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Dell XPS 13 9360 recovery image

Q: Dell XPS 13 9360 recovery image


I received my Dell XPS 13 9360, I7 processor with 16GB of ram, and i did what i usually do with a new laptop = in order to get rid of all the bloatware, i remove everything (including the recovery partition), and reinstall the OS with the drivers from the vendor, if needed.

The thing is the CPU shows as speed ranging from 2.7ghz to 2.9ghz (it should be 3.5ghz) and i only have a single power plan (balanced), with very little options to set. I tried installing all the utilities and drivers found in the windows 10 x64 bit section, and to download the recovery image (which it turns out to be a clean windows installation iso, not even wifi drivers included)

Any ideas where to get the required remaining applications/drivers? (in computer management i don't have any devices missing drivers)

Thank you,
Cosmin Cucu

Preferred Solution: Dell XPS 13 9360 recovery image

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Dell XPS 13 9360 recovery image

Thank you for writing to us!
We would suggest you to download the " Dell Digital Delivery".The link below will give you all the information that you would require.
Kindly private message the service tag and email address.

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How I can recover original partition layout with recovery partition contains original windows with drivers?
Now only find tool named "Dell OS Recovery Tool". But this tool make usb stick with some tools that removes recovery partition from my SSD and install clean windows 10 without drivers.
This not useful for me.. 

A:Dell XPS 13 9360 Original hard disk image

Did you make a Win 10 Recovery drive?

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I've a DELL INSPIRON ONE 2020 All-In-One PC (purchased on 15th April, 2013). I installed the Insider's Build of Windows 10 x64 about 2 months ago. I wasn't satisfied with it's performance, so I decided to reinstall Windows 8 in it (which came preinstalled as OEM when I purchased the PC). But unfortunately (for me), the DELL BACKUP AND RECOVERY software which I discretely installed in it failed to apply the factory image with error somewhat stating, "DBAR failed to apply the image". Also, the Dell Backup and Recovery is not even available in the Bootup Recovery mode and not even if I press F8 or other function keys. I googled and found methods to apply the image using ImageX tool in boot mode. I put the hotfix KB2525084 (actually the ImageX tool) in my Pendrive and in the recovery mode, I used Command Prompt and typed the follwing command:
j:\imagex /apply f:\DELL\Image\PART0001\EFI.wim 1 c:\
where j:\ is my pendrive ; f:\ was the partition with .wim image in it ; c:\ was the OS path to be recovered.
It completed in just 4 seconds! But other websites stated that it would take around 15-20 minutes to complete applying the image. I understood that something is fishy, and I was right! The PC didn't boot again. Also the apllied image showed just somewhat 250mb of data, but my hard disk (named PBR Image) was of around 9gb in size. The swm files in it (2 in nos.) were around 4gb each. I looked another forum and that stated to format the C:\ drive. I... Read more

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I have a XPS 8920 SE 
I have windows 10 Pro
Dell OS Recovery Tool says Recovery Image Currently Unavailable. Even if I put in service tag manually same problem
How can I get it? I had it with the 8920 Black face.

A:Dell OS Recovery Tool says Recovery Image Currently Unavailable

Hi  n2rga73, you may also try using Microsoft Media Tool.

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I have a XPS 8920 SE 
I have windows 10 Pro
Dell OS Recovery Tool says Recovery Image Currently Unavailable. Even if I put in service tag manually same problem
How can I get it? I had it with the 8920 Black face.

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I have a dell inspiron, and i dont know what exact model number i have. I know it uses a AMD Athalon II x2 and runs Win 7. I am looking for an Image that i can use to boot it up and restore the computer. I have recently replaced the HDD with a Seagate 7800 and it now say no boot device availibe. I was able to boot with a boot disk but it still says not boot device. I attempted to restore it with another image from a compaq (crossed fingers, but knew it prolly wouldn't match up) however it was able to pass the boot device screen. So i'm thinking once i have the correct image i can restore my comp. Thanks in advance!

A:IMAGE WANTED! (Dell Recovery)

Hi -

Contact Dell Support for replacement media - OEM / Retail Recovery Discs + Recovery Instructions

Regards. . .



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Trying to use the Dell site below which states: 
Dell Windows Recovery Image

Create Windows installation media for your Dell device.

Need to install or reinstall Windows on your Dell system?Download a Dell ISO recovery image file and use the Dell OS Recovery Tool to create a bootable USB drive.
What you will need
The Service Tag or product ID of the device you need a recovery image for.
A hard drive or removable media with access rights and at least 8GB of available data storage space for the download.
A blank USB drive with at least 8GB of space to create the installation media.
Preview the instructions before you begin.

However when I enter my service tag I get this error: 

Recovery image currently unavailable.
The recovery image download could not be generated due to missing information. Please contact technical support for assistance.

I clicked on the link for tech support and hit the chat option and get nowhere with the support folks because they tell me it's only for basic warranty support.  Very misleading, but that's another story. 
Does anyone have any idea what information could be "missing" that is preventing me from obtaining the recovery image?
I even see a post related to this on the OS forum homepage but it doesn't discuss any troubleshooting.

Link I'm hitting:  


Thanks in advance for any ideas/assistance!

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I use a Inspiron 7359 2-in-1.
Tried to download the Dell windows recovery image from dell web site. 
The iso file is said to be arround 4.9gb in size.
But, in two attempts, the download stopped at 400mb and 750mb. 
As I understand, my internet connection is reasonably OK.
The dell site says the download is complete.
But, when I checked the file size on disk, is 400mb in first instance and 750mb in the second instance.
I like to keep the Dell Windows recovery image, as rercently I experienced an issue following an auto OS update. (The battery was not charging). Anyway, that issue is likely to be due to not keeping the drivers up to date, prior to OS update.
I like to keep a recovery image with me, to be used, just in case, if my laptop gives me trouble again.
I'd be much thankful, if somebody could help me, in solving this issue.

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I'm trying to download a Dell Windows Recovery Image for my Dell 3542 laptop , but when i enter my service tag is says that
"Recovery image not available for your Service Tag. Sorry, but a Dell Hosted Recovery Image is currently not available for the Service Tag that you entered. Please enter another Service Tag or contact Dell Technical Support for further assistance."
Is there a fix fo that ?

A:Dell Windows Recovery Image

mathewgx12,You can click the link below for information on how to restore your computer.How To Restore or Reinstall Microsoft Windows on a Dell Computer

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I had Dell Factory Image Recovery files created on a USB drive, I needed that USB Stick urgently so I copied all the recovery files to my laptop HDD, then I formatted the USB to its default settings "from NTFS to FAT32", now I need those recovery files to get back to the USB, so I can boot from it and have my laptop preloaded to its factory status but I don't know how.

Would you please advise! Thanks.

*Attached screen shots included, please have a look. (5 Images)


*Dell DataSafe Local Backup is limiting the Recovery Disc creation to one time, so I can't re-creat the Recovery USB from this software again, also tried to uninstall/install it but this doesn't work.
*The Recovery Partition is corrupted so I can't creat Windows 7 Image instead of Dell Recovery Disc.
*I tried creating Windows 7 Bootable USB and shifted the recovery files into it and the result was Boot MGR is Missing, I think I need to get the USB bootable / execute the same commands Dell does, which I don't know.
*I tried the .exe files included in my Recovery Files, they doesn't work.

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Hi, would like to enquire if the image version available to be downloaded from Dell Support for Win 10 Pro 64-bit if it is already been updated to Creators Update (version 1703)?

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the ISO downloaded from this link, www.dell.com/.../OSISO, is still the old Windows 10...when will you guys update it to 1703?

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I am trying to download the recovery image from Dell and it has twice now frozen about half way. It isn't my connection as I am downloading at 100MB.
I saw someone else had the same problem the other day and he was eventually able to download it after a couple of days.
Can someone from Dell please help with this?

A:Dell Windows Recovery Image Freezing

Hi,I would suggest you to try downloading the recovery image on a different browser or different computer.

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I want to download Dell recovery image for OptiPlex 5250.
Which one that I should go for.
Thank you.

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Has anyone tried using the recovery disc available at dell support site? I was not able to create or clone my factory issue SSD and I used to reinstall windows using the recovery disc but only to find out that it does not come with the drivers. You have to manually download everything from drivers to application.
I notice there are two ISO available.
I tried the second one (for dell) but that does not have any drivers included. What is the difference between the two? i was hoping to get an recovery disc that included everything.

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Windows 7 will not boot. My recovery USB stick will not give me the option to restore to factory settings. Diagnostics does not find any problem. So I need the Dell Windows Recovery Image to do this. But this is not available for my particular computer. Why the heck not? Have I been a naughty boy?
Now what? I have got the computer running using bootlegged stuff to make a bootable USB drive. But I'd rather be legit and actually have the computer working properly.
I was able to copy the factory.wim from the D Recovery partition to an external drive. But I have failed to find out whether I can, or how, to use it to reset my system.

A:Need Dell Windows Recovery Image for Vostro 3700

I think you have to boot specifically to the Recovery partition in order to restore the factory image.  Sometimes that's an option under the F12 one-time boot menu, and with other systems it's triggered via a dedicated key combination (I think Shift+F11 was used once?)  You can't directly recover from that image using a generic Windows 7 installer. If you're comfortable using the DISM command-line tool, however, you could PROBABLY boot into generic Windows Setup, press CTRL+F10 to call up Command Prompt, then format your current C drive, and finally use DISM to apply the image contained in the Factory.wim file to your C drive, but having never looked at the Factory.wim file I'm not sure if this would work.

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I have the Dell XPS 13 9360 and have been using the Dell USB type-C adapter to connect to wired Ethernet network. I have a problem when waking up the laptop from suspend. VGA and USB on the adapter continue to work well after wake from suspend but the Wired Network functionality of the adapter is not recognized.
Note that if I unplug and replug the adapter it is recognised correctly.
The adapter is using the driver r8152 for wired networking, I am using Linux Mint 18.1 (Ubuntu 16.04 based) and kernel
Besides this I think almost everything works perfect with the laptop
I am also attaching the content of dmesg after I wake up from sleep:
[16815.124956] ACPI : EC: EC stopped [16815.124958] PM: Saving platform NVS memory [16815.125016] Disabling non-boot CPUs ... [16815.126260] Broke affinity for irq 276 [16815.128484] smpboot: CPU 1 is now offline [16815.146729] Broke affinity for irq 122 [16815.146806] Broke affinity for irq 276 [16815.146817] Broke affinity for irq 277 [16815.147934] smpboot: CPU 2 is now offline [16815.174307] Broke affinity for irq 1 [16815.174317] Broke affinity for irq 8 [16815.174325] Broke affinity for irq 9 [16815.174334] Broke affinity for irq 12 [16815.174342] Broke affinity for irq 14 [16815.174351] Broke affinity for irq 16 [16815.174359] Broke affinity for irq 17 [16815.174370] Broke affinity for irq 51 [16815.174383] Broke affinity for irq 122 [16815.174434] Broke affinity for irq 276 [16815.174443] Broke affinity for irq 277 [16815.... Read more

A:Dell XPS 13 9360 USB ethernet (Dell adapter) not recognised after wake from suspend

Hi mitos1os,Thanks for posting.Here is some information you may find helpful:http://dell.to/2k7yXox

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I have tried unsuccessfully to do a Factory Image Restore on my Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows 7 but that's not a choice on the Factory Image Restore welcome screen. So, I thought I would try using my System Recovery disks if possible. I'm not that computer literate but could you help with the proper steps to take? Thanks!

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Hi, I'm having problems downloading the Windows 10 recovery image file. It has crashed at just over 4gb both times I've tried to download it. The file size is 5.61gb and it seems to be failing at the exact same point in the download each time. Can anyone help?

A:Dell Windows 10 Recovery Image download crashing/failing

Hi, I'm having problems downloading the Windows 10 recovery image file. It has crashed at just over 4gb both times I've tried to download it. The file size is 5.61gb and it seems to be failing at the exact same point in the download each time. Can anyone help?
The Dell Windows 10 Recovery .iso is just a larger multi-lingual Windows 10 .iso often of an older build. There are no additional drivers over the regular Windows 10 .iso. You are best to use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from Microsoft which downloads the setup files, checks them and then creates the .iso overcoming the issues with direct download links and unstable connections. Microsoft's Windows 10 Installation Media may be of a later build. See here for more details:

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I just purchased a new Dell Insprion 3650 I7 16G 2TB Win 10 Home. It arrived yesterday.
The very first thing I did, without even download Google Chrome, was try to create a Factory restore image of the system, for safety and for preparation of migration to SSD disk.
I have downloaded the Dell Backup and Recovery Software and try to do that. I tried a few times, used a brand new and tested 32G USB stick to create a backup image. But when I try to boot it up for re installation test, it keeps saying "IDS_ENVIRONMENT-INCOMPLETE", "The instruction at 0x00007ff77acdf43b referenced memory at 0x00000000025f6ec0. The memory could not be read"
Anyone can help me how I can create an factory image for backup and SSD migration?

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I want to install Ubuntu onto my laptop and eliminate the Windows partitions.  BIOS updates are a problem however.  I want to put a WinPE image on a USB stick that I can run the Dell .exe files from, but so far I've only gotten an amd64 WinPE image to run, which can't run the BIOS update executables because it doesn't have WOW64.
1)  Has anyone successfully built a 32-bit WinPE image for an XPS 13 laptop?
2)  Are there any special BIOS boot settings to get it to work?  AHCI vs. RAID?  [No] Secure Boot?  Which EFI boot image on the USB stick?References:

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i get an error after step 3. On the boot menu, under UEFI boot, select your media type (USB or DVD) and enter your language.
the error message i get is "BlInitializeLibrary failed 0xc0000001"
any help would be greatly appreciated 

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I have a Dell Inspiron 1520 with Vista Home Premium factory installed and now I need to install Windows 7. Before doing that I want to make sure I can restore my computer exactly to the way it came if anything goes wrong in the process of installing Win 7 or I needed back my original laptop with Vista.

Figured out the best way to create a complete image of my Hard drive.

Capacity is 320GB
4 partitions - System Partition (C), Recovery Partition, some other 2 small partitions.
I have to modify these partitions and sizes when installing Win7. I want to completely image this HDD so I can get these back exactly the way they are now.

What is the best software I can use and what are the best methods? Please give me your opinions and instructions. Thanks.

A:Creating full Image of Hard disk System & recovery partitions (Dell)

(1) Download Macrium Reflect (Free)
(2) Create an image with all 4 partitions selected
(3) Make the linux recovery boot CD
(4) Make sure the linux boot CD works and can locate the image you just made and shows the 4 partitions for selection. Exit.

If the linux boot CD fails to work as will happen on some system configurations you can try in place of the linux CD:
(1) Hirens Boot CD Macrium Reflect is part of the mini XP environment
(2) Macrium pe recovery disk. To make this you will need to download the Macrium Reflect V5 trial and be prepared to do a large MS download of WAIK (~1GB). Macrium guides you through the quite straightforward process.

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So there are couple of problems i am experiencing:
1) slow start up
2) when i pauze a video and hit play again, there is a 2-3 second lag of no audio
3) slow SSD benchmark
I recently posted a topic about the slow SSD and i already bought a new dell since then. This time however its an i7 instead of i5 and its also a different brand of hard drive.. Yet i am experiencing the same problem.. so this cant be hardware related then right.
And can all these problems have to do with the same issue? something that makes the SSD perform poorly?

4) simultaneous use of ,microphone and keyboard/mouse doesnt work??
its not normal right? that so many things are wrong? 

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Hello guys, I have a problem with my XPS regarding the power button..it turns on only after several tries..it is frustrating, sometimes i have to try for a few minutes. The led of the power button stays on a few seconds, then it goes off, the keyboard light is off, it won't boot. It doesn't matter if the AC power is connected. Thanks

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Hi. I received my laptop yesterday and it was working fine all day yesterday. At night, I put it on Hibernate to turn it off.
But then when I tried to start the laptop today morning, it just refuses to start. I press the Power button, the Power button light comes up for a few seconds and then turns off. The screen remains black throughout, I cant even see the Dell Logo on the screen or try to access the menu settings by pressing F2 or F12. This same issue occurs while trying on battery (which is 100% charged, as per the battery indicator) or while on AC Power.
Please assist. Thank you.

A:Dell XPS 9360 not starting

My 9365 has done that a couple of times when plugged.  I just needed to remove the external power and it booted normally.
Since you say it happens when unplugged, perhaps it only works if plugged in before hitting the power button, then removing the external power..
Above all, be patient and give it time to react.

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I want to upgrade the stock 128 GB SSD to a 250GB Samsung Evo 960 PCIe NVMe SSD? Is it possible? Has anyone else done this and was able to get full speeds of the SSD without any issues?

A:Can the Dell XPS 13 9360 SSD be upgraded ?

The 128G drive is SATA -- the larger capacity ones are NVMe.  Yes, you can upgrade the drive to the Evo version.  You do NOT want the Pro version for a notebook like this -- it uses too much power and will produce too much heat as a result.  There's also no point in a high-performance Pro version, as the system isn't designed with 4-lane PCIe access for the NVMe drive (for that you need a large mobile workstation or gaming portable, or a desktop system).

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Hi all,
I had just bought a Dell XPS 13 9360 from the local Dell Direct Store running Windows 10 (64-bit) a few months ago. 
Recently, it has been rather problematic, with occasional flickering screen and unexpected shutdown errors. For the flickering screen part, it seems it is a common problem for many Dell XPSes but solutions given did not solve my problem.
What I am more concerned about is the unexpected shutdown. 
Under Dell SupportAssist desktop app, application errors regarding DropboxOEM.exe are shown, as well as unexpected shutdown errors. When I entered BIOS from one-time boot menu, the shutdown error seems to be ASF2 Force Off. The computer passed all diagnostic tests and the problems lingered, strangely.

Here are the 2 recurring application errors taken from SupportAssist System Events:

Error #1
Error #2
Does anyone know how to fix these application errors, the ASF2 force off error, and possibly the flickering screen? Thanks in advance.

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Hi there, 
I've recently purchased a dell xps 13 9360 
I have had a few issues such as screen flicker every so often, maybe twice a day, however it doesn't affect me too much. 
There was also slight coil whine, especially when using skype and intensive task, however I managed to remove that by turning off turbo boost in bios. 
Just then the blue screen "your pc has run into a problem and needs to restart" and a very loud noise occured.  I have attached the event log for when this occured, not sure if it helps. 
I've only had the laptop for just less than a month and I really need it now so I can't and don't plan on returning it. Just wondering if anyone could suggest to me what to do, i.e. could I send it for maintenance in a few weeks time and they could thoroughly test the system?

A:Dell xps 13 9360 issues

I'd suggest you first run the diagnostic tool to check hardware on the system by following the steps below:
1. Power off system
2. Power on system, quickly tap the F12 key continuously until you see Preparing one time boot menu in the top right corner of the screen. In the boot menu, stroll down to Diagnostic and then click it. After quick tests, click on Hard Drive, and then Thorough Test Mode. Report back any error code.

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My new dell xps 13 i recently bought is  too much overheating while charging and sometimes even while on normal battery usage. what should be done ?

A:Dell xps 13 9360 overheating

I'm assuming windows 10 is on the system.....
I'd suggest you update the System Setup(BIOS). Please click on link below to safety install latest BIOS version.
Update System Setup (BIOS) for a Dell Computer ... - YouTube
After installing latest BIOS version, I suggest installing Chipset drivers as well. To check if any other drivers needs to be install, run the Guide Me option in your Dell Product Support page. It will automatically detect drivers updates for your system. Please follow instructions to run Guide Me option in link below.
How to Find Drivers and Update Them (Official Dell Tech ...

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Hi I have just bought a XPS 13 build 9360 and a UP2715K monitor, I can get it to work at 4K but not 5K, I am using the thunderbolt connection and I have an adapter for this to 2 DP ports

Anyone any help

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Hello everybody!I bought an Ultrabook Dell XPS 13 9360On the laptop does not work touchpad, on the forum wrote that helps to replace the motherboard! Is there really no other way to bring the touchpad driver to works?
In the "Device Manager" section, the touchpad has an error (10), it can not start!
Diagnosis of the device does not detect errors...
Thanks for help!

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Greetings everyone.
For approximately one month I have experienced problems with the touchpad of my laptop.
I randomly get a Code 10 in the I2C HID Device (a request for the HID descriptor failed). It renders the touchpad unusable or sometimes it just limits its functionality (like scrolling with two fingers and other gestures). I have already tried all available versions of the Intel Serial IO Driver and made a hard reset of the computer with no success. 
At the present time all drivers have been updated and Windows 10 is in its build 16299.19.
Could it be a hardware issue? Thank you very much in advance.

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Is there any solution for the problem with running cooling fan? Starts running even on low usage? Seems to become a more frequent problem than in the last 2 weeks. Laptop runs on bios 2.3.1

A:Dell XPS 13 9360 8th gen 16GB-512Gb

Hi swm_1960,
Thanks for posting.
Apologies that your computer is not working as expected.
It would appear from the resources I have that this is a normal occurrence and is not a fault.  With smaller computer designs and smaller components, a lot of heat is generated and needs to be dissipated to keep things cool.
If you feel that this is excessive and not working as intended, please contact Tech Support for additional troubleshooting and a possible resolution.
You can contact Tech Support at 1-800-624-9896  or 1-800-288-4410, or you can initiate a chat session http://dell.to/2v4snVm

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Bought a XPS 13 9360 very recently, great laptop, great quality, if only it was not rebooting at random moments.
It happens at the most random times, one to three times a day and I don't see anything that can cause it. I tried updating all the drivers, but that didn't seem to be the problem. Hope Dell will get us a fix soon, as it is a brand new Laptop, and I've found other people in online discussions who have the same issue (without any help). It's no fun to buy a beautiful new laptop which reboots every day twice...
Refunding or changing it is not really an option as it would take a few days and I need it to study on it as it might take a few days before I get a new one...
Anyone any other ideas that may help?

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Hello All,
I have a Dell XPX 13 9360 laptop with a WD15 dock that I want to use two Dell 2316M monitors.
The dock connects up to the laptop fine - I am getting ethernet, USB and power from the dock via the Thunderbolt port. But, I am getting no video output from it. The laptop does not recognize that there are additional displays connected. The monitors are on the correct input and the monitors work on their own respectively (tested by connecting to another machine).
I have tried installing the drivers from Dell (Thunderbolt, ASMedia USB, Intel Graphics, etc.), but nothing makes it work. I attempted to install the Firmware, but it fails.
The laptop is Windows 10 Pro.
Does anyone have any suggestions to make this work?

A:Dell WD15 w/XPS 13 9360 - No Video

Hmm, video is typically the easiest thing to get working because the USB-C port just has a DisplayPort output wired to it, so there are no special dock drivers to make that work.  In terms of the firmware update that failed, if you're referring to the WD15 firmware I'm linking below, what's the exact failure error?  That firmware update involves restarting your PC and having it update the firmware while it boots, and it would be a good thing to get working because one of the listed fixes pertains to the DisplayPort MST hub that controls the video outputs.  Link: www.dell.com/.../driversdetails.

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I purchased a XPS 13 9360 on 27/11/2017 from Dell UK and received the delivery a day later on 28/11/2017. Since then, the laptop has randomly restarted several times, taking me to the recovery screen with the message 'it looks like Windows didn't load correctly'. At first, I thought it would go away when I updated to BIOS 2.3.1 and latest drivers, but it didn't. Then I opted to reset Windows 10, but today I suffered the issue again.
Does anybody know how to fix this? I have lost important work due to the random reboots.

A:Dell XPS 13 9360 - random reboots

Just to add to the opening post - I have noticed in the BIOS events log that the reboots coincide with ASF2 force offs.

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Hi there, I am having slight problems with the new laptop I purchased on Thursday 8.12.2016. Basically, it has not yet been registered on dell's system, meaning my manufacturer warranty is not active. I have tried to check the warranty status of the laptop so many times on the website but whenever I enter the service tag I get the following message: "There's no match for that Service Tag, Express Service code, or Serial Number. Please try again or browse for your product. New devices may need 48 hours to register on our site." Additionally, I have called dell's support team, and they said that without my machine being registered, they cannot do much, and I should keep on waiting. As you may notice the 48 hours have passed. I really don't understand how this whole registration works without me doing anything, and I am not sure if this is a hardware/software issue so I will be really thankful if you could help me out.

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I have read that this issue is already well known and I have tried to implement the solution suggested by Abraham in  but withouth any success. The cursor keeps jumping completely randomly when I am writing (not even using it) or using the mouse. The output of xinput is 
? Virtual core pointer id=2 [master pointer (3)]? ? Virtual core XTEST pointer id=4 [slave pointer (2)]? ? ELAN Touchscreen id=10 [slave pointer (2)]? ? DLL075B:01 06CB:76AF Touchpad id=12 [slave pointer (2)]? ? SynPS/2 Synaptics TouchPad id=16 [slave pointer (2)]? Virtual core keyboard id=3 [master keyboard (2)] ? Virtual core XTEST keyboard id=5 [slave keyboard (3)] ? Power Button id=6 [slave keyboard (3)] ? Video Bus id=7 [slave keyboard (3)] ? Power Button id=8 [slave keyboard (3)] ? Sleep Button id=9 [slave keyboard (3)] ? Integrated_Webcam_HD id=11 [slave keyboard (3)] ? Intel Virtual Button driver id=13 [slave keyboard (3)] ? Intel HID events id=14 [slave keyboard (3)] ? AT Translated Set 2 keyboard id=15 [slave keyboard (3)] ? Dell WMI hotkeys id=17 [slave keyboard (3)]
so somehow it still sees the mouse device twice, but I was not able to deactivate one of them.

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I received a new DELL XPS 13 9360 with Win 10 for my Sales Dept. Unfortunately when I try to connect to any WiFi network I get a blue screen with this message IRQL_UNEXPECTED_VALUE. All drivers are up to date and there is no additional software installed. When I have it connected on LAN (dock station WD15) I can connect to WiFi but when I unplug laptop from docking station and it switch to WiFi there is the same story with blue screen. Any idea how to fix this issue? Thank you in advance.  

A:DELL XPS 13 9360 - WiFi problems

If it is doing a real Blue Screen, it may show a driver on the bottom of the text.  If it does, let us know what it is.
When the Creator's build was installed on my 9365, it started Blue Screening for Netwtw04.sys.  It stopped for me after some upgrades.  If your system is new you may be going through that same situation.

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I had an issue with Wi-Fi dropping every few minutes on a particular network. In my case this was Virgin Media Hub 3.0 in the UK. To identify why this was happening I went into the event log (Start -> Run -> eventvwr.msc) and then into “Applications and Services Log” > “Microsoft” > “Windows” > “WLAN-AutoConfig”.
In here I could see a loop which relates to the networking issues;
Wireless security stopped.
WLAN AutoConfig service has successfully disconnected from a wireless network.
WLAN AutoConfig service started a connection to a wireless network.
Wireless network association started.
The issue appeared to be a recent update to the drivers and so I tried some new drivers from the Killer Networking website.
I used the Driver Only versions and this seemed (so far!) to have done the trick.
Thought I’d share in case anyone else has a similar issue and get it indexed by Google

A:Dell XPS 13 9360 Wifi keeps dropping

Outdated drivers can indeed cause issues such as these. However, I wanted to mention that the latest Killer Control Center download - killernetworking.com/.../killer-control-center-x64 - also contains the latest drivers. They all install with the same package - there is no need to install drivers separately, and the Killer Control Center can significantly speed up any latency sensitive task, from gaming to browsing, so it's definitely worth using!
-- Anthony with Killer Networking

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I would like to install Win7 on a XPS 13 9360 (no Win10 due to company policies), but it seems like a I'm heading into a road of torment. I see some people have partly succeeded with downgrading the XPS 13 9650, do anyone have some tips and tricks for downgrading the 9360?

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Just got a brand new XPS [9360] right out of the box. I noticed the backlight on the N and M keys are brighter than the rest of the keys. I played around with F10 function to adjust keyboard brightness, but it is the same throughout. I went into Windows Mobility Center and there was no settings listed for the keyboard. Did I just receive a bad keyboard?

A:Dell XPS 13 [9360] Keyboard Backlight

Please click on link below, hopefully it will be a help to you.

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I bought Dell XPS 13 9360 in US couple of months back. Now I am in India and my Laptop is not working. It is just displaying Black screen but keyboard back light are working fine.
Can I avail product replacement after warranty transfer? 

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Only had it a few days, first they had to replace the touch pad which wasnt working properly and now it seems to be blue screening randomly. It mostly happens when the laptop is locked it will just BSOD and restart.

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck.  The bugcheck was: 0x000000d1 (0x00000000decafc37, 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000, 0xfffff8024437e418). A dump was saved in: C:\WINDOWS\MEMORY.DMP. Report Id: 3757f439-506a-4d83-868c-3d7b4fc1b6e7

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Have just recently bought an XPS 13 9360 model ( Intel i5, 8gb memory, 256 SSD, Kaby Lake).
Need some advice before ordering some new bits & pieces.
Need to achieve 2 things:
1) link up to an larger external monitor
2) Copy a larger number of music CDs  into ITunes folder/ watch DVDs on laptop
3) Link to and store data on an external HDD
Could someone please advise on suitable accessories to achieve these.
Already have a 19" monitor. Do I just need a USB C to HDMI cable? Do I need any other adaptor?
What external optical drive works specifically with the XPS 13 9360? Do the USB ports have enough power output to run a single USB cables optical drive eg. The Dell DW 316
or is there a model that users have found works well with the 9360.
Finally can anyone recommend the best sort of cable to use for linking to and storing data on an external HDD? Can I just use a standard USB cable or is it better with a different type.
Apologies for the basic questions, but I am a bit of a technophobe and have struggled to find the correct answers on the web.
Any help would be much appreciated.

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