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L450 - Lenovo power optimized power plan

Q: L450 - Lenovo power optimized power plan

Hi!I recently had to wipe my system and reinstall windows 10 on my Thinkpad L450. After the reinstall of windows, I had lost all of my Lenovo programs. Including the Lenovo Power Optimized power plan, which I really enjoyed using. Is there any way that I can get that power plan back?So far, I've tried to reinstall the Lenovo settings app, but it hasn't brought the power plan.I'm really hoping for an answer because the power plan gave me about 3 more hours of usage than the standard widnows power saver plan. Thank you in advance!Kind Regards,Jes

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Preferred Solution: L450 - Lenovo power optimized power plan

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: L450 - Lenovo power optimized power plan

Hi,I want the lenovo optimized power plan too. The battery life in my laptop has come down a lot after the Windows 10 upgrade. I used to get close to 7 hours. Now i'm getting only about 4 hours. Any suggestions for this?

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I have a recent DELL laptop:
Inspiron 7000 (Inspiron 17 7778 2-in-1),
Core i7, 16 Gb RAM, 128 GB SSD + 1TB HD...
Not a lot of programs and lots of space available.
In the last few months I have had a lot of poor performance issues. I finally figured out it is related to Windows 10 Power Plan. When set to "Power Saver", the performance is awful. The CPU is maxed to 0.80 GHz. So when browsing the net or looking at my picture gallery, the computer hangs, and it becomes impossible to use. If I change the plan to high performance, the computer behaves normally - fast!
And even if I change the plan to another plan (i.e. High Perf), the next time I restart or wake-up the computer, the "Power Saver" power plan is set back... Very frustrating. And as shows the image, it is not the "bolded" option in the list. What can be changing constantly that parameter??
I contacted DELL chat support and they asked me to re-install Windows! There is probably a better way to fix this. It looks to me as a DELL Driver conflicting with Windows. Also, my mother has an older DELL laptop on Windows 10 and she experiences the same issue...
Any help would be very appreciated!

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Hi guys, I'm new here and this is my first post. I have an Optiplex 745 running Windows 7 Professional. Normally in the advanced setting section of the power plan option I have the option to change the power state, however all of a sudden these options have just totally disappeared. Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

A:Missing power state controls in advanced power plan settings

What Power plan are you using ?

Balanced, Power Saver or High Performance ?

Also, run a System File Check

SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker

Use option 2

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I overclock my CPU by changing its FSB and I have scheduled (Task Scheduler) this script to run every time I logon to Windows. But I would like to schedule it to downclock when I pull the power cord and then overclock as I plug it back in. Is this possible? It would also be nice if Windows changed the power plan when switching between AC/battery.

A:How can I change power plan and run scripts based on power state?

Hello Apex,

I'm not sure it's possible to have Windows change power plans automatically like that.

However, if you like, you could use either tutorial below to help make it easier to manually switch between power plans whenever you like.Power Plan - Choose from Desktop Context Menu in Windows

Power Plan - Create Shortcut to Change Power Plan
Hope this helps some,

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I recently had graphics card problems and had to get my 8800GTS replaced. This took several weeks and now I'm running a 8800GT perfectly fine.

However, I've noticed my Power Options seem to be corrupt. Upon going into Power Options in the Control Panel, it says "Your power plan information isn't available."

I cannot understand why this has happened. I haven't touched any settings or anything to do with that. I have tried System Restore to an earlier point (before I got my new graphics card) and it didn't seem to help.

The help on the page says that registry keys may have become corrupt or been deleted. I'm not sure if this is the problem, but if it is how can I fix it? System Restore didn't help.

I would like to avoid doing a Repair with the Windows disc. I'm hoping there's an easier way to fix this problem. There has to be! I've been looking on Google and there is hardly anything on this problem. The very few people who do have it cannot seem to fix it, or used previous registry backups (which hasn't worked for me). There doesn't seem to be any resolutions from Microsoft at all.

I also tried using the "powercfg" commands in the command prompt, but didn't seem to have any luck there either.

I'll really appreciate any assistance! I cannot Hibernate or Sleep at the moment and it's a real inconvenience. I'd really like my Power Options back!

Thank you very much,


Edit: Oh, and I've used "sfc /scannow" to ch... Read more

A:Power Options Corrupt (power plan unavailable)

Well, I'm quite amazed not a single person has replied (funny how my other problem has gone unanswered too). Guess I must have very uncommon problems!

I'm glad to say I've managed to fix it though. As described on a website somewhere, someone else managed to fix it by restoring the registry keys associated with it.

I decided to export the ones on my mum's laptop, delete mine, and then import her's to mine. It seems to be working fine! All Power Options are back, I can change how my PC shuts down, and I can Sleep now! And this was all without a restart. I'm guessing I can Hibernate also; I'll find out when I want to turn my PC off later.

If anyone else has this problem and needs a copy of the registry keys, I can send you them (I believe they work regardless of the computer. I had concerns because it was a laptop, but it seems fine). I'd rather not post them publicly as I am not sure of the sensitivity of them.

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From Windows 98SE/2000/XP SP3 I always set my power settings as always on/never shut down (hard drive always on) with the exception of turn off display after 10 mins. Both my PCs are on for about 16-20 hrs each day and I always shut them down manually every night.

Now in Windows 7, I created a custom plan that basically more or less similar to the above, always on/never shut down/never sleep, turn off hard drive after 10000 mins (basically never off) except to turn off display after 10 mins.........well, last night I thought of trying out the "Balanced" (recommended) plan....and after 30 mins of inactivity, both my PC were off/shut down and I had to press the power/on buttons on both my PCs to bring them back (cause clicking the mouse/pressing any key on the KB wouldn't bring them back), is this normal or the way the Balanced plan supposed to work?

What's your or how you set your Power Options/Power plan settings on your Windows 7?

Thanks in advance.

A:Power Options/Power plan settings?

Balanced does turn your hdd and things off after 30 minutes(put it to sleep). Just go in there and change all the sleep things to never, or set them to 0 minutes. After you select your new plan, make sure your screensaver is on as well.

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I run Windows 7 (64-bit) on my laptop.

My laptop no longer gives me warnings when the battery is about to run out. I have been through the control panel settings, and the power warning is set to be on already in all power plans. What should I look to do next?

Also, today I noticed a new power plan - CyberLink Power Management - has appeared in my power plan options. This is not something I knowingly installed onto my computer. I have recently installed some Windows Updates, so I'm wondering could it be from one of them? Alternately, should I be worried about malware/etc?

A:Power Warnings/New Power Plan - Update or Something I don't want?

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I prefer to manually power down the monitor rather than rely on the "Turn off the display" setting in Power Plan Settings. Is there a major difference? Good, Bad, Ugly, das macht nichts? Any critical concerns I need be aware of?


A:Monitor Power Off vs Display Off via Power Plan

I don't know of any G/B/U. What ever way you choose.

I personally turn power off to my computer and everything plugged into it after a proper shut down.

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A few months ago I purchased a Teclast X98 Air 3G tablet.
The tablet worked fine and the huge battery power was a breeze to work with.
Always loaded to the full 100%, I could use the tablet for nearly 8 hours.

Until 2 weeks ago, when Windows 10 installed an update.
Now, the tablet will not load the battery more than 50%.
Nothing broken, but the Windows "Power Settings" menu gives only 1 option.
All the other options are gone.
There is an option to create a "New Power plan", but this option does not allow to change the battery charge level.

Can I get my old battery charge back?


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a)I change advanced power option too <<turn off hard disk never>> is that ok?
b)When i try to open my other hard disks E: and F: i get that loading thing,is that normal?
c)If i download something and set the computer to sleep mode the download it will continue or is stop?

A:Power plan

Quote: Originally Posted by panais

a)I change advanced power option too <<turn off hard disk never>> is that ok?
b)When i try to open my other hard disks E: and F: i get that loading thing,is that normal?
c)If i download something and set the computer to sleep mode the download it will continue or is stop?

A ok but will wear out hd faster
b if you mean the green line that is the index and normal
c-Will stop unless configured properly.

ken j

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Any changes you expert would recommend to the screenshots.


A:Power plan?

Here is a tutorial by Brink with this quote

Make changes to the power plan settings below to suite your needs. (See screenshots below)

Power Plan Settings - Change

There are also many more tutorial links under Related Tutorials

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I have a Hp 430 Laptop.
I installed Windows 8 Everything Fine till I installed Hp Power Manager now Hp power manager is not compaitable so i uninstalled it.

The problem is I cant see any of the power option listed anymore.
I have tried reinstalling and uninstalling Hp PPM many times with Revo but nothing seems to work
Using powercfg /l in cmd still list 3 plans any way I can get these Back.

A:Power Plan

Update I can create any new plans as well
This this what is shown in cmd when i run powercfg /L

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.2.9200]
© 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Windows\system32>powercfg /l

Existing Power Schemes (* Active)
Power Scheme GUID: 381b4222-f694-41f0-9685-ff5bb260df2e *
Power Scheme GUID: 8c5e7fda-e8bf-4a96-9a85-a6e23a8c635c (High performance)
Power Scheme GUID: a1841308-3541-4fab-bc81-f71556f20b4a (Power saver)

powercfg /restoredefaultschemes is not working tooo

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As title suggests, what power plan do you normally use on Windows 8? Do you switch between power plans depending on the situation at hand?

I run Balanced most of the time, since my AMD CPU has Cool'N'Quiet technology, then switch over to High Performance when gaming.

A:What Power Plan do you use?

I start with balanced, but I customize for my needs. I don't let it sleep or power down the hard drives or hibernate, and I tweak the monitor poweroff settings. Other than that, I leave it as is.

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so i tried changing power plan settings in one user and its changed in the other user
how to let power plan have a separate one for each user

using windows 7 home premium or ultimate

also chose what the power button does settings deferent for each user

A:how to let power plan do this

Hi, Welcome to Seven forums.

Unfortunately, this cannot be accomplished. It is by design.
However you may search the internet for third party tool to change the power plan automatically.

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As title suggests, what power plan do you normally use on Windows 8? Do you switch between power plans depending on the situation at hand?

I run Balanced most of the time, since my AMD CPU has Cool'N'Quiet technology, then switch over to High Performance when gaming.

A:What Power Plan do you use?

I start with balanced, but I customize for my needs. I don't let it sleep or power down the hard drives or hibernate, and I tweak the monitor poweroff settings. Other than that, I leave it as is.

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hi all,
i just recently noticed that my laptop does not have a 'balanced' power plan. It only has: 'HP optimized, high performance and power saver'. Does anyone know why 'balanced' isn't available?

A:no balanced power plan

Quote: Originally Posted by pain55

hi all,
i just recently noticed that my laptop does not have a 'balanced' power plan. It only has: 'HP optimized, high performance and power saver'. Does anyone know why 'balanced' isn't available?

HP replaced it with its own.

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Recently got Windows 7 machine and gradually getting it to the way I want it.
However the balanced power plan which was fine at the start has ceased to work. All options appear available but selecting a change and saving produces no change to the actual performance of the PC - it simply keeps going.

Is this a known issue with 7? Any advice will be appreciated.

A:Power Plan not functioning

The factory preinstall may have added to the Power Plan to cause it to malfunction. All of the factory bloatware and useless utilities burden Win7 from being the featherlight, instantaneous OS it is meant to be.

Try running SFC /SCANNOW Command - System File Checker to see if it needs repairing.

If that fails, consider a Repair Install by finding an installer for your version to copy, or to unlock all versions. If you have SP1 you'll need to slipstream SP1 into the ISO using this method: Slipstream Windows 7 SP1 into a Installation DVD or ISO File

I have good results running Repair Install on even the most bloated factory preinstalls, however you might want to consider if you find an installer getting the best perfromance out of Win7 by clean reintsalling without the factory bloatware and useless factory Utilities which have better versions built into Win7: re-install windows 7

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I am not sure if this showed up after SP1 or IE9 since I pretty installed the at the same time, but towards the bottom it not says Internet Explorer, expand the + button and you get Java Script Timer Frequency.

What made me aware of this is that when I woke up this morning my laptop was shitdown and the battery was at 5%. It should have been sleeping like a baby all night like it usually does. Now I have a laptop that's been up all night and it;s going to be a bitch all day to deal with

Anyone else notice this?

A:New Feature In The Power Plan.

I am not quite sure what you are talking about? Do you mean a plus button on IE9? The only one I see is the one which changes the zoom level.??

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Can some one PLEASE help
Ok, so i just got a new labtop with vista and everything was working great. Im not sure what i did, but i can't modify my power settings. When i try to change my power plan settings it says that my power plan info isnt available. I then go to the FAQ part and it says
"If your computer is part of a network at an organization—such as a school, government agency, or business—your organization's system administrator might have made certain settings unavailable or even removed them by using Group Policy. Group Policy is a feature of Windows that lets system administrators manage users' access to Windows features.
If you think that Group Policy is preventing you from changing a setting that you need to access, contact your system administrator."

I have NO idea what this means.. this is my personal computer and is not part of any newtworks. I then tried to change my account type to "standard user" so i could fix the problem, but my computer won't let me. I even created a new user account and made that one a standard user but it didn't fix the probelm. How do i gain access to my power plan so i can modify it???

If anyone at all needs more info to solve the problem just ask and i'll do my best to help you.

A:can't access power plan

Hello jesse14, welcome to Vista forums!

The first place to start would be to have a look at this tutorial at the link below.

System Restore - How to

Just restore to a date before the problem occurred.

Keep us informed!

Later Ted

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I'm running Win7Pro 64bit in a Tecra R840 laptop. My power planning regarding LCD brightness is 40% if running on batery and 100% if plugged in.

The problem is that, for some reason, I can't keep these settings and Windows (?) change it to 40% on batery and plugged in. Example: I change settings to 100% if plugged in (and my laptop is plugged in). The brightnes is at 100%. Then I shut down and start with batery. Brightness is 40%. Everything ok until now...but if I plugged in again the brightness will stay at 40% and if I go to power options I can see that the plugged in option changed to 40%!!!!

Any help will be appreciated.


A:Power plan - do not keep settings!

Do you click Save Settings after changing them?

If you run HD Tune it will mess with power settings.

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My problems is that I can NOT seem to get any of the Power Plans to stay active after I restart the PC. The settings remain active after I set them e.g. screen off after 2 hours...Hard Disk to sleep after 2 hours.. Once I turn off the PC it reverts to the system default.
I am running a new Asus Formula Extreme VI Z87 + the New Haswell i7 4770K with Windows 8 Pro 64 bit..
I have checked for problem files, there are none..I am set up as the administrator.
Is there a setting in the Asus UEFI that can be causing this? Any help would be great

A:Power Plan is Windows 8 Pro

Boot into Setup (UEFI Bios) Go to the Extreme Tweaker tab/Overclocking Presets/CPU Power Management

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Many of the guides on this forum recommend setting the Vista power plan to "High Performance".

After some research, I've found that the Balanced Power Plan is equal, if not better, in performance while also saving power.

Instead of copy everything over to this thread, I recommend you read my info here:

Power Plan Controversy - Notebook Forums and Laptop Discussion

Please feel free to post your comments.


A:Power Plan Controversy

Benchmarking is a controversial matter in itself. Benchmarking tests should not be taken without a grain of salt. Not to mention that this person writes himself that the difference between High Performance and Balanced is not supposed to be a significant one as far as performance goes, rather Balanced is supposed to preserve battery life over time.

Personally, I like to tweak everything and anything I can on my computer, so power plans was one of the first things I touched. I noticed that one of the biggest factors in the battery life and performance was the minimum and maximum CPU level % (and screen brightness on laptops, but I have keyboard keys to change that). I personally made all the power plans conserve power whenever possible, and added some additional plans for different uses. I currently have six power plans, and I switch between them all the time (I have shortcuts for each of them).

If you really worry about the power plan of your computer - go look at the advanced settings of your power plans. You shouldn't rely on a standard power plan that comes built in with the OS.

Other than that, I believe there are too many factors to consider when trying to measure power plans' performance - the different values of the plans and the use of the computer.

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hi, everyone,

I am sort a newbie, and I joined the forum just recently. I need help with what I think is a Vista problem.

I just installed Vista CR 1 on a Intel Pentium D 3.00GHz computer, with a new Maxtor Hard drive. (No previous OS installed.)

With 30 min of inactivity, the computer goes to sleep, even if I change all the power plans (balanced, power saver and high performance). I even tried to put all on 'never put computer to sleep' option, to no avail. Every time I come back to the computer, there's the dark screen again, with the hard disk light blinking once every second!

In addition, I have to restart the computer with the front reset button, sometimes twice, because it won't wake up with any keystroke! Any suggestions?


A:power plan problem

Having the same problem. Turned sleep option off on both hard drive and monitor.

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It's been 5 days since this annoying bug started, i can't watch even an 11 minute long video without even standing to move the mouse or press a key to turn on the monitor, why? Because my monitor keeps turning off every 10 minutes when i'm idle even when i'm playing videos. I changed the power plan setting "Turn off the display" in 1 minute, but it never works, i tried changing it to an hour but still persist to turning off every 10 minutes or so. I also tried changing almost everything in the advance settings and yet nothing happens. There are no screen savers on and i also tried command lines to change them and also removing the usb mouse and keyboard. Has anyone experienced this before? would appreciate the help, i tried almost everything i see on google already.

A:Power Plan changes not applying.

Welcome to the forums neofury!

Excuse me for asking this, but you are clicking "save" when you finish, correct? Also what power plan are you using?

Have you tried using the Powercfg.exe tool? Set the plan/settings you want then click Start > All Programs > Accessories. Right click on Command Prompt and Run as administrator. When the command box/window comes up type Powercfg -setactive Scheme_GUID and press enter.

Hope this helps.

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Sometimes on power on, I have no screen, absolutely nothing, but the led of camera lights up, only no screen.Sometimes this happens on reboot, everything works ok, but when the system power off and then reboot, no screen. Only backlight.What can I do?

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All i have on my 920 is balanced, no option to change to a different setting like power saving or performance, is this correct ?thanks

A:Lenovo yoga 920 no 'power saver' option under power settings

AIUI, Windows 10 comes with Balanced. You can create as many other power profiles as you like and name them anything you want. It's a great way to experiment as you can always go back to "balanced." 

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I have mostly used the Lenovo T series laptops.  At times I would have to unplug the power cord, pull the battery and push down on the power button to discharge power.  When lenoved came out wid models like the T480s that had a built in battery, they added a pin hole on the bottom that would simulate pulling the battery.  I can not locate any pinholes on the Lenovo L580.  Is there a way to discharge the power or simulate pulling that battery on this model?

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How are you I hope you all good

I want to show more than 2 power plan in windows 7

I saw pic on internet that have 3 power plan

How to edit and show all power plans in windows 7

I mean I want to show Balanced & power saver and high performance

not show 2 only for example balanced & high performance

A:Show more than 2 power plan in windows 7

Hi go to control panel power options and under the last option look for show additional plans click on the words

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I have a Dell M4400 laptop with Windows 7 (32 bit) installed (an update install over Vista). Everything works beautifully except the power plan maintenance. Anywhere within the power configuration section of the control panel, where the system will let you adjust any of the power plans results in the following error...

You're power plan information is not available

It is a dead end. There is, subsequently, no way to adjust any of the power settings. I have struggled with this for a few days with no luck. Thanks in advance for anyone that can shed some light on this.

A:[SOLVED] power plan information not available??

Hi. I have the very same problem. I am a newbie to this Forum. Did you get an answer?

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First, hope this is the right forum to post this issue .....

Has anyone had any luck seeting up one power plan that will successfully hibernate on a set time-out when you are running on batteries, and sleep on a set time-out if you are running on wall power. When I try setting up a plan that way at some point it will not seem to ever hibernate. I have followed the power plan tutorials herein (which are detailed and quite helpful) I think pretty much to the T.

To make my system hibernate consustently on a time-out it seems that I have to have it hibernate when on batteries, and hibernate when on wall power( which I prefer it to sleep). You can't have it do both (hibernate from batteries, and sleep if you are on wall power). At least that seems to be the case with my inconsistent power plan performance.

Hopefully I have explained this so it makes sense.

A:Hibernation and Sleep Within a Power Plan

Do both sleep and hibernate appear in the Advanced power options lists for your laptop?

Try setting sleep at one minute and hibernate at 3 minutes to test both modes.

If either fail to appear then it is a graphics driver issue.

if they fail to trigger then it can be many things, first suspect is wake timers in Power Mgmt. tab of mouse and keyboard drivers.

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I have a Dell XPS 13 and the F3 button has a battery sign on it. Pressing it brings up some battery meter property which does not really help as a day-to-day shortcut. Is there any way I can change that to toggling between two of my Power Plans ("Power Saving, High Performance") each time I press?

A:Switching Power Plan Shortcut

Hello Fridmund, and welcome to Eight Forums.

The tutorial below can help show you how to create shortcuts that will change the power plan to what you like. It's the same in Windows 8.

Power Plan - Create Shortcut to Change Power Plan - Windows 7 Help Forums

Hope this helps,

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If it possible to change your power plan autmatically when your cpu gets hot with a command line exe?

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Hi folks, I'm looking for some help with a minor annoyance. I often find myself working with my laptop, plugged into AC power, finishing my session with a hibernate (my default action after closing the lid) then waking it up on battery power. In this situation, i can tell that once the lappy comes out of hibernate, the power plan still thinks the computer is plugged in (biased on screen brightness, processor load, ect.) I can fix it easily by toggling between power plans in my system tray, but it's still annoying. Anyone have an automatic fix?


A:Power Plan Issue After Hibernate

Welcome to the Seven Forums!

Check to see that your video drivers are up to date. They control much of the sleep/hibernation process.

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I have this problem here:

and its not at all clear how to address it.
While poking around, I found the following in Device Manager:

which may, or may not, be related to the above problem. I disabled the Microsoft Composite Battery, as it was taking an error when enabled. Neither state affected the previous problem, however I might guess that fixing this might affect the original problem.
Any help you can provide, on either problem, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Hi There,
I'm using Windows7 pro 64bit, I've a problem with power plan setting, when the display off there's a weird sound on my CPU (clicking noise). This sound only appear when display off from power plan for just 1-2 minutes.
1. Windows7 and all of device drivers are up to date.
2. If I choose power plan to balance, sleep mode doesn't work, when I choose Power Saver, sleep mode is working but my pc performance is very slow.
This is the sound, (the noise on the background is a sound of my cpu fan): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B57MVW9l891IWHhUdU92QnNjYkE/view?usp=sharing
Does anyone know what sound is this?
Thank you :)

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I was on a balanced power plan on my laptop while streaming on Netflix from my xbox. I couldn't get on any site on the laptop but I was able to use my iphone.

On a hunch I switched to high performance and it works. Not sure if there is a relationship between power and the wifi on my laptop.

A:Power Plan Affecting WiFI?

go into advanced setting of your power plan - it may allow your wifi to turn off to save power

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Hi can anyone help with this?

Had to do a rebuild on my pc, before rebuild, on power settings option I could set timeout for screen and put the computer to sleep.

After the rebuild Put the computer to sleep is greyed out and will take no changes.

PC is on a domain, I am an admin, yet it keeps saying it may be a group policy, but Dammit I'm an admin..... Any suggestions?

A:Power saving plan problem

Hi, this is usually because you need to update your chipset drivers for your motherboard. A clean install of windows doesn't always provide drivers that exploit the full capability of the hardware. I had a Desktop unit that showed this exact same behaviour after a fresh install of Xp. Just needed to go to the mobo manufacturers website to get the drivers.

Windows update might find them automatically - worth a go.


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Hi so is there any way to remove old not needed advanced entries in the windows 8.1 power plan settings. here is a picture of what i'm talking about. highlighted in red is what i don't need anymore any way to remove it?.

A:how to remove entry's in win 8.1 power plan

Hey Tony,

The "AlienFX" power option in your screenshot is one added by the OEM for your Dell Alienware.

If you can export and upload your registry key below, I'll be happy to take a look at it to see which entry may be for this, and create a .reg file that'll remove it for you.


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Hi ,
i cant be able to change default power plan (that will active on startup). I select a custom power plan but when restart it starts with [Balanced (Recommended)]. Can i change this ?

A:Changing Default Power Plan

Once you change the power plan, are you clicking on save?

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Hello, I've reinstalled windows vista in my Inspiron 1525. But I noticed that the power plan running is not dell recommended. Is there any option to get back the power plan? Can anyone help me? Please sdg

A:How can I reinstall dell power plan?

Apparently not.

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When I attempt to change power plan settings of any of the 3 plans available (Balanced, High Performance, or Power Saver) I get the message "Your power plan settings are unavailable".  I used a system restore point from about 30 days ago to attempt to solve this.  The settings were available until I ran windows update and applied the updates.  The problem then returned.  The system is an old desktop system.

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Are these the correct defaults for Balanced Power Plan as shown in the attached shots?


A:Balanced Active Power Plan?

Those are the settings that I see when I click on the link named "Restore default setting for this plan".

So, I guess the answer to your question is: yes.

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Always get a message "Your power plan information isn't available". I can change the plan (normal one is Balanced) and I can see it change (radio buttons that is), but I can never look at any plan itself. System is shutting off the monitor (video that is) and there is no way to change the timing since I can't see the plan. I can even add a custom plan (again can't change values) and it will be the default. I regedit and see all of the three plans and their (guid) and it matches exactly what MS says the default values should be in all three normal plans. I can even reset the plans to their original using powercfg and I know this works since this deletes my custom plan and only the three main plans (Balanced, High Performance, and Power Saver) are there with exactly what MS states. I just can't display and change any plan. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am stumped!!! PS: I can get the monitor back on by hitting any key. i am just puzzled why my system will not display the power plan information. It IS there.

A:Trying to change Power Plan details

Hello 1OldTech, welcome to sevenforums.

Can you please post a screen shot of your Power settings?

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Is there a way to get Vista to automatically change power setting plans depending whether a laptop is on mains or battery?

I want to run mine on high performance when plugged in but on balanced when using the battery. I know I can manually change which plan to use, but surely there must be a way to get Vista to recognise which power supply it is using and change settings accordingly.

A:Automatic power plan change?

Normally, it is done automatically!

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