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Not recognizing USB HD

Q: Not recognizing USB HD

Windows is failing to recognize my external USB HD.

I'm running XP Pro SP2
Recently scanned with AVG and Spybot
The only programs running at the time were:
Firefox 2.0

I've had this hard drive for 3 year and it's always worked with this computer. I was watching a movie I had stored on it and suddenly Windows decided it wouldn't recognize the drive. I've tried all 8 ports on my computer and nothing. I've also tried the ideas from this post http://www.techsupportforum.com/f149...nal+hard+drive
and that didn't work.

Preferred Solution: Not recognizing USB HD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Not recognizing USB HD

3 years is pretty long to depend on a hard drive. Dont get me wrong Ive
got 7 years outta drives. Run your diagnostics for drive, floppy boot disk
whatever. If it doesnt check out, you would suspect a bad drive. If it
does not see it at all, it may be the external usb enclosure. To eliminate
this problem take drive out of enclosure, set it to slave, on the primary
ide channel. Might work might not, depends on ntfs or a fat32 enviornment.

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Ok, I had loaded Roxio onto this computer...not knowing any better. So I figured out that this was the issue. I took Roxio off of the machine, restarted and then bam my cd/dvd rom is back!! YEAH for me but bummer since Roxio is one of my most favorite programs..



Ok, so I am brand new to Vista. I have had to purchase two computers, 1 desktop and 1 laptop, in the last week and both are Vista. I have not had huge issues too much so far, everything seems really cool.....don't have trouble getting around or finding things. But I do have a major problem with the desktop.

It is not recognizing the cd/dvd rom drive!! I go into the device manager and there is the little yello "!" icon by it so I go in and try to see what is wrong with it and it says the driver is already there.

Anyone have any ideas?? I really to get the internet going on theis computer for school and I can't get the software for the wireless router adapter to go.....of course because the cd/dvd isn't being recognized now. I can say though that yesterday it was and I loaded several programs onto this machine with no problem. Now today it won't work.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Jen S.

A:Not Recognizing Cd/dvd Rom

Try the steps in this article to remove the filters that may be preventing your system from recognizing the drive. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929461

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I am running a HP dv9000 notebook with XP.
This morning I reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled windows because my computer had been crashing. It works really well except for now it is running slowly. I checked the system part of the control panel and noticed it is saying that I only have 256mb of RAM installed currently.

AMD Turion 64 x2 Mobile
803 MHz (seems to fluctuate IDK if this is also part of the problem)
256 MB of RAM
Physical Address Extension.

I installed SP3 earlier and then subsequently uninstalled it thinking that was the problem. The BIOS screen and Belarc Advisor are both showing that I have 2GB Ram installed.

I have been trying things all day, none of them worked! Please help so I can get my computer back.

A:XP Not Recognizing Ram

check the bios for any ram settings, it can be limited there...otherwise run a memory test with a ubuntu cd (can be downloaded for free)

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My PC is suddenly not.............Rom! I have restarted my computer but still nothing happened..even the DVD DRIVE LOGO(H - isn;t appearing. I am not good in computers so pls give me easy ans.

A:Not recognizing my DVD-rom


you need to remove the side of the PC with the power off and reseat the big grey cable and the little 4 wire cable,

then as the PC boots up look for the option to enter the BIOS, its a bit of a minefield for those who havent been in it but have a look around in their and see if their is anything related to secondary IDE channel and make sure its turned on.


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Hi guys,

I am at my wit's end. I am working on a 200 MHZ Pentium machine with AT mobo, PcChips model M573 from the info that I have. I am trying to install a 128MB DIMM. The system currently has 2 16MB SIMMS with two SIMM slots available. There a total of two DIMM slots. I have tried every possible physical configuration. I can't find anything in CMOS relating to RAM specifically. I have checked the mfg website for more info. I can find no reason for this NOT to work. The system will not recognize the DIMM even if it is the only RAM in the system.

I've have combed this forum looking for any information and nothing offered so far has solved my problem. If anybody can offer any info, please do!!

This site contains some of the files I've used for reference

(the M573 links)


A:Not recognizing new RAM

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My CD/RW has gone out to lunch. It appears to be fine because the power light comes on and when booting up it comes up with the message: Detecting IDE Secondary Slave etc... This is good!

However, when I put in a CD it appears to load and all, but when I try to get to it I can not find it via My Computer or Windows Explorer.

Did the driver go out the door or do I have to look somewhere else.

I just recently purchased the CD/RW drive about a month ago.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - Thanks Tony

A:Not recognizing CD/RW

Here's a good way to find out if you have a hardware problem or a driver/software one. Boot from a win98 startup disk with cdrom support, and see if the drive is detected and can read disks. If not, the drive is probably bad. Also check inside the system to make sure a cable has not come loose. If it reads ok from the boot disk driver, you probably have a problem with your Windows IDE drivers, try removing and reinstalling them, and check to see if there are any newer ones available

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I have an old PC that I'm hoping to install Linux onto. I removed the HDD and installed it into my DELL PC so that I could format the HDD. Once I reinstalled the HDD back into the old PC, it is not recognized. Did I miss a step or something?

It's the only HDD.

A:Old PC not recognizing HDD

The BIOS has to recognize before anything else. Change the settings there. You should have an option in the bios something like "HDD Detection". Since I dont know your specifics I cant offer any more advice.

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Hey people,

Well, about 3 months ago I did a massive overhaul on my comp, upgrading everything from processor to monitor. I got 4GBs of RAM, and I know XP Pro recognizes up to 4GBs, it only shows up as 3.25, is this normal? Here are my specs.

Fatal!ty F-190HD motherboard
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700
4X Kingston 667 DDR2 RAM
Thermaltake TR2-430W Power Supply

LOL, im not posting this to just show off, I have a genuine problem here...

A:XP Pro not recognizing all my RAM.

Is your version of XP Pro 64-bit or 32-bit?

3.2GB is the maximum amount of RAM that the x86 architecture can take (32-bit).

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Hey guys and gals!

Well i got a tough one for you guys and I hope that you are up for the challenge. Here is the situation.

A few months ago my DVD burner was working perfectly fine. Something happened not sure as to what since I don't use them that much. I was unable to burn or play DVD's but i could play and burn audio CD's. I then proceeded to use this program that comes with the HP called either PC tune up and repair or PC Doctor. The program made me run some tests on the DVD burner which told me it was a faulty drive.

I then went out and bought a new burner. I put it in and now i'm getting the same results. When ever i try to burn somthing I get the "please insert blank disc" which i've tried many different dvd-r's and brands. also, when i installed the new burner i can't use my other cdrom as well.. the cdrom is doing the same thing.

In windows explore it recognizes the drive, but when a CD is inserted nothing comes up. It shows the drive as blank. I went into device manager and it said that they were working properly.

Also, I was using Nero and Ashampoo as my software. i deleted the DVD rom from my device manager and restarted which didn't work. I uninstalled and reinstalled my burning software. I did the whole upper and lower registry thing as well. Any idea what this could be? could it be bad cable? Thanks

OS: Windows XP Home
Pooter: HP pavillion a620n
DVD burner:... Read more

A:DVD/CD not recognizing anything

Worth checking: http://www.afterdawn.com/guides/archive/aspisetup.cfm

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I have recently installed XP Professional onto my partitioned hard-drive(the other side has Win98se)but cannot seem to get it to recognize my cd drive...i have attempted to load the software for the Asus 50x cd player but to no avail...I have tried from Win98(where I had to install the OS from)and I have attempted to boot up with the player software...does not work...control panel and system information(hardware)does not show it even installed...
Anyone have any suggestions?

Also,when booting up my computer,i have the option of which OS I want to use...when I choose XP it takes a long long time to load up...I cannot find anything anywhere that would cause this ridiculously long boot up...
Win98se takes a fraction of the time...
Once again,suggestions?
thanks in advance

A:XP not recognizing cd

Does your motherboard have UATA Drive controllers?

If it does, then XP may not correctly function if you didn't load the drivers at the start of the installation. Also, if you're running a 3rd party controller, such as a Promise Controller, the drivers needed to be loaded during setup as well.

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I have had this install of windows for about a year now. It has always recognized both HDD one 80gb and one 250gb. It recently started to not recognize the 250(backup) hdd. I know its not the IDE cables because XP doesn't recognize it sometimes but my BIOS and POST screen sees it every time. I am not sure why windows is not recognizing my second HDD. Please help.

Thank you.

A:XP not recognizing 2nd HDD

check the plug is secure into the drive
try a new cable it may have a broken wire in it which can cause the problem

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Specs :

ASUS a8n32-SLI Deluxe Mobo
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition Ver. 2002

Here's my question ... I recently added 2GB of RAM to the 2GB I already had installed . My system is showing the RAM as being there in my BIOS , but , when I run DXDIAG only 1GB is showing out of the 4GB I have installed . Is it because of the Windows version I am running and if so , what can be done ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated !


A:RAM not recognizing

Welcome to TSG....

Windows XP will only see 3 Gb RAM and that is it. Do you have any service packs installed?

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I have a Dell XPS M140 with a CD/DVD drive. I'm not sure what has happened but the computer no longer recognizes when I put a CD in the drive - either a CD with data or a blank CD. It does recognize DVD's. Under My Computer the D drive says DVD-RW. I honestly don't remember if it has always said that or if I've somehow turned off the CD capability. Any help would be appreciated as I am not very technically inclined when it comes to the computer.

A:Not recognizing cd's

Welcome to TSG!

We can try disabling and then reinstalling the drive (not physically- just the driver). Let me know what version of Windows you have and I can give you more detailed instructions!

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Yesterday I removed several unused programs from my wifes laptop, (HP Pavilion zv5000). One of them was a DVD authoring program. I also ran AdWareSE, and AVG AntiSpy & Antivirus scans. When I finished I checked the device manager and noticed that the CD/DVD had a problem. The status of the drive was.

?Windows successfully loaded the device driver for this hardware but cannot find the hardware device. (Code 41)?

The drive spins, and I can boot from it. However it does not show up in 'My Computer'. Will doing a Windows XP reinstall and taking the repair option fix this? Should I try anything else first?

A:XP not recognizing CD/DVD

In my opinion i think taking the repair option should fix that... but you might also want to try using system restore and restoring your laptop back a couple of days and see if that resolves the problem... you can access this feature my clicking start> run> in the run dialog box type "msconfig" without the quotes and then you should click on the button that says "Launch System Restore" once again.. without quotes. :) good luck!

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I have a new build with a Lite-On Blue Ray player, it has been fine playing CD/DVD but I tried a Blu-Ray and it does not recognize. I realized I had not installed "Cyberlink BD Solution" so I tried to do so- I am unable to install it! When I try to install it (BD Solution v6) I get an install shield error 1628: failed to install...

Can anyone help with getting this thing to work? Is there something I need to do to get the software to install or is there another codec I could use to get MP to recognize Blu-Ray disks?

I already went in and changed the region setting in Windows- no help!

Running Windows 7 64bit


A:Blu-Ray not recognizing Blu-Ray Help!!

Just google "installshield error 1628" and search for solutions within the last one month and you can find three or four fixes for resolving it.

But before trying any of those, try to install the program as an administrator and check whether it gets you through. Open the CD Install, right click on the specific installer and "Run as Administrator".

If it does not resolve the problem, then try the other fixes.

(Incidentally I too have a Liteon iHBS112 BD writer and had installed the BD Solution on my 32bit OS. Hadn't experienced any install problems.)

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I am running Win 7 on a Intel Core I7 920 processor. My motherboard is a Gigabyte EX58-UD3R FE motherboard. My RAM is (4) G Skill F3-16000CL9-2GBRH 2G sticks of DDR3 RAM. It says the type is PC3-10700H. When I check my system settings in windows, it says I have 8 GB installed but only 6 GB usuable. Is there any way to make it so that all of it is usable? Thank you in advance for any help.

A:Win 7 not recognizing all RAM


I've done a bit of research on this, it looks like the only way to enable 8Gb is to update the bios. That motherboard is now a discontinued item. Which means you might consider purchasing a newer model with more options.

You can find more information here.. http://www.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3265#bios

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Each time I insert any USB flash drive into my new Dell E520, it tells me:
"The disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?"
The same flash drive works on different PC's

Any help will be appreciated



A:Not recognizing USB

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I just ordered Windows Vista Beta 2 a couple days ago, and it came in the mail today. I partitioned my hard drive, adding a 40 GB partition directly after my Windows XP drive. When booting from the 32-bit DVD, there are no options in the hard drive list for where to install Vista. I'm assuming it doesn't have to correct drivers and I need to load them from an external source.I'm wonder how I would go about doing that. My hard drive model, as supplied by the manufacturer of my copmuter, is NVIDIA JBOD 372.61GUpdate: I did a google search, and found that my motherboard is the one that requires the drivers. I found this page: http://www.nzone.com/object/nzone_download..._x86_beta2.html which pretty much explains my exact situation. I downloaded the drivers and burned them to a CD, but when I went back into the Vista installation and Loaded Drivers, I got a message saying they weren't found on the CD.Update2: I tried putting those same driver on a USB flash drive, and got the same result. The installation wasn't able to find any drivers. Something else I shoulod note: this last time I booted from the installation DVD, I got to the "Choose where to install" screen and saw that my external HDD was on the list. The other times I had attempted to install, my external was turned off, but this time I turned it on before booting and it recognized it.Update3: I decided to install Vista through Windows XP, and not booting it from the DVD. I got up to the point where it tried to ... Read more

A:Not Recognizing My Hdd

Your MBR has become over written.. Both windows and vista have become combined... Im sorry I dont have a direct link to the program, but if you look in my fat32+linux=? topic, you'll see a link to MBRWiz, its a program that you use to reset the MBR. Alternativley.. You can use the windows xp recovery console, and use the command "fixmbr" without the quotes.
Keep in mind that this will fix your MBR to where it was when you first installed windows xp... Your best bet is to format the vista partition, and look for some tips on how to do that..

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Hi, I have recenlty bought Samsung 850 Evo SSD to replace my 750 GB HDD on HP G6. It looks like SSD is not recognized by the BIOS. Also, i dont see an option to change SATA to AHCI in bios.  My BIOS is insideh20 Version F .37. Please help.

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I have a Packard Bell Legend Supreme 1910, it came with 32M of RAM. I removed the 32M and installed 128M. My computer still says that I have 32M. I checked the advanced settings of msconfig and I am not limiting the size of allowable RAM.

A:Not recognizing new RAM

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Well I Have 4096MBytes of ram CPU-Z says so and so does my order sheet from alienware

my processor:
intel core 2 duo e4500 @ 2.2ghz

and i run vista home premium 32bit edition

but when i go to control panel i get this
any solutions or ideas to why its doing this guys ?

A:Not Recognizing My Ram

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I have a HP dv6000z. It was running XP Home SP2. I did a clean install of XP Pro then took out my SP2 cd and updated that and then did all the other updates. I decided to give Vista a shot. It took with the upgrade CD that I got from HP. After Vista was up and running fine I updated my BIOS to the most recent version. Everything was still running fine.

I then decided I wanted to dual boot XP and Vista and also XP Pro 64 to give it a shot.

I popped in a new XP Pro SP2 cd that I got from my school and deleted the c: partition then divided it up into 3 partitions, 2 20 gigs and 1 25 gig and installed XP Pro SP2 on the c: partition, the 20 gig partition. Everything went fine.

I downloaded all the updates from Microsoft and then went into my computer for the first time and noticed it was only seeing 256 mb of ram. I have 2 1 gig sticks in my machine. I then decided to flash back to the old BIOS I had before I upgraded, since I dont remember checking Vista after the BIOS upgrade if it was recognizing the 2 gigs or not, but it was Vista and not XP so that might make a difference, I am not sure.

Well I flashed back and still it only says 256 and it seems that the computer is running awfully sluggish, like it only has 256 ram haha. This is weird since both sticks are greater than 256. Thanks for any help.

A:XP Pro SP2 only recognizing 1/8th of ram

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Im looking to find someone to chat with for 10min to help me troubleshoot this problem Im having with a PC I just bought. I built my own PC and am very literate but I cannot find a fix for this problem also Im clueless when it comes to AMD. It would be preferred if you have discord or something to fix this fast in 10min, but im fine with messages.

A:Need help with PC not recognizing GPU

The forum rules here state that all help must be given in the form of replies here in your thread.

Tell us the problem and the hardware in the PC and we will try to help.

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PC: HP Pavilion dv7
Drive: Optiarc DVD RW AD-7581S ATA Device
Media: Memorex DVD+R DL

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
Programs: DVDfab 6, AVS Video Converter 6, imgburn, Alcohol 120%, Windows DVD Maker

Problem: No matter which program I'm in (including "Computer") it keeps telling me there's nothing in the drive. Right on the side on my DVD drive it has a symbol saying it reads and writes DVD+R DL. I get the same result with all of the above programs. All of my drivers are up to date. It recognized a DVD+R DL disc one time, but when I tried to burn to it, DVDfab gave me an "error 122" message almost immediately after it started burning. That's the only time it has recognized a DL disc.

A:Not recognizing DVD+R DL

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Im looking to find someone to chat with for 10min to help me troubleshoot this problem Im having with a PC I just bought. I built my own PC and am very literate but I cannot find a fix for this problem also Im clueless when it comes to AMD. It would be preferred if you have discord or something to fix this fast in 10min, but im fine with messages.

A:PC not recognizing GPU

The forum rules here state that all help must be given in the form of replies here in your thread.

Tell us the problem and the hardware in the PC and we will try to help.

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Trying to burn or play cd's in windows media player or any other program for that matter, the E- drive player/burner has quit recognizing any cd that is put in. Will play a cd in the D drive. Any ideas or solutions?

A:CD-ROM Not recognizing

You can try to run "Microsoft's Fix-It" program to automaticly remove the Drive's Upper and Lower filters. Or you can Manually delete them using these directions from MS's site.

Windows XP
Click Start, and then click Run.
In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.
In the navigation pane, locate and then click the following registry subkey:
In the right pane, click UpperFilters.

Note You may also see an UpperFilters.bak registry entry. You do not have to remove that entry. Click UpperFilters only. If you do not see the UpperFilters registry entry, you still might have to remove the LowerFilters registry entry. To do this, go to step 7.
On the Edit menu, click Delete.
When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.
In the right pane, click LowerFilters.

Note If you do not see the LowerFilters registry entry, unfortunately this content cannot help you any further. Go to the "Next Steps" section for information about how you can find more solutions or more help on the Microsoft Web site.
On the Edit menu, click Delete.
When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.
Exit Registry Editor.
Restart the computer.
Click to expand...

If that doesn't work, try uninstalling the drive from Device Manager and rebooting. Beyond that, it might just be time for a new drive.

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I just bought a seagate 300 GB external HD and it was working well for the past two weeks until now. My computer does not recognize it at all. Under the safely remove hardware, I don't see it show up at all. I tried my other external HD and it work out fine. I am using window xp and service pack 2. I'm not sure wat the problem also. I tried rebooting and also my comp does not recognize it. I also tried on my friend's comp and it didn't work also.

A:USB not recognizing

Well, since it doesn't work on multiple computers, it's clear the failure is probably something about the drive.

Does the drive spin up when you turn it on? When you connect the USB, do you see anything in Device Manager under USB Controllers for the drive? How about any error messages? Have you tried a new USB cable?

If all else fails, send it back for warranty replacement.

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I have a new 8.1 machine that isn't recognizing USB port items when plugged in. Is there something I can do to correct that? I have a Windows 7 machine right next to it and the same item is picked up just fine when plugged into a USB port. Thanks for any ideas. :-)

A:Not recognizing USB

Is it ALL usb? Have you checked usb / mouse keyboard? Or is it just usb flash drives and disk? Have you installed the chipset drivers for your machine? Go to the vendor support site for your machine.

You should also add your system specs to your profile if you need further help

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Plugging in any usb device and receive error message that Windows doesn't recognize it and has malfunctioned. Ideas please?

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I have various hard drives (each has an OS - WinXP, Vista, Win7).When I use the WinXP hd in my laptop, i can USB connect and see the Win7 hd but not the Vista hd.
When I use the Win7 hd in my laptop, I cannot see either other USB hds.

Any idea what I can do to make the other two USB visible when running Win7?

One addn piece of info ... I partitioned the WinXP and Vista into a c-drive and d-drive but left the Win7 hd as only a c-drive.

A:Recognizing a USB hd with an os

Are you plugging one HD internally and placing the other in an external enclosure to connect via USB to access files?

Generally, if you cannot see another HD then you need to enter Disk Management and assign it a drive letter in the OS you are using. So if you can't see XP/Vista while booting Win7, make sure both have a drive letter assigned in Disk managment.

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For Some reason my comp is not recognizing my RAM. I have 2 256 sticks but when i right click on MY COMPUTER is says 240RAM. You can check my comp specifications at http://www.techspot.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=10079

A:HP not recognizing RAM

Did you just add another 256 MB module? If so, did you check if it's compatible with your mainboard (ECC, registering, parity, speed etc) ?

240 looks to me like you have an onboard graphics adapter that's taking 16 MB of RAM.

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I have a PC that is not recognizing a 128 mg Dimm.
The PC now has 4, 8 Mg simms. I removed the Simms and added the Dimm but I am getting a memory beep error on boot up.

I am not sure of the name of the motherboard (it has a model number of "MS5129 Ver. 1", but there is a set of dip switches next to the memory slots. Is it possible these dip switch need to be set differently to recognize the Ram?

FYI the PC is a Pentium 120

A:PC not recognizing RAM

You need to figure out who makes your motherboard so you can go to their website and find out what to set those dipswitches to.

If you can't find manufacturer's name search altavista or some other engine for that model number it may take a while to find the site but you should find it sooner or later.

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Hello all.
I think this goes in this forum if not I apologize. So my cpu fan died and I replaced it. My MB is not recognizing that I made this change. I have to spam F2 to boot from windows otherwise my computer shuts down as it still thinks my fan is dead. Yes the fan is installed properly and does work)

I have gone into BIOS and saved changes and while I can restart without an issue, when I power down completely and start back up.. I get the CPU has failed message .

I really need to reinstall my OS( win 7) as its been a year since last install. I am afraid to do so as I won't have a windows option in boot manager if I am reinstalling yes?

I hope I am making sense as to what my issue is)

my comp is a HPE-210y

Thank you for your time and I appreciate any help I will receive.


A:New CPU Fan, MB not recognizing

Did you buy an identical HP fan? If not you likely have too. Some systems like this expect the fan to spin at very precious speeds and if the replacement fan spins too slow or fast the system may not think it's working properly.

Why do need to reinstall Windows? Although to reinstall Windows you can use the built-in HP Recovery, see here: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&docname=c01867418

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I am trying to run diagnostics and checks on our computers and all but one are being recognized by the service tag.  I receive the following:
Error: 500 Server Error
Application Init Error. We are unable to display the requested page.

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I have a new Notebook, an LG X140, with Windows 7 Home Premium ... activated as Genuine.
It only came with 512 MB of RAM so I decided to use ReadyBoost and a 4 GB USB Drive to add more RAM.
I selected "Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost" which selected 3851 MB. It only actually created an extra 2 GB of RAM. I believe I understand why there was only 3851 MB available and why it only could create 2 GB of RAM from that... so that isn't so much of an issue for me.
I then used a 1 GB SD Chip which is ReadyBoost Compatible and added that to ReadyBoost the same way, hoping that I could push it to 4 GB of RAM ... however my computer still only shows 2 GB of RAM.

I have tried swapping different USB Drives and SD Cards but with no success, I can't seem to get my computer to recognize any more than 2 GB of RAM.

I'm hoping there is something I've either overlooked or wasn't made obviously apparent my Microsoft so that there is a way I can fix this to allow me to add 4 GB of RAM on my computer.

Any help will be much appreciated.

A:ReadyBoost not recognizing more than 2GB

Welcome to the forum.

ReadyBoost is not used for increasing memory. It's purpose is to act as a hard disk cache. SuperFetch monitors files that you access and preloads those files into the ReadyBoost cache. (Your USB drive)

To boost memory, you need to add more memory or increase your Pagefile size (which is on your hard disk).

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Hi All, I have an HP Pavilion Slimline s5704y PC. I recently installed an AMD Phenom II x6 1090 T Processor in it. I am running windows 10 Pro on the computer as well. The computer is running but it doesn't seem to recognize the new processor in the system information (msinfo32). It still shows processor AMD Athlon II 260 Dual Core. I tried to search on the HP site for Bios Flash upgrade, but I had not luck. The bios version is American Megatrends Inc, 6.07 01/18/2011 Can anybody help with how to get this pc to recognize the new AMD Phenom processor? The system specification page show that is supports this processor -https://support.hp.com/hk-en/document/c02629622and the pc is currently running since I'm on it submitting this question. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Chris

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Computer: HP Pavillion XP789
Operating System: WinXP
HD: 80 GB
RAM: 384 MB
Processor: AMD Athlon 1.01 gHz

CD-Rom: Samsung CD-R/RW SW208-F
DVD-Rom: Hitachi GD-7500

Up until a couple nights ago, everything was working fine with my system. However, after installing a new USB 2.0 card into an empty PCI slot and rebooting, I noticed a problem. When opening "My Computer" to view my CD drives, my system wasn't recognizing either. However, when checking "Device Manager", both drives are listed, but noted with yellow exclamation points. When checking their properties, I get the message "Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)".

I have tried uninstalling the drives, restarting, and letting the computer recognize the drives again on its own. Although it DOES reinstall the drivers (apparently), I still have the same problems. The drives will be listed in Device Manager, but not recognized or usable when loading a CD. I have also tried looking for firmware and driver updates and have had limited success in finding them, but their installation has either failed or not helped alleviate any problems. I have opened my case, checked the connection cables to make sure I didn't bump anything loose, but everything is fine. I also have taken the USB 2.0 card back out of the PCI slot and done all of the above to see if the USB card was causing problems, but that,... Read more

A:XP Not Recognizing CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Drives

Really one of the best I have seen. Great work.


I have also tried looking for firmware and driver updates and have had limited success in finding them, but their installation has either failed or not helped alleviate any problems

I'd stay away from that avenue at this point. "The New Guy" caused the problem, it's HIS fault. First prove it by...


I also have taken the USB 2.0 card back out of the PCI slot and done all of the above to see if the USB card was causing problems, but that, too didn't solve anything.

Do this again, but slowly so I can watch. Remove the infernal thing and boot to BIOS. Do you see both ROM devices ? If so, we can assume all your other hardware is good. If not, you have a hardware problem we can't blame on the new guy.

Exit BIOS and boot from CD to Recovery Console and do the following:

Run "fixmbr"
Run "fixboot"
run "chkdsk /x" and restart
Let the chkdsk do it's thing.

Go to device manager. Any yellow or red things ? If not, go to My Computer. Do you have a CD & a DVD ?

If this doesn't at least bring your system back to where it was before you bought your low-end, bargain basement, "Wow-this-deal-is-too-good-to-be-true" USB PCI device (a joke. Really what is it ?) then we'll have to "broaden" our search and repair efforts.

If you are itchy and waiting for help afte... Read more

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My dvd-rom is not recognizing a few of my older CD-ROM games. It recognizes my Sims 2 Open for Business CD-Rom (tried that earlier and it worked fine.) I can't use the rw drive to play the game either. This is very strange as I am pretty sure the game I am trying to play (Oregon Trail 5) is compatible with Windows XP.

My drives are working fine according to the device manager.
I'm scanning for viruses and spyware so maybe that's the problem, but if it were, the Open for Business Disc wouldn't be working.......

So, any ideas what I could do?
Its possible its the scanning that's interfering, but I had tried the game last night BEFORE I started the scanning.

A:DVD-Rom Not recognizing CD-Rom Game

Is this disk a burned disk? My assumption is that the system is recognizing the disk if it's doing a scan on it. Cancel the scan. What happens when you click on the drive?

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Hi Techs,

I reformatted the HD on an old notebook (Compaq LTE 5250) it has a 3.5 floppy and CD-Rom that interchange (1 bay) I can only use one at a time. So I can't get the computer to recognize the CD-ROM (Got "device not found" when booting form 3.5 w/ cd-support) in order to install a new OS in DOS. How do I install the Driver (MSCD001)?

Anyone have any ideas?


A:DOS not recognizing CD-ROM after reformat

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I have an Asus P4S800D-E. According to the manual it will support 64mb to 1gb Dimms in any of its four Dimm sockets. There are 2 blue sockets and 2 black ones. The manual recommends using the two blue ones first, so at the moment I have one 512 card in each blue socket. XP recognizes these no problem. However, this morning I added a 1Gb Dimm to one of the black sockets and XP doesn’t recognize it. I checked it from Everest too and it doesnt see any more memory.

All memory is the same brand and type (Samsung) and is in the Asus compatibility list for my motherboard.

Any suggestions?

A:XP not recognizing new 1GB Ram Dimm

Doh - restarted and it recognizes it now!

Mods - fell free to delete this thread

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I was burning a CD-R in Nero and while running some other program at the same time (I've already learned my lesson about multitasking, so there's no need for further rebuke), and although the CD finished burning, Nero said the burn failed, and since then my computer will not recognize any CD that I put in it, although it reads and burns DVDs just fine still. I have used system restore, uninstalled/reinstalled Nero, the DVD drive drivers, the ide 1st/2nd channel drives, as well as deleted the upper/lower filter entries from the registry, all of which do nothing. I accidently deleted the entire entry that the those entires are contained in (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}) and when I rebooted, the CD drive was magically able to read CDs again (although I didn't test anything else). I was nervous about having deleted so much though (I know very little about the registry except that it's a pandora's box), so I restored it back just so I didn't get myself into deeper trouble than I was already in. So, my question is, first, what could have caused this problem to begin with? and second, am I ok to delete that entire entry since that seemed to fix the problem? What does that other stuff in that part of the registry do? Here's what my registry looks like now:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\Class\{4D36E965-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}]
"Class"="CD... Read more

A:DVD drive not recognizing CDs

Good Evening steve00, it is quite likely that some malware item or some hostile protective system on a disk you may have attempted to copy has altered your settings.
Either way trying to determine if the drive still has full operational potential is a nuisance.
I usually try using a Live Linux Program (puppy Linux) and booting the machine with it then removing the CD and trying what works with the burning capacity is the easiest way.
Puppy Linux
As you have found Windows is not as simple as it appears, although it is very simple for it to "screw up".
There is a learning curve required with this procedure.
Cheers, qldit.

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i tried the dual slave/master ,and the cs settings and still no solution,what should i do?

A:windows xp isn't recognizing my 120 gb hdd

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I just received a computer donation that had been completely wiped and XP reinstalled. I activated Windows today and am trying to get it set up on my wireless network.

I have a linksys WUSB54GP usb network adapter with original software. I have installed it and uninstalled it multiple times trying to get it to work. The adapter has no lights active when plugged in. I tested the adapter on another computer (also with XP) and it works flawlessly! It seems as though this donated computer cannot match the install software with the device. I have even downloaded new drivers from the internet, but Hardware Setup doesn't recognize them and when I use Setup from the driver folder, the device stills sits there inactivated. Please give advice!

Thanks so much,

A:XP not recognizing drivers

Sounds more like it may be a USB problem.
Do you get a new hardware found message when you
plug it in?

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I have a Dell P4 computer with XP on it and for some time I have had problems reading any CD I stick into my CD ROM drive. New Programs book up great, but when I try to have it read picture CDs I use for backing up digital pictures, it won't work. Any solutions for me?



A:Computer not recognizing CD ROM/DVD ROM

"I have had problems reading any CD I stick into my CD ROM drive."
" New Programs book up great, but when I try to have it read picture CDs I use for backing up digital pictures, it won't work."

So what does it read and not read??

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My motherboard will support up to 2GB of pc2100 ddr ram. I currently have 2 X 256MB (512MB total :) ).

I recently tried to upgrade my ram. I was given 2 X 512MB pc3200 to try. I was told that it would most likely clock itself down to the pc2100.

I have only two slots for ram.

When I installed the "new" ram, system was still showing a total of 512MB, with slot 1 empty.

I checked and rechecked, switching slots, making sure that everything was nice and tight, and still slot 1 was always empty.

Then the wonder blue screen of death appeared. A little win32k.sys error. My BF freaked when he saw the physical memory dump counting up. I guess he expected the pc to blow up or something.

I was able to restart the computer and all was fine again, but still showing only 512MB and an empty slot 1.

Along with that, my McAfee crapped out on me. I was not able to repair the program.

So I stuck my 2 X 256MB back in. Slot 1 now was being recognized, and McAfee eventually repaired itself.

Is there something I'm missing here? Or is that ram just not for me?

Thanks ahead of time for the replies!

A:Not recognizing both ram slots

Try installing the new ram, one stick at a time, boot, shutdown, install 2nd

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Well, I completely wiped the hard drive, and now it doesn't recognize a "fixed disk". What does this mean? And how do I fix it? Whnever i put my recovery discs in, it says "Error: no fixed disk" then shuts down. Its an old Vaio I'm tryin to fix up, please help me!

A:Not recognizing HD on format

What you probably need to do is get a boot disk in and run “fdisk” and make a partition with it. Your recovery disks should have a option to go to a “dos mode”. When there type in “fdisk” and make a partition with that program. If you can’t get there with your recovery disks, try having a friend make a windows boot disk from their system or get your hands on some HD tools like MaxBlast 3 for Maxtor HD’s or WD tools for WD drives. If you know your HD’s manufacturer then you should be able to visit their site for some downloads if you can’t get fdisk to work. Hope that helps….

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