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Yoga 720 Charging Adapter

Q: Yoga 720 Charging Adapter

Hey Guys,I was wondering if the new USB C Charging Port will work with my USB C Cable from my Smartphone since the have the same plug. Reason: I lost my Charging cable on the Airport :-(

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Preferred Solution: Yoga 720 Charging Adapter

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

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I have recently bought a wonderful yoga 3 14 notebook. the supplied charger says 20v or 5v. As we do a fair bit of travel/camping we want to charge on a the car cigarrette lighter. If this is possible is there any car adapter to buy or avoid due to possible damage to the computer thank you

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Hello I own a thinkpad S1 yoga laptop (core i3 processor and 4 GB RAM). It suddenly stopped charging using 45W adapter (20V, 2.5 A). However, it is charging fine using a 90W adapter (20V, 4.5 A) which I got with my previous Lenovo laptop Any recent windows or system updates caused this? Is there any solution other than using a 90W adapter which I am scared to use as it may charge 47W battery too rapidly casuing a quick death of battery or explosion in the worst case. Please help

A:Thinkpad S1 Yoga stopped charging with a 45W adapter

Hi Chaitanya,Welcome to Lenovo Community! And happy to have you here.As I understand that you have query regarding your 45W AC Adapter is not charging your ThinkPad S1 Yoga
I believe the AC Adapter has gone bad as you have mentioned that its charging fine with 90W Adapter 
I don't think so it is caused due to software or Windows updates. You can also check whether its getting charged in shutdown mode or not to confirm. 
I hope the above information helped you.
Please feel free to post in Lenovo Community Forums if you have any further queries!
Regards,Prabhansh_______________________________________________Tap that Kudos button if I helped.If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution"!

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At what limit does it start charging? Mine is at 94% plugged in and it does not. I guess this is a built in battery conservation mode. Right? Thanks!

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Hi, I have bought new Thinkpad X1 Yoda 3rd Gen three weeks before and from yesterday I have noticed that battery status is showing charging even adapter is not plugged in, If I plugged in its charging but when I remove it still showing charging. How can I resolve this issue? Please help Thank you

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i had to make recovery and it failed and i brought win 10 image on usb and i recoverd itbut when i connected my charger it give no thing not charging and not showing that the charger is conected at alli have to long press the power button till the device turn on then turen off after that every thing workedbut i noted that it happend again when the lap frezezz  while shutting down sometimes and i have to turn it off by long press so i have to long press for  10 or 15 seconed to be aple to charge again cuz if i conect the charger it gives nothing on screen or blinking and im afraid that someday this hint stopps alsocan anyone tell me what is my problem

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My computer is two weeks old.  It will charge on the HP docking station.  It will not charge with the AC power source provided with the computer.  Is there a setting to change from Docking to Power cord?

A:AC adapter not charging

Maybe @Huffer? can help.

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Hi. I recently bought a Lenovo Yoga 500 laptop, and I'm quite disappointed. When I plug in my charger, 9/10 times it starts to charge, then immediately stop charging, then charge again for a second. This results in never charging. Eventually it charges normally, but it's completely random and sometimes requires 5+ restarts. I need this laptop for school so taking it off for repair is hard for me but I will do it if there is no other way. I got a second charger from a friend and this still occurs, so the problem isn't with the charger. Anyone have any idea for a fix? Thanks


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A:Yoga 500 charging for one second, then not charging for one second

Hi Wine3,
Welcome to the Forums  
As per the query we understood that you are facing issue with the battery not charging in your Lenovo Yoga 500 laptop.
Try to reinstall the energy manager and check for the issue.
Click here for the energy manager for windows 10.
Let us know the result.
Best regards,         

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My Dell Latitude D620's adapter cord is not charging my battery/laptop even though I bought a new one thinking the cord was faulty. Could the Laptop be the issue? If so, what can be done?

A:Adapter Cord/Charging

The battery can be at fault or the MB of the D620 could be at fault. You didn't get the extended 3 year warranty? The D620's should still be under warranty.

Really the only thing you can do is change out parts until you find the right culprit. I don't suppose you happen to have another battery to swap out to see if its the MB?

Just thinking of something you did try taking out the battery and reseating it as well as looking at the dell power indicaters to make sure it sees the battery as being installed and charging?

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Hi,Need help with my HP2000 Notebook.  The AC adapter is not charging the battery.  Already purchased a new battery, but the problem continues.  Already tried all suggestions from HP Support web page.Thanks.

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Ok, I recently purchased a new account adapter from Dell... Identical to the one that came with the laptop.  The computer will not recognize the AC cable, will not charge the battery, and most of the time will not boot past the diagnostic page.  It also feels loose in the area to connect it to the computer, like it will easily fall out. We need it fixed.  Dell Inspiron service tag f5f5pc2r

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 I have a 2 year old Inspiron 15  5000 laptop with the  original AC adapter supplied by DELL ( windows 10). . I used to get intermittent  warnng about the AC adapter not being recognized, but it would go away and the laptop would charge fine.
For the last month laptop is constantly displaying "plugged in not charging" message, but it works well while it is plugged in.
I have updated the bios.
I also bought a new OEM adapter.  The battery charged initially, but after that it started with plugged in not charging warning message.
Looks like the AC adapter is not the issue. Any idea, or I just throw it in the junk heap! 

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My charger has been having some problems for the past 2 months, where it doesnt charge unless i position the charger just right, but it has been getting ALOT worse and i just spent like 15 minutes trying to do it but it wont work for some reason now, i am going to have to look at the comments on my phone

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Please I sent my laptop in for repairs when its not coming on after an upgrade(hp spectra x360)...now the laptop comes up but the adapter must be plucked in...though the system prompted hp battery alert to change the battery..but the question is how can the battery ho bad after 3months of been dead...the battery is not charging at all.Please I nees help.going bqck to school soon.God bless

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Hello, I just purchased P71 and I have a question regarding charging the battery.  Would charging the p71 workstation with Lenovo Thinkpad 90W AC Adapter can harm the battery or the device? Thank you. Best

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Sorry if I have missed it - but I can't seem to find a post with the same problem.I've bought 4 of these XPS 12's now and this is the only 1 with the problem.
This laptop was initially experiencing many problems, including this problem. It was eventually diagnosed with faulty memory. So motherboard has just been replaced which fixed all the other issues except this.
If laptop is turned on – and I plug the charger in – the screen brightens – but everything freezes - mouse keyboard everything – and it doesn't indicate it is charging - if I unplug the charger it immediately un-freezes.Sometimes if I remove the charger – then plug it back in – problem is resolved.Other times that doesn't work – so I remove the charger and shut it down – then restart it and problem is resolved.If I start the laptop with the charger plugged in I never have the problem.It is not happening every time at the moment – but it was happening every time until I recently had the motherboard replaced due to faulty memory - I watched the tech do this but can't remember now if the charging port is part of the motherboard or part of the chassis? - if it was part of the chassis I could see how this could be where the fault lies.
I have tried it with 2 different genuine dell chargers but the same problem.The bios recognises both chargers.
I have also upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10 with no improvement.
And I upgraded the bios to t... Read more

A:XPS 12 Freezes when AC Adapter plugged in for Charging

Is your problem solved? If solved, what was the fix?
I am facing similar issue with my Dell XPS12 and dell support is trying to resolve same with no success yet. 
Here are the problems I see -
1] Machine freezes on inserting or removing power cord while in Windows as well as in Linux. Sometimes same behavior is seen while in bios as well. Only a hard reboot brings machine back to life.
2] Machine freezes on pressing fn+fX (multimedia keys) in Windows as well as in Linux and in bios as well.
3] The keyboard backlight is always on no matter whether in windows, linux or bios. There is no way the backlight can be turned off. Even if I convert the laptop to Tablet mode, the keyboard backlight still remains on.
4] The volume up, down keys near the audio socket on the edge are not working. Same behavior is observed in Windows as well as Linux.
Issues 2,3 and 4 occur irrespective of laptop running on ac power or battery

So far, in attempt to fix this, the keyboard is replaced twice, power adapter is replaced, Motherboard is replaced with no success :(

Gopi Kori

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My laptop works fine only when ac adapter is connected and no battery inserted. However, when I inserted battery the ac adapter won't charge the battery. I downloaded HP UEFI tool for hardware diagnostic . I checked both battery and ac adapter. The results showed battery is o.k. but AC adapter was not o.k. as no ac adapter was detected and the test result was please connect the AC adapter you want to test. My question is do I need to replace the AC adapter ? or there is some problem with my charging jack / bios etc.

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When I plug my charger into my laptop, the laptop does not detect the charger, and the battery continues decreasing normally with use (not charging).  I ran HP PC Hardware Diagnostics, and my battery passed the component test. However, my AC adapter showed an issue. This is the error message displayed.  Test Name: HPAdvSysDiag_ACAdapterFailure ID: NULL I've only had this laptop and charger for a little less than 2 months, and the charger was working fine yesterday. This error just suddenly happened today. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.   

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Hi. I have a question about the USB-C 45 Watt AC Adapter (4X20E75132). In addition to charging the designated notebooks and tablets, such as Carbon X1, is this also designed to safely charge devices like mobile phones that require less power? Thanks!

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My research has shown that this is a somewhat common problem. All of the sudden the battery stopped charging and the official dell AC Adapter, that shipped with the laptop, is listed as Unknown in the BIOS. I understand this happens because somewhere on the way the info from the pin that (for no good reason) identifies the AC adapter does not reach the charging circuit. This is supposed to be a safety mechanism (that no other manufacturer uses) that is obviously just an attack on off-brand chargers .The laptop is working fine (except for charging) as long as the AC adapter is connected.
What I did so far:

notice I'm out of warranty 
try different power outlets
try different AC adapter
Check battery health (it's fine)
replace Power Jack

It's still not working and I'm out of ideas.
Please don't tell me I have to throw away a 1300$ laptop because they designed this stupid point of failure into the charging circuit.

A:[XPS 13] AC Adapter not recognized -> Battery not charging

If you've already replaced all these parts to no effect, the only thing left is a bad mainboard.

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I have an ASUS laptop and for some reason there is an orange flashing light where the light is usually not flashing. I bought a new charger for it because I thought that was it, but still not charging and light is still flashing. This has been going on
for well over a week. 

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I have a Yoga 14 (Type 20FY) Laptop (ThinkPad) that came with a 65W 20V 3.25 A AC adapter. Could I use it with an AC adapter from an IdeaPad that is 90W 20V 4.5 A? Both adapters have rectangular ?slim tip? to plug into the laptop.


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A:Can I use a 90W 20V AC Adapter with my ThinkPad 14 Yoga that came with a 65W 20V adapter?

yes.  The laptop will only draw what it needs.

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The issue has been progressive over a few months. When the ac adapter is plugged into the laptop, the blue LED lights for a second then changes to amber. After a few seconds the LED goes off. On the screen the battery stsus icon will show the AC symbol while the LED is ON but it goes away whn the LED goes off. The battery does not charge. I have a new battery. I have another g6 laptop (uses the same battery) that i can charge the batteries in and the AC adapter works flawlessly in that laptop. After the LED goes out I have to remove the AC adapter plug from the laptop and wait a few minutes. Then when i plug the AC adapter plug back into the laptop power socket the cycle repeats; blue LED 1 seocnd, amber LED a few seconds, AC icon on battery status indicator,  LED off, AC icon disappears, battery does not charge. Two different AC adapters, two different batteries (one new and one older - both genuine hp batteries). If I leave the AC adapter plugged into the laptop the LED will not come back on and the AC icon never reappears. I must remove the AC plug from the laptop for a period of time to restart the cycle (short). When the issue started the cycle of charging was longer and it slowely over time has reduces to this few seconds. It seems maybe something in the charge circuit is overheating? The laptop will not run from the AC adapter without a charged battery installed, when this issue atrated it would run from jsut the AC for some time now the AC only "works" for a few ... Read more

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Hello! Recently I am unable to recharge my X1 with the included Lenovo 65W USB C Charger.  When I plug it in, the orange light blinks (1 second on, 1 off), and the windows battery status icon on the system tray flicks on and off between "plugged-in (charging)" and "not charging".  It seems that when I plug it in, windows is trying to mount something like a USB drive, as the icon to unmount a USB C device flicks on and off.  Furthermore, the task bar flickers as it goes on and off thinking that it is trying to mount and unmount a USB device. I've plugged in a few different USB C chargers I have "for my phone, for a battery pack, from a MacBook, etc...", and they work on my X1 no problem. I have 2 Lenovo 65W USB C chargers, and I've tried both of them with the same result.  I'm pretty sure the chargers are ok, as they will charge other devices (like my phone, a battary pack, and a MacBook).  Just, when I plug them into my X1, I get problems. Not sure if this is due to a recent Lenovo Vantage update, or Windows 10 Update.  I recently did the 2018-12 Windows 10 update.  However, even if I turn the computer off the Lenovo charger blinks the orange charge light, and will not charge the X1. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

A:Thinkpad Carbon X-1 6th Gen / 65W USB C Power Adapter Not Charging

One other peice of info. When I plug any USB C charger into the 2nd USB C port (the one closer to me, that is next to the network adapter), it will not charge.  The battery will say "plugged-in (not charging)". This is interesting, becuase this is a new occurence.  I've been able to charge from either port before untill recently, so something must have happened in a recent update. Thanks again for any help! -Robert

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I am trying to troubleshoot why my AC adapter is not charging. According to Device manager, it is working properly. Posts indicate I should try to update BIOS, however my battery is below 10% and it will not allow me to update it. What can I do?
Also, I read about removing a battery and charging it. How do I do that?
Please help before my battery dies altogether!

A:AC Adapter Plugged in - Not Charging/BIOS Update

A BIOS update won't solve the issue.  
If the AC adapter IS recognized in system setup but the battery won't charge, the battery is most likely bad.
If the AC adapter IS NOT recognized, one of three things is bad:

1.  The AC adapter -- first try a new AC adapter (OEM Dell only- NOT third party).
2.  If that doesn't solve it, and the system has a replaceable DC jack, that would be next to replace.
3.  If that doesn't solve the issue, replace the mainboard.

If you need further help, we'll need the system model information (I.e., Inspiron N5110, 5531, etc.).
In almost no cases is the battery externally chargeable - very few systems have external battery chargers.

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I desperately need help. I have a pavilion Dv7-2015tx Laptop, and my AC adapter is beeping and refusing to charge. My battery recently ran out, and so I cannot turn my laptop back on. I tried a hard reset, I tried leaving it unplugged for about an hour and even shaking it around as suggested by a few people on some forums as a fix. The light on the adapter is not on, and this issue has occurred 2 times before, both times, the adapter continued to work after about an hour of being unplugged. This time it hasn't. I contacted HP phone support, but they said I was going to be charged a MASSIVE $33 for phone support because it was out of warranty. I can't find an answer on this forum, and want to be able to find a solution without buying another adapter. Prior to this issue, my laptop was off for a day and a night while being plugged in. I desperately need help, please reply HP.


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A:HP Pavilion DV7-2015tx Adapter beeping and not charging.

I'm definitely not under warranty but I have a solution anyway. I called up HP customer support again, and this time I was told that it's a common, hard to fix issue. The only solution is a new adapter, but I found a new on for less than $20 on eBay anyway We did some simple diagnostics, for example, making sure it was still beeping when plugged into the wall but not the laptop and that the light was always off. I'm still bummed that I have to wait for the delivery, but my laptop needs to go into a repair factory for a noisy fan issue, and also a heatsink problem which has been causing my laptop to get up to 70 degrees, so it's a good time to wait.

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This is for 2 issues, which may be connected. I have an Alienware 15. Noticed recently that my system slows down noticeably when plugged in. When gaming, the game is really choppy when plugged in. When unplugged, game runs smoothly. I didn't buy an Alienware to have this problem. Also noticed that computer doesn't always charge when plugged in. I have to pull the cord to one side for it to charge. Not sure what that's all about, but it's annoying. Had the problem with computer not charging about a year ago and fixed it by buying a new AC adapter. Now having the same problem. AC adapters should last longer than 1 year and shouldn't break for no reason. I didn't buy an Alienware to have this problem.

A:Laptop slows down when plugged in and AC adapter (not charging)

Replace the DC jack inside the system - that will likely solve the problem.

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Is this common? Have had the laptop for only 7-8 months. It started getting real flakey this past week. Charging and then stopped every so often. Yesterday it just flat out failed. I went into the bios to verify. Battery was excellent but wall adapter said unknown.

Also noticed when plugging in the adapter by itself. The little white light was not coming on. Contacted Dell. Had to do the protocol troubleshooting and they determined it was a faulty adapter over the phone. They are sending a new replacement. I also have a question.

Is it safe to leave the charger plugged in all the time? Or only plug it in when I go to charge the laptop? Btw. Getting back to the adapter. I tried different outlets and surge protectors. Same results. Not working.

But for the heck of it. I tried this morning and the adapter is working again. Crazy. Is it safe to use until Dell sends me the new one? 

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I have an XPS13 9350 and on start up am informed that the AC power adapter is not recognized and the battery is not charging. I have the latest BIOS installed and conducted a diagnostic test after start. The error code generated is ePSA : Build 4304.07 UEFI ROM.  Although this started one morning after switching the laptop on with no discernible damage to the AC adaptor or leads, I have replaced the AC adaptor but with no change in error message. Placing the cursor over the battery icon shows the battery neither charging nor reducing. Any more suggestions?

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Just replaced the battery in my XPS 1340 and found out I have charging issues. When I plug in a charger, Windows sees it but won't charge the old total depleted battery, instead, runs off ac power. Tried a different charger and a new battery with 30% charge but same results. As a last chance effort, I replaced the male prong power adapter in the computer. Now Windows doesn't see the charger and will not run on ac. 
Is there something in the Bios that needs to be done to fix this or am I to assume it's a motherboard issue and retire this little workhorse.

A:Battery not charging after power adapter replacement

Dead batteries cannot be charged. Remove the dead battery and try using just the original dell adapter that came with the laptop alone. You cannot use other models adapters or batteries. 

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Hi I have a Thinkpad E550 the laptop runs fine and the batter has no issues.Problem is when i plug in the ac adapter to charge the battery nothing happens it doesnt even show the plugged in icon..I take out the battery and plug in the AC and still nothing. A friend pluged in the AC on his laptop and it starts to charge so the AC adapter is fine.It did fall on the carpet from two feet up but didnt show signs of any issue. What is the best way to resolve this.

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Several technical forums discuss Dell's issue, "The AC adapter type cannot be determined. This will prevent optimal system performance."

All solutions I've understood include:
1-unplug adapter from wall and computer for at least 5 seconds to check the adapter and connections...and if that doesn't work
2-Install BIOS driver for computer to be sure your version is not 'out-dated'...and if that doesn't work
3-Contact customer support. The board may be the problem. You can order a replacement board or have a tech replace it for you. $$$$$$$$

I'm wondering, is it really necessary to replace the entire board when the problem could be as simple as an alignment problem with the plug on it (or even a damaged plug socket)?

Unfortunately, I do not find many solved problems. Also, because the issue is discussed so often, I wonder, "Is it a latent design flaw"?

I don't want to have to replace this battery again. It's only a year old, but it is down to 5% power and I am now tied down to an electric power cord.

I'd appreciate any constructive suggestions or feedback.

A:Dell AC Adapter and Charging issue - 2 questions

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I just bought a Dell XPS 13 9350 5 days ago
Battery cant charging.
1. I have update to latest BIOS 1.4.18
2. I make sure using the Dell Baterry comes within the same box when I bought, it's written 45W
What should I do or diagnose ?
It's a new laptop anyway.
It's very unpleasant, to buy a new laptop, with AC adapter that cannot charging

A:DELL XPS 13 9350, adapter Plugged In, Not Charging

With a system this new, if it was purchased from Dell, call and arrange a DOA exchange.  If it was purchased from a retailer, most allow 7-14 days - return it for replacement.  There is little sense troubleshooting and repairing a brand new system that's defective.

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I am having problems with the battery charging on a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop.
I bought this computer which had a charging issue. It only works on mains power the battery is not charging.
It was thought that the Charging jack board was faulty. This has now been replaced.
I am still having problems.
The mains adapter that came with the laptop was not original Dell.
I have replaced the adapter with an original Dell PA21. The end lead that plugs into the jack has a hexagonal end.
Does anyone know if this is the correct type for this model? Or should I have a round end type? Or does it make no difference?
I can only conclude that the problem lies in the adapter and/or the Dell battery that I think could be dead and may need replacing.
Thanks very much.

A:Dell inspiron 1545 charging adapter

Some systems were built with hexagonal connectors - if yours has one at the computer end, the adapter should fit it. If not, you need the round connector.
That said, if the AC adapter isn't recognized and you've already tried a new adapter and a new DC jack board, the problem is with the mainboard, not the battery.

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Hi everyone, i am having a weird issue here. The battery icon will not change to charging even though the ac adapter have been plugged in. however, the percentage for the battery remaining will increase. This means that the ac adapter is charging the battery but not sure why it is not detecting as charging. My model is L480. Thank you

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I have had my Alienware 17 for two years now. I bought it for college and being a broke college student, I really don't want to have to replace anything on this already pricy and new laptop.  Around December, it started showing the message (plugged in, not charging) above my battery icon. This concerned me, but I could just wait the problem out and eventually it would fix itself. In March, this problem happened again and I was able to uninstall/reinstall the ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery driver and it would charge again.
Well, I have this problem again and now nothing I have tried will fix it. I tried draining the power, I tried removing the battery/AC Adapter and holding in the power button for 30 seconds, but that didn't work. When it boots up, it shows a message saying that it doesn't recognize the AC Adapter. However, my PC is only running on power from an AC Adapter that apparently it doesn’t even recognize. If I even unplug my laptop, it shuts down.
Giving it time hasn’t helped, reinstalling the drivers hasn’t helped, and my BIOS is completely up to date. This is extremely frustrating because this is supposed to be a high performance laptop, and it is only two years old. I rely on this for programming, running my virtual machines upon other things while attending classes at my university. With an intense semester coming up this fall, I have to get this back in prime condition. I’m not sure where to go from here...is ... Read more

A:Alienware 17 Plugged in, not charging/AC Adapter not recognized

It's an adapter, jack or mainboard problem.
First thing to try is a new OEM Dell AC adapter.
If that doesn't solve the problem, replace the DC jack:
If that doesn't do it, the problem is with the charge circuit and the mainboard will need to be replaced.

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Recently purchased Dell XPS 13 9360(2016 model) at Dubai and using it in India. AC Power Adapter 45 W is getting over hot while charging. Is it normal or need to replace AC power adapter under warranty.

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I have a Latitude E5550  running Windows 7 which is having this problem.  It has operated just fine since Feb 2015 when I bought it, until within the last 3 weeks when I got:
"The AC adapter wattage and type cannot be determined. The battery may not charge. The system will adjust the performance to match the power available. Please connect a Dell 65W AC adapter or greater for the best system performance."
At boot time, I get
"The AC power adapter wattage and type cannot be determined. The battery may not charge. The system will adjust the performance to match the power available. Please connect a Dell 65W AC adapter or greater for the best system performance. Strike the F3 key (before F1 or F2 key) if you do not want to see this power warning message again. Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility."
The battery icon in the System tray shows "not charging" and a level of 94%.
The adapter for this laptop model does not have a status light.
NOTICE: This has happened twice. The first time I had the laptop  plugged into the AC adapter that came with it.  When it blew, I bought a new one from Dell. 
When I bought the new adapter, I swapped in each of the three sections one at a time.  I kept getting this message, until I swapped in the part that plugs into the surge protector on one end (with the ground pin) and into the adapter on the other end.  (the o... Read more

A:Latitude laptop not recognizing AC adapter, not charging

This is not a firmware problem.  A BIOS update won't fix it.
If you've already tried a new OEM Dell (not a third party) adapter to no effect, the next part to replace is the DC jack in the system:
If that doesn't solve the problem, replace the mainboard.

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Hi! Just got the new x1 yoga 4th gen this week! I used the pen first the first time, and now I can't seem to get it to charge up again. It doesn't seem to connect to the charger when it's stored away. Any tips?

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I have an Yoga 500 that idles charging, meaning that being working on AC power it will hold 15% but not charge further then that. Sometimes but not allways it will hung in between balance mode and power saving mode. The battery seams to be fine as attached test log. I have noticed that the internal power cable is somehow damaged and ordered a new one, but have been reading about faulty motherboards and wonder if this would be one of them as I just got the laptop and I don't know if the previous owner ever took it back to lenovo. I wonder if anyone had similar problems and if there is any way of sorting it out.

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Earlier today, my Yoga 3 Pro decided to stop charging.  When plugged in, the battery continues to drain as if it was not plugged in.  I have tested the A/C adapter by plugging in my phone with a micro USB and that worked fine, and the USB charging slot works when my wireless mouse is plugged into it, so I assume it must be the strange Y3P USB cable that is not working.   Would a normal USB to USB cable work for charging my laptop?  If not, how do I replace that "kink" USB cable?  I haven't seen any for sale anywhere and I'd rather not have to pay $40 for a whole new charger on the Lenovo site if the cable is the only issue.


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A:Yoga 3 Pro Not Charging

Hello and welcome,
The Y3P and its charger need that special cable.  The charger and laptop have an extra set of pins in the USB sockets that pass 20V to charge the laptop.  A standard USB cable doesn't support those extra contacts.  The charger also provides 5V on the standart USB pins.
Your test of the charger with a your phone shows that the 5V portion of the charger is working but doesn't verify the 20V portion.  It's possible that the charger is bad.
When you plug the laptop and charger together does the battery icon indicate that AC power is attached?  You could have a bad charger, a bad cable, a bad laptop connector (or other component) or the battery management software could be messed up.
Sorry I don't have an easy test or fix.  It may be necessary to actually swap the cable and charger to diagnose this one.
[edit] The Y3P is a fairly new machine.  If this is under warranty, support should be able to help you:  1-877-4-Lenovo, 1-877-453-6686

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Hello everybody!I just got my lenovo Yoga 330-11 and I was wondering if it can be charged through the usb-c port from a powerful enough powerbank. Has anyone tried it before? Is it possible? (I really hope it is) Thanks a lot in advance!

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After two years, my laptop suddenly stopped wanting to charge. When I plugg in the charger, the led light does not turn on. I have heard that the batteries on these laptop tend to die out quick, but I hope its not the case with my laptop. Has anyone had this issue or know of a way to fix it?

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