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problem with printer since installing Windows 10

Q: problem with printer since installing Windows 10

Hi TechGuys; You helped me before so I'm hoping you can do it again! Since installing Windows 10 I haven't been able to print from email. For example I was sent theater tickets via email and I couldn't print them. Today I tried to print a return label to Amazon and had the same problem. I have an HP laptop, and a Canon Pixma printer. Last time you told me to change the default printer in my computer, which I did and it worked for printing my document. I still have my correct printer selected but haven't been able to get the printer to work. Thank you.

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Preferred Solution: problem with printer since installing Windows 10

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


I can't install my HP deskjet D2560 on Windows Vista Basic Home Edition. After it gets to about 94% installed it gives me "fatal error has occured" I have spent 5 hrs on the phone with HP and they were no help. Any suggestions?

A:problem installing HP printer on Windows Vista

If you have not yet done so I suggest you try the solutions and workaround given here.

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I am trying to install an HP c4180 All-in-one and I am repeatedly given the following error:

Windows could not load the installer for Printer. Contact your hardware vendor for assistance.

I've tried to delete all HP folders off of the hard drive as well as clean the registry out, and still this error is generated during my attempts at installing the HP software.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Problem installing HP Printer: "Windows could not load the installer/Contact vendor"

Some system specs would be good here and make and model number of the computer and service packs installed?

List al other printers that are installed?

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First, let me say I am a beginner and with that said I was trying to clean up my files since my Internet was so slow and I deleted some things from the control panel that I thought I didn't need. They all said Ms Word hot-fix with some KP or Q and numbers. I didn't delete all of them after I did that I could not print. After I deleted them I could not connect to the Internet and all the other programs that I had I had to reinstall. I reinstall the Internet and that I can now get. I uninstalled from the control panel the printer (Compaq All-in-one A 1500) and deleted the drive on the system from the printer control panel and reinstalled the printer (I have the original CD that came when I first got the printer), I reinstalled it and it does not work--I have reinstalled the ports also, but nothing. I don't know what to do, I called Compaq but was on the phone for an hour while they transfered me from one department to another to be told by a supervisor that the department was closed for tech difficulty's and they would call me back in an hour (that was a day and half ago) and they still have not called. I hope someone can help.

A:Problem installing printer

those hotfixes are microsoft windows update downloads, it wasn't smart to just delete them. i would say that since you are able to restore your internet go to windows update and download all that is necessary. delete your printer, reboot and reinstall printer driver. hopefully that will work.

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I'm trying to install an Epson printer. It is connected to the parallel port of a WIN98 machine. Whenever I try to install the drivers, the printer is not recognized and there is a problem with the connection. I went to device manager and noticed that the LPT port is not there. What should I do?

A:Problem Installing Printer

When you first boot your computer there is a message on the same page as the memory check that tells you which key to press to get to setup. On my computer it is the Delete key. Repeatedly press that key until you enter the BIOS setup. They differ, but there is somewhere in there to enable the port. Choose ECP or EPP/ECP.

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HP Deskjet 890C
Windows XP

So I shutdown the comp, plug in the printer cable to the cpu, start it up and it shows that it's found new hardware etc, starts automatically loading up the drivers for it. Then all of a sudden, it says that the printer files could not be installed properly and it may not work properly.

So then I go to START>SETTINGS>PRINTERS&FAXES>ADDAPRINTER and get an error, 'Operation could not be completed'

Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this little problem?

A:Problem installing printer.

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Can anyone help me? I'm trying to install the Canon Imageclass mpc190 printer on my friends computer. Her computer runs on XP professional. The computer detects new hardware and installs it, but then doesn't continue on. Upon checking in the device manager, it shows up with Code 38 error (stating it is in computer memory). We have unistalled and reinstalled it sevveral times, only to face the same problem. What are we doing wrong? Thanks Burnsbrae

A:Problem with installing printer

I suggest you do the following.

1 unplug the printer from the computer.

2 uninstall any printer software.

3 Reboot the computer and disable any antivirus software. Without connecting the printer, install the printer software from the disk that came with the printer. Only connect the printer if asked to do so otherwise go to step 4.

4 Reboot again and connect the printer.

It should now work.

Regards Howard :grinthumb

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this started about a week ago when my sister installed a dell computer to our PC and i turned on the computer and the screen started to flash every 5 seconds and the programs on the screen would disappe aswell at the bar at the bottom then it'll come back this would go on ever second. its veryy annoying because its hard to consentrate and whenever i open up a document and the screen flashes it will close the document so i don't really know what do please help

oops i meant to say she installed the dell printer..not the computer

A:Problem after installing printer.

I am not sure, but it may be a bug or a problem. Try using CCleaner and fix the registry.

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I am running Vista Home Premium. I had to reformat and now my printer drivers will not install. I have a C5280 AIO. I have tried my original disk as well as the newest version from HP. Is there any way to stop Vista from installing the drivers? Can I stop plug & play? The USB printer is recognized during the install, but then Vista pops up with its own message that it wants to install the drivers. I am supposed to cancel it so that HP can continue to install them. When I cancel it the software just hangs and never continues. I've tried everything that I can think of. Tried everything on HP's site also.

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I know a lot of people don't like Lexmark printers but I got a great deal on a new
ALL IN ONE X2350 but having a few problems.
I have an older lexmark P707 and it works fine and the software loads fine on my computer.

For some reason when I plug the new X2350 to computer with the USB this error mes. pops up

"error loading newdev.dll
%1 is not a valid win 32 application"

plus for some reason the install disk keeps telling me I have no HD space to load info.

I know I have about 80% of my 40 GIG HD available.

I called Lexmark and asked why?, they are telling me it is looking for C: drive to install info.
well when I installed this HD and reinstalled windows XP for some reason my drive letters are wacky.

floppy is A:
one disk drive is D:
one is E:
and HD is F:

Lexmark tells me it will never install 'cuz it is trying to install to C:
"but my other Lexmark printer will install with no prob. why?" they had no answer to that question.

I'm so confused, someone please help.

any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Edited part:
sorry I forgot to mention I even went to Lexmark site and tried downloading drivers from there I have it saved to desk top but still same prob. when I try to install that way. so I have the install disk that came with it and the drivers downloaded directly from Lexmark.

A:problem installing printer

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This is my first post, so please bear with me... I recently had a virus. After I got rid of the virus, my printer stopped functioning. The printer is a Lexmark. I get two error messages, one when Windows tries to install the software, RPC server is not available, and when installing the software, I get an error message that says -No valid ports for driver. Additionally, I do not see the print spooler in services, but I do see the Lexmark server, not sure if this is normal. My OS is Windows XP Professional. Please help!


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My computer is an HP Pavilion a705w, and my printer is a Lexmark x2500. I purchased the computer several months ago, installed it, and it worked perfectly. I had some computer problems later, and had to re-set the computer to factory settings. At that time, I tried to re-install the printer (using the installation cd), but it won't install. It's a USB printer, and it's almost as though the computer isn't recognizing the printer being plugged in. I checked all four of the USB ports by plugging the speakers into each of them, and they all worked. PLEASE HELP!!

A:Problem installing printer

Usually you have to wait for the installation CD to let you know when to connect the Printer. You may have to uninstall all of the software and then go through it step by step again.
You did check the printer had power? Just as well to ask. It may be a good idea to check for any updates from the lexmark website for your printer. There may have been some security issues which windows prevents running with your old driver. Try windows update as well that may help.

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I have installed an HP Printer and it's printing fine with the exception of MS docs. I can bring PDF files, web pages. I've printed an ebay purchase and and an Amazon purchase. However, I am unable to print Word or Works doc. I have no idea why. Can anyone help? Thanks!

A:Problem Installing HP Printer

When trying to print from a word document, are you getting any sort of error message or a message of any kind?

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Hi guys,
I am new to your forum and hope you can help me.
I am trying to install an Epson NX410 printer to my system.
When I go through the install procedure on the disc, it is telling me I already have a printer connected...I don't!!!
I have uninstalled the drivers from previous printers and tried again.
Still telling me a printer is already connected.
There is nothing else connected to my USB ports other than mouse and keyboard.
If anyone can help me solve this problem, it would be really appreciated.

A:Problem installing printer

Please do not start more than one thread for the same issue.

Closing duplicate.

Since this is a hardware matter, please continue here:


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I'm trying to install my new printer (wireless Epson Stylus SX235W) but it won't install and brings up an error message.
Error code 1935 at the stage where it says Microsoft Visual C++ "Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable"

Any ideas?


A:Problem Installing Epson Printer

Take a read, http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/zh/vssetup/thread/a9d82a44-7045-4ac8-9f28-71cb0f068572

I vote for uninstalling VS and then reinstalling it...it may be damaged and unable to function properly.


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I inherited a second hand HP Laserjet 5M printer from my work place at a good price. I had been using it for home based work for some years connected to a laptop running XP. Works flawlessly.

I am now trying to connect the printer to a desktop PC running XP [SP2]. I don't have any manuals or software. So, I went to the HP website and downloaded a driver from here

Followed the instructions. Plugged the printer into the PC, unpacked the driver and installed it via the Add Hardware wizard. Re-booted.

Now, if I go into Explorer, I can see the printer, which is set as default, but it won't print anything. Doesn't show up in Device Manager either - though I ran Everest home edition and it shows up on that [though status is shown as unknown].

I have unplugged, re-plugged - no difference. Uninstalled printer and reinstalled - same result.

I thought it all seemed too easy. Can anyone please help me get this going? All assistance appreciated.

A:Problem installing HP Laserjet Printer 5M

Hello briarrabbit ~ how is this printer connected...USB, parallel? Try right-clicking on the printer and select 'properties' -- then click on the 'ports' tab to verify that it is using the correct port.

Also, does the printer status say 'ready'? If not, you may have a problem with the bi-directional communication in the cable (easy enough to test).

Beyond that -- if the laptop and the desktop are on the same network....you can connect the printer back to the laptop (since you know the drivers there work) and share the printer...then connect to it with the desktop and the drivers will be loaded for you.

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I Have windows 7 32bit service pack 1
I am trying to install the drivers for my epson stylus nx415 printer for my printer to work.
I have already downloaded epson13423.exe and it did not work .
I contacted epson by phone and was walked through a bunch of steps to try to fix this issue but even they were stumped.
I believe now that i am missing some important program files or something but i do not know witch ones.
I already did show hidden files and deleted whats in the temp folder
i downloaded and ran the install of epson 13423.exe witch i downloaded from the epson support website but the install didnt work. the error message was" An error occured during setup.Restart your computer, then run setup again".and
" The printer driver package cannot be installed."
Epson had me check to see if i have 32bit or 64bit .......I have 32bit
Epson had me then try deleting everything from my computer that had to do with epson and restart the computer and hook up the printer again and try to add a printer in the device manager .and then run the setup for epson 13423 and that didnt work
we also restarted the printer spooler
we also tried to run the 64bit version of the driver witch is epson 13420.exe and tried just the driver its self witch is epson13421.exe
Then the tech. support guy couldn't figure it out so he got someone else to help me and he had me delete the contents in Temp and the we tried to disable antivirus and ran setup for epson13421 and t... Read more

A:problem installing printer driver

The actual driver should be in the package. If you can extract the package somewhere, then I would not run the Epson installer, but go through the add printer and pick the driver from wherever you extracted the driver files.
Another option is to go through the add printer wizard, but this time at the driver selection pick "windows update" then wait sometime for it to download and look to see if your printer is in the list.

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I cannot find any answer toi my1question.  one day i had no problem then the next day  there  was no connection.

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I am trying to install the drivers for my Lexmark Z32 printer. However, when I try to install the software, the system insists on offering me only to option of installing to LPT1. However, my printer is USB. Can anyone offer me a lead on this problem?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

A:Problem installing printer drivers for Lexmark Z32

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hello, when i first inserted the USB parallel cable into my computer, vista didnt recognize d printer. after then i used "add printer" link on the control panel and it appeared the installation was complete bt when i wanted to print the test page, it wont print and it will show 'error' in the printer dialogue box. it doesnt even print any document. what do u think cld be wrong?

A:I have problem installing laser jet 4 printer on vista

MOST USB printers the software and drivers MUST be installed BEFORE the printer in plugged into the computer.
Unplug the printer. Uninstall the printer SW and driver. Go to the website of the printer, and download the software and/or drivers. Also read the instructions about installing and follow them.

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Good morning!

I am trying to install a HP OfficeJet 4500 G510-n printer on a computer. The OS is Windows 7 32-bit, the printer is hooked to the computer through a USB cable.

I do the installation (either with the CD included or the file from their website), it runs smoothly until the end where I get a Fatal Error, and then it uninstalls itself. The details of the error talk about some registry entries, I guess it can't write into the registry.

I tried having Windows detect and install the printer by itself, it works but it only installs the scanner, not the printer.

Any idea???


A:Problem installing HP OfficeJet 4500 printer

Hi, I don't have any special know-how of your printer, but a couple of things you can try.
* Check that you have the latest Microsoft updates to Windows.
**Be sure to install the driver 'As Administrator', even if you are the only user.
* It has been known that some printers need to have the driver installed first, then the printer connected only after a reboot of Windows. Worth trying if you have the driver downloaded already.
* If you have used a different printer before, be sure to uninstall it's driver before trying the new one.
* Also the driver disc that came with the printer can be fairly out of date, and the version from the website should be the 'better' one.

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Hi guys,
I am new to your forum and hope you can help me.
I am trying to install an Epson NX410 printer to my system.
When I go through the install procedure on the disc, it is telling me I already have a printer connected...I don't!!!
I have uninstalled the drivers from previous printers and tried again.
Still telling me a printer is already connected.
There is nothing else connected to my USB ports other than mouse and keyboard.
If anyone can help me solve this problem, it would be really appreciated.

A:Solved: Installing epsom printer problem

But not by you guys!!!!!!!!!!!

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I am running Windows 7 RC .My problem is in the installation of my printer machine. The installation of hp laserjet 1005 printer is stopped and cant continue. Each time appear a window containing instructions to connect electricity cable while I am already connect it. I tried to run the setup driver through compatibility with xp, but the problem still remain.

any help please...

By the way my printer was working properly on windows sp3. It never work on windows 7 rc since installation.

A:A problem in installing my printer hp laserjet drive

Hi And welcome to the seven Forums.

HP are now showing a universal driver on their site that claims to work with Windows 7 RC (I say claims as I have not personally tried this ) you can find more information here ....

EN - HP Universal Print Driver Series for Windows - specifications

Hope this helps

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I have a Epson 830U USB printer which XP will not recognise in Device Manager and therefore not install - when you plug it in you hear a double sound - not the usual USB noise

This printer is recognised in another computer with Vista

Different cable

I have downloaded the driver from epson with still no luck

Any help appreciated


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I have an HP Pavilion 500 Desktop PC which is now running Windows 10 Anniversary Update. I am trying to Install Epson Easy Photo printer (for Epson Expression XP-620). I am being blocked from doing so from either the installation cd that came with the printer or from a downloaded version of the software from the Epson support site. What happens is that the installation starts and then informs me that an earlier version of the software (I have had several other Epson Printers installed in the past) must be removed before the new installation can proceed. When I initiate this I immediately get the message "Exit Setup -113" and the installation aborts. I have tried Removing all Epson software, drivers and any other folders/files relating to Epson using the "Programs and Features" function and also by deleting the same from Program Files, Program Files (x 86) and Programs Data on the 'C' Drive . I have also run CCleaner to try and mop up any odd bits of program and registry entries that might still be lingering All this to no avail as the above message keeps recurring. There is obviously something I am overlooking in all this and I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction to overcome this persistent and annoying problem.

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I have a small family network (Win 7 and 8.1 machines) Have Samsung printer ML2525 connected by USB to desktop in network. All existing computers can see and print to this printer without problem.

Bought new Win 10 laptop. Downloaded Samsung universal printer driver3 (latest release which covers Win10). Installed driver, plugged printer into laptop (via USB) and everything worked fine. Physically I want to have printer on Desktop and moved printer back.

Trying to get Win 10 laptop to install Samsung printer from across network:

Tried to install printer with control panel/Devices and printers/Add a Printer: Program immediately sees the printer. When I click next to install get long wait then error message "Operation error (0x00000bcb) Specified printer driver was not found on the system and needs to be downloaded."

Tried to install with Setting/Devices/add a printer: App finds printer immediately. I click to add it and it waits long time ("Connecting") and comes back with but fails to install ("There's more to do. before you can add this printer you need to install a driver...")

BUT - Driver is installed on the laptop from when printer was physically connected - win10 doesn't know to look.

How to I tell Win 10 where to look for a driver and at what part of the install process?



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hello guys,
I recently bought an old EPSON LQ2170 printer, tried to install it on a windows 7 machine but all in vain. Tried looking for its drivers on the web. Shockingly, i found out that no drivers exist for WIN XP and WIN 7 even on the EPSON official website. However, i discovered that its plug and play on Win XP ... no drivers needed, so my problem now is "HOW CAN I INSTALL IT ON A WIN 7 MACHINE ... I NEED THOSE DRIVERS" URGENT HELP AND FEEDBACK NEEDED.

A:Problem installing epson lq2170 printer on win 7 machine

The latest drivers for your printer are for Win NT4. I seriously doubt that you are going to find it useable under windows 7. The only thing you might try is in compatibility mode. And that is only going to take you as far back as Win XP.

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I have been trying to install the wireless printer drivers for my HP PhotoSmart C410a printer to my new Dell Latitude E5570 for the last 4 days.  After the drivers download, the installation is stopped with the following message from HP: "This computer does not have the necessary USB software/hardware support to allow completion of a USB installation. The installation cannot continue until this is resolved. Required Action: In order to install this device as a USB device, please refer to your computer documentation or USB add-in card documentation." Note when I plug in the printer to my Latitude's USB port, the correct USB software installed and I am able to print okay, but when unplugged, not the case.  I have tried the HP Print and Scan doctor, it recognizes that the wireless printer drivers are not installed, but I get the same message above when trying to install.  I also tried disabling my Windows firewall to install the printer drivers, but received the same message.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Hi Experts,
I am unable to install VersaJette M400 printer on my new laptop which runs on Vista Home Edition, Even though the printer driver is Vista compatible, im unable to install. During the setup process, the system is unable to detect the Printer through USB, hence i am not able to continue further to complete the setup. I guess there is a problem in communicating with the printer. As per support team's advice, i tried using USB Cable 2.0, but still i fail.
Can anybody let me how to fix this problem, and also im very new to vista.

Looking forward for your expert advice.

With Regards


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Trying to install a Canon MF5750 Printer on windows 8.1. Canon has a driver for this printer and windows 8.1 64.
My primary problem is that when I get to the point of selecting a port, I am unsure of what to do. My choices are LPT 1-4, COM 1-4, FILE, and PORTPROMPT, none of which would seem to represent a usb port. By crawling through the Device Manager listings, I should have plenty of usb 2 and 3 ports. So my question is what happened to my usb ports. An additional observation is that while the printer and fax functions are installed (though not working) the scan function is not installed.

A:Installing a usb printer on Windows 8.1

According to the setup manual, the drivers should be installed before plugging in the USB cable. Did you perhaps plug in the USB cable first? Also I notice some USB is even sensitive to which end of the cable is plugged in first. I've had external drives that acted like dead doornail if I plugged the wrong end in first(but of course the setup info gave no indication it mattered.)

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I'm facing a dilemma here. Windows 7 is awesome with automatic driver detection for new hardware, however, now I'm facing a problem.

PC1 is running Windows 7 and is connected to local area network.
PC2 is running Windows XP and is sharing my office printer (connected to LPT1)

Printer = LaserJet 4000 pcl5, shared.

Printer is installed on XP using drivers from HP website.
A few months ago Microsoft released a driver for Windows 7 for the HP LJ4000, so when you connect this printer to your computer it can automatically install the driver from the Microsoft Windows 7 online driver database.

This is also what HP says and because of this it's not making the driver available for download.

This makes me sad, because when I want to connect to the printer shared on my other machine running XP, using windows 7, it tells me the drivers aren't found on the network, which is logical because it's offering XP drivers.
How do I proceed to get the drivers for Windows 7 so I can print over my local area network (from PC1 to PC2)?

Kind regards and thanks for your time! =]
P.S. It tells me the drivers aren't found on the network and lets me select a location to install them from, but since I can't download them from the HP site and I don't know where to download the ones microsoft is offering I can't use that option.

A:Problem installing printer driver 4printer connected&shared on othr pc

You can try running the vista installation in compatibility mode.
I think it will work as it's a very basic driver type anyway.
HP LaserJet 4000 Printer series*-* Download drivers and software - HP Business Support Center

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i have been running windows 7 rc1 for a while now, I have a HP laserjet 1018 installed as a shared printer on a windows xp machine. From windows 7 rc1 I send jobs to this printer no problem. However, on my new retail version of windows 7 professional 32 bit the printer does not respond to print jobs. The document sits in the que for a few seconds then it just disappears.

A:installing a shared printer on windows 7

Quote: Originally Posted by techieguy

i have been running windows 7 rc1 for a while now, I have a HP laserjet 1018 installed as a shared printer on a windows xp machine. From windows 7 rc1 I send jobs to this printer no problem. However, on my new retail version of windows 7 professional 32 bit the printer does not respond to print jobs. The document sits in the que for a few seconds then it just disappears.

Hello techieguy, and welcome to Windows Seven Forums! Nice to meet you.

You could try plugging the printer into the 7 pro 32 machine and allow windows to install the driver. See if you are able to print directly. Then put the printer back on the XP machine and setup the device (the printer) again as a networked printer and check.

Question: Do all computers networked belong to the same "workgroup name" (not homegroup)?



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HI. I used to have an HP Deskjet 5900 series and when I bought my new printer I uninstalled it. However, I must have done something wrong, cuz whenever I boot up it says that Windows installer is configuring HPDeskjet5900series, and then I get an internal error 2718. I have searched for everything related to the 5900 series and I have already removed everything I found, but I keep getting the same thing. I know I messed up somewhere, but I don't know what to do now. Can you help me, please?

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Hey guys,

I know this may be a silly question... but I just upgraded to windows x64 edition, and everything works great. Downloaded the 64-bit drivers for my video card, and sound card.

My problem is, that there are no 64-bit drivers out for my printer, nor my scanner at the moment. Is there a way to (or a wizard) to install my printer and/or scanner on a 64 bit operating system using 32 bit drivers?

I heard of a wizard called "WoW" that is supposibly in windows x64 that is supposed to help 32 bit applications run on the 64 bit... but i dont know if it will help with driver installation.

any ideas? or am i sol?

A:Installing printer and scanner on Windows x64

Check with the printer and scanner manufacturers and see if they have beta drivers. If not you're out of luck. You have to use 64bit drivers. Its going to be the same nightmare everyone went through when XP came out. Older periferals are abandoned and it takes forever to get stable drivers for newer products.

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Hi to all.

I am having an annoing problem with shared printers.

The user that share a printer lose the default printer in any case when another user print on this shared and it turn immediatly default printer only for the user that share the printer.

The printer shared is a label printer without network port and all was working very well before this , in my opinion, unusefull improve.

All user have the " not manage default option" , win 10 pro but seems that "default option" do not effect at all with shared printers.

It is clear that is a very bad working for the sharing printer user that have to check every time what the actual default printer.

any suggestion or is it a win 10 bug ?


A:Shared printer problem with windows 10 printer default manage

Not a Windows bug. Helps to know the model and manufacturer of thr label printer.

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Here is the fact. The printer we have, does not have any available driver for Windows 7 Premium.

The thing is I don't know is how XP or OS deal with network printer. I have an application that directly request to network printer without judging the installation of the printer. So, after installing a fresh copy of XP if I run my application it add an network printer and start doing the process. where as my application failed completely in 7 Premium.

I also tried to add network printer. While doing this, its gives an error. the snapshot of the error is given PrinterBehave | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

So, I am wandering how network printer work? is printer server gives driver too? why Premium talk about driver?

I wish I would get a solution soon

Mohibur Rashid

A:Installing network printer in Windows 7 Premium

Even a networked printer needs a printer driver. Have you looked to see if there is a Vista driver available? If so that should work.

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Here is the situation;

A friend of mine has a Windows Server 2003 Workstation at his office. He often connects to this Server using Remote Desktop Connection on his laptop from his house to access work files.

He bought a printer that he wants to install on the Server in order to print files in the office and at home using the Server.

What is the best way to accomplish this? Do I just connect to the Server using RDC and log-in as the ADMIN and install the printer and assign an IP based on the router (set the printer to

Will this work?

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Greetings all.

We have a number of networked barcode printers set up and shared on a Windows 2012 server. They all use the Generic/Text Only driver. In Windows 7 we are able to print to these printers by specifying the UNC path in our application, such as \\servername\printersharename. We don't need to add the printer in Windows on each PC.

We're now starting to switch to Windows 10 and found that the only way to access the printers is to add each one to Windows on every Win 10 PC. Is there a way to avoid this in Windows 10 and access the printers without adding to each PC?

Thanks very much.

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Hi guys,

I was trying to search the web and this forums for an answer to this question but I couldn't find any sing of solution...

Problem is with this single PC in our LAN that is running windows 7 pro.
Whenever user reboots the computer and tries to print something on our shared printer he will be prompt with the re install driver message.

Other PCs are using shared printer without any issue and there are all kinds of PCs, running XP, Windows 7 x64, Windows 7 x86 etc...

Although after re-installation printing is successful this can be quite frustrating as sometimes happens few times on a daily basis.

Any ideas why this is happening?

btw, there is only one user account on problematic PC and that user account has administrator privileges.


A:Windows 7 pro keeps re installing shared printer driver.

Hi Dolke , I am not an expert on this.. but.. could you give specs on the problematic computer.. I am sure it has all its updates.. this issue should not be happening if set up correctly for sharing .. i am stumped ..give us more info on the one computer and the type of network connections you have made for it to share .. lets see if we can get this sorted out..

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Here is the fact. The printer we have does not have any available driver for Windows 7 Premium.

The thing I don't know is how XP or OS deal with network printer. I have an application that directly request to network printer without judging the installation of the printer. So, after installing a fresh copy of XP if I run my application it add an network printer and start doing the process. where as my application failed completely in 7 Premium.

I also tried to add network printer. While doing this, its gives an error. the snapshot of the error is given http://www.flickr.com/photos/8246363...n/photostream/

So, I am wandering how network printer work? is printer server gives driver too? why Premium talk about driver?

I wish I would get a solution soon

Mohibur Rashid

A:Installing network printer in Windows 7 Premium

Try posting here, since you have Windows 7
Network & Sharing - Windows 7 Forums

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Can anyone tell me and give me a step-by-step instruction how to synchronize MS Outlook 2007 with the printer HP Office Jet Pro 8500?

All I want to accomplish is to make a 'Scan to Email' and MS Outlook being the program responsible for it and therefor automatically should open. I had done this with dozens of printers but somehow can't get it accomplished with the HP Office Jet Pro 8500.

What I do is:

- Click 'Scan' (on the printer touch-screen menu)
- Click 'Scan to Email' (on the printer touch-screen menu)

Then, the following message appears:

No Network Connection
To use this feature, the All-In-One must be connected to the network
For more information, see the documentation

I DO NOT want a network connection or anything. I just want MS Outlook to be the responsible program..... plain and simple - nothing fancy or special...

Everything else, fax, printer & copy, work without any problems at all.

Please help....

Thanks a lot,

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I currently have an AL-1540CS printer that's hooked up to the USB port of my PC. I went to the official SHARP Website to search for the drivers of it and I downloaded them. The problem is whenever I try to install the drivers it says:

"The installer has detected an unsupported operating system. This software can only be installed in the following operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista"

After it shows this message it just closes. I tried using it with compability mode, but it won't work either with any settings. I contacted SHARP, but no answer from them yet.

Any help?

A:Printer drivers not installing on Windows 7 due to compability issues.

This is SHARP's response:

"Thank you for contacting Sharp Electronics Corporation.

Currently, there is no software available for your copier that is compatible with Windows 7. We do have the software CD available for purchase, however, this will only work with Windows XP. We have no timetable on the release of any software at this time."

What the heck? Are you kidding me? I now have an unusable printer. Is there anyway I could fix this?

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During the phase of printer installation when the software asks to plug in the printer, windows popped up and asked it I wanted it to find software for the printer. I accidentally clicked the option where windows wouldn't bother with the printer (I forget how it was phrased exactly), and now the actual installation software wont detect the printer.

Anyone have any idea how I can make windows refind the printer?

I'm running Vista 64-bit. Thanks much!

A:Issue with installing printer - accidentally set windows to not detect it

Check Device Manager (Start->Run-> Devmgmt.msc) for any yellow queried devices (ie your printer specifically)
Then right click on it and select remove (it may say Delete or Uninstall)
Then restart, and try installing again

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I am running Windows XP SP3 and cannot install virtual printer for Venta Fax Version 7 update.

Can anyone help me please.
I am trying to install the virtual printer for VENTAFAX Version 7. I have "Computer Administrator" user rights but when I complete installing the Ventafax update program Version 7 and follow the "readme" instructions for installing the virtual printer I get error message that says printer was not installed "access denied".

I checked with Ventafax support desk and they say that it is nothing to do with their program or update but that it is due to my own problems of permissions.There is a single user on the computer that has "Computer Administrator" permissions.

The previous VentaFax Version 6 had no problem. The problem was created when installing version 7. I un-installed version 7 and tried to reinstal version 6 but but again I got the same error message. I have rebooted the computer after removing and reinstalling VentaFax Version 7 but get the same error message,

How do I check access permissions? How do I get around this problem please?


A:Windows XP access denied installing VentaFax Virtual Printer

Try right clicking the setup program and click run as administrator.
That may get you around the permissions problem.

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Users are not able to have rights to install printer drivers via GP.
Need a way to install printer from the print server using/evoking admin privileges

When accessing the Print Server share - no prompting for credentials occur just error below. 

We want to be able to install with out logging user off the PC. 

Any guidance would be helpful, Thanks

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