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P70: Vantage/System Update 5/Automatic Driver Update not detecting drivers/updates

Q: P70: Vantage/System Update 5/Automatic Driver Update not detecting drivers/updates

These are not working/detecting updates for my system. They report no packages/drivers found/available for my system. However, if I go to the support site and manually browse through the drivers list, I find a few that are recommended (and newer than what I have installed) and one urgent (newer than I have installed)The urgent one is Intel ME for version - I have installedThe recommended one is Diagnostics Lite for version 4.22.0 - I have 4.20.1 installed When I run the following command, I get; c:\drivers\win\me\meinfowin.exe Intel MEInfo Version: Any ideas why new drivers are not being detected? This happened once before, and I manually installed the drivers. I have not manually installed these latest drivers yet. My system is Windows 10 Pro - Version 1803 - Build 17134.191BIOS - N1DET98W 2.24Vantage - Update 5 - 5.07.0072Lenovo Service Bridge - Automatic Driver Update - what's provided on support.lenovo.com ThanksDoug

Preferred Solution: P70: Vantage/System Update 5/Automatic Driver Update not detecting drivers/updates

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: P70: Vantage/System Update 5/Automatic Driver Update not detecting drivers/updates

Vantage and Lenovo System Update both use the SU catalog.The SU catalog is updated with the new driver around 30 days after it shows up on the support page.Lenovo must quality test the driver and build .XML entries for the catalog. Thus your support page has the most current drivers.

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In this first screenshot of Lenovo Vantage running under Windows 10 (64) on my X1 Yoga (1st generation), please notice where it says that I need to install Sierra Wireless EM7455 Software - 10 (64), version 7.47.4743.0105.  However, in the second screenshot, please notice where the Installation History shows that Sierra Wireless EM7455 Software - 10 (64), version 7.47.4743.0105 was successfully installed already. Everytime I boot up and run Lenovo Vantage to check for updates, it tells me that I need Sierra Wireless EM7455 Software - 10 (64), version 7.47.4743.0105 so I let it install it. Everytime I install it, the installation appears to be successful and my computer reboots, but then after rebooting, Lenovo Vantage again tells me that (1) I need it, (2) I already have it. This is crazy.  In the third screenshot (looking at Windows Device Manager) I see the Sierra Wireless EM7455 Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-A. The fourth screenshot shows that it is disabled.  I will enable this and then retry to install the updated. I'll report back in a second posting on this thread whehter it works.  (I would leave this posting open and finish it later, but I'm afraid it woud all be lost when I reboot).   

A:ENDLESS LOOP: Lenovo Vantage Tells Me To Update a Driver That Vantage Says Is Already Up to Date.

After enabling the driver in Windows Device Manager, then again trying to update, the update was successful. After another reboot, Lenovo Vantage no longer show that this needs to be updated.  I'm no programmer, but it seems to me that the Lenovo Vantage update program ought to be able to see whether a driver is disabled and to tell the user to enable it in order to allow successful of updating of the driver. My 2.

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Thank you for responding to my problem, your help is much appreciated! I have a windows security alert icon on the lower right hand corner of my screen and I'm not able to update windows, nor could I find the error number that I posted above in the topic description on Windows website.

DDS (Ver_2011-08-26.01) - NTFSx86
Internet Explorer: 6.0.2900.5512
Run by Cheryl Linzay at 8:57:47 on 2012-05-14
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600.3.1252.1.1033.18.992.680 [GMT -5:00]
AV: avast! Antivirus *Enabled/Updated* {7591DB91-41F0-48A3-B128-1A293FD8233D}
============== Running Processes ===============
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost -k DcomLaunch
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k netsvcs
C:\WINDOWS\system32\svchost.exe -k WudfServiceGroup
C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\AvastSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jqs.exe
C:\Program Files\Google\Update\GoogleUpdate.exe
C:\WINDOWS\System32\svchost.exe -k imgsvc
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Ask.com\Updater\Updater.exe
C:\Program Files\AVAST Software\Avast\avastUI.exe
C:\WINDOWS... Read more

A:Can't update windows/ Automatic Updates is turned off in Security System

Hello happyR1girl and welcome to BC forums,Step 11. Go >> Here << and download ERUNT (ERUNT (Emergency Recovery Utility NT) is a free program that allows you to keep a complete backup of your registry and restore it when needed.)2. Install ERUNT by following the prompts (use the default install settings but say no to the portion that asks you to add ERUNT to the start-up folder, if you like you can enable this option later)3. Start ERUNT (either by double clicking on the desktop icon or choosing to start the program at the end of the setup)4. Choose a location for the backup (the default location is C:\WINDOWS\ERDNT which is acceptable).5. Make sure that at least the first two check boxes are ticked 6. Press OK7. Press YES to create the folder.Step 2Set Windows to show all files and all folders. On your Desktop, double click My Computer, from the menu options, select tools, then Folder Options, and then select VIEW Tab and look at all of settings listed. "CHECK" (turn on) Display the contents of system folders. Under column, Hidden files and folders----choose ( *select* ) Show hidden files and folders. Next, un-check Hide extensions for known file types. Next un-check Hide protected operating system files. Step 3Download and save the attached file to your Desktop. Next, right-click on the file & select RENAME. Change the .txt to .VBS.Then double-click on it to start. This will produce a windows update history report in Notepad. Save it... Read more

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I have a HP ENVY dv6-7215tx Notebook PC, originally a windows 8-64 bit, and it has recently become quite noisy. I found information from HP about how to reduce the noise of the fan: Cleaning the dust from the vents, updating drivers and moving to a cooler room. Now I have cleaned the dust from the external fan vents using a brush and turned on the Air Conditioner (because I live in a hot humid climate), and it is still noisy. So I was looking at updating the drivers. When I looked into the drivers, it needs updating according to the original Windows 8-64bit system. My concern is, that I have already changed to windows 10. Will updating the drivers for the computer under the windows 8-64bit system cause problems with windows 10? Are the drivers related to the Windows version? How do I update the drivers for the new Windows 10 operating system? Is it even related? Thank you  

A:Noisy Fan, trying to update drivers, but driver updates are ...

  Hallo, According to the message you have recently posted I would like to tell you that this could be a hardware issue and I strongly recommend you to Contact HP Technical Support over the Phone for further assistance without any delay to get your Notebook diagnosed and serviced by an authorized HP Certified Engineer  You can also http://support.hp.com/us-en/checkwarranty to verify the warranty status

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Our organisation is ready to update Critical Intel Thunderbolt Software and Firmware Updates for Thinkpads with Vantage and Update retriever from local repository.  We downloaded everything releaded TB3 for X and T series. We put them Active from Test-status.  Thinkpads have Vantage versio 4 or 20, mostly 20 (Enterprise versio). Vantage do not show this TB3 fw update for any model we have. UEFI fw is showing like drivers we have Active-status. Why TB3 fw is not showing? How to fix this?

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Hi; I've been using Vanatage on my P50 mostly to ocassionally perform 'System Update' and choose what driver/Firmware  I wanted to update at the time. I would do this manually. It seems I've now ended up with a 'New' Vantage (10.1910.16.0) and for the life of me I can't find the 'System Update' task in the new UI. Am I missing something? I think it used to be under Device, but I don't see it (in the new Vantage) under 'My Device' or 'Dashboard'  Thanks;

A:Can't find System Update in 'New' Vantage

Upper right is the burger menu. Its the 4th or so text link under there.

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I encountered an issue that the windows update is detecting old updates (2014, 2016). It could not get the latest one (January) though the servers are being patched monthly (last patch is Dec 2017).

Before I encounter the issue, I performed a C drive clean-up and deleted large files under C:\windows\installer\$PatchCache$\Managed. Though last month, I also performed this but did not encounter any issue. The difference is, I did not remove all the large
files (100 MB) and on this month, I removed the remaining files.
I also removed old virus definitions on the server.
Can you please help me with this issue? How can the servers detect the latest windows update?
Your response is highly appreciated! Thanks!

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Hi, System Update 5 popped up this AM and wanted to search for updates. I allowed it and none were found. No problem there, my question is, hasn't Vantage replaced System Update? In other words, is SU5 needed on my P1? TIA!

P1: 8850H, FHD, 16gb, 512gb, P2000, IR Camera, Windows 10 ProT450s & X201t & M93p, too

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Hi, I recently was prompted to do an optional update to the touchpad driver via Lenovo vantage. Since then the custom settings for the touchpad have reverted to the generic windows mouse settings. There used to be options to turn off taps, gestures etc. I have set the touchpad to low sensitivity for taps but it's still too sensitive when using the touchpad and it often clicks on things I don't want it to. I have uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled based on my serial number and still the same. I'd have thought this is how it is but knowing that I used to be able to turn things off like taps, then this is why I am trying to find a solution. So far haven't had much luck with support via Live chat with Lenovo or via email. Can someone help? I need taps turned off and want to be able to access those settings like just recently.

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Not sure if I'm using the right term but while either of these programs are checking for updates, cursor focus is contanstly being pulled to either the app itself or the numerous background processes it seems to be opening. Seems minor but this means you literally can't multitask or do anything requiring typing while checking for updates, because your cursor is constantly being moved out of whatever you're trying to do.  This is especially a problem because of how long the scans take to run.Few addl questions: - Are these two apps doing the same thing, and if so, why are there two of them?  Just noticed the 'System Update' one today, Vantage I have had since purchase - Why are there numerous 'Setup' popups being generated in the background while these programs scan? (see photo attached). If you Alt-Tab during the process, you can see many exe / software shell things opening and closing (is this what pulls focus away?).  - Is there anyway to fix these programs so they run truly in the background?  Can't imagine it's a big ask to clean these up a bit. Thanks!

ThinkPad X1 Carbon 6th 20KHCTO1WW w/ Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8550U

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T460p here. After I updated my Windows 10 to Fall Creator Update - Lenovo System Update Shows 11 Updates that are already installed - so it want's to install the same drivers over and over again. Probably a bug. Anyone with the same experience?

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How to remove automatic updates that will NOT update in 2007 Windows Office Suite SP3 that will not delete from the task bar?

A:How to remove automatic updates that will NOT update

You can right click on thr update then press hide update.

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how can i update my automatic updates in my system using computer rentals... (and my usb flash drive)

i am only using dial up modem 54kbps.. automatic windows update is too.. hard for my conection.. especially i have reformated my pc and so much i need it badly.. lol

my friend told me that is is posible to update on other computers but he forgot what site it is.. and how to do it....and...im think he's lying haha...

kindly help me


A:can i update my windows automatic updates...using other pc?

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Have dell xps 1530 with vista ultimate 32. Will not install updates. Had 27 which I had to install manually. One would not install out of the 27, security update for windows(KB981852).nable

They appear to install, then computer reboots, says it's configuring changes, after awhile it says reverting changes.

Note: The windows automatic update was working and installing updates up until 4 to 5 months ago.

Any help will be appreciated. Thx.

A:Windows automatic update won't install updates

Could you list the 27 Updates for me some Updates may cause Problems for other Updates

Also Welcome to Vista Forums

Many Thanks,

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i have a few spyware and randon ads popping up on me when I am online or working in a word document, for the past two days.

I tried to also get set automatic updates to be done sutomatically for Windows and I cant because everytime I try to go into services and select automatic updates to be set to automatic it goes right back to disable and it wont let me start the program either.

I think I may have malware and i dont have an antivirus program installed

Can someone help me here????? My laptop is my business and fulltime student so i cant loos my work... ARRRGGG!!


A:Help, Cant get updates and automatic update stays diabled and

Hello and welcome.I dint want to appear like I am yelling at you but with no antivirus (AV) you can lose your whole business on that laptop. Either thru file corruption, inability of the PC to function and the malware just stealing your info and data. So here what we do ..we clean you up and install an AV. deal?? All free !First run this MBAM scan..Please download Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and save it to your desktop.Make sure you are connected to the Internet.Double-click on mbam-setup.exe to install the application.When the installation begins, follow the prompts and do not make any changes to default settings.When installation has finished, make sure you leave both of these checked:Update Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareLaunch Malwarebytes' Anti-MalwareThen click Finish.MBAM will automatically start and you will be asked to update the program before performing a scan. If an update is found, the program will automatically update itself. Press the OK button to close that box and continue. If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download them from here and just double-click on mbam-rules.exe to install.On the Scanner tab:Make sure the "Perform Quick Scan" option is selected.Then click on the Scan button.If asked to select the drives to scan, leave all the drives selected and click on the Start Scan button. The scan will begin and "Scan in progress" will show at the top. It may take some time to complete so please be pat... Read more

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PC was infected with XP Internet Security 2011. The Rogue Virus superimposed it's window over everything. It blocked MS Security Essentials and Malwarebytes from running and prevented IE8 and Firefox from being able to open. I downloaded a program called VipreRescue which is a full fledged AV program with current definitions. I loaded it to a thumb drive and ran it from the command line. It got the virus but afterward I could not open executables as everything asked for what program to open with. The problem was a corrupt rundll32.exe file in c:\windows\system32. A File Association fix from DonKnox.com fixed that problem and allowed the executables to run. I was able to download MS Security Essentials and MalwareBytes and their latest updates.Both show the PC free of Viruses, spyware, etc. As far as I can tell, the only remaining problems were that Windows Update will not work properly even after reinstallation and Automatic Updates Shows in the Control Panel as being "On" but it does not show up in running services. Neither Windows Update or Automatic Updates work. There may be other stuff not working but, one step at a time. Any help with this will be gladly accepted with gratitude.

A:Windows Update and Automatic Updates not working

I had the same problem after taking out Antivirus Antimalware 2011. It was caused by the corruption of the registry key for windows update.

Go here:


It will explain it. You hit the 'run', type this into the command line:


Worked for me.

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Hey everyone. Every time I restart my computer my Windows Update's Automatic Update setting keeps changing and shutting off. I then have to turn Automatic Updates back on. I do this in Standard Mode instead of Administrative Mode since I almost never log in to my administrator account. It does ask my administrator account's permission before changing the settings though and I put in my administrator password. So anyway, I'd really appreciate some help. My system information is below.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) II X2 215 Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 6 Stepping 2
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4863 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9100, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 599384 MB, Free - 539922 MB; D: Total - 10992 MB, Free - 1649 MB;
Antivirus: COMODO Antivirus, Updated and Enabled

A:Windows Update's Automatic Updates Keeps Shutting Off

This might be a Malware problem. Please run the scans below and post the logs.

Download RogueKiller (by tigzy) and save direct to your Desktop.
On the web page select the 32bit or 64bit button to match the bit rate of your version of Windows.
Quit all running programs.
Start RogueKiller.exe by double clicking on the icon.
Wait until Prescan has finished.
Ensure all boxes are ticked under "Report" tab.
Click on Scan.
Click on Report when complete. Copy/paste the contents of the report and paste into your next reply.
NOTE: DO NOT attempt to remove anything that the scan detects.

Please download RKill
There are three buttons to choose from with different names on, select the first one and save it to your desktop.

Double-click on the Rkill desktop icon to run the tool.
If using Vista or Windows 7, right-click on it and select Run As Administrator.
A black DOS box will briefly flash and then disappear. This is normal and indicates the tool ran successfully.
A log pops up at the end of the run. This log file is located at C:\rkill.log. Please Copy & Paste the entire log in your next reply.
If you do not see the black box flash on the screen delete the icon from the desktop and go back to the link for the download, select the next button and try to run the tool again, continue to repeat this process using the remaining buttons until the tool runs. You will find further links if you scroll down the page with other names, try them one at a t... Read more

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What are the instances that windows update runs even if the automatic updates are turned off?

I turned my windows update off because it causes BSOD in my laptop. I only see that windows tried updating when I take a look at the system restore points. However, it cannot be seen when I open the installed updates in the control panel.........

A:Automatic update turned off but still windows updates...

Sounds like the update is sent out, goes to your machine and is then rejected, because your update is turned off. If you do not have the updates in your machine, I cannot say that there is a problem.

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I have an nVidia GTX-750Ti graphics adapter in my system. Yesterday afternoon, I checked the nVidia website to see if there were any new driver updates. There was, so I updated it. The version of the latest driver set is 378.49. Last night, Windows Update started downloading a driver with the version number 99.9.x, or something similar. I knew that wasn't correct, but there was no way to stop it.

Once the downloaded driver was installed, there was an immediate blue-screen crash. After that, there was a loop of blue-screens and restarts. This went on for several minutes.

There were other issues going on with Edge loading scam pages so I wiped the drive with KillDisk. I have a minimal Windows 7 Acronis TrueImage backup which I kept just in case. This is what I am running now. I also have a Windows 10 bare-setup image I created following the initial install in December.

I cannot see the point of restoring the Windows 10 image, and everything else I had, if an incorrect update is going to trash it again. I would think that the update system would be aware of what drivers were being used, and not try to change them if there was no need, and there really was no need.

So, I am in limbo and trying to determine what my next step is, if there is one. This is where the update pick-and-choose system would have helped.

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This old laptop is the perfect extra system to have around. Great screen, sound and keyboard/touchpad layout, blah blah ... but:

It has a NVidia GeForce FX Go5600 graphics card.

The history is like this:

Got the laptop from my mother, too heavy for her
worked great until the power socket burned out
had it repaired
the repair guy probably updated my drivers
after that, the screen started showing blotches of kelly green wherever the screen was black, and on white backgrounds, there are pink-purple lines/areas/waves.
I thought the screen was toasted because of something to do with the power, so I attached another monitor - worked fine!
Definitely thought it was toast, but didn't give up
I went to the HP support site and used their scanning tool. They have two drivers listed for my 5600
I downloaded and installed the newer of the two. Same problem
Then I (on a fluke and out of desperation) downloaded and installed the older driver
Voila!! Magic. It worked. Looks gorgeous.

Now, the problem is that once in a while, every few days, the green and pink areas return. I roll back the driver and it's fine again!

How can I delete the BAD drivers which XP is apparently accessing for automatic updates (or something like that)?

How can I "lock" the good driver so that I dont have to roll back to it every few days?

P.S. In my search for answers about the pink and green, I saw MANY posts in different forums with the same problem. Usually the ... Read more

A:GeForce FX go 5600 driver automatic update to wrong driver?

With an old laptop like that, I'd suggest going to the manufacturers site and download their latest driver for that unit first. It may be dated but that's OK. You'll know that that driver is supposed to work, and you can continue on from there. Uninstall the old drivers from the add remove programs app. Then uninstall the GPU from device manager. Run a program like Guru3D - Driver Sweeper to clean up any orphaned files before installing the new drivers. If there is a better more nVidia specific program for cleaning the drivers hopefully one of the regulars here will post a link to it. That utility works on both nVidia and ATI drivers. If the downloaded drivers work you can let it go or start slowly upgrading to newer drivers till you find one you are happy with. There's not really any way to lock a driver. You might be looking at a dying GPU also so keep that in mind.

One other thing. When you reboot after uninstalling the device and drivers and reboot, keep closing the little "found new hardware" balloons in the lower right corner till you get a message "there was a problem loading drivers for this device". That stops the OS from installing generic drivers.

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I recently install Win8.1 onto my laptop, and the default driver that comes with this install is a newest version, but it only support OpenGL 1.1. If I install an older version (the latest for my computer from the manufacturer's site), the supported OGL version is 2.1. But after a day, or two, the OS automatically installs the newer, but worse driver. Can I disable it somehow?

A:Automatic driver update

Welcome to Windows EightForums, robeez.

The only thing I can think of is to uncheck "Give me updates for other Microsoft products when I update" in Windows Update settings. The fall back on this is that you won't receive other updates for other peripherals or devices, so therefore you must update them manually.

Someone may know another way.

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I'm a pretty inexperienced computer user who is desperate for help!
I apologise if this is not in the right forum, or if there is a previous thread about this (I did search).

Every time I turn my computer on it reaches the Automatic Updates screen. It says 'installing update 3 of 3 - 0%. The logging on screen flashes up, and then the laptop begins to shut down and restart, returning me to the Automatic Updates screen.

Thanks in advance for any help.

A:Automatic updates - laptop shuts down itself and restarts update process


If anyone can help at all, please do. I'm desperate.

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A while back, I had a malware issue where all google links got redirected and the computer didn't connect to any of the major malware protection sites. A very frustrating issue, to be sure, as I suspect you all remember.

I seemed to have been one of the lucky early ones to get it, and there was very little information about it on-line at the time. I finally found instructions that seemed to work: going to Device Manager, finding TDSServ.sys, and selecting disable, then restarting and running anti-malware software.

I didn't notice it at the time, but apparently I'm still not getting automatic windows updates and when I go to windowsupdate.com or windowsupdate.microsoft.com, I get a blank webpage -- whether I enter the site as a url or as an ip address. I've tried updating and running Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware, Spybot Search & Destroy (but not TeaTimer), and Microsoft Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, but even on full scans, none of them is finding any problems. I looked in the hosts file and didn't see any redirects for those URLs (though there are a lot of entries that I presume came from Spybot immunization). I also checked Device Manager now -- there's no TDSServ.sys.

I'm on a laptop running Windows XP Home Edition 2002, with Service Pack 2, connecting to the internet wirelessly, running Zone Alarm but no Antivirus software.

Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide.


A:Windows update page is blank, no automatic updates happening

Microsoft Update Solution Center (includes a list of update issues)How to troubleshoot common Windows Update, Microsoft Update installation issuesTroubleshooting: Automatic UpdatesYou receive a scripting error or a blank page when you visit the Windows Update...Errors when you use Windows Update or Microsoft Update to install updates[quote]Re-install Windows Update fileMicrosoft Online Assisted Support: E-mail Support (no-cost for issues related to getting updates)

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My new laptop ran Dell Updates overnight a couple of days ago and I had to power it up the next morning, only to discover it was a complete restart and the programs I had open were closed. Luckily I think I was able to recover everything from the closed applications, but is there a way to tell Dell Updates when I want to restart the computer?
Also, I was able to do this with Windows 10 before the anniversary update, but the option seems to have disappeared in the settings now.

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I had a (known) problem affecting the use of Enterprise Wifi networks. Long story short, the solution is to downgrade drivers to a lower OS level. I manually installed Vista drivers for my WiFi, problem solved.

Enter Win8 x64 automatic driver updates. After reboot or after some time, my Vista driver is automagicallly replaced with the default driver for my card (Atheros AR 9285), and my connection can no longer be authenticated and is dropped.

I tried disabling automatic driver search through windows update, but the newer driver is already bundled on my system. Thus the new driver is still installed. I can't easily delete the driver, as the filenames in c:\windows\system32\drivers are the same for both versions and they overwrite each other; I don't know where the newer copy is stored as well, a copy of it must live in some additional path as well, as does some inf file that comes with Win8.

Does anyone know of a way to lock a particular driver version in place? I don't mind automatic driver updates in general, but I'd like Win8 not to touch my WiFi drivers, at least not until the root cause in the latest drivers has been fixed.



A:Preventing automatic driver update

Hello Martijn, and welcome to Eight Forums.

You might see if doing this may help:

Turn off automatic driver updates in "Devices and Printers"Completely uninstall the WiFi drivers in Device Manager (step 9 in OPTION TWO)Reinstall the Vista driver
Hope this helps,

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During the last weeks I have experienced 2 sudden incidents that have made my system unbootable and wiped the partitions on both my disks (total data loss). This has been initiated by apparent driver downloads/updates that have started automatically ”out of the blue”. Both happened on the evening of the 15th (January and February).
SYMPTOMS: There have been three incidents. The two last ones I’m sure are related, but the first one may have a "normal" explanation and may well not be related to the other two:
 #1. In DELL BIOS I turned NVIDIA Optimus technology from OFF to ON. When exiting BIOS and starting Windows new display drivers were downloaded and installed automatically (no questions asked). After a required reboot a number of system files were missing, error messages started to appear, one of the security options in Windows 7 was disabled and couldn’t be enabled (I am on an XP system now and don’t remember the name). Norton IS, Spybot S&D and Windows Defender did not find anything. I finally recovered the system from a Norton Ghost image from a few days prior to the BIOS change.
#2. A update window suddenly appeared on the screen (not initiated by me). The title bar said something about updates of Intel drivers (wireless driver was one of them). It developed into a black screen with a progress bar and red letters across it (”do not turn your computer off” or something like that). I think it also wa... Read more

A:Automatic "driver updates" causes lost partitions/unbootable system on the 15th

I have now run Norton Bootable Recovery Tool from a CD and searched the SSD boot disk. Nothing found, but the files on the disk were recognised (357,000 files). The system disk was mapped as disk D by Norton Bootable Recovery Tool (in a normal running system it was C). So the files are there, but not accessible. The data disk (HDD) is searched now. Nothing found so far and I don't expect that either as nothing was found on the system disk. Also here the program recognises the files (the file names are listed as they are being searched). The disk is mapped as C (normally it is D).

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Hi everyone, Yesterday I did a complete system restore (to factory state) of my X1 Carbon 5th Gen system.  Following the restore, I use Vantage to search for Lenovo updates - and it only finds 3 optional updates, but ZERO critical updates.  Then I run Windows Update and it also finds ZERO updates - says my system is up to date, even though the only updates it has installed are Malicious Software updates. It even keeps dropping the wifi connection, despite the wifi being perfectly stable. Have I completely destroyed this system?  Below are screen shots of the Vantage window with the BIOS and product number.  I've never had such an issue like this after a full system restore.  Thanks! 

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I have automatic updates disabled; I also disable windows update and bits and allow it to run only once or twice a week; On an off chance I had forgotten to disable windows update for two days, it automatically installed an update even though automatic updates
was confirmed disabled and set to "check but do not download."  This suggests Microsoft or a MITM may be capable of pushing unwanted updates or worse.
I suspected that Microsoft and affiliates working with the NSA, DoD, Israel, and or the US and possibly other foreign governments are testing to see it if were possible to run an update with the future intent of injecting malware. I have since disabled automatic
updates and run them only at my own leisure. It is every first or second Tuesday of each month that windows releases their monthly security rollups, providing little reason to leave automatic updates on 24/7. With windows update's history of malfeasance, collusion
and security risks I recommend all security conscious users do the same. 
It would be nice to see a script for accomplishing this automatically, if anybody could provide details on how to do this, that would be much appreciated.


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I updated my intel 8 series/c220 chipset family SATA AHCI controller through automatic update in control pannel in a computer with an i5-4590 cpu 8 gb ram 64X running windows 8.1. Now it takes forever to start. I have updated all other drivers, ran ccleaner,
and overall have cleaned and updated everything I can find (I'm not a pro techie, but more computer literate than most), however its still kinda slow on restart and start. I have also noticed a slight drop in overall responsiveness. Suggestions?

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I just bought a new Envy m7 n011dx with Windows 8.1 loaded on it from image, for my church. After I entered my information the first thing it did was ask me to install Win10, which I wanted. But it keeps choking on the video drivers, and I can't stop MS from updating them, and I can't be certain what is happening. HP Assistent is giving me one version automatically, MS is giving me another version, automatically, and NVidia Experiance is giving me something else automatically, and I am happily trying to force the drivers I got from NVidia that are the most current of all. If I remove the Intel and Nvidia drivers in Device Manager I can get it to boot into Windows, but then all the stupid auto vid updaters start cranking and I need to reboot to finish their install -- Automatic Repair comes up and doesn't repair anything. The only thing I can do is Safe mode and remove the Intel and Nvidia drivers, which starts the cycle over.  I feel I am missing a step here, and neither HP, NVidia, Intel, nor Microsoft are telling me that I can't have Windows 10 with these hardware pieces.

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I have tried all of the start up troubleshooting steps given on line.  There is a light on where the power cord plugs in to the base of the computer.  No sounds.  I have called tech support and keep getting disconnected.  I cannot do any more without someone calling me back.  This computer is 2 months old.  Please help me contact someone.

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Please assist. I have a 64 bit windows 7 home premuim and it is set to auto update. I noted the last updates dont what to install and checked the log.

The last successful (64 bit) update KB890830 ?Malicious software removal tool x 64? was on 16/8/2012. The next update was ?security update KB2589322 for 32 bit system. It was successful !! and so was a couple other following 32 bit updates. But then the next 64 bit updates failed. See attached.
And now my system cannot install updates. How can a 32 bit patch be automatically updating a 64 bit system? And how do I fix it? Please help.

A:32 bit update KB2589322 automatic updated on 64 bit system

Looks like that update is for Office and the 32 bit version. If you did not install the 64 bit version, the update is correct.

If you want to check, right click the white flag and open Windows Update. On bottom left, select Installed Updates and check the Office section.

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the system is a panasonic cf-30 toughbook, with win xp sp2, the prob started after a office worker allowed the auto updates to install, the system went into a repetitive reboot. then they decided to boot into safe mode and choose a restore point from before update. that worked, but now the ms sql server 2005 wont start, the errors are "package microsoft sql management sudio failed to load,then the sql screen disappears. When i got there, i checked the services running and notice the donet 2.0 is failing and the sql reporting service wont start, even when manually started. further to this i tried to remove or repair the dontnet and got a setup error that it encountered a prob during setup then shuts down. I dont want to reinstall everything but it does not look good, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I recently set up a new Dell 7710 Precision Workstation (Xeon E3-1535M v5 w/Intel HD Graphics P530; Nvidia Quadro M5000M; Windows 7 Pro). The Dell Precision Optimizer (DPPO) tells me there are no updates at all (no Critical, Recommended, or Optional). However, the Intel Driver Update Utility tells me I have an older chipset ( that should be replaced by a newer chipset (10.0.27). I don't know if the DPPO is taking into account particular aspects of this system that make the the “correct” (even if not the latest) chipset. Perhaps the DPPO should override the Intel utility. Any thoughts?

A:Driver Updates: DPPO vs. Intel Driver Update Utility

I uninstalled a driver on purpose to test the dell optimizer utility and it is telling me no updates available ! I rebooted the laptop. same thing. In device manager the device is showing as other device with a yellow exclamation mark  !!!! How do I trust the optimizer now eh ?

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I feel like I'm about ready to have a Sam Kennison moment! A week ago we got slammed by the system fix virus. Besides it's obvious show and tell with the buy here now - it disables my internet access by screwing with my dhcp client service and not giving me an ip address????I followed the self help on this site (which is a Godsend, thank you very much)- I had to put everything on a flashdrive and run the rkill, tdsskill (I can't remember if I could get the maleaware anti virus thing to run at that time) - through the safe mode command prompt as I couldn't do a darn thing through either safe mode or safe mode with networking. BTW tdsskill couldn't find anything.Once I was able to get into windows and run the the rkill and then tdsskill and a mcafee stinger - I still couldn't connect to the internet - no ip address. I tried several stand alone anti virus to no avail - they wouldn't find anything. I then looked at the install log and noticed that windows had downloaded a bunch of updates I didn't remember seeing. For good or for bad I did a system restore back as far as it would let me - I think like 5 days. I then really quickly ran everything all over again first through safe mode command prompt and then when windows opened - I ran everything through there too -and FINALLY had internet access again and downloaded AVAST and ran it and it promptly found some of the virus. I rebooted and avast ran a boot scan and found more of th viru... Read more

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I have a new T470p (type 20J6) with Windows 10 Enterprise x64 Build 16296 and System Update v5.07.0065. When I run System Update I am shown 11 optional updates. I select all these updates, click 'Next >' then 'Download'. The packages are downloaded and installed (9 successful, 2 could not be installed) then I reboot the laptop. If I then run System Update again I am offered exactly the same 11 optional updates. I've been through the entire process 5 or 6 times now. How can I 'reset' System Update so it doesn't keep offering me the same updates which it says have been successfully installed? UPDATE: If I install and use the 'Lenovo Companion' app and select 'System Update' from there I am told 'No updates are available. Your system is up to date'.

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Nov 6 - BIOS update 1.43 released, posted to web (can download at support website)Nov 7 - Email notification received regarding BIOS update 1.43Nov 8 - Vantage software executed, System Update says "no updates available" Do Vantage system updates typically lag behind web postings? Is this intentional, a side effect of the Vantage update process automation (or lack thereof), or is something broken? Not complaining either way, just would like to know. BTW my system's BIOS is still at 1.41.

A:System updates via Vantage - how far behind are they?

From what I have seen Vantage is usually 2-3 weeks behind  which to me is a good thing.  If an update is bad you dont want it to go out to everyone.  

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on a no-problem notebook of a Relative, win ran an update last night at 4 and came up with this:
Most App-Links are gone, Apps still there.
But Firefox, Outlook and others seem completely reset as if freshly installed, no accounts set f.e.
Win demands hardware driver installation for Wifi.
And a bunch of personal files on the Desktop are gone.

Please point me to the right direction before i start to act there.

A:Update nightmare - reset Apps, lost Data after automatic update

Same thing happened to one of my relatives yesterday! I suggested we did a restart before we tried anything else and on restarting the apps all reappeared and her desktop came back as she remembered it.

This might be the first thing to try and it might sort itself out.

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Hi, all:

1) Does setting Windows Updates to "notify for download and notify for install" via GP edit also disable Device Driver automatic installation?
2) Or does disabling automatic device driver installation need to be configured separately?
3) If the latter (separate setting), is it advisable to do so, despite the ominous warning from M$ that "your device may not work as expected"?

I followed Brink's characteristically excellent tutorial for GP edit here: Windows Update Automatic Updates - Enable or Disable in Windows 10 to "notify for download and notify for install" (Thanks for that!).

So my questions center on whether doing so will also prevent automatic device driver installation, or whether I need to and/or should configure that setting separately?

M$'s ominous warning seems to be strongly discouraging users from disabling automatic device driver updates and "realistic icons"().
For my OEM XP, Vista and 7 systems, I have always gotten drivers -- WHEN NEEDED -- from the OEM, not via Windows Update, as the OEMs historically have done a better job than M$ in offering the needed drivers for their computers.

Is that still true under Win10?
Assuming that disabling automatic Windows Updates does NOT also disable automatic device driver updates, should I disable automatic device driver installation on this OEM Win10 box?



A:Does disabling automatic Win Updates include automatic Device Driver?

Hello MM,

That will stop drivers from automatically being installed in Windows Update, but won't stop drivers from being available in Windows Update.

If you don't want drivers to be available in Windows Update, then you can disable this using the tutorial below. If disabled, you'll have to manually update (download and install) your drivers from the manufacturer.

Driver Updates in Windows Update - Enable or Disable in Windows 10driver-updates-windows-update-enable-disable-windows-10-a.html

The first tutorial below you posted will turn on/off automatic installation of drivers for devices. However, I would recommend to also disable automatic updates in the second tutorial below to be safe.

Device Driver Automatic Installation - Turn On or Off in Windows 10

Windows Update Automatic Updates - Enable or Disable in Windows 10

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Hello folks - first post, so you have my apologies if I don't quite get the format correct.I did a search for this problem and didn't find anything - my apologies again if this type of problem has already been addressed.First of all, I'm running Windows Vista Ultimate with SP1 (32 bit) on a Dell Latitude D830 with 2.20GHz processor and 4GB RAM.A short while back, a command box has been flashing every twenty or thirty seconds with a heading having something to do with Windows Update (from what I can read, the cmd box comes and goes very quickly). This came with a Windows Security alert saying that the Windows Automatic Updates were disabled. When I attempted to re-enable automatic updates, I got the message[Window Title]Windows Security Center[Main Instruction]Security Center can't change your automatic updating settings. [Content]Change settings manuallyWhen I attempt to change the settings manually, I get the error:[Window Title]::{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}\::{36EEF7DB-88AD-4E81-AD49-0E313F0C35F8}\pageSettings[Content]Windows cannot find '::{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}\::{36EEF7DB-88AD-4E81-AD49-0E313F0C35F8}\pageSettings'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.[OK]I looked up the error messages online and found a variety of explanations from "this is a Windows error" to "this is a backdoor trojan."My first instinct was that it was a virus, so I ran a full Symantec Sc... Read more

A:Windows Update command box flashing/Automatic Update Disabled

Forgot to mentiion that when I try to manually use Windows Update, windows explorer flashes up for a fraction of a second, closes, and nothing happens.

I have the WindowsUpdate Log file saved for the past few days - there is a -ton- of information on it, but I don't get anything terribly usseful from it - let me know if I should post any of it.

Thanks again!

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I have disable the in the settings for hardware installations for driver installations as i like to update driver myself such as sound drivers,network and video drivers. Those are basically the 3 drivers that i update including security updates. By using wushowhide, i can see the drivers updates that have been block such as intel pci serial port root, watchtimer and lpc controller and etc. Does it improve performance or should i leave it alone? What does updating those driver do?

A:Windows Update Driver Updates

I can only speak for myself, others may have different views. I recently had a number of problems related to Windows 10 Updates [including drivers].

For the present my policy is to go directly to the relevant manufacturer for driver updates. A review over a number of forums, Intel in particular reveals Intel and Microsoft apparently unable to resolve problems caused by updates. I'll stick with Intel for the moment.

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I recently made a new fresh install of Vista Ultimate 64 bit. I was using it already, but had to format and reinstall, so everything is new and clean.

I have noticed something strange in windows update: optional driver updates for some devices (such as my monitor or the realtek network adapter) are no longer available and they are not showing in the available optional updates list. They seem to work ok but they are displayed in device manager using the generic microsoft drivers.

For example, whenever a new network adapter driver was available, I used to receive a windows update notification telling me that new Realtek drivers were available. Now they are not showing anymore.

Settings for Windows update are "check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them" and "include recommended updates" is ticked.

A:Driver updates not showing in Windows Update

Did you install SP1? It is possible that the updated SP1 files are more recent than the previously shown drivers in WU.

Also, I have noticed that WU never includes the most recent driver available for a system, just usually an older one that is fully compatible with your OS - I noticed this time and time again with nVidia drivers, for example, WU wants to install 169.25, whereas the newest driver version is actually 170.16....

Hen in doubt, I go with the latest drivers from the hardware manufacturer's site as opposed ot Windows Update.

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