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Cursor jumping, sporadic, and touchpad not working properly ...

Q: Cursor jumping, sporadic, and touchpad not working properly ...

Hi, I got my HP ENVY 15t-q100 CTO Notebook PC in September, 2014. It has Windows 8.1, 64-bit. For the first few weeks of use, I did not have any issues. Then, I started having more occurences of cursor/touchpad issues to the point where it happens every hour of use (not an external mouse issue): Jumps around on screen (a few millimeters to inches). Move incrementally on its own without me anywhere near the laptop (generally spazzes to the left). Not allow scrolling/normal touchpad functions when issues are occuring. Functions as if I am holding down the click button while I try to move it - most frustrating part when I am doing important work. Randomly click stuff as I attempt to move it. Here is what I have tried to do to fix it and has not worked:Roll back driver (didn't work). Update driver (no updates available). Reset device (works for a minute or so). Restart (I do this daily anyway). Reduce cursor speed and other mouse options suggested online. I have seen similar issues for the HP Envy 17 and other notebooks, but no actual fixes have been proposed. Please help me with this issue.

Preferred Solution: Cursor jumping, sporadic, and touchpad not working properly ...

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Cursor jumping, sporadic, and touchpad not working properly ...

Hi Please find the link given below might help you to fix your issue. In case you have already tried the steps let me know. Link Try updating the Bios then update the update the driver. Try performing a system restore to the date where unit was working fine.

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Hi, just got my Legion Y520-15IKBN Laptop and found this nasty jumping cursor issue. When the laptop is connected to the charger, once you put the finger on the touchpad the cursors starts jumping around. If you move the finger, the cursors kinda follows it, but with lags and still jumps around in different directions.   Disconnecting the charger seems to fix the issue, also if you pick the connected laptop from the table and put it on the hand it also fixes the problem some how.... I've installed the windows 10, all drivers from lenovo site including power management software, tried some tricks from this forum like disconnecting the charger, holding the power button for over 10 sec, and power it up again, nothing helps. Can anybody share some ideas on this? Thanks in advance. 

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I have a new HP laptop (dv6-1375dx) with pre-installed W 7 whose touchpad is listed as a "Synaptics Touchpad V6.5 on PS/2 Port".

The cursor has a mind of its own and frequently jumps all over the screen when I type without (I think) my touching anything. Is there a way to reduce this annoying jumping of the cursor? I've looked at the Synaptics device properties but am not sure what I need to change.


A:touchpad too sensitive, cursor jumping

Hi Anderson2,

First, glance through this and make sure you haven't overlooked any touchpad settings.

Next, could you please verify your laptop's model number? According to the HP site, there is no Pavilion model dv6-1375dx. There are dv6-1352dx, and dv6-1375es and dv6-1375et. Could your machine be one of these instead?


Windows Outreach Team

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Curse of the Jumping Cursor

Greetings to all who have been suffering from this insane malady. I have brand-new (Sept. 2011) DELL Inspirion N4110 laptop running Windows 7 & a Dynex wireless mouse. Disabling the Touchpad fixed it. Here's a mini Troubleshooting Guide for any who may wish to use it:

Disabling the Touchpad to Prevent Leaping & Jumping Erratic Cursor when using an external USB wireless mouse

Click the round 4-quartered Windows Start icon in the lower left menu bar.
Click Devices and Printers in the menu list.
RIGHT-Click your PC icon in the dialog box.
Click Mouse Settings. The Mouse Properties dialog box displays.
Click the Dell Touchpad tab.
Click the Touchpad icon. The Dell Touchpad dialog box displays.
Click Device Select
Under the Touchpad option, select Disable. (Items under theTouchpad Buttons option will no longer be available.)
Check the box that reads: Disable Touchpad/Pointing Stick when external USB mouse is present.
Click the Apply button. The amber light above your Touchpad and below your spacebar on your keyboard will glow.
Click OK.

NOTE: Whenever you restart your computer, it will take a while for the Touchpad to deactivate. Wait until the amber light above your Touchpad glows before you start typing again.

More Important Note: If you shut down your computer and then reboot after a long rest, it will seemingly ?forget? to turn off the Touchpad. So, if you ?pretend? that you?re going to turn off the Touchpad again using the above d... Read more

A:Prevent CURSOR JUMPING by Disabling Touchpad on Your Laptop

Welcome to Windows Seven Forums.

I have a Sony Vaio with the same problem, which was also cured by disabling the touchpad.

Thanks for posting, it will probably help a lot of people.

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Hello everyone, I'm having a problem that occurs on different Lenovo models as well. The mouse cursor for 'working in background' will become weird / pixelated at random. It'll also shrink and "jump" when it changes from the normal cursor to the pixelated 'working in background' cursor. See image below.  The problem has also been described in the following forums regarding different models.Ideapad 720s 14IKB Cursor/Pointer Pixelated and Jumping When Working in BackgroundMouse cursor jumps when working in background - Yoga 500-15ISKStrange mouse pointer behaviour when working in background - Lenovo Ideapad 510S 14ISK  However the solutions posted there don't seem to work for this particular model, as those solutions seem more like a clunky workaround instead of a professional solution. The solutions offered in the linked posts are as follows:- Disable the Lenovo Utility (but the Caps Lock on-screen indicator will not show and Flight mode hotkey will no longer work)- Install the Wacom Touch Firmware Package V.02.16. (The installer doesn't seem to launch on the Yoga 720 15IKB)- Change the text and icon size scaling in windows to 149% (Which makes things too small on the Yoga 720 15IKB with a 4k screen) Anybody out there who knows what's the real cause of this problem and how to properly fix this instead of one of these workarounds? Kind regards,Rens van der Meer EDIT: I found a new pos... Read more

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Hello everyone, At a random time, when the cursor changes from "normal" to "working in background" it becomes pixelated and jumps away a few centimeters and then returns back to original position when loading is complete.The only way to work around this is if I make a change in mouse settings, like "enable pointer shadow" and then revert it back as it was. I am on an Ideapad 720s 14IKB running Windows 10 x64 Version 10.0 Build 16299 Is anyone else having the same issue?

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My Cursor is not working good, it tooks 2, 3, 4 or even 5 clicks to enter something on a search bar, close a window or open a window. I tried shaking the Cursor cable, still nothing. Can someone help me?

A:Cursor not working properly

Are you referring to clicking with a mouse. If so then your mouse may be faulty. Can you try another mouse.

If this is not the problem could you explain it in more detail.

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Hi Friends... i've been using a sony vaio laptop since 2 years with configuration :
processor : core i3 (2.26 GHz)
ram : 4Gb
OS : win 7 home premium 64 bit

It was working excellent till yesterday except the touchpad. The touchpad stopped working properly about 8 months ago. It was not a big matter to me as i only use USB mouse as pointing device. But yesterday i experianced a strange error. WHEN I START WINDOWS THE CURSOR AUTOMATICALLY SELECTS THE LAST ICON ON MY DESKTOP AND IT STRATS BLINKING.
WHICH MEANS I CAN'T USE MY COMPUTER AT ALL.But sometimes it works fine about 30 mins and then again the same problem begins. i did a factory reset,checked registry errors with "Reginout",Scanned with "Kaspersky internet security",reinstalled "Synaptic Device Driver"....
and tried to use another 2 mouse...
but nothing solves the problem... THIS PROBLEM IS BECOMING HEADACHE FOR ME... even i have to restart my laptop 5 times to get 30 mins of "working time" to type this post.... becouse WHEN I OPEN THE BROWSER,

A:Cursor is not working properly

Hello SJG and welcome to Seven Forums.

Couple of things to try. For the touchpad:

Sony eSupport

For the cursor:

SONY Viao Erratic Cursor movements - Windows 7 and Vista - Viao VGN - Microsoft Answers

And in Device Managment if any other hardware has a driver problem:

Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly

But one thing you said concerns me. You said you did a "factory reset". I'm guessing you mean you reset the Vaio to factory specifications by using Vaio Care and accessing the hidden recovery partition, or by using the recovery discs you should have made. If this is how you did the "factory reset" then any software problems should have been resolved. That might indicate a hardware problem.

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I have a HP 2000 Notebook PC; can't seem to find the model numbers or anything. My touchpad just randomly stopped working when I opened my laptop this morning. I'm using an external mouse right now but need to have access to the touchpad. I have already attempted the following: Rebooting 5 timesTrying function keysToggling on/off: there is not light above the touch pad, and double tapping does not facilitate any change in the light or function of the touchpadReinstalling touchpad driver twiceSearching mouse properties: does not list touchpad as mouse device. Thanks in advance.

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A:Touchpad/Cursor not Working

Try a hard reset: Remove AC and Battery:Hold Power down for 30 secsreconnect Battery and AC and see if this brings it back. 

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OK so now if my touchpad is switched on the mouse cursor sometimes makes continuous erratic movements around the screen. Turning it off solves this problem. Is this a sign it's wearing out, or is there something I can do to stop this?

A:Touchpad not working properly

What state is your laptop on when the touchpad issue occurred? This happens on my fujitsu laptop when charger is plugged in. After a quick googling, found out that I just had to put the "brick" part of the charger to a good distance away from my laptop. Worked wonders! Issue usually happens with replacement chargers (due to voltage or ampere incompatibility).

Not sure though if this was your case.

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i am using hp ay008tx and have installed latest driver as recomended on hp website of SYNAPTIC TOUCHPADV1.3.. sometimes i have to click twice ot thrice to get one click.

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My hp touchpad isn't working properly. It stops after sometime and windows 8.1 is working really slow. Kindly fix this issue as soon as possible. I shall be highly grateful to you.

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My touchpad is not working properly.I can drag my cursor using it but am unable to hold it or tap it to select something which causing several inconvenience.

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Hi i have hp i7 4712 laptop.but its touch pad is not working properly.Because when i using it some its stop for few minute and then it start working.

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No idea if this is hardware or software, but I'm trying this first.

I have an Inspiron 1525 laptop running Vista. My touchpad stopped working for some random reason a couple days ago except for the buttons. It might have started working again a while ago, but I just noticed 2 hours or so again that it was working, except for 2 things: I can't do that... uhhh... dunno what it's called, where you click the two buttons together and it does what clicking the mouse wheel on a normal mouse would do... and I can't scroll. The thing on my taskbar that tells me where my finger is on the touchpad has disappeared, as well.

A:Touchpad not working properly

Touchpads are usually proprietary pieces of hardware that have drivers supplied by the manufacturers. Check your device manager and settings in Control Panel (it may be under the Mouse settings) to be sure everything is all right there.

You might also go to the manufacturer's web site to check on a driver, and maybe an update to it. You could always reinstall it, anyway.

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Hi, Everyone- when typing on a new Asus EEE 1015, with Win 7, the cursor will suddenly jump backwards to an earlier spot in the text. This happens a lot, and makes it difficult to type anything.

I googled and saw this problem for many systems and OSs, but it seems like mainly a laptop and netbook problem. some people have erduced sensitivity on touchpads, or have updated touchpad drivers, or have installed a program that disconnects the touchpad when the keys are being used.

We know we are not touching the touchpad accidentally. you can really perch your fingers way above, and the jump still happens. We have decreased the sensitivity on the touchpad, and the jumping still happens.

We also have an Asus EEE 1005 Win XP, for almost a year, with absolutely no cursor jumping.

Any info specific to this set-up? I would love to hear any insights, before I go into a long routine of upgraing BIOS, upgrading touchpad drives, etc.

A:Cursor jumping Asus Eee 1015, cursor moves when typing

As the PC is new I would return it under warranty as this is most likely a hardware issue.

The only quick fix that might work is to reinstall the touchpad drivers from the Asus site. You could also check in the touchpad settings to see what is set for making the cursor disappear during typing, change the setting from whatever it is at present and see if that helps.

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I have an Acer E3-111 that I bought less than a year ago. It's my fourth Acer PC, and I've generally been very happy with the company's products and support. I upgraded to Windows 10 from the preinstalled Win 7 a few months ago, and I have had serious problems with my touchpad/cursor ever since. The cursor stops moving or jumps, and when I try to select text, it often freezes in the middle of the selection process. It's making the computer unusable. I contacted Acer and got the driver update, but it did not work. I contacted Acer again, and spoke to a very rude gentleman who said he could do nothing for me. I contacted Microsoft and one of their techs took remote access of my PC and did something that briefly helped, but then the problem returned. I considered going back to Win 7, but I no longer have the restore point -- too much time had passed, and the old installation got deleted on a system cleanup. Acer eventually sold me my original system installation on a USB for about $50, but did not tell me it would require a full system wipe, which I don't want to do. Does anyone have any idea how to fix these cursor problems on the E3-111 in Windows 10?

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The touchpad on my laptop (hp pavilion x2) is not working, the cursor is not visible. It works perfectly well when I plug in an external mouse, however when I unplug it the cursor will freeze and when I use the touchscreen it will disappear completely. Any help?

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A:Cursor disappears/touchpad not working

Hi, Try the following. Open windows Control Panel, open Programs and Features, right click the entry 'HP System Event Utility' and select Uninstall. When this has completed, download and reinstall the Chipset driver on the following liink. http://h30642.www3.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp64501-65000/sp64608.exe When the reinstallation has completed, restart the notebook and let Windows fully load for a few minutes. Then download and install the version of HP System Event Utility on the following link. http://h30642.www3.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp66501-67000/sp66604.exe When this installation has completed, download and reinstall the Synaptics driver on the link below. http://h30642.www3.hp.com/pub/softpaq/sp64501-65000/sp64797.exe When this installation has completed, restart the notebook again. Regards, DP-K

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I have an Acer E3-111 that I bought less than a year ago. It's my fourth Acer PC, and I've generally been very happy with the company's products and support. I upgraded to Windows 10 from the preinstalled Win 7 a few months ago, and I have had serious problems with my touchpad/cursor ever since. The cursor stops moving or jumps, and when I try to select text, it often freezes in the middle of the selection process. It's making the computer unusable. I contacted Acer and got the driver update, but it did not work. I contacted Acer again, and spoke to a very rude gentleman who said he could do nothing for me. I contacted Microsoft and one of their techs took remote access of my PC and did something that briefly helped, but then the problem returned. I considered going back to Win 7, but I no longer have the restore point -- too much time had passed, and the old installation got deleted on a system cleanup. Acer eventually sold me my original system installation on a USB for about $50, but did not tell me it would require a full system wipe, which I don't want to do. Does anyone have any idea how to fix these cursor problems on the E3-111 in Windows 10?

A:Cursor/touchpad not working since Win 10 upgrade

IIRC those models came with either a Elantech or Synaptics touchpad. Both drivers have been updated several times since the release of Windows 10 and are distributed via Windows Update. Check to make sure you don't have optional updates that haven't been installed...

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Brand new chromebook and the touchpad lags, or does't respond correctly (scrolling when it shouldn't, clicking the wrong area, etc.)  Is there somethig I can do to fix this?

A:chromebook CB5-311 touchpad not working properly

Factory resethttps://acer.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/11188/~/how-do-i-recover-my-acer-chromebook%3F Replace the Chrome O/S recovery drivehttps://acer--uk.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/27636/~/how-to-create-recovery-media-for-a-chr...

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My laptop touchpad is not working properly; that is I cannot scroll properly and also have problems with the sensitivity of touch. I downloaded and installed the Synaptic touchpad driver but it is still not functioning very well. Please can someone help me with a solution.
The name of my Laptop is; Compac Presario CQ50-115NR Notebook PC
Thank you.

A:My laptop touchpad is not working properly

Go to Start -> control panel -> Hardware and Sound.

Somewhere in there you should find adjustments for the sensitivity.

If this does not work please state your operating system for further help and try it with a USB mouse.

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Hi, I have a dell laptop dell latitude e6410 running on Windows 7 32bit and mouse touchpad is irattic and not working properly, can anyone give me the right driver for that?

A:Mouse touchpad not working properly


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I upgraded windows 10 about 2 days ago and from that my elan touchpad starts to not working after some minutes of usage, it always detects an unexisting tap.
I tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver but it seems to not working.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

A:G50-80 - Elan touchpad not working properly after ...

Good day and welcome to the community.Please provide more information about your system model, otherwise it may be difficult for the community to assist you. We will also be able to confirm that your post is in the proper forum.Regards.
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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I have a HP Pavilion DM4-3099se Laptop with a Intel Core i5 dual core processer and 6GB of RAM. On this laptop is a Synaptics touchpad and uptill now it was working fine. It recently started glitching and now when i move my finger on the touchpad, the mouse moves but it repeatedly stops and then starts moving and then moves in all different directions. I went to the Synaptics website and installed the latest drivers for the touchpad and the installation was successful but the trackpad was still the same way. My external wired mouse works fine right now though. I tried restoring my system the earliest point there was on the list and still no improvement on the touchpad. Please help. Thank you.


Thanks everyone for reading but I already fixed the problem. My computer shipped with two Operating Systems, one being windows 7 and the other being HP QuickWeb. I just booted into HP Quickweb and my trackpad was working fine and then i booted back into windows and it worked perfectly after that. I just though i would let you know and can somebody please close this topic because i dont know how to. thanks.

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1. when i start my laptop, touchpad works fine but after a while it starts missbehaving. right click n left click work fine but cursor is out of control.i have checked if its driver is not updated but it is updated.i uninstalled its driver n installed it back but even then it is not working. i read somehwere if its touch screen is turned off then touchpad works fine but even if i turn touch screen off it does not work.2.i dont know about other function keys but i use function keys for brightness and volume all the time. i dont know if it was last window update or what else went wrong that these function keys are not helping anymore. These keys still make a pop up sound which means keyboard buttons are working fine.please help.

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Hello hi im lili b any my toupad isnt working right the dang strolling up or down wont work and I cant fix it I have an hp pavilion dv4 1435dx could someone help mi find the orrect driver that could fix it

A:Laptop touchpad is not working properly


You should find the drivers you need here. Click on next By the windows 7 64 bit box.

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My scrolling up and down option of touch pad is not working what should I do...?

A:My laptop touchpad is not working properly

Are you referring to the the right side scroll bars on laptop touch pads that allow you to scroll up and down pages?

Try updating the driver for your touchpad and see if that helps.

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Hi I have a Samsung RV510 laptop and I have a problem with the elan touchpad. It can scroll up and down but I when I click or tap on anything it doesn't do anything. I am using a USB plug in mouse but I am working on an university assignment and I need the USB portal to save my work on an USB key. Before Christmas I had the same problem and I went into the tech support in uni and he said that I had set the left click button to right click function or something like that and he went into control panel and mouse to resolve the problem. He fixed it by doing something in Mouse under Control Panel but I just can't remember what and by the way I have the setting where the elan touchpad is disabled when an USB plug in mouse is inserted. I really need help today if you can ! I have tried to adjust the settings of the touchpad in Mouse in Control Panel but even switching the buttons does not do anything to solve the problem. Sometimes when I start the laptop the touchpad works fine but an indication that is going wrong is when I am scrolling the screen with the touchpad the pop up that appears on screen when one right click appears by itself and keeps appearing whenever on the screen I move the touchpad mouse. After that the tap to click as well as left and right click buttons fail to work at all and I do not know if this is a software problem or is it a hardware problem as I said I encountered this problem already and now it's returned. Thanks

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my laptop keyboard not typing but I know its working cause when i hit CAPS LOCK the indicator light will switch on and when i hit letter N network will show up... touchpad also not working properly... when i double click my file document, the property document will show up not the document itself. when i hit right click nothings happen or nothing showing up... but when i accidentally hit ESC right click button work perfectly but left click button still doesnt work.... and every time I restart my computer I always hit ESC just so the right click button will work.. I already refresh/reset/reformat my computer... nothings changeI even Upgraded the Bios.... still nothings changeI Uninstall/install alps touchpad driver... still notings change  Please help me... I dont Know what to do anymore 

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I bought a Lenovo G50-80 (intel(R) Core i3-5005U, 2GHz) a few months ago. A week after buying, I noticed touchpad not working properly while charger plugged in, also it was not working while my printer?s USB cable connected. Touchpad button and finger tap working fine but, cursor hanging or moves very slow. When I unplugged the charger and printer cable touchpad working fine. But, it was not working anymore (it is also not working properly when the charger and printer?s USB cable unplugged). Usb mouse working perfect.My Laptop have installed windows 7 64bit operating system. I tried to reinstall windows 7 64bit ultimate and professional os (Not other like windows 8 or 10), I updated a latest bios and touchpad driver from Lenovo and synaptics website, But I am getting same problem.

A:Lenovo G50-80 touchpad not working properly when t...

Hi there, Nmparmar          -
Thank you for writing in to the Lenovo Forum - happy to have you here today.
Can you try to:
Make sure you use the original 65W 20V/3.25A or 90W 20V4.5A AC adapter that came with the unit.
Plug the AC adapter in another wall outlet in your house (preferrably another side of the house) - if this works, the original wall outlet that you used before when you got the issue may not be properly grounded.
Perform a power drain by:a turning the PC OFF. Remove the battery & AC adapter then hold the power button for 30secs. When done, reinsert the AC adapter and battery then boot into the BIOS by pressing F2. When inside the BIOS, press F9 to reset default settings and press F10 to save and exit.
Update the Touchpad Driver below:
Synaptics Touchpad Driver      
Update us how it goes.
Tap that kudos button if I helped  If you find a post helpful and it answers your question, please mark it as an "Accepted Solution

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Hi, I have a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro and today, my cursor disappeared and my touchpad is not working. The cursor only appears when I use a USB mouse. I tried looking for a solution online but it doesn't work. I tried Fn + Del and Fn + F6. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Synaptics driver from these links: http://support.lenovo.com/ca/en/products/laptops-and-netbooks/yoga-series/yoga-3-pro-1370-laptop-len... http://support.lenovo.com/ca/en/downloads/ds032247 http://www.synaptics.com/resources/drivers It still didn't work. In Control Panel -> Mouse Properties, it seems that the only device appearing is the USB mouse, and in -> Programs and Features, there is no Synaptics Drivers installed (there used to be one). Also, when I tried to run one of the program installed from one of the links above, it said "Synaptics device not found!". Can you help me?

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All of sudden my cursor disappeared and my touchpad will not recover it.  When I plug in a mouse the cursor appears and is operational.  I need to recover the use of my touchpad.

A:Chromebook Cursor disappears/touchpad not working

Hello @ghuyge, welcome to the HP Forums.It appears that you're having issues with the touchpad on your Chromebook. I will try to assist you with this. To start here are some documents that may be able to help you: Adjusting Touchpad and Keyboard Settings on Your HP Chromebook (Chrome OS)Frequently asked questions about your HP Chromebook or ChromeboxFix hardware and system issuesIf you require further assistance, please provide the model and product numbers. Thank you for posting on the HP Forums.

I worked on behalf of HP.

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Hi, I have a strange problem with my inspiron Inspiron 15 (N5050). When I plugged in the AC charger, the touchpad / mouse does not work properly. Sometimes it moves and sometimes not eventhough I have moved and touched the touchpad. When I disconnect the AC charger, the touchpad works perfectly fine. Can anyone give me advise on this? thanks in advance

A:My mouse/touchpad is not working properly while charging

Hi suneel_zee.
Welcome to the Community,
Have you tried different power outlets? Does this happen in different locations(even outside you house/work)?
I would suggest you to release flea power.To release flea power disconnect AC adapter,remove battery,disconnect all external peripherals(USB devices),press and hold power button for 30 seconds.
Reconnect the battery and AC adapter.Check how touchpad responds with AC Adapter connected.
If the issue persists try a different AC adapter(may be borrow from some one who uses same watt Dell AC adapter).
Let me know how it goes.
Thank You

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I love my Satellite T110-107 but there are issues with the TouchPad.

1). The mouse cursor doesn't move at times. With this one I can get it to move by taking both hands away from the laptop for a moment.
2). The mouse cursor suddenly 'shoots' off to the right hand of the screen.

I've tried changing the touchpad sensitivity to both the minimum and the maximum levels, i've adjusted the 'Palm' sensitivity but nothing seems to help other than by making the sensitivity low which helps a little.

I've also noticed that when the laptop is on my lap, the problem is worse than if it's on a table.

I think that it's a problem with a build up of static on the case.

Any other ideas?.

A:Satellite T110-107 - Touchpad not working properly

Hi buddy,

I use Satellite T110 for months now and really and no problem. Everything runs great and I don?t have any problems. It?s really great notebook!!!

So it must be something wrong with yours or installation.
First of all I would recommend updating the touchpad driver. You can download it on the Toshiba website:

After this you should test it again. Check also the touchpad settings again. There are a lot of settings to improve touchpad.

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I just reformatted the HDD on my girlfriends laptop and now the touchpad mouse is not working properly. The scroll wheel doesn't work and when scrolling down on a web page with the keyboard it goes step by step. Are their any settings that I need tochange to make it work right?

A:Laptop touchpad mouse is not working properly

Some touchpads require specific drivers installed. Did you install these from the manufacturer? This is the integrated one on the laptop not add-in devices?

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I upgraded windows 10 about 2 days ago and from that my elan touchpad starts to not working after some minutes of usage, it always detects an unexisting tap.I tried to uninstall and reinstall the driver but it seems to not working.

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suddenly mt touchpad stop working, i could move cursor,but i could not click on touchpad, i had to use left button instead of using touchpad,i was unable to enable or disable touchpad by doubble clicking on left corner.then i visit ur support forum,i download touchpad driver. By following ur suggestion , now i am able to use touchpad, but the only one problem i am facing now is , i am unable to disable my touchpad, and my touchpad light is always lighting

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On windows 7 the touchad isn't working properly meaning that I can't scroll on pages by sliding my finger at the edges of the touchpad. It worked perfectly witn Vista and now it's not. I have 64bit version.

I searched for new drivers but there aren't any. How should I resolve this?


A:Portege M800 - Touchpad not working properly on Windows 7

What Model do you have exactly?


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The hinges on my computer were askew, so I sent my computer to the service center. After 3 weeks, they returned my computer to me and told me that the top "chassi" and the bottom cover have been replaced. Not sure what they meant, because the people that fixed my computer were not there at the store to explain it to me, but I'm assuming that it's the top and bottom cover of my computer. I was told that the hardware and the software are still intact, because they didn't have to alter anything during the reparation of my computer. The first thing I noticed when I started using my computer again is that it is very slow. It makes that "thinking" clicking sound all the time, even when I'm not using the computer (No programs/files open, long after the computer's startup). The system was VERY slow. It was laggy and irresponsive most of the time. I deleted multiple useless files and download new antivirus software to make sure that my computer is clean. The computer is no longer laggy, but the "thinking" sound is still there (it's there all the time).  The second thing I noticed is how my touchpad didn't respond to my click. I can move the cursor around perfectly fine, but I cannot click. Neither with a tap on the touchpad nor with an actual click on the touchpad. The touchpad registers my touch, but not my click :/ Does this have anything to do with the aforementioned hardware/software/harddrive/drivers? (My computer terminology is terrible, sorry). Thank you.&nb... Read more

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The touchpad on brand new Lenova Yoga 720 does not function properly. After install, mouse pointer does not show and the touchpad does not work. The only way to get around on the computer is the touchscreen. Keyboard still works. A hard reset solves the problem temporarily. To get the mouse to show and the touchpad to work, I will have to hard reset the laptop everytime before desired use. If the computer goes to sleep, the touchpad dissapears. I do not think that the touchpad shows up anywhere in my devices. I am not sure because I do not know what the file may be called. Otherwise, I would uninstall the driver and re install. Support said to download driver off website, there isn't a touchpad driver available for download. I'd like to keep this laptop  and correct this issue. But it is a new computer so if there isn't a solution soon, I will return it instead of wasting time adding to it. Seems that many have had similar issues. Anyone any closer to an answer? Hello? Help?  

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Hi. I'm a first-time user and happy to have found your website!

My operating system is Windows 7. I am using a wireless Logitech Mouse (uses USB hardware). I have had this laptop for 5+ years.

1. The touchpad will not ?turn off.? Under "Mouse" on the Control Panel, functions for the Dell Touchpad should allow me to simply turn the touchpad on and off. Regardless whether it is in the on or off position, it is still on.
2. Even when I don?t touch the touchpad, the cursor skips around the screen, highlights text and deletes text. Typed text re-locates within earlier typed text.
3. There is an on/off light at the top of the touchpad that indicates the touchpad is on/off. This is not working.
4. Also this panel item allows me to manage sensitivity, buttons, gestures & edge scroll & zoom. I can work these, but the Edge Scroll & Zoom buttons do not see to change the settings.

1. I have checked the drivers for both the touchpad and mouse and I get messages that they are each up to date
2. Because the touchpad will not turn off, I have tried to manage the buttons to turn down the sensitivity, to minimize movement of text. This does not help.
3. Turning on ?Disable Touchpad & Point Stick when USB Mouse present? does not disable the touchpad.

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I am having a Dell Inspiron 5537 ci7 with Windows 8 (64-bit) running.
Occasionally the pointing device starts to malfunction (especially after high-end playing games)
The problem:
"When I click anywhere on a window (be it browser or windows explorer etc..), the window gets deselected. I cant browse at all.
Another browser (Chrome) specific click issue (when deselection isn't happening- The tab closes when I click on it.
Right click also does the same.. (deselects the window)
The problem is gone when I shutdown and start again - Restarting usually doesnt helps"
It seemed like a driver issue to me - I have installed the latest version of synaptics driver from dell (i.e. v16.3.15.3) - didnt helped.
Request support... Its really hindering my routine use

A:Dell 5537 - Touchpad/Mouse Clicks not working properly


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I recently updatet my Laptop (Z930-12m) to windows 10, everything is working fine so far, except the Touchpad (Synaptics).
I can't scroll any more and also the momentum setting I used before seems not to be working any longer.

So I ask myself are there any updates for the drivers planed for this? Or can I get them anywhere else?

A:Portege Z930-12M - Touchpad is not working properly after Windows 10 update

The scrolling on the touchpad works now, I just did not adjust the settings properly.
But the momentum still does not work.
Anyhow, I found a view drivers for my laptop

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I bought this laptop 4 hours ago. Within 20 minutes of me setting it up, I began have alot of issues with the touchpad. I tried installing the newest drivers, troubleshooting, and all of the other stuff that has been reccomended to other people and Im still having this issues. I did abit of research, and it seems that almost everyone with a control zone touchpad is having alot of issues. Is there any way to fix it? And when will HP acknowledge the fact that this touchpad needs to be fixed, and do something about it?

A:Control Zone touchpad not working properly Hp Envy m6 n010dx

Dear Customer,Welcome and Thank you for posting your query on HP Support ForumIt looks like you are facing difficulties with the Touchpad of your NotebookWe will surely assist you with thisSteps to drain the Static charge and loading default BIOS settings to resolve the issueStep 01. Turn OFF the NotebookStep 02. Un-plug the Power/AC Adapter and also remove the Battery tooStep 03. Press and Hold the Power Button of the Notebook for a full minuteStep 04. Now let's re-insert the battery back in and plug back the Power/AC AdapterStep 05. Start the Notebook and keep tapping F10 Key during the startup to access the BIOSStep 06. Once you get to the BIOS, Please press F5 Key to load setup defaults for the BIOSStep 07. Now let's press Esc/Escape Key. Save Changes and Exit - YesStep 08. Now please wait till the Unit loads the Windows Operating systemNow please re-install the touchpad drivers from HP Website in order to resolve the issueNote: After performing all the above shown steps if you still have the same issue that could be a hardware issue and I strongly recommend you to get the Notebook replaced as its brand new. You have a 30 days time from the bill/invoice date to get your unit replaced either from HP directly or from the point of purchase where you bought it from.Hope this helps, for any further queries reply to the post and feel free to join us again**Click the KUDOS star on left to say Thanks**Make it easier for other people to find solutions by marking a Reply 'Accept as... Read more

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