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Crash During User Sign In (Windows 8)

Q: Crash During User Sign In (Windows 8)

My computer is brand new, about two months old, and I haven't used it too much yet. Today, while signing in to my Windows account, the computer crashed. It was rather odd too.
I typed in my password and the "loading circle" appeared. The loading circle then froze in place followed by the monitor going blank and then saying it wasn't getting any signal. The computer was still running and the monitor connections were fine, but the screen was still blank. I couldn't even shut the computer off by holding down the power button. I must have held it down for at least 15 seconds, way longer than usual to force a shutdown. The computer reset button was unresponsive as well. I tried both buttons multiple times but they did nothing. I had to resort to manually shutting off the power supply unit (which I really did not want to do).
What happened?
System Specs:
Motherboard: msi, 760GMA-P34 (FX) series [MS-7641 (v5.1)]
CPU: AMD FX-6300 Vishera 6-Core 3.5GHz
RAM: 8GB Klevv Neo
PSU: Sea Sonic S12II-520Bronze Power supply - 520 Watt
GPU: Zotac GeForce GTX 750 1 GB GDDR5
Case: logisys 368RB
Operating System: Windows 8.1
None of my components (CPU nor GPU) are overclocked.
Background Info:
If you're wondering what the events were up to this point I basically had an issue with a Broke.OpenCommand you can see the thread here. I followed all the steps in that thread, but had not completed the last clean-up step. Basically I ran the programs SecurityCheck.exe, Farbar Service Scanner , AdwCleaner, and Junkware Removal Tool. I'm glad those utilities are there to help, but I worry about the automation of them to, sometimes no user prompts before the cleaning process (which means valid registry keys and programs can accidentally be removed or changed).  I ended up doing a System Restore from before a critical update from July 10th because my extra worry.
I'm wondering if the System Restore "undid" and update causing the system to be unstable or if one of the programs I was asked to run made a display driver or other driver broken/unstable. (Or perhaps a combination of both the programs being run and the system restore.) Although, the way my power button stopped working makes me wonder if this was an electrical surge. 
I've had so many problems with my computer and it's new. It's distressing.

Preferred Solution: Crash During User Sign In (Windows 8)

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Crash During User Sign In (Windows 8)

The problem may be worse than I thought.
It just happened to me again. This time, I had booted up the computer and it was just sitting at the user log in screen and then the screen went black, but the machine stayed on. I tested the monitor by removing the connection from the GPU and plugging it in to the connection that connects to the motherboard. Nothing. Power button ceases to work and I have to shut the computer off by shutting down the power supply. (And I have tested this, I can shut the computer down by holding down the power button, when the computer actually boots correctly).
My problem is very similar to this persons here although I am not overclocking. Also, once my computer gets past the log on screen it seems to be fine.
I'm starting to think this is a hardware issue or maybe I am drawing too much power on the PSU (although I should only be using about 50% at most of the max 520W  rating).
I'm getting very worried.

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shortly after turning my Win 10 PC on this morning, I got a blue screen message telling my My PC had encountered a problem and they were collecting data.

Now, when the PC comes back on, I get a pop up saying We Can't Sign In To Your Account. I've tried signing out as suggested by the on screen message but I still get the same message as above.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Dell 3000 PC
Windows 8,1 64.bit
When the computer boots it gets as far as the Windows 8.1 welcome screen but no further. I have tried to use a bootable Windows 8.1 installation disc to troubleshoot the problem. The Refresh option results in the error "The drive where Windows is installed is locked. Unlock the drive and try again". The System Restore option fails to restore an earlier restore point. The Automatic Repair options results in an error message "Automatic Repair couldn't repair your PC".
I thought I might be able to do a repair install but that is not possible unless the computer is already booted into Windows. I cannot even boot in Safe Mode. I am hoping I do not have to completely install Windows 8.1 as I would need to install all my other application software.
I would be very grateful for any suggestions to fix this problem. In particular, how do I unlock the Windows drive?

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Downloading registry cleaner and ran it and it said restart i did and now i have a blue scrren

*cant take a pic dont have camera but ill google a pic and just post the techincal info thats different"

same message im getting but i dindt get the dll error he did

but the tech info i get is

Tedchincal Information:
*** STOP: 0x000000F4 (0x0000000000000003, 0xFFFFA8008EF0B30, 0xFFFFFA8008EF0E1, 0xFFFFF80003181510)

thats all i get under tech info the pic is just to show what type of blue screen im getting

also i CANT boot from cd i dont have a option to when i restart pc i even tried going into bios but no option to change boot pattern or anything.....

Newegg.com - CyberpowerPC Gamer Ultra 2098 (GU2098) Desktop PC AMD FX-Series FX-4100(3.6GHz) 8GB DDR3 500GB HDD Capacity AMD Radeon HD 6670 1GB Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit

sorry for link but best i could do since i dont know pc spec off head but this is one i bought i went into my recently bought

A:pc dont load past windows sign blue screen crash+cant boot from cd

As the help you need is more repair OS rather than crash debugging I've mored this to General discussion where somebody should be able help.

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OK is it possible to set a windows user account to automatically sign in when I power up my system

A:Solved: Auto sign in windows user account on power-up

Disregard, I was thinking we were in the X threads.

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So I was Dumb and changed the drive that had my user profile to another letter. Now i Can't log in. Please help.

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After adding a User as a Family Member(child), when the family member logs in with his user he gets this message: The User profile service failed. The sign in user Profile cannot be loaded.

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As of today, in our domain environment consisting of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 Enterprise machines, we are experiencing the "User Profile service failed the sign-in - User profile cannot be loaded" error message whenever a user tries to login.
This only affects users new to the particular machine. If they have signed on before and already have a cached account the computer logs them in with no issue. This is occurring on both Win8.1 and Win7 machines. We are an academic institution so this is becoming
a huge problem in our labs. Students generally use different computers so this is popping up very frequently. I have a solution for the issue. It appears that on the non-working machines that the "Default" user profile is corrupt. I have discovered
that if I find a machine, Win8.1 or Win7, doesn't matter, that is allowing first time users to logon I can copy the "Default" user profile and replace the corrupt one. I must first permanently delete the corrupt profile before copying over the new
one. I am doing this over the network by navigating the C:\users\ folder. Even this way is becoming cumbersome though as we have over 1000 computer in labs. I have googled and googled and I keep seeing the same answers offering various solutions, none which
are any more practical than my method. I cannot find information on a cause or a reason of why this would just crop up out of nowhere. I suspect maybe a Windows update but I cannot verify that yet. ... Read more

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Trying to lock down a tablet running Win 8.1 It's set to auto log in so I don't want the user to be able to sign out. Any ideas how to disable or remove it?


A:Remove Sign out from User Name and Power User Menu

In registry editor go to


double click on shutdownautologon and write value 0 instead of 1.

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Okay this may sound weird. My PC crashed (at least that's the story I was told. I was away and my 7 year old brother was using it) while playing a game.

Since then, Windows 7 (Ultimate x64 updated to the lastest till June 16) started behaving weirdly. At first I wasn't able to figure out the problem. It had lost all user configurations and acted like I booted it up for the first time, though all the programs were still there but had lost all their user configuration.

After spending over 10 hours trying to figure out what's wrong, I've noticed that everything I run, starts up in an elevated user mode. On top of that, I can't run Explorer (explorer.exe displays an error saying "The server process could not be started because the configured identity is incorrect. Check the username and password.") or anything related to it like Control Panel etc. Even programs that reside in the Appliication Data/Local Settings don't work anymore (Google Chrome or Firefox for example).

Aero isn't working at all even though I can see the AMD Catalyst Control Center running in the system tray.

The user profile (and libraries) are now set to C:\Windows\System32\SystemProfile even though my actual profile is still intact in C:\Users.

This problem is a really weird one and I can't figure out what to do. All the recent restore points are gone. I only see the one created after this problem started. I know there were other restore points as well because one was created right before t... Read more

A:Windows 7 running as an elevated user after crash

Please refer to this Thread on how to post BOSD threads.


Regards Sean.

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Did a fresh install of 8. After a few minutes the screen blinked and all the apps were gone. Restarted the computer and it gave me the sign in error.
I attempted to go through safe mode and change some registry keys as instructed by another forum. No luck. I tried creating a new account and no luck. I Reinstalled 8 with another CD and it gave me the same error.

So then I installed windows 7. Same thing. after a few minutes it said windowsexplorer.exe had crashed and all my programs were gone. Restarted to the same login error.

Performed a hard drive diagnostics and everything came back good. Currently running memtest. Anybody run into the same issue or know what may be causing this??

A:"user profile service failed the sign in" windows 8/7

BTW, it is an HP g6z-2200.
500gb Hard Drive
6gb Ram.
Originally came with windows 8.

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Hi! I am unable to log in to my desktop at all on my laptop. I keep getting an error "User profile cannot be loaded." I am unable to enter Windows to edit the registry.  The laptop goes straight from the HP logo to the Windows login screen. 

View Solution.

A:Windows 10 User Profile Service service failed the sign-in

Hi, Try the following. First of all, use another PC to create a bootable Windows 10 DVD or USB Flash Drive via the following link.  Under the section 'Need to create a USB, DVD or ISO', download the Media Creation Tool. http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 Once you have this, run the tool, select 'Create installation media for another PC', then select the language, edition of Windows 10, and 64bit. Follow the rest of the prompts to create this and then click Finish when completed. Insert the Windows 10 Installation Media and Shutdown the notebook by holding down the power button for 10 seconds. Tap away at the esc key as soon as you press the power button to enter the Start-up Menu and then select the Boot Options Menu ( f9 ). Use the arrow keys to highlight the CDROM (uefi) or USB Flash Driver ( uefi ) option, depending on which type of media you created, then hit enter - if prompted to 'Press any key to continue....' - do so. Boot to the Advanced Start-up Options Menu - see Option 5 on the link below for details on accessing this. http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/2294-advanced-startup-options-boot-windows-10-a.html#option5 Then try running Windows System Restore to return the notebook to a point in time before this issue occurred - See Option 1 on the link below for details on this procedure. http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/4588-system-restore-windows-10-a.html Regards, DP-... Read more

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Hi guys, currently trying to resolve an issue with my girlfriend's PC! Nightmare!

Here's the context:

She's recently upgraded to a GTX 970 and an SSD with Windows 10 (using the free upgrade from a fresh 8.1 install) and on the first boot after the upgrade everything seemed to be working fine. She booted the next day to find that about 20-30 seconds after logging in the monitor would just blank and the only way of progressing would be to restart. Repeat ad infinitum!

She has an 8.1 installation on a separate mechanical drive which works fine (although it did actually suffer from the same issue before I clean installed the nVidia drivers, which seemed to resolve the issue).

I've tried to clean install drivers on the 10 installation, installed chipset drivers, monitor drivers (!?), all to no avail. It just crashes. This is all from safe mode, which works fine as expected. This is what made me think it was a driver issue.

Any ideas? The chipset thing was as far as I think I can take it without asking you guys for help!

A:Screen blackout and crash soon after sign in

Could be inadequate PSU.

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I have a very annoying problem on wireless tablets running windows 8.1 update. 
The tablets boot nice and fast (approx 30-35 seconds) to the ctrl + alt + del screen. 
However the network mandatory profiles used by students do not work for another 60 seconds after that. 
For the first 60 seconds or so after ctrl+alt+del shows up they get the error message "User Profile Service Failed the sign-in.  User profile cannot be loaded".  After that they
will login just fine.  
We've looked at procmon bootlogs and it shows BADNETWORKPATH the first couple of times you try to call the network path to the mandatory profile.  
We have tired setting various Group Policy Objects to force them to wait for the network based on various other posts on this  and other sites. 
Always wait for the network, Wait for group policy processing, wait for network timeout etc.  None of them seem to make any difference. 

Can somebody explain to me how to resolve this issue. 

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I went into my User Accouts in the Control Panel. I deleted a User called Nathon. I created a new user account with Admin authority named Jack.
However, everytime that I start my computer from my morning bootup, the Signon Window has the deleted User, Nathon.
I have to type in Jack, for the new user, and I get into Jacks Account.

Why is Windows not remembering that I have deleted the USER, Nathon?

I have never had such a problem with any of my other windows computers.

Operating System
MS Windows XP Home 32-bit SP3
Installation Date: 28 April 2010, 17:47
Serial Number: B2KW2-WFXJP-DYBT7-HF44F-TJJ9W
Windows Security Center
Windows Update
AutoUpdate Download Automatically and Notify Prior to Install

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I am trying to add a User but logon fails with msg "The ProfSvc service failed the sign in. User Profile cannot be loaded"

I created the new user via "Settings/Accounts/Family & other users users/ Add someone else to this PC"


A:Add User sign on

Hello John, and welcome to Ten Forums.

You might see if the tutorial below may be able to help, but it usually will only help if the profile has already been created for the affected account. The profile only gets created after the first sign in though.

User Profile Service failed the sign-in - Fix in Windows 8

If that doesn't help, then you could do a repair install without losing anything, and should be able to add a new account afterwards.

Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade

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I'm running XP-Pro, ACT 2006 and Goldmine 6.0 databases. Whenever I need to sign on with my user name (first and last name) then enter a password to access secure websites the last name of my user name changes to a series of letters with no meaning and then I am denied access to the sight. This also happens when I want to enter my "Signature" at the end of an email. Any ideas?

A:User name changes during sign on!

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I am trying to add a User but logon fails with msg "The ProfSvc service failed the sign in. User Profile cannot be loaded"

I created the new user via "Settings/Accounts/Family & other users users/ Add someone else to this PC"


A:Add User sign on

Hello John, and welcome to Ten Forums.

You might see if the tutorial below may be able to help, but it usually will only help if the profile has already been created for the affected account. The profile only gets created after the first sign in though.

User Profile Service failed the sign-in - Fix in Windows 8

If that doesn't help, then you could do a repair install without losing anything, and should be able to add a new account afterwards.

Repair Install Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade

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Please let me know how to login to IE 10 app in the start screen as a different user?

A:How to sign in as a different user in IE 10 app?

Hello Greeshv, and welcome to Eight Forums.

First, you would need to use the tutorial below to add "Run as different user" to the application bar on the "Start" screen. Afterwards, you would then be able to select the app, then use "Run as different user" as usual.


Hope this helps,

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Hello, Whenever I Reboot My Computer I Get An Annoying Little Thing Other User.

I Remember My Username And Password Before But When I Tried Using Other User I Had No Clue What To Do Safe Mode Takes Me TO Other User Also System Restore Takes Me To Other User If anyone Can Fix Let Me No

[Also CD'S Don't Work]
[Didn't Try USB'S Though]
- Thanks, Jon.
My Computer Experience Is Moderate And I Never Had a Virus That Beat Me Before.

Also I Was Playing Minecraft And After That A Bluescreen Came Up And Showed some stuff i forgot sorry.

A:(Other User) - Can't Sign In

Hello and welcome to the vista forum:

Are you able to logon to the main desktop...

If so have you tried to do a system restore setting the computer back at least 5 days before the problem started.

Have you tried to do a sfc /scannow.
Click start menu...
Type cmd in the search box...
Right click on the command prompt and run as administrator...
Type: sfc /scannow...
Let it run until it finish's and if there is a problm run the sfc 3 times.

System Files - SFC Command

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I have 3 accounts on my pc, 2 administrators and 1 limited. I am an administrator and the "problem user" is the other administrator. I am using Windows XP. The problem is: Whenever the "problem user" tries to open windows media player, an internet browser, or even an IM service, the "XXXX Has encountered a problem and needs to close." error pops up. The program opens for about 5 seconds and then the error comes. But when I log onto my account, everything works fine, as well as the limited account. I've tried google and even microsoft help and support and haven't found anything about this. This has just started today. I ran a System Restore, and that still didn't fix the problem. If anybody could help that would be great. Thanks in Advance.

A:Internet Browsers and Windows Media Player Crash On Startup for 1 User Only.

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Hi. At the moment, when I start Windows 10, I have to sign in (without giving a password) to the last User that was signed in. In other words I don't have any options as to what User can sign in. But, when I start Windows 10, I want to be presented with a screen where I can see all the Users on my system. Then I want to be able to select which User to sign in. At the moment I'm having to log off to see this screen showing User options. Can I use secpol.msc? Thanks.

A:Sign In: Want to select a User Name

Hello Richard,

I'm afraid that you will need to have all accounts password protected for this.

If the last user is not password protected, then since it's selected at startup, it'll automatically get signed in to. A password will stop this.

Password - Add to Local Account in Windows 10

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It has been some time since I last used my lap top, after getting my iPad but now that I want to use it again, after having tried my password the screen comes up and says "The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User Profile cannot be loaded. My question is can I fix this myself? If so how can I do this?

A:User profile sign on

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I recently upgraded to Win 10. Actually id it automatically. But now when I fire it up it wants my password. My wife and I are the only ones that use this PC. We were very happy with the boot up going directly to the application (Yahoo,com).

Is ther a way to bypass the system sign in? Thank you,

A:Sign In User Password

Do you let guests use your PC? If so, then you should leave everything as is, and enable the Guest account. Otherwise, guests could mess up your PC.

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In an effort to avoid what happened to my laptop (kids installing questionable things and visiting questionable sites), I’m setting up User accounts for them so that they won’t have Administrator privileges. Yes, my learning curve can be steep.
The problem is that when I try to log in any of the User accounts in order to test them out, I get the error message, “Your account is configured to prevent you from using this computer. Please try another computer.” I have tried creating multiple User accounts, and each user account gives me the same error. I do not have any parental controls implemented on any of the User accounts which are generating this error message.
I found a website last night that walked me through making a change to the registry fix some kind of call error which some folks had reported as causing this problem, but when I looked in the registry, the value they said I should change already had the good value.
Does anyone here have any suggestions for allowing the use of User accounts in Windows 7?
Thanks in advance!

A:Can't sign in to User Accounts

See Answer at http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-security/your-account-is-configured-to-prevent-you-from/f417ea87-086a-422f-b1c7-823f6c637b18?auth=1 .

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I had a narrow sign saying on a website saying, I broke the law and unless I pay a certain amount 500.00 by 40 days my computer will crash? I have windows 7, and Norton, I did not click on anything, but logged off immediately , and ran Norton eraser, with no virus found. However I am still worried that in 40 days my computer will crash. I do not know if the intrusion was blocked for sure. Everything is working now perfectly, and there has been no signs of anything in control of windows 7 of my computer. But now am I still in danger of this as maybe a hacker, that could crash my computer in the future? Or not?

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About a week ago, seemingly at random, I started getting lag spikes, where my audio would distort and mouse movement would be slowed, and basically everything would slow down for a few seconds. This has persisted over the last week, not always starting as soon as the PC would be turned on (I was doing troubleshooting of my own last night, which required the PC to be restarted several times, and I could recreate the lag from startup, whereas today it was only hours into use that it began). It seems to be when something is loading, mainly, but can also be while idle. I've been using DPC latency checker to monitor it (DPC claims it's a driver issue, but I've attempted to pinpoint it by disabling one by one with little results).

This eventually culminated in a BSOD, but not like I was used to. It was as if my computer was shutting down. My browser and all my programs shut themselves down, I got a couple of errors about my program's services being stopped while in use, which I clicked through, and only once nothing but my wallpaper was onscreen (no toolbar or anything) did the BSOD pop up. I was obviously worried, but relieved I'd have a crash dump to investigate. At the time I had it set to a kernel memory dump, but nothing has been generated. I have now switched to a Small Memory dump, but am unable to recreate the BSOD. I'm able to recreate the lag once it has started by itself, but before it starts I'm unable to recreate it.

I hope I've provided enough information/poste... Read more

A:CPU spikes culminating in BSOD, no sign of crash dump.

Hi mariocat. Seen these in your even logs .....

Log Name: System
Source: iaStor
Date: 2013-08-09T13:15:52.014
Event ID: 9
Task: N/A
Level: Error
Opcode: N/A
Keyword: Classic
User: N/A
User Name: N/A
Computer: Lewis-PC
The device, \Device\Ide\iaStor0, did not respond within the timeout period.

Get rid of intel rapid storage. First uninstall it from Control Panel > Programs and Features. Then Uninstall the driver from device manager.
Right click on "my computer" icon and click "manage" on the context menu.
It will open the "computer management" window.
Select "Device Manager" in the left pane, It will list all the existing devices up.
Expand "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" by clicking on the triangle in front of it.
Select one Intel device item under it, right click, uninstall.
Continue the process for all Intel items under "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers"
Now restart the computer. At restart, windows will auto configure the appropriate native system driver.
Another recurring error event:

Log Name: System
Source: Service Control Manager
Date: 2013-08-08T13:03:49.629
Event ID: 7026
Task: N/A
Level: Error
Opcode: N/A
Keyword: Classic
User: N/A
User Name: N/A
Computer: Lewis-PC
The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load:
... Read more

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The user profile service failed the sign-in user profile cannot be loaded in Windows 10.

I created a local account in Windows 10 and when I login I get that error. My laptop came preinstalled with Windows 10 and was not upgraded.

There is no folder being created for the User and no registry data either.

A:The user profile service failed the sign-in user profile cannot be loa

Replace the Corrupted Default User Profile on the Computer with a good one and then try to create a new user profile.
User Account - Add in Windows 10


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Hi, I am having the problem on startup, and it just happened. I saw a folder with the name of a customer on it, and tried to delete it, and couldn't. I got distracted with something else, and forgot about it. Well, I started the computer up today, and it started just fine. Then, doing a network change, a restart was requested. The system then started up with the name of this customer as the user account to log in. There was never any account set up for that name, so there is no login info for it. How can I get the correct user name on the start up screen? There is no option for choosing users at start up. Just the picture, and the user name. HELP!!!

A:user sign in problem on startup

Hello Billy,

Double check using the tutorial below to see if you may have this user account selected in netplwiz. If so, either select another account to have Windows to sign in to automatically at startup, or select to have users must enter a password at startup.

Log On User Account Automatically at Windows 8 Startup

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I just bought my new acer laptop today, and it came with windows 8.1. Right out of the box, I installed the updates and as soon as that was done, I tried to setup a "standard" account, so I'm not surfing the web with admin privs. The problem is, I can make the accounts but I can't log into them. Every time I do I get immediately signed out. It acts as if it's going to load, then switches to signing out and takes me back to the start. I've tried googling this and can't seem to find any info on it. It's a brand new laptop, hasn't been out of the box a day yet.

A:Can't sign in to Standard user account

The same thing happened to me. I checked my event logs and found out it was the Soluto program pre-installed with the laptop. I had uninstalled the program (and the other pre-installed programs like Pokki and WildTangent) through the "Programs and Features" control panel but apparently not everything was uninstalled. Check out the following link to get the Soluto uninstall cleanup tool after you uninstall Soluto through the "Programs and Features" control panel:


I also recommend getting the uninstall clean up tool for Pokki, too:

Pokki | Uninstalling Pokki

After uninstalling WildTangent through the "Programs and Features" control panel, there are still a lot of items left behind. Reinstall the Wildtangent program, and then uninstall it again in the "Program and Features" control panel. Everything should be gone now. I guess the WildTangent installer Acer used was misconfigured. Scroll down to the last section called "Windows Vista and Windows 7 or 8 Users":

Good luck!

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I established 2 new user accounts recently on a new machine running XP Pro. I had not turned off the PC in a few days, so today I shut it down. As I was doing this, it warned me that other users (I have a total of 3 user accounts on this PC) were logged in, and if I shut the macjhine down, those users might lose their work. When the PC rebooted, the "Administrator" user was not available during the login process, and the administrator functions had been assigned to another user account.

I navigated as follows, and discovered that the Administrator user account still existed - Start, right click my computer, manage, local users and groups (on then left) then users on the right. Administrator is listed there. When I double click that, a window appears, but there is not an option to allow me to display this profile during login. Obviously, I also can't get the profile to appear when I toggle betweeen users using "start" and "logoff".

I also did a system restore function from a point in time earlier today when all 3 acocunts did appear....but that did not restore the "administrator" user account for me.

My concern is all of the documents, and the Outlook email account that is tied to that "administrator" user account.....I just went through a huge battle getting things pulled together from when my last PC got freid and I can;t go through that again!


A:XP User account not appearing at sign in

To get to the administrator account, press ctrl+alt+del at the login screen, and that should bring up another sign in screen, type administrator as the username and whatever your password is.

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When I try to log in to a newly created user account, I get the message that says Welcome with the round twirly thing next to the account picture but it never gets past that. I have waited over 30 minutes for the profile to be created. The computer will not shutdown with the power button at this point either and requires a power-off.

There are currently three admin accounts on this machine with the guest account turned off. It has the same results whether I am creating is an admin account or if it is attached to a Microsoft account.

edit: I don't get a timeout or error message or anything. Just the twirly thing with a Welcome message.

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Hi Everyone,

running into a little issue when deploying Windows 8.1 to a laptop with fingerprint software, not really an issue, more of a behavior I wish to fix up.

After deploying Windows 8.1 to the laptop, it is joined to the domain during SCCM deployment, the fingerprint software gets installed during SCCM deployment too. When it finishes and gets the lock screen/login screen it is defaulting to sign-in with Microsoft Account (Email address and Password field) Sign-in options below allow me to select domain/local account or Fingerprint option.

I want to be able to default to sign-in with domain/local account not Microsoft email account, is this possible? If I don't install the fingerprint software it defaults to sign-in option of domain/local user which is what I'm after.

Can you someone shed some lights onto this issue please?


PS. will throw up screen dumps of what is happening soon

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I have Windows XP Service Pack 3 operating system. My computer is repeatedly switching to either the My Computer window or reverting to the log in window when I hit any key on the keyboard. This is causing me to continually reboot, after which it works for a while, then repeats the same problem.


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So I just reinstalled Windows 10 on my machine.

Before I had it set up so that I could log in with a password or fingerprint.

Now it seems my only options are (1) password only OR (2) password, PIN or fingerprint.

I don't want PIN as a sign in option. But I have to enable PIN via "Windows Hello" before enabling Fingerprint sign in.

And once I have fingerprint sign in enabled, if I remove the PIN I lose both PIN and fingerprint sign in options.

Any ideas how I can set up password and fingerprint as my only two sign in options?

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My computer turns on ok and I can select a user, and input the password. But that's where the problem starts. At that point it goes to a black screen. I can still see mouse cursor and can move it around. I can do cal alt delete and see task manager. I can sign out, pick another user but cannot do anything once I sign in as a user. Any ideas.

A:Hp Pavilion 23 all in none. Black screen after user sign i...

This started happening with my HP Pavilion 23 all in one...today (8/25).  Does anyone have a solution for this.   Interesting that I am 2 months outside my warranty and I have not have any other problems since purchasing the HP. 

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So yesterday I restarted my computer after an update and I type in my PIN as usual to login and then I get a message saying "Your password was changed on a different device. You must sign in to this device once with your new password, and then you can sign in with your PIN."

When I saw that, I realized it had to have been my fault because I was using the command prompt on my girlfriend's laptop to get to know the network commands and I stupidly decided to test out changing my password from the command prompt. The thing is I only left out one letter when I typed in the password on the command prompt just to test it and see if I it worked. Well, now I can't login to my own laptop because of my own dumb curiosity . Even worse, I didn't add a second user since I had just done a clean windows 8.1 install and directly updated to Windows 10. So since I only have ONE local user, I can't use another user to login and fix the problem. I'd like to avoid reinstalling from scratch. I'd really appreciate the help guys!! Thanks in advance!

Also, my girlfriend used the flash drive with my password reset file on it so that's not an option for me. For now I added my Live user account to my girlfriend's laptop for the time being to see if I can fix this but so far, no dice!

A:ONLY USER(local) Password not working. Now cannot sign-in!!

I managed to find my flash drive with the userkey. Plugged it in and the wizard popped up and filled out the new password and password hint, I hit next and then got an error message saying:
"An error occurred while the wizard was attempting to set the password for this user account."

So maybe this is something else?

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I was logging into my computer when my cat walked over my keyboard and caused this to happen: The user profile service failed the sign in user profile cannot be load. I have been into the registry and changed the settings. But I still could not sign in. I tried to go back into the registry but now the computer sends me in a loop back to the log in page which does not allow me to sign in. I am using windows 10 and I have documents that I need but haven?t back up. Is there any way I can access these documents? Or is there any portable programs that I can use to sort this problem out? Many thanks in advance for your help.

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I have windows 8.1 Pro and I am stuck out of my computer.I'm the only user in the computer and it says The User Profile Service Has Failed To Sign In?.I don't know how to boot to safe mode.

A:The User Profile Service Has Failed To Sign In?

I mean that idk how to log in as a different account.There is no options to log in to the adminstrator account....There is buttons but when I click them,nothing happens! even if I try to shut down.And I don't know how to run system restore when I'm locked out..

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Hello everybody I have a lenovo y410p , each time I try to log in it gives me "The user profile Service service failed the sign-in. User profile cannot be loaded". I cant get into safemode because my computer doesn't fully shutdown, I tried some methods to get into safe mode but it still takes me to the log in screen. Please help I start college in a few days and I cant afford to buy a new computer.

A:The User profile service failed the sign in, please help

Hopefully this will help: User Profile Service failed the sign-in - Fix in Windows 8

And welcome to the forum!

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Something that I have encountered with newer versions of Windows is that you can have a Microsoft account that Windows automatically logs into. Unfortunately, you cannot have a Microsoft account without overriding your user account. I use a simple password to log into my home computers. I have a Microsoft account only because there are certain games that require a Live account to function 100%. The password I use is a jumble of characters for security. However, itís not that easy to remember. So, is there a way to be logged into Microsoft on Windows without overriding the user account password?

A:Sign into Microsoft without overriding the user login

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I upgraded to Window 8.1 a couple of days ago. Since then, it takes about 5 minutes to sign out or "fast switch" to another user. If I shut down or restart, there is no delay. I have tried disabling startup items, but not sure what else to try. Not sure what other info anyone would need, so just let me know if you need more!


A:Very slow sign off/ switch user since upgrade to 8.1

It was faster in 8? What OS did you upgrade from?

Right Click down by the right side of the taskbar, choose "task Manager" from the popup. Also, find your Run Command (hit Windows Key + X) and choose "Run" and type "MSCONFIG" in there.

In Task Manager, go to the Startup area, and see what programs are starting up. Chances are there are a few you can disable, dont delete them until you make sure they are not needed for something.

IN the MSCONFIG window, go to Services, and check the box that says "Hide all Microsoft Services" - Look through those and see if there is anything that also does not need to be running.

If you have iTunes, there will be several things in both areas, if you use it, you can't disable those. Same thing for Office, if you have Onenote installed, there will be a service and a startup program for that, you really don't need it.

Especially if you have Office 2013, there are several things like "Skydrive Pro" and "Lync" which cannot be used unless you have a subscription to Office 365, so those are safe to delete.

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Hello, I wanted to ask,

I made a user on windows 8, with some old email, around 9 -12 months ago... Everything is okay

But I know wanted to "Swap" this JUST email to another one.

BUT I DONT want to create a new user/re add my desktop, change PC settings etc

Can I simply keep everything normal but change the Email address? or do I have to do the long, change and create new settings, background etc....

Thank you

A:How Do I change User/Email address sign in - BUT

Hello Mark, and welcome to Eight Forums.

If you mean to use a different email address for your Microsoft account, then you could add the new email address as an alias, then change your primary alias to be the new email address instead.

The tutorial below can help show you more details on how to do this.

Microsoft Account Primary Alias Email Address - Change - Windows 7 Help Forums

Hope this helps,

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Hi All

I have been using 8.1 pro for about 6 months and have a 2nd "family" user account (local standard account).

My primary user account functions well and logs/signs out and shuts down within a few seconds as would be expected.
However the family account takes towards 10 minutes to do either for no apparent reason. (Although it signs in fine).

I have deleted the account and recreated it with the same results.

I have no idea where to go from here as it is pretty unusable if we need to switch accounts.

Any help/pointers would be much appreciated.



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I am the primary user of my computer and would like to see only my icon at the
Sign On screen. There are 2 other infrequent users and I would like to hide their icons and just show mine. Recently on two occasions when I booted up the Sign On screen had only my icon and I was pleasently surprised. I was not aware this was even possible, and still do not know what I did to make this happen. It seems
to me that there is a way to adjust the software to make this happen at every boot up. I spent hours seaching this site but could not find any information on how to accomplish this.

A:How to hide other user icons at sign on screen.


If you like, you could use the tutorial below to set Windows 7 to require users to enter both their user name and password to hide all user icons on the log on screen.

Log On with User Name and Password

Hope this helps,

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I am unable to sign in to any profile on Windows. I can access the various repair options, but System Restore and Startup Repair didn't work. CHKDSK /R failed because the volume is write protected. CHKDSK /C gave a lot of information, including "Read-only CHKDSK found bad on-disk uppercase table using system table" and "7 data files processed, errors detected in the uppercase file," but when I ran CHKDSK /F to fix these problems, I again got the message that the volume is write protected.

I can access the files on the machine through the network, including some but not all encrypted files in virtual drives.

What now?

A:User Profile Service Failed Sign-In

Take a look here:

You receive a "The User Profile Service failed the logon? error message

Hope that helps :-)

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