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Black & White (the game) graphic problems

Q: Black & White (the game) graphic problems


As you may already know, by the title, I'm having trouble with the graphics of the game 'Black & White'. Everything like the trees and people, are very WEIRD things like eyes, or colours such as green. I have tried everything that I can think of, like downloading a patch from this website (I think it was voodoo 3DFX tools) unzipped it, then tried it, and it still didn't work. Everything else seems to be running smoothly, and problem-free though. Does anyone know what the cause of this problem ?

Help greatly appreciated, aswell as five million pounds.....


EDIT: Website is www.voodoofiles.com/3201
EDITEDIT: (Man I'm obsessed with these!!) Oh yeah, and I've updated EVERYTHING such as drivers and graphic things, so don't ask about them.
EDITEDITEDIT: (Thats it I give up!) I also forgot, that before I had to reboot this computer, that the game was fine, except for the err, occasional crash (due to too many temple things) . And may I add, I hope this is the last edit I make

Preferred Solution: Black & White (the game) graphic problems

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Black & White (the game) graphic problems

Post your system specs, that will help more.

Did you check if there was a patch available for the game, and if so, did you install it?

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Ok so 2 days ago my computer started showing white speck on the background and mainly on the windows taskbar. These specs only seem to appear when the computer is processing information. Every key stroke and when the computer is receiving information from the internet. Also Graphics in game seem to be really jacked up. Walls appear where they shouldn't and at weird angles. Characters have large spikes growing from their hands, feet, and end of weapons. I have tried to install an updated driver, scanned for viruses, unplugged monitor and still nothing has worked. Any information to help resolve this issue would be appreciated.

Also, have ATI Radeon HD 4800 series vid card and an AMD phenom 9850 quad core 2.5
I tried screen shotting the specks but they dont show up on screen shots.

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I need help with taking a picture (Let's say, of the face of someone) then make it so the background is black and the face shadow is actually white.

I'll show you an example.


This is a shirt I bought yesterday. I'm talking about the face (That's an exemple, by the way xD)

Another Example

If you are able to do that, could you tell me how. Thanks in advance (=

A:Graphic Question... Change to Black/White.

You should get near to that effect by changing the image to a negative in your graphics software, then reducing it to two colours. If it's still not quite right and the white areas are black then change the result by making it a negative image again.

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Does anyone know a quick way for a newbie to create the black/white checkered graphic like you see in auto racing? I need it for a border. THANK YOU!!

A:Solved: Photoshop CS2 - Black/White Checkered Graphic - like Nascar

Create a new doc the exact number of pixels across and down as the number of squares in the graphic you want.

Zoom in on the new canvas (it's small!)

Then use the pencil tool, set it to 1 pixel in size and create the squares in their approx location - at this size the pencil will look like a square.

Once done, resample your image (Image -> Image Size) to the size you want it to be - with Constrain Proportions checked and the interpolation method as Nearest Neighbor.


oh yeah, zoom out again!

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right i ve just brought tom clancys rainbow six lockdown i have most of the requirements it needs even though my raphics cards a radeon 9200
the problem is that the game runs fine but that when i play it all i see around me is black and any objects that are white like lamps and i can see the cross hairs thats all can someone please tell me why

my friend thinks my graphics card is to rubbish to run it

the game specs are
windows 2000 or xp
processor 1.5ghz pentium iv
ram 512
video card 64mbagp or pci direct x 9.0 supporting pixel and vertex shaders
etc lol

my specs

Video Adapter FIC Radeon 9200 SE
GPU Code Name RV280
PCI Device 1002 / 5964
Transistors 36 million
Process Technology 0.15 um
Bus Type AGP 4x @ 4x
Memory Size 128 MB
GPU Clock 200 MHz (original: 200 MHz)
RAMDAC Clock 400 MHz
Pixel Pipelines 4
TMU Per Pipeline 1
Vertex Shaders 1 (v1.1)
Pixel Shaders 1 (v1.4)
DirectX Hardware Support DirectX v8.1
Pixel Fillrate 800 MPixel/s
Texel Fillrate 800 MTexel/s

Memory Bus Properties
Bus Type DDR
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 200 MHz (DDR) (original: 200 MHz)
Effective Clock 400 MHz
Bandwidth 3200 MB/s

help me please

A:all i see is black and white while i play my game


can anyone tell me wats happened please otherwise i m guna have to take game back and i dont want to looks like a phat game please help me lol

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i've been trying to run this game on my current system, which is equiped with AMD AThlon XP 2000+ Processor, 512MB Ram, Geforce 6200 AGP8X DDR2 card, but game runs so slowly, so i searched online and patched the game, it still runs slowly, i had to downgrade forceware driver to 81.XXX to make it run smoothly, then it started runing smoothly with lots of weird triangular like artifacts, so i disabled the "AGP texture acceleration" from the DX Diag menu, now game runs good, not smooth as it is with AGP Accelaration texture but still playable, but biggest problem is, after playing for about 15 minutes, game gets stuck suddenly and computer monitor screen goes black, totally blank but machine is still runing, only thing i can do is press hard reset button, can anyone help me with this problem? Is there any patch to run this cool game properly? it's so buggy, but i remember it ran very well back in 2001 days with my old geforce 2 pro cards, i looked for a way to disable agp fast write, but i am unable to find that option in my bios or anywhere else, please help out fellas, thanks a billion in advance,

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Bit of a long story but here I go.

I have 2 Radeon 6950 with the crossfire thing set up, it's been working well for over 2 years.

Over the last few weeks I've been having issues, mostly while watching videos (usually HD and/or full screen). The video will freeze, the audio will loop, then eventually the screen goes black and I get an error message saying "Display driver has stopped working and has recovered".
Sometimes it didn't recover and I have to turn the computer off.

What's now happening is it will freeze at the windows start up. Then after resetting I will get to windows in very very low resolution and in black and white.

So I 're-seated' the cards. I couldn't notice any obvious damage to it except the fans were very dusty so I cleaned them.
Boot it up and I still get the black and white.
I checked the device manager and it said one of the cards was having problems, I uninstalled both drivers from that menu (not quite sure if I should have done this) and for whatever reason it's now working.

However it now seems one of my cards is not being recognised. Only one display adapter is shown in the device manager and AMD catalyst only recognises one card too.

What's the best course of action to determine what's wrong with what card (still not quite sure which one it is).

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K ... Read more

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I have just gotten a new motherboard this week and some computer guy installed it for us. When i went to play Wc3 everything was loading fine and working well until i get into the game. At some points in the game, the units and buildings would dissapear for a moment and come back. Also the attack animation for casters would not show up. If any of you can please help me find the problem that would be great. Its not the CD either because i borrowed my friends CD and it still didnt work. Thank you

A:In game graphic problems

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I just got a copy of black and white and it keeps crashing on me It always crashes at the same point in the game, as soon as you enter a room it gives me an illegal operation and throws me out. I have tried reinstalling the game, closing all tasks except explorer and systray, I've increased my VM, I've re-installed DirectX v8, re-installed my video driver but it just doesn't want to work. I have tried the game on a mates PC and it worked fine, so I know its not a problem with the cd. I've tried another cd drive, still nothing.


O/S : Win98 SE
Processor: PIII 933
HDD : 40GB
RAM: 384MB
Video Card: 32MB GeForce

I would appreciate any Ideas


A:Problems with Black & White

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Ok this is what happened I have been playing Black and White for about a week now and everything was going fine until today. I played earlier today and it was fine then i quit playing. I performed a defrag and created a quick launch icon those are the only things that i did. then later i went to play again and the game started all over at the very begging..... very discouraging.....and was wondering if there was a way to see if my game was still saved on my computer anywhere (I hope) Or if not, what might have caused this so that i can avoid this from happening it the future. All replies are appreciated. Thank You!

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A:Black and White problems

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I am currently using Vista home basic. Have no problems running any other more high spec games etc.

I save the black and white game as according to the instructions..yet when I go to reload it, it just takes me back to the start of the game! I don't understand what is causing this!!!

It has saved the tutorial fine..just no progress that I make after, its sooo frustrating!

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having saving problems on black and white for the pc . it saves the tutorial level but will not save any games past this mark . it reconises that i have saved when it tells me the amount of games that i have saved but does not show any in the load room . any help ?

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Alright I keep getting messages from friends; "Yatta yatta do you think i should post this on my myspace or facebook (insert link)." Obviously spam but i've already had one or two people already click it so I was wondering if there is anyway to counter or block these spam messages. It's coming from two many varied people for just one friend getting pissed off at another. I've already looked at delete it's reg entry but that common problem I found out was addressed a while back. Any suggestions let me know.

A:AIM Hack Problems (White Hat not Black)

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hi there,
i'm trying to extend my desktop to my tv via a s video cable. it has worked but the tv display is in black and white. i have selected the pal-B video setting for europe on my comp. i have messed with some setting in graphics properties but can't get the tv display in colour. help me please, any suggestions on what to do???

A:still problems with black and white tv extended desktop

Well there are a few things you can try/check.

1) Make sure you have the newest video drivers for your video card. These are available at the respective manufacturers site.

2) Make sure you are using the right connector. If you are using an adapter such as a SCART to connect your computer to the TV, make sure it is capable of supporting your video mode. SCART connectors only supports composite video and therefore if you are using S-Video you will only be able to receive a black and white picture.

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They other day I bought black and white for the bargain price of £5.00... or so I thought.The game installs fine- I have no problems there. But when I try to play it, it just... doesn't load. The black splash screen with 'black and white' and all the other info comes up as normal, for a few seconds, then dissapears, as I suppose it should, but then nothing. I've tried to change the compatibility, to no success. Bearing in mind my computers quite good (512MB RAM, 1.6GZ AMD Athalon, graphics card 128MB, and, of course, the games screwing up spurce itself- windows XP) I don't see what other problems there could be. Anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks.

A:Black and White- Sold out version problems

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I'm having problems printing black and white photos using ADOBE Photoshop 7 and Canon i965. On Standard printing, plain paper, and to a lessor degree on other paper types, am getting parallel horizontal lines with a pink/magenta cast when printing a single colour such as blue. Recommended Adobe conversion features, I convert colour pictures to black and white, all produce BW prints having a Brown colour cast. I have replaced cartridges and used all printer maintenance actions to no avail. Inserting a picture into Word and then converting it to BW has the same effect. Is this a solvable problem?

A:Help-Black & White printing problems with Canon i965

What is happening with the black I think is that most printers print raster images by mixing the colors to get black. Some don’t do a great job of it. You might run a nozzle check to see that nothing is clogged.

If you scan the document originally in one bit it might print better. One bit is “line art” or “black and white” on most scanners. You can also try Image>Mode>Bitmap in Photoshop. Then use the threshold command to clean it up so you don’t get the extraneous stuff. Once you get it into bitmap you can select a solid color.

If it won’t let you switch to bitmap you could mess with levels or contrast to try to get the extraneous stuff out. You might mess with the histogram in the scanner to clean it up as well. It sounds like your scanner is picking up the extra stuff you are seeing.

If you have a HP printer most have a “black only” under grayscale. That won’t help printing in a solid color though. With black only you use only the large pigmented black tank.

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On any website that I visit; all backgrounds are black and all text is white. How can I reverse this? Also, I am a stamp collector. When I visit Linns Stamp News all the web addresses are blacked out. How do I keep that from happening? While I'm at it my computer has slowed down considerably. I run Microsoft Essentials weekly, but it tells me that all is secure.
Thank you, sincerely, Kleon24

A:White to black background, white text to black

I think you can go to tools>options>colors and tick "Use windows colors".

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My son recently purchased the latest Black Ops game for Xbox 360. When he goes to play on Xbox live, he can log in. However when he goes to play the game heh gets disconnected. When he attempts to log back in he gets a message that says he lost the connection to Xbox live.

He has an the internet hooked up directly to his XBox through an ethernet cable. He has tried every suggestion that Xbox support gave him.

Any other suggestions?

A:New Black Ops game and Xbox Live Problems

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On a Windows 2000 desktop, all of the shortcuts (have the little arrow in their corners) have grey shortcut boxes with black arrows rather than the white box with black arrows like is normal. The icons themselves are fine, its the Shortcut part that is wrong.

At boot up the Windows logo has a lot of horizontal lines in the image; the Windows 2000 image on the side of the Start menu also has a lot of lines in it.

Spybot removed 32 items which fixed some of the issues (like the covered min/max/close buttons which we had) but not everything. Has anyone seen these issues? Any fix ideas? I'll run HiJack This next time I connect but I'd like a few more options to try before spending time on this issue...

A:W2k: Shortcuts are grey-and-black not white-and-black; Windows logos corrupted

For your shortcuts, try this:

Start>>Run. In Run type "assoc.lnk=lnkfile" (without the quotes), clikc OK

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background info for Pirate Galaxy:
Harvester: enemy that drops 10 smaller enemies (this is the only way to make money quickly in the game i play)

when i try to farm harvesters to make money, my game gives me a white screen. this white screen only hapens in the area where i would normally see the game, i have to refresh the page after that and log back in to see what happened. i am wondering if anyone here would know how to fix this issue.


My guesses why this happens is because it is giving more stress than the rest of the game, but this is a normal thing for players to do in that game, and i seem to be the only/ one of the few that have this issue. i have uninstalled directx and reinstalled it, i have done the same to java, i have tried different browsers. all of these have either helped marginally for about 2-3 days and then stopped helping, or not worked at all.

i would greatly appreciate any help.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 3, 32 bit
Processor: Intel Pentium III Xeon processor, x86 Family 6 Model 23 Stepping 6
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 3325 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 305164 MB, Free - 258286 MB;
Motherboard: Dell Inc., 0TP412
Antivirus: McAfee® Security-as-a-Service Anti-virus, Updated: Yes, On-Demand Scanner: Enabled

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Why does the game turn white when i play. The menu is good but the game is white. I can make out some objects but only a few and they are very hard to see.
Please help!

A:Game Turns White

Please don't post duplicate threads. Continue the problem resolution here: http://forums.techguy.org/games/529783-menu-screen-good-game-grapics.html

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when in yahoo pinochle game lounge only the first table show. the rest of the sreen below is white out

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I trying to run the old game Black&White on my Macbook in Bootcamp mode.
Running WinXP SP2. During boot-up of the game it just turns into a black screen and the white windows pointer show up.

Anybody knows about this problem? I would highly appreciate if someone could help me with this one.



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I have installed the game Resident evil 4 and when i play it, i could see only the tutorials but could not play.....i could hear the sound but couldn't play as the screen was totally black.

i have pentium 4, 3.00 ghz, 512 mb of ram........

........what can i do to solve this problem??

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I wanna ask. If I get new graphic card, will it improve FPS in game?
I currently have "Nvidia GeForce GTS 250 Green, 512MB" since its ~4year old I was thinking to buy new on soon. In interest is GeForce GTX 650Ti or something near to it.

A:Graphic Card, FPS in game

With what you have and with what you're looking at, there should be a rather large improvement.

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I have installed the game Resident evil 4 and when i play it, i could see only the tutorials but could not play.....i could hear the sound but couldn't play as the screen was totally black.

i have pentium 4 3.00 ghz, 512 mb of ram

A:Solved: problem with game graphic

First thing that comes to mind is definitely not enough ram,go for @ least 2 gigs.

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 8.1 Single Language, 64 bit
Processor: AMD A6-6310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 Graphics, AMD64 Family 22 Model 48 Stepping 1
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 7128 Mb
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon R5 M230, 1024 Mb
Hard Drives: C: 465 GB (336 GB Free);
Motherboard: LENOVO, Lancer 4B2
Antivirus: Windows Defender, Enabled and Updated

Can someone pls. help me some selective games have this warning message appear every time I run them but still playable can someone help me finding this driver version? because I can't find it on manufacturer website

Do I really need to update it?

http://www.mediafire.com/view/ke9o0yah73dqdbx/Untitled.png <---the image is in this link

Thank you

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Hello, i need to ask people of this problem because i cant figure this out...

Recently, iv upgraded from a GeForce 5500 (which had no problems in the past) to a GeForce 6200 (which is fine for me, out of date i know).. Im finding that whenever i open anything pretaining to Video games or even just random occurences, that it hard-locks and the graphics get very odd.

So, i figured that maybe my computer cant run the game. And it can. So i ruled out that aspect. So it must be my GeForce doing this to me.
So, does anyone have any idea what my problem is?
Side Note: It even has graphic problems on a game called Terraria (2D side scroller)

A:Video Game graphic problem

Card is most likely bad.

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hi everyone I'm new here
I work on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit OS
and I've ATI Radeon 4300/4500 series Display adapter,
but still graphics in my game "Fifa 2010" is just normal
the same game looked so awesome in trial version of windows 7 with the same graphic card.
I don't know what happened now !
Please if anybody can help !
thanks in advance.

A:Game graphics is bad even with the graphic card!

huslin, welcome to the Seven Forums.

Did you remember to install the driver for the video car,


or is it running on the default Windows driver?

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Hello tech support guy community. I have problem with graphics when I minimize any game.
Here is screenshoot. I tried with installing new drivers but problem is still the same. Using Windows xp sp2.


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Alright guys i'm new in this forum first thread but i was really noob when i bought a graphic card for my pc and now i dont have enough cash for a new one, anyway i bought a nvidia geforce 8400 gs 512mb card and when i play any game at all it lags so i played in low settings but then in nvidia control panel i say that anti aliasing and all that was on quality (which in game wasnt even there -.-) but i turned it on max performance and it still runs a little slow and the games i still have to play on low quality settings to have smooth game play, my pc is also good specs are: core 2 duo E7400 @ 2.80Ghz 6gb ddr2 ram. The other problem is i have temporary removed my graphic card and am using internal GPU which has ded vid mem of 128mb but in bios setting i put it on max and i used CpuZ to see how much max is and it shows 320mb but on Personalization>Display settings>Advanced settings it still shows 128mb is there a solution to increase this and is there a solution to run games smoothly on my nvidia graphic card?

A:Graphic card lag in playing any game

Quote: Originally Posted by Hp225

Alright guys i'm new in this forum first thread but i was really noob when i bought a graphic card for my pc and now i dont have enough cash for a new one, anyway i bought a nvidia geforce 8400 gs 512mb card and when i play any game at all it lags so i played in low settings but then in nvidia control panel i say that anti aliasing and all that was on quality (which in game wasnt even there -.-) but i turned it on max performance and it still runs a little slow and the games i still have to play on low quality settings to have smooth game play, my pc is also good specs are: core 2 duo E7400 @ 2.80Ghz 6gb ddr2 ram. The other problem is i have temporary removed my graphic card and am using internal GPU which has ded vid mem of 128mb but in bios setting i put it on max and i used CpuZ to see how much max is and it shows 320mb but on Personalization>Display settings>Advanced settings it still shows 128mb is there a solution to increase this and is there a solution to run games smoothly on my nvidia graphic card?

Your graphics card is outdated. You should be able to play older games smoothly on it, but newer games will struggle. What games are you wanting to play on this computer?

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pls help me with this, any time i start this game GTAIII i only play the first two assignments then the graphics begins to go bad is like the images are devided into two.
but my system requirement agrees to the minimum requirements of the game
i dont have my system specs as at now but i know some . this includes
processor speed = 1ghz
memory = 512mb
on board vga = 32mb

i will run dxdiag and post it later

when i read some of the problems encounted using this game with some xp versions i realized that there is a dll file that is the "d3d8.dll" has a problem with graphic displaying

pls somebody help me to get out this of this problem so i can also engoy this game "GTA III"

A:graphic display is bad during game play(GTA III) and freezes

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Hi, I am not getting proper graphics for godfather game. The gameplay is like, the characters are ok but the environment and vehicles are all white color. I have intel 82852/82855 gm/gme graphic controller with 64 mb video memory.

A:Godfather game problem with graphic issues.

You need a DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card and the Intel 82852 is only DX 8 compatible. If its a laptop you need a new one, if its a desktop machine I would consider getting a decent graphics card to play games.


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hey guysI have this nootbook and I'm so confused,i reinstall my windows and now i have windiws 8.1 enterprise but when i install graphic card driver my screen goes to black.i try everything reinstaling windows every windows (7-8.1-10),reinstaling driver one time i get worked but in thos time i didn't install intell graphic dirver and just install geforce graphic driver and I'm heaven, not sure for long time. in windows detect geforce graphic card and tested with fur mark, but didn't work in game so i think need nvidia controll panel in software i choose to perfer nvidia performance i added game in nvidia controll panel and choose perfer nvidia performance however i  open game dah dah dahhhhh didn't work,in game app clicked right click and choose perfer nvidia performance another didn't work I try everything and in game didn't detect geforce and perfer graphic adapter windows I'm in hell I geuss oh and i test every graphic card driver oldest newest.I hope you guys help me.thank you guys for reading?Regards?

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A:Half black, half white screen with picture of 3 black leaves...

Hello @rpickard, Thank you for visiting the HP Support Forums! The forums are a great place where you can find solutions for your issues, with help from the community! I came across your post about the display issue, and wanted to help!  I understand that you believe the screen may be cracked. You can try performing a Hard Reset.  However, based on the information that you provided, the screen is likely damaged.  You can try reviewing the following document to verify, and for additional options: HP Notebook PCs - Diagnosing a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) for Damage Please let me know if this information helps you resolve the issue by marking this post as "Accept as Solution", this will help others easily find the information they may be looking for.  Also, clicking the Thumbs up below is a great way to say thanks! Have a great day!

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Hey I'm new to this so don't blame me if this is wrong,

I just got Oblivion for christmas and it installs fine. It also starts fine but when I click "Start New" and begin creating my character, he doesn't show. Instead there is white. I can see the 'scroll' allright and change his stats but can't see him.
What can I do?


A:Menu Screen Good - Game Grapics White (literally)

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hey, didn't know whether to put this in utilities or games. it's all game-related so i figured here would be best.

ok. *deep breath* lately i reinstalled windows XP Pro SP2, and i believe my CPU is slightly unstable, either that or my memory. either way my computer needs some new parts. but it runs fairly well. but when i reinstalled it, i gained an unsightly problem.

Upon installing xfire, i discovered that at least 3 parts of it were malfunctional. the ad bar at the top, the info sidebars of the chat windows with avatars, profile links, etc, and the screenshot window you get when you exit a game are ALL white. i can't even click them. and i soon discovered that my problems were not limited to xfire, and this confused me even further.

Steam suffers as well. I installed Steam today and everything works fine. i can see the buttons, tabs, and toolbars at the top, but the actual content in the window is white. nothing. it gets even better....

I own the game pack Star Wars: Best of PC (amazing game pack btw), and when i run the autorun, GUESS WHAT? IT'S BLANK!

this is bugging the crap out of me, because i don't know what's causing it. my main thoughts were Flash Player, Shockwave, or Javascript. nope. i installed them all(correctly as far as i'm aware) and it didn't help a wee bit. my antivirus is Avast! Antivirus, and i've reinstalled xfire 3 times with no luck.

A:Solved: white boxes in Xfire, Steam, and game autoruns.

nevermind. it turned out to be that my ATI Radeon 9550 video card's drivers were corrupted. i uninstalled them, ATI Catalyst, redownloaded the drivers without getting catalyst, and got ATI Tray Tools.

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So i've been having this issue for awhile now,I can play regular games normally and i wont have a problem,But when i try playing any graphic intensive game i always BSOD. For example hawken.

Operating System
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
AMD Athlon II X4 630 49 ?C
Propus 45nm Technology
6.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 533MHz (7-7-7-20)
HP 2009 ([email protected])
DELL E197FP ([email protected])
1023MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti (EVGA) 63 ?C
931GB Western Digital WDC WD10EADS-65M2BX ATA Device (SATA) 42 ?C
Optical Drives
Optiarc DVD RW AD-7231S5 ATA Device
High Definition Audio Device

A:BSOD While playing any graphic intensive game 0x00000018

So please i still need help, now i've got a blur screen after resuming when the computer was asleep for a few hours.Ive uploaded the recent dump

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sometimes, i can play 1-2 minuts, then that happen,
my computer start freezing and my video card crash or BSOD come out.
But if i close the game in time, everything will be fixed.

thanks for your help, and sorry for bad grammar.

A:BSOD when playing a game / my graphic card crash.

You are running a counterfeit installation of windows and trouble shooting this could be problematic, try installing a legal licensed version

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The minimum requirment to play the game black and white is 64mb of ram i only have 62mb is their anyway around this? Or do i have to get more ram and if so..... how do i do that? still pretty new to this kinda stuff

A:Black and White

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when i connect my pc to my tv using a s-video to scart converter i only get a black and whit picture on my tv,...very very annoying,...the grahics card is a g4 ,....can anyone help me as to why this is happening ,..i am at a loss,.......tried changing the av modes as well on my tv,..anyone,..someone must have the answer,.,..

A:pc to tv black n white,.???? help..

check whether your tv is NTSC compatible and make sure you have the right leads

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hey guys,

i just installed Black & White on my computer, but i can't seem to stop the intro, it just keeps going. is there some sort of command i can use to get past it?

thanks a bunch,


A:Black & White Into

No - thats one of the flaws of BW1. You can't skip the tutorial or the video. It isn't that long anyway.

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Hi all,
I'm having a serious problem running black and white 2. Pleanty of people have been having trouble getting it to run, but I have as of yet seen anyone address a problem similar to my own. I've recently installed the new catalyst 5.9 driver for my radeon 9800 + all in wonder, and I figured that would resolve some of the graphics problems I'd been having running the game. Unfortunately, after the installation, the game's diagnostic tool reads no display memory on my pc! Then when I try to run the game, I get a fatal error that reads "cannot create 3d device" and the game shuts down. Much appreciative of any help you could offer here!

A:Black and White 2

Welcome to TSG!!

... It may have "bonded" to the old software...
You could try removing the game and reinstalling..

That is the first shot when it worked but now won't.. That, or go back to the older ATI drivers..

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hey guys whats up,
i just wanna know if theres a way to get black and white runnin on my system. i have xp and it seems to not wanna work. doesn't say any errors or anything, it just acts like it's about to load but right before it goes into the game it stops :/ i tried backwards compatibility (spelling) but it still didn't work. help plz!!

A:black and white


Did you check you have enough RAM space ?
Try to patch your game to version 1.2 .

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i've tried all the options available to me in the control panel for the display (the tv is pal and i've adjusted accordingly). still black and white. the only thing is, i'm going from s-video to composite converter. do i just need to buy a cable that has s-video sockets on both ends? my tv has both AV and S-video. but i've always used the AV before now...

A:TV-out is black and white

oh hang on, i've just noticed the s-video output on the graphics card is 7 pin. but the cable i've got has only 4 pins. will a 7 pin cable solve my problem?

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