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Internal smart card reader

Q: Internal smart card reader

Im having problems with my smard card reader. If I insert a SD card into it. It asks me to format it, but its already formatted and works fine in another reader. Reader reads another type of cards well, only SD cards aint working. And im using SD not SDHC, so that cant be the problem.
Thanks in advance

Preferred Solution: Internal smart card reader

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Internal smart card reader


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Who makes an internal smart card reader for desktop PC's that will run with Windows 98 first edition? I have seen them at Tiger Direct with USB hubs but they need second edition. I'm sure I saw some simpler ones a while back.

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I'm looking for a Smart Card reader and USB hub combination to fit in a 5.25 bay. I found one but it requires three internal USB ports. I have those on my Asus A7V card. It also needs to Win98se to work. I have the first edition and had some trouble once trying to use the internal USB ports while connecting my current USB hub. It sounds like 98se supports the feature. Are there any simpler products or a nifty solution of PCI cards and such?

A:Internal Smart Card Reader

What do you mean by niftier? If you have USB on the motherboard as well as the smart card connector (which the A7V has) why would you want to go out and buy another one? Go to SOYO's web site, they have bays for smart card and USB in one unit.

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I'm using Win 7 64bit and I can't get it to see the Akasa InterConnect Internal Smart Card Reader. If this isn't compatible with Win 7 64bit, does anyone please know of an Internal Card Reader that can read HDSC cards?

A:Akasa InterConnect Internal Smart Card Reader

I don't know about the Akasa model, but this is what I have on my system. It works perfectly in all of my installed OSes, and can read/write SDHC cards.

Sweex - My Digital Life

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I think this is somewhat a studpid question.Does my ThinkPad T450 have a smart card reader? It looks like this: http://www3.pcmag.com/media/images/467768-lenovo-thinkpad-t450s.jpg?thumb=yAnd I don't know how to find out.

A:Do I have smart card reader?

Go to SUPPORT (above) and enter your MT-M (like 20BW-Z0CJUS as an example) but without spaces or hyphens in the search box.  It should give a list of features in "machine info".
Alternatively enter your MT-M here:  Parts Lookup for a very detailed bill of materials.

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hello, i would like to activate smart card reader on my hp elitebook, SC is on bord but what drivers should i install to recognize my card? operation system is: windows 7 64 bit andubuntu 16.04  

A:smart card reader

Hi, For Windows 7, please try (Security software section):    http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=4097215&swLangOid=8&swEnvOid=4060 Regards.

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I get it, you can use a smart card to log in, encrypt/decrypt etc. But is there anytning else you can use it for?Thanks

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Has anyone attempted to add a smart card reader to an existing P50 (Type: 20FL)?  In doing some research online, I found that part number 00UR884 listed.  I ended up chatting with Lenovo Support and they provided a different part number, 04X5393 (which also has a substitute listed, 00HW553). I found the following set of directions, https://support.lenovo.com/us/en/documents/PD101157 I'm curious if anyone found these instructions difficult to follow and which part number you ultimately ordered (I assume they all come with the cable).  They look like they are in the $35 range for price. Thanks, john

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I have a "SanDisk Ultra CompactFlash" 4GB card and an internal card reader (HP desktop). When I insert the card into the reader, the green light above the slot turns on as if it recognizes the device, but it doesn't show up. Device Manager says that the driver is installed and working properly, and I have uninstalled it, reinstalled it, and restarted my computer. A system restore isn't really an option because it isn't my computer.

Any idea how I can fix this? Could it matter that I'm not on the Admin account on the computer?

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Can someone tell me how to troubleshoot whether a driver is not working that allows a camera memory card when inserted into the computer slot to download pictures to my documents.
The icon has dissapeared again, and the only one showing is my scanner.
I used to show several ports and H just happened to be for my camera memory card.
I corrected the problem last week, but can't remember where I went to find the problem.
I remember seeing a yellow mark over one of several items.
I remember removing and re installing but can't find where it is.
Thanks for the help

A:Smart Card Reader Not Working

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 So I got my P50 with a smart card reader thinking it was the same thing as an SD card reader. I turned out to be wrong. Anyway, I was wondering if there's an accessory or part I can order to fill in the slot while a card is not in there; I don't want dust, particles, etc. getting into what amounts to a whole in the machine.

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I've got a couple different CAC readers which I'd use to access various USAF web pages; however, I can't get Vista 64 to actually install them. I plug in the reader and Vista can't find the drivers. I have a disk with the drivers, and even when I guide Vista to the exact location of the driver folder, it claims there are no drivers and cannot install. Anybody had any luck getting Vista 64 to install smart card reader drivers? Thanks!

A:CAC reader drivers? (smart card)

Hello msdunkel,
i dont have anything to do with smart cards but i found this on another site, i dont know if it will solve your problem but give it a go, would you please post your results, good luck.

Something new with Vista... It operates a lot like Windows Server 2003/2008. To get the card reader going you should go to the "Control Panel", "Administrative Tools", "Services" and scroll down to "Smart Card". Make sure that it is started. Set it to "Automatic" in it's properties. Smart card use is not always automatic granted for users in Server or Vista

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I purchased my HP through a 3rd party used which was working great. Then one day during a reboot I came across a black POST screen appears, RAM testing starts to count up and then I see and error about "system options not set". After less than a second, a blue window in the middle of the screen displays the message "smart card authentication" and below that, "smart card reader not present". From a bit of reading it seems like a BIOS problem but I can't figure out how to really reset the CMOS and get things working again. I've tried removing the CMOS jumper and booting the system, removing the power cord and CMOS battery for 10 minutes none of which has worked. Is there any way to bypass this to reboot my computer?I love this machine and would like to keep and I hope there is a fix that I havent found yet so I amy continue to use it.

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Im working on a friends computer. It is an HP and has a smart card reader. I can't find drivers. Any ideas? The computer is a a6137c When I look at devide descriptions is says HP ProtectTools serial smart card reader. How can i tell if it's a hardware instead of software problem?

A:Smart Card reader drivers

You did not give a lot of information, but this site is for smart card readers.
If I have the wrong model, just play around with the site until you get to the appropriate model
HP 2133 Mini-Note PC*-* SCR33x USB Smart Card Reader Driver - HP Business Support Center
If my suggestion of of no value, here is a page that may help

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So I got my P50 with a smart card reader thinking it was the same thing as an SD card reader. I turned out to be wrong. Anyway, I was wondering if there's an accessory to fill in the slot while a card is not in there; I don't want dust, particles, etc. getting into what amounts to a whole in the machine.

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This page describes how to install a smart card reader in the T540p: https://support.lenovo.com/be/en/solutions/pd029718 Is there a way to order the parts for in Europe? What are the part ids?

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Hi Folks

I have recently upgraded from Me to XP - with no regrets at all. However there is one piece of equipment I have that simply will not work (the XP installation report DID tell me about this!)

I have a USB Smart/Flash Combi Card reader that I use in the main for bringing pictures in from my digital camera (which, although very good, doesn't use the USB port - it uses either Smart media or - you've guessed - the serial port (aaaarrrrgggghhhhh). Hence the purchase of a seperate USB Card reader.

Now as I see it I have 2 options;

1 - upgrade the USB reader drivers;
2 - purchase a new USB card reader for XP

I have looked around for drivers with no luck, so I guess I will have to purchase a new card reader. Anyone have any recommendations?



A:[Solved] USB Smart Card Reader for XP

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Hey, is there anyone here who has experience in linking VFP application to a USB smart card reader?

I have a smart card reader and once the card is inserted into the card reader, I have to click on a button on the VFP app to activate the reading of the card. Can someone give me some help on how I could create an app whereby the program will know by itself that a card has been inserted and then start reading the card?

Tq and if you need further info please let me know.



Hi ctky,

What USB smart card reader do you have? Mine cost about $35.

I have a digital concepts smart card reader, and when I insert the smart card from my digital camera, it automatically brings up an app to select what to do which I select store digital photos onto hard disk or something like that - i.e. there is no separate VFP app involved as it is programming into the smart card reader to recognize over a dozen or so various smart cards and trigger the selection of what to do.

From the sound of it, your smart card reader is not capable on its own to know what to do, and clicking on the VFP app may be the only thing you will be able to do, unless you get a more capable one.

-- Tom

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I am running XP with SP 2 (installed OK after I turned off AVG and ZA).
I have a Nikon Coolpix 3200 digital camera and a San Disk 128mb SD card. I have installed the Nikon software without difficulty. My PC has a 'card reader' slot on the front along with the USB ports. When I put the sd card in the reader and try to transfer the images the Nikon software tells me that 'there is no memory card in the connected camera or the card reader'. The sd card does not show up in the 'removable storage' on 'My Computer'. I have not been able to locate the card reader in 'device manager', although I am not really sure what to look for!
There is not any problem transferring the images via the USB cable so the problem does not seem to be with the sd card. The forum on the fujitsu (my PC is a fujitsu) site is not currently up and running due to maintenance and the instructions supplied with the PC are not any help.
Any ideas on how to get the card reader working or how to check that it is ok? Thank you

A:[B]Internal card reader wont recognise sd card[/B]

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I have an internal card reader which i have used since computer was bought
I have always just opened my computer and selected drive
Now they are gone.
I have tried computer managment and cant find them
yet i haven't done anything
I have tried system restore to before i lost them
with no luck
I have tried updating driver
no luck
I'm lost at sea

A:internal card reader

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I've searched for info on this topic but cannot get the direction I need so I'll post a question. I have a Dell Optiplex 330 a little more than a year old. I want to add an internal card reader so I can read CF, SD and other cards primarily from digital cameras. I bought one but it had a 4 or 5 pin USB connector on it and the only open connector on my motherboard is a SATA receptacle - no USB connections available.

The question is, are there internal card readers with a SATA connection available? Any input would be helpful. Thanks.

A:Internal card reader

No there aren't, at least that I know of. Just get a PCI-E 1x USB add-on card and plug it in that. Example: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815283014
Or if you (only) have free PCI slots: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815124008 Cheaper and does the same job...

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I have a built in multi-card reader, seems to work fine. It shows up as 4 drives "G, H, I, J", and I only use "G". Is there a way to hide the other 3? Is there a way to change the drive letter(s)? Right clicking doesn't seem to give this option.

A:Internal Card Reader

Quote: Originally Posted by tcat7

I have a built in multi-card reader, seems to work fine. It shows up as 4 drives "G, H, I, J", and I only use "G". Is there a way to hide the other 3? Is there a way to change the drive letter(s)? Right clicking doesn't seem to give this option.

Good morning tcat, use the following steps:Go to desktop
Where you see "My Computer" right click
You will see a drop down menu.
Left click on Management
A new dialog box will display
Look for Hard drives and click on it
You will see all drives listed.
Change your devices accordingly.

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After upgrading my Vista Business SP2 (32-bit) to Windows 7 Ultimate RC (32-bit) my Broadcom USB smart card reader does not work any longer (Dell Latitude E6400 with built in smart card reader). The newest available driver from dell support was already tested (Broadcom, driver date 09/23/2008, version, digitally signed WHQL, released by dell in March 09), but the device can not start (Error code 10) with Windows 7. With the Microsoft WUDF Driver (Usbccid, driver date 06/21/2006, version 6.1.7100.0) the device starts but whenever I insert my smart card an additional device is detected (other device - smart card) but no driver found - Error message is: The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28). What else can I try to get this reader working again (with vista sp2 the smart card reader was working fine with the broadcom driver)?

A:Broadcom USB Smart Card reader not working

I have the same problem with my E6400 64 bit.Dell should have the drivers for it but i don't see them on the website
I think there are several packages you need to install to get this to work.http://support.dell.com/support/downloads/driverslist.aspx?os=W764&osl=EN&catid=-1&impid=-1&servicetag=&SystemID=LAT_E6400&hidos=WLH&hidlang=en&TabIndex=ControlPoint Security Driver PackControlPoint System ManagerControlPoint Security ManagerDo you have the latest version of all of these installed?zokyn/andy_power - As Ronnie suggested, please go into device manager and find the Hardware ID for the your smartcard readers, then post them here.  Also post the make/model of your PC's.  I'll see if I can help you track down drivers.Thanks,MarkWant to know if your hardware will work on Windows 7? Check out these links:
**Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor
**Microsoft Logo'd Hardware List**

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Hi, I have just recieved my brand new Portege Z30 a few days ago.
I am trying to use the Smart Card reader for my Spanish ID (DNIe) and seems not to be working.
When I insert the card as it says in the Users Manuel, it doesn't happen anything.
Do I need to "actuvate" de SC reader somehow?

(DNIe needs an SC reader compatible with ISO7816, as the one installed in my laptop seems to be)

A:Portege Z30 - Smart Card Reader seems not to be working

Usually you must not ?activate? anything. Check card reader status in device manager please. Is everything OK there?

Be sure you use compatible card and it is inserted properly.

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So, I ended up here because I didn't know what else to do. I have a problem with my Smart Card Reader(ID-Card). Windows doesn't let me install drivers for it manually, neither did it install them automatically. It all happened after updating Windows to the Anniversary Update. I tried to reinstall drivers, "Repair My Computer" with Windows disk(which didn't work for some reason) and used USB 2.0 and 3.0 to test whether it's the port problem. Also, manual installation gave me an error: "This operation requires an interactive window station."
Can anyone here help me? I need to use smart card reader every day, to be honest.


A:Smart Card Reader driver problem

Are you sure you've got the right driver? Have you checked the manufacturers website yet? If there are no suitable drives you might want to try compatibility mode.

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Hi I used to have an MS 7091 Motherboard which had a smart card reader connector on the board, have now got an Asrock N68C-S UCC motherboard and was wondering if someone new how I would be able to somehow connect the card reader to my Asrock motherboard. I still have Advent AirXL case that the MS mothherboard was in. Thanks

A:Solved: smart card reader probs

I think your motherboard was build for Medion who unfortunately don't conform to regular standards with their connections. A card reader would normally connect to a USB connector on the motherboard but the Medion has a different one, so I would just get another card reader and connect to USB socket on your Asus board.

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windows 7 driver managerment display: smart card,no drivers


but "USB Key smart Card Reader" works fine.

A:Gemplus USB Key smart Card Reader question?

Quote: Originally Posted by moreal


windows 7 driver managerment display: smart card,no drivers


but "USB Key smart Card Reader" works fine.

Which one was the question?

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Hi, I'm new here - first post. Recently bought used W541 - all options except Smart Card Reader, so I bought new cable and used reader (FRU 04X5560). Installed them, but reader seems not working - could be out of order, but before search for another one just to ask if I'm missing something? In bios is Enabled, I've downloaded the driver from Lenovo support page, installed it but still no progress - can't see it in Device Manager. Search for new hardware does not detect anything. Tried to Disabled and Enabled it from BIOS - no change. Does any one have an idea why the official driver is for "Alcor SmartCard Reader Driver"? I read it should appear under same name in Device Manager. On my other ThinkPads (T430, T510, T530) is listed as "Integrated Smart Card Reader". I Google it, but seems no any threads about this problem. Any help or guidness is appretiated.  Thanks in advance!

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Hello. I bought the smart card reader 04X5393 with cable 00JT989  and put it in my new T470s (20HG), now I see SCR in BIOS and it?s Enabled, but in Device Manager there is nothing.Is there anyone who could help me?

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Hello. I bought the smart card reader 04X5393 with cable 00JT989  and put it in my new T470s (20HG), now I see SCR in BIOS and it?s Enabled, but in Device Manager there is nothing.Is there anyone who could help me?

A:Thinkpad T470s and smart card reader


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Hi, i just added an internal usb 8 in 1 card reader to my setup, that is designed for winME that I'm running and requires no drivers. It works fine but causes a 2 minute delay to the boot process. Is that normal? Nothing is marked as wrong in device manager but it seriously slows the startup down when connected. Any advice?

For your info the pc is an old williamette p4 1.5 on an intel 850gb mobo that is not usb 2.0 capable, but the reader is supposed to be backward compatible so that shouldnt be the problem.


A:internal 8 in 1 card reader problem

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I have a computer with an internal 6 in 1 flash card reader. It is supposed to read SD, CF etc. cards. Sometimes when I boot up, the drives do not show up in Windows Explorer and other times they show as "Removable Disk (K)" etc. Clicking View/Refresh in Windows Explorer does not always solve the problem. With external card readers, I would just pull the card out and put it back and It would be recognized. Obviously, this does not work with internal USB connections.

Another, probably related, problem occurs when the drives show up in Windows Explorer but Windows fails to recognize the flash card when it is inserted. Again, View/Refresh does not solve this problem.

I'm using Windows XP Pro SP2 and all updates. Any suggestions? Anyone with a similar problem?

A:Internal Card Reader Recognition

Sometimes when I boot up, the drives do not show up in Windows Explorer and other times they show as "Removable Disk (K)" etc.Click to expand...

I have the same problem on 1 out of 3 machines. The two that work are both on Intel boards and the one that is intermittant is on an ECS

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I have/had a HP Pavilion P6510f and the mobo died. I replaced it with a Gigabyte 880GM-UD2H and now I can't get my internal card reader to be recognized. It's a 5 pin and I have plugged it into the empty FUSB slot and still not being recognized.

In device manager, it doesn't show and the only issue is an ethernet card.

I can't seem to figure out what to do to get it to work...

Any help would be awesome! Thanks!!

A:HP 15 in 1 internal card reader driver?

Check page 29 of the manual, are the cables the right way round?
Was the card reader the cause of died MOBO?

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I am about to upgrade to windows vista and I saw that vista can use flash drives as ram, kinda a middle ground between the ram and the page file on the hard drive.

I want to use the internal memory card reader on my laptop to host a memory card to do just this. How do I find the maximum speed of the card reader for different types of media.

My comp
Compaq v2000, 1.8 turion. 100 gig 7200rp hd

Memory card reader,
Texas Instruments PCIxx21 Integrated FlashMedia
6 in 1, SD * MS/ Pro*MMC*SM*XD

I am tempted to buy a 80x 1 gig flash card, but if my comp can handle it I might go up to a 100x card.

A:Max speed internal card reader

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i have an e-machine that i just replaced the ps and the mb on. took me a while to figure out the 20/24 pin atx ps but i got that. the mb i got to replace is good, and i'm sure it'll work great, but the original e-machine mb had the i/o ports for the front-audio i/o and the 8-in-1 card reader placed right next to each other. i luckily found the f-audio i/o port in the bottom corner on the mb, but i'm totally baffled as to where the card reader goes. i see the two 9-pin usb ports, and there's a similar group of pins labeled "com 2" placed next to the four-pin cd audio-in port. but it doesn't seem to be right.

i'll try and make a picture here.
(x = empty hole... o = pin/connector)
the two 9-pin usb's look like this...


something everyone knows already, i'm sure.
the 'com2' port looks like this...

BUT, the card reader looks like this...


or this depending on which way it's turned...


the # is a blocked hole. i'm not sure why it's blocked, but i un-blocked it by just jabbing the block out carefully. the hole is fine. the wires connecting to the plug are black, green white and red. all paired together.

i'm thinking there might have to be some wire switching with the plug, but i really don't know where to move them.


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I recently purchased a INT-AIN1-C internal card reader, I installed it, unplugged one of my USB internal ports to free up space to plug in the device, when you plug it in and try to power up the pc nothing happens it won't power up, unplug the device and the pc will power on, I took the unit back and exchanged it, and I'm still having the same problem. Any advice on what's happening, and what I can do to fix the problem?

A:INT-AIN1-C Internal card reader

I'm going to guess you're either connecting it improperly, or to the Firewire connection and not the USB connection. No way it should prevent the machine from powering up if it's connected properly.

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Hi all, I need some help. Since yesterday my internal multimedia card reader stopped being detected by windows. The only change I remember in the system was a windows update and a windows media player upgrade (to v10).

It's strange, it worked fine (4 "drives" detected in My Computer), now... nothing.

Thanks in advance!

A:Internal Card Reader not detected

Have you tried rebooting?

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Can anyone help me? I suddenly discovered today that the internal SD card reader in my M78 desktop is no longer working. I inserted a card and the computer didn't recognize it - no sound and the light didn't light up. I first thought it was the card itself (even though it was fine yesterday). I tried a few other cards though and none of them were recognized. I verified this by going into My Computer and again the card is not recognized. I have no idea what happened. It was working fine yesterday. The only thing that changed was that I had installed 3 new updates from Windows Update. Not sure if any of those could have messed up the drivers? The other USB drivers are working fine, it's just the card reader. If anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it. I rely on this card reader for work so I'm at a real loss.

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"One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and windows does not recognize it.

I have 4 USB ports in the back which are connected to my printer, mouse, keyboard and external hard drive which are all functioning fine.

I have two USB ports on the front which are unoccupied.

I have an internal memory card reader in this desktop, and that's the only thing I think it can be.

To resolve the problem it is asking me to reconnect the device or replace it.

I have disconnected and reconnected th memory card reader while the pc was on, the pc recognizes a device has been disconnected and reconnected, but not what it is.

Under device manager, it says, "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

I have therefore disabled it for now, but would like to get it working.

Do you think this problem wil be fixed automatically in an update sometime.

When I go to driver details, it says "No driver files are required or have been loaded for this device"

And when I click on update driver, it says I have the latest driver.

Please help!

A:Win 7 not recognizing internal mem card reader

If you disconnect this device, the error goes away? If so, then you should check for updated drivers from the manufacturer.

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is not recognising my card reader from my camera to upload pics from camera to computer.
Its not the card itself, the card works in another computer
Also it was working with the usb cord from camera to laptop but that has stopped working now also.
Any ideas ??

A:Internal card reader not working

With either the card reader or the USB cable to the camera plugged in. go to Start/Search and type devmgmt.msc Right click the devmgmt icon in the search results and Run as Administrator. In the Elevated Device Manager, are there any devices with yellow flags or under Universal Serial Bus controllers is there an Unknown device? If so, right click it and Uninstall it. Now remove the USB cable/device from the computer end and restart the computer. When the computer comes back up, plug the USB cable into a different USB port and not through a Docking Station or Hub. You should get new hardware found.

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I just put together a new system today with Core 2 Duo & Win 7 pro 64 bit and it is running great but for one small glitch. I put in a cheap 58-in-one (SD, MMC, etc) Vantec internal memory card reader and turns out it isn't compatible. Does anyone know of a specific brand and model that will work with 7?

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can someone till me how to get a memory card out of the wrong slot on a computer it has pic's on it and it is now inside 6in1 Internal Card Reader thanks

A:6in1 Internal Card Reader

Please stick to your original thread here: http://forums.techguy.org/digital-photography-imaging/455906-texxjr.html

Closing duplicate.

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Hi all, I am researching components for building my first computer and I'm stuck on two points. I intend to fit an internal card reader and am wondering how it connects to the motherboard. I will be using an MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum MOBO. Any suggestions for a make of card reader would also be appreciated.
I am also undecided about what make of HDDs to use. I intend to fit two 120GB
SATA drives, but which make is best? Any ideas would be welcome. Cheers.

A:Fitting in internal card reader?

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Heej guys,

I have a problem with my pc

First i had windows xp and my card reader worked fine.

Now i have windows 7 ultimate 32bit but the card reader doesn't work anymore

The internal card reader is: Apacer AE161

Plug and play system

It's plugged in usb2 in my motherboard.

There is power because it gives a light when my pc turns on. But when i put a memory card in it the pc doesn't see it. it does nothing at all.

Can someone help me?

btw: i'm new here so welcome to everyone and did i post this thread in the right section?

A:Internal Card Reader Problem !!

I went to their web site and for that unit there are no drivers after XP. Time to get a new one.


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Looking for a Sata Internal Card Reader like the one the Mac towers use. I ran out of usb headers and this is the only solution that I like. I don't like the use internal spliters (It fried a board in a Build that I had built for some one else in the past). Can't seem to find any. I know it strange.

Just to make it clear it is a Card Reader that connects to the MB in no other way other then a sata connector.

A:Looking for a Sata Internal Card Reader

Sata Internal Card Reader - Google Search

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