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Solved: Power Supply Continues To Energize Mb When Powered Down...

Q: Solved: Power Supply Continues To Energize Mb When Powered Down...

Hi all!
I've got a strange problem that I've never encountered before. I had a power supply go bad and I replaced it with one I know to be good from another pc. In fact, I bought a new one also.
This happens with both power supplys.
The pc is a Emachine T2882 w/Celeron 2.8G running XP Home.
Anyhow, when I power the pc down I noticed that the heat sink on the processor was really hot and I also notice that the little light in the front that tells you the HD is working was on AND I noticed that the fan in the power supply was running. All this when I powered the pc down via the START>Turn off computer>Turn off
This could be what burned out the power supply in the first place.
Has anyone ever heard of this? Can someone help me out with this strange scenario?
Thanks so much and may God bless,

Preferred Solution: Solved: Power Supply Continues To Energize Mb When Powered Down...

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Solved: Power Supply Continues To Energize Mb When Powered Down...

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In diagnosing my power up problem, can anyone tell me if my Pentium 4 chip plays any part in energizing the power supply? I've already replaced the motherboard and tried two power supplies and two P4 chips, with the same results; no supply activity unless I jumper the main power supply connector, but even then, no video, no BIOS boot.

A:Can't even energize power supply

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Hello Community I've got a brand new P52 with a Thunderbolt 3 workstation dock. Unfortunately the system is not getting enough power to keep it running. If I attach the power to the system the battery is getting charged, but as soon as I boot the system up, it reports that it is not getting enough power to run the system. It doesn't matter if I attach the system to the workstation dock or to any of the power supplies directly (170W or 230W). As soon as the system is booted, not enough power is being supplied and the system runs on battery. I've already installed the latest drivers to both the system and the workstation dock. Any idea how to fix that? I've tried to open a ticket at this brilliant eService Ticketing, but this won't let me create one. The Link to the video regarding possible causes seems to be broken as well. https://support.lenovo.com/vidoes/VID100760 I'm realy pi... off spending half a day failing to fix it and unable to open a support case. RegardsChristian  

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Hiya Guys.

Something strange has been happening to the USB section of my computer and I wondered if anyone could shed some light on it for me.

I bought a USB powered 1TB external hard drive (ie: the one USB lead gives it power and data transfer). I connected it directly to a computer (XP Pro - SP3) and it found it, installed it and I was up and running but when I connected it to a 1 metre USB extension lead in the same port on the computer, it failed to install and the drive started clicking which we all know is a bad sign.

After re-connecting it directly without the extension lead, it went straight into it and worked like a dream until out of interest, I connected it via the extension lead and again, it failed. I don`t think the drive is at fault as it works every time when it`s a direct connection and fails every time it`s through the extension.

In case you`re wondering, all ports are USB 2.0 rather than 1.1 and as I have access to a few other machines, I`ve tried the `test` on those with various leads and directly, ending up with the same results.

My question is ... Can a USB extension lead take just enough power that it tips the balance and not give the drive enough to initialize itself?

Regards Jenny

A:Solved: USB powered HDD - Low power ?

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I have 2 failed Z800 power supplies (1150 watt version). After some internet research I am led to believe this is a common problem and related to the PS capacitors. Since I do not know how to do this capacitor replacement (yet). I thought I would buy a new PS. However, I do not want to buy a Z800 PS since it seems to me to be a defective design. Can anyone chime in and tell me if the new z840 1125 watt PS will work with my older z800? I have called HP support and spoken with the correct support people on this and they were not able to confirm if the Z840 PS will work (fit) on the z800. The closest confirmantion I recieved was that if it fits then it should work. Instructions to fix the capacitors:http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Business-PCs-Workstations-and-Point-of-Sale-Systems/Z800-power-on-issue... Same issue I am facing:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f563JGeoxaw On a side note, can anyone recommend a good service tech to make such capacitor repares in Southern California or insrtuctions on how to make this repair (with pictures). Thanks    

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I have a W540, which currently uses a 170W power supply (20V 8.5A) I also just recieved a docking station for a P50 which has a 230W power supply showing 20V 11.5A. The connectors look the same, but I'm hesitant to try the 230W power supply in the W540. Should this be ok to use the 230W power supply with the W540?


Go to Solution.

A:Power Supply Question - Can I use the 230W power supply with a W540?

230 watts is the maximum power supply, it only supplies the power needed by the computer. I sold my W540, so i can't test this for you. But i do the use the ThinkPad X1 Carbon with the 230 watts power adapter without any problem.

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I have a DellHP-145SNF Power supply.
These wire's are coming from the Voltage regulator/control PCB inside the P/S.
There are 6 wires involved.
Here are 3 questions that I have,
1 - What is the Orange - "Power Good" looking for?
2 - What is the Brown wire for.
3 - What is the Purple - "+5VSB (Standby)" used for.

The Gray is Power ON when hooked to ground.
Black goes to ground.
Blue/White goes to -12V.


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My 400W Power Supply went out last night. I need to buy a new one and was looking at this one:


Is 750W too much power? Also, how do I know this one is compatible with my computer?

A:Solved: Which Power Supply?

Just see if it has the connectors you need and that it is of the same size. 750 W is not too much power, but it will eat a little more power than your current one, but not really much as it is most propably that much more efficient than your current one.
That's a great deal there, I would highly recommend getting it.

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I've just started to research building a new PC.
Having read the sticky on this didn't help much on deciding what power supply I should choose.
Not so much the maker but the actual power needed.
If you have one HD and nothing else then you don't need much power, but on the other hand if you are building a PC that NASA would be proud of............

Can anyone give some info on this or perhaps point me to where I can research this.


A:Solved: What power supply?

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Here are the specs on this computer for a new power supply box

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Corsair TX750W 750-Watt Power Supply


Thats the Power Supply i am thinking of buying for a setup consisting of the following.

Asus Striker II Formula Motherboard

BFG GeForce GTX 280 Video Card - OC Edition

Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 Processor BX80580Q8300 - 2.50GHz

1 DVD burner

and 1 500gb Seagate HDD 7200rpm
The case will have 2 140mm fans and 2 120 mm fans. I want to make sure the Power Supply will be adequate, i will not be Overclocking. Thank You

A:Solved: Will this Power Supply Be Enough?

Its enough for what you posted. A Power supply will only use what is needed.Always use a good power supply more than needed. consider add ons.

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I have a CPQ Presario SR1811nx which might need a new power supply, but I don't have one with me.



I have an Antec 400+ true power power supply with 20 pin motherboard plug. Can I use an adapter to connect the molex plug for an IDE drive to a 4 pin motherboard plug [ P4 ] and add that to the 20 pin from the power supply?

If so, do I add it to the left or right of the 20 pin motherboard plug?


A:Solved: Power Supply 20 to 24 pin

You can't adapt a 4 pin molex to use as the extra 4 pins and make a 20 pin connector a 24 pin connector. A 4 pin molex has 1-+5v, 1-+12v line, and 2 grounds. The extra 4 pins on a 24 pin connector has 1-+3.3v line, 1-+5v line, 1-+12v line and 1-ground.

The extra 4 pins on a 24 pin connector supply 75W to the PCIe bus.

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Had a power supply go bad and had another good one lying around. I'm assuming it didn't work because the 3.3 and 5v was only 130w. Another PSU I had which had closer to 200w (maybe 180?) worked. So now I'm looking at a new PSU for this unit and wondering what I should be shooting for as a minimum on the 3.3 and 5v? It's an old Asus mobo, P4 with a gig of ram, couple cd drives and couple hard drives.

I was looking at this one and I think it should be enough, what do you guys think?

A:Solved: Power supply help

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Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 11
Processor Count: 4
RAM: 6063 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) Q35 Express Chipset Family, 256 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 152524 MB, Free - 97139 MB; F: Total - 99 MB, Free - 69 MB; G: Total - 953766 MB, Free - 717447 MB;
Motherboard: Hewlett-Packard, 0AA8h
Antivirus: ESET NOD32

This is a small form factor HP Compaq dc7800 cmt. PSU is 240 wats. Think my first step is to find a (corsair ?) psu that will fit. Have a graphics card that will do all I need but dont know if the power supply is adequate. An internal 250 gig HDD will replace with a TB. Then I will shut off my external hdd and reserve it for backups. HP 250 gig hd is divided into a 150 and a 100 by the people I got this used unit from. Someday I might have a modern fast unit, more likely I'll never get there.

A:Solved: Power supply help

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For the past couple days I've been trying to find out if PS3 has a dual voltage power supply, but it seems like Sony doesn't want anyone to have that information and most people are too scared to look for the answer.
Sony's been labeling the PS3 as 110 Volts compatible, but some people have been using some of the older versions in Europe with no problem.

Does anyone know if the 80GB version of PS3 (the latest U.S. version) can work in Europe (220 V)? Perhaps you could point me to a technical spec document by Sony that can clarify this for me...


A:Solved: PS3 Power Supply

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Hello all!

I have a big problem... I am planning to buy a new graphics card. XFX 8800gts maybe.
I don't know how big is my Power supply. I have opened up my pc and it should be written on the P-supply, right? Well there's nothing about W-s there(watts) there's only 12A bla bla and other stuff.
Is there any other way to find out how big power supply have i got?

A:Solved: Power supply.

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I thought I had a bad power supply in one of my machines. The only votage I could detect at the plug was the PS on (grey, sometimes green.) I put a new power supply in and the machine would start. A subsequent test of all the power supplies I have resulted in no other voltage except at the power on lead.
Is there a procedure I'm overlooking? I'm beginning to wonder if the switching doo dads in the p/s have to be hooked to a motherboard before the things will start shooting votage out.

A:[SOLVED] Power supply

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Hey guys hoping some one could help me out, i needed to get a new power supply so i got exactly same one that was in pc to start with so i know i was buying right, well i put it in and hooked all up and turn on pc to a beeping sound its like a beeeep .... beeeep ..... and pc isnt booting so am i missing something ???

A:Solved: Power Supply

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Someone posted something like this before,but I couldn't find it. I also thought that I posted it earlier, but I don't know where it went. Anyway New ASUS AMD 64 MB (A8N5X) with both 24 pin PS connector an separate 12V connector. Antec PS with 24 pin plug (20+4 that snaps together). So is this an either/or situation? Meaning use either the 24 pin plug or the 20 pin and separate 12V or 24 pin and the 12V?

A:Solved: 24 pin power supply

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I'm working on a friends computer it is a Peoplepc Toshiba 3100 I think the power supply has gone bad.It won't do anything when you hit the power button it is getting power to the tower. I need to know what kind of supply i need i don't see any markings on the supply that gives the wattage. There are some numbers on the ps to15oclfa6 if that helps any.

A:Solved: Power Supply

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greetings, i have an old power supply, im planning to use the 4 pin cables to directly power some 12 v fans, which will be on my xbox 360. dont know if it will work, but is there a way to make some sort of swicth, where i can turn on the power supply to power the fans?

A:Solved: Power supply

Yes. There should be one green wire on the 20/24 pin motherboard connector of the power supply.
Connect this green wire to one of the black gnd wires to turn on the power supply.


You can use a paper clip, or scrap of wire, then use the switch on the psu to turn the fans on/off. Or you could use a SPST switch (must be maintained, not a momentary push button) to connect/disconnect the green and black wire.
You might be able to find one at Radio Shack, if you don't have anything laying around you can rob a switch from.


As always, be very careful when playing with electricity!

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So I have a pci express slot and getting the GeForce 8600 GT Video Card for my compaq presario sr2020nx should I get a 400 watt power supply or 500. Currently have 250 watt power supply with a sound card I put in it a few weeks ago.

A:Solved: Power Supply

It would be best for your computer's health to get a new power supply. Also, get a high quality unit so it won't die too soon... If you really care about your PC, you'd get this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817703015 or if you're tight one money, this one: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817703018 Both are much better than any 40 $ "600W" or such PSU.

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I am currently in the works of building a new PC for gaming and was wondering if this power supply was any good? I liked it because my case is see thru and this one lights up, but am not sure if its any good!

A:Solved: Power Supply

What power supply?

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Hello guys,

Can you help an honest working newbie?

So for a few weeks now the power supply on my PC has been getting worse and worse. Big noises when I turn it on, and sometimes its fan just stops. Now, I want to change it but I wanted to know if you recommend me getting a higher or lower power one? The one I have now is 750W. My PC specs should appear, if not I'll be glad to provide them!
Another thing I wanted was to add a bit more RAM to my PC. I currently have two 2GB cards, I wanted two more but do you recommend me getting two other identical ones or 4 new ones? If the store doesn't have identical ones, can I get a different model/brand?
Thank you so much in advance, for taking your time to help this poor soul in need! Cheers guys!

A:Solved: Help with Power Supply and RAM

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I last night I turned off my computer for the night and this morning it wouldn't turn on. I checked the power cord and the power strip and everything looks fine. It looks like I have to replace the power supply unless someone has other suggestions. My question is, since I may have to replace my power supply, is it safe to replace it with one that is more than twice the wattage of the one that's in there now? Is bigger better?

A:Solved: Power supply

yep...bigger is better...just make sure the form factor is the same...
open the case and look on the motherboard for a lit LED...if there is a lit one ..that means the motherboard is getting power...do any fans spin...if you have or can borrow another PSU of the same or more wattage you could try using it to confirm that it is the power supply that has died

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Recently my CPU (IBM clone) has been rebooting itself without any software running, and without my interjection. Other than that it's been running fine. Just last night it shut itself down and didn't reboot. When I manually rebooted, everything was fine.
I tend to think my power supply may be on it's way south, but I'm open to any suggestions. Could this be some sort of new virus? I ran a scan and nothing came up.
BTW- I'm running Windows XP Home edition, 1gig processor, 384 meg RAM

A:Solved: Is it my power supply?

Does the Power Supply Unit have a dust build up around the fan grill at the back of the computer casing? If so, vacuum it out. Does it appear to be overheating? You're right to suspect the PSU - it's the common denominator in lots of problems. I take it you've checked the energy saving in Control Panel>Power Options.

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Hi, there! Im trying to find a Newton Power Supply model NPS-250CB. Do you know some distribuitor on USA or Mexico


A:Solved: Power Supply

-Probably- not what you were looking for, but I found someone selling one on eBay. If you're interested, here you go:

And here is one from SuperNotebook.com:

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The fan on the power supply just quit, I noticed it when I placed my hand on the case and felt heat. Any ideas on a fix other than replacing the PS?

A:Solved: Power supply fan

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Daughter just called and said her computer will not start up.Monitor works but that is all.Seems a Transformer on a pole outside blew up 2 days ago.It is a 2 year old HP.I do not believe there is a fuse or reset button on these?Am I correct in assuming this would probably be a Power Supply?

A:Solved: Power Supply?

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I have a Dell Inspiron 530s, specs are :
Intel E2130 dual core 2.0 ghz processor
4 gb ram
pci-e 16 graphics slot

I am having a hard time trying to find a power supply unit and a graphics
card to play my Flight Sim X Deluxe with Acceleration with. Can anyone help me please?

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I have a Hp Pavilion a6110n that is running Windows Vista Home Premium .

I am having troubles keeping it running .

I have started it in Safe Mode . It does get started that way (sometimes) but if I just let it sit for about 2 minutes it will suddenly shut down . This is without me doing anything at all . I have tried "Start up repair" but it always shuts down before it can finish going through the process .
For the most part it shuts down before I can accomplish anything on it .

Any suggestions ?
This computer is about 5 years old .

I'm thinking I have a Power Supply thats gone bad .

Thanks for your help

A:Solved: Is it my Power Supply ?

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My 500W, less than 2 years old, sounds like it is starting to die on me
I believe it's the exhaust fan (it starts to act up after running for a few minutes). Would it be wise/economical to just try and replace the fan, if that is the problem. OR should I just buy a new one??

A:Solved: Power supply

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i just changed my mother board the old board took a 20 + 4 pin psu the new one has a 24 pin will the 20 still work or do i have to have a 24 pin? the 20 plugs in i just dont want to screw up the new board

A:Solved: atx power supply

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The fan in my power supply is beginning to rattle.

What's the difference in speed, stability etc., between a 500 watt power supply and, say a 700 watt? Aside from price will I see any difference in the functions of my puter?

I'm not a gamer.



A:Solved: Power Supply Going Out

It will be nothing but overkill. Buying a 700w PSU won't add any reliability or performance to your computer.

A typical desktop computer (NON GAMER) does just fine with a 300~350w PSU.

I recommend this PSU for its price and quality:
PSU 400w Seasonic $50 - http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151061

Still has enough power to work with a low-end video card (gaming standard) which is useful to improve desktop performance (Vista / Win7 / Video encoding).

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I have a new case a broadway 721-4HLW it came with a 450W power supply recently I've noticed that with all the lights this case has and fans the other instruments are getting enough power...also this damn case has fried out my dvd rom, dvd burner, and the two hd's that I had....really frustrated me and is really pissing me off. HElp me please!!!!

A:Solved: Bad Power supply?

Never heard of the case but if its eating parts like that I'd damn sure replace the power supply. Buy an antec or some other good name psu and toss whatever is in there.

Cases don't kill parts, the bad PSU in them can.

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Just bought a new HP 6200 desktop with a 320W PS. I swapped a GeForce 430 from my old PC to replace the onboard Intel graphics and was about to swap the OCZ Fatality 550W from the same machine to the HP. Low and behold, the HP doesn't have the 24 pin connector and it appears that the HP PS is somewhat proprietary (as are many Dells). My question is: can the 320W handle the NVidia 430 plus the DVD RW that I installed in addition to the DVD drive. Can I also install a USB3 PCIXP card?

A:Solved: HP Power Supply

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i have an a6119h hp comp, but i want to upgrade my power supply. is there a certain kind i need. also does anyone have any ideas on a good brand name that isnt too expensive. i would like a 1000 watt, but i think i can get by on a 500 watt. just looking to stay ahead of the curve.

A:Solved: power supply

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I am about to buy a new power supply....I wonder....is Frontier good Power Supply Manufacturer ?

The PSU seems to be pretty cheap, but is it good ?

A:Solved: Power supply

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Ive had the following issues lately and I was wondering if my PSU is the problem:
-low fan speed at less than 2000 rpm(correct me if im wrong but that's quite slow)
-all drivers are up to date
-windows wont recognize my external hard drive(the external hard drive does not have a separate cord for power, which leads me to believe its the computer)
-also the external hard drive seems like its loading up with the disk spinning then the sound stops
-I've already tried blowing out the computer and that didn't fix the heat issue
-packet loss on network(no other computer on the network suffers from this)

after a long use on my computer or high load:
-graphics lag(even with low game settings, and high end GPU)
-mouse lags
-network card issues(the modem/router is not the problem I've checked)
-won't wake up properly after put to sleep
-ipod won't charge occasionally(although windows will still recognize it)

Also are there any PSU trouble shooting guides out there? The ones I've googled are just for if your computer won't boot up properly?

A:Solved: Power supply?

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My power supply went bad and it's been a while since I've bought a new one. I need 400-450 watts. The question I have is that my motherboard has the 24 pin + 4 pin connection. All the power supplies I see now are 20 + 4 or 24. Do I have to get an adapter to make it work? Thanks!

A:Solved: Power Supply

all modern power supplies have a 24 pin plug................ & a 4/8 pin plug

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Hey, i have absolutely no clue how to look for a good powersupply.
Could someone from this forum teach me how to evaluate a powersupply's specs to determine if it is a good powersupply or not?

A:Solved: Power Supply


This link has all you would ever want to read about power supplies and then some. Goes to the extreme but........

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Some people suggested me to buy some PSUs in my previous thread but i think those exceed my needs (like SLI and Crossfire) so want to ask something.
My current Power supply has a 24 Pin connector that goes to the mobo.
A wire goes into the CPU i think which looks like it has 4 pins or something like that.
a DVD rom power and a connector that goes near it.The DVD rom has 4 pin holes for power.
1 Sata connector.
My GPU has 2 6 pin connectors on it and it expands into 4 connectors that connect to wires from the PSU.
I think that's it and what i need is
What i stated above + 1 Sata connector and 2 Fan connectors or something like that i have no idea what those names are. 600W should be plenty. I don't plan to upgrade this PC AT ALL. Just something that serves my current needs. IT HAS TO BE COMPATIBLE WITH 220 VOLTS
I have a few unrelated questions.
1. Is the CM Hyper 212+ compatible with my P5QL mobo and my Q6600 LGA 775. Googling says yes but i want to confirm it.
2. Does overclocking take more Watts?
3. Take a look. http://img683.imageshack.us/i/asusengtx260.jpg/ Is this the worst card cooling in EVER?
4. I have a bit of a confusion about effiecency ratings. Does a 500W PSU at 80% produce 500W and draw 600W from the wall or does it draw 500W and produce 400W?
5. Does having a second fan on a CPU cooler really help?
EDIT: My specs are Q6600 stock 8GB DDR2 800mhz GTX 260.

A:Solved: To buy a new Power Supply ...

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I realize the alternating current at our home outlets is alternating current and that must be converted to direct current for the computer to use. My question is this: is it the computers power supply the component that is responsible for this conversion? If this is so, does the power supply also do the job of supplying the correct amount of power to each component. Some devices might require 3.5 volts and other 5 volts and so on and how is the power supply aware of what the device need, is it hard wired into the device or a device driver handles this?

Probably all very simple to most people I guess, but I would really like to get this straight in my mind.

A:Solved: The PC power supply

The power supply uses a transformer to drop the AC
to the appropriate input volage.
It then goes through a rectifier circuit to turn the AC to
pulsating DC.
After that it is filtered into steady DC by filter capacitors.
The transformer itself can have seperate windings that
provide different voltages to different circuits or the voltage
can be split out using different electronic circuits.
The power supply also has voltage regulators to steady the voltage.

Although the power supply does most of this work,the
computers motherboard also has regulators and filters
to further "clean up" the power and regulate it.

The different color wires on the power supply connectors
carry the different voltages out to the correct components
on the motherboard to power the system.
All the base voltages are provided by the power supply.

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After what I thought was a normal shutdown my Gateway will not boot up. I've noticed after being told to check, that the fan does not stay on. It comes on at boot but seems to cycle down and stop after a few minutes and then restart again a few minutes later. I need to know if that is normal or not.

Thanks for your help, you guys are saints.


A:Solved: Power Supply Fan

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How do I determine what power supply I have?

A:Solved: Power supply

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Hi Guys, Forgive my ignorance outback Aussie Guy, But are laptop computers compatable worldwide For instance in Australia our power supply is 240 volts, state side you guys run on about half that voltage dose the the power pack you plug in regulate that voltage so the battery only takes what it needs I had a problem last time I went state side with my camera battery charger I had to charge batteries twice to get them to hold enough power any clues Thanks Glenn. The way to learn is to ask a question.

A:Solved: Power supply

Most new laptops have universal power supplies. If you look on the power brick that comes with the laptop, they'll state the operating voltage and frequency. All of mine say 100V - 240V 50/60Hz.

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