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Resolving Hostnames

Q: Resolving Hostnames

Hi i'm having a strange issue with one of my users.

We run a logon script to map network drives to a users machine during logon using the following schemea \\hostname\share$

However for this one particular user onehostname cannot be resolved.
All shares on another hostname are mapped successfully.
And when mapping via IP ALL shares are mapped successfully.

I'm successesfully able to Ping the hostname and I've tried flushing the DNS cache and restarting the machine but the problem persists.

No other users or machines are reporting the issue.

If you can offer any help or advice I'd be greatful

Preferred Solution: Resolving Hostnames

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Resolving Hostnames

Add the necessary permission for the user account who has the problem in the server for the share folder \\hostname\share$

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Windows 7 alone not resolving my local DNS when am using as a alternate dns  whereas ubuntu window 10 is resolving 

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I have forgotten how to find a host name by pinging an IP e.g. If I ping it will tell me what the machine name is.

Thanks a lot,

A:Ping's and Hostnames

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This issue has happened every now and then on the wifi only for some weird reason and in the past couple of months and now it's starting to happen on my wired network. I cannot go to any websites such as google.com unless I use their IP directly. This means some things like Skype and TOR (only method I have of posting this at the moment) still work. I've tried everything from static to DHCP LAN IPs, router/ISP/opendns/google's DNS servers, and nothing seems to fix the issue. This affects all wireless and now wired devices including android, windows, and lubuntu. Chrome gives the error message "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG". What on Earth is wrong here? Is it the router? Modem? Is it my ISPs fault? Does anyone have any clue?

A:Cannot access any hostnames, only IPs

Not a Chrome fan.. Drop to DOS and type in nslookup and see what the output is. Here's an example:

C:\Documents and Settings\MikeyB>nslookup
Default Server: google-public-dns-b.google.com

In the above you can see from my computer here, I have google's dns resolver manually configured in my ipv4 properties. You have said that you have tried putting in a static DNS address and it did'nt work. I'd check inside your router for the info that your ISP might have xmitted to you.

Also, flush out your DNS cache

ipconfig /flushdns

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My current setup is this.

PC A = Domain controller. 2 nics (bridged) and adsl connected via usb.
PC B = 1 nic
PC C = 1 nic

PC A has a ip of
PC B has a ip of - DHCP
PC C has a ip of - DHCP

PC A is the domain controller and also serves as a DNS and DHCP server running win2k3. PC B and C are running winxp.

I have a few problems which ive just noticed.

Firstly, PC C always joins the domain with the first charchter of the hostname being capitalised...why?

Secondly, all machies can ping each other, but if i ping PC A from PC B, and then try pinging PC B form PC A it suddenyl stops communicating (cannot find the host - times out).

Thirdly, if i ping PC C from PC B it pings fine, but does not display the FQDN only the netbios name.

I have tried to re-register the DNS server as well as checking firewall rules etc. One thing i have realised is that i have not entered the domain name as the primary DNS suffix on the client pc's. I am currently at work and will do this when i have the chance. But apart from this what else could be the problem?

Thankyou for your help,

A:Ping and hostnames issue

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I have a computer with LAN IP OF XXX.XXX.5.190 and I am hosting 3 VM's with IP's of XXX.XXX.5.192, XXX.XXX.5.194, XXX.XXX.5.196
In my router config port forwarding I have set ports 21, 80, and 81 forwarded to XXX.XXX.5.192 and I setup hostname of HugeDomains.com - YourSiteGoesHere.com is for sale (Your Site Goes Here) so that RDC to this site will direct you to the desktop of XXX.XXX.5.192
Now question at hand is, can I set-up a seperate hostname to direct to one of the other VM's that is set-up on the host LAN IP? For example, set-up www.forwardtoVM2.com direct to XXX.XXX.5.196?

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My OS: Windows 7 professional 64bit

Developing Drupal 6 sites locally using XAMPP 1.7.1.

I discovered localhost ( is accessible either by typing: "http://localhost" or "http://kat.ph" (?).

Where "http://kat.ph" comes from?

I opened my "hosts" file on Windows and it is not listed there. I checked "httpd-vhosts.conf" out (\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-vhosts.conf), but it is not there either.

I had this problem before restoring completely my system through recovery discs.

After restoring completely my Windows operating system, the issue is still there.

I have made a computer scan using the Windows Malware Removal Tool, Eset Nod32 AV 5 (installed on my machine) and even Eset Nod32 online scanner. Result: no threats found.

It seems like two default hostnames have been assigned to

How can I get rid of "http://kat.ph" pointing to

I want only "http://localhost" to be mapped to


A:2 hostnames assigned to by default

I found out what happened (unbelievable).

This is the proof Western democracies are slowly
falling into China-like dictatorships while people
keep on sleeping.


I connected another PC to the Internet and...
guess what? The same problem arose.

To cut a long story, my ISP (Telecom Italia) has
blocked some sites, they are not accessible at all.

If you connect to those sites while a local server
is NOT running, you are presented with a "Page not found"

But, if a local server like Apache is running on your machine
and you try to connect to a given censored site, you are
redirected to (localhost).

I have had the confirm of this by trying to connect to
a different censored site (kickasstorrents.com) while Apache
was running. Same behaviour as kat.ph (that is, I am redirected
to (localhost).

No virus, no bug, nothing like that. It's simple, old-fashioned,
tyrannical, iilegal, China-style CENSORSHIP.


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I have list of IP address how to know hostnames (NSLOOKUP) or ping -a ip address for bulk of IP address 

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I'm using a wirless labtop but I'm having an issue where I cannot ping any hostname on the network.
From labtop:
ping hostname of a computer on NW << errmsg 'Ping request could not find host.'
ping IP of a computer on NW and it works.
When I ping local hostname or local IP I get a, 'request timed out'

From another machine on the network:
When I ping the labtop's hostname I get, "Ping Request could not find host..."
When I ping the labtop's IP address I get, "Request timed out."

I also did an IPCONFIG /ALL and pinged the default gateway IP, DNS and DHCP servers and all worked.

Is there any way to configure something here so that the wirless labtop can communicate with the rest of the network?

Windows XP Pro
Compaq Presario Notebook PC


A:Cannot ping local or remote hostnames

this is called Ping By Name, the other form is Ping By IPaddress.

You should always be able to is Ping By IPaddress and if not, then there's a problem
with the TCP settings.

Ping By Name requires some service to translate Name=>Address.
At home, the simplest means is to add the names into the host file.
The file is located at
You may need to login as an admin id AND to reset the read-only attribute to
be able to save the file.

Use Notepad to do the edit.

The content should be
name (sp) address​there must be at least one (sp) SPACE between the name and the address
eg: linux7srvr

ALL THAT SAID, you may have further issues on the network configuration.
The address of each system normally changes everytime you start the system due
to the DHCP service in your router. It is preferable to use DHCP rather than static
addresses, especially when you will seldomly need Ping By Name.

Hopefully, you don't need to debug your network every day, so I would recommend
AGAINST all of the above and use Ping By IPaddress when necessary.

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I am using an eMachines W3502. My internet comes through Suddenlink, and the cable modem is connected and working properly. It has been reset, both by myself and by Suddenlink. The NIC is also working correctly, as far as can be seen. I have an IP address, and the adapter correctly gets the DNS servers automatically. However, for reasons unknown, the computer will NOT resolve DNS addresses. If I ping a remote IP, I get an answer just fine, but if I ping google.com, the name cannot be resolved. I have confirmed with Suddenlink that their DNS servers are working fine, and I can confirm that. (I'm using a second PC to troubleshoot the first one, and to do so, I'm connecting through that same cable modem, and using the same DNS servers.) I have tried manually entering Google's free DNS servers, and (which I confirmed that I can ping), and this did not resolve the issue. I've flushed the DNS (no help) and even installed a second NIC. The second NIC detected perfectly, and behaved exactly like the first. It can get an IP, it can ping outside, but it cannot resolve host names. I've exhausted Suddenlink's tech support - they have confirmed that their hardware is working, and they won't support the issue beyond that.

I will post the results of a sysinfo as a reply to this message. For further assistance, I'll also post the results of a ipconfig /all.

Thanks ahead of time!

A:Solved: Cannot resolve hostnames through DNS server

From SysInfo:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) D CPU 3.20GHz, x86 Family 15 Model 6 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 1
RAM: 1405 Mb
Graphics Card: ATI RADEON XPRESS 200 Series, 128 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 71782 MB, Free - 35361 MB; D: Total - 4525 MB, Free - 2775 MB;
Motherboard: Intel Corporation, D101GGC
Antivirus: McAfee Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

And from ipConfig /all:
Windows IP Configuration
Host Name . . . . . . . . . . . . : YOUR-F47FE0285B
Primary Dns Suffix . . . . . . . :
Node Type . . . . . . . . . . . . : Hybrid
IP Routing Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
WINS Proxy Enabled. . . . . . . . : No
Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection:
Connection-specific DNS Suffix . :
Description . . . . . . . . . . . : Realtek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Eth
ernet NIC
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-16-76-67-06-47
Dhcp Enabled. . . . . . . . . . . : Yes
Autoconfiguration Enabled . . . . : Yes
IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :
Subnet Mask . . . . . . . . . . . :
Default Gateway . . . . . . . . . :
DHCP Server . . . . . . . . . . . :
DNS Servers . . . . . . . . . . . :
Lease Obtained. . . . . . . . . . : Saturday, September 01, 2012 3:12:26
Lease Expires . . . . . . . . . . : Sunday, September 02, 2012 3:12:26 P

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Hey Guys,

I got what I assume is a real simple problem for you folks but then again this is my first try in the world of networking/webdev/servers.

The Backstory
So I have a Linux server in my house (runs Fedora 14) that I was using as a FTP server for my friends and I to upload files to when we needed to share stuff. It used to be linked to my dyndns account which pointed my old hostname lucout.homelinux.com to my FTP server for FTP connections.

The Problem
Now that dyndns is no longer offering free accounts I've taken the next step and purchased my own domain (lucout.com) from namecheap.com and want to point my FTP server to that domain.

What I Have Done So Far
I got my namecheap account set up to have A type host records that point to my comcast-given IP address 50.152.XXX.XXX for the @ and www. hostnames. I also have URL forwarding turned on with those settings.

I have ddclient (finally) running on my linux server with the following ddclient.conf file:


daemon=300 # check every 300 seconds
syslog=yes # log update msgs to syslog
#mail=root # mail all msgs to root
mail-failure=root # mail failed update msgs to root
pid=/var/run/ddclient/ddclient.pid # record PID in file.
ssl=yes # use ssl-support. Works with
# ssl-library

## To obtain an IP address from Web status page (using the proxy if defined)
use=web, web=checkip.dyndns.org/, web-skip='IP Address' # found after IP Address

## NameCheap (namecheap.com)
proto... Read more

A:Newbie trying to setup Hostnames,Domains, and IP forwarding

Why go through all this if you could just keep running with DynDNS for the pay for service plan? I was also affected by this and they gave me a coupon code to save an additional 20 or 25% (can't remember) off their service packages. I ended up just paying $60ish for 5 years of service.

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I have forgotten the url of a site I've used a lot. It hasn't been real long since I used it, so the site should still be active. I have looked through stored passwords, bookmarks, and histories for many browsers, and can't find it. I've searched online by what kind of site it is - a site to help memorize lists, like names of all the elements, or countries of the world, or words in a foreign language, and haven't had any luck with that approach.

What I want to do now is use a program to search the entire hard drive for domain names and make a list- searching every file would probably do, or every file but able to pick folders to include and exclude might save a lot of time. The domain name is almost certain to end in .com, if not, then .net, so being able to pick which domain names would be useful too.

For this purpose I don't need to see the file except for the domain names. Ideally each domain name (hostname, perhaps, something like "stackexchange.com") listed once, in alphabet order, or maybe sorted by the date the file it was in was last accessed or modified or created.

Something like


but much much larger.

I am unfortunately not in a position to spend money on the software.

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So svchost.exe (netsvcs) connects to weird hostnames and I found out by chance, when I opened Resource monitor. What does this mean? My antivirus/firewall application seems to think there's nothing wrong. How can I be sure that there's nothing suspicious going on?

Thank you

A:svchost.exe (netsvcs) connects to weird hostnames - screenshot

Have you searched any of the "suspicious" entries? Could be just things from your isp provider but I don't know.

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I'm putting a website together for my cousin and we're going to transfer their domain name. We're planning on doing the hosting on Lunarpages. The domain name should transfer just fine, but one concern we have is whether or not their current e-mail address (which shares the same name) will also begin directing e-mail towards the new host. So will their current e-mail address transfer easily too?

A:Is transfering e-mail accounts as easy as transfering hostnames?

If it is the same domain name,after the transfer,setup the email
addresses in the control panel at the registrar,and everything
should work as soon as the transfer is complete and the
domain is active.

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System : XP Pro SP3

Problem : Not resolving dns. nslookup returns the dns server's ip address but can't resolve server name or anythhing else.

ipconfig /all returns all correct settings sent by the dhcp on the router. Can ping ip addresses and dns server's ip addresses but does not resolve anything. Other computers on the network works fine with the same configuration.

Did ipconfig/flushdns, manually restarted dns service, Reinstalled network card driver, changed network card, changed network cable, tried giving fixed ip config, same issue. Uninstalled SP3, even symantec, reinstalled them, same problem. There are no other network adapter on the system, cleared everything in network even in safe mode.

But when I go on the network connexion Properties - Uncheck tcpip, uninstall microsoft network client and remove network card in device manager. Reboot the computer, reinstalls the client and protocol, everything works normally, until next reboot. Reboot the computer, problem is back.

Have to repeat this procedure to get things back to work.

I'm about to wipe the system and reinstall it but would definitely prefer a solution before going through that process.. What could be that %$"! problem ??? Any idea ?



A:Not resolving DNS

Have you tried without the norton security ? I used to work on an IT helpdesk and it could cause this sort of problem even after an uninstall/reinstall. Try using the norton removal tool to make sure that its gone. http://service1.symantec.com/Support...05033108162039

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the DNS server is not resolving any URL requests. the ip of the dns server is and all computers are pointed to this Ip as DNS.

Also DNS server is configured with a relay DNS IP(global IP).
I think when a client requests for a URL, it is getting reply from the relay IP, and not from the DNS server itself. so to resolve it takes much time.

local computer name resolution also not working...
for example is i type //computername it isnt opening up, where as //ip address works...

i checked dns server it is up and runnig...what more to check and fix it..
pls help

A:DNS not resolving-urg

open a command prompt and type:

ipconfig /flushdns

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Hi, I need help please. I use the latest version of FF. Have had no problem till today when I went to abcnews.com website. The site loaded and I went to check and see what was on 20/20 tonight. Then suddenly FF crashed. I got the usual popup telling me to either restart/quit FF and send a crash report. I clicked restart and the abc page tried loading again but after a couple of minutes FF crashed again. I clicked on restart new session and went back to FF google homepage. All seemed fine till I went to caringbridge.com and FF crashed again. I restarted a new session and tried other sites I visit daily. And they all crashed. Including gmail. I then did what trouble shooting that I know to do. I opened FF again and disabled all add-ons. Still crashed. I switch to safe mode in FF. Still crashed. Fearing that I picked up a bug I scanned by PC with my paid version of malwarebyte's. The scan came up clean. To be sure I re-started PC and went to safe mode and scanned again. Still scan was clean. I then scanned with my Avast anti-virus. That came up clean. Internet explorer works. But since I dislike it I immediately DL Google's Chrome which I am currently using. I've googled for help with FF, but can't find anything helpful or rather that I can understand. If anyone has any clues on how to restore FF back to working order I would be most appreciative. Thank you, ZivaWindows XP home with XP 3.

A:Need help resolving FF crashes

Try to create new profile: HERE

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum spot for this, but thought someone else should see this.... I have two NICs setup on a "bridge" pc to bridge two domains together, a Dev domain and a Prod domain.  Both nics have a single DNS server
pointing to for googles DNS (no internal DNS),  BUT some how, a ping command to an internal server, resolves to a Dev or a Prod IP automagically... Any idea how these are resolving without local DNS servers configured on the NICs?

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I have a wireless connection. According to the Wireless Network Connection, my connection is at Very Good or better, but I can't access any websites. When I connect, I see a lot of bits are sent, but none are recieved. If ping yahoo from the cmd prompt, it's saying I'm losing a lot of packets. (I don't really know what that means.)

I've was able to connect to a unsecure wireless connection that my modem picks up and I'm able to connect to the internet just fine from there...but I obviously don't want to connect to someone elses unsecure internet connection.

Please help!

Thank you,

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I want to resolve all the MAC addresses on my network, I tried using SMS but not everyone logs off everyday. I dont want to ping each address and then create an Arp table? Is there a way to resolve the MAC addresses using a range of IP's?

A:Resolving MAC addresses

You could try looking at your DHCP server.

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I have a new Dell Inspiron 17 (7746). From day 1, running Windows 8.1, I started having the "resolving host" problem with Chrome and Firefox. I am now using Windows 10, and having the same problem. I have been hesitant to try various web recommendations that apply to older windows versions, but this is driving me nuts.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5500U CPU @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 61 Stepping 4
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 16295 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 5500, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 942844 MB, Free - 829450 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 06PW7V
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Disabled (I am running the McAfee program that came with the computer; apparently that disables WD).

Can anyone help?


A:Resolving Host

The technical reason for this issue is that the DNS servers configured by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) takes long time to find a mapping IP address for the host name you entered like http://www.example.com.Click to expand...

Source: http://www.webnots.com/correct-chrome-resolving-host-issue/

Change the DNS to (Open DNS)
or (Google)

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Here's my problem, I have a windows server 2003 enterprise installation on my file server in the basement. Hereís how my network is laid out:
Cable Modem-->Router-->Switch-->Server
Now this server isn't in a domain and it's only operating in a peer-to-peer network. For some reason it can't resolve any DNS names. I tried multiple Web sites to no avail. I can ping the ip address of the site but not the name. The server has the correct DHCP information (ip address, subnet mask, default gateway) It also has the correct ip address for the DNS server ( my router). All the other computers on the network are fine, they can resolve any site, so I know itís something wrong with the server. I also tried inputting the ip address of my ISPís DNS server, first as a secondary DNS server then finally as the only DNS server, but itís still not resolving any sites. I tried pinging the DNS serverís ipís successfully. I already flushed the DNS, and that didnít help.
I also tried connecting the server directly to the router, bypassing the switch altogether and that also didn't work.
Does anyone have any ideas?

A:Server not resolving DNS

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Hi All,

My PC is randomly unable to resolve host names in IE or Chrome This issue occurs about every 20-30 minutes at which time I am unable to get to any website and all network access on the PC stops. I have scoured the forums of many sites and tried all the usual tricks (flush DNS, static DNS servers, static IP address and DHCP IP, and even a different 2 different routers with different firmware (stock and tomato). Here are few things I have discovered. If, when the issue occurs, I pull my network cable and re-attach it, the issue is resolved until next time. Same with disabling and re-enabling the NIC as well as a release / renew on WAN side of router After dealing with this for about a 3 days, I wiped and reinstalled Windows and the problem was resolved for about 3 weeks. Now it is back again. I am at my wits end and really don't want to reinstall Windows again. Any help is greatly appreciated.

BTW, this problem never showed up until I upgraded CPU and MOBO.

Win7 Pro 64bit
Gigabyte GA-z97x-sli MOBO
I5 4690k CPU

A:Resolving Host

Definitely sounds like a DNS issue...

Have you tried pinging the IP addresses of the sites you are trying to get to. This will help narrow down the issue. Also, I am assuming this does not happen on any other computer on the network? When you configured the a static DNS server, what IP address did you give it? Meaning did you use googles DNS servers or your ISPs DNS servers or some other DNS server?

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Still trying to resolve an issue with windows\system32\odbc32.dll file showing an error in some applications.
Here is the CBS log detailing the corrupt files.
Hope someone can help resolve the problem and give an indication on how to fix it without having to restore to factory settings.

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6000]
Copyright (c) 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of th
Details are included in the CBS.Log windir\Logs\CBS\CBS.log. For example

C:\Windows\system32>findstr/C:"[SR] Cannot repair member file" %windir%\Logs\CBS
2007-12-14 12:16:07, Info CSI 00000009 [SR] Cannot repair me
mber file [l:20{10}]"odbc32.dll" of Microsoft-Windows-Microsoft-Data-Access-Comp
onents-(MDAC)-ODBC-DriverManager-Dll, Version = 6.0.6000.16386, pA = PROCESSOR_A
RCHITECTURE_INTEL (0), Culture neutral, VersionScope = 1 nonSxS, PublicKeyToken
= {l:8 b:31bf3856ad364e35}, Type neutral, TypeName neutral, PublicKey neutral in
the store, hash mismatch
2007-12-14 12:16:07, Info CSI 0000000b [SR] Cannot repair me
mber file [l:20{10}]"odbc32.dll" of Microsoft-Windows-Microsoft-Data-Access-Comp
onents-(MDAC)-ODBC-DriverManager-Dll, Version = 6.0.6000.16386, pA = PROCESSOR_A
RCHITECTURE_INTEL (0), Culture neutral, VersionScope = 1 nonSxS, PublicKeyToken
... Read more

A:Help resolving errors on CBS log please

So I have been dealing with the same problems with sfc /scannow and getting the cbs.log error message. Microsoft fixed it so I could download SP1 but it still gave me error messages with certain programs. My frustration was with Quickbooks which never opened up and then I figured out the problem. I wasnt able to open up adobe pdfs without an error messages that said I needed to open another adobe application which was strange and never happened before.
So what I did was delete some of the latest downloads from Adobe within the last few weeks and PRESTO quickbooks opened. I didnt have to roll back anything in Vista since it wasnt the problem it was an ADOBE DOWNLOAD. As I recalled quickbooks uses some sort of adobe flash in the beginning of the program and I would assume that other problems would be fixed by this .

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Thank you for taking your time to visit my post and for any help you may provide. Apparently, I got a bad file a few weeks ago with some sort of trojan or something. I think it was vundo something. Any ways , thought I deleted it but I guess not. It was attatched to explorer.exe and crashed every time I tried to delete it, well I finally got it deleted and thought it was gone. There is this folder that I have to unlock and delete on every reboot and there is also some strange stuff in the HJT log that I'm not sure what to do about it. Thank you for your time again. By the way, I followed the 5 steps as well as I could, it would not allow an online scan, some sort of error. Hope I have complied. Here you go.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 3:20:48 PM, on 7/25/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.17184)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\EvtEng.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\ZcfgSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\WLKeeper.exe
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Internet Security 12\pccguide.exe
C:\Pr... Read more

A:Need Help Resolving an Issue

I am reposting per instructions to bump after 72 hours. Since I am posting now, I will go ahead and include my DSS log of main.txt. The Deckards System Scanner did not supply me with an extra.txt file and I tried scanning 3 different times. I know this is the virtumundo virus. Maybe a few more now. i successfully deleted some .dll files a few weeks ago pertaining to this but it won't go away. Yes I was stupid and tried to download an illegal copy of microsoft frontpage. I won't do that again =(. I deleted the folder that contained the bin folder with UnLocker. It keeps coming back every reboot though. I messed the instructions up and I'm sorry. Please don't keep that from helping me resolve this issue. I wish I could change the thread title b/c I see you all don't like that. But it's to late now. Not sure as to why the DSS wouldn't give me the extra.txt. Maybe some of you can figure it out. Thank you again.

Here are the results of the Deckard's System Scanner (DSS) Main.txt
Again, it supplied me with no extra.txt even after scanning three times.

Deckard's System Scanner v20071014.68
Run by SiviK OutkasT on 2008-07-28 11:58:20
Computer is in Normal Mode.

Total Physical Memory: 504 MiB (512 MiB recommended).
System Drive C: has 3.49 GiB (less than 15%) free.

-- HijackThis (run as SiviK OutkasT.exe) ---------------------------------------

Logfile... Read more

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Hello Bleeping Community,

I've recently come to terms with the fact that I've been infected with a Virus of some sort, I'm guessing its backdoor trojan or something along those lines. Just today I noticed a number of new firewall rules that I did not create. I've also been experiencing some very odd network traffic, as if something is trying to phone home for further operations. I've set my Avast firewall to "Ask" before allowing anything through, after doing so I noticed several unsigned windows operations trying to get through. I let one slip through to see what the deal was & it immediately unpacked itself in C:\12d5cabo5ac0224a.....\setup.exe, I chased it down to try and sandbox the operation but every time I did it would hop from one directory to next before you know it, Poof its gone. I've done a few clean installs, tried my hand at hardening the OS, flashed my bios, reset my wifi & the problems still persist. I'm throwing in the towel, I've done everything in my power, Hopefully you all could help me out

Current AV & AntiMal: (Avast! Premium)-(Malwarebytes trial)-(Hitmanpro 3.7)-(Rkill)-(RougeKiller)-(Windows enhanced mitigation tool)

A:Help resolving possible BackDTrojan(or)Mal

Hello Ghostpepper.If you do have a backdoor infection, please consider this.This allows hackers to remotely control your computer, steal critical system information and download and execute files.I would counsel you to disconnect this PC from the Internet immediately. If you do any banking or other financial transactions on the PC or if it should contain any other sensitive information, please get to a known clean computer and change all passwords where applicable, and it would be wise to contact those same financial institutions to apprise them of your situation.Though the trojan has been identified and can be killed, because of it's backdoor functionality, your PC is very likely compromised and there is no way to be sure your computer can ever again be trusted. Many experts in the security community believe that once infected with this type of trojan, the best course of action would be a reformat and reinstall of the OS. Please read these for more information:How Do I Handle Possible Identify Theft, Internet Fraud and CC Fraud?When Should I Format, How Should I ReinstallWe can still clean this machine but I can't guarantee that it will be 100% secure afterwards. Let me know what you decide to do.If you do suspect it is one and want be certain and or clean it then start a new topic and post your RogueKiller log hereVirus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs

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This is weird: I set up a VPN connection to a remote server (the PC is a Win2K SP4, behind a Linux firewall). At first it connected Ok, but after disconnect, the machine cannot resolve any FQDN ("ping www.yahoo.com" returns unknown host) I've checked ALL the network config, digged into the registry, my internal DNS servers are working (all the LAN is using them), but no luck. I ran a sniffer against this machine, and when trying pinging, it tries to resolve names through port 137 (?!) Something else: I cannot establish any kind of connection (no ftp, telnet, ssh) BUT I can see the whole network neighborhood, and even access shared files. Itīs driving me nuts... any help is extremely appreciated.

A:NO DNS resolving after VPN connectio

I believe that I read where the server that you connect through in the VPN needs to be set to route your DNS and WINS requests.

In re-reading your post, is the problem when you are connected through the VPN or does the problem occur after the VPN session is terminated? If it occurs after the disconnect, does a reboot resolve the problem until the next VPN session?

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Hi guys. i have been getting information from this forum for some time now, its been extremely helpful so thank you all out there.

however, i am unable to find the answer to my problem.

I've have a sony vaio laptop and its running on windows xp service pack 1. It continuously comes up with the blue screen of death. This is linked to network. I know this because the BSOD never comes up when i have the wireless switched off but comes up when i turn wireless on. It sometimes does it instantly on switching wireless on or takes up to 10mins.

So the question is how put a stop to this? This is the exact error code.

STOP: 0x0000000A (0x017f0304, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0x8052746c)

I would class myself as a ammatuer when it comes to computers so please may you explain in a little detail.

Thank you so much and any help is appreciated.

A:BSOD resolving

its probably a driver that needs updating, but anyone have the slightest of clue which one?

Thank you.

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I have a new XPS 8920 and whenever I use Google Chrome I regularly get web pages failing to load. The status message says Resolving Host. After mins or so, the internet works ok again.  Viewing and using the internet on my iPad or Android phone are both fine with no issues. All machines are connected on the same wifi network.
Any ideas as to what is causing the issue on my Dell machine?

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Hi y'all
I'm not so much of a techie, so please bear with my lay man language.
In short, a lot of websites are just NOT loading on ANY of my browsers. Chrome is my default browser, but I've tried connecting to these websites through Firefox and Explorer too, to no avail.
I keep getting the 'Resolving Host' message and the webpage cannot be found. With some sites, I could view the cached copies. I tried pinging too, with the same response, it takes a while n then comes up with the reply: ping request could not find host so and so.
And all this with VERY commonly used websites like facebook, yahoo and hotmail.
Some websites load easily and fast like youtube, but the other 50% don't. This site itself is not loading properly- mostly the icons, and it connects quite slowly too.
I've tried everything- clearing cache and cookies, turning my firewall off, disabling DNS prefetching and yes, I installed Malware Bytes (could not access that site either, had to DL through my phone), it detected a few fishy files n we quarantined and deleted them into nothingness.
The funny thing is, a few sites do open up but most don't, and this behavior is exhibited mutually by all browsers.
Please help me, as there are important websites I need to access crucial to business that won't open.
I'm from India, my internet speed is 100 mbps.

A:Resolving Host

Make sure you're not using proxy servers:

In Internet Explorer:

Open Internet Explorer. Click Tools > Internet Options > Connections > Lan settings > Under Proxy server, uncheck the "Use a proxy server for your LAN......." box and click OK.

In Firefox:

Click Tools > Options... > Advanced > Network > Settings > select No proxy > click OK.

In Google Chrome:


Uncheck the "Use a proxy server for your LAN........" box.

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For apparently no reason at all my DNS isn't resolving the IP addresses. If I ping Yahoo's IP directly (a friend told me it was, I get a response. But if I ping www.yahoo.com, it doesn't work. Please help me to rectify this.



A:DNS not resolving IP inexplicably

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I got a Win2K server with mostly 98clients and a few 2K clients, over the past few days the problem has gotten progrsively worse, users have to logon 3 or 4 times before the password is accepted and their network drives become unavilable and available again randomly during the day. Trying to ping the server from a client while the client cannot connect to a shared drive it resolves the server name to an incorrect IP address (and say 10min later it will be back to the correct IP,and back and forth, very unpredictable), I looked in WINS on the server and deleted all entries that contained the incorrect address, i cleared the cache on a client i took out his Wins settings, and still it intermitently resolves the name to an invalid address. My understanding of name resolution is the client first checks its cache, then Wins, then a broadcast, then the lmhost and host files respectively. My feeling towards Wins is I dont need it, so i dont mind disabling it, but clients still resolve incorrectly, could they possibly be broadcasting and receiving rubbish IP from other clients who are just as confused about the whereabouts of the server as they are? Would I need to get the whole network to shutdown and reboot again to clear out any cache? Or as a lazy workaround i could plug the aditional network card of the server into my switch and assign the rubbish address to this card.. HA! but that wouldn't be right.. If anybody has any ideas please help me out! id appreciate it!

&... Read more

A:Clients resolving incorrect IP

the server that you have, is it just a file server? DNS, DHCP, running static or dynamice assignments on any/all of your clients?

the incorrect IP resolution that you are getting, is it always the same? And when you get it on client A can you go to client B and get the same incorrect resolution?

Talking w/ a friend, he said that I may be thinking to "tech", could be somthing silly like a faulty or failing NIC, maybe a failing PCMCIA slot on your MoBo?

need more info, this is a really interesting problem.

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when ever I type a website into the address field of ie7 without www a box pops up 123.com could not be found dont even get an error 404 page doesnt even try.but if i put www.123.com it goes through fine. I believe it might be something with the dns but firefox works just fine

A:Internet Explorer 7 Not Resolving Www

Hi chaoticjacket.
Close IE down.
Go to "Internet Options" via "Control Panel" instead.
On the "General" tab, click the "Languages" button. Remove then add back in your specific language and region. Click OK.
Next, go to the "Advanced" tab. Scroll down to "Search from the address bar" and select "just go to the most likely site", ok your way out. Launch IE7 and see if it still does it.

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So just recently my PC decided to shutdown "bluescreen" on me. I checked my reliability history and it gives me this bugcheck.
"The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck.  The bugcheck was: 0x00000124 (0x0000000000000000, 0xffffe001644be028, 0x00000000bf800000, 0x0000000000000124). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 050615-17000-01."
Im curious as to what could be the problem. Any help would be great.

A:A little help on resolving an unexpected shutdown

Bugcheck 0x124 = WHEA (Windows Hardware Error Architecture), a.k.a., a Machine Check Exception
Unknown hardware failure is the likely cause.
Any new hardware or failing hardware that you know of?
Regards. . .

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My situation is this...

I have a machine which is connect to adsl via usb. and the other nic connect to my lan. ip of my nic is and the ip for the adsl is done via dhcp.

This pc also acts as a domain controller and dns server. The problem is that whenever i ping my computers hostname it resolves to the ip of my isp rather than Does any one know how to change this.


A:Ping resolving inccorect ip

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Since a while ago, my internet connection has been suffering from something I am not able to pinpoint. Chrome keeps 'resolving host' and Firefox keeps loading pages forever. Sometimes I even get 'failed to load' messages.

It is my understanding that it probably has something to do with my DNS. BUT, my every attempt at solving this has been in vain.

I have tried (none of these did anything to solve the issue):
- Changing my DNS servers to public DNS servers.
- Clearing the DNS cache of my browsers.
- Clearing the DNS cache of my PC.
- Changing my privacy settings on Chrome (unchecking the 'predict network actions' box)
- Changing my LAN settings
- I even tried shutting down my modem for 24 hours, did nothing.

Other info:
- My connection is by cable, so there are no wireless issues.
- I thought it might be a virus or something, but Malwarebytes does not find anything
- The only thing that has changed in my system in the same time-period, is that I installed 'South Park: The Stick of Truth' game. But I cannot imagine the install of a game affecting my internet connection.
- When I switch the connection to my PS3, no issues occur.
- Every 2 minutes or so, internet seems to forget it had an issue, and starts working perfectly again. Only to suffer a minute after.

So! Is there anything anyone can do for me? It's getting really annoying, I can't even watch video's on Youtube without having to deal with constant ... Read more

A:Resolving host issue, tried everything

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I recently had a pretty major virus fixed thanks to help from this website: http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ind...p;#entry1677528 Following the fix, I have not been able to access the internet. My virus specialist has identified it as a DNS issue, but we have not progressed past that point in terms of fixing, so I was hoping to get some additional input from this forum. Here is what I can tell you about the issue:- when I try to go on IE or Firefox, I get the standard "cannot open this page" error- I am currently on a home wireless network, but the problem persists whether going through a wired or wireless connection. I have another computer on this wireless network (one I am typing from) that works fine on the wireless network and wired from the modem, so I think we can rule out the modem/router.- The broken computer has a valid IP address (192.168.1.x) and shows as having a strong connection (it's a small apartment). When I open up the status of the connection to look at the packets, generally the computer is receiving about 5% of the packets sent.- I have tried flushing the DNS.- I can ping the router, but I cannot ping google.com.- I can open up IE and reach google by typing in the address bar.Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions you can offer. Let me know if you need any additional info. I'll try anything!

A:Help with resolving a DNS error issue

Try some basic steps....Turn off computer. Disconnect router, and modem from power source for 30 seconds. At the same time disconnect signal cable as well.Power them back on.Restart computer.If that doesn't work, bypass router, and connect computer straight to the modem.If that doesn't work...Go Start>Run (Start search in Vista), type in:cmdClick OK (in Vista, while holding CTRL, and SHIFT, press Enter).In Command Prompt window, type in following commands, and hit Enter after each one:ipconfig /flushdnsipconfig /registerdnsipconfig /releaseipconfig /renewRestart computer.If that doesn't work...Go Start>Run (Start search in Vista), type in:cmdClick OK (in Vista, while holding CTRL, and SHIFT, press Enter).At Command Prompt, type in:netsh int ip reset reset.logHit Enter.Type in:netsh winsock reset catalogHit Enter.Restart computer.If that doesn't work...Download, install, and run WinSockFix: http://www.softpedia.com/get/Tweak/Network...inSockFix.shtml (doesn't work in Vista)Restart computer, and check again.If that doesn't work...Download Dial-A-Fix (DAF) (doesn't work in Vista):http://wiki.lunarsoft.net/wiki/Dial-a-fix#...2C_and_articlesHave XP CD available in case DAF needs a file. Likely not!Check all boxes on the screen (clear any restrictions if it shows any)Then click GO!When the entire page is finished click the HammerHead at bottom to go to the second DAF page.Here, one at a time, do the below:Reinstall BITSReinstall Windows FirewallRepair PermissionsReset... Read more

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Hi, I put this in the OS section before, but I think it's maybe more appropriate here? -


I've got a weird problem! My (WinXPProSP2) PC will not resolve any DNS names in a browser - I've tried IE and FireFox. BUT it will resolve from a command prompt!
Also no other applications are able to resolve: eg cannot update anti virus or any other software update, cant connect to MSN messenger, etc.
The even weird-er thing is that I CAN resolve fine within a virtual machine! That's what I'm using now, a SuSe virtual machine on an XP Pro SP2 host.

Well, just wondering if anyone had come across a similar problem?!

I think this only happened after I removed Panda anti virus and tried to install Kapersky - but the installer I had didn't work so I put McAfee 8 (Corp from work) on. I can't see how that would have this effect though.

I've had a look at my hosts file, it only has one entry: localhost.
I also have a 'hosts.msn' file too - but that has the same single entry.

I've also recently removed a VPN client. NetScreen Secure remote. The only reason I mention that is that I had to add a DNS suffix for the domain I was connecting to, but I have set everything back to how it was/should be!

If you need anymore info just ask

Any help'll be hugely appreciated!

A:Browser not resolving names

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Hey guys! I'm trying to fix someone's computer and I'm stumped. The computer(s) apparently cannot connect to the internet. Right now, I am getting an IP straight from the ISP through the cable modem. Turned off the windows firewall. There are still some remnants of Norton Internet Security 2006 IIRC. (looking at the task manager, pretty sure it is not running right now.) Tried plugging the CAT5 cable into one of his laptops, same thing happens. I have tried resetting winsock, and have even downloaded the winsock fix, but it doesn't help. I have tried pinging google, yahoo, and other various IP addresses the people have posted and it has worked. So DNS seems to be working. I have yet to try accessing the internet with one of my computers from here. ISP is Comcast, Minnesota. I'll post any other info you need. Thanks!

A:Solved: DNS resolving, no web pages.

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Hello, when I do a wireshark capture on my subnet with workstation (windows 7 64 bits) in a domain and netbios activated, I have a lot of these queries :
Name Query NB<00>
(I will post an image once my account is validated)
The process sending those queries is system (pid 4) And when I disable netbios over tcp/ip of course this traffic disappear.
These queries send on workstation with no application / or third party services launched too.
Any idea on what causes that ?

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Checking netstat/tcpview I see that sometimes my "Local address" have resolved, instead of the name of the computer I see my local ip adress showing up as the "Local address".
What may cause this?

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I'm having a problem with DNS resolution here.
We have 2 domains; domain1 and domain2.

When in domain1 i can ping and resolve all devices within the same domain, vise versa with domain2.

However, from domain1 i need to use the FQDN to ping anything on domain2, and vise versa.

I've got DNS forwards setup in DNS to forward requests to the DNS server on each domain, but that doesn't seem to work.

Can anyone suggest?


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Hello to anyone who can help me out. I followed the instructions in another post(as I have the exact same problem with the USER32.DLL being missing) but when I go to copy from the SP2 XP disc as given in the post with:

C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32>copy D:\i386\user32.dll

it gives me the message:

The system cannot find the file specified.

I know D is my CD drive so don't know why this isn't showing up. I urgently need to get back up and running so am willing to donate to anyone who can help me resolve this rapidly.

I am trying to resolve this as the computer will not boot into windows but just shows the logo and flashes the BSOD with stop error c0000135.



A:USER32.DLL deleted and not resolving

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My cookies arenít being remembered for some reason. Every time I go open my browser my cookies are always wiped and I have to re-log into everything again. Can you tell me how to keep my cookies so that way I donít have to login to almost everything everyday? Thanks.

My browser is avant browser version 11 build 46 and my OS is winXP SP2.

A:Help resolving a simple issue.

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I can only get to an Internet site by putting in the ip address of the site. In a command window, I can not ping www.google.com, but I can ping the IP address. Everything looks right in ipconfig /all. I have my laptop plugged into the same router, and no problems. The ipconfig /all on both machines matches perfectly. Oh...and it's not the router or the cable. It was brought to me to repair with the "can't get on the Internet" complaint. Oh...and as a bonus, the CD-ROM does not work so I can't use any disks in my troubleshooting.

Gotta love a challenge!
Thanks in advance

A:Solved: WinXP box not resolving DNS.

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I have a computer resolving to a wrong IP. The computer's IP .56 and when I ping it, it's listed as .87. i unjoined the computer from the domain and deleted the IP from the DHCP. But it's still resolving to the wrong IP. How do I thoroughly remove this ip. I already cleared the cache from the computer and server.

Windows 2003 / Windows XP

A:computer resolving to wrong IP

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