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Hyperlink formatting in Word

Q: Hyperlink formatting in Word

Hi. I've been using Office 2003 for a while now, but recently, I've had some problems with its hyperlink formatting.

Say I wanted to copy the fourth paragraph (the one with all the hyperlinks) from this page.

In the past, I could copy it to Word and it would appear like this:

In case you've forgotten, in the previous episodes, Jack handed Vaughn the key to his Warehouse of How to Forget Your Wife Duped You paraphernalia, and Vaughn paid it a visit. Katya, Irina's sister, showed up long enough to save Syd's *** and pretend to be a good guy. That'll be important here in a bit. Sark tortured Vaughn, who, thankfully, remained shirtless for much of the episode. And Nadia, Syd's sister, can channel Rambaldi. We know this because Syd repeats that entire storyline toward the end of the previouslys. God. It's only the previouslys and I'm already annoyed. Syd saves Nadia, and that's where we pick up.Click to expand...

with the hyperlinked words on the original webpage also hyperlinked on the document.

Now, however, when I copy it, it comes out like this:

When I copy/paste from that to Notepad, though, the formatting goes back to the original (no ugly HYPERLINK text). I haven't changed any settings on Word and on the AutoComplete/AutoFormat, I'm set to autoformat Internet links. I've tried playing with the default format to see if it helps, but it really doesn't. Would anyone know what the issue could be and how to fix it?

Preferred Solution: Hyperlink formatting in Word

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Hyperlink formatting in Word

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I'm using an old version of Office 97, and I'm experiencing an odd variation on a problem I thought that I had solved, regarding how to modify the appearance of embedded hyperlinks.

Just recently, any inserted hyperlink in Word is now showing up looking like this, with this odd trailing subscript capital T after the standard underlined hyperlink itself:

Nothing I see in the Style formatting under Hyperlinks seems to account for or explain why that subscript T shows up. I can easily backspace it out of the hyperlink, but I wondered if anyone else has a suggested solution to this problem. Thanks!

A:Strange Hyperlink Formatting In Word

CDobyns said:

I'm using an old version of Office 97, and I'm experiencing an odd variation on a problem I thought that I had solved, regarding how to modify the appearance of embedded hyperlinks.

Just recently, any inserted hyperlink in Word is now showing up looking like this, with this odd trailing subscript capital T after the standard underlined hyperlink itself:

Nothing I see in the Style formatting under Hyperlinks seems to account for or explain why that subscript T shows up. I can easily backspace it out of the hyperlink, but I wondered if anyone else has a suggested solution to this problem. Thanks!Click to expand...

It's very simple try using hyperlink or anchor tag

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For some reason, any web or e-mail address in either existing or new Word docs no longer appears as a standard address. For example instead of viewing www.google.com, I see {HYPERLINK..(then the address). The address is also inaccessible each time. I can manually 'select hyperlink' each time, but I imagine I need to re-set something in the settings or templte?

Anyone had this problem before or know how to resolve it?




    In my current environment, all hyperlinks in the "Excel workbook.xlsm" to file locations which are based on a network shared drive are always formatted in absolute format.
    Our configuration looks like this:
    Excel workbook.xlsm

    The intent is to have all hyperlinks in ?Excel workbook.xlsm? be recorded in relative path format so that if/when the entire structure ?\folder1? is moved to another location the hyperlinks would continue to function without the need for any maintenance.

    By default, unspecified paths to hyperlink destination files are supposed to be recorded in the link in relative path format (relative to the location of the active workbook). This is true for all spreadsheet residing on disks local to the PC. However, despite all attempts (so far...) to mimic that behavior in a spreadsheet residing on a network shared drive have failed as
    indicated above.

    The following procedure was used set a null default path. Each time that you create a hyperlink to a file in that location, you have to specify only relative path to the file, in the Insert
    Hyperlink dialog box.
    1. Click File > Info.
    2. Click the Properties arrow, an... Read more

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    Is there a way of inserting a hyperlink, using M$ Word 2003, so that the link opens in a new Window ?
    The objective is to be able to close the link without exiting the main page when this is made into a web page.

    Iíve tried several things and I just canít get it.

    How would I code this link ?? Ö http://home.comcast.net/picture.jpg

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    I have a many-page document in Word 2002. Is there a way I can use a hyperlink to jump to a different page? It looks to me like I can only hyperlink to the top of the document, a footnote, or headings.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    A:Hyperlink in MS Word


    To the best of my knowledge, you can only hyperlink to another section of the same document if the area you wish to hyperlink to is a heading text (as opposed to normal, etc) or a bookmark.

    Highlight the area you want to be the hyperlink.

    1. You can either right click your mouse or click insert on the top menu bar.
    2. Click hyperlink.
    3. Choose the 'place in this document' button on the left hand side of the hyperlink window.
    4. You will be offered a choice of subjects you can link to.
    5. Click the subject that you want to link to.

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    Can you please help.
    I am not very good at programming and I need to create a script for executing the following function. I wish to create an "Automatic hyperlink creator for word 97"
    I want to do the following task:
    Automatically select bookmark for selected text and give hyperlink for that text so replacing manual work that consists of: if bookmarks are created, we search for specific text where we have to put hyperlink and then select the text and give the hyperlink.


    A:Word 97 Hyperlink

    I'm not sure I understand. If you could give me the scenario, I might be able to help better.

    Brainbench MVP for Microsoft Word

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    I want to have a phrase with an associated hyperlink connected to it (in Word doc) that the reader can click on without having to hold down the control key. What's the best way to do this?
    Also, if there is a better part of the forum for this question I would appreciate any help on the redirect. Thanks.

    A:Hyperlink Question in Word

    from the Tabs click the "Edit" tab.
    Uncheck "Use CTRL + Click to follow hyperlink
    Press "OK"

    the phrase you have in word
    the phrase should be at the top of the box
    and atthe bottom you type in the url

    probably better in the business applications forum as a word issue - i'll move

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    See image. How do I get rid of the hyperlink stuff to be able to print. thanks

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    I have inserted a "Top of Documrnt" hyperlink in a document but am unable to activate it.
    The only way it will avtivate is to rightt click and select "Open Hyperlink".
    Please advise how to get it to activate by clicking it or passing curser over the hyperlink. TKS BOB A

    A:Word 2007 Hyperlink

    you will probably get better / quicker responses,
    if you move your thread to the business applications:
    just click: report
    type in: move to business applications

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    Would be grateful if anyone could advise on a problem with hyperlinks in Word 2003 (Win XP) -

    I have created standard hyperlinks to various files (doc, avi and jpg) in a Word document. The doc and avi files display with no problem when clicked on, but nothing (much) happens when I click on any of the links to jpegs. The cursor briefly shows the hourglass so it is doing something, but then it reverts to the pointer and that is it. I am sure the pathnames are correct - and if they weren't, Word would display an error message.

    It seems to be failing to launch the associated viewer (Windows Picture and Fax Viewer, intially) or perhaps not even trying. If I double-click on any of the files in Windows Explorer they are displayed with no problem. I have tried changing the associated application (to Paint, for instance) and again the images open with no problem from Explorer but nothing happens if I click on the corresponding link in Word. This is computer-specific because if I open the same document on my laptop and click on on a links to a jpg it opens in Internet Explorer.

    One thing I am wondering is whether Word ignores the normal file extension association and makes its own choice about which viewer to use.

    Other than this I cannot see why the jpgs should fail to display. Have searched the internet quite thoroughly and failed to find a reference to this problem with Word.

    It is a fairly high spec PC without other known glitches.


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    Is there any way to PERMANENTLY change the Hyperlink Default for Word 2003?

    I have several lengthy documents containing numerous hyperlinked bookmarks to direct you to other locations within the same document.
    In Word 2003, the default requires you to press CTRL while clicking in order to follow the link.
    However, I would rather that the link functioned directly when clicked, without having to press CTRL.

    I?ll go to TOOLS > OPTIONS > EDIT & uncheck the ?Use CTRL + Click to follow hyperlink? option.
    I have also gone into TOOLS > OPTIONS > GENERAL> WEB OPTIONS > FILES & made sure ?Update links on save? is checked.
    Then the hyperlinked bookmarks work the way I want them to? for the moment.

    However, changes I make to hyperlink options are NOT retained, especially not after a reboot or general ?housecleaning? (clearing document histories, etc.)
    I have to repeat all my TOOLS > OPTIONS changes each & every single time? & it?s aggravating!!

    So? Is there actually any way to PERMANENTLY change the Hyperlink Default for Word 2003?

    A:Hyperlink Default: Word 2003

    To prevent Word from changing your hyperlinks:
    Click ToolsOn the General tab, click the Web Options buttonIn the Web Options window, click the Files tab.Clear the check box for “Update links on save.”Click OK to save your preferences.

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    Does any one know why Word 2000 hyperlinking has a nice option to hyperlink a document by just clicking on the folder name(s) and then on the document itself. Outlook (both 2000 and 2002) makes you type in the the complete path and file name such as file\\my documents\helpme.doc. Users just can't do the file name thing. Can Outlook be changed so that hyperling is like word? I have attached a file if you want to see what I am talking about.

    A:Hyperlink options different in word vs outlook

    I don't think so, but consider this:

    Browse to the file, right-click and hit properties.
    Copy the name and path.
    Paste it into your hyperlink...

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    Exactly what the title says! How? Thanks.

    A:How do I make a hyperlink of a word or sentence, etc.?

    In what? Word, Excel, Outook, the forum editor?

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    I have many sites that I frequent that I have saved in a word document. I click on each one and it opens a new tab for each in firefox. My question is this. Is there anyway to open all links automatically or with a click, without having to click each one, that are located in a word document?

    For example, the add on to firefox where you can draw a square around many links at once and they will all open. Hope this makes sense and thanks

    A:Hyperlink question re: Word 2007

    Bookmark them and put into separate folder of bookmarks, then open all in Tabs.

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    I have a word document that is littered with hyperlinks. The links themselves work fine, but for some reason, most of them are not blue anymore! All I'm really looking to do is try to find a way to use a macro or something to go through the document and add the "Hyperlink" style format to each hyperlink.

    I tried to edit some macro code myself (one that changes all the links URLs), but I keep making the problem worse! I used to be good at VBScript, but it's been ages since then.

    Any easy solution that doesn't involve manually changing each style?

    As a side note, all of them currently are in "Normal" style, for some reason.

    A:Trying to fix hyperlink problem in Word! Getting stumped!

    It's also worth noting that the problem isn't that I've clicked links and it changed for that reason. They are mixed between black and blue. Most of the black links have a blue underline.

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    Hi there,

    I have a question about inserting a hyperlink into a word 2003/2007document. Is there any way to have a link insterted without the user having to press ctrl to click on the link? I have tried with the full path as the link and also using a a keyword pointing to a url but each time the user has to hit ctrl to open the link. Is there anyway a user can just click the link to go to a webpage?

    Thank you.

    A:Solved: Hyperlink in a word document

    In MS word go to Tool\Options, select the Edit tab, and uncheck the "Use Ctrl+click to follow hyperlink" option.

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    I have a long Word 2002 document (running XP Professional 2002) that includes several hyperlinks to several other Word documents. If I click on the hyperlinks, they work - i.e., I can follow them to the target. However, if I print the first file, the hyperlinks simply appear as text. Is there a way to print the file so that the hyperlinks are automatically followed, brought in and printed out along with the main document?

    Some of the target documents themselves include references to other files, this time to PowerPoint slides. I'm not certain whether these are hyperlinks: they look like pictures dropped into the file (there is no file reference). These don't print either, but this time, if I attempt to print I get the message "Error! Objects cannot be created from editing field codes."

    I have not been able to find anything on this in Word Help or on the Microsoft site: it's all about updating hyperlinks, changing the format of the link reference, etc.

    A:Printing hyperlink/field targets in Word

    Try opening the document. Click on Insert, Hyperlink. Using "Look in" find the path and click on OK. That should do the trick.

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    I am an experienced pc user, but I'm a mac novice (idiot). I have converted lots of my old (windows) word documents to mac word. None of the hyperlinks worked, so I recreated them. The hyperlinks to webpages work fine, but the links to .jpg and .bmp, and .mov files will NOT open, even though they open just fine on the mac individually, so I know the files are good. I've looked everywhere I can think to look for a solution. Can anybody help?

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    I have the Windows Vista Starter version loaded on my system. The system has two accounts, both with administrator rights, one without a password (created earlier) and one with a password (created later). When I try to follow a hyperlink in MS-Word 2007 using Ctrl+Click in the second account (the one with the password) I've started getting an error message "This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator". This does not happen when I try to Ctrl+Click in MS-Word when logged into the first account (the one without the password). I've even tried disabling the user account settings, but no progress. Help Please!

    A:Unable to follow Hyperlink in MS-Word 2007

    This might best be handled in the Business Applications section and I will move it there if you request.

    Howev er on the account where you are getting that restriction message, have you verified that Internet Explorer is the default browser on that account?

    I think that can result in the error message if IE is not the default browser.

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    I have a .doc file I made from a web page. It contains a lot of hyperlinks. I know how to remove single hyperlinks with a right click, but is it possible to remove all of them at once?



    A:Solved: Hyperlink removal in Word 2000

    If you were not interested in maintaining formatting you could save it as a plain text file and it will remove the hyperlinks.

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    Hi gang,

    how do i get a link in an email say, "www.helponthe.net" to look like something else, say click "here " for link?

    hope this makes sense


    A:(Solved) Attach Hyperlink to a word in E-mail

    If you are using OE then type the sentence the way you wish it to read and then highlight the word you want to appear as a hyperlink. Once highlighted select the insert tab up top of the E-mail and select Hyperlink. Type your URL in there and click OK.
    There are other options such as Mailto and so on.

    Let us know if that is what you wanted.


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    I have a client with a very strange problem which I can replicate on several computers other than theirs. IE will open the website. You can close IE reopen and go back to the site. However if you click a link to website within a Word 2010 document or Excel spreadsheet IE gives an error that the page can not be displayed. If you then close IE and Word, reopen IE and try to go to the site it says page can not be displayed. If you wait apporx 30 min and try again IE will display the page. But if you reopen Word or Excel, click the link you get the same error again and IE will not open the page. This issue only happen with this particular site, no others. The other interesting part is once one computer on the network errors out no computer on the same network can access the site either for approx. 30 min.

    The same link works fine in Outlook. All computers are using Win7 64.

    I have a computer with Office 2003 on it and everything works fine.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

    A:Word Hyperlink Kills Website in Browser

    I would probably have to have a copy of the markup and the file in front of me. It seems like something is cached or a cookie is stored upon attempting to go to that page, because it doesn't make sense that the issue expires after approximately half an hour...wait, what?!

    The other interesting part is once one computer on the network errors out no computer on the same network can access the site either for approx. 30 min.

    This just blows me away... but I have a thought!
    Were all the several computers that you replicate the issue on tied to the same or similar networks as the initial one?

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    I'm using an old version of Office 97, and I was wondering why when I embed a hyperlink behind some text in Word, that action always seems to result in a change of the font of the foreground text (changes from Arial to Times New Roman). Is there something I can do in some Preferences/Options setting, or something, simply to have the font stay as originally configured?

    A:Solved: Embed a Hyperlink in Word - Font Changes?

    I both love it and hate when I solve my own problems, but I think this sequence is the solution to this issue:

    1. Choose the Style option from the Format menu. Word displays the Style dialog box.
    2. Use the List drop-down list (bottom left corner) to select the All Styles setting.
    3. In the list of styles, select the Hyperlink style.
    4. Click on the Modify button. This displays the Modify Style dialog box.
    5. Click on the Format button and choose Font from the resulting drop-down list. This displays the Font dialog box.
    6. Modify the font settings for your hyperlinks, as desired.
    7. Click on OK to close the Font dialog box. The Modify Style dialog box is still visible.
    8. Make sure the Add To Template check box is selected.
    9. Click on OK to close the Modify Style dialog box.
    10. Click on Close to dismiss the Style dialog box.

    I'm marking this one Solved - thanks and nice work . . . Chris!

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    Office 2007 Pro.
    i have a worksheet which has cells A1:C12 copied and pasted into word as RTF link.
    all is good and the numbers update as required.
    here is my problem.
    the 12 rows have data containing each month for the current year. now when we start a new year, i would like to insert a row in excel so that i can add each additional month. however, i do not want to have a bunch of extra rows to be used for just in case. then i need this extra row to show up in the word document for which it is linked.

    now here is the bigger problem.
    when i go to the word document and select update link, it will insert the new row i put in, but it will push the last row of the word document.

    how can i do this so that my all the rows that i want will be visible (i.e. not be pushed off).


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    I have many users setup to access a desktop
    shortcut to a folder which holds Word documents (indexes for Policies). Each index contains links to the actual policies. For one user however, when she opens a file containing the index, the links are not an underlined title (as it should be). Rather, she is seeing hyperlink\pathname stuff (text)...

    What's causing this and how do I get the link to be reflected as it should?

    A:{SOLVED}Word:Hyperlink not functioning properly

    Go to Tools, Options, View--is the "Field Codes" box checked? If so, uncheck it and the hyperlink should display (if that's the problem).

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    I recently followed Anne Troy's advice on changing multiple hyperlinks in a word document using the search and replace function after revealing Field Codes. That worked awesomely except for one thing. While the actual link goes to the correct place, the data in the yellow window that pops up still identifies the old link as does the edit hyperlink window. Have I missed a layer of updating this information? Just in case, I have saved the file and restarted Word to no avail.



    PS: this is my first time posting although I've used techguy significantly with past issues by referring to other forum posts.

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    Does anyone know how to turn off the auto insert hyperlink in Word? You know, when you type in a URL and want it to stay in plain text and not become a clickable hyperlink?

    A:How to turn off auto insert hyperlink in Word


    Tools > Autocorrect > Autoformat tab

    Unselect Replace Internet and network paths with hyperlinks

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    I'm using Vista and office 2007.

    All document are on a server Small business 2003.

    In word 2007 i insert hyperlink to link an Excel document. Only the path is show.

    How can i do to print the excel document automatically when i print the word document.

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    I've just started using hyperlinks in Word. I have a table in Word of links to my favorite folders, documents and bookmarks.

    Links to folders open the folder with the Navigation pane displayed. I can't seem to figure out how to open the folder without the Navigation pane displayed or if that's even possible. My thought was a switch in the "Edit Hyperlink" address window might work but so far no success. Thanks for your help!

    [edited 6/18/15]
    I'm thinking the answer lies somewhere in here. I will test and report back.

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    I originally posted in the Office Forum but hoping someone here has a fresh idea. Here the original forum post

    Word Hyperlink Kills Website in Browser

    A:Word Hyperlink kills connection to certian website

    Hi yes I saw the office thread,
    Very interesting,
    Any chance this machine added the site to it's safe sites zone ?
    Internet options/ Security/ Safe sites icon/ Sites button/ Remove it if it's listed.
    Add the site if it's not listed because you've tested on other machines,

    Unfortunately I have office 2007 and can't test the issue
    Never ran into any issues with links opening via doc... files,
    If I did it was because I uninstalled Chrome and the file type protocols got corrupted In the Uninstall,
    Might try this to reset all file type associations ?
    Default File Type Associations - Restore

    I did notice that the site is showing the comp-view icon on the top right of the url bar,
    You might try to clearing the comp-view list Microsoft downloads automatically and uncheck that option,
    When ie is open use Alt+TB uncheck use Microsoft comp-view lists,
    Which might be a common link between different machines and how ie operates ?
    Delete the browser history to remove all comp-view lists downloaded automatically,

    I did see this on validating the html,
    [Invalid] Markup Validation of http://www.sandrawalston.com/ - W3C Markup Validator
    I don't know if that is effecting or causing the issue but I just tripped over it

    Also I didn't notice which version of ie is being used,
    I'm still on ie10,

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    clicking on "file:///D:/UpToDate/contents/mobipreview.htm?3/4/3141" in excel redirect to browser but omits "file:///" &"?3/4/3141" portion from the hyperlink thus doesn't open in the browser. how can I let excel redirect file:// protocol without modifying the link
    I am cross posting due to time constrains and due to that no one is responding and due to the fact it is a difficult issue to resolve. and I promise when I get it solved I will notify you promptly.

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    I'm using hyperlinks in a word doc (2003) but when I try to edit the hyperlink so that the link has meaningful text instead, the link won't open. When I change the text, it gives me options of where to save the text on my computer and I think it's this that's the problem. Once I've changed text to display, it's 'looking' on my computer instead of on the net. Can anyone help with this? Hopefully quite soon as I've got a deadline on this doc and don't want to look like a numpty!

    Thanks very much

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    In Word 2007, Windows XP, all of a sudden when I open a hyperlink in a Word document using Ctrl click, the text format changes and I cannot change it back. The text font size gets bigger. It used to stay the same as the rest of the text. How can I stop this from happening? It is making me crazy! Thank you!

    A:Word 2007: Why does clicking a hyperlink change the text format?

    Look at this http://www.wordbanter.com/showthread.php?t=31198

    if you right click on the hyperlink and go to styles the select normal it will apply that stype to your hyperlink

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    In Word 2000 under Insert Hyperlink, Word maintains a listing of recent files or browsed pages that you can use to insert hyperlinks into your document.

    Is there someway to "flush" that list, when it become so long or so outdated as to begin to lose utility for the end-user? There must be some way to do that, since I noted that my files list (either at home or work) recently was zeroed out in the last couple of weeks or months.

    A:Deleting File Locations Under Insert/Hyperlink in Word 2000

    Okay, we have at least a partial answer to this question. Apparently if you flush your recently visited internet page history from your default browser, you will simultaneously delete the recently browsed pages under Insert > Hyperlink in Word 2000.

    We're still in the hunt for information on how to deleted a list of the file locations that is also retained under Word 2000. Other entries?

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    When you make a hyperlink there's a option of selecting email. Which then makes a box appear asking the me to insert the email address, subject line and body of text.

    what I would like to do is auto-populate the subject line with words written in the document--or---auto populate the subject line with the contents of a fill-in form field.

    Is this possible -- Oh i'm using Microsoft Word 2003.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    A:Solved: Auto populate subject line in word 2003 - hyperlink

    I figured it out!! I don't know how to remove the thread....

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    November 19, 2007

    I have a question in reference to my hyperlink formatting in previously saved "Word" documents and any new PDF attachments. I am using Windows XP on my Dell 4600 series, Pentium-4, home computer for homework.

    All my saved "word" documents show:
    { HYPERLINK http://www.jobsinri.com/seek/coresults2.aspx?co_num=9560}
    instead of correctly showing : BUILDERS SURPLUS

    I know you can point the cursor on the unformatted bracket hyperlink and then right-click to select "Remove Hyperlink"- which then returns it to the proper BUILDERS SURPLUS link. My question becomes is there a way to restore each document, the entire page(s) in one shot as opposed to selecting each hyperlink on every paragraph in one document manually? by repeating the manual process above?

    Somehow I managed to change the formatting on all my saved "Word" documents and PDF attachments in emails to Hyperlink bracket instead of the actual URL link in example above: BUILDERS SURPLUS . I have gone to Tools->"Autocorrect Options" then selecting "Auto format" & "Auto format as you type" and putting a checkmark in the "Internet and Network paths with hyperlinks" but that only solves my problem for new "Word" documents not previously "saved" ones on my computer.

    I appreciate any help and assistance in this tangled web that I have woven myself into.


    A:Hyperlink is auto formatted in document then I must manual remove hyperlink

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    Pleae help! I need quick help solving a problem with a word document that I converted into pdf. The problem lies in that when I convert the document into pdf, it loses some of the nice formatting which can be seen only in word!

    Please please help me.

    Thank you very much.

    A:PDF And Word Formatting

    In that case- simply scan the document and then convert rather than convert directly from a word document to pdf.


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    Hello and good morning everyone.

    I have a word document that is formatted in its own little way so that it can be printed into booklet form. I was hoping there was a way to get the formatting to get all the text out from the top left hand corner and into the full page again. I went into the page setup and putzed with the margins, but i couldnt locate anything that would also edit the way the tables that are in the document line up with the text. Am i missing something. Should i take margin formatting 101? anyone got some tips that might help, without me having to go into great detail with everything?

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    Everytime I try to type a document with MS Word 97 it tries to format the document for me. It wants to put a capital at the beginning of every sentence or paragraph and it wants to add bullets when I try to just format a document myself. How can I get Word 97 to give me a blank page with no formatting and let me use tabs or whatever I want to format the document?

    A:MS Word with No Formatting

    In Word 97, Tools - Autocorrect
    Set the option you want on the tabs there., mainly the Autocorrect and Autoformat tabs

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    Not solved. I recently updated the operation system on my Mac Book Pro to OS X 10.7.1. When I did this, I lost the formatting default for Microsoft Word for Mac. Every time I create a document now, I have to go into View>toolbar>Formatting>uncheck> go back and recheck>. A new menu bar shows up and I click Open>takes me to a dialogue box, >cancel. Once I have followed all these steps, I have a toolbar with all the elements I need for creating documents. (alignment, fonts, tables, highlights, etc...)

    How do I save the formatting so I don't have to do this each time I open a new document?


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    Hi does anyone know if it is possible to pre format a blank document so that all the headings and sub headings are standardised. This is to be used on the minutes of monthly meetings so that it can be typed up by anyone and achieve the same format every time.
    I hope I have explained it properly.



    A:MS Word formatting

    if this is post 2k, you should just be able to create the document the way you like, click file, click page set up, and click default at the bottom right. It will then ask you if you want to set that as the default, and click yes.

    let me know if that cuts it. If it doesn't, let me know what version of word you have.


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    top of the morning to you all, one of my teachers asked me this today, and i couldn't think of why it might happen. He has maths worksheets which he likes to type up at home, and he's really anal about everything being perfectly aligned and graphics being in just the right places, but when he gets to school and opens them up, the images have switched places and are located in different places. Both he and the school use Word 97. Any ideas why this might happen, or how to remedy to it? thanks,

    Christian K.

    A:Word 97 formatting

    Somebody doesn't have SR1 installed, methinks.

    He also leaves his graphics as "float over text". Suggest that he cut them and paste, and remove the float over text option. He can then place them in tables, align them with tabs and use other paragraph formatting on them.

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    I'm having a problem with Word 2000. What happens is I use styles and headings so that word will automatically create table of contents for me. The problem is sometimes it will not work. When I try to change the style it just wont take the change. Why is this.



    A:Word formatting

    What style is it that you're trying to change and what steps are you taking to change it?

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    I just installed a copy of Office 2003 on my new Windows 7 Pro machine in our office. We're transitioning all of our systems from XP to Win7.

    I'm experiencing a formatting issue with MS Word. When I use my Win 7 machine to open a file that I created on my XP machine, the formatting is very different. The paragraph spacing is 1.5+ and the fonts are called the same thing, but look a bit different.


    A:Word '03 Formatting from XP to Win 7

    Word 2003 is compatible with both Win 7 32 & 64-bit.

    Windows 7 Compatibility for Microsoft Office Word 2003 version 11: Microsoft. Drivers, Updates, Downloads

    Refer to this Tutorial to see if helps with your problem.

    Compatibility Mode

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    I have a table of contents that is showing roman numerals as page numbers. How can I alter this to show ordinary numbers?? Thanks!

    A:TOC Word 2000 Formatting

    Welcome to TSG!

    Put the cursor at the begining of the document, go to INSERT on the toolbar, choose PAGE NUMBERS, then click on the Format button in that dialogue box to bring up the Page Numbers Format box, at the top right you will see the number choices available to you - select the one you want.

    If this is unclear at all, or you want more info take a look at this link:


    All the best


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