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Outlook 2000 Email problem to specific internal email address

Q: Outlook 2000 Email problem to specific internal email address

When trying to email to a specific internal email account, my email leaves my system and
does not arrive at the destination account. The destination account also happens to be the "administrator" and the email does get to the administrator email account. Any ideas?

Preferred Solution: Outlook 2000 Email problem to specific internal email address

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

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A: Outlook 2000 Email problem to specific internal email address

Will: No offense, but your post sounds like you're saying you're sending it from one account to another, but it's not being received at the other account, which is the administrator---but the administrator receives it?

Could you please re-state your question?
Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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I have a specific email contact who can be reached directly through my Gmail on Google but every time I send directly from Outlook 2010 the email dies as "Invalid Recipient". This applies even if I am replying to a received email from that person so it is not a typo or similar personal error and it is the only contact which behaves like this.

Anyone out there with any ideas?

A:Outlook 2010 won't accept a specific email address

Do they have special non-alphanumeric characters in their username?

That's the only thing that I can think of.

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I am in a bit of a pickle. I'm trying to figure out how to block a certain email address from recieving emails from me, but at the same time bieng able to deliver Cc and Bcc recipients in the same email.

I don't know much about SMTP filtering, but I know it could do the job if done right.

I have been trying to figure this out all day...help!

Thanks people!

P.S. I know it's a very weird question, but believe me it's a lifesaver.

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I have a domain, let's call it mydomain.com, and a whole bunch of domain email aliases (eg: [email protected], [email protected], etc) that all forward to my ISP pop3 email address account (default account).

I currently have rules setup so that emails sent to certain aliases at mydomain.com (which all come into my IPS email account) go to their associated folders setup in Outlook 2000, eg: [email protected] goes to the "Jim" folder, [email protected] goes to the "Mike" folder, etc, etc.

I also have a LAN email account setup in this copy of Outlook 2000 (although it's not set as my default). Emails on my LAN account use a virtual domain name to send within the network, let's call it mylanaccount.com.

Rather than have the emails go to folders on my computer, I'd rather they be forwarded on to the relevant address on our LAN, eg: emails that came in from [email protected] would be forwarded to [email protected].

Of course because mylanaccount.com is a virtual domain that doesn't exist in the big wide internet, these emails need to be forwarded on using the LAN account, not my default ISP pop3 email account.


1) Ideally, I'd like to setup a rule with something like:

Check messages when they arrive.

Sent to people or distribution list.

"Forward it to people or distribution list using the specified account"

Of course this last option does not exist. You can only ch... Read more

A:Outlook 2000 - automatically send email using specific account based on contact used.

1b. & 2b.: Doesn't look that way here in Outlook 2003. Have you thought about spending $7 to 9/month per person and get an Exchange Server hosting account?

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I am using wxp-s2, with outlook 2000, previously used outlook express with w2000 s4. I have a website in which people fill out a form and send to my email. The form asks them to supply their email address. Previously in outlook express/w2000 when i opened up email the form showed their email address highlighted in blue so i could just click and send them an email. Now in outlook 2000/wxps2 their email address is not highlighted. I have tried almost everything, but nothing working, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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If you have a Contact with an email address and a fax number, when you try to send them an email, Outlook sometimes prompts you for which "address" to send to. Other times, it justs picks one (usually the fax number).
Is there any way to tell Outlook 2000 not to use the fax number when attempting to resolve a name lookup?


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when i send e-mail in Outlook 2000 and select the names of the people i want to email. I just get...yourname (email)...in the TO bar...I was wondering how to display the name and email address all at once. Similar to the way AOL does Please help me!!!!

A:Display email address in outlook 2000 instead of just names when sending

Unless you're using your company's global address list, you must have saved the e-mail addresses yourself (either in your personal address book or in Contacts).

If so, the name is just a short identifier for that e-mail address. You can change the names to include the e-mail address by editing it the name:

In Contacts, right-click the contact, click Open.
Change the Full Name line to read:

Contact Name: E-mail address
e.g. John Smith: [email protected]
In the File As line, make sure it says the same as above.
Click Save and Close.

Alternatively, use:
File, Address Book, double-click the addressee, click the Name tab.
Add the e-mail address to the end of the surname and make sure it appears the same in the Display line.

If you're using a global address list, I'm not sure how you'd change it, maybe someone else can jump in and help you?



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I have had to reinstall pc due to it going at a crawl!!

After installing Outlook 2002, I can not get Outlook to auto fill the email address field when I start to type an email address in it.

The address book is there and in tacked after copying the outlook.pst file back to its original location after install.

How do I get Outlook to autofill?

Also when I click the 'TO' button in the new email window, it says that there is no address book!
but when I click the address book icon in the main Outlook window there are email address there?!

Any ideas how I can get this to work correctly again.

A:reinstalled pc, now create email in Outlook 2002 does not auto fill email address like before

When you did the re-install, did you erase/format the hard drive before the re-install? If you did and did not save the Outlook auto fill file, then the all the auto fills you had are gone. Did you import the pst file into outlook?

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I've just found a pst file with all my old email. I'd like to put them back on the server (hotmail) but before doing that I've seen that some of them were not recived (or sent) to my actual address (@hotmail.com) but to an old one (@infinito.it). So I was thinking to export them from outlook 2013 to CSV, modify that address into the new one and then import them back on outlook 2013. The problem is that when I export them to CSV, in that file they don't have the date (received or sent) and so when I get them back on outlook 2013 they miss that info.
Can anyone help me doing this? I've been told that VBA macro should be useful for this, but having a look in it I have no idea of what I sould do.
Ah, instead of outlook 2013 I can also use thunderbird (45.3.0) if it's easier with it, but then I'd have to convert that pst file.

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I'll bet you have not heard this one before. I was attempting to send an email to a potential client. Everything seemed to work well except that it was returned. The problem was that the address was changed somewhere. His name is spelled with a j but somewhere along the line, it was changed to a k and so there was no such person and therefore was returned to me.

#550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.RecipNotFound; not found ##rfc822;

What could have happened? This is a new one on me.

A:outlook 2007 changed email address so email was returned


Did you get a message similar with these?

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

Delivery to the following recipients failed.

Windows Live mail:

I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below.

For further assistance, please send mail to postmaster.

If you do so, please include this problem report. You can
delete your own text from the attached returned message.

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i have been trying to fix my email/outlook spam issue.  emails are going out WITH my actual email address, sending emails to people in my contacts, etc.
I also have been getting a ton of spam emails myself.
I use:
-Windows 7 Pro
-64 Bit
-Outlook 2010
-I have our own domain name email address, that is hosted by Frontier
Odd thing:  I changed my password for my email, but my outlook kept sending/receiving with the old password.
When I tried to update  the new password in outlook (which I verified by using the webmail versus outlook), it would not accept it.
Thank you for any help you can provide.

A:email / outlook is sending emails with my email address

Here is my FRST logs:
Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x64) Version: 26-06-2016 02
Ran by LS (administrator) on LS-PC (27-06-2016 12:22:27)
Running from C:\Users\LS\Downloads
Loaded Profiles: LS (Available Profiles: LS)
Platform: Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1 (X64) Language: English (United States)
Internet Explorer Version 11 (Default browser: Chrome)
Boot Mode: Normal
Tutorial for Farbar Recovery Scan Tool: http://www.geekstogo.com/forum/topic/335081-frst-tutorial-how-to-use-farbar-recovery-scan-tool/
==================== Processes (Whitelisted) =================
(If an entry is included in the fixlist, the process will be closed. The file will not be moved.)
(NVIDIA Corporation) C:\WINDOWS\System32\nvvsvc.exe
(NVIDIA Corporation) C:\Program Files (x86)\NVIDIA Corporation\3D Vision\nvSCPAPISvr.exe
(Realtek Semiconductor) C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RtkAudioService64.exe
(Waves Audio Ltd.) C:\Program Files\Waves\MaxxAudio\WavesSysSvc64.exe
(NVIDIA Corporation) C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Display\nvxdsync.exe
(NVIDIA Corporation) C:\WINDOWS\System32\nvvsvc.exe
(Realtek Semiconductor) C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\RAVBg64.exe
(Microsoft Corporation) C:\WINDOWS\System32\wlanext.exe
(Apple Inc.) C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\AppleMobileDeviceService.exe
(Realtek Semiconductor Corporation) C:\Program Files (x86)\Realtek\Realtek Bluetooth\AvrcpService.exe
(Apple Inc.) C:\Program Fil... Read more

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Hi guys heres one that is driving me nuts.
an email account is set up with an isp here , its btconnect.com
so the email is say [email protected]
now joe has two email aliases on his account e.g.

[email protected]
[email protected]

now when joe accesses his account through outlook it obviously checks the btconnect account and sends the mail to the correct alias, but it cant seem to do it.
what happens is , it logs on checks one alias then the server errors whilst checking the other as it is still logged on i assume to the main btconnect mail account and so errors out

e.g [email protected] works and roofing.co.uk errors out
i would like to find a way to check flooring first and roofing after but cant figure it out
someone suggested using identities in outlook express but isnt outlook the better program and surely there is some kind of feature for this problem

usually after it gets its bearings it is then happy and says send receive complete but after a couple of tries and leaving an error message at the bottom of the screen
as it is trying to check the two accounts on the same email address at the same time.
any ideas anyone
i am even willing to try thunderbird instead
just the managers like the calender etc in outlook

A:Outlook Using 2 email aliases on one email address

still no ideas on this one.
maybe using rules in outlook would help.
I could just check mail from the BT account
e.g. [email protected] and filter the mail for the aliases into the corresponding mail box, but how then if a mail is written in outlook could it be send from the correct account.
e.g [email protected] or [email protected] rather than the mail appearing as though it was sent from [email protected] , wow outlook is confusing stuff lol.

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Until about 2 weeks ago, my uncle could receive email from me but now he can't. I don't get a bounce back message or any indication that my mail is not being sent/received. I can receive mail from him. He says I am not on his blocked list. His email server is Rogers.com, mine is accesscomm.ca

He seems to be able to receive from everyone except me and I can send to everyone on my email list except him. As I said, I do not receive a bounce back message telling me that he has not received my email.

He is using outlook express and I am using netscape for mail. We both have XP systems.

Both of our ISP techs say that our settings are correct and that the mail should be working.

A:Can't receive email from specific address

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Hello,I am having a problem with my email not working correctly. I can receive email but when I try to create a new email and click on my address book the mouse icon disappears off to the right hand side of the screen. The program appears unresponsive as I am unable to select any tool bar icons (shows no indication that I clicked on anything) nor am I able to close the untitled message screen or minimize it. I have opened task manager and selected end task :untitled message. When that task ends it switches back to the inbox screen with a : Select Names window in the task bar. At this point the Inbox screen is still unresponsive but now I can right click the : Select Names window in the task bar and close it. When that closes then the Inbox screen seems to restore control. I have updated Microsoft Office to service pack 3 ( after this situation presented itself).The O.S. is X.P. Pro Microsoft Outlook 2003 This system has been running problem free for about 1 year. If anyone could help in solving this issue I would greatly appreciate it.Thank You.~Mod Edit: Topic moved to more appropriate forum~ TMacK

A:Outlook 2003 Address Book/new Email Problem

Hello to all,

I have resolved my issue with address book. It appears that my address book was opening up off screen on the right hand side. I am not sure what had changed in regards to why it had opened off screen or why it now has restored to the middle of the screen. The only thing that I had done recently was to send an email to a friend and typed in the email address then clicked send. After that when I tried to create a new email and select the address book it would open the window in view.

Basically I'm a moron but had to post the resolution to my problem anyways.

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My wife's email address in Outlook Express intermittently stops working. My address, which is the default address always works. I have both addresses coming into my inbox. When I remove her identity and redo it, it is fine for awhile. Then it stops working again. Any suggestions?
I have XP PRO, 256 RAM, SBC Yahoo email account which goes into Outlook Express. Thanks for your help.

A:Solved: 2nd Email Address in Outlook Express Problem

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I have Outlook 2000 SR-1, and use Windows XP Professional, Version 2002, Service Pack 2 (to the extent it is relevant). When I go to address an email by scrolling down the list of contacts that show up by clicking on the email "to" button, only some of my contacts come through, despite the fact that all of my contacts contain email addresses. I have checked the Microsoft website, and their fix on this (OL 2000 (CW)/Q197907) for Outlook 2000 is limited to Outlook installed with the "corporate or workgroup" option, which mine is not. I was unable to find any additional help for this version of Outlook and would greatly appreciate any insights. Thank you very much.

A:Outlook 2000 SR-1: Problem with Contacts in Email

Hi lawyermom
Welcome to Tech Support Guy Forums!

Do you have more than one Contacts folder in Outlook?

Open the Address Book in Outlook, are there folders or groups listed under Contacts?
If so, look in each to see if the missing Contacts appear.
If Contacts appear in other folders, you can Copy them to the main folder.

When using the To: button, you can also click the drop down arrow and switch to the other folders (if they exist) to select those Contacts.

Let us know what you find.
This may be of interest to you: This link shows how to reconfigure mail support in Outlook 2000.
How to switch from one installation type to another in Outlook 2000

An advantage of having Outlook configured as Corporate/Workgroup, is the ability to create additional profiles in Outlook. If errors start occurring in Outlook, you can create another profile to see if the errors occur in the new profile, as well.
How to create a new e-mail profile in Outlook 2000

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I need to be able to block an outgoing email to specific email addresses. Basically I send out a very low level (less than 20/week) of marketing emails to addresses culled from various sites. Occasionally I get an email back asking me to remove an email address from my mailing list (which I don't really have). Is there any way for me to enter the email address in a distribution list and then have Outlook (2007) verify that the To: addressee is not in that list or, if it is, to alert me and/or defer/block the send?



A:Blocking outgoing email to a specific address

I am confused. Where are you getting these email addresses if you don't have a list?

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Might someone know why my outgoing emails look like this? They look fine when I type them up, but people who I send to tell me they come in looking like what I have pasted below. I have tried changing the format setting in every way, html, plain text, microsoft outlook rich text, and even tried these settings using word as my editor. Nothing helps. To make matters worse, it is hard to test whether I have found a solution, since this doesn't happen all the time. Any ideas?
>Ok, I have discussed this with
>Mario and here is what we have
>decided. We can offer you the
>show for free for the next
>three months. After that time,
>we will have to charge you $10
>US per week.
>Please advise me if this will
>do, and also let me know when
>you are ready to start
>broadcasting. Mario can make a
>promo for the station when you
>are ready. All I will need is
>the station's call-sign, and
>the time you intend to
>broadcast each week.
>I look forward to hearing from

A:Outlook 2000 - Outgoing email formatting problem.

try setting different margins?

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Exchanger server 2003
ms outlook 2000


Hello Everyone, we have a user who is experencing something very unusual with her mailbox account.

Apparently, when she sends email to certain people (people outside of our domain), and when the recipent tries sending back a reply message to her, she does not receieve the reply email.

I then asked her to CC me on her email, and have the replier of the email to "REPLAY ALL" when sending his/her reply back to our user, to see if at least I was receiving the reply.

As it stands, I am able to recieve the reply email, however our user (who iniated the email) does not recieve the reply (so for the time being I am forwarding these replies over to our user, which she recieves).

I have checked her mailbox options, she is below her mailbox limit (limit = 200 mb, currently at 128 mb), I have also increased her ability to send and recieve attachments up from 8 mb, to 15 mb.

Even with all of these changes she cannot recieve a reply back for her email.

I will try setting her email up with personal folders, to reduce her mailbox size, as well as deleting her email profile on her computer, and then re-creating it to see if it makes any difference.

I welcome all input/suggestions, any help/advice would be greatly appreciated on this matter, thanx again all!!

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Dear Experts
I have got a client she has an exchange server 2007 installed on SBS 2008.

She has no problem to send and receive emails through the exchange server except when she sends an email to this address ([email protected] ,I made it up)!!!!!!

The message stays in the exchange’s queue and it won’t be delivered to the nominated address, with the below error :

451 4.4.0 Primary Target IP address responded 421 4.2.1 unable to connect.Click to expand...

I couldn’t test a different email address on this domain (abc.com.ih), because I don’t have other than paul

If her email on the exchange server has a problem it shouldn't be able to send emails to all domains from the first place

I tried to flush DNS on the client’s exchange server but no joy

What I did as a troubleshoot I sent an email to : ([email protected]) from our work exchange server 2007 installed on SBS 2008 (i.e. different exchange but almost has same setting as the client) the email went through and the recipient replied me to confirm that he received my email.


A:Email sent from an exchange 2007 to a specific address stuck in a queue

Any filtering or SPAM gateways on this particular domain? What is the real external email domain because it might be blacklisted somewhere.

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Is there a way to forward 1 email address to 2 internal email addresses, via AD or Exchange.

What I'm using right now is: forward 1 from AD and forward to the 2nd from Outlook rule.

I would like to achieve this just with AD alone.

A:Solved: Exchange - AD - forward to 2 internal email address

create a distribution group - add the 2 addresses in the group. Then forward mail from AD/User account to group

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For some time I have been unable to send email to one specific domain. If I send a very brief message (literally a few words) the email will go through: if there is an attachment or more than just a few words in the message body I receive a delivery failure notification. I have checked with my ISP (BT connect) and the ISP of the recipient and there is no evidence that the problem is due to filtering, blacklisting etc.

I have no problem sending emails (with or without attachments) to any other domain.

My pc runs Win98SE and Outlook 2000.

I signed up for a hotmail account and was able to send an email with a large attachment to the affected domain using that. I concluded the problem was my ISP, but before changing to another I ran one more test.

I sent a large email to the affected domain using my Win XP Pro laptop, also with Outlook 2000. It arrived!

This suggests the problem is specific to my PC setup. The problem started some time ago (maybe a year or so) - before that I was able to send emails to the domain from the PC.

I'd be very grateful if anyone has any suggestions about what could be causing this problem on the specific pc.

A:Solved: Problem sending email to specific domain from specific pc

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I am using Outlook 2003 and run Windows XP.

When I create a new message I begin typing the name of the recipient and I would like it to match up with an address I have in my Outlook contact list. However, it does not read from there. It only seems to look at addresses that I have already sent to in the past. How can I get it to read from the address book? If I click on "TO" or "CC" it brings up another window with a list of addresses from my contact list. From there I can have it pull from the list. I would like to be able to do it withot the extra step.


A:Solved: Outlook 2003 dowes not automatically pull address from address book for email

That is how autocomplete works, from used addresses stored in the NK2 file.
This explanation and keyboard shortcut might help you.
Where do Outlook's auto-complete suggestions come from?

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I recently moved and got an email address from  google.  My Microsoft 2010 Outlook email still has the old IP address and service provider (Fairpoint).  I need to change my Microsoft Outlook setup to use the new Neatgrear 45 Router
thru Time Warner Cable.  I cannot find instructions no how to make the change.  Any help

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I have a situation where someone has 2 email addresses. One of them is now redundant and I have deleted it from the People section. However, when I am set to make a new email to that person and type the first letter of their name, in the pop up window (that you can click on) their old email address still appears.
How do I delete this from that list? Can find no way to do so.

A:Outlook Email - Deleting Wrong Email Entry when starting new email

In new email, start typing the address you want to remove. When you have enough characters for auto complete to show it (sometimes one letter is enough), use DOWN ARROW key on keyboard to select the address in question and press DEL key.

That's it.

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Recently upgraded my other computer operating Win 98 from Office 97 to 2000.
All is finally well with the settings after seemingly endless tweaks and changes except for one nagging problem.If I use Word as the email editor in Outlook (html), the "text" portion only of the email (not subject box-it is black text) is sent and arrives in a very light lime green color! You can barely read it.If I remove Word as the editor, then the text is in black--nice and clear.
I have spent hours playing with the settings in Word changing between automatic and black.I have checked and rechecked the Outlook settings.I can't shake this light lime green text with Word as the editor and I want Word as the editor--very frustrating..And something else important and related....
When you use Outlook to fax,(Symantec Fax Starter), the text arrives on all fax machines, but it is very "faint", however the subject and cover sheet are dark normal text, which makes me think it is being transmitted as light lime green, but showing up faint black as fax machines have only black shades.
Is there a setting somewhere in Windows that is impacting on Word? I've buzzed around the control panel and no success. I don't know why I can't pinpoint this--probably too easy and right there staring at me..........help!

A:Word 2000 as email editor Outlook 2000 causing text headache

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Running Outlook 2003 and have forwarded email from account 'A' to account 'B.' This works fine, but what I would like to do is direct all email forwarded from the just sitting in the Inbox of account 'B', but to go into a sub-folder called, say, 'A email'.

I can set rules for moving email FROM a specific user, but how do I move email that has been forwarded into a separate folder?

A:Outlook 2003 - Forwarding Email to Specific Folder

Why can't you just pick "mail sent to" as a filter criteria when creating a rule?

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I cannot see an email from a specific mailing list.
The exchange admin says that according to him the email is sent to you.
But its not shown in my account. I was earlier able to recieve emails but not now. The emails are sent at my address according to our exchange administrator.

I have checked In each and every folder in my outlook 2010 but is not there.
I also used the from keyword in search and couldn't find it in any of folders in my outlook.

It is not in deleted folder.

It's not in the quarantine box. We are using Microsoft quarantine facility.

There are no rules defined in my outlook.

Any help?

A:Email from specific mailing list is not shown in Outlook 2010

Any clue as to what's going on in?

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Running Windows 2000, Office 2000 Professional.

I would like to turnoff global underline of a string containing "@" - making it a eMail link.

I can do this by using ' at beginning of string, but I don't want to do this everytime.

Is this possible ?

Thanks,,, Frank

A:Excell 2000 - Turn off auto underline of eMail address

For now, all I have to offer is to use a table in Word instead. Even in Word, however, you'll have to go to Tools-Autocorrect, Autoformat as you type tab and remove the checkmark from the urls thingee.

When you're done, you can copy/paste back into Excel.

Alternatively, you could do everything else, copy/paste into Word, do the hyperlink column and copy/paste back into Excel.

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There are four uses in my small office. Three of them use Outlook 2003 and one has Outlook 2007. The three Outlook 2003 users can send email to everyone internally without any problems.
The Outlook 2007 user can respond to email sent from people internally without any problems. Any new email she sends to any of the three people internally get stuck in the Outbox.
We use register.com to handle our email.

Any suggestions on how to get the Outlook 2007 user to be able to send email internally successfully would be appreciated.

Thank you for looking.

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Hi, my first 'excel' post here. Been reading through related posts, and although I consider myself pretty adept at Excel, I have never messed with macros before this week, and am a bit lost. Here is my situation...

Working in a spreadsheet for orders. Each row is an item we carry. There are about 3000rows. Column P is the actual amount we decide to order, and after the person runs through the page typing in orders in column P (numeric field), he would hit a button and the items that have a value to order, would be compiled in a single email.

The columns needed in the email include A, B, C, P, Z, and AA. Although the spreadsheet will have 3000 rows, there will only be about 100 rows to order probably (if that matters). And it only needs to send those columns, ideally as a row, and all in the same email.

We are using Outlook 2007, and an SBS (if that matters), windows Vista.

Also, not sure if it matters, but most of the columns in the spreadsheet are filled in via "vlookups" on a different worksheet. Column P will be the only column actually typed in... but the "values" of the other columns need to be copied as opposed to formula or other...

I will also be trying to modify it to print the orders using a different button. but I'd be happy trying to figure out the email part first...

Any ideas? I am sure it can be done, drives me nuts to not be able to make the leap into VBA... but a deadline is looming and I am at my wits end.

thank you... Read more

A:Email specific columns in single email

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Is it possible to include two email addresses in M/S Outlook?

A:second email address in M/S outlook

Hi Brian, welcome to the Seven Forums.

There's practically no limit how many email addresses youy can put on Outlook. I'm using Outlook 2010 with 7 emails. Please tell us what version of Outlook (Office XP, 2003, 2007, 2010?) you have, so we can tell you how to add email accounts.

You could also read this article from Ms Office official website (browse down to Add a POP3, IMAP, or HTTP e-mail account).


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Hi all,

I need help sorting out a rule that move all internal emails to a specified folder. but first some information for you.

We are all in a domain, and our company is using Exchange 2007 and the clients are using Outlook 2007. Here is what i have tried to create for rules that did not work.

1. If email is from ALL STAFF distribution group (not work)
2. If sender address contains @domainname.com and @domain.local
3. If sender is in GLOBAL ADDRESS LIST address book
4. Restart outlook after any rule has been applied

Any help very much appreciated..

// Ronnie

A:Solved: Outlook 2007, Apply rule to internal email

Issue has been sorted, not sure how but it is.

All i did was opening the rules and alert editor, created new rule and chose to create a blank rule when message arrive and then i told it to look for sphinx in the sender adress and then move it to a folder.

It worked fine.


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I am changing my Internet company next week and this will mean I get a new set of email addresses that I can set up to my hearts desire in my new domain.

Question is:

Will all my current rules apply to the mail I receive at present from different people after they have updated there info with my new address? Or will I have to delete the rules and start again as and when I receive the mails? I am thinking probably the latter will apply though



A:Outlook Rules and new Email address

You 'll be using the same version of Outlook with the new email address as well right? You could export the rules (Tools > Rule Wizard > Options > Export Rules) just in case it loses them. Then import them again later when you've got the new email address(es) set up.

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I have a user running Outlook 2003, configured to an Exchange server. The problem lies in the Sent folder, more specifically when he sorts his sent email by name. Names show up Apostrophe?s next to them and then sometimes they don?t. This is causing the user some problems.It is my understanding n Outlook that names will show without apostrophe?s if they are apart of the company(Global Address Book), but external email address will show up with apostrophe?s to represent that they are outside email address. The user?s problem lies with his external email address. Here is an example of the user problem;Customer name is Tony Smith, when we look at the Sent folder we will see the customer show up in two different ways even thought the email address is the same;?Tony Smith? and Tony Smith? and when we sort by name the ?tony smith? address shows below the address with the apostrophes.Is there a way to turn off the apostrophes for all email address?Mod Edit: Topic moved to more appropriate forum~ TMacK

A:Outlook Apostrophes In Email Address


You can clear the names cache (the list of address that auto complete) but closing Outlook then deleting the .n2k file located in \Documents and Settings\user name\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook

That will stop the old auto fill and start creating new one.


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Does anyone know where the file is that stores the autofill when typing in an e-mail. ex. once you type a letter or two in the to: field a couple names appear in a box that are possible matches. Basically i want to delete a few of the names.

A:Solved: outlook email address

The names are either in your address book and your contact list

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does anyone know a way to copy or export outlook autocomplete email address's (the address comes up automatically as you type the first few letters) form a computer with xp with outlook 2003 to a windows 7 computer with outlook 2003? thanks

A:Outlook autocomplete email address's

NK2.info is a small utility to view and export the contents of an Outlook auto complete file

NK2.info Project

Or just do a search in start *.nk2

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I am having trouble viewing some emails in outlook that i receive from my yahoo (through pop). For example, if someone who uses yahoo sends me a message, i can read it just fine if i log onto Yahoo directly. When outlook checks my mail and downloads the email into the outlook inbox, all i can see through outlook is who the email is from and the date and time it was received. Outlook somehow hides/deletes the subject and the body text...so i can't read anything. I assume this has something to do with email type because not all emails are destroyed...but no yahoo email ever comes through POP and very often i have the same problem with AOL mail. Many emails do come through just fine so i know the POP is somewhat working and like i said, i can read all of the emails if i log directly onto yahoo mail. Does anyone have any idea how i can configure outlook to allow me to see all my emails??

I very much appreciate any help.

Edited to remove email address.

A:Outlook 2000 Email

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Hello there...

I have a problem receiving email from just ONE address of a domain ie [email protected]...I receive email from everywhere else ok.

I have two sites on an Ensim Pro Server and one site does not experience this difficulty.

Basically, I can send an email to this [email protected] address and they receive it ok but I will never receive their reply.

I have explored all the following possibilities:

1. My Outlook Express Account is set up correctly for pop I/C and O/G.
2. I use Spam Inspector and there are no entries for my "enemies" list that are relevant and, anyway, all my SPAM is sent to my "deleted" folder so I can observe it.
3. This problem has only arisen after I changed servers, retaining the same email address and the [email protected] mail server's IP cache is flushed on a regular basis.
4. I receive emails from other "[email protected]" domains.
5. My account domain is correctly set up.
6. I have no SPAM filter on my individual server mail account.
7. Email reply failures from [email protected] are never returned to that company so we can't observe the properties.
8. I am not using any other alias than my own email address name, which is set as "collect all".
9. My server is not on any black list.

Technicians at both ends are saying that there is nothing wrong.

Where do I go from here please?

I need my particular email address as it is advertised all over the place.

Hope one of you can ass... Read more

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Dear all

May I know is there any software (work indepentent, no additional email client e.g. Outlook, Eudora etc. needed) can download email (can filter by sender email address) from a specific POP3 server and save those attachement to a specific folder automatically?



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I've managed to setup email forwarding for my wife's new marketing business so I get emails coming to the POP3 email account [email protected] from the email address [email protected] and also [email protected]

However, when I send an email it appears (in someone else's inbox) to come from
Joanna Rigby <[email protected]> when I would like to appear to come from
Joanna Rigby <[email protected]>

I want them to see her domain name @madeyousmile.co.uk NOT the pophost.123-reg info.

Any suggestions on how I do this please? I'm running Microsoft Outlook Office 2007.

kind regards,

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hi there,,when i go to enter my email address in firefox the pop up address is spelled wrong,,,how can i change it,without losing all my auto complete forms.
i am using windows xp home edition..

A:Solved: wrong email spelling in auto complete email address

Delete Firefox auto-complete entries

There is also an add on for firefox that allows you to manage autocomplete

Available features include:

* matching against bookmark addresses
* matching against page titles and bookmark names
* matching anywhere in the address, not just the beginning
* changing the sorting criterion to alphabetical by address or title, most frequently visited, most recently visited, or top-level pages first
* completing the best match inline
* temporarily or permanently disabling the suggestion popup
* excluding local pages and pages containing search results
* swapping the address and title columns on the suggestion popup
* highlighting the column where a match was found
* fine-tuning the popup appearance by hiding page titles, changing the number of visible suggestions, and setting the truncation method for long addresses and page titlesClick to expand...

Autocomplete Manager 2.3

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The Outlook feature that automatically suggests email addresses as I begin to type in an address in email is not including many addresses that are no longer current. For example, when I try to send a message to my wife, it offers a list of six addresses, four of which are obsolete. I cannot find the file that contains these addresses to edit it. The various manuals speak of .wab files, but a search produces none. The only .pst file I can find doesn't contain the address list. Anybody know how to solve this one, I hope? BTW I am using XP and Outlook 2002.

A:Outlook auto email address completion

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I have Outlook 2007 and two email addresses: my primary pop3 account and a second, forwarding, address which I ask most of my correspondents to use.

I would like to be able to use Outlook to "send from" the second address, and to have that address appear as the "sent from" address when anyone receives a mail from me.

At present anyone can use the second address and it will arrive in my inbox.

It's just the "sent from" value which is proving difficult to achieve.

I have tried setting up a new account in account settings but I can't do so with the second address, no matter which password I use.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 750 @ 2.67GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 30 Stepping 5
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 2039 Mb
Graphics Card: Mirage Driver, 1 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 476837 MB, Free - 165699 MB;
Motherboard: MSI, P55-CD53 (MS-7586)
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

A:Sending from a second email address, Outlook 2007

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When trying to enter a new contact in Outlook 2007, I try to enter the email address. If I type part of it, a list will come up and show me other contacts. If I accept one of them, it will put the name and email address in the field. When I hit tab, it disappears. In some cases, if I choose one, it will save the email address part, and fill in the Display name field, which I can then edit. If I edit the contact in the address book that I think it is coming from, then it will not even show up on the list to choose from. I guess my question is, where are these addresses coming from, and why won't they save in the field if they are already editted contacts in the address book?

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Does anyone know how to automatically save email addresses of messages in Outlook that are responded to, or put in another folder?

Can it be done with code?


A:Auto Save Email Address in Outlook

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