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PEAK single tv tuner 103906AGPK driver wanted

Q: PEAK single tv tuner 103906AGPK driver wanted

Hi there, I got 64bit win 7 pro for Christmas, only problem my tv card no longer works. I can not find 'the' or 'a' driver for the above model.

I have the original xp/vista driver disc,both XP/vista 32/64 and note that the card is still being sold. If the card is still being sold "With win 7 support" then someone may have a copy of the driver laying around.

Could you please help me out and put up a link or such?

Many thanks


Preferred Solution: PEAK single tv tuner 103906AGPK driver wanted

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: PEAK single tv tuner 103906AGPK driver wanted

Hi... have you checked in the Windows 7 Compatible Hardware Centre that it's even supported?

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Hi having problems trying to have just the one pic alone rather than several as in pic, but can't remember how I did it before !

Any help much appreciated


A:Single pic desktop wanted, not multi....?

Go to personalize by right clicking on your desktop , then go to ' desktop background ' option .
At the bottom you will see ' picture position ' option , click it and remove it from ' tile ' to any other option .
Done ..... now you have only one picture ,

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I am trying to use a TV Tuner card out of an HP m7357c Media Center PC in a different PC. It is an Asus PVR-416 tv fm tuner card. I can't find a driver anywhere. I am looking for a driver to work with Windows XP. I tryed the HP website but it only offers and update for the driver, not the driver itself. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Vendor Id: 0x14F1
Short Name: Conexant

Device ID
0x8800 Chip Number:0400 Chip Description VB Notes:Used in many different DVB capture cards. Tuner/Demod
0x8801 Chip Number:CX23880 Chip DescriptionCI Broadcast Audio/Video Decoder Notes VB WinTV 88x unused function
0x8802 Chip Number:CX2388x Chip Description:MPEG Encoder (ASUS Blackbird)

A:Need a TV Tuner Driver

The driver for the card listed for that system is listed here
under driver graphics (2).
The driver for the card you listed is here....
The update is the driver.
From the file size and the chipset,I would guess they are both similar.
This was made for media center,so I doubt there is any
software included for playback on a non media center XP.
You would need to find software to play TV with.

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I have Gemini usb 2.0 tv box, model no. USB2.OBOX
I lost my drivers cd.........

anyone please help me with this on OS Win XP or Win 7 or both.

also please suggest a good software for playback.

also, when I had driver installed earlier, I used WinPvr and sometimes VLC. VLC media player displayed the video but audio was absent. try to help me on this too.

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Could someone help me find where to directly download this AVerMedia H753 Hybrid TV Tuner driver?

A:TV tuner driver

Start here AVerMedia AVerTV Global - TV Tuners, Media Player, IPTV and Multimedia ProductsProduct , choose your product search terms, and when the product page comes up, choose the AP & Driver tab. If you have problems, post back the complete product info, and also your OS type (X86 or x64). A Guy

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hy there..i have a tv tuner leadtek tv USB II deluxe...in the device manager the tv tuner is not recognized(i have now win 7 x64)....but if i instal the tv tuner on windows 7 x32 ...it works fine... and i search on the net the driver for this product but nothing ....I mention that I have 4 gb ...and if i instal windows 7 x32...i lose 1GB ((
What should I do?? thanks

A:i need driver for a tv tuner usb for win 7 x64

Quote: Originally Posted by kobyshor

hy there..i have a tv tuner leadtek tv USB II deluxe...in the device manager the tv tuner is not recognized(i have now win 7 x64)....but if i instal the tv tuner on windows 7 x32 ...it works fine... and i search on the net the driver for this product but nothing ....I mention that I have 4 gb ...and if i instal windows 7 x32...i lose 1GB ((
What should I do?? thanks

Hi kobyshor, welcome to the forums, I too could not find a win7 64bit driver but i have found a vista 64bit driver that is digitally signed Leadtek - We make dreams a reality you may have to install this in compatibility mode

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Hello, does anyone know where i can get a free WinXP driver for a Ambient "speed demon" 56K v.90n external modem? Regards, Rob.

A:driver wanted


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can anyone please help me.i'v been looking for a driver without any luck.as i'm new 2 computers i dont realy know what i'm looking for.my computer is a gateway model ml6226b os vista.the driver i need is for a 4in1 card reader.....thanks.

A:Driver Wanted

This is the website for your notebook. The downloads section has drivers but I don't see any for the 4-in-1 memory card reader. Is it not working?

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Hi ive googled but had no luck does any know where i can get the driver for a compaq tft 1520 lcd monitor for vista home basic.

A:LCD Driver wanted

you cannot install this monitor unfortunately, it uses standard plug and play drivers, or Generic PNP, its mainly built for business that monitor so it will never be installed, samsung have monitors that you can install though, and so do dell.

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the tuner hardware is either malfunctioning or not installed. please ensure that both the tuner hardware and a valid tuner hardware driver are installed.

A:the tuner hardware is either malfunctioning or not installed. please ensure that both the tuner hardware and a valid tuner har...

System manufacturer and model? If custom-built, motherboard manufacturer and model.

You have no sound?


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hiii i have a problem with tv tuner , the screen has keep black, but the sound its ok , how i solve this problem , i think may be a codec problem but i dont find that, i need your help!!!!

A:driver for tv tuner pvr-tv7134se

Hi there
Type of Tuner -- Pinnacle / Hauppage etc.

If it's a Hauppage one then W7 will probably find the driver otherwise look on the Hauppage site.

For Pinnacle same thing.

Currently the applications both for Pinnacle and Hauppage don't work properly on W7 but for some tuner cards, usb plug ins, and express PCI cards the Windows Media Center seems to work.


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I am having this tuner card whose cd i have lost.
Above the tuner card the following are written can you tell me what model, or where i will get the driver software as well as software for recording from video camera (analog old)

TEMIC 3x7865

CONNEXANT FUSION 878A (written above IC)
pls hlp me.

A:Pinacle Tv Tuner Driver

I am not sure about it but you should look about your driver here:-

Pinnacle Systems - Product Support

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Own a Compaq 5838 - 500mhz AMD Athlon processor running under Windows 98 SE. Updates are current.
Installed ATI All-In-A-Wonder 128 Pro TV tuner card. Everthing ran fine. Then installed Windows Media Encoder 7. That installation went fine also. Had a problem keeping encoder up, but was able to adjust bandwith and power saving settings. Again everthing seemed to go fine. Left PC on for a while. When I came back monitor was blank (monitor light was yellow) but could hear audio. Had to hard boot PC. After that lost TV Tuner. Everytime I'd start to load it, get error message:

Can't load Video driver
Video Board not detected
Hardware may be improperly installed or resource may be in use by another application.

Have uninstalled ATI software and Media Encoder software and reinstalled just ATI software (numerous times) with the same result. Have emailed problem report to ATI. Am awaiting results. But would like to get your thoughts. If your wondering why I loaded Media Encoder, was trying to broadcast TVFromHome. Just in case your familiar with product. Would appreciate some input.


A:ATI TV tuner driver won't load

Welcome rovalenti,

I would start by checking to make sure you don't have any conflicting resources. Since you say you've uninstalled and re-installed, you may have more than one listed in device manager.

Start button, settings, control panel, system, device manager, and what is showing up (if any, with yellow exclamation marks or red x's). Also, post back what is showing for your video card. When you check the properties on it, what is it saying? Also, from there, can you attempt to change the driver and point it to either the cdrom that came with the card, or if you've downloaded updated drivers, then to that directory?

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im trying to find the driver for tv tuner card and i cant find it my computer is the:

it says PCI TV tuner card

anyone know?

A:driver for tv tuner card

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I decided to install Vista today, I knew I most likely couldn't get something to work on it, but that was a concern for later. Anyway, everything went fine etc. until I wanted to install my TV Tuner. Obviously (though I did try it) the drivers that were on the disc I got with it didn't work because they are for 98/ME/XP so I went to NVidia.com to get a Vista driver (it is however the DualTV driver, please don't tell me that NVTV is discontinued ). When I open it however I get the message :

The current language is not supported by the Device Driver Installation Wizard.

Contact the vendor that provided you this package.

I tried lots of things to make it work, including uninstalling all stuff that could have anything to do with the tv tuner however as the error displays, its most likely something else.

I got Vista Ultimate 64 bit (yes i downloaded the 64 bit driver too), language is Dutch and my TV Tuner is a NVidia NVTV TV Tuner.

Any help is appreciated.

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Hello !

friends , I am using a tv tuner and capture card,the brand is Adcom Its a pretty good card and the reception is quite ok.
there are some channels that look good on my tv but aren't clear at all, on my tv tuner . I agree that the television is pretty well equiped to handle poor reception but still I wonder if a solution is there to improve the reception on my tv tuner ??
My second question is that, are there any updated drivers or any general drivers for tv tuners available on the www??

and lastly I am not too pleased by the software utility for watching tv and the features are quite limited, are there any universal software's available for watching tv/capture or are we restricted to the software utility given by the manufacturer???

Awaiting your reply.........

A:Tv tuner and driver question

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Hello u fine techs, I finally got my tv tune back from my son and thought I would install it,well intalling the tuner was no problem,but I can't find a drver for it its a SBT-TVFM2005050310278
TNF-5835-Mff made by Sabrent, any help would be deeply appriciated
Thanks bennybomb
also im running xp pro and everytime I shutdown
my clock resets to 2003 I in stalled new bat.

A:can't find a tv tuner driver

I went right to there main site. SBT-TVFM TV Tuner / FM Radio PCI Card http://www.sabrent.com/drivers.php

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My modem appears to be a US ROBOTICS 56k VOICE WIN. The driver I have installed is dated 5th November 1998 (Bonfire night for us Limeys ) and is called comm.drv
I am blowed if I can find a later driver can anyone help ?

A:modem driver wanted

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Please would anyone let me know if I can obtain a FREE download for a suitable driver for my Sony DCR TRV22E camcorder that would be compatible with my Vista Home Premium OS. I contacted the Sony customer services, but they were asking about ?80 for a suitable driver (including backup - whatever that meant).

I wish to use either or both Windows Movie Maker and/or Pinnacle Studio software to download movies from my camera.

I have searched several websites without much luck so far, so any advice on the wherabouts of a suitable website would be appreciated.



A:Driver Wanted for Camcorder

This is the only thing I could find for you modelhttp://support.sony-europe.com/dime/downlo...=usbdrven_vistaClick on the + and accept the agreement and the download will start

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I have an MAC external CD writer driver that was given to me without a driver. I need to find a driver for this CD writer. Do you know where I can find one.

It is a Philips External CD Writer for the MacIntosh
Series 400

I have searched and can't seem to find the driver.


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This isn't available on the dell support pages. I have no audio driver on my xps10. All the diagnostics and utilities and installers and driver assistants etc don't work on windows 8 rt since they're not ARM app store apps. I can't speak to dell support since they don't give contact information without a n 'STN' number (which doesn't work when I type it in), or a product identifier utility which, you guessed it, doesn't work on windows 8 RT.
Would really apprecaite an email address from Dell, or even better, a website that you can download drivers from!

A:xps 10 audio driver wanted

Drivers for Windows RT are through Windows update -- under Settings, Change PC settings, run Windows update.

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Y have a USB KKL 409.1 VAG COM VW AUDI Seat OBD2 Interface Cable to see the cars electronics and faultcodes, but y cant get it installed, windows says the drivers are already instald.anyone have a idea what to do?

thanks in advance.

A:Obd-2 cable driver wanted

You may have to uninstall any reference to the driver (check Device Manager & see if it's there), then try installing but with compatability for Windows Vista.

Hope this helps

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HEY . DOWNLOAD DRIVER WANTED ... BUT NOT HELPED HP SITE. WRITES DEFINITION 98%. Check for errors and viruses and three browsers change not helped . SPASIBO!

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Need Driver for TV Tuner/Video Capture Card for Windows XP
Philips Bt 848kpf Video Decoder

0x0350 rb8701.1 0x109EBrooktree Corporation
0x0350&SUBSYS_000000 tv tuner driver 0x109EBrooktree Corporation

0x0350Chip Number:036EChip Description:rb8701.1

A:Solved: Need driver for TV Tuner Card

I found the driver I needed. Thanks for all the help or suggestions from everyone, lol.

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Hi, Ive been searching and searching for a driver for my TwinHan card and most fail to install on my Vista RC1 x64 setup.

After many weeks trying to figure out the problem, I have altered the TwinHan BDA drivers and they "actually work", the biggest problem being that it requires you to disable the "forced signed driver" in the F8 bootup menu.

As far as I know they don't actually work in Windows Media Center, but I have also found a way around that too.


is the new Beta software released by TwinHan, and it actually works with Vista !!

Here they are:
Twinhan DVB-T x64 Vista Drivers Modified.zip



A:Twinhan DVB-T 878 Digital Tuner x64 Driver

If I install these drivers on Home Premium, the Vista control panel no longer works. You see the window opening but immediately closing again. If I undo the install all's well again but then I can't watch TV.

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I'm looking everywhere for the Sony Vaio driver for the TV tuner. I have a Sony Vaio VGC-LN1M. The driver is definitely not on the Sony Vaio site, although it has for Vista, it doesn't have it for the 64-bit version of Windows 7 - which is what I'm using.

A:TV Tuner Driver for Sony Vaio

If it has a 64 bit Vista driver you can use compatibility mode to install it. Fabe Compatibility Mode

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Hello, I just upgraded my laptop, and unfortunately the drivers on the CD for the tv tuner are only available in the 32 bit version.

Does anyone know where I could find a 64 bit driver for the TV Tuner FPCRC05AP?

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My friend loaned me his crapy X300 until I get my 7800's. However, he didn't give me the driver...The only driver I could find was the CAtalyst Control Center, but that won't work for some reason..It says "This application failed to launch. Press OK to terminate the program". When I do DX Diag or CPU-Z, it says that my Radeon is an X300, but it says that it only has 1mb of video memory and does not support 3d.

A:Wanted: Radeon X300 PCI-E driver

goto Here and download the load speed driver it will have the driver base and the contro center seperated . see if that works ...

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Hi Folks,
I have a Proxim Orinoco 8470-FC Cardbus card, which has the Atheros 5212 chipset, and which doesn't have a driver for Windows 7 x64.  I've tried using Omnipeek drivers, but those aren't compatible either.  Can anyone point me to an Atheros driver
for Windows 7 x64 that might work for my card?  Thanks a ton!
Windows 7 Pro x64
Thinkpad T400 2764-CTO

A:Wanted: Atheros driver for Windows 7 x64

Found @
According to Proxim, they'll eventually support windows 7 with the 8470.

From Proxim Support:


Thank you for contacting Proxim Technical Support.

With regards to your query about the drivers to support Windows-7, I'm
sorry for the fact that as of now we do not provide any drivers for
windows 7.

(Though I'm not sure of when this would happen however),to meet the
business requirements proxim will come up with drivers to work on windows 7.

Please use the following link to check for the available drivers for the
Client card:
Answer Title: ORiNOCO 847x-FC 847x-WD 802.11b/g PC Card download and
Answer Link:

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Can someone help me where i can found that driver.... Machine is Amilo Xa 2528-001 with home premium W:Kimi

A:Optiarc AD-7590A dvd-rw driver wanted

Hello Kim67. Welcome to the Forum.

First, the drive does not need any special driver installation. CD/DVD drives all use the generic driver in Windows.
Windows 7 Compatibility for Sony NEC Optiarc AD-7590A Parallel ATA DVD Burner: Sony NEC Optiarc. Drivers, Updates, Downloads

But if you are looking to upgrade the drives FIRMWARE:
AD-7590A | Sony Optiarc

But, if the drive is not recognized by the system, or will not read or write, then you could have a faulty drive or an OS error. If you describe the symptoms you are trying to fix we may be able to give better help.

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Has any one heard of this webcam?

The problem is that after upgrading to WinXP Pro, it didn't find a suitable driver, and upon seaching the internet, XP couldn't find one...

Now its driver CD only has 95 and 98.... can I find the 2000 (or the XP) driver ?

Thank you

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I have Camedia FlashPath, which allows me to access photos from my digital camera's SmartMedia card via a floppy disk adaptor. This came with software for W95, W98 & NT and all worked well under W98, but I've switched to W2000 and it will not accept installation from any of these drivers. Anyone know if there is a W2000 version and, if so, where I can download it?

Thanks in anticipation.

A:{RESOLVED}W2000 driver wanted

Seems to be it 2KDRIVER

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Hi Guys

Hope you can help me find this missing driver in a 2 month old All in One.
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1, 64 bit (A right pain!)
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4200U CPU @ 1.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 69 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 16293 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 953339 MB, Free - 801844 MB; E: Total - 476936 MB, Free - 309272 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC., ET2321I 23 inch 10 point touch screen.
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled but Zone Alarm Pro in charge.Plus Ghostery.
I have just come through a re-build, due to me zapping the BCD boot while trying to dual boot with Win 7.
No available recovery disks so I had a local Tech Shop do the boot repair. They could not find the TV tuner driver
but they got everything else working.
ASUS are not helpful but, I know they use YUAN drivers on a lot of their gear. I found three on line and loaded them but,
no change. When I look in Device Manager, the only item with no driver is STK7700D. I assume this could be the tuner.
Search for drivers on line or in machine produces nothing.
The Arcsoft program starts up the video page but cannot detect the tuner, also the touch points are missing at the edges of the screen nor is the Arcsoft listed on the screen and it should be.
So, I am looking for STK7700D driver. I have seen some references to it but, they are behind pay walls.
Any one who can recognise if I am on the right track, I would be happy to hear... Read more

A:Missing TV tuner driver for an in built dvbt

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A:Driver For Avermedia Tvseries Tv Tuner Card


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My system is as follows:
DELL XPS-410 Desktop
2GHz Dual Core Processor

I recently bought a PlusTV HD PCI 120 video card, (Model VS-ATSC120)

The instructions say to install the drivers from the disc, and do not let
WINDOWS update find, and install them.
In Advance System Settings, I checked the box to "Never check for drivers
when I install a device"

I then try to install the driver from the disc that came with the video
card, but WINDOWS automatically locates a driver, and installs it for the
"PCI ATSC Hybrid DTV Device"
I assume that is the TV tuner, which does not work. When I connect the cable
source, no signals are found.

However, when I connect a Video Source, the PCI Hybrid Video Device works
fine. (With drivers WINDOWS installed, not from the disc, since WINDOWS won't
let me load drivers from the disc.

When I go to Device Manager, Sound and Video Game Controllers, PCI ATSC
Hybrid DTV Device, and click properties, it says "No drivers are installed
for this device".
However when I click driver, it says "Driver Version 5.8.413.0"

I've done repeated uninstalls of this device, and restarts, to no avail.
WINDOWS still locates a driver that doesn't work, even though I have the
"Never check for drivers when I install a device" check box checked.
(I even disconnected from the internet, but the "... Read more

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I need Philips SAA7130 driver for window 7. it was working fine with windows xp I have got the soft ware Cd too but it has not provided driver for windows 7

A:i need philips saa 7130 driver for tv tuner card

Hi and welcome to TSF try the link in post 8 here Philips SAA713x PCI TV card PROBLEM - Windows 7 Forums

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Hi. every one i require conexant cx23883-39 tv tuner card driver to resole the problem of found new hardware and run my card to wath tv. I would be great full.

A:conexant cx23883-39 tv tuner card driver

do you have the manufacturer of the card - see this note from the conexant site
We design the chipsets for the technology, which in turn are custom-designed for every manufacturer we do business with. Please note that Conexant does not manufacture PC-based TV tuner or video capture cards. We suggest that if you have an issue with your TV tuner or video capture card, please contact your manufacturer for information regarding drivers, installations, repairs and upgrades.Click to expand...

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help ?? a compatiable vista tv tuner driver needed. using frontec tv tuner card.

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Hi all, I have a safecom SBTC-1100 bluetooth dongle but i cannot find a driver for vista premium 32bit. Any help would be appriciated.

thanks bigfellah

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Microsoft has just released Windows 8 through our university
So i downloaded and installed it ofcourse.

But it wont install the network card drivers from win7 and ofcourse there are no drivers
for windows 8 yet..

I have allready tryed to force them on the computer by disableding the check via..

1) Run Cmd as admin.

2)type "bcdedit -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS" and press enter,(without cotes)
3)type "bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING ON" and press enter (without cotes)
But all drivers i try, even tryed switching the netword adapter itself and using new drivers,
but i ALWAYS get the same damn error

Sorry for my english but this is a translation of the error (rougly)

The hash for the file cannot be found in the catalog. The file is likely damaged or has been exposed to changes.

And the only option i have to this is CLOSE..
Any ideas how i install or force a compatable driver on a networks adapter
make is

Level one WNC-301 11g

Any help would be appriciated..


A:Help wanted : install network driver, levelone WNC-301

Have you tried installing the drivers in compatibility mode for Windows 7? The link below explains how to do this.

Compatibility Mode - Use in Windows 8

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I am having ALOT of trouble with my computer.
I upgraded from XP home edition(32 bit)to Windows 7 Ultimate(32 bit).
When it booted, everything was HUGE (taskbar,icons,webpages) and there was no
super cool aero either . It must be my graphics card, so i tried to look up which one
i have, but i keep getting "Standard VGA". I pretty sure i have an intel something,
but all the intel drivers i've downloaded have failed. PLEASE HEEEELLPPP

DELL Dimension 2400

Already tried:
Driver update, DriverMax, Driver Detector, GPU-Z, Windows update

A:WANTED: Windows 7 Graphics Card/Driver

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I have installed what canon says is a 64 bit driver suitable for win 7 but when I try to use the msoft built in scan and fax facility, I get an error message telling me I need a wia driver, whatever that is.

I have not been able to source one, so has anyone any ideas.

By the way, the canoscan program works perfectly with win 7 64 bit.


A:64 bit driver wanted for Canon 9950F scanner

Hi dogman, maybe this will help you Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) (Windows)

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Hi I'm using xp sp2.

M/b : MSI K9MM-V
CPU : AMD Athlon 64X2 dual core processor 4000+ 2.10ghz

My OS restarting when I try to install driver for tv tuner card.My tv tuner card is tech-com super-tv tuner card.

Each time I'm opening xp system asking me for tech-com super tv driver & each time i try to install driver system is restarting.

Plz give me a soln.

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every time i run windows i get two drivers with a yellow exclamination mark beside it.

Conexant does not help you at all on their website, and HP does not help at all because i have windows 7 not their 5 year old windows MCE

The two drivers i need are
Conexant 2388x MPEG Encoder (Dual-Input)
Conexant 23800 Video Capture (Blackbird NTSC Dual-Input)

each time i try to uninstall and reinstall them i get an error.

the software for this device has been blocked from starting because it is known to have problems with Windows. Contact the Hardware vendor for a new driver (Code 48)

This is weird because it worked fine on windows xp, but not windows 7 no drivers for it??? and if not how would i request them to get that driver??

Thank-you very much for the help.

A:NEEDED driver for media center m370n tv tuner

Hi ryanfrohlich

As you have a decktop change the card to one with Win7 drivers.

It better all if post once.

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Hey all, I downloaded a dvd burner driver zip file AND unzipped it to my desktop - BIG mistake! I have since decided to upgrade to a NEW multi-format dvd burner and don't need that driver (all thse files - 27 in all). I can't get all those unzipped files OFF of my desktop! cab,bin,exe,ini and even gif files will "come back" upon deletion or computer reboot! HELP!!!Dell p4 2.8 Winxp sp2

A:Unwanted/unneeded Driver Files Wanted Off Of Desktop

Hi donatello.

Firstly, check your Control Panel> Add/Remove programs to see if the items are there and can be removed. If not-

You could try this. Click on START>My Computer. If the directory tree is not showing down the left hand side of the screen, click on the Folders icon (next to the SEARCH button) and click on DESKTOP at the top. All of your Desktop items should now be showing in the right hand window. Try deleting the ones you don't want now.

Icons on your actual desktop are only shortcuts to the program (normally in C:/Program Files) so you should find them there. Deleting program files is not recommended and can cause problems, so if you do need to delete them from there, always Right Click on the Folder, choose EXPLORE and see if there is an uninstaller first.

Good luck, and let us know how you get on.


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o/s Windows 10. Update my drivers with a free trial program, but after the scan, b4 it wld update they require a fee. The scan said 16 drivers needed updating. I tried a number of so called free updates, each scan found a different number of so call "needed" updated drivers. Seems like a scam to get an annual fee. QUESTION: Is there a way to get system driver updates, "that are really needed", not just a scam to get my money into their pockets? Retired, on a limited income!!! I would be willing to pay a reasonable fee for a product that actually perform a ligitamate service, as I am computer illiterate and need all the help I can get.

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