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Accidental System File Deletion

Q: Accidental System File Deletion

A few days ago I got the Windows Vista Scanner thing whatever virus. It simulates a virus scanner "made" by Vista and "scans" your computer and comes up with this list of viruses. It then asks if you want to delete the virus and whatever, you guys should know the drill. It blocks off your internet until you buy into the scam and constantly pops up crap. I had it once before and was able to get rid of it quite easily with Malwarebytes. The problem arose the second time i got it. When I tried to run MB again, it popped up a bunch of runtime errors and won't work. I couldn't get on the internet to download a new copy and when I tried to import another copy from a different computer I got the same runtime errors. My current Anti-Virus, Webroot 2011 wouldn't pick up any problems so I had this virus stuck on my computer. Well just before I got the virus, Vista (The legitament Vista) popped up these notification boxes while I was browsing the internet asking if I would allow "installation.exe". Naturally I blocked it and seconds later another box opens asking if i want to install "yuc.exe". Again, I decline it and things run smoothly for a few minutes when the fake scanner closed my internet and started it's whole charade. After several frustrating attempts to rid the virus I remembered the pop ups that had appears minutes before the attack. I opened the task manager and started looking through the system tasks that were running. Sure enough, yuc.exe was there. So I stopped it and sure enough, the fake scanner died. But as soon as I opened up Internet Explorer the scanner re-opened and closed it. I checked the task manager again and yuc.exe was there again. So I opened up it's file location, deleted the file, and tried again. This time the scanner was indeed dead, but so was everything else on my computer. Everytime I try to run anything it askes what program I'd like to use to open it. My computer "forgot" how to open everything. Command Prompt doesn't work, System Restore doesn't work, and I can't get the yuc.exe program back. I'd really much rather not have to re-install Windows, so is there any way to fix this?

Preferred Solution: Accidental System File Deletion

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Accidental System File Deletion

Oh, and I'm using a Toshiba laptop if that helps any.

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I've had the same frustration with Thunderbird for years. When I'm reading a message and forget that I haven't hit "reply" and highlight some words to erase.... it erases the whole file.
I submitted a bugzilla several years ago and the expert said it was a trivial problem since no one is that dumb to make that mistake. The fact that no one else has submitted it makes me think it is something in Options I have set wrong. Can someone help?


A:Accidental File Deletion

I can't see that problem having anything to do with TB's settings - why would it?
A setting like that just wouldn't make any sense.

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short version:
accidentally deleted files from an SSD by missplacing mouse cursor > pressed esc and ctrl-z immedialtely after delete was pressed. > ctrl z did not work.
> deleted files did not show up in recycle bin
> lost files can be seen and recovered with recovery software but recovered files are garbage.
any ideas? ; )

bit more detailed version:
somehow i just managed to delete almost all files and folder from my desktop.

I highlighted all files and folders and wanted to check the size with a right click. i accidentally clicked delete instead of properties. the desktop was loaded and the files were even spread over dual monitors.... I realized what I have done and instantly hit the escape button and typed ctrl-z but everything was gone already (delete confirmation is turned off since 15 years)
so i thought... no problem, just restore the files from the recycle bin. I even had a current save of the desktop layout.

the Problem: only about 25% of the files that resided on the desktop were in the recycle bin. the rest was gone. I immediately scanned with recovery software and I guess the files are there (from what I have seen in a hurry) but they dont recover properly.
I tried 3 different programs. the all find the lost files and recover them... but when I try to open them it's just garbage.

I think the problem might be that my C drive is a SSD and that maybe the recovery works different on SSDs although the descrition of at leas one of... Read more

A:accidental file deletion with a twist

Do not know what software you used to recover, but Shadow should work
ShadowExplorer.com - About

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I deleted files from system32 by accident and now my laptop will not boot, my friend lent me a windows 7 ultimate disc so that I could restore the missing files, it did not work. So I downloaded, on another system, a windows 7 64bit recovery disc and it seemed to work but the system does not say the error has been fixed it just continues to say "setup is starting (or) loading services" but it never gets any further. I am at my wits end, please any help appreciated, step by step by step guides welcome, links, whatever you think will work, i'm open to suggestions. A.S.A.P thanks.
Also, I will try to answer as best I can any questions.

A:[SOLVED] Accidental File Deletion

Beats me how anyone can delete stuff by accident from the System32 folder, considering you should have no need to delete anything in there at all.

When you tried a 64-bit repair disc, I assume your Windows 7 is 64-bit, right?
(A 64-bit Windows repair disc won't repair 32-bit Windows because the system files are different).

Your laptop should have a hidden factory recovery partition which you should be able to invoke by pressing one of the 'F' keys as soon as the laptop is fired up. I can't say which specific key 'cos it varies according to make & model, but try F3.

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I have a Laptop with Win 8.
Recently I deleted a folder in my thumb drive accidentally as that folder was "active" in the explorer, while I thought I was deleting something else on the desktop.
I am hoping I do not make the same mistake twice, so in addition to taking a backup of such folders on the thumb drive, I would also like to change its security settings, so that a casual "Shift+Delete" will give me an access denied warning - so that I can realize I am deleting the wrong thing.
I tried adding a Deny Delete permission to Everyone in the advanced security setting, but it does not seem to work. I tried this while enabling inheritance and also after disabling it - but it did not make a difference.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Hello TechGuys,
Happy New Year. I have accidently 'permanently' deleted my complete video library from a portable hard drive. I haven't used the drive since. Is there any way that I can restore these files? Your advice will be much appreciated.

A:Accidental Deletion

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Hi...I have a yahoo email account and I accidentally sent my emails to the trash can and emptied it...I am gutted as they were special...anyone help??? please?? thanks xx

A:accidental deletion

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I believe I accidentally deleted the program files folder in windows vista. How can I restore the folder and programs. It is no longer in the recycle bin.

A:accidental deletion

you can try recuva

Recuva - Undelete, Unerase, File and Disk Recovery - Free Download

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While trying to delete some spyware off my computer I accidently deleted something and now the interenet doesn't work. There is a connection but somehow none of the internet applications work. I was using adaware and the add on LSP explorer. I deleted the Name space providers specifically the TCPIP and UDPIP.

A:Accidental Deletion

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While I have been running W8 on my my laptop for a few months, I am at a point of wanting an OE Metro app back that I discarded during setup.

It was simple (and now I know wrong) to uninstall the icon from the desktop, rather then to unpin. Shoot me it was the excitement of the new OS

Well bottom line, it was IE. Now of course I can simple create one, but a created one doesn't offer the same variable's as the Metro app.

I would think this is a standard app for the Store but no... that would be to easy. So here I am, how can I get this back.... Can I get iy back

Thanks TW

A:Accidental deletion of a Metro app


I only have a local account so I can't access the store directly; however, I think if you go to your Start Page, click on the Store App, and then right-click on the actual Store Page (see image), then click on the "Your Apps", it should get you to the right place to identify your existing apps and show you the original apps that can be restored as well. No guarantees but it is worth a try; yes?

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While playing I navigated to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Desktop" and selected "MenuShowDelay" and instead of modify I Deleted. I've scanned by deleted files using both "Norton" and "Fix-It" Utilities and can not find the deleted item. At this stage I'm afraid to shut down the computer for fear it will not reboot properly.
I'm using Windows XP Pro. Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks.

A:Accidental Registry Deletion

Welcome to TSG

Go back to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Desktop

click Edit | New | String Value
Right click it and click Rename
name it MenuShowDelay
Double Click MenuShowDelay and change the value to what you want it to be

(400 is default, 0 is too fast, set it to 100 for a happy medium)

Alternatively, Try a system restore to yesterday's date

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okay so basically i deleted some stuff on my computer and uninstalled some stuff and then wished i hadnt. and i delted it all from my recycling bin. i just want to go back from before tonight when i deleted the stuff. so i did system restore and it did nothing that i noticed or that i needed it to do. is there anyway to go back and get the stuff back that i deleted and stuff? please help! thank youuu

A:Help asap- accidental deletion

Hello jessica_lyn,

Please download the following program: Recuva

Once downloaded and installed, you should be presented with a wizard.

Select next. It will then ask you to select the file types you wish to recover. Once selected, click next.

It will then ask you "Where were the files?" If the files were deleted from the recycle bin like you stated, select: "In The Recycle Bin." If you're not sure where the files were, select: "I'm not sure".

Click next. You will then be given the choice to "Enable Deep Scan."
As stated in Recuva:"Check this box if previous scans have failed to find your files. Note that this may take over an hour on a large drive."

Select start. Recuva will then begin scanning your computer for the deleted files, please be patient while it does.

Once it's finished you will be provided with the results.

Under "file name" put a check next to the files you wish to recover, and select "recover."

Note the circles below the files:

Red: Unrecoverable
Yellow: Very Poor State
Green: Excellent State

Note: If the files you wanted are not provided within the results even after you have done a deep scan. It is possible that they have been overwritten and are no longer recoverable.

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Hello all,
This isn't exactly as much of a problem as it is just a question. I have a small server that I store my important documents on so that I don't take up room on my computer. I work pretty fast on computers and sometimes, accidentally do things I didn't mean to do, like delete something.
My question: is there a way that I can mark these files so that if I would happen to accidentally click to delete one of them, that the computer won't let me or something that stops me from deleting them. Whether it's that I restrict deletion of these files or I get a pop up saying "hey, this file has been marked for prevention of accidental deletion, do you really want to delete this?" I know you get a message before you delete saying "do you really want to delete 'this file'?" But I just want something that will either completely block me from deleting them (which is most preferred) or somehow prevents me from deleting them.
Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

A:Block Accidental Deletion

If you accidentally delete files they go to the Recylce Bin so you can always recover them from there.You can also set permissions for any or all users (or Groups) to protect deletion of files. Set "Everyone" as "Deny" for "delete".File and Folder PermissionsDescription of File System Folder and File PermissionsHow to Change File Permissions on Windows 7And there are third party utilities.How to prevent deletion of files with Folder ProtectFree System Protect Stop Accidental File DeletionsOf course the best practice for safeguarding your data is backup, backup, backup.

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I share my pc with a flatmate, we each have a passord although I am the main user. I switched on yesterday to find my password reset and all my files gone. Photos, uni notes, personal diary, everything i had saved. My flatmates info is still there. Could she have accidently done something to my part of the memory? Is there a way of getting my info back or is it gone forever, my recycle bin says it's empty, I am heartbroken, all my photos and uni papers.
Running Windows XP home edition.
Does anyone know about this password thing, will I be able to find my stuff?

A:Accidental Deletion Of Files

Sign on as administartor and explore the drive to see if there is a profile for you that isn't showing up when you sign on with your username.

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I accidentally deleted the Trash Can on my new laptop. How can I restore it?


A:Solved: Accidental deletion

Right-click on your desktop and choose Personalize

Click on the Change Desktop Icons link in the upper left hand corner

In the Desktop Icons Settings window, check the Recycle Bin box and click OK

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Any chance of recovery of the sent file folder which was accidentally deleted. Outlook 2007

Actually just the files in the sent folder, not the folder itself.

A:Accidental deletion of sent files Outlook 07

Yes three ways
The first and the best is to use backup and restore. It is a feature of Windows 7
The next way is to download and use recuva.
The last and most sure way of success is the use System Image, which is part of Seven.
That system image will change everything on your hard drive back to the way it was on the day you select to return to.
System Image Recovery
Unless your lost documents are extremely important, I would not use the system image method.

Recuva will work best if you use the computer as little as possible, until you attempt recuva.

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Please please can someone help me. I recently installed Office 97 onto my new pc (stupid I realise now, because I'm running on XP but am an amateur as you may gather). I did this because I wanted Exel but at the time was too dozy to realise that it would put the older versions of OE and Word on my pc also. SO I uninstalled it all but in doing so inadvertantly deleted bits of Outlook Express 6 that I need. Result is that OE no longer works as it should in conjunction with Internet Explorer, ie I can't email pictures via the icon that appears when I hover my mouse over them, can't open OE using the envelope icon on Internet Explorer and when I try to click on the email address on someone's website, it goes crazy and opens 50 blank windows! Most frustrating. Alas I no longer have access to the Office disc I used initially to reinstall the bits I need, so am wondering if there's somewhere I can get an OE6 download to replace my vital missing bits!

Would be so grateful if someone has any advice. Thanks a lot.

A:OE 6 accidental partial software deletion

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I deleted Windows when installing Ubuntu from my R5-471T-50UD model. But now I want it back. Since I don't have the Windows product key, is there any way to recover Windows OS? Thanks, 

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so here's the scoop, it's kind of strange. i was trying to upload photos onto facebook. when you click on the site to add photos, the website somehow opens up a window with your personal files in it, right? from which you choose the photos you want to upload. i was clicking through them quickly and accidentally made copies of several photos. in that same window i tried to delete the copies i had made and accidentally deleted an original photo. so, because i deleted it within the website, sort of, that photo (along with the extra copies) is not showing up in my recycle bin and therefore i can't restore it. i have no idea where it went. i tried downloading a program called 'restoration' and it did not find it. i'm currently trying a program called 'recuva' but have had no luck yet. i haven't tried getting them back from my memory card yet but i didn't know if there was a way it could still be somewhere on my computer, and if so, how should i go about finding it. thank you for your help.

it should also be noted that i downloaded these programs on the same drive as the deleted photo is supposedly on, which might be a problem of course.
so i was able to use 'recuva' to get the photo from my camera's memory card. however, i still don't understand why it disappeared into thin air in the first place. if anyone has any thoughts i'd like to hear them, thanks!

A:Solved: accidental photo deletion

memory cards are fickle things - sometimes they just behave in strange ways, which is why you should always transfer photos from a memory card to a couple of hard drives (one for backup) as soon as possible. Don't use a memory card for uploading to any website until after you've copied it's contents to a backup drive.

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Acer Computer, Windows Vista. I am at work on a computer network and deleted two folders from a Public Drive accidentally. I cannot find them in my recycle or trash bin on my computer nor can I locate it on the Server's recycle/trash. Can't do a search, since I can't remember the folder's names. Where else can I search????

A:Accidental deletion of folers-name unknown

Hi, try installing and running Recuva on the machine where the local drive held the files you deleted accidentally. If that server has more than one hard drive, see if you can install it to a different drive so as to avoid overwriting parts of those old files.

Have it deep scan the drive, and then sort the results in the folder view to see if you can recognize them.

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Hi once again and apologies if this has been covered, I looked in search and couldn't find the answer, sorry.

I have a large collection of photographs that I am currently indexing and backing up onto an external HDD. Is there a way to prevent sausage fingered people, well me really, from deleting folders by mistake? I haven't done it yet and don't really want to!

Many thanks.


A:Folders-Can I prevent accidental deletion?

The best thing you can do is make sure the Confirmation is turned on Recycle Bin Delete Confirmation - Turn On or Off


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I normally connect to a domain at my office. At home, I switch to a workgroup. While logged into my workgroup, I deleted an account called "account unknown" , which was very large, and as it turns out, was my work profile - gone now.

Does anyone know of a way to recover my profile?


A:Accidental deletion of account profile

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Hi really sorry if this is the wrong place but need help.

I was adding a new drive to my PC's storage spaces only due to it being from and old laptop it had the reserved OEM partition so windows refused to add it, I went and used a partition software to delete all partitions on the drive so I could add it only as it was the same size and make as one of the other drives already in my storage space i stupidly chose the wrong one.

As you would expect the Storage space Pool failed and the dis was marked as disconnected only its not its there but had it table deleted. I have been googleing all night and have yet to find a way to repair this yet I know its there cos using the software from ReclaiMe Storage Spaces Recovery Software it detects the pool and can see all the stuff on it bit dosn't have and option to repair just recover I don't want to do this as it the the lack of space that caursed this

I have gone through the powershell route and have managed to change the drive from "Retired" to "Auto-Select" but am still not able to get the pool to repair of work.

someone said use testdisk but this finds the partition but its listed as "unknown" to I cant retrive this what am I missing?!?!?!
Thanks so much for any help on this

A:Accidental partition deletion on storage space drive.

I've had success with this one: Free Partition Recovery Software, Deleted Partition Recovery, Hard Disk Recovery, Free Disk Partition Recovery, Active Partition Recovery Software, NTFS Partition Recovery, Recovery Partition, Drive Partition Recovery, Hard Drive Partition Recovery T

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So I was moving files to my external USB for saving space on this tablet ( Acer Iconia ), I accidentally selected the "Camera roll" folder and came to notice when I tried to make pictures with the camera app. Because I did Cut/Paste action.

Thank you for your time.

A:Camera roll folder not found after accidental deletion

so you copied it to the external usb ,why not just move it back,other drastic option would be to backup important stuff and reinstall android.

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recently my desktop has been infected with certain trojan i tried to remove but seems to have accidentally remove some system files so decided to back up my files on another physical hard disk (i got 2, 1 for os and programs another for music files and such)
the problem comes when i accidentally delete the partition for my backup drive
not sure what to do i went on to partition and format the inital os drive and installed xp
as of now the backup drive is not allocated but i haf not format or partition it yet
so is there anyway i can restore the drive?

A:Restoring Hard Disk Due To Accidental Deletion Of Partition

Hi desmondkiu and welcome to BleepingComputer.

If you deleted the partition then you information is gone. There may be some methods to recover this information, but I could be very expensive to do.

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If my PC did not require a password to reach desktop, is there a log or something that captures a snapshot of what time the PC was on, what folders were deleted, etc ?
Reason I am asking this is because there are significant data loss on some drives but I cannot be sure whether it is due to wilful deletion or malware.

A:Is there a log of any system actions like logins, file deletion, etc?

The event logs do show system startup and shutdown. To see when files or folders were deleted would require file and folder auditing and by default it is not enabled. This must be very selective or performance would be impacted and the logs could consume a large amount of disk space in a short time.

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Hi friends,
It's my first thread .I m facing problem after deleting SAM file form my windows xp installed system.now it's not even start also in safe mode and "showing isass.exe missing,also giving a massage any hardware not working properly and reboot in a safe mod and windows is shutting down.
can i fix this problem without format my machine."
Please help me guys,i don't want to format my system again.

A:Isass.exe is missing after SAM file deletion from Xp installed system

Hi and welcome. What exactly were you trying to do?

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Hi, i accidentally associated hosts.org with notepad permanently, and I would like to know how to "unassociate" it. before, it wasnt associated with anything.

i am using win2k sp3.

A:Accidental File Association

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Dear Tech Guys,

I recently unintentionally moved my dbx files out of Outlook Express to a folder on my desktop while trying to back them up.

I can see them and read them with various web programs, but I can't seem to undo what I done did.

I can't figure out how to undo the process so that OE is back to normal. Can you stear me in the right direction or to the right forum?

yours truly, jamsum

A:accidental dbx file move

jamsum said:

Dear Tech Guys,

I recently unintentionally moved my dbx files out of Outlook Express to a folder on my desktop while trying to back them up.

I can see them and read them with various web programs, but I can't seem to undo what I done did.

I can't figure out how to undo the process so that OE is back to normal. Can you stear me in the right direction or to the right forum?

yours truly, jamsumClick to expand...

follow this path , C:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{12345678-1234-ABCD-EFGH-1234567890AB}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

[username] = each user will should have their set of .dbx files.
{12345678-1234-ABCD-EFGH-1234567890AB} = represents a unique alphanumeric it will vary to each account

when you click on Outlook Express you should see many .dbx files in there . If not go to your desktop and open the folder and copy all .dbx in there and paste them in Outlook Express.

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to figure out a few pieces of information about the status of my computer after a 2 week period of accidental read / write file sharing. Here's the list:

1. I want to figure out if there's a log function to show when Password Protected Sharing was enabled or disabled.

2. I need to know who on my network has accessed, modified, or viewed files on my pc (I wasn't running any log programs nor did I have auditing enabled on any folders).

3. I want to know if any files were created on my computer by other network users.
I might think of more later, if I do I'll edit the list.
Backstory: A few months ago my old PC died and I bought a brand new one. I salvaged one of the hard drives from the old PC and put it into the new one, for the purpose of backing up the info and having a second hard drive. Some of the original folders were from a My Documents folder on a Win XP install, so transferring onto a Windows 7 Professional install was kind of a pain. After some messing around with the sharing settings and "admin access" type of settings in the permissions tab, I was able to back up my files.

Here's the actual problem: I guess during the above described process, I somehow ended up setting a few REALLY sensitive folders as "network shared", despite never using a network to transfer any of this. I guess I clicked something wrong under the permissions tab, or sharing tab or something. Anyway, thi... Read more

A:Accidental file sharing security concerns

Sharing files on the network means your LAN.

I believe that there should be no real danger because a network was not used, like you said.

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My cousin started a system restore on my computer. I think it was only going for like 5 seconds when i noticed. I cannot start my computer now because it says files are missing. I have a final project on my computer that is due in 4 days and I really need it. Is there any way to hook up the HD to another computer so its not being booted off of and recover any data that didnt get deleted? This is very important. Any suggestions or am I out of luck.
Thanks All

A:Accidental System Recovery - need to recover data

1) get your XP CD and boot from it

2) see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/307545

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I recently purchased the machine & completed installation of system updates.  As the mouse is very sensitive I ended up moving some files accidentally from the system folders while I was move the mouse over Winodows Explorer.  This resulted into stoppage of one of the softwares installed.  I want to eliminate this issue by protecting system files.  Dont know if partitioning the drive works best or I have put administrative rights for access to avoid accidental movement of system files while I am using Windows Explorer. Please help.

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I have roughly 1,000 files on a directory. I have a text file with about 150 names of files in that directory. I want to delete all of the 150 files that are listed in the text file.

Text file contains

and so on

The directory has File1 all the way to File1000.

I don't want to manually go through 1,000 files to see if they are in the text file to delete them. I'm sure there is a really easy way to do this, maybe a program that can do it, or a simple command in ms dos?


A:File deletion based on text file

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Hi all,

I have got a Client PC - WOrkgroup
Running Mcafee Antivirus 8.7i + Mcafee Antispyware

The PC is a small tablet PC that connects to our network using a 3G card + Cisco VPN Client

Its found that on the Tablet PC the following files get deleted very often

C:\program files\Cisco VPN Client\vpnclient.inf

The 3g wireless profile that is used to connect to the ISP also gets deleted automatically.

We need to manually replace these files all the time on the Tablet PC's.

There are 25 such tablet PC's and randomly giving the same problem.

I'm trying to run the stinger tool from Mcafee but i dont think the tool will detect some malware / trojan.

Someone kindly assist.


A:File Deletion

Macfee is a tatal bloatware these days. Your pc might be infected. Use some online scanners such as trend micro housecall or use kaspersky virus removal tool. If nothing is detected and still you face the same problem then please post in the malware removal forum. One of the experts would help you out.

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I have been lurking at bleepingcomputer for years, and the excellent info here has helped me solve a number of issues on my computers in the past. But this is the first time that I have not been able to find a solution here without actually asking a question, so here goes:

I have an install of XP Home Service Pack 3 running on a Dell D630 laptop, with the latest avast! Internet Security. Most everything works as it should, with no speed problems, suspicious network activity or difficulty running programs. However, recently I lost the ability to move or delete files in all folders on the hard drive. I can move and delete in Safe Mode, but have no control in normal mode. In normal mode I can open, create or modify files without a problem using a variety of programs, just not move or delete. The error I get is the 'Access Is Denied, Check to See if Hard Drive is Full Or Write Protected, and File Is Not In Use' message.

Also Microsoft update and Firefox update do not work, but avast and Malwarebytes do.

My logon has administrator status, and I have confirmed that I have ownership of the files, either as a user or administrator. I have tried reestablishing ownership through safe mode just to be sure. Suspecting my user profile to be corrupt, I have created a fresh one with the same results. I have run all the scans from avast, Malwarebytes, and MS Safety Scanner with no threats found.

I'm not sure where to proceed from here. Any help would be greatly ... Read more

A:XP sp3 Will Not Allow File Deletion

I should try one more scan to be sure;================================== Eset Scanner ==================================Run Eset online scanner;Note: You will need to use Internet explorer for this scan - Vista and win 7 right click on IE shortcut and run as adminGo to the Eset web page to run an online scanner from ESET.Turn off the real time scanner of any existing antivirus program while performing the online scanclick on the ESET Online Scanner buttonTick the box next to YES, I accept the Terms of Use.Click StartWhen asked, allow the ActiveX control to installClick StartMake sure that the option Remove found threats is unticked and the Scan Archives option is ticked.Click on Advanced Settings, ensure the optionsScan for potentially unwanted applications, Scan for potentially unsafe applications, and Enable Anti-Stealth Technology are ticked.Click ScanWait for the scan to finishClick on copy to clipboard or copy and paste the results here in this topicDo you have had (in the past) an infection?What you can do, is take Ownership about the files.More info on Microsoft: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;308421&Product=winxp

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       So, some time back, I was having trouble deleting some iso.'s. The machine kept telling me that the iso was open in the system. I forget who, but one forum member suggested I use FileAssassin. It worked. I now have some more to delete and when I use FileAssassin it tells me that it has closed the process. So far, so good. But when I then try to delete the item in 'Downloads', it tells me the process is still open!
        Instead of suggesting another app, I would really like someone to explain what exactly is happening. What is it that is causing this? And how do I remedy the situation?
        As usual, I would appreciate any info you would like to share. Thanks.
                                                                                                 P.S. I am running Windows 8.1 Update. 

A:File deletion

My workaround for files that don't want to go away is safe mode. Usually eliminates all of the extra stuff and I can get the job done without pulling out the last few hairs [on my chin]
Keep us posted

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Hi all,

Am new to this and am in need of help. I recently came across a file on my hard drive that was downloaded via p2p. The problem is that i have tried to delete this file using the normal methods and also going in via the c:\ prompt but i still can not remove it from my hard drive.

Any suggestions pls help.

A:File deletion

Try This

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Hi All

I am an old dog, computers are futuristic so to some I may seem dumb but please bear with me....
I have a laptop, and a file named 1.tmp has appeared (how or why I do not know) in my c/windows/system32 folder that throws up an error message window saying it cannot find the program to run the tmp file, and that appears on my screen every time I log on.

So; I thought I could simply go into the sys32 folder and delete the 1.tmp file by putting it in the trash can, as it obviously does not belong there....BUT it will not let me, if I try I get an error message telling me I do not have access or the disc is full even when I use the administrator level......so now I am completely at a loss and I do not understand.
I appreciate the sys32 is a windows folder but surely if some programme put the tmp folder in there then surely I should be able to delete it........

Can anybody show me a step by step way of deleteing it or do I have to forever get this error window every time I log on????

A:tmp file deletion?????

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I notice in my Windows Folder I have several "KB......Log" messages. Can I safely delete these messages? The $NTUninstall type messages I was told could be deleted as long as I had no need to uninstall any recent updates. Thanks for any help on this




Those files are associated with windows updates. They can be deleted, but it will make uninstalling a windows update hotfix very difficult in the future.

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I'm trying to delete a file but vista wont let me. Its a .exe application file. A box comes up saying "you need to confirm this operation" so i click continue and continue again as admin and then it just says "you need permission to perform this operation" and 2 buttons:try again or cancel. Try again does nothing so i can't delete the file.

A:File Deletion

Hi, this will give you a right click option to take control then you can delete the file.

Administrator rights

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Hi all,

I have got a Client PC - WOrkgroup
Running Mcafee Antivirus 8.7i + Mcafee Antispyware

The PC is a small tablet PC that connects to our network using a 3G card + Cisco VPN Client

Its found that on the Tablet PC the following files get deleted very often

C:\program files\Cisco VPN Client\vpnclient.inf

The 3g wireless profile that is used to connect to the ISP also gets deleted automatically.

We need to manually replace these files all the time on the Tablet PC's.

There are 25 such tablet PC's and randomly giving the same problem.

I'm trying to run the stinger tool from Mcafee but i dont think the tool will detect some malware / trojan.

Someone kindly assist.


A:File Deletion

closed duplicate and we won't help with this one
see reasons here

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how do you create a group policy that will disable a users' right to delete files?

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I deleted an empty folder from My Documents and everytime I restart the folder comes back. I have tried a Shift+Del to get rid of it permanently but it doesn't work. Anybody have any ideas.

A:File Reappears after deletion

Boot into safe mode, under your normal user name(NOT THE ADMINISTRATOR ACCOUNT). See how here.> http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/tutorial61.html

Now try deleting the folder.

Regards Howard

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Somehow I unknowingly downloaded a media file that has an .asf file extension.
I am at my wits end - the file will not open nor can I delete it. A window opens when I try to delete it and it hangs for hours. In desperation I tried moving it to the recycle bin and after many hours it appeared there. Now I have the same issue - it refuses to delete and since it is in the recycle bin I have been unable to access it with Process Explorer or Unlocker. I am so far unsuccessful in moving it from the recycle bin to the desktop so it will be accessible.

Can anyone suggest a fix?



A:Need assistance with .asf file deletion

Set up "Take Ownership" from this Tutorial.
Take Ownership Shortcut

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I just ran hijackthis for the first time, and my log file was kinda big!
Therefor, I wonder if you "pros" can help me with which file that can be deleted, and which that need to be saved! Thanks

Here is the log:
Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 23:58:24, on 25.06.2007
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\aswUpdSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashServ.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliType Pro\type32.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft IntelliPoint\point32.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\MSN Messenger\msnmsgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Sunbelt Software\Personal Firewall\kpf4ss.exe
C:\Program Files\Webroot\Spy Sweeper\SpySweeper.exe
C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mDNSResponder.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashMaiSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Alwil Software\Avast4\ashWebSv.exe
C:\Program Files\Sunbelt Software\Personal Firewall\kpf4gui.exe
C:\P... Read more

A:HijackThis Log File - Help with deletion please


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I noticed something yesterday. In my music file there were files deleted completely and others were reorganized and mixed up. I didn't do it and no one else uses this computer. Immediately went on red alert and done scans with 3 different security programs and nothing but cookies. other files not effected. Is it a windows 7 thing or was I hacked?

A:File Deletion and Rearange

Quote: Originally Posted by bpburns7871

I noticed something yesterday. In my music file there were files deleted completely and others were reorganized and mixed up. I didn't do it and no one else uses this computer. Immediately went on red alert and done scans with 3 different security programs and nothing but cookies. other files not effected. Is it a windows 7 thing or was I hacked?

Are you on wifi or wired?

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