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Upgrading AVG Free Version

Q: Upgrading AVG Free Version

I'd like to upgrade my free version AVG 9.0.030 to the new 2013 version, . .

Is there a difference ? If so, . .

What is the recommended procedure ?

I found this but it leaves me hanging.


Since it may take a while to download this I'll do it at night, and just hold the installation.

Preferred Solution: Upgrading AVG Free Version

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Upgrading AVG Free Version

Should be simple enough


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I sure hope you can help! I have used the AVG 7.1 Antivirus Free version for a long time and loved it. For several days now I have tried to upgrade to the new AVG 7.5 version from the previous version. The 7.1 version expired YESTERDAY! I have followed all the instructions and done everything correctly, as far as I can tell. Each time it will attempt to install, then comes back with the following message:

Local machine: installation failed
Error: Action failed for file avg7us.lng: creating backup....
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. (32) %DESTINATION% = "C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Free\avg7us.lng.install_backup", %SOURCE% = "C:\Program Files\Grisoft\AVG Free\avg7us.lng"
Error 0x80004004

It says it cannot access the file (which file?) because it is "being used by another process" (what process?). I don't know what to do and this is all way above my head! I have closed down everything I can think of, including software for an HP digital camera that seems to run all the time unless I close it down manually, which I have done. I tried contacting the Grisoft tech support on the link they give and get an automated message that they need my license number to process my quesion! If I have a license number, I have no idea how to find it. I thought that was just if you have the paid versions of AVG. When I try to send them a message to find my license number, I get the automated thing th... Read more

A:Solved: Problem upgrading from AVG Free 7.1 version to 7.5

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Yesterday I upgraded one computer from windows 10 version 1607 to version 1703 (OS Build 15063.13) using the Microsoft Update Assistant.
This is disk management on the computer that was upgraded using the Microsoft Update Assistant:

This computer was used to reproduce a Windows defender offline blue screen boot loop.  The troubleshooting menu on a windows 10 1607 iso did not have startup options with safe mode and command prompt to turn off windows driver verifier.  The partitions
on the SSD drive were deleted making the drive unallocated.  Then the windows 10 version 1607 was installed.  And as above it was upgraded to version 1703 yesterday without any problems.  The Windows defender offline incompatibility problem
with Windows driver verifier was tested with windows 10 version 1703 and the blue screen boot loop was fixed by Microsoft so that it is no longer occurs.
A second computer had the option via windows updates to get an early edition of 1703.
This update method was selected and this morning it displayed:
Something went wrong.
Error code 0xc1900200
This computer had Windows 10 version 1607 and also had a Windows defender offline blue screen boot loop.  It was fixed in a store.  There the... Read more

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I?m running Vista Home Basic on Dell Inspiron machine. I?ve installed Caesar III Version 1.0 and able to play the game. Now I?m trying to upgrade this to Caesar III Version At the end of install shield execution it gives error message, ?The file C:\Program Files\Caesar III\c3.exe is not a valid previous version and could not be upgraded.?
What could be the issue?

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Bitdefender Free has the same protection technologies that its paid version? The efficiency of the free version is same as the paid version?

A:The efficiency of the free version of Bitdefender Internet Security the same as the paid version?

I don't see why it wouldn't be, yes it has less features and is less configurable,
But you get the same award winning engine that powers the paid version.

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I noticed that alot of people post snapshots of errors and screens...
I would like to get a snipping tool that is compatible with Vista home basic..

Any Suggestions??

Also I know there is a tool that clears msconfig from obselete entrys...What is the best free one to get??

A:Where To Get A snipping tool full version free, not trial version

Just go to search and type snipping tool, its part of your operating system. It works great.

Part 2
Although safe, I would leave the default settings, except for the one registry adjustment that you want, if not already set.
My settings

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Bitdefender Free has the same protection technologies that its paid version? The efficiency of the free version is same as the paid version?

A:The efficiency of the free version of Bitdefender is the same as the paid version?

I don't see why it wouldn't be, yes it has less features and is less configurable,
But you get the same award winning engine that powers the paid version.

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My hard drive crashed a few weeks ago. Computer store said they couldn't recover anything off the hard drive. My neighbor is a computer guy and let me borrow an external device to "read" my hard drive. He suggested using FileRescue to recover the info on the crashed drive. FileRescue has a free trial version and a pay version. What's the difference? Should I just bite the bullet and pay for the full version? I'm really just interested in recovering some pictures and excel spreadsheets. Please advise...

A:Difference between free trial version and pay version of FileRescue

It depends on the extent of the hard drive failure. If the system does not recognise the drive you may not be able to recover anything at all.Typically, the trial version will show you what can be recovered but may not do so or with limited resultsTry Recuva its free and pretty good

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Microsoft is forcing everybody to rethink the operating system that everybody loves to hate with Windows 8, and that includes security suite makers. Freeware faves AVG leap into the future today with a touch-friendly interface, a zippy installation, and impressively fast scans.
The upgrades are available at no cost as AVG Anti-Virus Free 2013 (download), or as a paid update to AVG Anti-Virus 2013 (download) and AVG Internet Security 2013 (download), exclusively from Download.com today.
Security vendor claims about being faster, or better, or able to protect your computer while doing your dishes, are perennial boasts. At least in the case of AVG 2013, CNET Labs has verified the company's talk about the 2013's performance gains. For our usual battery of tests, we found that AVG Anti-Virus Free 2013 actually bested an unprotected computer during the MS Office test. AVG Free completed the MS Office test in 354 seconds, while the unprotected computer took 395 seconds.
When I asked AVG evangelist Tony Anscombe about that, he explained that it has to do with how AVG 2013 performs its scans. "The new Turbo Scan checks files in the order that they're saved to the disk, as opposed to how they're saved in the file directory," he said during an interview at CNET's San Francisco offices in August.
AVG's internal benchmarks clocked "scan times up to 23.95 percent faster," Anscombe said. Meanwhile, CNET Labs' scan time results found... Read more

A:AVG 2013 Released (now with free support even for free version)

The Download Link on Cnet is not working.

Direct Download Link from AVG servers- Download (Online installer)

2013 version looks really nice and a lot of new features.

Good day.

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Available today only. Get it while it lasts. If you want to try Opera!

http://www.download.com/Opera/3000-2356_4-10421507.html :bounce:

A:Free Complete AD Free Version of Opera

Nice find!

It sure is nice to get rid of those ads, and not having to pay for the privilege.
(And no, cracking the software is not an option)

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Hi there,

I recently went through a ton of issues with my lenovo y510p laptop and since it didn't come with a recovery disc, I was forced to reinstall windows 8 through a recovery disc on a usb stick. However, the only one I was able to get was an "evaluation version" of windows, so I've lost my original version of windows 8 after the reinstall. Is there any way to find my old key so that I can upgrade? I've tried a key finder, but it only finds the evaluation key.

Would I have to contact Lenovo to see if they can give me my product key or is there an easier way?

A:Upgrading from evaluation version with old key

Hello Dgoods, and welcome to Eight Forums.

The .vbs file in Option Five of the tutorial below may help with this.

Product Key - Find for Windows 8

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I recently bought a laptop with 8 GB of Ram yet it came with the Windows 7 32bit version. I plan to install the 64 bit version yet since I have a SS want to know what its the best way to do this. Should I delete everything from my SSD first? If so how do I do this? Thanks in advance.

A:Upgrading to 64bit version

You will need to backup any data you want saved and do a clean install, as you cannot upgrade from 32- to 64-bit. You don't need to delete the SSD. The install will do this for you.

Clean Install Windows 7

EDIT ***

Barefoot Kid suggests this first...

SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation

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I would like to make a clean install of win7. Using the 32bit version(I have the cd), doesn?t make sense anymore to me so I need the 64bit iso, but how do I get it?? Microsoft stopped this download service for consumers and Dell, from where I bought the computer&OS, has also nothing to do with it...
I would like later to upgrade to win10 64bit.
Does anybody have an idea how I can upgrade from win7 32 to win7 64 bit?

A:Upgrading OEM version from 32 to 64bit

This should be based on whether you have 3gb or more RAM to run 64 bit smoothly. If so then it discusses how to find safe reinstallation media in Step 1 of Clean Reinstall Windows 7.

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Ok, a friend of mine recently built a computer- he at first purchased Windows Vista Ultimate 32 bit Version- then decided he wanted the 64 bit version so he bought a new 64 bit version of Vista. I believe they were both OEM version.

My question is, is the first Vista disc he bought useless now? Or can it be used for any reason other than putting vista on a new machine? My sister has XP and was wondering if there was anyway of finagling the disc into an upgrade for her machine?

A:upgrading using OEM Version of Vista

As long as it hs not been installed on another pc, she should be able to use it on hers . . be sure she has enough memory and processor power. . Vista is quite a resource hog.

Doing a upgrade is a recipe for disaster . . she should back up her data and do a clean install of Vista

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I am preparing to upgrade my system to 64 bit from 32 bit...As I have 12 GB of Ram... I have ensured the processor is compatible, my hardware is good, I have created the boot image from Microsoft to install a clean version of Win 10 x64. I've read numerous articles and am fairly confident I've covered all my bases (even have 64 bit versions of my sound, video and printer drivers ready).. data is backed up.... but I have one major concern..... My Windows folder is on C drive... my programs are on a partition of that drive designated as D Drive ... I then have 2 other separate hard drives for storage....

1) ..when I begin the upgrade by rebooting to my memory stick, will I be prompted to install the new windows version to the C partition ? ... 2).. will my D partition be compromised ..3) If it remains intact, what will become of the programs installed on it... seems to me they will be useless because Windows won't know they exist, correct? Any guidance here would be most appreciated.....

A:Upgrading from Windows 10 32 bit to 64 bit version

When doing a clean install in your situation it is best to:

1. Disconnect all other hard drives except for the one that you want to install Windows to.
2. Select the custom install option during the installation. You will be presented with a list of partitions on the hard drive.
3. Delete every partition individually, except for the partition that contains the data you want to keep (D: drive). Make sure you know which partition that is, they will not be labelled C: or D:. You have to know what position on the drive the partition is in and the size of it.
4. Select the resulting unallocated space to install to and click next. (Do not create any new partitions, let Windows setup do that).
5. As long as you don't delete the wrong partition your D: drive partition will be unaffected.
6. Yes - the programs that were installed to D: drive will be useless until you re-install each one.
7. After you get Windows installed, then you reconnect your other hard drives.

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After upgrading to IE 11 from IE 9 with all prerequisite patches, I still see IE 9 outlined when i look for the version of it by clicking on About internet explorer, whereas when i look for registry key version "HKLM/software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer"
it shows 9.11.9600.18282 which to my knowledge refers to IE 11.
In order to resolve the issue i tried removing IE 11 completely by executing below command which did not help
FORFILES /P %WINDIR%\servicing\Packages /M Microsoft-Windows-InternetExplorer-*11.*.mum /c "cmd /c echo Uninstalling package @fname && start /w pkgmgr /up:@fname /norestart"
Along with it i tried following things to resolve the issue which did not help as well
- Uninstalled IE 11 patches and IE 11 itself from add/remove features
- Ran sfc /scannow
- Ran Update readiness tool
After doing above, when i again install IE 11 it still shows IE 9 as shown in below images.

Any suggestions....

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Hey everyone,

On my PC I have a beta release version from earlier this year. I have just purchased a student version of windows 7.

What will be the easiest way to install it?

Reload my PC with Vista, then upgrade using the student version?


A:Beta Version upgrading

Did you download or do you have a disc? If you downloaded, then burn it to disk and do a clean install would be my recommendation. Make bootable iso from student d/l

Hope this helps.


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I have a laptop that has win 8 but not the Pro version.And it apparently does not have Bitlocker on it.
I have the win 8 Pro upgrade software but i think its the full version which i bought for another pc.And the upgrading instructions on the outside of the box talks about upgrading from vista or xp only.I am running win 8.

The only reason I am wanting to upgrade to win 8 Pro is to have Bitlocker.

Is it not possible to install the win 8 Pro OS?

Or is there another way of obtaining Bitlocker?

Its an acer laptop.
the system info says:
the system type is a "x64 based-pc"
celeron cpu 1017u 1.6 ghz,2 cores,2 logical processors,
Win 8 version is 6.2.9200 build 9200
thanks in advance

A:Upgrading Win 8 to Pro version - needing Bitlocker

The upgrade route is to use the "Add Features" option:
Add Features to Windows 8

Where I am, you can also buy the Windows 8 Pro Pack as a boxed product in the shops, and it's considerably cheaper than the Microsoft Store ("I want to buy a product key online") route. So I'd check your local computer stores to see if that's available.

It's still quite pricey (it is here, anyway) though.

What do you want to do with Bitlocker? Depending on what you're trying to do, you might find other 3rd party software that does the same.

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Hello everyone.

I had FireFox version 3.6.13 for a long time and today I received a notification to upgrade.
I did so, and since then the browser simply does not load.
Only the frame of the broweser loads for a second, and immediately it crashes with an error.
I have Windows 7.
I've Neutralized the anti virus AVG [b] completely [/ b], I checked that the mozila enabled on Windows FireWall (I even deleted and added it again there).
I tried to load in safe mode.
I reboot the computer.
Non of it did not work, it does not load!
What can I do?

A:Firefox crashes after upgrading to version 3.6.14

I would try to unistall all of Firefox, and then try to install it again. There is a great tool that I use to completely uninstall software. It's called Revo Unistaller Free version. It will scan your registry and hard disk to make sure it is COMPLETELY gone from your computer. After using this, install FF again. Other than that, try to do a system restore. Or, switch to another browser temporarily until Firefox fixes the problem. I would go and try to surf their forums for any remedies.

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If I go to the company site https://store.malwarebytes.org/342/p...=bottom_button it costs ?19.95. and includes a backup CD and something called Extended Download.

There are what seem to be similar products from Amazon DSOLUTION Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Lifetime - Windows: Amazon.co.uk: Software @ ?8.99 +p&p
Or Malwarebyte UK Retail - PRO Lifetime: Amazon.co.uk: Software @?12.99 + p&p.
Neither include the extras.
I?m uncertain which would be the one to go for once p&p is taken in to consideration.
Your thoughts?

A:Upgrading to a Pro version of Malwarebytes... advice please!

Quote: Originally Posted by rundwald

If I go to the company site https://store.malwarebytes.org/342/p...=bottom_button it costs ?19.95. and includes a backup CD and something called Extended Download.

There are what seem to be similar products from Amazon DSOLUTION Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Lifetime - Windows: Amazon.co.uk: Software @ ?8.99 +p&p
Or Malwarebyte UK Retail - PRO Lifetime: Amazon.co.uk: Software @?12.99 + p&p.
Neither include the extras.
I’m uncertain which would be the one to go for once p&p is taken in to consideration.
Your thoughts?

I'd go for the cheapest in your situation, presumably Amazon. I can't image you would need any of the "extras". I don't know about that "P and P" stuff--I assume that is for a CD version, which you don't really need.

I recently saw it for $14 US.

I paid around $20 for my copy---directly from Malwarebytes. All you really need is a means to download it and a legitimate Product Key to activate it.

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Hi guys

I currently am happily running Vista HP 64 and I'll upgrade to 7 once it comes out. The problem is, I have the Dutch version of Vista, so I'll have to upgrade to the Dutch version of 7. Now, as you all know, here in Europe we got this bull**** E version which doesn't give us the opportunity to do an upgrade install. I have my current Vista installation perfectly sorted out on a very powerful machine.

I have over 100 programs installed and everything, from the map structure on the disk to the start menu is perfectly neat. I don't feel like starting all over when I switch over to 7. And I really want to switch over to 7. I'm running it on my MSI Wind netbook since RC1 and I'm very impressed and happy with it.

Do you guys think there will be some clever hackers/tweakers that will be able to slipstream IE into the installation, so I still can do an upgrade install? How big are the chances of that. I was particularly looking forward to the upgrade install option because it went so smooth in tests.

Oh, and I'm not referring to illegal versions here. I will buy the original version. I'll probably get a discount since I work at a computer store.

A:Question about upgrading Vista > the E version

hi and welcome to sevenforums. I know this is your first post but be careful we dont deal in links, cracks, hacks or anything illegal. Doing so will get you banned.
that being said legally you can upgrade to 7 and there is some discussion agt M$ allowing a choice screen instead of browserless.
Hope this helps


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I am eligible to purchase a copy of win 10 education version. I currently have win 10 home. I wonder if I have to clean install win 10 education or I can just upgrade from win 10 home. The MS help desk is so ignorant that most of the time they want to help me with my MS Office problems, what? Who said MS office?

My other question is that if I make the upgrade, will I be able to install win 10 home on my machine when I decide to sell it?


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Hey guys. I know this has probably been asked a million times before, I'm sorry though I don't have time to look and I want an up-to-date answer.

Anyway, I am currently using Windows 7 RC. A while back, I purchased Windows 7 Professional from the Digital River student offer (for $30, good thing I'm a student).

Then I found out it's an upgrade version, but it doesn't matter since there are workarounds to do a fresh install with it anyway.

However, I wanted to see if there are any options of upgrading from RC to the retail/upgrade version that I bought. The thing is, I HATE the hassle of resetting everything and reinstalling all the programs manually. I also have a ton of games installer besides just that, it'll take bloody forever to get everything done.

I was wondering if there was any way to preserve on that. I've been doing this stuff for a while and I know it's normally not possible but I stopped following the hardware industry a while ago so who knows what's possible now. I just wanted to ask about all the possible installation options and I know for example if you edit a file on the W7 disk you can enable the upgrade option, but it will store all your files in a folder called windows.old and not save all your program installations or something...

Can somebody just clear this up for me? I'll really appreciate it, thanks.


A:Upgrading from RC to retail (upgrade version)

Many have reported good results doing an in-place Upgrade from the RC using this popular workaround: Upgrade the Windows 7 RC to any retail version Icrontic Tech

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I am currently running Vista on a Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop. I am curious if I can do an 'in-place' upgrade using a full version of Win 7 as opposed to an Upgrage version. I have already reformatted and reinstalled everything using Dell's Disk Image Recovery off the 2nd drive and really don't want to have to perform another clean install. This install was done this week as a basic maintenance. I was given a full version from a friend who was switching to MAC. Any help would be appreciated.

A:Upgrading from Vista using Full Version of Win 7

Now that is a good question...I am going to say no just for the simple fact that if you were to upgrade your key might not be activated...

Someone with more insight into activation issues ought to be able to help you further

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I am trying to go to a website that post a message that says: "Check SSL protocol settings on the browser for SSLv3/TLSv1 protocol" "Secure website site may be using high strength encryption algorithms 128 bit". I do not have any clue what any of that means, besides the fact that I can not get into the website, and need help updating my computer so I can....any help I can get would be greatly appreciated!


A:upgrading browers to latest version

Open Internet Explorer, if that is the browser you are using...and hit the Help button at top of it's window, then click on About Internet Explorer, and record exactly the version numbers you see, along with the encryption info and post it in a reply.

Also, what Windows are you using? XP, win2000, something else?
You may not have to update the browser at all, just set some settings, I am not sure.

Do you have any firewalls installed, Zone Alarm, Norton Internet Security, etc?

If you post a Hijackthis log, it may help too>

dvk01 said:

Getting Hijackthis and installing it correctly

go to here and download 'Hijack This!' double click on the file and it will install to C:\program files\hijackthis and create an entry in the start menu and an optional shortcut on desktop.
Click on the entry in start menu or on the desktop to run HijackThisClick to expand...
First open a reply here in your thread to have it ready.
Run Hijackthis.exe, and
Select the "Scan and save a log" button...

When it is done scanning> the Save box will become available, save the log as hijackthis.txt which will open with Notepad. Hit the EDIT> Select All then the EDIT>Copy button at the top of your log, Go back to TSG, and click once in the blank reply space, then go to the top of your browser window and select EDIT>Paste, then submit the post.
Please do NOT use HJT yourself to remove anything, most of what it shows is good and needed by the system.

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I have a computer that I'm thinking about upgrading, but sometime down the road, I'll probably end up wiping the system (hey, even computers get cluttered!).

Buying a Full Version will let me do that clean-install, but will it let me do an upgrade right now? I've read that OEM editions don't, they only perform clean-installs. But I'm talking about a legal retail-box. Any thoughts?

Thanks in advanced.

A:Solved: Does a Full Version allow upgrading?

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Right now I'm suffering issues on Windows 10 after upgrading to version 1511

The issues include:
Performance issues - my laptop is suffering lag and hangs randomly (this had never happened before version 1511)
Longer boot - It would take 30 seconds or longer to boot, instead of before that's taking just 3 seconds. (I noticed that after the laptop booted, it is booting again, acting like a bootloop
Slow app opening - Opening Google Chrome would take 6-7 seconds than it would open instantly before
Waking up from sleep - After opening my laptop, it would be on black screen for few seconds, than before it would never be on black screen
Shutting down - It takes 15 seconds or longer to shut down, assuming it's not actually a problem at all, but it is a problem... It wouldn't take 15 seconds as, before it would take 2-5 seconds.

Please help! I'm having problems since I upgraded to version 1511

A:After upgrading to Windows 10 version 1511

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I already reset my laptop, but still the same thing occurs. (Settings > Upgrade & Security > Recovery > Reset this PC)

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Hi Guys

I have a copy of windoews 7 RTM and I want to just upgrade from my current version (7264) is it possible or do I need to do a clean install?

A:Upgrading Fro Windows version 7264 to RTM

U can do it.

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Hi there, 
after all the invitation for getting win 10 for free , I finally decided to spent little time on it, before ending the offer, I used the windows update (control panel) and updated the system with all the important and optional updates then started the upgrading
( downloading ) win 10 , after sometimes and just before finishing the download of about 3 G data , here the was an error and had to start the download again and i did but the same happened just at the end of downloading progress, using huge amount of time
and data , it is like no thing is done , no data stored no thing ,( why Microsoft doesn't use the down loader which can be faster and also keep at least part of the data usable after fixing the problem ??!) anyhow i got this error Code 80200013 last time and
Code 80200053 first time ..... the free download time is also past ... can i do anything about it pls ???

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I went to download.com to download and install Zone Alarm-free version and it said it kept cable and DSL protected. I use a dialup connection. Can I use ZA with a dialup connection.

I did have it once before, but I don't recall having seen this about DSL and Cable. It knocked out MSN Messenger so I did uninstall it. I want to reinstall, but not sure that it is for dialup connections. can someone tell me ?


A:ZA-Free version

It works fine with either dial-up or network, as far as I know. I've used it with both.


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Can anyone help? I keep getting the message " cannot connect to server " when I try an update from main menu. Thanks

A:avg free version 8.0

Hello have you a Firewall ??

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I have AVG free version and it used to work fine,now it won't update,i click the update section,and it will open,but it just hangs there,then after about 2 minutes it gives me an error about my internet connection.Any idea why this is.

A:AVG free version

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Just as a general rule and without getting to specific programs.

Most of the free AV programs also offer a pay version. Is the pay version better? That is, does it do a better job of blocking viruses? Or are you just paying for added features?


A:Is the Pro/pay version better than the free?

You mostly pay for added features. In some programs, the free version does not include email scanning. Or the support for the product may be limited. Pay versions will include both.
One way to find out what pro vs. free differences are is to use the side-by-side charts most of them have. Then make your decision based on what you feel it's important to have.

IF you decide to go with a paid version, see if it has a free trial. Install it, use it. Is it user friendly?
User interface simple and easy to navigate? How often is it updated? Does it have any negative impact on your system? It won't take long to find out if it's something you want to purchase. If it is, wait until the trial period is almost up. A lot of times, you will be able to purchase it at a discounted price.

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What does anyone think of AVG Free (9.1)? I have heard that it can be a memory hog (like Norton), can be hard to remove if you decide you don't want to use it, and can be difficult to use. Comments?

A:AVG Free Version 9

I haven't used AVG since version 7.5, where a nasty virus ripped right through it and actually infected the AVG process itself. So AVG was reporting that itself was infected and of course could do nothing about it. It's probably one of the worst AV programs I have ever had the experience of using.

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Hi Guys,

Anybody else having problems updating AVG again. I have done the fix several weeks ago and everything worked fine, then all of a sudden I am unable to update, even from the update page at grisoft.

A:AVG Free Version

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I currently use the free version of AVG. Can you tell me if the paid subscription version is justifiable for the cost. Not that I don't want to lay out the cash, but is it worth it. Is it more user friendly, and have more versatility for settings? Win98se. Thanks for your suggestions.

A:AVG free version?

sailing2you said:

I currently use the free version of AVG. Can you tell me if the paid subscription version is justifiable for the cost. Not that I don't want to lay out the cash, but is it worth it. Is it more user friendly, and have more versatility for settings? Win98se. Thanks for your suggestions.Click to expand...

With the paid version you get tech support. I use the free version. I personally am extremely impressed with grisoft for even putting a free AVG with updates available for the public to use, shows what a real class act company they truly are.

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I have been using the above referenced AVG virus protection for a long time. For the past 2 weeks or so, I will be going about my business on my computer, when all of a sudden I get a message that AVG wants me to restart my computer!

I have it set up so that it automatically updates every day. I never used to get a message requiring a restart before. I did try seeking help at AVG itself, but couldn't find my specific help topic.

Does anyone here use AVG Free + have run into the same annoyance?

Thank you

A:Avg Free Version 7.5.503

Hi honu1Sometimes when an antivirus has a big update, it needs to restart the comp. Nothing to worry! Or worry if it doesn’t!! I have Avast does the same. Stelios

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Has anyone tried upgrading from the RC version to the retail version or do I need to delete the RC version first? Also, what has been your experience upgrading WIn 7 64-bit vs a clean install?

Jon in Vegas

A:Upgrading Release Candidate to full version

Clean install is always best.

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Hi, I own a Dell XPS 15 9550 with a 32GB SSD and 1TB HDD. My latest attempt to install updates failed due the reason that my C drive was absolutely full. I have also tried to install Visual Studio and failed because, again, it needed some free space on the C drive and the drive was full. There isn't anything on the C drive that I can delete/uninstall, so I am thinking of upgrading for a new SSD with a larger capacity. The problem is that I am not sure if my SSD is upgradable. And if it is, what kind of SSD will be compatible with my laptop and how can I actually upgrade it? My current SSD, I believe, is a LITEON CS1-SP32-11 M.2 2242 32GB. My knowledge this sort of stuff is rather limited, so I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me with this.
Thank you in advance.

A:Upgrading SSD Dell XPS 15 9550 (2015 version)

The 32G drive isn't designed for WIndows installation - it's designed to be a cache for the hard drive - the OS should be installed on the 1T hard drive.
You CAN replace with a larger capacity SSD -- a standard M.2 2280 drive will fit.  You can use either SATA or NVMe, depending on your budget (SATA is cheaper but lower performance;  NVMe offers cutting edge performance but will cost significantly more).

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How can I have two separate versions of a program on my pc without upgrading the old one. I want to be able to have a choice of which one to use. Hey I know it may sound odd I would not want to just upgrade to a new version of software. However it comes to this... If I upgrade I am losing fatures I have grown accustomed to. And when ever you go to add a separate version of new software it only seems to upgrade to the old version..which is missing aspects from the old version that I like. GRRRRRRR

How can I have both? I have downloaded skype and even if I put the new version in a separate folder outside of programs with an entirely differnt name it still only upgrades my old version, when I hit run.

I know what I am wanting to do is possible, I just need someone that understands that aspepct of PC to help me out.

Thank you

A:how can I have 2 separate vesions of software without upgrading old version?

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Several sites i go to need the Macromedia Flash Player Version 7. So i download it. and says it's installed on the page, but it's really no because it still says i need it. So i did it a different way. I have it saved on my pc. I go to install it and it says "setup could not find your browser's plugins directory." I could browse for it, but not sure of what i'm looking for. please help cuz this is annoying..lol

A:Upgrading Macromedia Flash Player Version 7

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Webcam is dead.  When App or software launches, the light comes on (hardware is accessing) but immediately goes on/off with loop of camera/no-camera.   This is NOT working. Try to open Windows Camera- and I can watch device manager freak out and flash camera, no-camera, camera, no-camera... over and over.  If I disable the device, then the app stops sending looping error messages and says no-camera.  (yeah I know I disabled it, but the loop tells me this is a DRIVER specific issue.) I uninstalled the device, allowed Windows to detect, still installs basic driver. Now instead of HP HD TrueVision, in Device Manager it detects USB Video Device. I need to find a CURRENT working DRIVER for HP TRUEVISION HD WEBCAM   I have visited every thread on this board, visited every Microsoft thread, talked to YouCam, AND to HP, I was told to factory reset my laptop, but after factory reset 4 times via HP USB restore didnt work.  I don't want to send in my laptop, this is a driver issue, that is abundantly clear.   Where can I find a driver- not software- just the driver????? Thank you.  

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I had no problems upgrading from AVG Free 8.5 to 9.0 on my desktop, but hadn't done so on this laptop because it's been very, very sick. We think it's now cured, but two attempts at running the upgrade installation on this machine failed.

The error message is:

Local machine: installation failed
Error: Action failed for registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows: creating registry key....
Access is denied.

When we were "fixing" this machine, did we do something that is now preventing AVG from creating this new registry key for the update? What can I do to get the installation to finish?

I am running no other anti-virus or anti-spamware. I update and run a Malwarebytes Quick Scan daily, but that was not running when I tried to do the upgrade.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

A:Upgrading from AVG Free 8.5 to 9.0

Hello is this XP or Vista? Are you running from an account with Full Administrator rights? If Spybot is running on here disable it.Most antispyware, parental control and process monitor types of protection software can block the required changes.Now follow these instructions. AVG UN and RE Install

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I installed the macrium reflect free version. I ran a back up. only 4gb of the 8gb was backed up. Also when I looked to see if it would boot from the rescue disc, it did boot to macrium but did not show a backup to choose from to restaore. Any thoughts? By the way i'm running win XP 64 bit. Does this work for 64 bit?

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Is AVG7 Free now including a firewall? Had a user install AVG7 and his Winsock LSP stack now contains avgfwafu.dll - which appears to be an AVG Firewall file. About the same time, his IE stopped loading pages. I suspect it may be firewall related. If AVG7 free *is* now installing a firewall.... Is there a way to disable the AVG firewall? Or a way to comfirm IE is allowed past the firewall?

A:AVG7 Free version

It is likely that it is the AVG PLUS firewall; AVG free does not have one.http://www.grisoft.com/doc/avgplusfw/lng/us/tpl/tpl01Regards,John

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I have downloaded from TechSpot the Photoshop CS2 free version. I can't complete the installation as the serial number hasn't come up? Please advise.

A:Free version of Photoshop CS2

Hi, look on the download page.

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