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PC booting but not displaying

Q: PC booting but not displaying

My PC seems to booting up and the fans and rgb are working but it's not displaying on the monitor when I plug it in. Does anyone know why or a possible fix?

Preferred Solution: PC booting but not displaying

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: PC booting but not displaying

Hi and welcome to TSG.

When you say 'when I plug it in' what plug are you referring to ?

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So my pc has been working for a year and out of nowhere it just stops booting up usually when it boots up I hear hardworking fans and a beep then my display turns on but now it's just silent fans and my gtx970 lights up and fans go but no boot up. It isn't my display so that's out of the question and I've done testing to see what the problem is I unplugged it held the power button for 30-seconds to a minute and the first time I did that it turned on and was fully working but I turned it off later and tried turning it back on and it doesn't work again so I redo the power drain and it doesn't work even after letting it rest. So then I try unplugging my graphics cards pci cables and plugging them back in and that worked after 3trys of doing that and turning it off it doesn't turn back on and so then I try checking my ram sticks in diffirent orders and with one out at a time so I finally get it to turn on after removing the first one and leaving the rest in so then it boots 2 times in a row and I thought I figured it out but nope it hasn't booted after that and I don't know what to do it seems it's just by chance if it turns on. (Sorry for typos it did this on my phone)

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IE 7 showing loads of red x, and contents are aligned to the left of the screen. Dont know what to do. Helpppppppppppppppppppp

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Laptop is not booting up. It is restarting again and again. Problem started in following manner.
-First while using laptop my keyboards stop functioning.
-Second When I restarted It starts normal but stopped accepting inputs from keyboard and even Window Virtual Keyboard.
-Third I tried reinstalling windows, When I tried to install it from pen-drive(bootable pendrive). It is not booting. It is restarting again and again.
Can any one help me on this?

A:Laptop is not booting. It starts booting but restarts before it gets boot properly.

First thing to do is run an extended (NOT just 10 minute) diagnostic on the hard drive.  If you need further assistance, post the results of that (numeric error codes) along with the full model information - i.e., Inspiron N5110, XPS L501x, etc.).

Press F12 a few times immediately after powering on to get into the diagnostics.

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Okay, so ive tried many ways, and Ive finally got stuck with using a VHD.
I have followed countless tutorials, and finally found one. (on this forums somewhere)
I go through all the steps, and it seems like it is working, and then when I boot my system it says this,

things I have done to try to fix this:
Updated BIOS
Enabled Virtualization in BIOS
Please help! I have been trying to get it to work for days...

A:DUAL BOOTING PROBLEMS- booting win8 with win7.

Hi Ronnie and welcome to the Forum.

Why don't you try this. It is easier and it works: VMware Player - Install Windows 8

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I just got a ASUS G75V series and updated it to windows 7 professional with Intel core i7.
I was able to work with it and everything was fine until I had to install XP because some softwares are not compatible with Win 7 x64.
I have Win 7 on drive C: and windows xp on drive E: which in windows XP environment it is shown as drive C: again(I have two HDDs, 500GB each).

So as you can predict I tried using the dual booting and followed the tutorial for that on the website, I wasn't able to get it to work exactly and each time I had to change the bios settings to boot either win 7 or win XP,

I downloaded easyBCD and was trying to get it to work but my silly mistake was I Reset BCD configuration under BCD backup/repair tab and ever since I haven't been able to load windows 7 and the laptop directly loads windows xp.

I ran easyBCD in windows xp and tried to fix the problem by adding the bootloader for windows 7 there but nothing seems to work.

I am really stuck and I can not reinstall windows 7 because it is set up with all the softwares for my work

A:Issue booting Win 7, booting directly into XP & no boot manager

It sounds like you have the OS's installed on two separate HD's, and were booting them correctly via the BIOS - setting preferred one first to boot in BIOS setup, then booting the other one using the one-time BIOS Boot menu key.

To restart Win7 unplug all other HD's, Mark the 100mb System Reserved (preferred) or Win7 Partition Active then run Startup Repair - Run 3 Separate Times.

Once Win7 starts, plug back in the XP HD and boot it using the Asus F8 one-time BIOS Boot Menu key, or install EasyBCD to Win7 to add XP on its Add OS entry tab.

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I am trying to help a friend. Her computer would hardly boot yesterday, but after 10 minutes or longer, it would load. Programs hardly run and if they do are impossibly slow to run. Windows task manager keeps popping up. It won't close. We tried to set the registry back to an earlier date, but it won't take. My guess is that is a virus. She had AVG anti-virus running now it won't run either. Any thoughts? Any reliable online site which could scan the computer?

A:XP very slow booting and barely running after finally booting

Follow the 5 Steps to Remove Spyware link in my signature below. The 5 Steps will direct you to some reputable online virus scanners as well as help you post a HijackThis log for analysis by the HijackThis analysts here at TSF.


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Hello there, occassional lurker, first time poster, hopefully someone here will be able to help

I've been setting my laptop to dual boot xp pro, and Ubuntu on a seperate partition. All was going well, until xp decided to die altogther. I don't have that error to hand, but it's gone a little further now.

Was going to install xp pro on a 3rd partition, and it started up fine. Now I can boot fine to Ubuntu, and the 2nd version of xp. However, the original xp is still having issues.

Now, when booting up, gets BSOD - bad_pool_caller. Code at the end is: 0x000000c2 (0x00000007,0x00000CD4,0x00000060,0x86F7E1FC)

Everything I've read suggests this is talking about a hardware or software conflict. However, I've not installed any new hardware. I suspect there is a software conflict between the two versions of xp, but I can't see how that can happen.

I can boot into the 1st copy of xp in safe mode, however, explorer.exe fails to start up. Tried running it in task manager to no avail.

I forgot to add - I am using GNU GBRUB to boot between the 3 operating systems.

EDIT 2: Tried it again to boot 1st xp in safe mode - new error for windows product activation - a problem is preventing windows from accurately checking the licence for this computer error code 0x800004005

A:Dual booting laptop crashes booting xp pro.

Are these installations of XP Pro on the two partitions diferent install disks with separate key codes?

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Recently I purchased a laptop with windows 8 64 bit pre-installed in it. For my job purpose, I needed windows 7 32 bit. After searching the web and also using the information I got from this site, I disabled secure boot, deleted the recovery partition and converted GPT partitions to MBR. Then I shrink the Big partition in which windows 8 was installed to make room for the windows 7 partition. Then I created a new partition and installed windows 7 on it. After this whenever I switch on the computer, a message come up, saying that a required device cannot be found and windows is to be repaired. The only way in which I can start windows is to go to bios, select the boot options and then select boot from notebook hard drive.

Can anybody please tell me how this problem can be solved

A:Booting problem with dual booting with windows 8 and 7

when you created the new partition did you make itin front or behind the existing partition?

If your boot manager is looking to boot Win 8 on Disk 0 Part 1, and you created the new partition in front of Win 8, your Win 7 will now be located on Disk 0 Part 1 which is where the boot manager is expecting Win 8

can you send us a screen cap of your disk management?

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i have lenovo g460 with windows 7 premium 64 bit, it was working fine yesterday...but when i try to use my laptop now i see a message on black screen

PXE-E61: media test failure, check cable
pxe-mof: exiting pxe rom.
no bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key

but i dont have any installation disks except repair disk which i created through windows wizard... i searched for solution over net and tried to recover ..first i booted with repair disk and found operating system as unknown on local disk startup found error but cannt repair it and through commpand prompt i tried these commands

bootrec.exe /fixmbr
bootrec.exe /fixboot
bootrec.exe /rebuildbcd

the first 2 commands worked successfully but when i run the last command it scanned and identified windows installations 1 and prompted to add it to boot list when i press y to add i got the message

the requested system device cannot be found.

pls help me to solve the issue...thanks in advance...

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I have a SONY PC (RX-580) and it is not booting on an erratic basis. The first problem was after pushing the start button, the fan starts on high speed, but no activity light and no HD light came on at all. AFter 1.5 minutes or so, I rebooted after removing the power cord for 30 seconds. This happened 8 times today. I should mention that during this time, nothing comes on screen at all. There is no opportunity to get to the CMOS settings or even to boot with a floopy. (yes this still has a floppy drive in it.) Normally, for the past several months, this problem has simply been an inconvenience and after 2 or 3 tries, the unit boots up fine and works fine all day. Today, when it failed to do this so many times, I shut it down, opened the case and proceeded to reset all cables and connections. I didn't notice any loose connections. I didn't remove ram sticks. I then rebooted and this time, I got the HD light activity for a few seconds, then the fan slowed to a normal level as like everything was going to be okay. After a few minutes, the activity light was still lit, but no flickering like something was happening.

I turned the machine off again. I should mention that each time I turned the machine off, I didn't have to hold the button in for the normal 5 seconds. It turned of immediately.

I once again, inspected and reseated cards. I did not remove RAM sticks. This time, I plugged in and booted and right away, got a 3 or 4 second solid warning tone, follow... Read more

A:Booting process is beeping, but not booting

you a buy a tester tool for $12 and also use a multimeter. I would just replace the darn PSU.

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hi there, my computer seems to have a lot of problems (i think its from the windows 10 anniversary edition nothing i can do to go back though)
UAC not displaying sometimes (the language selector in the bottom right displays and the screen darkens)
computer cannot shut down 100% chance (when i select shutdown on the start menu all it does is put the computer to sleep where all the lights are still on)
ctr alt delete freezes my computer sometimes to the point where i have to hold down the power button to force shutdown
i get a "computer settings have changed" when i launch my computer sometimes the font is bold and sometimes its not
windows 10 anniversary edition 64bit 
radeon 8670m (using 16.9.1 driver)
intel 4400 (29/06/2015 is the latest driver i could find)

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My buddy hooked up the ATI TV-Wonder VE. Install went smooth installing until hooking up to the TV. no TV.

TV Player failed to initialize video.
No TV Tuner.
Check windows device manager to insure that all drivers are properly install.

Installed all driver as instructed.

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I just got a new laptop with windows XP and cannot figure out how to display the desktop on my TV. I got an S-video cord and connected them and went to settings/display/advanced and tried to click on TV but it says not connected, so I restarted and it still didnt work. How do I get this to work?

A:Displaying on TV

its hard to say without more information.

you may just need new drivers.

some laptops and video cards, have to have the tv hooked up to the laptop as it powers up so it will detect it.

some laptops you actually have to turn on mirroring or choose the output in the bios.

most newer laptops however have a special key, usually a secondary or 3rd based key. (you have to hold FN or some other key to hit them)....you know what i'm talking about the stuff written in a different color above the keys. This key changes from normal display to mirroring. my key says LCD/TV.

all laptops are different. maybe give the book a quick scan. or give post the model # of laptop and type of video card and i will look for more information.

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Two days before my hp6730b notbook shows a masage to change to battery today when I switch on nothing displayed . What can I do right now . Plz advise.

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Hi there, I have an XPS13 and when I went to log on yesterday the box for the PIN was not displaying. It was just the wallpaper and nothing else. So I couldn't log on. Has anyone else experienced this?

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My hp 250 G3 doesn't display, only run dvd writer for few minutes and hard drive does not run then stand still.

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I'm having a problem with IE5.5 or 6.0. The machine I'm on is running Win98se, 200mghz/Pentium w/mmx. That is when I visit sites like this one or like MSN.com or Windows Update the layout is not defined by any borders (not compartmentalized) and there is no color in the background. However, when using K-Meleon browser, the page displays perfectly. Thanks so much and may God bless,
Here's a screenshot...

A:IE not displaying correctly....

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My parents have an "OLD" compac computer. None of the monitors we hook up to it will display. We know one of the monitors worked on that machine before and the other monitors work on other machines but not this one. What possibly is the problem and how can I fix it? Thanks....

A:Monitor not displaying

Not all of todays monitors are "backwards compatible". Newer monitors have "minimum" and "maximum" resolutions. If it is a really old computer, It might not meet the "minimum" resolutions for your monitor. Hope this helps.

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Please help, my computer, running XP home with sp2 all installed wont display webpages. I have tried pinging my router and reseting my ip address and this has not resolved the problem. I however can download updates for programes already installed and I use MSN messenger without a problem. Yesterday I also discovered that I can view pages with the https prefix but still wont display anything else.

A:Web pages not displaying


Originally Posted by Wizdom75

Please help, my computer, running XP home with sp2 all installed wont display webpages. I have tried pinging my router and reseting my ip address and this has not resolved the problem. I however can download updates for programes already installed and I use MSN messenger without a problem. Yesterday I also discovered that I can view pages with the https prefix but still wont display anything else.

I wonder if you found a solution to your problem and could share it with me. I am having the very same problem!

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I have a windows xp (home) SP2 system on my laptop. Lately, if you try to open the google homepage, the page opens up but the "google" banner doesnt display. Everything else on the page shows up. The same thing with a yahoo email. None of the images or attachments inside the email show up. I have tried running antispyware and I have an antivirus installed. Tried disabling both but still no use. It worked once briefly when I was updating my Microsoft antispyware to a newer version but as soon as I rebooted the system it wouldnt display again. I have noticed the same whenever I open the bank of america homepage. The bank logo or image doesnt show up, but the rest of the page is fine. I tried installing Direct X and other JRE's but it still doesnt work. Somebody please help me or else I would have to reinstall the operating system just for these images.


A:IE not displaying images

but my problem - the same one - was cured by removing Symantec's firewall.

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Hi Guys!

Recently, my laptop has stopped working without the power cable. If the power cable is removed it turns off. The battery is properly connected and Windows 7 says that there is one installed. When this first happened my battery level was at 7% (Critical). Since then, every couple of days it dropped a percent, 6%,5%,4%,3%,2%,1% and is currently at 0%. This happens no matter how long I leave it on charging. All the details of the laptop are in System Specs below.

Any Ideas?


A:Battery Displaying 0%

Quote: Originally Posted by TheGoogler

Hi Guys!

Recently, my laptop has stopped working without the power cable. If the power cable is removed it turns off. The battery is properly connected and Windows 7 says that there is one installed. When this first happened my battery level was at 7% (Critical). Since then, every couple of days it dropped a percent, 6%,5%,4%,3%,2%,1% and is currently at 0%. This happens no matter how long I leave it on charging. All the details of the laptop are in System Specs below.

Any Ideas?


Hi TheGoogler, And welcome to the forums, How old is the battery ? do you practice a charge/discharge cycle? Has the power board on the laptop died ?

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When I link to a PDF that displays in my Firefox browser, I cannot
find the path on my HDD where it has been downloaded. I assume it is in a
cache or temporary folder and have also tried the Firefox command
'about:cache' but I still cannot find the PDF I am browsing. I know I
can do a SAVE AS to download the PDF to a directory of my choice, but
I'm just curious where it is before I do that.

Thanks in advance to all those who reply.

A:where is the PDF that my browser is displaying?

and welcome to the Forum

In Firefox, click on Tools > Options and it will show you the location of the downloads . . In my case, it is in a folder named downloads in my user profile

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My computer is a hp Vectra and every time i try to open another web page it pops up blank. I have windows XP. And i have to paste whatever I want to see to my favorites just to open the page, and majority of the time it doesnt open. How do I make it stop? How can I open a page without it popping up blank?

A:displaying another web page.

1. Go to Start / Run
2. Then enter regsvr32 urlmon.dll
3. Click Ok when finished
4. If that single change does not resolve the problem, repeat the
process by running regsrv32 with the following dll files.

* Shdocvw.dll
* Msjava.dll
* Actxprxy.dll
* Oleaut32.dll
* Mshtml.dll
* Browseui.dll
* Shell32.dll (Windows XP and Windows 2000 only)


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I'm setting up a wireless network for an elderly couple, one who is now bed ridden. I'm using Linksys for a router and notebook adapter and the connections are working just fine. The bed ridden person is using a Gateway laptop running XP service pack 2 and I installed IE 7.0 for her. I can access the internet just fine but some of the picture frames on the web pages will not load. There is just white space and a small box with a red X in it in the top left hand corner. Also the back ground color for the web page which normally would be displayed as a blue background is just plain white.

I've spent several days trying to figure this out, have called both Verizon and Linksys tech support and they have no answers. They also have a desktop which displays the web pages just fine so it has to be something or a setting in the laptop.

Does anyone have any ideas. I'm missing something and can't figure out what it is.

Thanks for any suggestions that you might have,

Frustrated in Waltham

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Hello... I am running IE7 on WinXP Home.

I logged on to amazon last night to place an order, it worked fine

I tried to access the site today and it said "Internet Explorer cannot display this webpage"

That being said, when I go to ninjaproxy.com and try to access the site, it works just fine.

I am using a linksys cable modem with a wireless router. I own both, and run the network, so it shouldn't be blocked. Any ideas?

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I'm new to computer tech, and just hoped that there was someone who could assist me in my dilemma,

My dell PC harddrive is working fine but all I'm getting on my monitor is a black screen with a flashing white bar in the top left corner,
Any help would be greatly appreciated


A:Monitor not displaying

Hi Beardedscot81, and welcome to TSG.

Make causes you to be so sure your computer's hard drive is working fine?

Am I safe to assume that your computer was working OK and now you only get the black screen with a blinking cursor (white bar)?

Does anything appear on the screen before the blinking cursor when you first turn on the computer?

What activity do you observe when you first turn on the computer? Internal self-test beeps? Keyboard LEDs blink on? Do fans start spinning?

Are you able to get into the BIOS settings on power up?

What is the full model number of your computer?

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Any page that I go on, the pictures or clip art dont show up. and ads on the page just say page Cannot be displayed. help fix this plzz!!

A:Not displaying pictures

What browser are you using and did you check your internet settings?

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Hello I am currently running my RAM sticks through a Memtest86 . Right now I am testing them individually in each slot. One thing I noticed was that in Slot 1 the first test CAS read 6-6-6-20 and on Slot 3 the current test I'm running, the CAS reads 9-9-9-24 which is what Memtest86 will read if I have both sticks in at the same time.

Is this normal? I have yet to test Slots 2 and 4.

Here is the model of my RAM sticks for reference PV38G160C9K Viper (patriot memory)

A:RAM displaying different CAS in each slot?

The manual found here:
states that RAM should be installed in the DDR3_1 and DDR3_2 sockets. (page 16)
Can you check if the RAM is installed in the slots listed?

Other than that make sure that they are detected properly in the BIOS and use the XMP profile.

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Hey my DVD drive doesn't display even after I insert a disk
when i restart my pc it shows up for like a few mins and then disappears

I was able to get the name of the drive
its an Optiara DVD RW AD-5540A ATA drive

I would appreciate all the help received Thanks

A:DVD drive not displaying

by not displaying do you mean not in your "My computer" or "unable to play video"
also is it IDE or sata and please provide system specs here to help

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Here is a screen shot of my Device Manager with the Universal Serial Bus Controller section expanded.

How do I know if the USB 3.0 is working? I have two 3.0 ports on the back of my computer. When I plug in a WD My Passport 1tb USB 3.0 drive I only get a 19mb/s write speed using NovaBench to test.

A:Is my USB Controller displaying usb 3.0?

Quote: Originally Posted by shuttering focu

Here is a screen shot of my Device Manager with the Universal Serial Bus Controller section expanded.

How do I know if the USB 3.0 is working? I have two 3.0 ports on the back of my computer. When I plug in a WD My Passport 1tb USB 3.0 drive I only get a 19mb/s write speed using NovaBench to test.

I don't see the screenshot!
Same speed on usb2.0 port?

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I recently installed a dozen or so small games I had on CD onto my new Dell with Vista Home Premium 32bit and noticed today that half the shortcut icons are displaying one of the default icon pictures (the one windows associates with unknown file types usually) instead of the one for the exe's. When I browse to the exe files they aren't displaying their icons either although when I open properties for them the icons are there in the upper left. I've searched the web and could only find one solution using TweakUI but that was for XP and won't work for me. Anybody have any idea how to go about correcting this? It's not a huge deal but it's a minor annoyance.

A:Exe icons not displaying

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I have a Sapphire X1950 Pro Graphics card, and it has two DVI outputs. I want to display my computer on my monitor, and on my TV at the same time. Am i correct in thinking that all i need to do is have 1 DVI cable going to my monitor, and 1 to my Plasma TV ? If so, what do I do next in order to see the output on both, because at the moment, i have a dvi cable going to each display, but i only see my computer output on my monitor, and not on the TV ?

Please help.

A:Displaying my computer on my TV ?

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I Googled and tried checking settings (not that I've fiddled with them either before or after that), but as settings don't appear to be the issue, I still can't get images (.jpg/.bmp) to display either in older .doc files or in newly created ones.

No real changes to the system, except I did install MS's application compatability toolkit 5.6 (while trying to figure out how the heck a user gets the Windows event log to start logging internet access, so far failed at getting it to do that, what with doing much of anything towards getting Windows seemingly what it's already assumedly supposed to do is as usual, a cluster-duck or more politley put, a tail chasing exericence).

As for Word itself, my 'Office 2003 Students & Teachers Edition is acting up and sort of (I guess) oddly I'm noticing that everywhere on the system, instead of listing it as 'students & teacher's', it's listed as standard edition', plus all my Word's shortcut properties are ghosted/greyed out for their targets, plus nowhere can I find an actual ".exe" for Word, just shortcuts.

Even somewhat odder, my Word shortcut's properties start in dialog boxes are all blank, while also it's "shortcut key" boxes list "None". Maybe all that's kosher, whatever, but I have one or two real issues.

The problem is that I'm finding that MS WORD (.doc) files no longer display inserted images, eg; photos now display as thin line framed white/colorless boxing, with boxing appropriate fo... Read more

A:pics not displaying in .doc(s)

Pictures or other objects do not appear in a Word document

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Some of my images aren't displaying, but they do work perfectly in IE.
Tabbrowser Preferences
Download Manager Tweak
Customized Google
IE View

Version - 1.0.4

A:Some images not displaying

The latest version is 1.0.7. Backup your bookmarks, and see if upgrading helps.

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So my brother's just moved and after connecting his PC back up, he can't get Windows to display on his LCD VGA monitor. The Nvidia graphics card (FX5600 I think) has a composite TV output and that's working so he can see the XP desktop on his CRT TV but that's the other side of the room so tricky for him to do much using that.

I got him to boot into Safe Mode and still it only displayed on the TV. He managed to right-click the desktop and click properties and could see two monitors, with only one enabled but he was unable to change this being in Safe Mode. After rebooting it was still only on the TV and he right-clicked on the desktop and there was an Nvidia option he selected but apparently that only gave him some options for the TV settings.

The monitor works fine as the PC displays POST and the "Windows needs to check your drives" screen OK, it's just once Windows has booted he has no picture. In Safe Mode, I got him to check Device Manager and as well as the Nvidia driver there's the LogMeIn mirror driver and a Mirage driver (I think we installed that for VNC) but they've been installed for ages and it was working fine before the move.

I installed a backup XP on there for him, so he's currently trying booting to that to see if that displays on the monitor. If not, I've told him to remove the graphics card and plug into the onboard VGA. Even if that works, it won't have all his software installed and he hasn�... Read more

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I recently got a new computer w/out windows, and before I had the install for it, I decided to look around at the settings. Under something like video options, I was selecting different options and seeing if they had any difference, one of them I selected made my screen not appear when it restarted. I've tried using a different hdmi, no change. The basic video cable, no change. Not sure what to do. I'm using an ASUS M5A78l-M/US83 motherboard.

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We are a small school on a Compaq network using Server2003 and Surfcontrol web filter. We have a few HP Compaq d220 Pent4 PC's that started erroring out on web pages. Some sites show up with JAVA script on the page, some with nothing (done with errors on page), some with the error screen 'cannot display this site', some partially displayed and then just JAVA script or nothing. We have checked everything we know; updated JAVA, updated Flashplayer, even tried Mozilla Firefox. We got the same results. To our knowledge, Surfcontrol is not appearing to be the problem since the error doesn't occur on our other 20 PC's. We reloaded the operating system on one PC, and repeated all of the updates above again. Pages would display properly once, then never again -- repeating the errors above.

We are stumped and need some guidance.

A:IE6 web pages not displaying


It's been a while since I played around with SurfControl Web Filter, but I doubt it can cause some of these errors, especially repeatedly after an OS reinstall - they are pretty easy to check up if it did do though in the Control Center.

I would look towards eliminating every cause one by one for this. So far you list you've eliminated SurfControl, OS and browser, but what about the firewall?

You are most likely using a NAT firewall if I may assume?

If true, have you tried bypassing that on a single PC and seeing if everything functions correctly, even for a few minutes at most?

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I have a user that says her desktop randomly pops up while she is typing. She also says that sometimes when she walks away from her desk and comes back the desktop is displayed. She shakes the mouse to bring the last active window back each time. I changed out her keyboard thinking that there is something going on with the Windows+D Keys but the problem still occurs.

A:Desktop Keeps Displaying

Quote: Originally Posted by ajcke

I have a user that says her desktop randomly pops up while she is typing. She also says that sometimes when she walks away from her desk and comes back the desktop is displayed. She shakes the mouse to bring the last active window back each time. I changed out her keyboard thinking that there is something going on with the Windows+D Keys but the problem still occurs.

May seem stupid but are you sure she isn't moving the mouse over the bottom right hand side of the screen?

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Several weeks ago, all of the thumbnails on my laptop stopped appearing when I select THUMBNAILS. This is for all types of images (JPG/JPEG, GIF, BMP, etc.)

I use standard windows/microsoft programs to view images on the computer (i.e. no aftermarket products).

Can someone please help me out? This reall is a pain!

I am running a Dell Lattitude C640 on Windows 2000.



A:Thumbnails not displaying

Try this
right click on any one thumbnail and choose REFRESH THUMBNAIL from the drop-down list.
right click on any thumbnail and choose OPEN WITH > WINDOWS PICTURE AND FAX VIEWER

Note there are some really great free photo editing programs out there, and playing with several to see the advantages is half the fun of pictures.

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My system screen isn't displaying anything and when connected to external screen same thing happen.

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I'm having problems on seeing jpg's on websites, any websites. If I click on a link to see a pic it will take ages for it to display or even not at all. In which case I am faced with the cannot find page. When I browse websites with text they download at the usual speed. It is only today that this problem started and I'm very perplexed at why this is happening. My dial up connection speed is the same as it has been for the last couple of months 41,333bps.

does anyone have any suggestions?


A:displaying jpg's on websites

Clear out the temporary internet files.

Open Internet Explorer (I assume you use IE), click on Tools from the menubar and from Tools, click Internet Options. Then click on Delete Files button, check mark delete offline content, hit OK.

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I'm using an XP station to administrate on an NT network. I am unable to set security on the server folders because the security tab isn't showing up. Appearently, my workstation was in the wrong OU. I have that remedied but I am still unble to get the security tab. Is there a resistry entry somewhere that I need to change or remove to get back this ability?


A:security tab not displaying

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So i recently changed my theme, and attempted to change the explorerframe, but failed. NOw, i have this strange problem where neither the navigation pane or the navigtion bar show up on various occasions. this is usually when:

1.) I am uploading something to the internet such as to imgur.com or attatching something to an email
2.) When I am navigating to a file inside of a program

Here's what it looks like: http://i.imgur.com/FwWiT.png

Notice the difference between the regular explorer and the messed up one. I can't navigate backwards in the messed up one.

Here's a picture of the program i used to change it in the first place (Windows 7 theme manager):


Note: I already tried to fix it myself and managed to mess up my explorer and had to do a system restore. not pretty.

If you guys have any tips then they would be much appreciated!
Cheers, Yort

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I was formatting my pendrive and msg came windows unable to format and now my pendrive is not shown by any computer nor in disk management not in device manager wat to do its 16 gb v215b model.it is not detected by computer...pls help

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My monitor is not coming out of sleep mode. I have hard booted and reconnected all cables. When clicking on source display comes up for 5 secs stating DVI Active

I disconnected DVI and connected VGA cable. Same happens. Says its active but displays for only 5secs or so. Keyboard inputs don't activate display

Now I have both cables connected and same thing happens stating VGA and DVI Active but display goes blank after 5secs

It's an HP widescreen monitor
What is happening?

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