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Does MS Windows Server 2k3 keep track of the last time a user logged in?

Q: Does MS Windows Server 2k3 keep track of the last time a user logged in?

Hello All,

New (l)user here. I'm just curious if there is a file somewhere I could check on Windows 2003 server to find out the last time a certain user logged in.

Also, anyone have links to tutorials on :

1. citrix
2. Windows Administration - too bad Windoze has no man pages. man Intro could have been very usefull...
3. AD

Thanks for putting up with my ignorance,

Preferred Solution: Does MS Windows Server 2k3 keep track of the last time a user logged in?

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Does MS Windows Server 2k3 keep track of the last time a user logged in?

It took a few day s, but I answered my own question. Thought I'd let you know in case anyone else is interested.




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Hi people!

I'm running Windows 7 home 64bit processor on my Lenovo laptop. There 3 user profiles. How do I check the last time (not this session) somebody logged into my user profile?

Would appreciate any replies.


A:How do I check the last time someone logged onto my user profile?

Event Viewer will tell you log on/off times but im not sure exactly where you will find the user account that logged on

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Each time I try to log in to windows for the past few weeks I've gotten a message that I've been logged in to a temporary user, I've been able to recover from each of these (a total of five different times). The first few times I was able to use a system restore to bring by my desktop and full functionality. The most recent time I could not restore, the restore point itself was not working. I was able to bring back functionality by doing a regedit on the profile.

I'm interested in learning what is causing this problem, and how to prevent it from happening again. So far I have changed my current settings to update my restore point more often.

I have noticed something that may be related to this. I have a pop up notification text box that appears and disappears too fast to be able to read any text on it. I've tried to keep the notification area icons window open to see if anything appears there, but nothing does. All icons are marked as show Icons and Notifications to try and eliminate these as the culprits.

A:Logged in as temp user each time I log back in. How do I prevent this?

Hello Scarecrow,

The tutorial below may be able to help with this.

User Profile Error - Logged on with a Temporary Profile - Vista Forums

If you still continue to get this error often, then you might consider creating a new administrator account to use instead, and delete the old one after copying what you want from it.

If you still get this error after that, then it may be time to reinstall Windows 7. Be sure to backup anything that you do not want to lose first of course.

Hope this helps,

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I've already asked the
question regarding auto-starting the data collector sets and have posted MS's answer - now it seems the issue can be much broader: I failed to make my user defined data collector sets start according to their schedules, for example:
I created a test data collector set (with several CPU counters), saved it as a template and tested it on Windows Server 2008R2 and Windows Server 2019:


I've tested various user defined data collector sets on all my Windows Server 2019 computers - physical and virtual, domain and non-domain joined, the result is always the same - the data collector sets just don't start and the following event(s) get registered
in the Diagnosis-PLA log:

Here's the codes' description -

No issues arise when starting the data collector sets manually.
Can anyone tell me if it works on your computers with Windows Server 2019?


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so I really don't no whether this is a sign of a virus or not (I really don't know a lot about these things) but a few things:
-when I logged off (to shut down) from my only account it said warning other users logged in my lose their work!
-the terminal flash on the screen when my desktop first launches after a reboot (only for a few seconds and doesn't look like it has any writing (sort of like a program quickly ran that shouldn't have)
-some times my screen seems to reboot randomly then I lose some control of my mouse like someone's on put vnc on my machine and is messing with me (ill admit this could be my mouse but why does my screen refresh! randomly like that is this normal of windows 10 display sever?)
-other than a few performance issues (that could be configuration related) system operates at normal cpu/memory usage, all my partitions are normal, security settings are all high on router/ pc

thanks in advance

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I upgraded to Windows 10 on 4/21 around 2:30pm. I let them computer sit and do the upgrade all day. I came back to the computer around 8pm that night and noted the upgrade was apparently complete. However all of my files, pictures, settings, were gone. I had saved emailed myself copies of all important documents and wasn't concerned that my documents were not there. I opened Word and began creating a new document for work. I saved it and then went to bed. The next day I woke up, opened up my laptop and found that all my OLD settings (from Windows 8.1) were back including documents, pictures, settings but that the document that I created in windows 10 the previous night was gone. I've done some research and think that maybe the installation of Windows 10 wasn't complete or maybe I was logged in to a temporary account but I still can't find this one specific document that I created in Word with Windows 10. Any suggestions?

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Running Windows 7 64 bit

Cannot log in on any 'standard user' accounts.
'Administrator' accounts are fine.
Password entered > shows "logging on" then shows "logging off" then returns to main log on screen for all users

set up new standard user - can't log on
Reset passwords - can't log on
Removed passwords - can't log on
Changed standard user to administrator - all ok
No parental controls are set


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Does anyone know if there is a way to track who has logged onto a computer running Windows XP?

A:Solved: Track User Login - Windows XP

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I have windows 7 ultimate 64-bit on an ASUS k45-vd laptop.
there were no problems, until about a week that when I log in to windows, everything works well, but after sometime some programs don't start!

LIKE: Calculator (from startmenu) => gives error: The item you selected is unavailable. It might have been moved...

OR: windows wifi troubleshoot => windows cannot find '%windows%\system32\msdt.exe' make sure you typed the name correctly and try again.

CINEMA 4D => The program can't start because libmmd.dll missing from your computer!

as I said before, there is no problem when I just log in, but after a while the problems show up.

The latest programs I installed: AfterEffects CC, Visual Studio 2015, CINEMA 4D R16

Thanks for your help

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I'm wondering if there's some way to tell if there is someone else logged onto a Windows 2000 server. In Unix there's the who command that tells you absolutely everyone who's logged onto the server. Is there something similar in Windows? Netstat is not an option because I use filesharing so there are way too many connections to get any idea if there's someone logged on that shouldn't be. I've gotten these weird authentication errors in my security event log and after some research it was clear that they could mean lots of things but some of the results mentioned that they got the same messages when they tried to logon to the Windows server using SSH and that they would get the errors but would logon anyway.
I'm not running SSH but the information has prompted me to make sure my system hasn't been compromised even though it is unlikely.
For those of you who are curious here are the events:
What do you think? If possible can this post also be linked to from the security forum? It may help.


EVENT # : 889
EVENT LOG : Security
EVENT TYPE : Audit Failure
SOURCE : Security
CATEGORY : Account Logon
EVENT ID : 681
COMPUTER : <MyWorkstationName>
TIME : 2/7/2005 8:00:00 PM
MESSAGE : The logon to account: Administrator
from workstation: <MyWorkstationName>
failed. The error code was:... Read more

A:See users logged into Windows 2000 server


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I have a exe fil created in visual studio 2013 which does requires one parameter to execute. I want to run it at 02:00 PM on daily when user logged on/off through the windows task scheduler. I followed below steps to schedule a exe to run it through
windows task scheduler.

Step1: Created new task with name "Billing Update" ,and i have set it with option shown below run whether user logged on or not.

Step 2: Set up trigger option to run exe on daily at 02:00 PM.

Step 3: Set up Action tab to select Billing.exe with arguments 2015.

Step 4 : I clicked on the ok button it asked me for the user name ,password to run the exe under condition of whether user logged on or not. I
did set it with appropriate credentials and hit with the ok .

When i logged of to see the execution of program it did not worked.

I checked with the below possible conditions to run the program.
1. I ran the program with setting Option->Run only when user logged on. (Output Result-Program worked)
2. I ran the Notepad.exe program with setting Option->Run whether user logged on or not. (Output Result-Program failed)
2. I have checked for securities required to assign the Users and Groups on General->Change User Or Groups for this i have given full access to D:\Billing.exe program using security (Output Result-Program failed).

I have googled out for the possible solution but did not get appropriate one ,Why does task scheduler does not run the program when i... Read more

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OS: Windows 7 Pro x64

I get this message when I mstsc (RDP) to a remote machine (several machines all experiencing the same issue):
"There is an active user logged into this system. Please do not try to log into this system..."
How can I remove this message?

Clicking OK gets me to the remote desktop. The "User" stated is actually me under another account named "H1339", but I do click Log Off when I log out (not
I have looked at the processes and services but nothing is running under "H1339", yet I still get that message every time I log in.
I open up task manager > Users tab, I only see myself, not user H1339, even
though I still got the same message when I logged in. Under Processes >
Show All processes from all users --> shows no H1339 processes. However, same message appears when I logged in. It's odd.

Any ideas? Suggestions? Please.
Thank you

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I setup a new user on a stand-alone Windows 10 laptop this weekend and noticed that most websites hang in both Edge and IE11.  I had a look at the user's rights and made sure that they were removed from the local USERS group and only were a member of
the Administrators group.  Then I looked at IE itself and found that if I ran IE as administrator, it worked fine, so I logged the user out and back in again, and still nothing.  I also noticed that IE has a setting to run with administrative privileges,
which I enabled and still nothing.  I thought at this point that it might be a website issue, or at least an ISP issue.  I tried the same sites with the first logged in account on the same machine and everything worked fine.
At this point I was looking at a user rights issue, I thought.  Then I tried the same sites with the new user using Chrome and everything worked fine.  So I'm at a loss as to what this might be.  I've check that IE is using software rendering
so that's not the issue.
Any ideas, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
An example of a site would be to go to www.webex.com then try to log in.  The login page just spins and spins.

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Hi everybody
My computer has just started this one in the last week or so. Not sure of the exact trigger or exactly when.

I can be logged on as any valid user on the system. When I try to switch user using the standard methods, after selecting a user account it says that there is already a user logged in and that I can only have one user logged in.

I have Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and have been running it successfully (and being able to switch users) for several years now.

Is there anybody that can point me in the right direction as to where to look for this one?
Many Thanks

A:Switch User does not permit additional user to be logged in


Take a look at this guide and see if Fast User Switching is enabled?
How To Enable/Disable Fast User Switching In Windows 7, Vista, XP


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I have 6 computers in a workgroup that need to be synchronized to a workgroup server.  The server is a virtual Win 7 running on a Windows 10 host.  Neither the server or client computers have internet access.  I started the process by configuring
the host to use its CMOS clock as its time source, which seems to have worked. The client computers are not virtual and can communicate with the Win 10 host as I am able to RDP to the host from the clients.  I made the following registry key changes to
get that accomplished.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00






<-------End of REG file------->
After applying these changes, I ran the following 'w32tm /config /update /syncfromflags: NO 

I get a message that the command is successful.

These changes are based on the following post:

https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/office/en-US/04865e36-d43d-4167-a07d-9f28fd4f22fa/how-do-you-configure-windows-time-synchro... Read more

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By adding an additional server to your Microsoft® Windows® Small Business Server 2003 network, you can enable Terminal Server. Using Terminal Server, you can host your users' desktops. This can save your organization money by allowing you to extend the life of your desktop hardware.
After you have installed Windows Small Business Server 2003 and have completed the To Do List, you can join an additional server to your network and configure it as a terminal server.

System Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Word or Word Viewer



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I have Windows Media Player (V12) and when I burn a CD, I can't get the song names on the tracks.

I tried a Plug In called WMDCDTest V1.4 - no luck here. I've looked all over and can't find a plug in to give me song names.

I've got Windows 10 installed over Windows 7.

Thanks in Advance...

A:Windows Media Player, Burned CD's only give me "track 1, track 2, etc.

You don't say where the album you are trying to burn came from. If it's one you previously ripped from a commercially published CD, does Windows Media list the track names? Or does it say 'unknown album' and just have track numbers? For an 'unknown album' it may help if you first right-click on the unknown album and select 'Find album info'.

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I ripped my personal CD collection to .WAV as I have the space and thought it was best quality. I used Windows Media Player.

Everything ripped fine... for a while, the first song of each album kept 'losing' its track information. I would use the Find Album Info feature of WMP to fix this. Track info currently displays perfect in Windows Media Player Library or when browing using
Windows Media Center.

However, if I view the files in Windows Explorer, or use another program like Winamp to play the files (which i generally prefer), the first track of all my ripped CDs in WAV format has no track information, Unknown Album, title, etc... even tho' it displays
fine in WMP Library.

I cannot EDIT the track in Windows Explorer, and I can't find a track editor freeware that supports .WAV.

Why? Do I need to re-rip everything in .MP3? Bizarre! This also ruins my ability to copy the files to my phone, as the first track is missing information on copy/conversion.

A:First track of ripped CDs (in .WAV format) does not display track info (in Windows Explorer)

Don't use Auto-Rip if you rip to WAV file.  The WAV file is generated before information retrieval is complete and WMP doesn't write-out metadata to WAV after the file is created and thus you end up in this situation.
If you rip *after* information retrieval is complete, you should be fine.

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I was trying to sync Windows time with Internet timer Server. I was following this tutorial : Time Synchronization - Turn On or Off in Windows 8

For the first option, I couldn't couldn't find the necessary options.

For the second option, I've already set my settings right.
But, still my windows 8 time was showing wrong.

I had to change my BIOS time to make the necessary change to Windows time.

So, what happened here. Can windows 8 override BIOS time? or How can I set Windows time to Internet time server even if my BIOS time is wrong.

Thank you for your help.

A:Synchronize windows time with internet time server.

Yes the OS can override the BIOS time. It uses UTC to update. Check your time zone in Date & Time tab, to see if that is why your time is off.

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I was wondering how I could enable it so on my logon screen the last user logged on shows and for example my brother would have to press other user and type in his username and password
Many thanks,

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Deal all,

i need urgent help. i shut down my Pc normally at my work and when i started today morning and put my user name and login , a windows apears with the following message.


remember that i am having windows XP

please tell me how can i get my profile back to work normally as before.


A:Windows Cannot Load The User's Profile But Has Logged On With The Default Profile

Corruption of the user profile can be a pain to sort out, especially if it’s the index file that’s failed. SOMETIMES, however, simply logging off, leaving the computer at the ‘Press Ctrl+Alt+Del’ screen for about 30 seconds or so, then logging in as usual, can solve this without any further intervention, so I’d suggest giving that a go first.

Further suggestions are a bit more involved.

Log in as another user with administrative rights (such as Administrator) and then open the My Computer icon and navigate to the local hard disk and into the Documents and Settings folder. Look there for the folder which has the same name as the user who’s profile cannot be loaded and go into it. You may have to unhide hidden files and folders (from the Tools menu, select Folder Options and then the View tab, then, in the Advanced Settings box, under Hidden Files and Folders select ‘Show hidden files and folders’) and then locate the file NTUSER.DAT and rename it NTUSER.OLD, then log out, and back in as the failed user. This should replace the corrupted file and allow you to log back in.

If that fails for any reason, again, log in as another user with administrative rights (such as Administrator) and then open the My Computer icon and navigate to the local hard disk and into the Documents and Settings folder. Look there for the folder which has the same name as the user who’s profile cannot be loaded and rename the folder; usu... Read more

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Deal all,

i need urgent help. i shut down my Pc normally at my work and when i started today morning and put my user name and login , a windows apears with the following message.


please tell me how can i get my profile back to work normally as before.


A:Windows Cannot Load The User's Profile But Has Logged On With The Default Profile

Have you read this KB article?

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I have upgraded my Vaio laptop to Win 10 Home, and with my single admin user have created a new non-admin local user (not with a Microsoft account). When logging in with this local user the log-on screen immediately says "Signing out" and that's it. Nothing.
I've been Googling and have found no cure, so here goes - full detail:
- The Vaio SVP, originally Win 8 was put through a full factory reset, then upgraded with Win 8 updates, then upgraded to 8.1, updated, then upgraded to Win 10. There's very little software installed apart from AV.
- New non-admin user created (non-Microsoft), then logged on with that user. Was immediately logged off. When I logged on with my admin account and looked at the Event viewer there were the following errors:
- The winlogon notification subscriber <SessionEnv> was unavailable to handle a critical notification event.
- Windows Search Service has created default configuration for new user 'VAIO\NewUser' .
- The description for Event ID 0 from source igfxCUIService2.0.0.0 cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.
- The description for Event ID 0 from source SynTPEnhService cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the ... Read more

A:New user logged off at log-on

Just noticed that this has gone unanswered for 6 days. Are you still looking for a solution?

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Tonight my pc started giving a new problem. There are two users, myself, and my adult son. For some reason my son's account will not log off. It goes through all the right motions when he clicks on the log off command. However, when the user log in screen shows up, he is shown as still being logged in. How can this be resolved?

A:User not logged off?

I would try running a registry fixer. I don't know if this will actually work or not, but I find it always helps somewhat with small problems I encounter.

Try Ccleaner. You can download it free from http://www.ccleaner.com. Even if this doesn't help, this is a good thing to help your computer running smoothly. Make sure to always make a backup.

If that doesn't work, maybe a virus? Do you have any anti-virus program that you can scan your system with?

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Hy !
I have a network with a domain controller and active directory users in one location
Also in other location i have different domain controller and active directory users, There are separate domains
My problem is that i have a person who manages to connect from one location to another
Each location that has domain controller and active directory has a firewall.....it's about fortigate machine.
This person has only user account in active directory. Local accounts of his computer are disable.
On his computer the IP adress is static.Both server and workstations are up to date.
He succeeds using the Internet to connect to other network, using administrator privileges. This person makes changes on other computers both locations....normal changes that are made only by the network administrator.
I think it's a virus / trojan undetectable.I would like to know how can I scan servers, services from viruses / trojan undetectable and tracing how this persoon connect. From what I knew so far the user succeed to intervene over the user's session from a different computer without the user's knowledge or realizing and make any changes he wish
.I check the logo failures and I have many attempts to acces administrator account. Location where i fiind it is every computer that i log on as administrator account and primary/ secondary domain controller.
I have a software that i manage my events ....ad audit plus...In my reports says that eve... Read more

A:How to track a user ?

You have posted same topic on two other forums.
I suggest that you heed the suggestion posted at http://forum.thewindowsclub.com/windows-security/37956-how-do-i-solve-domain-controller-2012-standard-active-directory-problem.html .
Posting on multiple websites may result in conflicting suggestions/tentative solutions.  We do not wish to contribute to such and respect the suggestions provided by another forum when the same topic is involved.

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Is there a way to find this out?


A:Last time someone logged off

Look at this post and do the opposite of what the user suggested. See if that works.

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ran a repair on a computer that ran into some trouble with booting after a recent power out
the ntoskrnl.exe file was corrupt so I copy/pasted it from a windows 7 dvd after trying startup repair several and setting the proper disk(s) as active.

the "system" partition appeared to be empty just so you know.

Now the system starts just as it should with one problem. I'm only getting logged in as a temporary user, even after creating a new administrator account and while booting into safe mode.

EDIT: I also notice that under windows activation it says status not available... why might this be? It was fully activated and the like about a week ago. The computer is running much slower than normal as well.

A:Logged in as temporary user

That's because you did something W7 thinks of as being illegal.

The ntoskrnl.exe is NEVER (or nearly never) really corrupt. It is the process that is mentioned in a crash which most probably was caused by a faulty driver or maybe faulty HW. One should never "just" copy single system files.

The only thing I can think of here to repair is to go back to a restore point.
If that is not an option... a repair install
Ir that is not an option either.... clean install.

Post back if you need help on those steps please...

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I am trying ti install Stopzilla, when i do i get this error message. "there is 1 other user logged onto your computer, you must switch to and log off this user before you can continue" I am the only user (as administrator) there are or never have been any another user on this computer. Tried in safe mode , same problem, scanned with Eset, Malaware Bytes, Super anti spytware, Spybot etc. No viruse.. Ran Systernal Explorer only 1 explorer process so only 1 user..........Any ideas would be great. Several people (searched Google) with same problem

A:1 other user logged on problem

Is this the paid or free version? I have not used this stopzilla software but there are other free alternatives when it comes to installing certain protection softwares. Plus some on-demand system scanners like Malwarebytes and Superantispyware which could work side by side with your antivirus.

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On previous versions of Windows, on the main login screen, where all the user accounts are displayed, Windows would inform us whether a user account is signed in (or not). However, on Windows 10, this feature seems to have disappeared.

It just lists the user accounts on the left hand side of the screen, without mentioning whether it's logged in or not.

Is there anyway of enabling this?


A:How to know whether a user account is logged in?

Hello tengeezer,

As a workaround, you can open the Task Manager in more details view, and click/tap on the Users tab to see a list of all users that are currently signed in. You can also sign off users from here.

Task Manager - Open in Windows 10

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I was trying to install a program, but a little error message says that one other user still logged on, so I needed to switch to that user and log off. The fact is that the other user has never logged on while I, the administrator, am using the computer. Anyway, I followed the suggestion and switched to the other user and logged off and then logged myself on. The same error message popped up again. I restarted the computer, and it resulted in the same thing. That error message is now always there whenever I try to install something.

Why is my computer confused?

A:computer keeps saying ONE OTHER USER LOGGED ON

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Is there a simple(eg cheap) way of finding out what user is signed into what PC on a AD 2000 network?

A:What user is logged on to what computer

You can use a command prompt and do nbtstat -a computername and the <03> reply is the username

If you want something more GUI I use [email protected] it gets the information from the nbtstat replies and the netbios user is the same as the Domain user.

Only one limitation if your using first last instead of firstlast then it will have problems showing you 2 users with the same name.

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Here's something really silly. Thing is, I have 2 accounts on my home desktop one for me (admin) and the other for my wife (standard user/non admin account).

Strange thing is that after a few days my wife's account (or any other account even if I create a new one) doesn't appear on the logon screen. There's neither a 'back' arrow, nor does her ID show in switch user. The screen only shows my user ID.

I checked the profile in the C:\Users directory, in Control Panel --> Users. All seems to be perfectly ok except she cannot login coz the screen doesn't display her ID.

Now Win8 Pro has been really getting me annoyed. This is the 2nd time Win8 has done this while Win7 ran without a single issue for years.

The 1st time Win8 went wonky I got around it by restoring my C drive from a backup image. But this time around all my backup images probably have the same messed up Windows backed up so restoring one of them won't solve the problem.

Can someone help?



A:Only last logged-in user displayed

Right...so I found the solution @ Sevenforums. This is the link:

Logon Screen - Fix Showing Only "Other User" and Last Logged On User - Windows 7 Forums

I deleted 2 superfluous sub-keys in the registry per the instructions and all is well.

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Ok, this is the situation. Earlier this morning, our NT server was logged off for some reason. I don't know how that happened cuz noone else has access to that server.

When I cont-alt-del to log in, nothing happened. I tried two more times, and still nothing. Suddenly, it gave me the option to log in.

Since then, it's been running fine, but when I view the Event Viewer, there are several STOP errors. They are usually 15 to 30 minutes apart. In the source section, it says i8042prt. Does anyone know what that is? And when I double click on the error, in the Description box, it say: "Exceeded the allowable number of retries (configurable via the registry) on device \Device\KeyboardPort0.

On three of those errors, I assume they were mine cuz I cont-alt-del three times, but they are more than three.

Does anyone know why I'm having these errors in the event view? If so, please let me know I would really appreciate it. Thanks

A:NT server logged off by itself. Any ideas why?


"The i8042prt driver handles the keyboard and mouse port mouse (also known
as a PS/2-compatible mouse) for the Intel 8042 controller."

Since your mouse seems to be working I would try another keyboard. The entry in the registry that sets the timeout value is probably not the problem. Something is causing keyboard data to exceed a set level.
Most likely cause is a stuck key or short in the keyboard itself.


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wmcnentre on my system only burns 1 track. Then you have to erase cd. I tried in wmp. I can not use "burn" function. ANy advice. 1-i have dvd re writer. 2. other cds in opt. drive play normally. i have tried using wav. and mp3. I have tried using other programmes to change file to . cda (without success)

A:wmp (7) only burns 1 track of cd at time !


takes some reading but prob overrun

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VLC has been my media player of choice for a long while now, mostly because it's versatile and nowhere near as moody as Windows Media Player (which has re-arranged, re-named, etc. my tracks many times without permission). It's been working just fine, with no issues that I've noticed aside from lagging with gigantic .avi files. (But that's mostly my system's fault, I'd imagine.)Anyway, today I noticed that it's started behaving strangely. It wasn't doing this yesterday, and I know because I was playing one of the exact music files affected and it was not affected then. Now, it's adding random amounts of time to seemingly-random tracks, some as many as a year or two old and some much newer. Mostly, it adds 1 - 4 extra seconds. On some, however (mostly the newer ones), it's suddenly adding as much as ten extra minutes.The ones with major additions are on my flash drive, but the rest are a combination and in different locations. Some were ripped directly from CDs while some were transferred from an older system and some were downloaded as individual tracks. All are .mp3 format. I've found no noticeable pattern, other than the ones with the most noticeable time addition being newer and on my flash drive. It seems that many aren't affected, regardless of location or age, while several are - again regardless of location and age. The additions of more than four seconds only seem to appear on my flash drive's files, though not all tr... Read more

A:VLC Getting Track Time Wrong

I've recently realised that I have a few .avi files which are massive so I used WMM to reduce the file size. I had one .avi which was 2 gb. I added this and 2 other .avi files (about 500mb each) to WMM and "published" a movie that was only 124mb, with no noticeable reduction in quality. In the process I thought I'd lost lots of videdo, then I realised that the timing was all wrong. In windows explorer if I choose "Length" as one of the headings it displays an incorrect length for the .avi files, it seems to claim they are about twice as long as they actually are. It's the same if I right-click & choose Properties, details, video.
However I've just realised that this is ONLY for videos made with my Fuji FinePix JX530 camera. My family have some other digital cameras, but their videos all display the correct size. Perhaps I'll check the fuji website to see if they can explain...

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HI. I am on a network at work. Our PC's are running Win98.
We just started using WinPopup to communicate. Everyone gets messages & can see the other persons name but when they get a message from me, it refers to my name as Default.
I checked in the network identification tab & it says my name correctly. In Network Neighborhood I am also displayed correctly.

BUT - I noticed in Network Neighborhood that when you right click me & choose properties, under USER LOGGED ON it says Default. This is where Winpopup is getting the info from I guess. Where & how do I change that to say my name? Please help.

A:Network Neighborhood/User Logged On

Found it in the system.ini under passwords... there were two listings in there - one for default & one for Kim. I deleted the default one & I am good to go now.


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I just set up security by adding log ons for different users. My son has access to most things but he cant sign on the internet. Someplace I have to toggle something as a shared file?? How can I set it up so he can sign on the net?? So far I have me as the administrator and my son as a user. Any ideas?? Thx.

A:internet access by 2nd logged user

As administrator when you open IE and the dial up box appears, click the radio button before allow other users to use this connection.

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I have a user at a client who is logged out of the 2000 domain at roughly the same time everyday. He is in the administrator's group and has no time restrictions on his account. He's deleted his account and recreated it and the same thing happens. Another consultant implemented Kix for login scripting. Could this have something to do with it?

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Hi all!
I need help in task scheduler!
Basically I have an excel (that is parked in a shared drive) which send out emails whenever its open and I want it to be opened (then saved and closed) during weekends as well when no one is in the office. I tried using task scheduler and it works when settings
are "run only when user is logged on" but when it is "run whether user is logged in or not", it wont work. I need it to be in that setting as no one will be in the office to log in to the user account. I saw related threads which suggest
running a batch file, but having no basic knowledge on such stuff (the excel was done by someone else), its giving me a big headache on how to resolve this problem. 
Also, I need microsoft outlook to be started up before the excel, though I assume it can be performed together, as long as the "run whether user is logged in or not" hurdle is overcame. 

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I feel like such a ditz! Don't even know how to ask this question... vocabulary-wise.

When I'm involved in long downloads, how do I prevent XP from putting me "to sleep", "running me in the background" and bringing up the list of Users defined for my machine.

Depending on which connection I choose to use, and I have a lot of them, when XP puts me in the background the connection will be lost.

Is there a way to adjust the logged-on-user timeout? If not, is there a way to temporarily force XP not to put me in the background?

I appreciate all the help you guys have given me!!!
I apologize for not using the correct vocabulary in describing this... if I knew what terms to use I might have been able to find the answer in Windows Help.

A:How to Prevent Logged-on-User Sleep?

I think you have two separate things here. The "sleep" you describe and the bringing up of the list of users is controlled by your scrensaver and power settings. Right click anywhere on your desktop, choose Properties, go to the Screensaver tab, and uncheck the box that says on resume, display welcome screen, and better still, use "none" as a screensaver.
For stopping the connection being dropped, go to Control Panel, Internet Options, Connections tab, Settings, Advanced, and uncheck the two "Disconnect" boxes. That is the proceedure for Dial-up Connections, which I presume you are on.
Hope this helps.

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On a Windows 7 computer, when creating a Task, in the General tab, when the options to "Run Whether user is logged on or not" and "Run with highest privileges" are selected and checked, where and how does the computer store that

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I want to run a program (exe file) use the Task Scheduler every day.
even when the computer is in idle, even when the computer is off and when logged on or not.

how to do it?


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I would like to know if there is any way that you can Prevent the last logged-in user name from being displayed in Windows XP Home Edition. Does anyone know? Thanks in advance!

A:Prevent the last logged-in user name from being displayed

I user XP Pro but this should be the same.
Go to Start, Run, type secpol.msc
Then look under the Interactive Login header
and set the Do not display last username to Enabled.

Good Luck.

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We are testing a credential provider for self-service password reset from a third party.  A problem we are having is that the credential provider package installs a new "Windows tile" to perform the password reset from the Windows login screen. 
The only other tile available to an end-user is "Other User."
Essentially, the only tiles we can see with this credential provider installed is the new credential provider tile and other user.  Is anyone aware of anyway that we can have a credential provider installed and still show the tile with the last logged
on username? This issue mainly concerns Windows 7.
We are under the impression that the last logged on username cannot be displayed when a credential provider is installed.
Any information on this is appreciated.

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In XP, IIRC, it was done via Run/secpol.msc; however, in Vista Home Premium that does not seem to exist. Is it possible to have the last logged in username blanked in VHP, or would I need "Ultimate"?

A:Solved: Blanking last logged-in User

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So, I would like very much to be able to use my netbook to remote into my main PC and still be able to play games courtesy of what my desktop can do. I would like to be able to do this while my girlfriend is using the PC to play Second Life on her login. I've been looking, but I can't seem to find a way to do this. Anyone know if this would be possible? I have both computers running windows 7. The laptop can remote into the desktop no problem, just not while someone else is using it.

(with 12 gigs of RAM and an i7, I don't anticipate this to be a problem hardware-wise, just a problem of software limitation)

A:Remote into a username while another user logged in?

Not possible. You cannot have 2 concurrent connections running on the desktop. Microsoft was going to make this possible for XP with one of their service packs but then pulled the plug on it.

The only way I would think this would be possible would be to have XP Mode or another VM running on your computer, but you need Windows 7 Pro or better to run XP Mode so another VM would be the only solution. I don't think games are going to run to well inside a VM. You could remote into the VM without interrupting the other users session.

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