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Jumpy video when burning VOB file to DVD+R using Roxio MyDVD

Q: Jumpy video when burning VOB file to DVD+R using Roxio MyDVD

Hi all,

I have a .VOB file that I just burned onto a DVD+R using Roxio's MyDVD application. But when I watch the resulting video on my DVD player, it looks pretty 'jumpy'.

Any ideas what might be causing this? The source file, the MyDVD application, my DVD player?
For what it's worth, I'm burning at 16x and video quality is set to HQ (High Quality), and my system is Windows XP.

Thanks for your help,

Preferred Solution: Jumpy video when burning VOB file to DVD+R using Roxio MyDVD

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Jumpy video when burning VOB file to DVD+R using Roxio MyDVD

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Trying to burn an old file from Roxio MyDVD and it transcodes the audio and then a bunch other things and then while writing files, it goes for a minute or two on that and then will eject the disk and give this error:
end of file -16072
I do not have the option to burn this with a different program so that is not an answer.

A:Solved: Roxio MyDVD error 16072 end of file

I rebuilt the menu and it worked fine. Any ideas why?

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I recently tried (unsuccessfully) to make a rescue disk using Macrium Reflect Software. In the process of dealing with my DVD w/r +/-, Roxio software was triggered. This is software that came installed with my pc in windows xp pro SP3. I have an installation disk which says Roxio Creator & MyDVD 9.0 DE.
I have never used the programs until now - For years they sat untouched, showing in Revo uninstaller with the installation date as 2009 - I think that I did a reinstallation of Windows at that time. Almost immediately, Roxio seems to have started updating all the parts of these programs, and added a few items as well, including Sonic Activation Module, and an updater. All the related software got an updated installation date of the day I opened the program, and continued getting more updated dates. My computer startup became very slow, and I suspected the cause could be these new Roxio updates. So I decided to uninstall this software, and if I need it, I will reinstall it.
I use Revo uninstaller, and ran it for MyDVD. On level 4, it came up with over a thousand registry entries. This concerned me, so I went back to level 3. A number of entries were in common files/shared files folder: if they were in a subfolder with the word "roxio" I deleted them. My intent was to also uninstall all the Roxio Creator programs one by one (each part of the program shows up as a separate installation). When I scrolled through the registry entries, I found a number of them incl... Read more

A:Removing Roxio MyDVD 9.0 DE and Roxio Creator

I haven't used Roxio Creator in years and years and years!  However, have you considered seeing if your computer will boot from a flash drive, and if it can, create the recovery disk on a flash drive?  On my system, it boots a lot quicker.
Best of luck.

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long story short...
bought a Dell computer over 1 year ago, computer user (not me!!) decided he wouldnt use the roxio stuff so he uninstalled it. now he wants it but never made any recovery disks. he called Dell and ,beleive it or not, they actually sent out all the recovery CDs to him.
now, trying to install it says that there isnt enough room on the hard drive "C". however, the C drive has over 110 GB free space.
Now, Dell support says we dont have any support for the product cuz its over 1 year old.
go figure!!
any ideas what to look for???

thanks everyone!!

A:roxio myDVD install problem

oh, BTW

this is the Dell version of the software....noted as "LE"

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Hey there - new to the site and hoping to get some desperately needed help. I'm using a Dell Dimension 3000/Windows XP professional/Roxio MyDVD v. 6.1.4 with a Canon DC10 camcorder.

I dl Roxio MyDVD & it finally backed up a partially filled disc (unfinished) and was fine. ONCE. Then, trying again to "make a backup DVD" (from a full or partially full unfinished disc) I get errors "Canon DVD-RW is currently busy. You should cancel or wait for the current job to be finished."

If I try creating a new project and clicking "open disc" a progress screen immediately pops up and within 30 seconds I get "Canon DVD Cam is not ready. Please check the disc and DVD cam."

This is the only cam connected (correctly)/cam display reads "PC connect"/cam is plugged in to AC outlet. In a support forum at Roxio I was told to Update PX Engine I did - nothing changed, and they had no other suggestions. I crossflashed my Philips DVD to Benq. I got ONE burn and now back to the same error msgs. Seems I get one burn per DVD burner?

I simply want to put camcorder video (mini DVD-R) on my computer (via dvd-R disc), edit, and put on DVD but just getting the video on the computer is proving to be a nightmare! I'm not sure if it's a hardware or software issue. TIA for any/all suggestions, solutions, etc. ~Denise

A:Error Canon DC10 to dvd w/ Roxio MyDVD

That is the exact same camcorder, software, problem etc i have.
Anyone got any ideas?

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Hi I hope someone can help me. (if I have used the wrong forum could someone let me know where to post this question)

I have edited footage taken on our digital canon dvd camera on the roxio mydvd for canon software supplied with the camera. I have successfully burned dvds.

I have now gone back into the project and when opening some of the footage have received the following message:

The software that's used to decode the media is not avaliable on this system. Installing the correct decoders for the files you are working on may help to correct the problem. - 47001.
I have this problem with nearly all the projects i have and am at a loss as I have not deleted anything that relates to it. (as far as I am aware)

I have tried to uninstal and then instal the software. this di not help.

Any suggestions?

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Hi there, hope someone can help me. I am trying to use Sonic MYDVD to record straight to DVD but its telling me a video signal was not detected. I checked in help and it tells me to go to record settings to add my dvice (Sony Handycam) but it is all greyed out so I cant change anything. I am stuck. The video camera is plugged in correctly. I am also having problems when I try to use Picture Package (ver 1.0) software which came with the camera as well. I cannot burn a DVD as it tells me I need a Sony personnal computer but I should be able to burn a VCD. It tells me to insert a new CD-R into the drive (which I do) then press start. A warning window comes up saying there is no disc in destination drive. Please insert a blank disc in the destination drive. 2 different packages - 2 different problems. I am pulling my hair out. I am using Windows XP and I believe the dvd writer is DVD RW R9 (this is on the front of it) although in properties it tells me it is DVD RW SOHW - 16335. Thank you for reading this and I hope you can help.

A:problems burning dvd using sonic mydvd

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Sonic MyDVD Plus version 6.2 came with my Windows XP computer when we bought back in January 07. I haven't used it at all until now though.
A friend and I have created a DVD using this, on his computer. As we wanted to burn multiple copies we thought it'd be fair to split them, and burn half each. So he sent me all the files I needed, and I can open the file and watch all the videos on it, etc.
But when I came to burn it wouldn't work. The options in the bottom left say the quality is "HQ = DVD quality" and the one below says "DVD (4.7GB)". I clicked the big red burn button and then waited for over an hour while it transcoded and imported. Then, when it was over 3/4 of the way through writing it, it suddenly said "Ejecting DVD", and ejected it. So I thought it must be done, but an error message in gobbledegook popped up. I can't tell you what it was because to get it again I'd have to go through the whole process again...
I tried again, thinknig it was maybe just an isolated glitch. But it told me the DVD I was trying to write onto (I was using the same one as before) was full, but it had no files on it. Anyway, I used a different DVD, but the same thing happened again.

I asked my friend, who has all his DVDs burnt perfectly, and he said that he had the quality set to "Fit-to-DVD" rather than "DVD Quality". So I selected that option, only for it to pop up and tell me that the option wasn't available with my version.

U... Read more

A:Why won't burning complete with Sonic MyDVD Plus version 6.2?

I had Sonic, and finally got rid of it. Undependable. If I were you, I'd get rid of it and buy Nero. Here's a freebie for burning a dvd: dvdflick. Just search for it.

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I've recorded home video on Sony Handycam DCR-DVD92 using 8cm DVD-RW (miniDVD) discs with capacity of 1.4gb. My camcorder does not support direct connection to PC. I finalize the disc and my PC's DVD drive can read the contents, and I can play it on other DVD players as well.

I want to burn multiple small miniDVD contents to a single fullsize Standard 12cm DVD of 4.7gb. The software i'm using is Sonic MyDVD LE 5 ver(5.2.0) OEM bundle. I'm unable to figure this out on my own.

These 8cm DVDs only hold about 30 minutes of footage in SP mode, so I feel like I should be able to get 3-4 small discs on one standard size 12cm DVD.

For the moment i'm able to burn only 1 miniDVD onto the standard DVD, by Disk to Disk Copy, but wasting the rest of the DVD disk space, and I want to utilize the remaining disk space too.

The DVD content in the miniDVD disc are as follows:

VIDEO_TS 384kb
VTS_01_0.BUP 26KB
VTS_01_0.IFO 26KB
VTS_01_0 725,888KB
VTS_02_0.BUP 20KB
VTS_02_0.IFO 20KB
VTS_02_1 328,224KB

I tried to make a DVD Project as described in the MyDVD help as follows:

1. Insert the DVD+VR disc in your PC's DVD-ROM drive or DVD recorder. (If a software DVD player launches, close it before continuing.)
2. Open the disc in Windows Explorer, then open the "VIDEO_TS" folder on the disc and locate the file named "VIDEO_TS.IFO".
3. Drag the "VIDEO_TS.IFO" file onto the menu in MyDVD's mai... Read more

A:Burning a miniDVD to 4.7GB Standard DVD using Sonic MyDVD software

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I have MyDVD Video Lab 10 on Windows 7. The highlight feature only works properly when I have the quality set to High Quality. Extra Long Play doesn?t work at all. Long Play and Standard Play don?t work right.

How can I get highlight to work the same for the other quality types as it does for High Quality? The only reason I want to use those other types is because it means being able to put more on a disc.

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hi.i am trying to burn a movie file to a blank dvd.but all i am getting is a grey screen.i have tried different types of dvd rw but get the same results.

A:burning a video file to dvd

What format is the video file and what software and method are you using to burn it?

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I reformatted my hard drive. When I re installed everything, I installed the dell roxio software. Now I can not burn cd/dvds with out using using Roxio's software (drag to disc etc) and more importantly it will not finalize the disc. If I unstalled the Roxio Software my drives do not realize that there is a blank disc or allow me to format it. I know you burn cd/dvds Nativity on xp (if I am remembering right). I am trying to figure out how to burn cds/dvds with out using Roxio. Basically, get rid of this roxio burning software crap.

I am on a Dell xps 400 with xp pro.

A:burning cds/dvd w/o Roxio

Uninstall Roxio and then run the fix given here:http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb%3Ben...p;x=12&y=13Hopefully your drive will be back to normal after that.

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I am trying to make a copy of a video file from an internet site to a DVD. The video has my wife in it for a sales promotion for the company she works for sales force. We can view on the company intranet on using Windows Media Video.

I am cluesless on how to make a copy. WMV has a burn command but I can get in to work. My goal is to produce a disk than can be played on a DVD.
My PC has a CD burner and a DVD burner.

I have blank CD disks and vlank DVD-R disks.

I would appreciate any help.



A:Burning An Internet Video File Onto A Dvd

This should do the trick. Also check our freeware section for free buring applications.

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Hi all,

I'm trying to burn a VHS tape directly to a DVD using Sonic MyDVD 7. I've used Sonic many times in the past to capture video and then edit it in Sonic or in another program, but now it's just not seeing any video or audio. Pinnacle Studio is working fine - it sees and captures audio & video - but I'd rather use Sonic because it offers you better options. Any idea why Sonic is not cooperating??

I use a Dazzle DVC170 capture device.


A:Problems capturing audio & video with Sonic MyDVD

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Hi, I have the latest HP computer with the Vista Premium software installed on it. I have a .avi movie I would like to burn to a DVD. I first started to use MyDVD 9 that was pre-installed on the computer, I had my movie on a USB drive and tried to import it with the DVD burner but there was a red circle with a line through it on top of the file. I imported the movie (730MB) into windows media player and it played fine.
Next I tried the Muvee creator and ran my movie through that. I was about to burn to a DVD disc (I have the SONY DVD-R 4.7 GB) because it played fine and everything but when I went to burn it to a DVD format it said the movie would take up 7.5 GB of disc space. Am I supposed to get a disc that holds more, a DVD+R (I think my DVD player can take both, its a sanyo)? Is there a way I can compress it using the Muvee application? Is there only certain files Roxio MyDVD will accept for movies?

A:Dvd Burning - Roxio/muvee

a 730 mb avi should be able to be converted to fit / play on a 4.7 gb dvd
try different compression options with your dvd making software - or try other software
when it gets to the part about taking up 7 gigs, how long does it say the movie is?
Does the play time of the movie match the (reported) play time in your burning software?
(movie is actually 1.5 hrs long but your burning software says it 4 hrs long?)

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I have Roxio Creator Plus and up until today, it has worked great. I'm working on a project that needs to be finished Sunday and I'm really frustrated. Here's the problem:
There are some audio files that I have that I want to add. When they play on Musicmatch Jukebox they play fine, but when I put them in Roxio and do an audio preview or I try to play them using Windows Media, there's a "pop" and it shows that the files are playing, but there's no sound -- YET the file will still burn to a CD using Roxio, but it comes out fuzzy. HELP! I tried to burn them using Musicmatch, but every selection only burned 4 seconds and then stopped. I can't get them to burn using Windows Media.

If I load song files from a CD, they play and burn fine, but it's the files that AREN'T on CD that I need!!!

Also: how do I stop these stupid pop-up windows that appear every time I start up Musicmatch Jukebox wanting me to register this and buy that...?

Any help I can get would be extremely appreciated.

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Hi, I have the latest HP computer with the Vista Premium software installed on it. I have a .avi movie I would like to burn to a DVD. I first started to use MyDVD 9 that was pre-installed on the computer, I had my movie on a USB drive and tried to import it with the DVD burner but there was a red circle with a line through it on top of the file. I imported the movie (730MB) into windows media player and it played fine.
Next I tried the Muvee creator and ran my movie through that. I was about to burn to a DVD disc (I have the SONY DVD-R 4.7 GB) because it played fine and everything but when I went to burn it to a DVD format it said the movie would take up 7.5 GB of disc space. Am I supposed to get a disc that holds more, a DVD+R (I think my DVD player can take both, its a sanyo)? Is there a way I can compress it using the Muvee application? Is there only certain files Roxio MyDVD will accept for movies?

A:Dvd Burning - Roxio/muvee

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When I try to make Audio CD's I will not finish saying can't write to CD and gives me these files...

Sense: 03 ASC: 0C ASCQ: 00 (Command 2A)

When I try to copy from one CD to another, or a DVD to another DVD, it does the same thing.... PLEASE HELP

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I'm fixing my aunt's computer, and she has roxio. There's very little HD space, so I'm wondering if it needs to be on there. If not, I will uninstall it. It's taking up over 700 MB.

A:What is Roxio easy CD and DVD burning and do I need it?

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I'm fixing my aunt's computer, and she has roxio. There's very little HD space, so I'm wondering if it needs to be on there. If not, I will uninstall it. It's taking up over 700 MB.

A:What is Roxio easy CD and DVD burning and do I need it?

Hi... Roxio is just a media player which is used more especially for writing CD'S & DVD's easily, If the PC have Windows Media Player, then she doesn't need roxio...

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Well, before I go into details, I know most of the people on here will want to know the DVD burner info and etc.

DVD Burner - Samsung Writemaster (TSSTcorpCD/DVDW TS-H552U)

Burning Software - Roxio Media Creator 7

DVDs - nexXTECH 4.7GB 8x

Now, to the story and problem. I will begin in the Data CD creator, which I have already selected what items I want burned and am ready to burn. The disc is set to 4.7GB DVD and fits with plenty of room to spare. I click burn on the organizer screen, and then select which drives to burn to. Thinking all is well, I click the DVD burning drive, insert a DVD+R into the drive, make sure its clean/empty, and then setting the speed accordingly. The setup looks exactly like this:

All preped and ready, I press the Burn button. The problem begins here. The DVD is ejected from the drive, and a new box appears. It looks as follows:

It says I may only insert a CD if it is a CD-R/RW CD+R/RW, when really it is a DVD burning drive. Additionally, it says I can write at speeds of 64x, when in reallity it can only write at speeds of 8x. I can't burn to a DVD because of this, and it ejected the DVD.

My first responce was to change DVDs and push the tray back in. Which gave me this screen.

All looks well and in place... Untill I press the Continue Burning button, which brings up the problem and ejects the DVD once more.

I am unable to burn my DVDs and I believe my Hard drive on my other computer will be giving out soon. I need urgent help... Read more

A:Roxio + DVD Burner = No Burning?

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my roxio cd burner is not reading first it said put in a blank cd it was already in the i got past that & it said all were ready to burn but it would not go. i put it under windows xp because i hear sometimes the program is a problem with roxio functioning

A:Roxio CD burning problem

Janeth, welcome to TSG, but you should never "piggyback" other threads when asking help for a problem, so I've split your question off for better support. When asking for help, create a "new" thread.

For this one, continue to respond here when you see a reply.

I am also moving it to the "All Other Software" forum which is more appropriate for it.

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I need to burn bin and cue files and i have roxio cd dvd creater 6.0. I was wondering if this was possible and if so how do you do it. Thanks in advance for any help.

A:burning bin and cue files with roxio

Use Disk Creator Classic. It should be the third choice from with your Roxio Easy CD & DVD creator 6.0. You will need to create a DATA disk and just drag and drop the files to the target CD/DVD


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I was wondering if while I was snoozing that there are now methods to prevent copying your
CDs / DVDs for back purposes ? I have a Dual Mac G5 (2 GHz), 2 GB RAM, Tiger 10.4.9,
using Roxio 7.1.2 (recent update). I am attemping to copy Apple Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.3
release DVD (backup) to send this backup copy to send to my dad to repair his Mac as his
copy is damaged. Both he and I didn't want replace his damaged copy and was figuring I
could make one. I do know on PC Software it is stated on packages copying for backup
purposes (1 copy only is allowed). So what gives.

I am getting a HW write error at the end of the copy (forget the code). Nothing was
mentioned on the Roxio site. I suppose, I can make a copy of the contents, though I
need to make the DVD bootable first.

Any suggestions.


A:CD / DVD Burning problems w/ Roxio, Mac, OS X

An update on this problem. I think I found out what was wrong. It turns out my
Super Drive on my Power Mac was failing all along and I didn't know it. Ughh!

Anyhow that Super Drive model was a Pioneer DVR-106PD (which I can't find anywhere).
I have found a model from Pioneer as DVR-111D (Beige) or DVR-111D BK (Black).
The only difference is this model also support Dual-Layer capability and is claimed to
be a direct replacement. Question is, will all the capabilities work with MacOS X 10.4.8
Tiger using a Dual 2.0GHz G5 Power Mac (model ~ Mar2004) ? This was kind of before
Dual Layer Technology so I am not sure will there be any hindrance from this
motherboard ?


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I have a tennis match that is 2.19GB that I want to turn into a video DVD. When I go to burn it with ulead DVD Moviefactory it shows up 7.33GB, even though it also shows its only 2 hrs and 23 minutes. I recorded the match at fair quality, so I can't figure out why its taking up so much space.

A:Video file shows up huge when burning DVD

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First experience with burning.

Thinking I had to format a CD-RW disk first, I used Roxio DirectCD and tried to record to it. Got the error "Reservation Conflict..." etc.


Next I just put in an unformatted CD and opened Easy CD Creator, data CD option and dragged and dropped what I wanted and had no problem.

So my brilliant question is: just what IS Direct CD for and what am I supposed to do with this formatted disk?

A:[Resolved] Roxio DirectCD and CD burning

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have been pulling hair out and wasting cd's with error messages. finally......... got roxio basic 6.00 to most recent updates. have downloaed a ton of music from last year.
basically want to clean out HD. go into cdex, do the conversion,using newest Ver 1.5.1 ,then convert. my explorer shows it as a wma file. cdex shows it,
by looking in files, as a mp3 or a wav. even went into
cdex, options, settings,and clicked enable" convert to riff wav files" with "normal" threading.
but when i burn, $%$#$% thing only plays on my computer. won't play on my stereo/cd player (onkyo). ..........hair is all but gone now. ........have researched a few hours, but still going nuts.

cdex version 1.5.1, roxio basic, both updated
and samsung 24x10x40 cd burner which is using windows
driver, i just checked.
thanks in advance novatoasv

A:cd burning, roxio, cdex, samsung

here - this thing will take wavs or mp3 and burn them to cd
- takes a little work to use it though..

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I own a Dell with MS Windows XP (Home 2002). I am a new user to itunes and am thrilled with it because I'm a cheapskate! I like being able to buy one song at a time instead of buying a whole album for only one of its songs. I am going to refresh my computer so I want to save the 20 - some songs I've purchased at itunes on to a CD so I don't have to buy them all over again. While attempting to burn my music collection with Roxio on to a CD-RW I ran into a snag with the 4th and 5th songs. Roxio tells me that these songs contain file extensions of an unrecognized type. It said that I must open the files using either WMA, WAV, or MP3. These two songs are both versions of "Break My Stride" in MP4. Is there a way I can burn these using the version of Roxio on my computer or am I going to have to buy a new burn program?

A:!st time burning CD - trouble with Roxio/MP4

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Trying to format a blank CD-RW for DLA (drive letter access so can reuse the CD for data backups) using Roxio v5.2 software and continue to receive Format failed due to media damage error message at the end of every 25 minutes of trying different manufacturer CDs, driver updates, etc. on a new Dell Dimension E520 received last week running Windows XP Media Edition.

Rather than spend more hours troubleshooting this problem, suggestions of other CD/DVD burning software that has worked for you, preferably one with a free trial? I looked at Nero, but does it give you a custom install option of not installing the 20 other pieces of what I consider bloatware and may conflict with other media software already preinstalled on the machine?

Thanks in advance.

A:CD/DVD Burning software other than Roxio/Sonic?

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Hi all ,

I have just recently got a DVD recorder and have started using Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 I have also got Nero which I have used for a couple of years for burning CDs.

I used Roxio to convert some files from DIVx to DVD, these have been saved as VOB files, but I cannot record them to disc.

The folder is VIDEO_TS. I tried copying the whole folder and it recorded but it won't play on my computer or DVD player. So I thought you might need to copy the individual files instead, but I get the following:

When using Nero to burn them:
I highlight the files and press "ADD" and I get "NO COMPATIBLE FILE FOUND"

When using Roxio to burn them:
The files don't seem to be in the folder.

I bought ROXIO cheap from Staples (as it had NO box or instructions - and I thought, "How difficult can it be")

I am new to DVD burning so i'm sorry if this sounds like a stupid question.

Any help would be much appreciated.

A:Roxio and Nero DVD Burning problems?!

Roxio and Nero don't usually play well together, so they USUALLY can't be on the same computer. They conflict with each other. Try getting rid of one or the other. You can always re-install, if it doesn't help.

Everyone I know, personally and online, that had both, had problems. Once they got rid of one, problems stopped.
I, personally, prefer Nero. It does a much better job, for my purposes.
Good luck!

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The 1st DVD I burned using Roxio took only ~ 30minutes - this was good!
The next time I tried a day or so later, after 3 hours it had only gotten 7% thru the process and was still encoding the 1st of 3 segments.
I tried to 'repair' the S/W but ran into errors so I uninstalled and re-installed it. Same problem.
I even tried to re-burn on a new DVD the 1st one that took only 30minutes but now it was also S-L-O-W!
Does anyone have any ideas?

One thing that may have changed during this period was, in Windows update, I checked an optional update for Intel's graphics adapter WDDm1.1 ... HD Graphics 3000. This failed to install and it remains as an option in the Windows update.

Here's my SysInfo:
Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 8
RAM: 8096 Mb
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 210, 512 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 453766 MB, Free - 291963 MB; D: Total - 100006 MB, Free - 81000 MB; E: Total - 20002 MB, Free - 19869 MB; F: Total - 200004 MB, Free - 192219 MB; G: Total - 156916 MB, Free - 141225 MB; H: Total - 499999 MB, Free - 424209 MB; K: Total - 2861580 MB, Free - 1926399 MB;
Motherboard: ASUSTeK Computer INC., Maximus IV GENE-Z
Antivirus: Norton Internet Security, Updated and Enabled

A:Slow burning with Roxio Creator NXT 3

Burning, by definition, does NOT involve encoding. Burning is the process of copying data from a source (usually the HDD) and "burning" the data onto disc (CD, DVD. Blu-ray).

Encoding infers that you are taking video files, and CREATING a video DVD. The encoding process converts the source file(s) into a DVD compliant mpeg2 video and audio stream. Encoding time is largely cpu dependant, but some applications are faster than others. The source file format can also impact performance.

So, most likely, nothing is "broken".

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I am trying to record to a DVD+RW but the drive is not recognized and the program want's to record to CD. I have the drag and drop for copying but it does not give me the option to change the drive to DVD. I have read several of the post but still need some imput, The DVD player just say's DVD on the face of it, Does this mean that I cannot use the DVD-RW'S with this player? Or can I somehow format the DVD-RW disc so I can burn to it? If so can someone please explain to me how I can do this? It would be appreciated. Would the easiest solution be that I go get just DVD's? I am very frustrated and have spent hour's trying to figure this out. I realize it could be right under my nose (An easy fix) But I'll tell you I don't get anywhere with the no tech support that Roxio offer's and am considering taking the program back for that very reason. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


A:Solved: Roxio Creator 8/ Problem's burning to DVD+RW

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Hi, got easy media creator and have a new dvd burner (NEC 2510A).

I go to make a new dvd. My media size is 4.36GB available.

I take a 700MB movie file on my computer that I want to add to the dvd project, and thats ALL.

I add it to the dvd project, and for some reason it shows that its taking up the WHOLE dvd and MORE, (6gb!!!). I have to set quality to "low" just to get it to 2.4GB

Why can't i just add it as the 700MB that it really is and keep it the quality that it is.

I am so frustrated, please someone help ASAP!!

A:burning a DVD with roxio easy media creator

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I have a file that I downloaded from a university. It is suppose to have 1/6th Octave audio test tone from 20hz to 20,000hz. The problem is, when you unzip ((7-zip) the file, it is in BIN/CUE format, or a disk image.

My version of Roxio Creator 9 DE claims it will burn the format, but when I try, I get the Error Message -

"There was a problem writing to the disc. You can try again by clicking the Retry button. You will need another blank disc ready."

Naturally, neither a Retry or another blank disc made a difference.

I wondered if maybe the free version did not include this feature, but the documentation is worthless in determining this.

Has anyone else had and/or solved this problem?

Does anyone know of a reliable free program that will burn an audio disc image in BIN/CUE format that I can use in my DVD player.

What I mean is, these Audio Test Tones are meant to be read by a Audio-CD or DVD Player and played back through your Stereo so you can test your speakers. So, I need a software burner that will burn a BIN/CUE image onto a disc that my audio CD player will recognize.

Any thoughts or solutions.


A:Solved: Roxio Creator 9 DE - Not Burning Disk Image

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I am having problems with my video editing software. It is a MAGIX program. All of a sudden whenever i play things back in the program, the video and audio start to go really slow and skippy, It's so annoying and it's impossible to edit any further. Does anyone know what I can do to fix the program. I have worked very hard on this project and I need to get it done.

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I am running a fresh install of Windows 7 32bit. I have used Safari, IE9, IE8, Firefox 6, and Google Chrome. I have the latest drivers for my ATI Radeon HD 5450 video card.
I get jumpy or jittery video on many different websites. I am running the latest Flash and silverlight software. Modem has been replaced. DVD's play just fine.

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Whenever I am playing PC games (eg. Sims, Tycoon games) I notice that my video is jumpy, or it pauses as if it is buffering. I have more than enough memory (1GB) in my system. Windows XP Pro. My hard drive is a 180GBB which was recently defraged. My CPU is a 2.6 Celeron. My video right now is an Intel integrated adapter. I also noticed that my CPU usage is at 100% when the game is active. My question is if this is a CPU or a Video problem? I am thinking of purchasing an 128MB AGP Video Card. Another thing is that the game is running from the CD-ROM. Any suggestions.
P.S. I have my system setup for Best Performance.

A:Video is jumpy when playing PC games

I wouldn't think you would need a fancy card for those kind of games, do you have an option of loading the game onto the hhd?? if so try that, but hey, I'm always up for a new video card.

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HI , I was given an older computer to revamp for my brother. He is on a disability income and I want to burn him some video files to watch .. have some old family movies. It is an older computer with a Celeron 466 processor, and integrated video and sound. The video shares ram . I have assigned it 64 megs of ram and have installed 256 megs total . It is running windows 98SE. Is there any hope of getting divx video or mpeg video to run smoothly on here ? If so would my best bet be trying to install a separate video card, adding more ram , upgrading the cpu , all of the above? I need to do this the least inexpensive way possible please. I know my last pc before the one I built was a 533 and it could play video without this difficulty as long as I didn't run other things at the same time. PS have also tried putting the video on the hard drive and still get pauses in the video and then the sound isn't in sync.
Thank you very much.

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I'm having Windows Xp SP2 and roxio cd/dvd burning software installed in my computer. I tried installing the Norton 360 version 2.0. It installed successfully. After that when i double click on the roxio i'm not able to open the Roxio cd/dvd burning software.

When i uninstalled the Norton 360 from the computer, i'm able to open the roxio software and able to work with it. This issue occurs only after installing Norton 360 version 2.0

Pls help me regarding this issue.

Thanks & Regards,

Hemananth S

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I edited a movie that I recorded on my camcorder using Adobe Premiere 3.0. Since I only plan to view it with another computer I do not need to burn a DVD. I exported the finished video to "movie" which created an AVI file. I put the file on my hard drive. It is a five minute video but the file is 1.2 gb. Too big for CD. I copied the file to a DVD-R.

The movie play fine using Media player when playing from hard drive.

When I try to play it from the DVD, the movie is very jumpy. The sound continues ok but the video continues to pause throughout the whole thing.

What is the problem? Do I always need to copy it to hard drive before play back or does it need to be saved in a different format?


A:Jumpy AVI file???

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I uninstalled several dvd conversion programmes on the 18 dec 08, They did not work and then installed one that did. After this my pc ran very slow, sound from online bbc radio was distorted and online videos would not play without jumping, firefox was very slow to load in fact any programme i tried to load was very slow and i occasionally had a crash. I tried cc cleaner, norton and several other registry cleaners but other than telling me that i had a problem and saying they had been fixed, the problem remained. I also uninstalled as many programmes as i could including itunes, google earth etc.etc. I cannot play itunes without distortion. I reset to an earlier date but this was on the 18th and could not go back further. My pc is an Acer Aspire 1640z with xphome and service pack 3. It's time to replace it but I would like to keep it going a little longer. I am reluctant to do a system restore as I'm not too savvy. Can anybody suggest a solution that a none too technical person like me, could try?

A:distorted sound jumpy video very slow pc

check your drives are dma mode

what are you running
video card
power supply

check the listings in the bios for voltages and temperatures and post them

registry cleaners are not recommended for general use

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I have followed thoroughly various tutorials for setting up OBS for streaming. Initially I had set it up for Youtube, then switched to Twitch. This works fine. I have absolutely no complaint with that. Streaming out to these platforms is working as I would like.
This issue I'm experiencing is what I can best describe as a pulsing or jumping, about once per second when I play a file back that I have recorded (not streamed) with OBS.

The audio is flawless, no stuttering, nothing like that. Audio BR is at 160...

As I watch the status information in OBS as I am recording, I see no warning about overloaded encoder, the frame rates are where they are supposed to be, no dropped frames. everything should appear to be good. CPU load is unremarkable, again plenty of headroom. It doesn't seem to matter if I increase bit rate, decrease bit rate, CBR, VBR, increase or decrease framerate, or which software i use to view the output fine: VLC, WMP, whatever, there is this pulsing. Its just enough to be annoying. Its subtle, but it's there. And it doesn't matter which PC I play the file on ( I have a few I can test it with)

The computer running OBS is more than adequate for the task.

I have - in an effort to improve things - changed recording format, changed encoder, even the location to which I was saving it ( initially that was a network drive, but I change to an internal SSD for test purposes) I can not get rid of this.

This is just for a little pet project, I ... Read more

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Hi Guys, im having a bit of a problem with my dvd player on my laptop. the laptop is a Dell XPS M170 running XP pro and the dvd player is an HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GSA-T21N. the original died a few weeks ago and i got a replacement part under warranty. the problem is that now i can not watch films. i get about a second or two then it will pause for a second or two. I have updated the firmware and drivers, i have also turned the hardware acceleration on and off. this playback problem occurs in both VLC and Windows Media Player which both worked with my previous drive. its starting to bug me now and any ideas would be great although i am starting to think that perhaps it is a faulty drive and i should get a new replacement??

A:Solved: DVD audio and video playback is jumpy


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Main problems: Programs take a while to start-up, windows takes a while to start-up, all icons on desktop take a while to appear when starting up (just generic icon for a while until computer actually starts responding), video and audio is choppy.Already went through the Malware attempts and disk scanning, defragging, and all that:http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/ind...p;#entry1586320Not sure if it's software or hardware related as I'm not sure what CPU temperatures I should be expecting and the computer has always run hot.The previous HD on this computer got borked and ended up getting a new one thats much bigger and faster (7200 vs 5400). So far from all the different hardware testing programs everything seems to be passing.Any ideas? It's been driving me crazy and sure is making it hard to get work done.Thanks!

A:slow comp, especially on start-up & jumpy streaming video

How much RAM installed?How much free space on C:? How large is C:?I find that..."slow" is a relative term and when applied to a system...much depends on what is installed and running.Don't know if you have looked at remarks by Quietman7 at Slow Computer-browser Check Here First; It May Not Be Malware - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/87058/slow-computerbrowser-check-here-first;-it-may-not-be-malware/.FWIW: From the time that I press the power button...until all icons are present and system is accessible...normally takes 2-3 minutes for me (which is probably a good average).Problems with video files...depends heavily on system capabilities and origin/locale of the video source (online or hard drive).Louis

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My daughter's computer had a hard drive crash, and I had to install a new hard drive. Everything seemed to go well, except during installation of Windows XP home, the computer said it couldn't install a file called "ui.na_"
It was looking in the i386 for the file. I just skipped the file, and finished the installation.
Does anyone know what this file might be, and how I could get and install it?

Also, I notice that when i drag a Window across the desktop, the Window seems to jump and lag behind, instead of smoothly moving across the desktop, as our other computers. I also noticed this before the new hard drive was put in. The computer is a Pentium 4 - 2 Ghz, with a 128 MB Hercules 3D prophet video card. Does anyone know how to correct the jumping windows and make it drag smoothly? Or even what the problem is.

A:Jumpy Window movement and ui.na_ file

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Have recently un-installed my ATI Radeon x1300 video driver because it caused endless problems and re-installed the NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE that my computer (Dell C521, Vista Ultimate 64-bit) originally came with, plus a recommended NVIDIA update. And, by the way, I use an ATI Theater 650 Pro card, 32 bit version with Media Center.

Problem: old TV recordings (from the ATI Radeon days) work perfectly. With new recordings, as well as live TV, the pictures and sound jump from one frozen 1-2 second episode to the next. Sound the same thing. Is there a setting in the NVIDIA control panel, that could fix this, or is it something else??

Thank you in advance for your help.

-Ravn (an intermediate computer guy)

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