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Studio XPS 9100 Restart issue

Q: Studio XPS 9100 Restart issue

Hi im having a problem with my pc. When I restart it it goes through the restarting screen then the monitor goes dark and looses signal like normal but instead of starting back up it just sits there fans going but never actually starts back up. Any help would be appreciated.

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Preferred Solution: Studio XPS 9100 Restart issue

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


To keep it short, I have 12gb of ram, but windows say I have 8.

Thing who say I have 12:
My eye that see 6 stick of ram(unless there is 1.3gb ram stick)
bios say "memory installed 12gb"
the purchase proof say I bought 12gb
purchase proof also say I bought triple channel which wouldn't work with 8gb(only work with number that can be divided by 3)
Dell support center show me the description of 6 stick of RAm of 2gb each and all of them have a different serial number.

Thing who say I have 8:
bios say "memory available 8gb"
Under system tab it say "ram installed 8gb"
CCleaner also see only 8gb
Dell support center say I have 8gb
Is there any fix for this or an explanation as to why I'm missing 4gb of ram?
If you need additional information I'll gladly provide them.
Thanks for your help.

A:Studio XPS 9100 missing ram

Here's your service manual.
<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>
Follow that for re-seating the modules.
I didn't see your earlier posts. No idea.

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I'm kind of ashamed to admit that I posted about this a year ago and never acted on it for lots of reasons...but now I'm installing an SSD and decided to upgrade the RAM as well. I definitely have 9 GB (2 + 1 X 3). Knowing how things change I thought I'd best get some new guidance because RAM is not one of my areas of expertise at all. I want to max out (24 GB) unless anyone thinks that's a bad idea. I do no gaming but a lot of photo/video editing and ProTools work. More than anything I want the system to be stable (no OCing).
I used the Crucial scanner (which I used to believe one could trust) and here's what it reported:Memory Type: DDR3 PC3-12800, DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 (non-ECC)Maximum Memory: 24GBCurrently Installed Memory: 9GBTotal Memory Slots: 6Available Memory Slots:  0
But I checked speccy and here's what that said:
Slots #1, 3, 5    Type    DDR3    Size    2048 MBytes    Manufacturer    Hyundai Electronics    Max Bandwidth    PC3-10700 (667 MHz)    Part Number    HMT125U6BFR8C-H9      Serial Number    1946B7A2    Week/year    37 / 10    SPD Ext.    EPPSlots #2, 4, 6    Type    DDR3    Size    1024 MBytes    Manufacturer&n... Read more

A:studio xps 9100 RAM upgrade

Prior discussions
http://en.community.dell.com/owners-club/xps/f/3681/p/19364008/19818114.aspx  4GB OEM details
other discussions
http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/desktop/f/3514/p/19354805/19783735.aspx dual vs triple channel - our conversation 2 years ago.  chips same but not tested together - important
http://en.community.dell.com/owners-club/xps/f/3681/p/19407700/19954649.aspx our discussion on RAM and SSD for your 9100
http://en.community.dell.com/owners-club/xps/f/3681/p/19401585/19950811.aspx 4GB part number
Posted by                                    LawrenceSoCal  on  11-13-2011 4:46 PM
Just an FYI - I preferred to get OEM matching RAM, just to be safe.  But the price was too good to not try this out this weekend.  Fry's has a sale now on Corsair DDR3 12GB (3x4GB) 1333MHz Triple Channel, Corsair CMX12GX3M3A1333C9 for $69.99 - $30.00 Rebate = $39.99  (so $80 after rebates for 24GB of RAM).     http://www.frys.com/product/6482282  FRYS.com #6482282    UPC: 843591011174    Corsair XMS3 12 GB : 3 x 4 GB - DIMM 24... Read more

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Hi all.
I have a Dell Studio XPS 9100.
On the inside is a large black funnel looking thing that sits over the main processer to direct air away and is held in place with 4 screws and has springs that, I assume" "cushion" vibration from the fan.
The black plastic brackets at the base of it are broken/cracked.
I need to purchase/order a replacement for it.
Can anyone tell what that part is called, and even better come up with a part number so I can try to order it from Dell?
Thank you for any assistance.

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Hello.  I have an XPS 9100 i7 930 12GB RAM 2TB RAID Radeon 5770HD system running Win7 Home Premium I purchased back in 2010 which has been performing very well until a few months ago...  The system began freezing-up (mouse & keyboard unresponsive) in Windows with BSOD, as well as in the BIOS setup itself.  BSOD messages related to driver issues and/or new hardware, but I hadn't installed anything recently.  Nevertheless, after trying to update drivers and remove unneeded applications the issue remained.  I started from scratch and repartioned & reformatted HD, reinstalled Win7 and installed the latest drivers I could find for the ATI card and the latest Intel RST (RAID) version...  I also found a BIOS update on the Dell site for my machine and applied it.  Zero errors in Device Manager and all seemed fine at first, but now I am having serious performance issues...  Applications take forever to respond yet CPU util is <7%.  I also noticed that some of my drives are missing from boot to boot and WIndows may or may not recognize my CPU and amount of RAM... 
I have repeatedly run the online Dell diagnostics, as well as the F12 boot-up PSA tool and only once has it said I have a memory issue (all other times all tests have passed 100%).  Could I somehow have a bad motherboard and/or a bad power supply?  How does one test these?  Has anyone else seen or heard of these deteriorating symptoms and how did ... Read more

A:HELP! My Studio XPS 9100 is Deteriorating

Hi Endraq,
The best way to diagnose this is to test individual components. The PSA tool is just a quick and dirty test, but some problems may not be diagnosed properly. If the memory came up bad once, I would grab a bootable flash drive and run Memtest from that. If that comes up clean, boot from your Dell drivers and utilities disc and test the other components, especially the hard drive.
The one component that can deteriorate is the hard drive. Most other failures will be sudden.

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Hoping for some guidance here. I ran the F12 diagnostic test on the above mentioned desktop. I'm not sure, given some of the other answers on the forum, if I have a simple RAM failure, or a CPU mem issue.
Before I tear out the memory and start the testing for a bad module, I thought that if I share the errors I'm getting, someone may be able to help me focus on the exact issue.
The common error code is 2000-0123. This error code shows up in the following test areas:
March Test "A"
March Test "B"
March Test "LA"
March "Y"
Awaiting enlightenment from the forum! Cheers!

A:XPS Studio 9100 Diagnostics

Try a reseat (remove and reinstall) of the memory first - if that still produces a diagnostic error, test each module by itself in each socket until you isolate the bad module (replace it) or the bad socket (which will require a replacement mainboard).

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I purchased a brand new Dell XPS 9100 back in 2010.  I've tried to take good care of it, regular cleanings, etc.  Over the past year I noticed problems at times with pushing down on the top power button on the top front of  my computer, it would not work, but I would continue to release and try and suddenly it would power on and boot up.  About 1 month ago I noticed a slight change in the noise of my fans (have 3).  Then all of a sudden my computer shut down (I was not looking at it).  I rebooted and things worked fine for a while (but fan sound was different) and then I noticed a message come on indicating something along the line that it was overheating and shut down (I did not have time to copy the exact message down).  I tried restarting the next day when cold, but it would not.  I was not sure if my model had a kill switch, but the only power button button I saw was a small black button on the back top right corner with a green light above it.  I pushed this on and noticed that my CPU fan was not working.  I went and purchased a new fan, put it together, removed the old thermal membrane and applied a new one and then reconnected my fan to my board.  I then pushed the top power button and the power came on for about 5 seconds then went off. I pushed it again, power started up, but then stopped after approx. 2 secs.  I tried again and nothing.  I then went back to the button on the back and power came on ... Read more

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Is there a Dell SATA III configuration Motherboard that can be installed into my Mid-2010 Studio XPS 9100?
This would allow using the storage and graphics card capabilities.

DDR3 Triple channel 666.5 MHz 18 GBytesMotherboard 05DN3X Intel x58 revision 13Intel Core i7 930 @ 2.8 GHz
SATA II Icapable SSD and HDDATI Radeon R7 370 Series
Corsair CX-M 750 Watt PSU

A:Studio XPS 9100 motherboard upgrade

Dell does not validate other systems motherboards in other systems so we cannot know what non-tested motherboards may work. Dell only validated the following motherboards in the Studio XPS 9100 =5DN3XXN3F1You should be searching for, "Studio XPS 9100 motherboard upgrades".

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Last week we had a nasty storm and it looks like my PC has been zapped.  I contacted insurance and they need will eventually need a parts list to price out a replacement.  This is tough to find because I bought this rig (Studio XPS 9100) back in 2010.  I have been unable to find any clear parts or replacement pricing information on the Dell website.  Can anyone help me out?  
I would basically need the replacement price from the manufacturer (DELL) for the stock motherboard, CPU (i7-930), CPU fan and heatsink, power supply (525W), and hard drive (500gb 7200rpm).
Service Tag:  <Service tag removed>
***Everything in the machine is stock except for new RAM and an upgraded video card.  I still have receipts for those since i just upgraded them less than 6 months ago.***

Thanks to anyone who can help!


A:Replacement parts for Studio XPS 9100

Normally I would advise you to source these on eBay. I don't know whether that's an option for you, however.

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I know Dells usually don't allow for much customization or after market upgrades, but I vaguely remember one of the reasons I bought this particular model was because the description said that it allowed for that sort of thing.

So my question is can this Dell model be upgraded with say a better graphics card, power supply, etc?

The PC is 100% stock from Dell and I have made no changes what so ever to it after it shipped.

Dell Studio XPS 9100
Windos 7 64 bit
Intel Core i7 CPU; 960 @ 3.2GHz
12g RAM
AMD Radeon HD 6800 Series
I am unsure of the power supply. I want to say 400W?

Let me know if you need any more information. Thanks.

A:Dell Studio XPS 9100 Upgrade?

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Please help me find the BSOD cause on my Dell PC.

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Please help me find the BSOD cause on my Dell PC.

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obviously the ones that work with x58  / LGA1366


A:Will XEON work in Dell Studio XPS 9100 ?

Unknown by Dell since we never tested them. These are all we validated =HXGV2 Gulftown i7-990X, 3.46GHz, B1 F3VGJ GulfTown i7-980X, 3.33GHz, 12MB, B1152W9 GulfTown i7-970, 3.20GHz, 12MB, B1MNWGW Bloomfield i7-960, 3.20GHz, 8MB, D0 VRDMW Bloomfield i7-930, 2.80GHz, 8MB, D0G442M Bloomfield i7-920, 2.66GHz, 8MB, C01GKT0 Bloomfield i7-920, 2.66GHz, 8MB, D0

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I've been having ongoing stability problems with my Studio XPS 9100 Windows 764.Based on information for my system (Service Tag <ADMIN NOTE: Service tag removed as per privacy policy> ) found on the following page,
http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=2YDK7&fileId=2731099313&osCode=W764&productCode=studio-xps-9100&languageCode=EN&categoryId=BIthe BIOS (ver. A04) were updated on 3 July 2014 and it is "recommended" to update them.  I downloaded (File S9100-A04.exe) and did the checksum verification... all successful.
HOWEVER, after successfully flashing the BIOS (or so it seems), Windows System Information shows the following:
BIOS Version/Date: Dell Computer Corporation A04, 10/21/2010
Reviewing the contents of the RAR compressed files reveal that they are exactly the same as the ones I downloaded in Feb 2013, with most files dated 3/17/2010.This is confusing, conflicting with the stated information on the page, and overall disappointing.Does anyone know whether there was an actual update to the BIOS on 7/3/2014 and, if so, where the updated file can be found?Thank you,

A:Studio XPS 9100 BIOS update of 7/3/2014

Hi JF,
Did you scroll down to see this part:
Systems: Dell Studio XPS 9100Version: A04Build Date: 10/21/2010

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I flashed the BIOS to A04 some months ago and never paid much attetion to it. The flash said it was successful. But when I looked at System Properties, it gives the BIOS date as 10/21/2010; the BIOS was released 10/31/2011. Is this correct? It seems that date is older than BIOS A02.

A:Studio XPS 9100 BIOS A04 shows date of 10/21/2010

I only run a bios update to fix a specific issue. If you just went to A04 because it was newer, I wouldn't worry about the date thing. Now, if your correcting a specific issue, try reflashing A04. But understand, if the bios update fails, your motherboard is bricked.

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Dell XPS Studio 9100
Windows 7
Belkin router

All desktops and laptops in my house which are windows based are unable to connect to the internet, only the apple based ones are connecting fine. My problem is similar to the one craigs248 posted here http://forums.techguy.org/networking/972208-solved-desktop-wont-connect-internet.html. I did have mcafee for my dell but i have turned it off and yet im still unable to access the internet, furthermore all the other windows- based desktops in my household are unable to connect to the internet. what should i do?

A:Dell Studio XPS 9100 unable to connect to internet

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I would like to see if I can move my Studio XPS 9100 motherboard to a smaller form factor case, but I don't know the size of the board. Seems like it came in a full tower case. Does anybody know what the smallest case is that it will fit inside? Perhaps Micro ATX?

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Can anyone suggest where I might be able to get a new CPU fan assembly for my Dell Studio XPS 9100? My system's less than a year out of warranty, and Dell isn't able to sell me one.

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I have a Dell XPS 9100 Desktop Computer and want to upgrade my graphics card. I recently decided to get into pc gaming. I'm not familiar with graphics cards and which ones I should get. I want to upgrade to a graphics card without replacing the power supply or anything else. Would the GTX 970 work? Any suggestions?

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I recently purchased this 9100 xps studio, but needed a case.

I bought a full atx case and have everything in there, but here's my problem.
When I first start the computer, before windows loads, it goes to an error screen stating the FRONT USB CABLE NOT DETECTED.  Sometimes it loads Windows after this, sometimes I hit escape and it loads windows.
There are two usb ports on the front of the case, only one works.   None of the usb ports on the rear, the ones on the MB, work.   There is only one cable coming from the front panel to the motherboard.
Which FUSB should I plug this front cable to?  It is a black connector.
Does anyone have the pin layout for the front panel?

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Hi everyone - my Dell Studio XPS 9100 tower computer turns on and works fine except there's a flashing amber light. Today I moved it from one part of my office to another and now there's a flashing light on the power button. I've read it might've been a power supply or motherboard failure but my computer starts up and works with, seemingly, no problems. Any help is greatly appreciated.A.

A:Dell Studio XPS 9100 turns on but with flashing amber light

Hi mindofchester,
This is normally the power supply. So you're saying that it works sometimes and other times the system fails to start?

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I bought a Studio XPS 9100 in October 2010. I don't know much about hardware so pardon my lack of knowledge or my post being all over the place but I'm writing on behalf of my husband.
We did all of the driver updates since but we didn't modify the system or add anything new to it. This was an awesome gaming computer. My husband played lots of graphic-intense games on this computer and it never gave us issues. However, for a while now, each time we open a game or watch YouTube videos, parts of the screen gets pixelated. Graphics in games get distorted and stretched. Sometimes, the monitor stops functioning and recovers (the monitor is fine though, we tested it). Did a diagnostic on the graphics card (AMD Radeon HD 5900) and the test passed. However, the diagnostic shows that our CPU seems to be overheating... it has an intel Core i7 960, overheats around 62C to 75C. We cleaned the inside several times and it didn't change anything. We even had issues a few weeks ago where the computer just shut down and kept beeping and wouldn't open anymore. We waited a while, tried a few more times and it eventually opened again. Did a motherboard diagnostic and it passed. We have no clue what to look for anymore. If I did a video card stress test and it passed with flying color, does this mean our graphics card is ok? What could this possibly mean? Where could the problem possibly be? This computer cost me an arm and a leg, so I want to avoid needing to just give u... Read more

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Screen intermittently displays random colored pixels--especially photographs.  See attached.  Can someone diagnose the problem?  Thanks.

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I'm trying to repair an older Tecra 9100 Laptop that is having sound issues. I have one out of the two bulletins I need to fix it. I have TCR-0312, but I need TCR-0308 to fix the sound issue the laptop is having. I was wondering since it is a very old laptop, maybe Toshiba could release the bulletin so I could fix this vintage tech? Or maybe someone has it archived somewhere? A Google search has come up with zero results...

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So, I just bought this new laptop with 1.8ghz, a 40gb hard drive, and 1gb ram for $120. I have installed all drivers provided by toshiba including the latest bios update. According to the online PDF user manual, when the battery is charging, it's supposed to say solid amber color, but mine flickers. It flickers very rapidly when the laptop is turned off in regular intervals. When it's turned on, it flickers about 8 times a minute, also at regular intervals. On the laptop power options, the battery always says 100%, but it won't even last one second when you unplug the laptop. My question is, is it the battery or the port receplicator on the motherboard that's out? I was told by another guy that the board was bad if it did 8 long flashes and then 2 short, but it's not doing that. I don't really trust this guy though, cuz he was one of those snakey horrible people that are just out to get your money. So, is it the battery or port receplicator?

BTW, I've already called Toshiba directly and all they tell me is to send it in to get looked at. They arn't allowed to say the answer to this question over the phone.

A:Toshiba Tecra 9100 battery issue

Doesn't anyone have any ideas?

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I?ve just formatted my hdd and installed WinXP Pro.

I?ve installed all latest drivers but I?m having trouble with one; sound driver for the yamaha ac device.
I keep getting the yellow mark next to it.
So I have tried uninstalling it but when I reinstall it I get cannot start code 10.
It?s the latest driver so I don?t know what?s causing the problem.

Can anyone shed any light on the subject, thanks rob

A:Tecra 9100: Yamaha sound driver issue


The issue is known to me.
The sound driver is simply not compatible with the Win XP SP2

The Yamaha AC-XG driver uses PortCls function for checking the operatingsystem version. XP Service Pack 1, PortCls function is changed, then the Yamaha driver cannot get operatingsystem version correctly. This issue also happens Windows XP SP2.

Yamaha already provides the fixed driver. The fixed driver version is the following;
yacxg.sys with software synthesizer
yacxgc.sys without software synthesizer


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Hello all.

I'm hoping someone can assist me with a sudden Win 7 boot up issue on Dell Studio laptop.... which **coincidentally** just came off its one year warranty ONE WEEK ago.

It's actually my cousin's laptop who is attending college, and needs this up and running rather quickly.
His brother took a whack at it by trying to install an OEM copy of Win 7 64 bit, but had no luck. He also had attempted to perform the Dell Datasafe recovery, but he stated it was not working. And since it did not come with recovery discs.... nope, they did not create their own.
(note to self, remind other family members to create their win 7 recovery discs!!!!)

Then the laptop came to me. I immediately tried the same Dell datasafe recovery steps (using F8 and choosing Repair your computer), but it was so - incredibly - slow.... that after I chose Repair your computer from the F8 menu, it just went to a blank, black screen. I let it sit for almost an hour, no response.

I did some digging online then went into the BIOS, and disabled any / all devices.
Rebooted, tried F8 repair again, and this time was able to proceed. But, upon choosing next, etc.... it did not present me with the options that Dell says should be there (as described here - Restoring Your Dell Computer to Original Factory Installation with Dell DataSafe Local Backup 2.0 | Dell ).

I did not have an option named "Dell Factory Image Recovery and DataSafe options"
This is the menu I arrived at... s... Read more

A:Dell Studio, Win 7, stuck in restart loop

What was the previous operating system?
You mention that this person attempted to install an OEM copy of W7 64 bit, on top of a system that you "think" had W7 64 bit already on it.
If I am wrong in this, please tell me. If I am right, why?

There may be ways to get to the Dell reinstall routine, but generally, all will be lost. I am assuming that you do not want this.

The real situation is this, please double check that both versions are of the 64 bit nature. 32 bit, and 64 bit conversion will cause data loss.

If both are 64 bit, then I think that we can get through this, with a reinstall, and the data being saved into a windows old folder.


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I'm new to these forums and I don't really know all that much about computers.

Here are my issues. A short while after I updated my computer from Vista to 7, I would never be able to restart or turn off my computer and have it boot up right away. It would either go to a blue screen after it started "starting windows" or it would just shut off after "starting windows".

I have tried reformatting it, but it won't allow me to. Every time I try to boot from disk...it usually goes to a blue screen again or it just keeps recycling start up. I can't access safe mode either.

I'm still able to boot up my computer (as long as I wait a good 10 - 15 mintues) but this is just too frustrating and annoying).

Does anyone have any ideas or help?



A:HELP! My Dell studio 1555 will never restart on first try...unless I wait 10-15 min

Please provide this information for us: http://www.techsupportforum.com/foru...ta-452654.html

While waiting for a reply, try these free diagnostics:


I suggest starting all troubleshooting with the following diagnostic tests. They'll save you a lot of time and heartache if there is a hardware failure, and you'll have the disks on hand in case you need them in the future:


H/W Diagnostics:
Please start by running these bootable hardware diagnostics:
Memory Diagnostics (read the details at the link)
HD Diagnostic (read the details at the link) - Test ALL of the hard drives.
If you find hardware issues, here's a link to the hardware forums: Hardware Support - Tech Support Forum

Also, please run one of these free, independent online malware scans to ensure that your current protection hasn't been compromised: Free Online AntiMalware Resources (read the details at the link)
There are also free, bootable antivirus disks at this link: Free Online AntiMalware Resources
If you find malware, here's a link on how to post in the Security Center: NEW INSTRUCTIONS - Read This Before Posting For Malware Removal Help - Tech Support Forum

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Recently purchased Dell Studio 1558 with Windows 7 Professional has issues with randomly restarting (no warning/blue screen) and fairly frequent BSODs. Between 1-4 times a day, Laptop is not in motion when errors happen.BlueScreenView:
Dump File : 110210-25630-01.dmp
Crash Time : 11/2/2010 1:27:44 PM
Bug Check Code : 0x000000fe
Parameter 1 : 00000000`00000005
Parameter 2 : fffffa80`088301a0
Parameter 3 : 00000000`80863b34
Parameter 4 : fffffa80`0964bb20
Caused By Driver : USBPORT.SYS
Caused By Address : USBPORT.SYS+2de4e
File Description :
Product Name :
Company :
File Version :
Processor : x64
Computer Name :
Full Path : C:\Windows\Minidump\110210-25630-01.dmp
Processors Count : 8
Major Version : 15
Minor Version : 7600

Dump File : 102910-38189-01.dmp
Crash Time : 10/29/2010 11:31:26 AM
Bug Check Code : 0x000000fe
Parameter 1 : 00000000`00000005
Parameter 2 : fffffa80`0882d1a0
Parameter 3 : 00000000`80863b34
Parameter 4 : fffffa80`09270c50
Caused By Driver : USBPORT.SYS
Caused By Address : USBPORT.SYS+2de4e
File Description :
Product Name :
Company :
File Version :
Proc... Read more

A:Dell Studio 1558 Windows 7 Random Restart

Refer to this site to see if it offers any help. Your bug-check code indicates a faulty USB Device or Driver.

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Hey, I recently put together a PC and I've been having problems with it since. When I initially built it, the specs were:

i7 920 2.67GHz
Asus p6t Motherboard
8gb RAM
500gb Sata II HD
ATI Radeon HD 3870x2 (the card with with 2 GPU's)
500W unbranded PSU
1 added 120m coolermaster fan

Shortly after I started using my PC there was a power surge that knocked the power supply out. I recently got a new power supply. A 650W Silverstone PSU that I thought was more than enough for this. The problem that would occur now is that the computer would restart during games and sometimes while processing/rendering videos in adobe premiere.

When I would enable the 'crossfire' option on my card (to enable both GPU's to work) the computer would no longer just 'restart' the entire screen would hang or the colours would go out of sync shortly after which I'd have to restart the computer. This having happened I assumed the problem was with the graphics card, not the new 650W silverstone I got. I upgraded to a newer card; Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX460 768mb. The specs are now as follows:

i7 920 2.67GHz
Asus p6t Motherboard
8gb RAM
500gb Sata II HD
Asus Nvidia Geforce GTX460 768mb
650W silverstone PSU
1 added 120m coolermaster fan

After upgrading, games like modern warfare 2 will restart in missions that has a lot of smoke, during a standard windows assessment process the computer will also restart.

There is no overheating issue, the te... Read more

A:PC restart during graphic-intensive tasks. PSU issue? GPU issue? Mobo issue?

You've got Asus motherboard, hence the first thing I'll look at considering the issues you are having, is at RAM settings/voltage in the board's BIOS, these should be exactly the same as on RAM packaging, but even that doesn't guarantee that it may not be the issue, so basically you'll need to fiddle around a bit with settings/voltage in case default specs doesn't work.

You may also consider stress testing your graphic card using OCCT (including vRam). Regards

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Hi. This concerns my friends desktop computer. I wanted to run this situation past the forum and get some feedback. The computer is a Dell XPS Studio 435 MT running Windows Vista. I noticed that the power supply light was flickering/blinking fast and the amber light on the mother board was also flickering. No light was present at all on the power button. After leaving it plugged in for a while I pressed the power button and it booted up. I also noticed that the green colored power supply light and the mother board light were now a solid color and NOT flickering. What does this situation indicate? A new battery is needed for the mother board? Please let me know what you think. Thank you!

A:XPS Studio 435 MT start up issue

Sounds more like a failing power supply.
But the battery is cheap (~$2) so you could replace it, just to rule it out as causing the problem. It's a CR2032 3-volt lithium ion battery.

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I have this laptop with highend config. However, now it shutdown while booting up. It is out of warranty. What can I try on my own. How's can I get official Dell engineer support?

A:Studio 1558 Power Issue

Thank you for writing to Dell Community Forum.
Please try the steps in the below link: 
Please private message us the service tag of the system along with your email id.
To private message: Click on my DELL-username and send the private message.
(Note: please don't mention the service tag or email id on the public forum as it contains your personal information).

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Could you help me to solve the problem with the dell studio 1749(Service Tag: C6921M1 | Express Service Code: 26499397033). In the manual it says that you can install memory 2x4Gb ddr3 1333(currently installed 2x2Gb ddr3 1333). But cpu onboard(i5-430M) supports only ddr3 1066, so how its can work with currently installed 2x2Gb ddr3 1333? So I installed 1x4gb ddr 1333(KVR13S9S8/4) and I see it in the BIOS but OS doesn't boot. SO! Does dell studio 1749 support 4gb ddr 1333 or not? Thank you.

A:Dell studio 1749 RAM issue

The RAM will downclock to 1066 MHz.  Only with an i7 will it run at 1333.

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I'm having a boot issue with my Dell Studio 15. It just hangs at the XP splash screen and the load bar continually scrolls. I was previously able to boot in Safe Mode, but when I tried running MBAM it froze up. I had not noticed any signs of Malware prior to the boot issue. Running the scan was just my initial response. But now when I attempt to boot in Safe Mode it just freezes altogether. Trying to figure out if the OS is corrupted or if there's something wrong with my HD. Unfortunately I have not been able to find my copy of XP to attempt to run recovery. Appreciate any help to trouble shoot issue and hopefully fix it.

A:Dell Studio 15 XP Boot Issue

In this situation you can try to do a system restore offline. Hopefully you have System Restore enabled and a Restore Point close to the current date.
Go here and follow the steps to creart a ERD disk. Boot the CD and do a System Restore. It will do a partial system restore and hopefully let you boot up.

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I have a problem upgrading a Studio 1558 laptop with i3 350m processor to an i5 430m which was working perfectly fine on another Studio 1558. When I switch the processors I get two beeps (which should indicate a ram problem but the ram is the same). Any ideas why this is happening?
Thank you for your time!

A:Studio 1558 CPU upgrade issue

Two beeps means no memory is being recognized.  Have you tried reinstalling the memory module(s)?  If the problem doesn't occur with the i3 but does with the i5, you've likely a bad memory controller - which is part of the CPU.  

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Annoying issue with the touchpad. Press and hold any key and at the same time, try moving the mouse. Not working. You need to let go of the pressed key in order for it to work. Since I am trying to do this all the time in my music program, and still not been able to use my muscle memory, I think it is annoyning. Propably just a driver issue. Any input someone? Using driver: http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=8934841&swItemId=ob_165565_1&swEnvOid=419...  ThanksMarcus

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For some reason, when I try to install Visual Studio 6.0, I encounter an error that states that "acmboot.exe is damaged". Is there a way to fix this problem, or do I need to get my install disc for this program replaced?

Thank you.

A:Issue with installing Visual Studio 6.0

Found this solution elsewhere for you:1. make a copy of your installation cd in your hard drive2. make a copy of the setup/VS98ENT.STF and name it acmsetup.STF3. copy entire content of setup/ to previous folder (the one that has acmboot.exe file)4. modify acmsetup.stf with acost.exe as you require and save it.5. run acmsetup.exe instead of setup (the one that's on the same path as acmboot.exe)6. voala, that's it, your visual studio 6.0 will be installed.

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Hey everyone,

So I run a Dell studio 1558. About a month ago I got a virus which corrupted my computer pretty bad, which eventually turned into the computer to stop booting up the operating system. I tried making a repair disc on another computer, but that made matters worse as well as that the recovery partition is corrupt/not working! Meaning I can't find the option to revert to factory settings. Then I called Dell to send me recovery disks (which when I received was a windows reinstallation cd and a drivers cd), and I tried doing that, but they didn't give me any instructions at all and refuse to help me without paying them $120 or some absurd amount since I am out of warranty.

So now I'm stuck in a serious issue I don't know how to fix. I tried using the reinstallation CD that Dell sent to wipe the main drive completely, but it gives me some weird option to load from one of two Windows 7 operating systems. It also shows me this weird BIOS utility screen every time I log on, which hasn't shown before when my computer was functioning properly. (I have included pictures to show what I'm talking about)

I really need some help here. I'm not sure what to do at all in this case! If anyone can tell me how I can fix my recovery partition or make it so my computer functions properly again, I would be very grateful


A:OS issue with Dell Studio 1558

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I have a major graphics problem that shows up everywhere. (navigation windows, games, starcraft 2, internet browsers, and even just on my desktop background and toolbar). It seems to get worse when I am running things such as starcraft 2 that require a lot of graphics power. But sometimes I'll just come to my computer and wake it up, and there my whole desktop will be covered in lines and blockyness! I hate it! any ideas appreciated. attached are some screen shots of the issue. Notice the lines and blocks in the top bar of windows and through the pages on icons and button.

note: I have made sure that all my drivers are updated through the dell website. That was my first attempt to fix it. I also ran a diagnostics on the start-up just to see if that would fid something, and everything passed fine.

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So I purchased this last night from best buy...Trusting the Dell brand name..decent price...got home got my network set up...got online....and it did some windows updates...i installed firefox and when i went to restart the dreaded blue screen came up...i didnt get a chance to write it down..but then it proceeded to try and fix...and did a restore instead....I mean i literally had it all of 4 hours....and got this message twice....I dont know what to do?? Is it just my turn to draw the bad luck card?? Should i demand a new one?? or just get my money back and purchase through dell for the s upport??

oh yeah its home editition sp1!! Dell Studio Laptop with Intel® Core&#8482;2 Duo Processor T6400..Model: S15-158B

A:Solved: Dell Studio Vista 64 bit issue

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I have just received Dell Studio 1735 laptop, with glossy LCD 1440x900, opened the box and powered it.

The problem it it has thin vertical black lines/stripes (hundreds of them) on the complete screen.

They show up in Windows, in Bios, everywhere (e.g. in Bios running diagnostics, they show up against the gray progress bars)... in Windows they show up against any light color (white, yellow, gray, etc.).
It's hard to explain what it is so I have attached camera shots. They are not super-top resolution shots but you can get an idea of what I am looking at. It's quite annoying to see the screen like that... the lines/stripes are all over, at regular intervals... like every one or two pixels apart. Is this normal? I haven't seen anything like that on any LCD monitor or panel....

Is it bad LCD screen? Or some other (simpler) issue?

P.S. I have connected a regular LCD monitor (matte) to the laptop and the picture on that external monitor is OK, no lines/stripes.

Also, the diagnostics (w/ F12 at boot) has been run with no problems encountered.

Here are some shots:


A:Dell Studio 1735 Out-of-the-box LCD issue (100's of lines)

LCD panel driver fault, send it back under warranty

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Hi, I have a problem with my Dell studio 1555 that I cannot find a answer for. So I had to take my computer apart and replace the Fan connected to the motherboard because my old fan stopped working. I put the computer back together again and all I get is a blank Grey Screen. The Back-light is working. I get no picture even when start up and you usually get the Dell Sign. I can connect to a external Monitor and I get picture on that monitor perfectly. So I figure theirs no on board video chip-set problem. I took it to a computer specialist and he told me that the cable might be bad connecting the lcd to the motherboard. So I bought a new cord and it still gives me the same problem.

Other Notes
Computer Specialist said that replacing the inverter board might do the trick. But the inverter board is just for the backlight right? Would that do anything?
When I was trying to fix the problem myself I actually got the screen to work and come up, however my computer was not put back together right, so I had to disconnect and reconnect and haven't gotten it to work ever since.
I am sure that all cords are plugged in firmly.
A week before I replaced the fan I had to buy a new back cover and frame for my LCD because a hinge was broken and monitor started to come undone. But after replacement my LCD was working fine.
Also upgraded to Windows 7 64bit recently but worked after upgrade.
What could it be!!
Please help!

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Hello, I have been trying to install visual studio 2015 so I can install the core tools.

Every time I install Visual Studio 2015 I get errors with packages not installing and these subsequently prevent me from installing the core tools. I get errors for the following packages

Connected services (4 packages)


I get these errors in both the community and professional versions. The install log shows the following errors for each of the packages shown below

[18C4:2618][2017-02-07T13:17:37]e000: Error 0x800b0003: Failed authenticode verification of payload: C:\ProgramData\Package

[18C4:2618][2017-02-07T13:17:37]e000: Error 0x800b0003: Failed to verify signature of payload: nugetvs

Any ideas why this verification would fail?

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Hi Friends

We have issue in visual studio 2008 professional. The issue is some times automatically restarted visual studio (or) automatically closed, in windows 7 environment. We are using Dot Net Framework 4. Dot Net Framework 4 can support visual studio 2008 professional. I got some information from online search about this issue, the result is Dot Net Framework cannot support visual studio 2008, it can support up to Dot Net Framework 3.5. I need solution. For this issues. Visual Studio 2008 Professional can support Dot Net Framework 4.0 (or) Not Support.

A:Visual Studio 2008 issue in windows 7

It doesn't look like it, .Net Framework 4 with Visual Studio 2008 and use it in vs 2008
Looks like you need 2010. Bastards!

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When attempting to install Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise on an HP Vectra VLi8 running Windows 2000 Professional I received the following error:

"Failed to register C:\Program Files\Common Files\designer\MSADDNDR.DLL"

Any idea what's going on here and how I can resolve it so I can install the program successfully? Thanks in advance for any help!

A:Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Installation Issue

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I recently got a Dell Studio 1555 laptop and installed Windows 7 on it.
The Aero theme background really becomes funky and full of lines as seen in the attached images. Sometimes application window displays also get messed up as in the attached Paint window.

I installed the latest Driver for the Video from Dell site but that doesnt seem to solve the issue.

Following is the configuration of my laptop:
Intel? Pentium? Dual Core T4200 (2.0GHz/800Mhz FSB/1MB cache)
3GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 at 800MHz
15.6? Full High Definition (1080p) High Brightness LED Display with TrueLife? and Camera
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD

Can you please help?

A:Aero Theme issue on Dell Studio 1555

Hi, welcome to the forums.

You may want to try the troublshooter, type 'troubleshoot' into the start menu & click 'Troubleshooting'. There's a section for 'Appearance and Personalization', if you click that you should have 2 options Aero
Display Quality
If you click both of those (1 at a time ) what information are you given?

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