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Solved: what the heck is the smart card and PCMCIA card slot

Q: Solved: what the heck is the smart card and PCMCIA card slot

i have done a lot of googling and i still don't understand what are they good for but i have a feeling they r some sort of old data storing devices like the floppy disks. anyway here is the picture of the smart card reader http://www.mega.pk/items_images/4962Dell_Latitude_E6420_496a.jpg its the long horizontal slot . i read a lot of confusing topics of people talking about smart cards of phones and cameras , im interested in knowing what the laptop smart card reader is good for , or the other thing the pcmcia ,

Preferred Solution: Solved: what the heck is the smart card and PCMCIA card slot

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: what the heck is the smart card and PCMCIA card slot

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Purchased this card on eBay and it came without documentation or instructions. It seems that my notebook computer is recognizing it, but how do I view the smart media card contents?

Have an Epson photo printer (connected to my desktop) has a PCMCIA slot too, but it does NOT recognize the card.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

A:PCMCIA smart media adapter card---how to view???

Well if you can't just go to explore and read it I would assume it needs software, ours does(usb). Can you post the make and model number, somebody should be able to find it.

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Just received my X280. When I configured it, I chose not to get the smart card reader. Mine came with that slot for the smart card reader though (with the dummy card inserted into it). If one chooses to pass on the smart card reader during customization, is that slot supposed to still be there?

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Win xp 1.8ghz 512 ram
Where can I find problem preventing media card slot from working in computer?
Is there a driver for this?
Icon dissapeared
Supposed to be when I click Computer to view Devices With Removable Storage.


A:Smart Media Card Slot Not Working

Check the device manager for any conflictions.

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Is There a Dummy Smart-Card Insert available to place into Slot #4 to keep debris etc. out of my P51's unused Smart-Card Slot.  Any suggestions?Thanks,Altoid666  

P51, 1535M Xeon, 512GB SSD x2,64GB DDR4 ECC, Nvidia M2200M, Win 10 Pro, 4K IPS , Intel vPro, Sierra EM7455, WWAN, Model 20 HH.T530,Core i7-3820QM,16GB Ram, Samsung 850 SSD 512 GB, Blutooth 4.0,Ultimate-N 6300, 15.6 FHD, Nvidia NVS 5400M., All software current.,Windows 10 Pro x64 , Office 2013 Professional

P51.Smart-Card.Slot.Capture.PNG ?49 KB

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My question is the same as the subject of the post: how to use smart card slot with Dell Latitude E6420?
Thank you!

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Hello All, I'm looking under the hood of my 1st gen Thinkpad X1 Carbon, and I'm trying to identify the PCIe slots.  In particular, the following page states that I should have 2 PCI Express Mini slots:  https://support.lenovo.com/au/en/solutions/pd027202 Now I see the WLAN card and the WWAN card, and my natural assumption is that these are both in PCIe ports, but on closer inspection I see that the WLAN card's slot is only 19mm wide, whereas the WWAN card is the standard 26mm width of normal PCIe Mini ports. This raises some questions:  1. Is the WLAN connected to a proprietary slot, or is this just a different type of PCIe standard?  2. If the WLAN is connected to a proprietary slot, where is my second PCIe slot? Any help would greatly be appreciated. Regards,Adam Zebrowski-az  

A:Why is my WLAN card slot narrower than my WWAN card slot (PCIe mini)?

On closer inspection, it looks like my SSD connects to a similar-looking slot as my WLAN card.  I guess this means my WLAN card uses a SATA connection or something? I normally work with desktop PCs, so I'm unfamiliar with a lot of these laptop hardware standards. Regards,Adam Zebrowski-az- 

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I just received a SCM Smart Card Reader/Writer, model SCR201, and it will not start on my computer. I put it in my wife's Gateway, and it works fine. Main difference is she has IE6, and i have IE7. Any help on this one? I already tried installing the driver from the manufacturer, which was of course to no avail. Now it won't let me roll-back to the previous "Windows Driver".

A:PCMCIA Smart Card Reader "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"

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Hi. I have recently aquired a very old computer (8-9 years old). I am looking at replacing the old agp graphics card because it is not working properly and then sell the computer for quite a low price. Any way.

I have looked in the case and took the card out and I belive that the graphics card slot is agp 2x. The card has two slots in it leading me to belive that it is a universal 1.5v 3.3v card. I am just wondering what cards my computer would accept and whether a 4x card would work ok in a 2x card slot.

Any help apreciated.



A:Solved: Old AGP Graphics Card Slot And Card

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I was hoping to boot from the SD card a live linux, but it appears there may not be a way to do this?  If it's not possible, is there a way to boot from a small portion of the regular drive, then load into the sd card? Basically I don't want to have a USB slot being taken up by a drive and the SD card slot is just really convienent. 

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Hi, does anyone know of an external PCMCIA card reader/writer that meets the specifications below:

• can read/write
• supports 3.3V/5V 16-bit PCMCIA cards
• type II PC card slot
• can read/write to a wireless LAN card or a modem card or an Ethernet LAN card
• works with Windows OS’s

My whole objective is to be able to use my Sony Ericsson GC82 EDGE PC card on my desktop computer (I’m looking for an external drive solution).

Even if your device does or does not meet all these specifications or you are not sure if it does, still respond to me with the drive that you think may meet my objective.

Much appreciated.

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I have a gateway solo 2200 laptop running windows 98SE. I am trying to install new hardware: Linksys Etherfast 10/100 CardBus PC Card. The system does not see it. The old gateway modem cards works like a charm. Chatted with a Gateway chat tech and he pointed me to a 3com user manual for install. This was for win 95 and a 3com card.. Any ideas on how to tune the system to see the new card. Thanks

A:{SOLVED} pcmcia card reconigization

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Hi, I'm currently running a PCMCIA D-Link AirPlus DWL-650+, 2.4GHz, 802.11b and I'm looking to upgrade to a 802.11g either PCMCIA or USB anyone have any thoughts? I'm not sure if one brand is better than another brand.. (D-Link vs Belkin)


A:Solved: PCMCIA Wireless Card

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I have a Netgear RangeMax WPN 511 Wireless PCMCIA card that I use on my laptop.

At times it may be useful to be able to connect my desktop via the same card but naturally the desktop does not have a PCMCIA card slot. Why do I need this well it is a long story but it would be useful.

Are there adapters that I can purchase that will connect to the card at one end and connect to a USB slot on my desktop at the other?

A:Solved: Connect to PCMCIA card via USB

The only USB to PCMCIA adapters I've seen cost over $100. A PCI to PCMCIA card is about $20 or so. And USB or PCI wireless adapters start at about $15.

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Hi all!!

I have a 3Com 10/100 PC Card for trade if anyone is interested. I tried to use it in my notebook to access the company LAN but no dice. Its brand spanking new still in the box -- used only once. Cost me 159 bucks and I can't return it since I opened it. I know this isn't a swapshop, but I thought I'd give it a try. I want a 56K V.90 PC card modem in return. Thanks!!

To all who pass through, instead of around, the journey makes the end very sweet indeed.

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My new NETGEAR PCMCIA Card is connected ok but very very slow
probabky dial up speed...

I use in same room 5ft away from NETGEAR router and speeds show 36/48 (should be 56 this close.. even when right next to it...)
when i access pages it slows down to 11/18mb but the actuall transfer of data is dial up speed
what can this be?

A:Solved: NETGEAR PCMCIA Card V.Slow

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I have a compaq WL110 11mbps pcmcia card - was working great every day, on this laptop with win2K.
I was using it to copy files off my laptop onto another PC as I intended to rebuild the laptop (its been used by the family and had loads of rubbish installed on it) so i thought I would rebuild with winXP. - so about 2hours later
I rebuilt and now the card will not detect the wireless network - message "Not connected" - i have tried everything - loaded XP drivers off hp site - used old drivers - etc etc...
the controller software has a test facility and it worked all OK.

i have installed a binatone WL1000 from another laptop and that would not work until using the control software i found the wireless signal listed and clicked to connect to it..
However, the binatone belongs somewhere else......... so before I buy a new card - any suggestions or ways to see if the card is working !!!!

A:Solved: wireless pcmcia card not connecting

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Hello everyone, i'm stuck with an question where i do not find an answer on, maybe someone can help me!

I have an Acer Aspire 3503LMi with two memoryslots in use, one standaard 256MB and one buyed 512MB (accoording to the local shops here the highest possible in my laptop, due the 256MB is standaard from Acer and not allowed to remove).
I wanted more internal memory and noticed the PCMCIA port (type II) and was wondering if i could buy an card to boost my internal memory.

I read all kind of reviews of cards and noticed storage possibilities till 6GB for my laptop called SRAM, but is this RAM like my internal memory or like a disk or memory-stick?

Who could give me some clear advise or sugestions to boost my memory.

(Note- acoording to some scanners, i have an Acer TravelMate 2300 Series Laptop/Notebook, while the text on my 'lappy' says Aspire 3503LMi)

Thx in advance

A:Solved: Is the PC Card / PCMCIA an option as memory booster?

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I just reinstalled Windows today, and I downloaded the drivers for my wireless PCMCIA card (a Trendnet TEW-441PC) on another PC and used the disk mode feature of my iPod to transfer the drivers to my notebook.

I then installed the drivers and utility as per the instructions on Trendnet's site (I am a fairly advanced user but used the instructions just to be safe). I restarted the computer as the installation instructed.

Upon restarting my PC and inserting the card, I begin to run through Windows' New Hardware Found process, and upon trying to copy the first file, the installation freezes.

I tried a repair of my Windows install, to no avail.

I also noticed that if the card is plugged in during boot, Windows will freeze on the XP boot screen.

Any ideas?

A:Solved: Wireless PCMCIA card freezes notebook...

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Here is the problem that i am having. My computer wont recognize my pcmcia card for a wireless network. The card works fine in other computers, and other cards work fine in my computer. My wireless network card has worked before in my laptop, but for some reason it wont now. What steps should I go about to get it to recognize it. Could it be that I have already ignored the "found a new device" and so it wont come up again even after putting it in? Thanks

A:Solved: Laptop wont recognize wireless pcmcia card

The problem I am having is that this is the exact same thread as your other one with a whole bunch of responses: http://forums.techguy.org/t400724.html

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Lately, My laptop is very slow in recognizing my usb stick, or my Hard drive (usb 3.0) or my sxs cards through my express card slot. It 's also slow in recognizing my sd-cards through my card reader. I have a very fast laptop. A lenovo W530.

I just started a while ago, and I can't get it to recognize faster . Everything else works just fine and fast.... but it takes up to 4 minutes to recognize these things.

Can somebody help?


A:Laptop slowly recognizes usb stick/sd card/xpress card slot

Hey tidri. 2 things come to mind if it previously worked. One is a reinstall of all the drivers for the mobo, and the other is a full AV/Malware/Rootkit scan. If everything checks out, a full format and an OS reinstall would be my third move.

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I have thinkpad w530 w windows 8.1 I am trying to capture video footage into my computer using a firewire card that of course plugs into the MEDIA CARD READER SLOT. I can't get the computer to recognize my camcorder- the camcorder connection does not show up in DEVICE MANAGER I am using HDVSPLIT to capture the video and also in hdvsplit there is a message, "camera not recognized" or something like that.  I am not sure if the media card reader is bad, or maybe the firewire card is bad or maybe it is the hdv split that is the problem? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

A:How do I tell if my Media Card Reader/Express card slot is functioning correctly?

Could it be the ExpressCard slot that the FireWire card plugs into?  I've never seen a FireWire card that plugs into the media card slot used for SD Cards.
FireWire cards can be a little tricky to get working sometimes, especially when interfacing with a camcorder. 
Have you checked with the manufacturer to see if Windows 8.1 drivers are available for it?  Even if they are not, it may be possible to use Windows 7 or even Windows Vista drivers. 
Once you have verified that the FireWire card is recognized, plug the camcorder in again, amd see if it gets recognized.  If it does not, check with its manufacturer for Windows 8.1 drivers, just like you did with the FireWire card.
At that point, the hardware should all be working with Windows 8.1. 
Aryeh Goretsky

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Okay, I did something really stupid. It was late, I was in the dark, and I wasn't paying attention (obviously) so here's what happened...

I had a SanDisk 2GB Micro SD Memory Card that I was using in my cell phone.
I wanted to transfer some pics & photos from my computer to the phone, so I decided to stick it in the Express Card slot of my laptop. Simple enough, right?

....Well being the incredibly smart person that I am, I put the micro memory card in the adapter, but it was the wrong one. So my computer pretty much swallowed it whole. I can't get it back out.
Now I can't use the Express Card slot in my computer AT ALL, because the old one is still stuck in there. You can't really see it, but if you try to put another adapter in there, it won't "click". It won't go all the way because ... the old one I lost is still in there waiting to be rescued, haha.

So my question is: How do I get the memory card out of my computer??

I tried taking it apart, but I couldn't get the part of where the express card slot is, so that was no good. There's a way to do this, I know. I'm just not smart enough to figure it out on my own. Which is probably a good thing, because I might mess it up again, lol.

I have a Toshiba Satellite A215-S7416 laptop.
Any help is appreciated!



A:MicroSD Memory Card stuck in the Express Card slot on my Satellite A215-S7416 laptop

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I little while ago I bought a wireless combo pack that came with a base stationg and 2 PCMCIA wireless cards. I am using one in my laptop at the moment, and have one unused. I am thinking about putting together a small server to put in the living room to connect to the TV/Speakers, and would like to use the wireless card I already have rather than going out and buying another one. Does anyone know of a PCI card that will take a PCMCIA wireless card in it?

A:PCI card that will take a PCMCIA Wireless card?

After hours of grueling searching, I finally found it -> PCMCIA to PCI Adapter Card

You need a 3.5" bay available to place the actual PCMCIA card reader in, but that shouldn't be a problem. Who uses floppy drives, anyway?

People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms :dead:

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Hi All
I got a nice freesync monitor during the holidays and would like to use the capability.
My xps-8910 has a pci2 slot but all the graphics cards use a pci3 slot.
Can I put one of these pci3 graphics cards into the pci2 slot?
Are there pros and cons for doing this?

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I posted this once before but didn't get it solved, so I figured I'd post it again:

I have a HP Pavilion ze4365us computer. I recently wiped the hard drive clean, and installed XP Pro (it came with XP Home). I got all new drivers from HP for everything. But the PCMCIA slot still won't work. When I plug my external wireless card into it, the card lights up, so I don't think it's the card, but the computer won't recognize the connection. Not sure what to do about the issue. It's kind of annoying, considering my internal card is busted also.

If you don't know how to solve this problem, then maybe you can recommend an alternate way of connecting wirelessly to the net. I have two USB 1.1 ports, and a firewire port.

Thanks anyway,

A:Solved: PCMCIA slot won't work!

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hey everyone! been a while since i posted, real buisy. my dilema is this. i placed an sd card in the slot of my pavillion to add some pics for one of those picture frame w/ sd card and h.d. so it plays a slide show on the end table. well i inserted the card in the slot, the light came on,saying it was in the slot but the computer never saw it. i clicked on each individual drive (f,g,h,i,j) but it dont see it.so i removed the card and the light stayed on. what is the deal? i may just be a dope, but i dont know. i updated the drivers and looked at the device mgr. and it said it was working properly??????????? i dont get it.

A:Solved: sd card slot

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I just bought a new video card for a computer in out bar, and I didn't notice that the computer's AGP slot is 4x max. (It is in a tight area, so it is one of those compact compaq desktops)

The card is an 8x AGP card and the slot is apparently 4x max. Is there a way to get this card to work in this computer? A 4x AGP low-profile video card with dual monitor output is hard to find at all, let alone something with decent RAM.

I don't remember the model of the computer off hand...I'll reply with that later. Video card is a geforce 4 128 MB DDR low-profile 8x AGP, dell part number F1811.


A:Solved: 8x AGP card in a 4x slot

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The SD Card slot on my Gateway computer running Windows Vista does not read my SD Card. I need help, if anyone knows what the problem is thnks!

A:Solved: SD Card Slot

We can't tell what the problem is without any info.

Are you sure the card works?
Is it new? Does it have data on it?
Are you sure the card reader works? You've used it successfully before?
What exactly are the symptoms? Error message? Doesn't appear in Computer as a drive letter? Access denied error?

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Couldn't find anything right away in google, and a friend needs to know this: can a PCI card work in a PCI express slot? He has a Quad-core G5 Mac that only has PCI Express x4 slots (maybe one x16 for the graphics card) and wants to order a card that only comes in PCI not PCI express. Would he be able to?

A:Solved: PCI card in PCI Express slot?

No, it won't work. But he might have a spare PCI slot that he could use, although since PCI-E cards are so much faster than PCI I don't why anyone would want to do that.

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Hi, i can this has been discussed but i cannot find the answer to this,,,I have looked at another post which suggested to to upgrade the driver from a sony vaio, but it said i already have the latest driver installed. i have T430, win 7, 8gig on 64 bit. nothing happens when i insert the card in to the slot, ive not had the lappy long but i think i remember a green arrow at bottom right saying somthing about safe disconnect or somthing i can not offer any error as nothing happens at all to give any guidance. erlier i installed the driver from lenovo and thats as far as i have got. many thanks

A:T430 - nothing happens after insert SIM-Card into SIM Card Slot

Hi1. Does your laptop have wwan card installed? What's the model? Check out in the Device Manager, Network Adapters thread.2. Are there any unknown devices in the Device Manager?3. Be sure wwan card is enabled in the BIOS Setup (Secutity menu, I/O Port Access)4. Be sure hardware wireless radio switch is turned on (on the right side of the case)

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just received my new stream 11.  have barely unpacked it yet! quesition: I know that there's a slot for a memory card - I almost never use a camera, so I'm not totally familiar with that technology.   Can anyone tell me what kind of card goes with that slot?  What's the maximum capacity? thanks! w

View Solution.

A:which card should I buy for the memory card slot on HP strea...

Yes, that will work. -wes

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They shouldn't make it so easy to refomat your SD card while it's in the camera but it happened. It's a Canon Powershot SD1100 IS.

Now, I know all about recovering things that are lost but I seem to have run into a bit of a roadbump here. The SD card does not show up when I plug it into my card reader. Okay fine, so I decided to put the card back into the camera and plug it in VIA USB to run Recuva on it via that way - sadly the only thing that shows up is "Portable Media Device" and Recuva can't see that because it doesn't have a drive letter assigned to it, BUT it doesn't show up in Disk Management EITHER.

Now, the SD slot works with my SDHC 8GB card just fine, works fine with my MicroSD adapter with my 2GB microSD card, but for some reason since this card was formatted in the camera it just doesn't want to show up under the explorer at all.. Anyone have any ideas on how to 1. Get this card to show up in explorer and then 2. Get all my pictures back?

A:Solved: Windows 7 Not reading SD card in SD slot

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I'm interested in a video card to have two monitors for my one computer and to help with playing mpeg-2 videos and DVD files from the hard drive and DVD drive and working with video editing and photos and video capture. My DVD drives are on DMA yet I had some MPEG2 video play from the hard drive with some pauses. Perhaps my antivirus slowed it down. And while capturing with the video preview it doesn't play smoothly.

This ATi Radeon 7500 AGP card connector in the link below does not match the number of slots in my motherboard agp slot. This card has more separations on the connection than my mobo AGP slot has. My AGP slot only has two sections on it plus a third tiny section which is skinnier than the main section of two parts and this third skinnier section on the mobo agp slot looks like it might not even hold a part of a card it's so skinny.


My computer:
win xp home sp2 with “ASROCK” socket 775VM800 motherboard with “VIA P4M800 Shipside”.
P4 2.66 fez with 800 mhz FSB, 1.4 GB RAM, onboard video RAM 64 MB

A:Solved: AGP card has more slots than my AGP mobo slot

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I have a Toshiba Laptop Satellite L305-s5933

located here under Specifications, Communications, Ports


As you can see it takes a 34 or 54 express card

So I got a 34 express card, it is located here:


I tried to insert it and It just keeps sliding around. There is a little latch off to the side and I've press it and slid it around and tried pushing it. Nothing happens. I don't want to push it too hard or it will break.

I've had the laptop for four years and this is the first time I've tried inserting an express card. Did I break something?

Are there any tricks to do doing this? I'm doing this because I want to upgrade to USB3.

A:Solved: How do I insert a 34 express card into a 54 slot

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I have a AMD 7870 Dual slot video card on my Asus M5A99X-Evo Motherboard. It is installed in the first 16x slot...and I also have a PCI-e 1x XF-I Titanium Sound card. The problem I am having is that one of the 1x slots is covered by the video card, and the 2nd one is open, but right smack below the Video card. My Video card is the Sapphire 7870 GHz Edition non OC.. Attached is a picture of what I am trying to explain. My other question is: Will this cause issues since one of the GPU fans is semi covered? Its it recommended? Last question: If I move this to one of the 8x slots below on my motherboard, will it cause my 16x PCI-E slot to slow down? Thanks ahead of time for any help you can provide.

Computer Specs -

Asus M5A99x-Evo Motherboard (AM3+)
AMD FX 8350 8 Core (4Ghz)
Sapphire AMD Radeon 7870 GHz Edition (2GB)
8GB DDR3 1600 Kingston HyperX memory (2x 4GB)
500GB WD Black Edtion SATA HD
1TB WD Black Edtion SATA HD
Sound Blaster XF-I Titanium PCI-E 1x Sound Card
Thremaltake 750 80+ Bronze PS (Smart Series)

A:Question about PCI-e slot below dual slot video card

My opinion ...

Yes, setting up like that will have an impact. The air flow to your GPU will be restricted so it will more than likely run hotter than it did. It may still stay withing recommended specs, but it will run hotter.

The motherboard has onboard sound (Realtek® ALC892 8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC ), any particular reason why you don't use that? Onboard sound is perfectly good for gaming and the like now, its not like older machines where you needed a dedicated card for decent quality. In my opinion, you only need a dedicated card if you are doing a lot of detailed audio work (mixing, remastering and other specific audio work). This would totally remove the issue.

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i have a few pics and video clips from my logitech 510

i read this thred but i don't have a card reader to use that rog.


A:pls help me recover pics from my smart card card

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Hi Folks

I have recently upgraded from Me to XP - with no regrets at all. However there is one piece of equipment I have that simply will not work (the XP installation report DID tell me about this!)

I have a USB Smart/Flash Combi Card reader that I use in the main for bringing pictures in from my digital camera (which, although very good, doesn't use the USB port - it uses either Smart media or - you've guessed - the serial port (aaaarrrrgggghhhhh). Hence the purchase of a seperate USB Card reader.

Now as I see it I have 2 options;

1 - upgrade the USB reader drivers;
2 - purchase a new USB card reader for XP

I have looked around for drivers with no luck, so I guess I will have to purchase a new card reader. Anyone have any recommendations?



A:[Solved] USB Smart Card Reader for XP

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We're running Windows 7 on an hp Pavilion slimline s-51010 in a professional (real estate) environment with a Smart Card reader attached. We use it with a program called SentriLock to modify smart cards that unlock SentriLock locks.

We had problems with employees installing unauthorized software. To curb that, we changed the default user accounts to be "Standard users." That way they would have to enter a password to run an installer. However, we discovered that this was easily bypassed by inserting a smart card because the computer asks for either an Administrator password or a smart card. We've kept the password safe and it isn't easy to just guess it.

What can we do?

A:Solved: Smart Card Problem

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Hi I used to have an MS 7091 Motherboard which had a smart card reader connector on the board, have now got an Asrock N68C-S UCC motherboard and was wondering if someone new how I would be able to somehow connect the card reader to my Asrock motherboard. I still have Advent AirXL case that the MS mothherboard was in. Thanks

A:Solved: smart card reader probs

I think your motherboard was build for Medion who unfortunately don't conform to regular standards with their connections. A card reader would normally connect to a USB connector on the motherboard but the Medion has a different one, so I would just get another card reader and connect to USB socket on your Asus board.

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hi there,
i need to know which know which graphic card will fit for my computer. Ie i want to know which type: DDR ,DDR1 or ddr2 i bought my computer in 2007, but thats not enough to tell.
so please let me know how do i know which pci slot i have?

A:which graphic card slot do i require for my PCI slot

The type of memory doesn't matter, its the type of interface the computer supports among a few other things to watch for.

You likely have a PCI-Express slot, as long as it a x16 slot it doesn't really matter if its a version 1.1 or 2.0 slot.

Is this for your Dell or another computer? Whats you budget and what needs do you have for the video card?

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"The card supplied was not recognized. Please check that the card is inserted correctly, and tightly."

I ran some updates on an employee's computer and now when I start it up, I receive this error if the aircard is in the PC Card slot. I understand it's misinterpreting it as being a security card or whatever the case may be but I don't understand why or how to remedy it.

Anyone with a similar experience or that can shine a guiding light?

A:"The card supplied was not recognized..." Login issue w/ Aircard in PC-Card slot

What are some other good tech support sites? I work in IT myself and don't use forums for them nearly as much as I should.


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i want to tie in a laptop to a router and see pcmcia and bus cards fom various mfgs and not sure which one to use and how much difference there is in the 16 or 32 bit.

A:16b pcmcia or 32b card bus

Cardbus is preferable as it is PCI based rather than ISA and hence less resource intensive. as well as faster.

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i have a windows 98SE desktop computer that i want to connect wirelessly, i know that i can pick up a PCMCIA wireless card that is compatible with windows 98SE, but i need to know if there is a PCMCIA PCI card compatible with windows 98SE and if there even is such a thing as a PCMCIA PCI card?


PCMCIA = http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/P/PCMCIA.html

found on notebook type computers

PCI is for desktops, and if you have one slot free you can probably get and use a wireless card adapter in it.

Win98SE certainly could work with wireless cards though they not all have drivers most should for win98SE

You need one like this> http://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-MA311-Network-adapter-802-11b/dp/B00006HXOG

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I have a PCMCIA USB Card (from ebay) to compensate a broken USB port on my old laptop.
I plug it in, It tries to find drivers (I found out manufacturer and downloaded suposive drivers) and these are now installed. It has installed several USB things, Plus three devices under PCMCIA. All show working besides one. When I plug anything into the card, no power is given out.

It came in a package to extract from download. (from driver guide) When I plugged it in, It installed 'usb hub' and what appears to be the card itself. Then it came up with the drive name again, and couldn't find the drivers, even when I try to select them. If I select one pre-installed with wk2, and then upgrade > select drivers > my suposive driver it installs, but says it cannot load it.
Any help would really be appreciated here,
Many Thanks,


Ok, sorry, That didn't make soo much sense did it!!?

Lets try again!
This is the item;
It doesn't give too much tetchy info unfortunately.

I have an old laptop I am trying to bring back to life. It has been going well, until thats last bit, fixing the broken USB port!.

This is what happens;
When I plug it in (windows 2000)
>It installs 'usb hub and some other things USB concerned'
>then it installs the card itslef fine
>and then again lol.... (guess they are all different functions it has(?))
>and then a third time, but it can never find the drivers.
>I downloaded a set for a range of different models under the make the texas Instruments make (thats the manufacturer I am lead to believe made it)
>But it never finds the drivers. If I select them from 'choose from a list of known drivers' it just gives a few makes, but not the one I want. If i just install one of the ones it gives, and then goto device manager, and then select 'choose from a list of known drivers' it shows th texas ones.
there is more however.....!

When I plug it in my newer laptop here, It installs without a hitch, but does not seam to be giving out any power (If i plug anything in nothing appears to happen, no lights come on, on the device, and the Computer does nothing)

also, my laptop install Texas Instruments PCMCIA Card 1510 drivers (or something simi... Read more

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Is there any sort of USB card that works in a 16-bit PCMCIA slot? It does not matter whether it is 1.0/1.1/2.0.

A:16-bit USB PCMCIA card?

I'm pretty sure there are none. The 16 bit PCMCIA cards are at max an 8mb throughput for I/O transfers and this is well under the USB 1.0 full speed 12mb transfer speed. Good luck on searching though.

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