a sudden on Friday (after a reboot) the internal hard drives couln't bee seen on the other computers in the house. The other computers I have are as follows: HP DV7-1025nr running Win Vista HP x64, HP DV9*something* running Win Vista HP x64, and another desktop wunning Windows XP Pro x32. When I try to access the networked drives from the other computers I get the error pictures below, When I check the 7 desktop the drives are shared the way they are suppose to (same as they've been for over a year now) but all of a sudden they can't be connected to by the other computers, as you can see in the picture the computer appears on the network but the externals can't connect to the desktop7, However I can connect from the desktop 7 to a shared folder on my laptop DV7...

Any help anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

A:Windows 7 Ult Desktop won't share folders/drives on network all of a suddden

Page 2 Bump??

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I have a wireless home network. The master computer is running Windows XP and the secondary is running Windows Me. I have a cable modem.

The secondary computer is not having any problem accessing the internet through the cable modem connected to the master computer. The problem is we are not able to share anything else, printers, files, nothing. I've read through windows help, I've run the setup application for home networks on both computers, but other than the internet we cannot share anyting.

I'm sure you need more information than I've stated, however, I don't know what that might be.

Please help,

A:Cannot share on Home Network

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I just bought a new PC with Windows 7 Professional.

I want to keep using my old PC running XP Professional but pretty much have it act like a server where I can access or share it's hard drives with my Windows 7 system and my laptop which is also running XP.

I noticed that XP uses the workgroup name as MSHOME and Windows 7 uses something else. I should also add that at times, I have found (in the past) sharing my drives with my laptop kind of flaky where sometimes it wouldn't show or allow the drives.

In addition, I have three profiles or users attached to XP. What I plan to do since I only have one monitor is to turn on my old (XP) PC and then leave it running without accessing a particlular profile or user. None of the users are password protected and I have disabled all firewalls including Zonealarm and Windows Firewall to ensure that my connection isn't blocked when I am trying to access the drives.

Any comments or suggestions on how to network share given my situation? I do realize that I am putting myself at risk by disabling the firewall, but at the present time, I want to ensure all the PCS can communicate with each other.


A:How to network share with home PC running XP?

Read the Tutorial section, you'll find a lot of resources regarding your issue.


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I am Ethernet-connected to router with one machine, using wireless on the other. The two computers do not see each other. Both are connected via the same network name. There has to be a simple procedure but I can't find it. Home Groups don't seem to work,
and I've heard there is a better way anyway. Many thanks for any help.

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I have two computers are connected to each other with a cross over cable.

One uses windows xp pro(computer A) and the other windows xp media center 2005(computer B)
Computer A can share files and take files from computer B, but computer B can't.

In fact if you go to add a network place in computer B, It only displays its shared folders, I can't add any from computer A, it says that it is not accessible that I don't have network permission to use the resource network and told me to contact this server to find out if I have access permission.

I pinged computer A, and it seems to recieve the file, I checked the lan settings, and it is not locked. Computer A has no firewall, but Computer B has, but it is Computer B having a problem to connect to A.

what should I do?

A:can't share files in my home network

How to connect to another PC on the network

Welcome to TechSpot...

Go into the control panel and switch the view to classic view
Click on System Icon
Click on Computer Name
Give your PC a Name for A-ultraject1 also create a workgroup name ultrajetnet

Give your PC a Name for B-ultraject2 also create a workgroup name ultrajetnet

Now it gets tricky here... You need to look for Administration Tools in the control panel Click on that then click on Local Security Policy
Click on Local Policies
Click on Security Options

Now to your far right you'll see a list of stuff
Scroll down the list for:

Network access: Sharing and security model for local accounts: Guest
Change the Guest to Classic

Now scroll down a bit too
Network security: LAN Manager authentication level: change the default
to: Send NTLM response.

Now go back to the start button
click on start
then on run
type: services.msc

scroll down the list to the far right for
Computer Browse - Make sure this is set to Auto and is enabled
Network Connections - Make sure this is set to Auto and is enabled

Reboot both PCs down.. If you have problem still get a small switch 5-port type and connect both PCs to it. Better than using the crossover cable. Or you can get yourself a router and let that device do the work. But you still need to have the above set in place...

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I have a home network consisting of Windows 10 PCs and one Windows XP Pro PC. I used to be able to access the printer from my other PCs not the XP one though. Because of the XP PC I have all the PCs in a workgroup. The printer is attached to what I refer to as a print server. The server can access the other PCs but the other PCs can't access the server.

The issue is due to the Windows Update which took over two hours to complete. I say that because I could access the printer before. The trouble is I don't know what the update has done.

So I have a printer that works fine but my other computers although they can see it cannot access it.

A:Cannot share a printer on a home network

Get a Network Print Server that will work with your printer if only USB.

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Hello all,

I'm setting up a home network with two WinXP Pro machines. My wife is an avid digital photographer, so we're loaded with photos. Similarly, we've got a lot of music online.

What is the easiest way to create one shared location that both of us can access? I don't want to have to deal with synchronizing between two machines and all of that. I just want to have one location with all of the pics and music on it, and have both of us able to access it (full r/w) at all times.



A:Best way to share pictures on a home network using XP Pro


Just put all your pics in a folder (it could be on your desktop), and make sure it's "shared". To do that, right-click the folder and put a dot on the "share" option.

However, bear in mind that if the PC where your pictures are stored goes down for the count, you lose them all, along with everything else, unless you're backed-up. The best way to back-up is to use the MS "Briefcase" utility and have the pictures on two machine---with this unbelievably easy & simple way to keep them synchronized. I've used Briefcase for years, not just for pictures, but for everything. Oddly, I've never talked to anybody that has taken advantage of this amazing resource. I had a total crash of one of my PC's a while back, and I didn't lose a thing. If you're interested in setting up Briefcase, put in a post and I'll walk you through it. It's a little confusing to set up, but once that's done, it's a breeze to maintain.


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I just finished setting up a home network and everything seems to be working fine. My internet (DSL) is working fine on both of my comps but i cant seem to share any files between them. Im running windows xp pro on one and windows xp home edition on the other. Once i try to enter the other comp C drive my comp tells me a error has occured and that it needs to end the program, being my explorer.exe. Whitin seconds it comes back on. Any suggestions pleaz reply

Thanx in advance

A:[SOLVED] Cant seem to share on home network

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I recently made the plunge into ADSL internet after many frustrating yers of dial-up. I live in Australia and now have my ADSL up and running for 2 PC's.

Both PC's are running XP Home.

In one room there is the modem and PC and a wallplate which runs an ethernet through the roof to the 2nd PC. I would like to split the cable in the roof to share that modem port with 2 PCs using an ethernet router.

i purchased a 5 port 10mbps router from ebay (ex display). I tried to plug the "modem" cable into the uplink port and the the two pc's into the other ports. I tried every combination i could think of but the connection did not work on either PC and the router only showed "connected" on the modem side in any port, the 2nd and 3rd PC's show nothing on the router. previously i had a direct link through the roof to the 2nd PC which worked fine.
what is going on????

A:Need Help: Trying To Share My Adsl Over Home Network

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I have three computers networked together at home. They have different OS's on them. One is Vista Home Premium, another XP Pro and the third is XP Home. My problem is that I can't copy or move any folders or files from the XP home machine to the Xp pro machine. I get an error message that access is denied. Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and the file is not currently in use. I can go to the XP Pro computer and go through my mapped drive and click on the same file and copy it without any errors. Why does this only work from one machine? I know XP home only uses simple file sharing and XP Pro has more security. Is there a setting that I should check on the firewall or within XP Pro?
I made some changes to get the XP Pro computer to be able to map a network drive to the Vista computer. Will this effect the ability to copy files from XP Home?
I have researched this issue and have not found an answer that will solve the problem. None of the computers are password protected or are any of the files password protected on any computer.

A:Solved: Can't copy folders from Xp Home to Xp Pro on home network

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From what I've read, it is by design that the Windows folder and all its subfolders cannot be shared. I understand the safety in that. However, I have a lot of fonts on our oldest PC on our network, running Windows XP, and I would like to be able to access its fonts on our other laptops at home. (I'm trying not to clutter up our newest laptop with a lot of unnecessary fonts!)

Is there any safe way to over-ride the non-sharing aspect of the fonts folder?


A:Share Fonts Folder Over Home Network

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You must be running XP Home, as XP Pro doesn't have that restriction.

Keep in mind, if you don't copy the Font files over to the laptops, they will not be available unless you are connected to the network, and the old PC is turned on. You might be unable to view any documents created that use any of those fonts when not connected to the network.

First, share any folder to enable File Sharing.
Then we'll use the Command Prompt to share the Fonts folder and give it a sharename of Fonts
Click Start | Run (or press WinKey+R), type cmd, press Enter.
Type the following command and press Enter, there must be a space between the different colors:
Net Share Fonts="%SystemRoot%\Fonts"
Close the Command Prompt window.

Reboot to safe mode (Restart the PC, tap the F8 key as the system starts. When the Options menu is displayed, choose Safe Mode).

Log in, the right click My Computer, click Properties.
Navigate to the Windows\Fonts folder
Right click on the Fonts folder, click Properties
Click the Security tab.
Click the Add button.
Type Everyone in the box, then click Check Names to check for typos.
Click OK.
This will give Read Only access to the Font files.
You can grant Modify and Create permissions, but it's not recommended unless absolutely necessary.
Click OK
Click OK

Reboot. The Fonts folder will now be accessible from the other PCs,

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Oh Boy do I need some help!

I have read through several other threads on these forums and followed many, many sets of instructions, all to no avail.

Here's the deal (sorry, I'm not terribly tech-savvy, but Ill try my best!):

Desktop PC running Windows XP Home, connected to and printing to a Canon PIXMA MX300. Also connects to ADSL2 through a router.

DELL Laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium, can connect to the net wirelessly through the PC's internet service.

Question: Because the laptop can connect to the internet through the PC, does this mean we should be able to share the printer through this 'network', or do I need to set up another home 'network'? I have tried setting up a separate work group many times and I can't get them to talk to each other.

The printer has sharing enabled in the printer properties.

Question: Does the printer need to be somehow added to the network?

If someone could please come to my rescue with some easy, step-by-step instructions, I would be eternally grateful!

A:I need help setting up home network so I can share a printer

I've just answered this same question, check your firewalls to see if they are blocking anything.

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Hello all, I'm a noob, so please bear with me! I'm trying to share files on my two home computers. They are on the same wifi network and I've tried really hard to go through the forums and make sure everything is set up right. Sharing is turned on, the computers are pinging each other, they are even seeing each other in the Network and Sharing Center. When i try to access the files on one computer, it gives me an error saying access denied error code 0x80070005. When I try to access files from that computer from my other computer, it asks me for a user name and password. The problem with that is that I never put in any passwords on that computer. There's a password on the other one, but when I type it in, it still doesn't let me in.
I hope that wasn't too confusing! I hope someone can at least help me find out what that password prompt is or something that will point me in the right direction.
Thanks guys!

A:[SOLVED] Cannot share between two home computers on same network

Okay everyone, I tried a couple of other things before it finally hit me that I didn't unclick enable password protected sharing on my other computer. I have it working now. Sorry for the post. I appreciate those who read my convoluted question, though. Thanks!

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I have 2 XP pro machines, i will call A and B. A have a USB Hard Drive Omega with FAT32 forma file.
I wanto to share the drive with the B XP Machine, but i received an error related with a memory problem.

I share other folder between the machines sucessfully and i suspect a problem related with USB Drive and XP sharing method.

Before this i have a similar configuration on those machines using W2K in the A machine, acting like a network file server and the B machine with XP acting like a client , everything were working well.

Why, when i changed the W2K for XP in the machine linked to USB drive i cannot access the USB Drive over the network?

Any suggestion?

A:Cannot share a USB hard drive over a home network in XP

Did you uncheck the box under "tools" in windows explorer labeled Use Simple File Sharing? Uncheck that box and then your system will share just like W2K does including advanced security etc.

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I have 2 machines connected via my router/hub (wired). One is running Windows 8.1 and the other Windows 7. Previously I had them sharing perfectly until I did a reinstall of Windows 8 (upgraded to Windows 8.1). I get this message on both machines whilst trying to access shared drives (permissions enabled to read, write, modify for all users):

I have a local account on the windows 8.1 as per previous installation. I have checked all the usual sharing settings and they are the same as in the previous working installation on both machines. I have left the homegroup and created a new one on the windows 8 machine and rejoined on the windows 7 machine all to no avail. I have read posts here but none seem to help. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Unable to share drives across home network

OK - I now manage to access a shared drive on my Windows 7 PC from Windows 8.1 - read write etc. all good ( found that encryption setting on Windows 8.1 was wrong .
However cannot do the same for the Windows 8.1 machine from the Windows 7. Can't see what I am doing wrong?

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This is perhaps the easiest question ever for some of you. I have just set up a Linksys wireless router using the "wired" ethernet ports for sharing a dsl connection. What is my next step to view files and share files between the 2 computers. Do I go into "my documents" > right click > share > on both computers? Is that it. My main machine is Vista x64 and the other is XP. If i click on the computer I connected in widows explorer, it just gives me an error saying network path not found. I understand because I haven't set up a network, (have I?) I'm just sharing a connection. What is a good set of steps I need to take now. Thanks for any help.

A:Question on home network file share

Hi, Nate42nd

Have a look at this page here and if you have any specific problems post back and will try to help ...

Teach XP and Vista to play nice on networks

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I've tried searching over the internet how to network my Windows 2000 pro computer with my xp home laptop, but somehow none of the sites are helping me.

If someone is reading this and knows what I'm talking about, a response would be greatly appreciated..

What I have configured is that both computers have unique names and they are in the same workgroup. Both of these computers have a folder shared, however none are visible in Network Neighborhood.

I have Norton Firewall on both computers configured to "trust" each other's IP address. I also "permited" the Windows File Sharing to only accept the IP address within the range I specified.

Therefore, I do not know what else I would have to do to get this sharing working.


Note: I'll be subscribing to this thread, so I will be responding quicker.

A:How to network Win2k Pro & XP home to share files

What happens when you shut down the firewall. Are the files visable?

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I have an internet USB modem (TATA Photan). I Installed Driver of modem it creates dialup connection of photan
Can I share this Dialup Connection with Network Address Translation (NAT) to my home network.
Operating System is windows 2008

A:Can I share TATA Photan in my home network?

You could use ICS, which would be the typical way to do that.
Take a look at this Microsoft ICS (Internet Connection Sharing tutorial.

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Two computers, Dell Pentium 4 running XP and Micron 200 MHz running Me, two Linksys LNE 100TX NIC's, and a Cat 5 crossover cable. Used the Network wizard in XP for network setup. Internet provider is AOL 9.0 Optimzed(dial-up). What could be simpler!!!

File and print sharing works fine but cannot share the internet. In fact during the setup process(while on line..as promped by the setup wizard), my computer started dropping down menus and selecting choices automatically. The bottom line is that I am locked out of changing settings for my internet connection.

Prior to setting the network I did load XP SP2 without any problems. Someone suggested a potential problem with SP2 if I had some Spyware on my PC. I had not run Spybot before loading SP2, but after the above network problem I did. In addition to a lot of cookies there were five problems with/associated with the Registry. One was identified "DSO Exploit: Data source object exploit HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-18\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Internet Settings\Zones\0\1004!=W=3". I did not fix these problems with Spybot. I subsequently ran WinsockXPFix and during the registry backup received an error;
"Error saving file; C:\ERDNT\SECURITY!"

A:Solved: Simple Home network, but can't share internet

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Home network
Linksys wireless WRT54G.
One comp connected to router with lan cable.
Two others conected with TP-Link wireless cards.

All running XP SP3
All set to share folders
All machines can ping each other and connect to the internet
All set to obtain IPs Automatically

My problem is one machine (new to me) can see shared folders on the other two but will not allow the other two to see its shared folders and printers or see its own shared folders and printer.

I can see it as a work group computer and see the share folders and printers
but when I try to connect to them I sometimes get this error: "not enough server storage is available for this command" or sometimes it just says I don't have permissions and network path not found.

I've tried the IRPStackSize regedit from here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/106167 but the problem still exits.

Any help appreciated

A:Solved: One machine wont share. Home network

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My computers are struggling to see each other on my home 'network'. I'm sure it will be something stupid that I have ommitted to do. Can anyone help please?

My desktop PC is wired through a wireless router. My laptop accesses the internet, wirelessly through the router.

Both computers are able to access the internet without problem. I have WEP security enabled. Both computers have the same 'workgroup' name. Several folders are set for 'file sharing'.

I am the only user of the machines and therefore, administrator.

The desktop has never been visible from the laptop.

The desktop, occasionally 'sees' the laptop but the files can never be viewed, being stopped by a message which mentions 'administrator'

What am I doing wrong or missing?

BTW, the desktop is running WINXP Pro and the laptop WINXP Media Ed


A:Solved: Home Network - File Share Problem

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I'm thinking something similar to ftp, have no idea what options there are.

Have 3 computers want to network between both in a more convenient manner than msn.

Hopefully can get some recomendations to minimise trauling time. Both computers are running windows XP and are connected through a multi-port router.

Thanks for any input.

A:Home network, looking for server to share files between computers.

You should be able to do this simply WITHOUT a server. All you have to do to share files, is use windows file sharing. Let me paint a picture for you...say you have your 3 computers. One is named Suzy, one is Steve, and one is Bill. Once file sharing is enabled (which you can do just by sharing a file), you should be able to do something similar to this. Say your on the computer Bill, and you want to grab some files from the shared folder on Suzy. Open up my computer, and in the address bar (Where is says your location) type in \\Suzy. This will give you access to the files and printers on that computer. BTW if you dont know how to rename a computer, right click on the my computer icon and select properties. Once the system tool comes up, click on computer name and change if necessary. Good luck and I hope this helps make things cheaper than buying a crappy old server lol.

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I have a Iomega home media network drive. It connects well and can be seen via the network. I can see the folders on the network drive but when I click on it (photos, videos etc). it says Windows cannot access \\<ip_address>\photos

Error code: 0x80070043
The network name cannot be found

However, I can ping the drive ok. The management software which came with the drive seems to suggest everything is ok. It displays the share but with a ? next to folder -- perhaps because it not do a map of the drive.

Any help would be appreciated.

A:Iomega home network drive missing share drives

I'd be looking for a firewall configuration issue first. Try disabling the firewall on this machine and see if that helps.

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I have recently bought a new router, old one had the wireless antenna loose and not always making connection. So I had a working network setup with all the devices that I am about to describe before the new router.

Computers on network:
- a desktop Win 7 (wired connection)
- a desktop Ubuntu linux (wired connection)
- a laptop Win 7 Starter (wired and wireless connections)
- a laptop Win Vista (wired and wireless connections)

When all devices are connected with wired connections
- all devices connect to the internet fine
- all devices, including the Linux machine, can share files

When the two laptops are connected via wireless connections
- all devices connect to the internet fine
- only the desktop (wired) machines can share files, the laptops (wireless) cannot see any other devices in their 'network'

While I was setting up the new router I did however change the wireless SSID to something else but I left the WORKGROUP the same on all devices.

I have called the router's tech support and I think they either did not understand the issue, or that I have something configured improperly since they tried to pass me off to paid support (for a device that I just bought last month).

Thoughts, suggestions, tips?

A:Solved: Wireless devices cannot share files on home network

Many routers now have some kind of "wireless isolation" feature. When enabled it prevents wireless devices from "seeing" wired devices, and maybe even prevents "seeing" other wireless devices. Browse the user guide or the router's configuration pages for any hint of a feature like this.

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Sorry if this question is redundant but I can't make sense of all the acronyms used in the search results I got to know if they apply to me. So here's what my situation is:

I was given an 802.11g USB 2.0 Wireless LAN Adapter and the installation disk that goes with it. Now I can connect to the internet via a public wireless network - that's how I got here! :wave: So far, so good. Now I want to share the connection with my roommate. At our old house, we used a shared DSL connection through our home network. But when I tried to set up the home network at our new place (it's ethernet), it wouldn't let me share this intenet connection because it says that I am connecting to the interenet through another computer. But it's a public access connection...? There's no land line here, so no DSL or dial-up access is available. I don't have a very good understanding of the whole wireless internet thing in the first place, and there's no help file included with the wireless adapter. Is it possible to share this connection or not? I don't want to set up a wireless home network - I want to share the wireless internet connection on an ethernet home network. I'm very experienced with PC's but this is my first time using any wireless technology and I'm floundering. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A:Can I share a wireless public internet connection on my home network?

It does not matter what your connection is - wireless, wired, dialup, carrier pidgeons - it doesn't matter. You can always share it.

What you are experiencing may be some limitation of the Windows ICS or the wizard you are using. Depending on how the public access thing is set up, you may be able to share the connection by bridging the wireless and LAN connections on your computer. (Select both wireless and LAN in your network connections, right click and say that you want to bridge these two.

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I have a 1Tb Iomega home media network drive. It normally connects via the network to all my machines (iMac osx, eee pc W7, ubuntu 10). But, something has happened, so now I can see the folders on the network drive but when I click on it (photos, videos etc), it says Windows cannot access \\Iomega-0E10FD\movies

Error code: 0x80070043
The network name cannot be found

This seems similar to someone elses post but is unsolved by anyone. As he says, the management software which came with the drive seems to suggest everything is ok. For example it reports that 90% of the disk is used, which was the case before this problem.

I have tried disabling the firewall in the router and the W7 eee pc, but nothing has worked.

please help!


Any help would be appreciated.

A:Iomega 1Tb home network drive missing share drives

I just started having this exact same problem. I'm on a windows desktop using windows 7. I have an iomega home media network drive, and all of a sudden for the last couple of days I am unable to access any of my folders on it. I get the same error message (Error code 0x80070043 Network name cannot be found). The drive and all the folders show up in windows explorer (sometimes they have a red X on them, sometimes they don't) but when I click on the folders, I get that error. I can't access any of the folders using the iomega storage manager software either. I get the same Network Name Cannot Be Found thing. I am also at around 90% of the disc used. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


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