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Export Outlook Express (XP) to Windows Essentials Live Mail (W8)

Q: Export Outlook Express (XP) to Windows Essentials Live Mail (W8)

I have a POP email account set up in Outlook Express on my old computer running XP. I have a new computer running Windows 8 and have set up Windows Essentials Live Mail with that same POP account but it obviously hasn't been able to download all of my old messages that are still in Outlook Express. How can I transfer these messages from Outlook Express to the new computer with Live Mail?

Also, How can I transfer my contacts list from Outlook Express to Live Mail without having to manually create new individual entries for each contact?

Preferred Solution: Export Outlook Express (XP) to Windows Essentials Live Mail (W8)

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Export Outlook Express (XP) to Windows Essentials Live Mail (W8)

please follow this link, it should be ok, if not then your best option is to export to outlook and then import from outlook to live mail.



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I have an Windows (Vista) notebook with outlook 2007, and now I have an new notebook with Windows 8.1. Where I want to export my mail & contact to Windows live mail, how can I import this in WLM on my other notebook?

I already have configure my mail on WLM where I can receive and send messages. I tried something with the program Mailstore 8 but my mail is now on another computer.

I also find this link: how to export mail,calendar contact in outlook to windows live mail clientWith the "Outlook Conversion Application" solution but is this possible on different computers and has WLM an import function?

A:Export mail and contacts from Outlook 2007 to Windows live mail 2012?

Don I might be way off track here mate but was the Outlook account the same email address as you have set up in WLM?

Just a thought you might try adding an account to WLM using the old address and password. I did this with my old account from my service provider then went to a Hotmail account.
Now admittedly it was still within WLM but worth a try.

What I will do is try and add my work account (Outlook) to my WLM and see if it works.

PS It added the account but I have to get the POP and STMP settings right first.

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hi guys

how would one go about exporting outlook express 6 inbox outbox etc
to windows vista mail...is it easy?

any clue

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16 June was the date MS started migrating Outlook.com accounts to the sync protocol supported by all MS messaging products.

POP3 and IMAP are still supported.

Two of my three Outlook.com accounts have been migrated. The symptom on my machine was that I could not connect to the server - sometimes, this just requires trying to connect again or entering your password in the dialog.

Expecting some transition issues, I tried the above and then visited Outlook.com.
POP was disabled

If you use POP3 in WLM, you'll need to configure POP3 support again in Outlook.com after your account has been updated.
Settings > Options > POP and IMAP

I don't have any WLM acounts that use IMAP. The only thing I see that has changed is the server address, but I don't think that is a required change right now though it might be in the future if MS consolidates all servers to one server.
Port: 993
Encryption method: SSL
The image shows my Outlook.com POP settings, you might not want to allow apps/devices to delete messages. That setting adds a layer of protection - a delete in a client moves the eMail to a special POP folder, you have to visit Outlook.com to actually delete the mail. It's sort of redundant if you configure the client to NOT delete mail on the server, but .....

Note that the server addresses have changed, the previous pop.live.com and smtp.live.com, ports and secure settings still work though.
The one interesting change is on SMTP -... Read more

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I am having trouble trying to find the best way to do this.

On one laptop I am using Outlook 2007 on Windows XP Professional and need to get the emails and contacts from here to my new laptop which is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, which uses Windows Live Mail.

What would be the best way to do this?

Thanks very much


A:How do I import/export emails from Outlook 2007 to Windows Live Mail?

Hi sophi, welcome to 7F!

Have you already tried, what did you run into?

Found this link that offers two solutions: https://social.technet.microsoft.com...ve-mail-client

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Our old XP machine harddrive has just died! This has OE6 on it... I'm now on a Win7 PC with Windows Live Mail... I am trying to find an import option to bring in all my old backed-up folders in the dbx format without any luck.

Any suggestions? I did try Thunderbird then gave up!!

A:Importing Outlook Express mail into Windows Live Mail

I did it a long time ago and cannot recall my method.

If you pound google, you will find numerous methods. If one doesn't work, move on to the next. I do recall that it is a hit and miss affair, so be prepared to experiment.

Primary advice: be sure you have multiple copies of your DBX folders and keep one copy of each folder safe and unaltered. Try the various methods you discover on a copy of the DBX folders.

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I have several categories in my contact list. I want to export one list from a category to Excel. Any way I can do this? I don't want the whole list of my contacts!

A:outlook express mail export

if not - you could export then all and then filter in excel or sort and delete all the unwanted entries

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When using the Import on Outlook Express 6, I can't find my Netscape 7.2 mail on my C drive.

Is there step by step help anywhere?


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I know just enough to mess things up so please be patient. Old computer Win XP and Outlook Express quit working. Purchased a new computer with Windows 7 and Windows Live Mail, Micro Center suggested try to remove old HD and use an USB to IDE adapter to recover letters, photos etc. Worked like a charm Tried to recover OE mail and import into WLM. Followed directions I found on the web to find the OE .dbx files on the old drive. After much searching and drilling down I found the .dbx files in local settings, application data etc.copied them to a scandisc cruzer. I opened WLM and went to the import mail, it asked where to find files and I went to browse and the drive that scandisc was in, now the problems begin. The browse window in WLM finds the drive but shows nothing on it. Check the computer for that drive and inbox, sent and all the rest are there but it will not show up in the WLM browse window. I created a new file on the scandisk and placed all the .dbx files in it now back to WLM import, the browse window finds the new file I created great next I get an error message "No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open" I could use some advice on what I'm doing wrong, thanks

A:Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail ???????

Problem solved from post by RichC and StevenD on 6-17-2010 Thank you

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Can someone help me? I need to import my address book and emails from Outlook Express Ver. 6 on an XP computer to Windows live mail on a Windows 8 computer. Nothing I try seems to work. Microsquish's Help is worse than useless. I go to the "People" APP and it wants me to type in all my contacts one at a time. How sucky is that when I have hundreds of contacts?

A:Outlook Express to Windows 8 live mail

Hello MontagueMarty,Found while Googling.Disclaimer: I have not personally tried this, so I'm not sure it will work. Import Mail and Account Settings from Outlook Express in Windows Live Mail .How to Import Your Outlook Express Address Book into Windows Live Mail .I'd be interested in hearing if you are successful.

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Is there a way to transfer OE6 emails from a Win XP computer to a new Windows 7 64 bits computer which only can use Windows Live Mail?I have not treid to do this yet as I cannot find any info after extensive searches.

A:Outlook Express 6 to Windows Live mail

Hi Sids1936, I have listed a detail steps for this job. Hope it helps.
On the computer running Windows XP, do the following:
1.       The folder that contains the Outlook Express messages is marked as a hidden folder in Windows. To view this hidden folder, click Start, and then click Control Panel. Click Appearance and Themes, and then click Folder Options. Click the View tab, and under Hidden files and folders, click Show hidden files and folders.
2.       Locate the folder named Outlook Express. In Windows XP, this folder is located here by default: C:\Documents and Settings\your user name\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{your Windows user identity number}\Microsoft\Outlook Express.
3.       Copy the Outlook Express folder and all its contents to the Documents folder on the computer running Windows 7. (You can store this copy of the Outlook Express folder in a location other than the Documents folder, as long as you remember where to find it.) For information about how to copy a folder, see Copy files to another computer.
On the computer running Windows 7, do the following:
4.       Start Windows Live Mail. Press Alt and click the File menu, and then point to Import.
5.       Click Messages. Select Microsoft Outlook Express 6, and then click Next.
6.       Click Browse, find the Outlook Express folder you copied to this computer, and then click the folder once to select it. (Do not open the folder when you sel... Read more

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I have many folders and messages in my outlook express account that I would like to import into my windows live mail account. the outlook express is on an xp machine and the windows live mail is on a 64 bit windows 7 OS. I have been attempting to solve this all day and was able to zip the outlook express folder and email it to myself but the windows 7 will not allow me to access the file ( potential harmful file) any ideas?


A:Outlook express to windows live mail

Are you sure Windows mail can deal with a zip file when importing?

Can you export from Outlook Express to your hard drive?

General advice: the export/import capabilities of mail programs are clunky and very shaky. If possible, export as few folders as you can stand to do.

If you open Windows Mail and go to its import function, is there a direct choice for OE?

I went through what you are trying last spring and don't recall how I resolved it.
I can tell you I did not like Windows Mail. I chose to go with Thunderbird and have no regrets. It can be configured to be very very similar to OE.

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I am using Windows live Mail on a Windows 8 Laptop.
I have 6 email accounts that I use regularly.

In Windows Live Mail each account has it?s own entry complete with ?Inbox?, ?Drafts?, ?Sent Items?, ?Junk? and ?Deleted items? folders.
There is also a Windows Live Mail ?Outbox?, ?Drafts?, ?Sent items?, ?Deleted items? plus Storage folders including ?Drafts?, ?Sent items? and ?Deleted items?....These storage folders appear to be redundant as nothing is ever sent to them or saved in them.
Below the storage folder there is the ?Imported? folder which includes ?Local? folders, ?Drafts?, ?Mail? etc. which were imported from my old Email Client, Outlook Express.

When I use any of my 6 email accounts, messages are dropped into there own individual ?Inbox? and ?Sent items? folder relevant to the email account being used.
This means I have to check each of the 6 separate email accounts to get my mail.

Prior to using Windows 8 I used Outlook Express which had just one ?Inbox?, ?Sent items? folder etc. which was used by all 6 of my email accounts.

Is there any way to set up Windows Live Mail like Outlook Express....with just one ?Inbox?, ?Outbox? etc. for all my email accounts.



A:Windows Live Mail v Outlook Express

Not that I know of. Windows Live Mail is the "new and improved" replacement for Outlook Express.

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I have migrated all my mail messages from outlook express to Windows Live Mail.
Everything went OK, except that WLM won't import message from before august 20, 1997.
Any ideas?

A:Old outlook express message to Windows Live Mail


Dont know what the problem but this is the correct import procedure. Is that what you are doing?
Import messages into Windows Mail from Outlook Express

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I have changed my email to Windows Live mail no problem there all works ok..Only problem is when I open Win Live Outlook box still comes up I just close it and carry on, how can I stop this box from coming up. Win Live is default.. I have same setup on my main pc no problems there.. My Laptop is running XP. thanks for any help sheba53

A:Solved: Outlook Express to Windows LIve Mail

You may have done the following but no harm in asking. Have you reset both default settings again to establish Live Mail as the default email application?

1. Default Programs
2. Set Default Programs
3. click Live Mail, OK
4. back space
5. Set Program Access and Computer Defaults
6. Custom
7. Choose Default E-mail Program
8. tick Live Mail, OK

Well, that is the extent of my knowledge, hope it is helpful.


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I have an XP computer which I want to upgrade to W7, so I have run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. Outlook Express is then no longer available but if I open Outlook Express then I get Windows Live Mail. So can I upgrade to W7 without problems and use Windows Live mail? And does anyone know a way to import that mail and the rest like contactperson to anther e-mail?

A:Outlook Express/Windows Live Mail W7 Upgrade?

A Google search turns up many items on that and how to do it.


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Hi lovely helpful people!

I fear this subject has been done to death but I can't seem to find my exact issue: Trying to import my Outlook Express inbox and outbox dbx folders that I saved onto my external hard drive from my old pc to put onto my new laptop in Windows Mail format. Not only does it not recognize any files at all in the folder I put them into when trying to copy direct from external drive it tells me it does not recognize dbx files. I understood the 2 were not compatible according to Microsoft as needs to be in some sort of Excel like document but everything I have tried wants me to pay for it. Any ideas guys?

Thanks so much for your time and effort x

A:Importing from Outlook Express 2 Windows Live Mail

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The motherboard in my old computer died, so I bought a new computer. On the old computer I was running Outlook Express under Windows XP and had established many rules and folders and distribution lists. The new computer is a Power Spec from Micro Center PSB354-1 running Windows 7. The disk from the old machine is fine and is running as an external drive on the new machine. I've copied all the files from it to the new machine.

I'm using Windows Live Mail now, but I'm unable to retrieve my old messages, address book, and rules from Outlook Express (OE). When I look on line, the instruction is to Export the files from Outlook Express, but that presumes that I can open OE. I can't do that since the old machine won't work.

What do I need to do to bring my messages, and especially my address book, into Live Mail?

A:New computer: Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail

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I had to change from OE 6 to Windows Live Mail so that I can email pictures from Windows Live Photo Gallery. Is it OK to have the two email providers running? I noticed that OE had the same emails in the Inbox as did Windows Live Mail. Were they leftovers from before I made the switch or will I always get the same emails in both providers? If it's better to have just one email provider, how can I disable OE? Will it effect WLM? Thanks.

A:Solved: Outlook Express 6 and Windows Live Mail.

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I have the same problem on both WLM and OE. Occasionally an incoming email will not open, but will give the message "Please wait while Windows configures Office 2000 Small Business". I don't have Office 2000 on the computer, though I think I did when I first got the computer, before I upgraded to Office 2007.

After that screen I then get a series of windows popping up and depending on the sequence in which I click the red crosses in the top corner of them or the cancel button it results in it either closing down the utility or letting me open the email as though nothing had happened. I haven't established a common theme in which emails it does this to and which it doesn't; it seems quite random, but there is probably a common cause I haven't found.

Can any one shed any light on what is happening here and more importantly how I can stop it happening?

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Hey everyone,
My Grandmother just got her laptop in, and she has Win7 on it now, she had XP on her older computer. She has outlook express on her old computer, and now we are trying to set up Windows Live Mail for her new computer. How do i import all the settings from one computer to another? I wanted to take all of the contacts and groups that she created in OE, and transfer them to WLM. Does anyoen know how to do this? Any info at all would be extrememly useful.

Also, does anyone know the exact process for setting up WLM for a [email protected] email address. I am struggling with this, being a first attempt for me.

Thanks everyone,

A:Setting up Windows Live Mail from XP Outlook Express

You can export from Outlook Express and Import into Windows Live mail. Just note that teh email will NOT be in your inbox. THey will be found below in a "Storage Folders" folder with many subfolders you may have to dig through to find. This should make it easy to set up the account, it has links to find mail server names depending on where you live:
Article: How to: Set Up Windows Live Mail in Windows 7

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I have purchased a new Vista 64 based PC and have now successfully moved all my files to the new machine from my old XP machine..almost. I have many email messages in OE6 on the old machine that I want to put in Windows Live Mail (WLM) on the new machine. I was able to move the contacts w/o any issues but the SENT and INBOX are presenting a problem. I copied the .dbx files from the XP - OE6 machine onto a transfer drive. I then attached it to the Vista machine and in WLM, selected FILE, IMPORT, MESSAGES, etc. Unfortunately, WLM cannot see the .dbx files. If fact, it cannot see WLM..only windows Mail. I next manually got into USERS\HOME\APPDATA\LOCAL\MICROSOFT\WLM and found the SENT and INBOX directories and copied in the OE6 SENT and INBOX .dbx files. I went though the import process again in WLM to no avail. I did notice that the WLM emails received on the new Vista PC are .eml files. So, I am at a loss as to what to do as I really need the old emails and want to clear the drive on the old machine and donate old machine to a local preschool that can really use it. I have thought of two other possible solutions to my problem but wanted to hear from you 1st. One solution would be to download WLM on the WXP computer and try to import on that OC with the hope that this would crate WLM - .eml files that could then be copied over. The other is to can the WLM and try Thunderbird as this may be a more seemless process than using WLM. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

A:Moving From Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail

Quick Temp Fix

Just create Folders (on old desktop) and put the sent or any other Outlook Express folders in your Docs...until you are able to get them into Windows Live Mail

Then donate the old machine or just keep your old drive and use a USB Hard Drive Enclosure or slave the old HDD to the new puter

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I had to update my computer from Xp home edition to Xp pro for my work so that things work properly on their server. I can't get my e-mails into the folder. I tried what you told others to do but it still doesn't work. I have my "outlook express" folder saved in the computer with all of the dbx files including the folder dbx file. When I try to import them it states " no msgs can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files opened. Please select another folder or try closing applications that may have files opened." Is there anyway for me to get these e-mails?

A:transferring my outlook express 6 to windows live mail

Hi kojonen

I have moved your post to its own thread.

Can you clarify?
You want to transfer messages from a folder containing saved .dbx files to Windows Live Mail?
Outlook Express no longer contains these messages?

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I have a Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.66GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 4 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 511 Mb
Graphics Card: RADEON 9250, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 76316 MB, Free - 47785 MB; K: Total - 305168 MB, Free - 304760 MB;
Motherboard: MICRO-STAR INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD, P4M266-8233, ,
Antivirus: AVG Anti-Virus Free, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled.

Question 1. Lately my Outlook Express e-mails have been coming through without any content. I can sometimes retrieve the message by opening 'properties', 'details' then 'message source". I believe Outlook Express isn't available any more so can't download a fresh version.
Question 2. I have downloaded Windows Live Mail (will this work on XP?) but it doesn't show any of my incoming mail.
What's my best way out of these problems ? Any suggestions appreciated.

A:Solved: Outlook Express & Windows Live Mail.

There appears to be no way to indicate withdrawal of a question without it being "solved"(presumably by a member of this web site).
My problem was solved by hiring a computer guy to come out and remove 'Outlook Express' and load Microsoft Outlook in its place, Fit more RAM and fix a couple of other problems.
Perhaps there should be another option to just marking the thread as "solved".
Regards, Roy.

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I set up this brand new pc with Windows 7 last night and so far, I'm not a big fan. I really knew my way around windows xp....this is total culture shock. Where is everything? But I digress. I tried to set up Windows Live Mail as a replacement for Outlook Express. I followed the instructions exactly. The messages appeared to transfer, but in the end all I have is a bunch of empty folders. I tried several times. Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong? Thanks

A:Can't import Outlook Express into Windows Live Mail

Here's the tutorial from MSN:

Import messages into Windows Mail from Outlook Express

More tutorials from MSN:


Keep in mind, your imported messages should be showing up under "Storage Folders"

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I've read the other threads regarding my problem, but still can't figure out what to do. I backed up my files before installing Windows 7, and have an "Outlook Express" folder. However, I can't figure out how to import the contacts I had saved in my address book in Outlook. The Outlook files are in .dbx format, so I am unable to open them.

Does anyone know how I can even access the files so I can see my contacts and copy them down? Importing them would be ideal, but I'll take whatever I can get.


A:Importing Outlook Express contacts to Windows Live Mail

Here is the results of a google search, 33 million hits:

- Google Search

I took a a brief look at the first listing. It might help you?

You might also try running a google search for "convert dbx" for an app that can convert dbx files to eml or another format.

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I've been using OE for years and have thousands of emails I need to move to my new computer. Should I use Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird? and, how do I go about getting everything moved over?

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Thanks for any help.
Hardware: Dell T3400 running Windows 7 Pro. (Windows Live Mail)
Dell GX280 running Windows XP Pro. (Outlook Express 6.0)

I need detailed instructions that I can print to move the
email/addresses/settings etc. (3 identities) from the XP puter to
the Windows 7 puter.

Hope this is placed in the correct forum.

A:migrating email from Outlook Express 6.0 to Windows live mail

In windows 7 live mail you can use the import\export method. The format is "*.iaf"
Im not sure though for xp.
So test\try to export accounts from the xp then import accounts in windows 7.

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Hi, I have many old e-mails saved in my Docs folders, some part of my joke collection and some personal etc. Since downloading Windows Live Mail I now have no choice but to have to open them all with WLM which when trying to work offline (I still have dial up) opens up the connection window to this, then when clicking no, all my other dial up connection boxes. very annoying to go through this every time, so please anybody how do I either turn off WLM from taking over these files and return them to Outlook Express 6 type files?

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Using Windows 7 and attempting to import mail from Outlook Express. The following message appears:
No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that has the required files open.
Please select another folder or try closing applications that may have files open.Click to expand...

Read-only and hidden attributes have been removed from the containing folder and its contents as well as every other folder in the path..

I have researched this and Googled up many sites that deal with the problem when this message appears, including Microsoft's official approach to this problem. None of the solutions I have found work for me and as far as I have researched, no one has ever reported a successful solution.

A:Windows Live Mail cannot import Outlook Express messages


I went back to the source machine, deleted folders.dbx, reran Outlook Express so as to recreate folders.dbx, copied the newly-created folders.dbx to the destination machine and import went smoothly except it reported it could not import some of the mails in InBox; but, that isn't a problem.

My guess is that folders.dbx got corrupted in the transfer of the Outlook Express Mail containing folder to the destination machine.

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I'm taking the plunge and buying a Windows 7 loaded machine. I know how to transfer Outlook Express folders/messages and the address book from one XP machine to another, but realize I'm going to have to do this with Windows Live Mail on the new machine. There seem to be a few good links floating around to show me how to transfer the messages and address book from OE, but I can't find any clear information on how to transfer rules, if that is at all possible.

Can anyone explain clearly, or point me to a link, that will explain how to do ALL of these functions?


A:[SOLVED] Outlook Express rules, etc. to Windows Live Mail

Hi K.

Honestly, it's a pain.

However, if you're comfortable in the registry, then here is a method;

Type REGEDIT, and click OK.
Locate and click (Highlight) the following (registry subkey) entries (Over on the left);

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Identities\{Identity Number}\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\5.0\Rules\Mail

On the Registry menu, click Export Registry File.
In the Save In box, change the location to your desktop.
In the File Name box, type mail rules.reg and then click Save.
On the Registry menu, click Exit.

You'll see the file appear on your desktop, all you'll need to do is move it to your new machine and double click it - That's the easy bit!

Don't panic if you're not comfortable poking around your PC's most intricate workings, there's a tool named ' Outlook Express Backup Genie' that sells for around ?30 if you'd prefer an all-in-wonder solution.

Best, Crit.

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How can I migrate data from Windows Live Mail 2011 to Outlook Express-6 in my old computer "Windows XP"? Please help.

A:How to migrate Windows Live mail 2011 to Outlook Express 6

you may want to think about using windows live mail on the XP machine
see here

This is supposed to ba fully functional 20day trial to backup windows live mail - so you maybe able to use that and backup onto XP
But please NOTE i have NEVER tried this program

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How can I get My outlook express emails migrated to windows live email I have a new computer and want to migrate my email and address book from outlook expresson my old computer to windows live mail on new computer

A:Outlook express file migrating to windows live mail

for your contacts:
move to the Address Book and Export the WAB to your Documents folder.

copy that file to the new system and import from WAB file.​

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Have a small problem.
When exporting mail files out from express and then copying across to another machine to import as a pst to outlook, it does not read. Can one export as a pst format or does one have to do something else?
thanks guys

A:export outlook express mail to outlook.

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I have been trying without success to export Outlook express mail from an XP computer into Windows live Mail on a brand-new Windows 7 HP computer. I have followed the directions on the Internet to copy the Outlook express mail folder onto a flash drive. The directions I followed were to go to Outlook express, click on tools, options, maintenance, store folder. Then copy store location, go to start menu, click run. Then when the Outlook express folder opens with the DBX files, I copied the entire folder to a flash drive.
I have followed the directions on the Internet to copy the Outlook express mail folder onto a flash drive. I go into Windows live Mail import and follow the prompts. It acts like it is copying the DBX folders, however when it is finished there are no e-mails in the imported folder. I have tried over and over and have no luck. I have no idea where the e-mails are or if they are actually available. What am I doing incorrectly?
Please help with more detailed instructions. Thanks.

A:Problems importing Outlook express messages into Windows live Mail

Have you seen this thread: Importing mail from Outlook to Windows Live Mail

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I was using a Windows XP desktop and Outlook Express 6 exclusively for my emails. It was set up to do automatic nightly backups of all messages by copying the following folder:

C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{GUID}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

Yesterday the hard drive on that XP machine crashed and now I'm trying to set up a new desktop that is running Windows 10 pro.
My main goal is to set up a mail program that will allow to import all of my emails from Outlook Express that also works in a similar fashion. (In other words that Metro mail app that Windows 10 has would not work!)
So I downloaded Windows Live Mail 2012 and went to File -> Import -> Messages -> Outlook Express 6 and specified a copy of the folder above.
Unfortunately when the importing process was done, first of all the inbox was empty. Eventually I was able to find it buried in a storage folder. Well, inconvenient, but OK. But then when I pulled it up, I could not recognize my messages. It seemed like a big chunk of them was missing.
Unfortunately I don't have access to the Outlook Express on a computer that crashed. Instead I had an old copy in a VM that was done back in Sept. 2015. So I did the same exporting process just to test. Here's how the inbox looks like in Outlook Express:

And here's how it looks when I import it into WLM:

As you see a bunch of messages are missing and the inbox itself looks totally different.

What am... Read more

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I have bought a new computer with Windows 7 preinstalled. Before setting it up I backed up all my outstanding emails (204 .dbx files) and email addresses (one .wab file size 176kb) from my old computer on to a memory stick. I now want to import them into Windows Live Mail. I have gone through the recommended procedure for the emails, but only some of them have come across. I have been totally unable to import the addresses. The only procedures I have found seem to relate to a different version of Live Mail because they tell me to click on things that don't appear on my screen! Can anyone help?

It occurs to me that maybe not all the messages are being imported because I haven't imported the relevant contact details. Could this be the case?

By the way I can't go back to the old computer as it has completely died, which is why I replaced it.

A:Importing email addresses from Outlook Express to Windows 7 Live mail

Peruse the links below to see if they provide you with more information.
Note the links are in a random order.

How do I transfer my contacts and emails from Outlook Express to - Microsoft Answers

Importing Outlook Express mail into Windows Live Mail

migrating email from Outlook Express 6.0 to Windows live mail

Questions about Migration from Outlook-Express 6 on my old, Windows-XP - Microsoft Answers

How do I transfer Outlook Express email and folders from an old - Microsoft Answers

Import E-Mail Contacts from Outlook Express 6 to Windows 7, Windows - Microsoft Answers

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I'm sure this has been answered but I cant seem to locate it. Bought a new computer with Windows 7. Followed other recommendations and copied all email from my old computer (outlook express) to flash drive. Opened Windows Live Mail and went to File/Import/Message - Choose Microsoft Outlook 6 as format to import email from. Choose the file on the desktop that I had created and filled with the emails from the flash drive. Selected "all folders". It then imported all the various folders and emails from the desktop folder. Got the message that my folders were imported in Outlook 6 format. Clicked finished. Now comes the weird part. When I go to Windows Live, I cant find the folders anywhere. All of the Storage Folders are empty. Any idea where they are?


A:Hard Time Moving email from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail

I THINK that there may be a tree, with little arrows on the left of the folders. I think if you click on them the tree will expand and show your folders. I did say I think, not really sure.

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clearlyclueless said:

I'm trying to transfer my Windows Live Mail e-mail contacts to Hotmail. I've converted them all to a csv file (5.65kb). When I import them to Hotmail only the names get transferred.....not the e-mail addresses. Any ideas? Thanks
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This thread was previously closed due to lack of answers, however I found a solution.

When importing a csv file into Hotmail, the email address field is expected as "E-mail Address" however in the csv file created by Windows Live Mail the email address field is "Email Address".

Note the missing hyphen. This means that the email address is not transferred over to Hotmail.

The solution is to edit the csv file using Notepad - simply add the hyphen to the top line of the csv file, save the file and import it into Hotmail.

If you have the same problem with other fields, a useful test to see what field names Hotmail expects is to export a contact from Hotmail and then inspect the csv file which is created using Notepad.

A:Export E-mail contacts from Windows Live Mail to Hotmail

Thanks for that, but tips and fixes not in reponse to any specific member should be posted here: http://forums.techguy.org/25-tech-tips-tricks/

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I'm trying to transfer my Windows Live Mail e-mail contacts to Hotmail. I've converted them all to a csv file (5.65kb). When I import them to Hotmail only the names get transferred.....not the e-mail addresses. Any ideas? Thanks

A:Export E-mail contacts from Windows Live Mail to Hotmail

Windows Live Mail is Hotmail, with a new look. So I am confused as to what you are trying to do.
It sounds like you created a whole new name for Windows Live Mail... you didn't need to do that.

If you just open Windows Live Mail and logon as the HotMail name you will see all of the contacts.

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Does anyone have a good writeup on moving Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail under Windows 8.1?

I've tried to follow half a dozen different writeups I found for this but none of them work right.

WLM is a PITA. Once installed I can't get it to have only the account I want. It always has the Inbox at the top then the account I set up down a few icons.

Maybe I should switch to Thunderbird or some other mail program?

First I want to completely remove WLM from Windows 8.1, including all account info, how is that done.
Next I want to do a new install of WLM and migrate the account, messages, favorites from OE to WLM.

Should be simple but it's not. WLM did not like the exported OE .pst file created when you export messages in OE.
Imported Accounts don't show up in WLM.

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I am using Windows Live mail in Windows 7. I want to reinstall Windows 7. Obviously I want to preserve all my contact e mail addresses. I have tried to export them to a memory stick which worked OK. Hoever, the addresses were save in Xcell form. I will not be installing Office this time because I only have version 2000, which does not run very well. How can I save in straightforward text form which is useable?

A:Windows live mail export

Hi andsome, I suggest getting a Windows Live ID by creating a Hotmail dot Com account, use it to sign in to Windows live Mail. Export your contacts in .csv format then import to new account. Now you will never lose them. If using other account/s, it/they can be added to WLM, use POP to access them if possible. You can delete the Hotmail account if you want.
P.S. I'm using WLM last release version of 2009, its far superior than the latest version. I have a copy if you want it.

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Hi New Member here posting his first question, can you help please?

I wish to transfer the messages in my WLMail on my pc to my WLMail on my laptop.

I have already set up my email accounts on my laptop so just need advice on how to get the messages across.

Thank you in advance.

A:Windows Live Mail Export/Import

Windows Mail has an "export" function and you can save the file to Desktop, transfer to USB drive or CD/DVD and then "import" that file to the other computer.

This will work for Contacts and Mail, but I've not been able to get the Message Rules to transfer over easily.

However, I DID find the registry entries where the Message Rules are stored and I transfered those over, but WM ran VERY buggy afterwards, and I would not recommend trying it.

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I am very pissed off riight now,

I backed my mother's stuff off to a thumb drive

BLUE BUTTON ( this this pc is win 7 )

export >> messages

then I went to her new pc with XP:

I clicked File > Import > Windows Live Mail Msgs

pointed it to the thumb drive

BOOM nothing I backed up showed up in WLM for XP

I had all of her emails stored up under her account and it didnt take why is that?

Where are emails suppose to be saved?


A:Windows 7 live mail export to import to XP WLM

Quote: Originally Posted by CWM880

...Where are emails suppose to be saved?...

If you exported them to the thumb drive using the export option and then import them with the import option it should work. (I admit I haven't tried moving emails from the 2011 version on Windows 7 to the 2009 version on XP.)

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I installed Windows Live Mail over an existing Windows Mail on my Vista laptop and that went fine and I was able to import the old contacts. But now I want to export those same contacts to Windows Live Mail on another (XP) laptop but I can't find a way to do it. There doesn't seem to be any way to transfer, save, or backup Windows Live Mail contacts. I was thinking I should be able to save the file then copy it over my network to the other computer but I can't find it. Anyone know how to do this?

A:Export Windows Live Mail contacts??

From the lack of responses I have to conclude that there really is no easy way to transfer Windows Live Mail address book contacts from one computer to another?? Hard to believe.....

I did find one way... convert the old addresses in from Win Mail to a vcard format. But those can only be imported one at a time. Not a good option.

There HAS to be a better way, I hope....

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Is it possible to move email messages out of Windows Live Mail and import them to a Webmail account, such as Telus.net?

A:How to export Windows Live Mail to other Webmail account

'mornin, Eljay!

Scroll down a bit more than half way till you see Set up TELUS email for your computer using Windows? Live? Mail 2012, see if that works.

This looks about the same: How to set up Telus on Windows Live Mail

Here's the search page I found them on, there may be more answers there: https://www.google.com/search?q=WLM+...utf-8&oe=utf-8

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