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HP Portable USB Monitor S140U, mirror iPhone 5S screen?

Q: HP Portable USB Monitor S140U, mirror iPhone 5S screen?

HP Portable USB Monitor S140U, would it mirror iPhone 5S screen. iPhone can be mirrored using VGA, HDMI, but USB?Which version of USB required?

Preferred Solution: HP Portable USB Monitor S140U, mirror iPhone 5S screen?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: HP Portable USB Monitor S140U, mirror iPhone 5S screen?

Hi, It uses USB 3.0 and compatible with USB 2.0 http://www8.hp.com/au/en/products/monitors/product-detail.html?oid=7005512#!tab=specs Regards.

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Hi everyone, I wanted to ask you if it is possible to mirror the monitor output via VGA cable to second monitor, while at the same time keeping only one monitor recognized? What I need is the second monitor to act as a projector so that it isn't detected as a second monitor. The second monitor is used temporarily for presentations. To be more specific: I want to duplicate a.k.a mirror the display without changing the resolution options for it to support second monitor.

On the side note:I'm planning to the customization pack. While I did find most of the resources I'm still looking for some resources: For example I would like to replace the numbers and the screens in the image below. I found most of the .bmp and .icon files but I can't seem to find those two.

Thanks for the answers!

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New S140U Portable Monitor, plug into USB port and display goes blank, try to extend to multiple displays and locks up my Elitebook 840.  Downloaded latest driver and retested, get same blank screen.  Connected both USB plugs to laptop and still no change.  When plug in get initial display of HP logo but then goes blank and stays blank.  Power light on back of unit is on.

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Once windows 10 64bit edition was updated with the CREATOR's edition, the monitor will no longer work when connected to a SpectreX360 laptop.

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I recently bought a new computer with an approximately 550GB hard drive. After I bought the computer, I basically transferred all of my programs/files from my older computer to my new computer. I would like to create a back-up of my computer to a portable hard-drive. When I tried to make a mirror copy of my new computer to the portable hard-drive that I had used to back-up my older computer, the back-up program (Acronis) told me that I didn't have enough space. This does not seem right because I was able to back-up my laptop and my desktop computers on the same portable hard-drive. I think what is happening is that Aronis is trying to back up the entire 550GB's and not just the programs/files that are on the new computer. Is there a way that I can back up just the programs/files that are on my new computer and not the entire hard-drive? (There is an option to back up files on Acronis, but I didn't see an option to back-up files and programs, i.e., everything that I have on the computer and not unused space on the computer's hard-drive. Thanks in advance with any and all recommendations.

A:How to correctly mirror a computer to a portable hard-drive

Make sure you haven't selected sector-by-sector option in Acronis.

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I already have a home security camera system. What I'am looking for is software I can put on my desk top that will notify me on my iphone when motion detection is activated. As well as allow me
to monitor the cameras from my iphone.

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I have a PC which has a dual monitor setup. I have obtained a third backup screen. I was wondering if this screen could be a mirror screen for one of the monitors. I have students which come to my room all the time, so it is easier if I can hook the monitor near the desk rather than they stretch their heads or come over cramping the space there.

The monitor has to be mirrored as I can see what I'm doing on my side and they can see on their side.
Monitor (connection)
1st monitor: Dell S340L (HDMI)
2nd monitor: Dell E190S (VGA)
3rd Monitor: Acer x193W (this monitor will be the mirrored monitor) (DVI)

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I have a PC which has a dual monitor setup. I have obtained a third backup screen. I was wondering if this screen could be a mirror screen for one of the monitors. I have students which come to my room all the time, so it is easier if I can hook the monitor near the desk rather than they stretch their heads or come over cramping the space there.

The monitor has to be mirrored as I can see what I'm doing on my side and they can see on their side.
Monitor (connection)
1st monitor: Dell S340L (HDMI)
2nd monitor: Dell E190S (VGA)
3rd Monitor: Acer x193W (this monitor will be the mirrored monitor) (DVI)

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Ok, this is really irritating me. I have movie night every Friday. The first time we hooked up our shiny new TV to our desktop computer it mirrored the display (default setting I know). This allowed for us to share silly videos and watch Extra Credits. Something/one (roommate) buggered up the display options now I only have the option of monitor 1 or monitor 2 (pic uploaded)
As you can see there is no mirror option.Yes I have tried unplugging it and plugging it back in. If I could make the computer forget it ever had a TV hooked up to it that would be great.
I have a ATI Radeon HD 3800 graphics card, I have yet to figure out how to access the graphics card other than update the driver. (pic uploaded)

The TV is a Samsung and I have no idea if I can access that beast from my computer. It is hooked up via HDMI cable, it's working fine as an extended monitor and yes I could hook up my laptop and go to mobile PC and all that jazz, but I want my damned PC/TV set up back.

A:Mirror monitor desktop to TV


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Got my son a Dell XPS 8700 for Xmas and started setting everything up but I ran into an issue I can't figure out. He had his computer monitor and his HDTV mirrored on his old computer so I figured this would be a snap on his new one. His HDTV is connected via an DVI (PC) to HDMI (TV) cable and that connection works fine. The 8700 came with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 720 1GB DDR3.

When I change the setting on my computer display setting I can't seem to get the HDTV to mirror the computer monitor. If I change multiple display setting to Extend or Duplicate it will briefly display on the TV and then revert back to the computer monitor after saying invalid format.

Now this same setup worked with his 6 year old Dell and a cheap video card so this has got me stumped. If I disconnect the computer monitor it will display on his TV with no issues. What do you make if this?

Could not using a regular HDMI cable instead of DVI to HDMI to connect the HDTV somehow be causing the issue even though it worked fine with his old computer?

A:Can't seem to mirror TV & computer monitor

I think it's a problem of the resolution of the monitor vs the TV. Most HDMI TVs are 1920 x 1080 (hence 1080p). Based on your screenshot, your monitor is set at 1280 x 1024 which is probably incompatible with the TV. It looks like the card is pushing that resolution to both the TV and the monitor.

I don't know enough about Nvidia cards to know how they work in a dual monitor setup, but it looks as though the monitors have to support the same resolution at the same time.

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I am researching a new laptop for a client and she likes the yogas but wants to project wirelessly to a smart tv. I feel like this should not be a big deal but information online seems inconclusive and spotty. I think that she'll be able to use Windows 10 but have to double check her applications to see if they're compatible. The rest of the network is on Windows 7. Just thought I'd put it out here to get some reliable input.  Thanks in advance

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Mirror to Mirror Ghost drive, in case of HD failure:

I want a secondary drive in my PC such that,
it is exactly Ghost copy ( mirror to mirror ) of my primary drive including programs and all operating soft wares )
and it copies every once, in a month, to keep it updated
so that when the primary drive has crash / fails,
I can simply replace with the other one,
and computer will start working normally without any problem.

How this can be achieved?

Is it possible that Norton Ghost Utility can do that?

What is the best program for this? Anyone has done it?

The copy program should not use any window utility files
in order to make mirror to mirror copy of the primary drive.

I am dying for this kind of facility.
Pl. suggest me this remedy, about how it can be achieved, and which is the best software for this.

HD are pretty cheaper now a days.
Pl. narrate yr experiences in this regards.


A:Mirror 2 Mirror - Ghost Copy of a HD, in case of a failure !

Why not buy a RAID card -- unless your motherboard already supports RAID. You can run two drive in RAID 1 configuration (mirrored), and if one drive fails you can continue to use your computer. After you replace the failed drive, you can have the RAID array rebuild (re-mirror) to the new, empty drive.

Using a RAID 1 configuration, you are always backed up. The only drawback is if you have a file corruption problem or a virus -- then it would be on both drives.

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Started with Windows and apps successfully running on Disk 0 (1TB Seagate). Bought an exact duplicate HDD, recognized as Disk 1. Followed instructions and used Windows Disk Manager to convert Disk 0 to Dynamic, and configured as a mirror with Disk 1. Everything still worked perfectly. Physically disconnected Disk 0 to test booting from the Disk 1 mirror. Boot failed, and upon reconnecting Disk 0, the PC rebooted (from Disk 0), but mirror was broken.

THEN, my error, instead of properly re-establishing the mirror, I "imported" Disk 1. PC still boots (from Disk 0), but now Disk 1 appears with a drive letter, and Disk Manager does not offer the option to break nor re-establish the mirror. What steps must I take to re-establish the mirror?

Neither Seagate DiscWizard nor the Dell Backup utility seem to work with the dynamic disks. The running application is mission critical, so I hesitate to use "unbranded" utilities.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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I just bought a Yoga 700-11. I'm wondering ways that I could connect it to my older Panasonic TV.  I do have a Roku 3 also.  My android note 5 works easy with smart view button.  Any ideas?  Thanks  

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So will my notebook not screen mirror? 

A:screen mirror

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Can someone recommend a program to enable nVidia cards to have mirror image output? The card is an Fx5700.

A:Mirror screen

nvm, found it

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Is there a utility or setting that can configure my LCD monitor to be reflective ie mirror? I have a PDA utility that do this and I want to know if there is something similar for a notebook.


A:LCD Screen to appear like a mirror

this is something interesting. I would like to know also.

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Okay, so I bought some new stuff and trying to set it up to work properly.

My TV is a 55" Sony Bravia 2015 model ..."KDL-55w800c" --- It is Wifi ready and uses Miracast to screen mirror to my Android phone and tablet (Galaxy S5 and some random tablet)

Sony KDL-55W800C Review 55 Inch Edge Lit LED, 1080p (KDL55W800C)

I can screen mirror from my phone and tablet perfectly...awesome!

My issue, is I can't get it to work on my computer.

So heres my specs:

OS: Windows 7 Professional 64bit.
CPU: AMD FX 6100 6-core.
GPU: XFX Radeon R7 260 2gb DDR5
Ram: 16gb 1600mhz

It's not cutting edge, but it's fairly modern.

I'd like to be able to PC game and watch movies/tv shows that are on my computer, on my new tv.

I don't think miracast is "installed" on this PC, and the AMD thing "AMD Screen Mirror" or "AMD Wireless Display" tools are not in my catalyst control center, nor installed on this PC in any way.

I can't seem to find ways to download any of these solutions to make the connection work.....am I dead in the water here? I'd like really like some insight and maybe some help getting this working!


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We have an application where we have a small computer running Windows XP SP3 in stations at various customer locations. The computer does not have monitor, keyboard or mouse.

When ever we need to do maintenance I need to carry a monitor and keyboard, since the corporate customer does not give us access to their network, so no remote desktop possibility with a laptop. Anything small and portable would be nice.

I am considering an USB monitor. Small compact and simple with a flexible USB keyboard & mouse, but....

Since I have many units (over 100) already in the field, none of them have the needed drivers.

What happen when connecting a USB monitor like the Lenovo LT1421 or the Toshiba PA3923U-2LC3 to a computer without the proper drivers?

I would imagine nothing good for me.

So I am stuck with the proverbial chicken and the egg, which came first? How can I install a driver without a monitor and how the monitor could work without the driver?

Is there a way to create a script on a USB flash drive with the loging information, UID & PWD, that would start the driver installation automatically when inserting the flash drive on a computer that is running applications and services but not logged on?

Any one has a better, simpler solution that is compact and portable?

I have seen USB to VGA adpator but never a VGA to USB adaptor.

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I have installed the S140U driver for Win10 (64 Bit) OS, but it continually says "AddOn_OSD.exe has stopped working."  I have this installed on a Surface 3 tablet with 4GB RAM.  I have uninstalled and tried to run with the 32 Bit version as well, but still get the same error message.  I have noticed it has installed this EXE into the root of my C:\ drive, and it does not give an option to install elsewhere.  Any one have thoughts or ideas on how to get this to work? Thanks. 

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I use a S140u portable monitor with my Elitebook 840 G3.  The scaling is different between the screens such that icons, windows, etc. on the S140u appear larger than on the main display.  I've tried adjusting the resolution and scaling in the properties menu.  Does anyone know how to fix this?  Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated!Thanks in advance.-Josh 

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I have never done this before, but I'm desperate. I have done everything I can think of, and even sat through 4 hours of windows support trying to help me. Nothing's worked.I'm trying to connect my laptop (Lenovo, newest windows 10 update) To my Samsung Smart TV with screen mirror. It has worked perfectly fine in the past. This problem arose a week ago.  It does find the connection when I connect it. It says: "Desktop (name) is trying to connect" But it never goes through. The screen stays black, and then after a minute or two breaks the connection with a message on my tv, saying: Connection with laptop (name) lost. As well as a message on my laptop saying: "Your display couldn't connect"I have checked my drivers. Updated the wireless drivers and graphics card with the newest ones. I even reset my Tv to factory reset. But nothing's changed. Yesterday I went to the shop and they told me to reset my tv, but like I said, that hasn't done anything either.Please, if any of you have any idea of what's going on, your help is highly appreciated. 

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Am trying to connect Thinkpad X260 with windows 10 to Sony Bravia 4K TV through screen mirror. Laptop gets detected by TV. Screen says preparaing screen mirror but doesn't get connected. has anyone encountered this? any known fix? Thx.M

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 I have the subject laptop and I believe that via Miracast I should be able to mirror my screen on our TV through a Roku 2 connected to it.  I also have a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and I have no problem with screen mirroring.  Both computers are currently running Windows 8.1 as the OS, both computers found the Roku 2, and the Roku 2 was successfully added as a wireless (Project) device. The dv6-7250ca does see the Roku 2 and does attempt to connect to it for screen mirroring.  The computer indicates 'connecting' while the Roku 2 sees the attempt and shows its 'mirroring' image on the TV screen but, after a few seconds, it simply stops with the progress bar on the TV screen at only about 30% complete and with no actual computer screen mirroring.  I then check the Roku device status on my computer and it indicates 'not connected'. Because the Surface does connect and its screen is mirrored on the TV, the problem must be with the HP dv6-7250ca.  Can anyone provide suggestions as to why it may be failing to connect? Thanks in advance.

A:dv6-7250ca will not connect to Roku 2 to mirror screen via M...

Hey @samurai-73,  Welcome to the HP Support Forums! I read your post and wanted to reach out to you to let you know that I will do my absolute best to help you get the HP ENVY dv6-7250ca Notebook PC to mirror using Miracast.  If we come to a resolution, please share what worked for you with others by marking this post as an Accepted Solution.  To start off, here is a document that I found and read over that could be quite helpful. It is called Sharing your Screen Using Miracast. You will see a section in this document on troubleshooting different issues specifically.  Have you done all of your Windows Updates?Have you tried to use the HP Support Assistant to update drivers?Here is a link to the HP Support Assistant if you need it. Just download and run the application and it will help with the software and drivers on your system that need updating. I am also going to include your HP ENVY dv6-7250ca Notebook PC Software and Driver Downloads. There have been some updates done recently to the drivers for Windows 8. This may help you also.  Last but not least, and although it is not affiliated with HP, there is a Microsoft document called Project to a wireless display with Miracast that says: If your PC won't connect to the display, try removing and then adding it again. Swipe in from the right edge of the s... Read more

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I want to be able to screen mirror from my W.81 desktop wired to my TV thru Xbox 360 and Roku 3 without having to buy yet another device (Miracast) to do so. I know this can be done via Devices/Play/Xbox/IE App but the problem is that most content won't play properly with the IE App-IE browser yes but not the App for some reason. This same content will play on Chrome but I can't screen mirror with Xbox with Chrome. I really want to be able to do this without spending more money. Any solutions?

A:Screen Mirror w/ 8.1 Desktop to TV with Xbox or Roku 3?

There are Private Channels out there for the Roku, that will do this. Problem is that it will be as slow as the ChromeCast. You would be best off using a Wireless HDMI setup, that uses a USB adapter to stream to the hdmi receiver that plugs into the tv.

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I am trying to hook up a 15" LCD monitor off of my old Compaq to a portable dvd player. I want to mount it in my Xterra for my little girl. We're going to be making a lot of road trips this fall and winter. Does anyone know of anyone who has done this before? It has the quick disconnect plugs off of the board. Any help would be great.
Thanks, John

A:Hooking up a Laptop Monitor to a portable DVD player

Hiya and welcome

I've moved you to the Hardware forum, where you should get more replies



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My new HP EliteDisplay S140u is not working properly on my HP ZBook 17G2. I checked the drivers and the latest ones are installed. When the ZBook is docked into my docking station the EliteDisplay is working correct. When I take the ZBook out of the docking it works. However, when I connect my ZBook to the adapter without being connected to the docking station the EliteDisplay does not work. It is active but it does not give any image. The USB is plugged into bothe USB ports. Please help! 

A:HP EliteDisplay S140u not working on HP ZBook 17 G2

Hi @KasterenR,  Would request you to update the BIOS on this unit. http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/swd/public/readIndex?sp4ts.oid=6978822  #HPExpertDay I hope that answers your question.  I am an HP employee, the opinions expressed here are my personal opinions, not of HP. Make it easier for other people to find solutions, by marking my answer ?Accept as Solution? if it solves your problem. ***Click on "Thumbs up" button to the left side of my post to acknowledge the post ***

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I have never done this before, but I'm desperate. I have done everything I can think of, and even sat through 4 hours of windows support trying to help me. Nothing's worked.I'm trying to connect my laptop (Lenovo Z50-70 with the newest windows 10 update) To my Samsung Smart TV with screen mirror. It has worked perfectly fine in the past. This problem arose a week ago.  It does find the connection when I connect it. It says: "Desktop (name) is trying to connect" But it never goes through. The screen stays black, and then after a minute or two breaks the connection with a message on my tv, saying: Connection with laptop (name) lost. As well as a message on my laptop saying: "Your display couldn't connect"I have checked my drivers. Updated the wireless drivers and graphics card with the newest ones. I even reset my Tv to factory reset. But nothing's changed. Yesterday I went to the shop and they told me to reset my tv, but like I said, that hasn't done anything either.Please, if any of you have any idea of what's going on, your help is highly appreciated. 

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Is it possible to screen mirror a video playing on my PC (from a website... not from Netflix) to my Sony Bravia KDL-48R550C?
I connected the two and entered my router's password on my TV and when I go into Settings my TV says it's connected. But, when I click on Screen Mirroring my TV says it's not connected to the Internet.
Is there something I have to do from the computer's end?
My TV manual mentions Miracast. Does my PC have that and, if not, is there a workaround?
Thanks very much!

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I own a Lenovo L512, and use it primarily for internet, and only use a few applications on it: MS Office and Ebay Turbo Lister 2. I was looking for a portable monitor to enhance my 'away from home' computing experience (we're talking SBUX and CBTL or wifi hotspots), and found the two Lenovo monitors in the title of this thread. Which do people here think is the better choice for my purposes? Thanks! LT1423:Lenovo ThinkVIsion LT1423  13.3"-inch IPS LED Monitor10 point touch Windows 8 certified1600 x 900 resolutionThinkPad Digitizer penBuilt to last with Gorilla Glass LT1421Lenovo ThinkVision LT1421  Display resolution of 1366 x 768 matching mainstream Notebook resolutionLight weight (monitor: 0.84kg/1.8lbs; with Screen Cover: 1.02kg/2.25lbs)Photo frame tilt stand adjustments for viewing comfort (12 degree~40 degree)Brightness adjustment button for 16 level brightness, USB 2.0 connection, USB powered   

A:Superior Portable Lenovo Monitor for L512: 1) Thin...

i suggest you pick LT1423 it has better resolution smaller so easy and comfort to carry on. 

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Hi,I've just bought a used S140u Elitedisplay USB screen. It's working well, except that the 2 buttons controlling the brightness don't work.The power button works.My configuration: Dell latitude E5430, Windows 10 x64 FR uptodate and drivers from HP uptodate.Thanks.

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Hello, I've got an HP Pavilion 18-5010 All-In-One desktop computer that all of a sudden one day it decided that the bottom half of the screen was going to stop working. It came from the factory with Windows 8. All of this happened when I upgraded to Windows 10 through Windows Update. The best way I can describe the way it looks is it looks like the bottom half is mirroring the top half, but it's so blurry, you really can't make out but just outlines. Now, when the computer goes to sleep, and you move the mouse to wake it up, when the screen comes back on the picture is fine, the bottom half is as it should be for about 3 seconds, then bam, the bottom half goes back out. Every time the bottom half goes out, you can hear an extremely high pitch sound coming from somewhere within the computer, Kind of sounds like a dog whistle sounds like in the movies, it's extremely high pitch. You hear the sound, then a little static on the screen then the bottom half does this. Also, the mouse disappears once you cross over that middle section. You can still click on things in the bottom half, just can't see what you're clicking on. .  First, I tried updating the graphics and monitor drivers, which in turn both procedures failed. So I then restarted and booted into the HP PC Hardware Diagnostics UEFI, all of those tests claimed there were no faults. I went and started up the computer normally, and ran chkdsk and sfc /scannow and everything was OK. The last thing I've tried is erasi... Read more

A:Bottom half of non-touch screen appears as a blurred, mirror...

Hi @SPC_Myers,Welcome to the HP Support Forums! It is a great place to find the help you need, from other users, HP experts and other support personnel. I understand that your display is acting up shortly after starting, after installing Windows 10. I am happy to assist you with this. Have you tried to start the system in Safe Mode to see if the same thing happens to the display?  HP PCs - Windows Safe Mode (Windows 10, 8) Do you have a set of recovery media for your factory operating system installation? Please let me know.

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Hi Forum,

Had my Samsung S22B300H 21.5IN screens (2) working fine yesterday. Woke up this morning and the screens were mirrored (or at least not extended) and the resolution was turned down and both screens appeared zoomed.

I have an Acer Aspire M5811 with an intel graphics card that supported the dual monitors just fine up until today. I have one montior connected to my pc via VGA which is recognized by default as screen #1. The second I have connected via the HDMI outport. Both screens have a direct output from my pc. They are now operating as independent monitors and my system will not even recognize when I unplug and plug back in either of them.

Start > Control Panel > Appearance > Display > Resolution > the only two drop down options are: Display (1. default monitor ON) and Resolution (now set to highest). The "Detect" and "Identify" buttons result in nothing.

Please help!

thanks in advance.

A:Cant extend, only mirror dual monitors. 2nd screen not rcgnzd HDMIxVGA

a picture from my CP

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Honestly windows was not that bad but was that and the constant nickle and dime for every app u need that normally wouldnt have to buy

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Hi there, I purchased a USB Type-C portable monitor (AOC, I1601FWUX) to connect it to my Ideapad 520-15IKB (PN: 81BF,    BIOS: 6JCN24WW,    OS: Win10 x64 version 1803-last version ever). Whenever I connect the cable, the monitor turns on, displays AOC logo and then a "No Signal" error message appears on the screen. Also, a message comes up on my laptop screen saying that "Display connection might be limited" (See the attached image) I installed its driver as instructed here, updated the OS, installed the "Lenovo Vantage" app and updated the System Interface Foundation... I then tried to set the power mode to best performance (See the attached image)... It looks everything is updated and working properly but the external monitor. How can I get it to work? Cheers

A:USB-C Portable Monitor shows "No singal" error (Ideapad 520-15IKB)

Can you remove your irrelative posts from my thread? Make your own topic dude!

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Hello, we have trouble with HP Thin Client  T610 and HP Elite Display S140U.The thin client is with Windows 7 x86 Embedded operating system.We have two monitors one of them is Elite Display S140U.We connect first display to dvi port of Thin client.We connect second display Elite display S140U to usb 3.0  port.We  change  display settings  from default to Duplicate these displays and everything is fine and work.But after restart thin client  second display  hp elite display s140u never usable again.Power indicator of hp elite display s140u is on white color Drivers work fine, in device manager everything is okay except of PCI Parallel port.To trouble shot this  problem we should disconnect second usb display s140u,  restart the thin client, after reboot operating system  we plug the usb s140u display to usb 3 port of thin client and two displays are operatable to next restart.After restart thin client second display s140u is not operatable.How we can solve this problem?With different  thin client  of HP with different operating system for example windows 8 embadded the problem is not excist

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I installed Win 7 Ultimate on my system and it has two disk drives.

When Win 7 was setup, it partitioned Disk 0 as:
100MB for "System"
The rest for C: (incl. boot, page file, crash dump)

The machine is working fine. But now I want to mirror Disk 0 in case it ever crashes. So I plan to setup Disk 1 to mirror Disk 0.

So I change Disk 0 to a Dynamic disk and then add a mirror on Disk 1. To my surprise, it grabbed a hunk of Disk 1 and mirrored C:. But it didn't mirror the 100MB System.

Well...that's no good - if Disk 0 dies, I want to be able to boot off Disk 1, put in a new disk, resync, and be back in business with a minimum of fuss.

When I click on the System partition and say "Add Mirror", it asks me to select a disk. I select Disk 1 and it gives the error "No extents were found for the plex".

Here is what my disks look like now:


How can I have Disk 1 be a complete mirror of Disk 0 so that if Disk 0 dies, Disk 1 is ready to run?


A:How to mirror disk? ("System" partition doesn't want to mirror)

How about just removing your working win 7 drive and do a recovery to creat the 2nd win 7 os drive. Then reinsert the first win 7 drive back and hope that "Nanny" bootmgr doesn't interfere.

I want the same thing, two running copies of win 7 without any of this restore nonsense. Just pick the other drive while booting up. Haven't tried it yet.

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I am running Win7/Pro x64. My System Spec is in my Profile.

I do not have iTunes installed on my desktop. I do have an iPhone 5, a hand-me-down from my son.

Yesterday the phone needed to be charged. I attached it to a USB port. I was asked by the phone if I trusted my desktop. I said yes. I was told that there were no new images on the phone to import, a fact I already knew. I've encountered this dialog before. It seems to be part of the procrustean Apple way of computing.

What troubles me is that a process started about the time I plugged in the phone. At a rate of 5-10 files/sec the 'modified' date was changed on over 3,500 jpg files on my data drive. I've not analyzed the order in which they were processed but suspect that it was A-Z on the file names and also on folder names.

Could this behavior result from iTunes running its 'sync' process? If so, is there anything I can do to prevent it from happening again?

If we have no Apple OS experts on this forum, does anyone know of an 'Apple forum' that is as respected as sevenforums is in the Windows world?



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Hi friends,

I have recently purchased an Iphone but now I am looking to buy screen protector for my Iphone to prevent it from scratch and abrasion. I don't want to compromise with the quality. So that's why I want to purchase best quality screen protector. Please suggest me the website where I can check out & purchase best quality "Iphone screen protector".

A:Looking for Iphone screen protector..........

Hi and welcome

Most searches on Google kept bringing me to the brand ZAGG

Here is their website: http://www.zagg.com/

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How to make your own iPhone Ringtone and transfer it to your iPhone directly?

A:How to make your own iPhone Ringtone and transfer it to your iPhone directly?

Here's a paid one....
Seems to be a few listings.
Google search.

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I just got the new iPhone 4S and I have a 3GS as my old phone with no way to transfer my contacts. I was told I could save a backup of my 3GS to itunes, then load the backup onto my 4S.

Well my 3GS won't backup, it keeps saying "iTunes could not backup the iphone because an error occurred" without any error code. I've wiped my old backup, I've cleared sync history. I'm using a PC with itunes with the latest itunes version 10.5.

What can I do to get my contacts over to the new phone?

A:Error backing up iPhone - trying to transfer contacts to new iPhone 4S

You may have to load them one at a time.

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Unfortunately I have an Iphone 2g with an unresponsive screen after I accidentally dropped it but no cracks and the software and interface seems fine.. my problem is that Its completely unresponsive to any touches whatsoever.. any ideas?

A:Iphone 2g 8gb Touch screen unresponsive.

There's no such model as an iPhone 2G. There's the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S.

Since it worked immediately before you dropped it, and it stopped working immediately after you dropped it, I'd say something is broken. Take it to your provider or authorized Apple repair center and see what your options are for repair. If it's more than 2 years old, and your contract allows for a discounted upgrade, that would be the best bet.

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Heyy everyone! Hope we are all well!
Today i got a bit bored *lol* so i tried this out again, i have managed to get it working before but cant remember, the display i want to use is a stripped down Acoustic Solutions DVD-222 *ill post pics*.
What ive tried;
= Phono lead tested out on a Freeview box to make sure it works. it does.
= This nVidia Compupack thingiee, worked before.
= This other Compupack thingiee, kinda worked.
= Svideo to Phono lead, worked ish.

The thing that has confused me is that it worked before, bur not now :/

Daniel =)

EDIT; Hmm, it dont want to let me upload pictures for some reason, ill try tomorrow, sorry guys!!

EDIT2; the pics are on!! Okay, it fourth picture is how i connected it up, it goes; Adaptor > Svideo cable > Svideo to Phono adaptor > jumpers to Phono cable > into stripped down DVD player

A:Using an old portable DVD player as a second screen...

what resolution is needed for that? i expect it would be something like dvd standard which is 1024x576?

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Hello all,

I would like to buy the Philips PET1031 portable DVD player (10.2 inch screen) to use in our car. Additionally I would like to have a second screen hooked up to it.

The problem is, I can not find a DVD player or digital picture frame that has an AV IN, S-VIDEO IN, or COMP IN connection to connect it to.

I have seen that Philips do a 7 inch player with 2 screens, but I would really love to get this 10 inch one as it has a SD card reader and it just looks fantastic.

Has anybody got a suggestion as how I would be able to connect a second screen to this player?

Many thanks,


A:Second screen for portable DVD player?


Ok, found various players that have an AV-IN connection so theoretically if I route a cable from the AV OUT from the main player and feed that into the AV-IN port of the second player it should work as a second display, or not?

Anybody got any experience with this?

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who's the best web hosting domain of all? but really, my g/f has a start-up online candle company and we're now searching for a website to buy. any ideas? we're shopping cheap, user friendly, and home business-oriented. also, are there any other fees associated with this or is it just the yearly fee? thx!!

A:Mirror mirror on the wall........

I've used others but my favorite by far is SiteFlip. They have the options, service, and a variety of plans at very good rates (low).

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