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Unlocking pipes and shadders for my 7800GT

Q: Unlocking pipes and shadders for my 7800GT

I need help unlocking unlocking pipes and shadders for my 7800GT , like it says in the title.

Thanks for all the help I know I will receive!!

(450/1.08 OC'd @ 500/1.18)

Preferred Solution: Unlocking pipes and shadders for my 7800GT

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Unlocking pipes and shadders for my 7800GT


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:

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Here's the article from Tom's Hardware Guide:

The really good news is for people with PCI-e mobos but not SLI, now you can buy one Extreme 7800GT ASUS card and affectively get SLI performance.

A:ASUS to release Dual 7800GT, in SLI that's QUAD 7800GT

Interesting. It's already on sale.

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How effective are heat pipes, could they be used to cool a P4. If the copper pipes were brought outside the case and placed in a sutible cooling medium e.g an ice bath and the section of the pipe that was in the case was insulated to keep the case temp down, would this make a suitable silent cooling system.

A:Heat Pipes

Heat pipes are now used in heat sinks very effectively these days. I was a little sceptical to the efficacy of heat pipes till I realised that most laptops use this tech to keep the CPU cool, and comparison tests have shown that its much more efficient thatn without it.

How it works:
Basically, it just provides a heat conducting rod with low thermal resistance. Therefore, its efficacy is reduced the longer it is. Its like stretching a metal rod over a fire, a short one you'd burn your hand pretty fast, a long one you might not feel anything at all for a long time.

Also, I doubt you'd want to insulate the section of the pipe in the case, you'd more probably insulate the whole thing. At least you'd insulate the bit outside the case, so that the cold temps from your ice bath will reach the PC. But you want it to reach the CPU, so you'd insulate the whole bit. And you'd need a really thick heatpipe....

I won't suggest you do that.

A better solution? Water cooling, and run your radiator through that ice bath of yours

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Recently I was getting artifacts in games and noticed that the card was running hot so I got an Artic Cooler on it which is fine (much cooler now).

However in games I get the checkboard pattern over the game. The framerate is perfectly fine. Setting games to use 16 bit color / z-buffer reduces the problem slightly. I installed ATITool to see if underclocking would help then I noticed in the window "Active Pipelines: 8". Its a 9800SE, it should have four pipelines and every time I have used ATITool before it has reported four.

I have never done the soft or hard mod to this card.

I've tried a complete format and reinstall with various old and new drivers and the problem I still there. As I said the framerate etc. is fine. From what I have read about the softmod, the checkboard effect is often because the card can't handle the mod and do eight pipelines, so (hopefully) if I can set it back to four it will work fine.

Any idea why it would set itself to eight even though I have never modded it?
Is there any way to set it back to four? Maybe a bios flash that restricts it to four?

Thanks for reading.

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Hello, I just bought a hyper 212x a little bit ago and i smell something's that smells like its coming from the heat sink. I checked the the copper pipes sticking out of the heat sink and there was one that looked like it shouldn't be like it and was very small.

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I have a HIS x1800gto that i know is unlockable with the right bios, ive acquired a bios that will do it its just that i am having incredible difficulty doing so.

My comp at first didnt have a floppy drive so i went with boot cds. The bootable cds wouldnt work for reasons unknown, i created like 5 of them, none would really get working so i jsut caved in and attatched a floppy drive.

created a bootdisk with atiflash, didnt work, reasons unknown, maybe because its a HIS ICEQ3 x1800gto and not a native (made by ati) card, so i used flashrom240, 237 and 16p. none worked. the same problems would come up-

device 0 not found
ati adapter not found
error 0FL01 when i tried to force flash.

obviously the card is there and is working fine. before this a while back and as recently as a few hours ago i attempted atiwinflash. ive heard horror stories about this program but it never really did or work for me till about 40 minutes ago. what i did was i just flashed it again with a fresh HIS x1800gto bios in an attempt to get flashrom to recognize my card. no dice.

now im at a loss since i know the card is there, its operating normally, its not overclocked, temps are prolly at 40c i would wager, so everything should be a go. anybody else have this card or been thru this?

thanks for any help my dudes.

A:Trouble flashing HIS x1800gto into having 16 pipes

Flashing those cards isn't guaranteed to work. If it was, they would be sold with all 16 pipelines already enabled. Maybe MOST of them can unlock, but maybe yours just can't. Obviously, if they could ALL be flashed to 16 pipelines, they would be sold as having 16 pipelines because the company could sell them as a more powerful model and get more money from them. Those ones are cards that were made to run on 16 pipelines, but were unable to according to some test (however inaccurate that test may have been). This means that some WILL run at 16 pipes but some won't. I guess you just got unlucky

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 Hi, There seems to be 2 types of fan modules installed on the T460s (besides the one that is for the model with dGPU). One of them is with one heatpipe, the other one is with two heatpipes. Two Heat PipesSingle Heat PipeCan someone tell me what is the difference between two and which one is more efficient? Lenovo Staff maybe? Also what is the reason for that some i7 are with 2 Heat Pipes and others are with 1. There is also difference between the fan modules. The single heatpipe fan is with 4 wires, while the other one is with 5 wires.  P.S.> And NO it is not the i7 vs i5 CPU, because I have i7 and I am with single Heat Pipe.   

T460s - Core i7-6600U, 12GB RAM, 512GB SATA 6G SSD, FHD, EM7455 WWANT440s - Core i7-4600U, 12GB RAM, Crucial MX200 500GB SSD, FHD, WWAN

Go to Solution.

A:T460s - Different FANs and Heat Pipes

The only one I have seen has 2 pipes.  Was one of them made earlier than the other?  (On the model sticker, there is a manufacture date after the serial YY/MM.)  The parts list only shows one manufacturer.  As far as 4 wires vs. 5 wires, I would expect it wouldn't matter.  Normally, only 3 wires are used - power, ground and tach pulse.  I would expect it wouldn't matter.  I looked at eBay for T460s fans for sale thinking I could see a picture.  They had 2 for sale - one with 1 pipe and 4 wier; the other with 2 pipes and 5 wires.

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Good evening. i am learning how to work with threads and process in WinAPI. During this, i faced with interesting question. When i created
named channel i used pipes. I used #define BASE_PATH_PIPE "\\\\.\\pipe\\PipeName". So can you please answer me. In wich folder pipes storaging in my computer. I used search on my hard disk and did not find it. Where i can find this storage with pipes.
Thank you

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ok, so it's an msi m/b


I'm only overclocking the cpu, using an Noctua NH-U12P

Will the m/b heatsinks cope with the cpu at around 3GHz?

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after you come from the cliffs and your heading into the pipes, right after the loading screen for the next stage my game keeps freezing my guy so he cant move but i can still move around, its really strange. My friend (who was the one playing at the time) said the same exact thing happened to his game in the exact same spot and it was fine before steam came out but since steam was released there was some update where now at that point it freezes on a bunch of systems...whats the deal? is this fixable?

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OK so I bought the XFX 7800GT and got the game (eventually) COD2 and so everyone

knows, the card works freaking great. I couldnt have asked for more. All of my PC

games run beautifully now. :hotbounce

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I was wondering, does anyone know if theirs a significant difference in performance between the 7800 GT and 7900 GT i'm planning on getting a used 7800 on ebay but the 7900 is slightly higher in cost. I'm a newbie when it comes to graphics cards so any info will be appreciated.

A:7800GT or 7900GT

Hey Prevs

Well the 7900 is alot better in performance because it has more Pixel Pipelines and I think the shader technology is up to 3 and the 7800 is 2 ( not sure of that but I think it is... )

It really depends on what games you want to play, If you want to play Oblivion get the 7900 and you can run at Full with a nice resolution with standard Frames per second at 55 or so

But if you play just Counterstrike and Day of Defeat get the 7800 because it will work perfect for it and you'll have enough money left over to buy Half-life :haha:

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oaky i know that my xfx card comes factory overclocked, but its apparently got good leyway in overclocking even higher. what program should i use for overclocking this card?

A:overclocking the 7800gt

You need the Coolbits programme.

Take a look HERE for further info.

Regards Howard

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Hey all.
I did a search, but I didn't come up with the answer I'm looking for so I'm not sure if it's been discussed here or not yet

I'm running an AMD 64x2 3800 and a evga 7800gt. I'm ready to up my graphic's a notch so I'm looking at video cards, most likely to go SLI. It seems to me that I remember reading in some rag that with nvidia's new drivers you could mix and match video cards, i.e. 7800gt with a 7900gt. However, after contacting nvidia about this, here is the response I got...

Thank you for contacting NVIDIA Customer Care.
NVIDIA does not support SLI on two different models or from different vendors. SLI supports configurations with the same model (i.e. 7800 Ultra) from the same vendor (Vendor XYZ). So that means you cannot use GeForce 7900 GT card with GeForce 7800 GT on SLI mode.
NVIDIA Customer Care.Click to expand...

I'm really taking exception to this. I'm sure I read where you CAN do this. I've heard extremes such going SLI with the add-in card and onboard video (sans the jumper) and still making frame rates, not that I'd ever do this nor do I have mobo with on-board vid, I'm just talkin.

So my questions are; Can I mix and match? I'd like to buy a 7900GT board to go with the 7800GT that I already have. Should I just buy a 7900GT and sell my 7800GT? Or, maybe I should ditch the whole video card idea all together and pick up a new Intel Duo and Mobo with hopes of gaining... Read more

A:7800gt SLI 7xxx

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I just installed a new XFX GeForce 7800GT and have been having severe problems.

Well, after about 10 minutes of getting my card ready for battle (no multitasking) the whole computer started slowing down and crashing. Now no games play and the whole computer runs slow. I tried installing windows several times, a few times the installs froze. Speed fan has my CPU running at 32*C, the VGA at 38*C, and the rest at around 40*C.

I have 2 optical drives, two 7200rpm IDE HD's, a TV tuner, network card, 3500+AMD, and about a dozen USB devices on 2 hubs and the Mainboard USB hookups. I have tried several different drivers, Prime95 shows no errors after 5 hours of a mixed test, and a week ago Memtest86 detected no errors after a few tries.

I just upgraded from a 6800GT so I don't know what the problem could be. The problems did lessen after unplugging one of the adapter power plugs into the back of the card and disconnecting an optical drive. I still can't play games, run more than one program at a time, and windows takes forever to load up.

My PSU is a 420Watt Thermaltake with a lowly 18A 12V rail. Could that be the problem? I just ordered a new PSU with dual 12V rails totaling 33A and 450Watts total power.

Do you think it could be the PSU?


A:New 7800GT problems

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Hi all,

just installed the most recent nvidia drivers, but I'm wondering if an earlier one would be better? I'm running 32 bit XP on an opteron 175 dual core.

Playing stalker, the frame rates aren't great... I'm wondering if a switch of driver would help.



A:Best driver for 7800gt?

The latest NVIDIA driver (169.21) is the driver you should be using. All of their drivers have universal architecture, so you can't go wrong with the Forceware line. Just make sure you install the 32 bit XP drivers and not the Vista.
As fr as Stalker is concerned, it's just part of the programing. I run an AMD X2 6000+ AM2 with an ASUS M2N32 SLI Deluxe, 2 gigs of RAM and an 8800 GTX and it still has stutter, so that's normal.

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Hi, I seem to be in a dilema here. Well today I reformated my computer and got brand new hardware and I bought the e-Geforce 7800GT brand eVGA. But when I try to look at its "NVIDIA Display Panel" I get this error/message:
NVIDIA Display
The NVIDIA Display Panel extension cannot be created.

Possible reasons include:
Version mismatch. Reinstalling display drivers may solve this problem.
I reinstalled it, even used new drivers but nothing changed. If you need anymore info please post it.


A:e-Geforce 7800GT



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Put in this link:

And can anyone tell me what the difference is between these two 7800GT's?
One has a spiffy heatsink...

A:Difference between these two XFX 7800GT's

The E model (PV-T70G-UDE7) is factory overclocked. The F model (PV-T70G-UDF7) supports true dual Vivo and is not overclocked.

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I just got my 7800GT a week and a half ago, and since then Battlefield 2 seems to have been getting only about 25-45fps and the very rare 80-90fps. This is with everything maxed at the 1078x*** resolution (or whatever that one is). The strange thing is I get the same frame rate with everything on the lowest settings. Its not really any better than my old 6800GT @ Ultra speeds. Also, I only get between 30-40fps in Special forces. This can't be right, I spend $75+ to get this extra performance that is non-existent.

I did pick up ~2000pts on 3dMark05 57xx-7816 (not that it matters anyways)
I can play fear on the highest settings with similar FPS.
I can play COD2 on highest settings with good FPS, when the 6800GT would do terrible with that game.

All the benchmarks, and even several people I have talked to about their 7800GT's have said they get 80-100fps in Battlefield 2 with everything on highest settings. I have tried everything to get this VGA to work better. Tried dozens of drivers, reinstalled windows, got a better PSU, etc and nothing seems to help.

Could this be a hardware problem of another sort? Could the card be bad?

System specs:
MSI K8N Neo4
AMD 3500+ Venice @2.45Ghz
7800GT @ 500mhz/1.16ghz
2.5GB DDR400 Dual Channel
Realtek ALC850

A:Frames per second seem low for a 7800GT

is your video card overclocked?? I see 500mhz there...try to run it at stock speeds and see what it gets in BF2.

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I'm looking at newegg to get a video card and came across three different 7800gt cards from evga.


It seems like the only difference is the clock speeds (excluding bf2). I added the fastest one (1.1ghz/470mhz) to my cart, but I'm a bit skeptical on this.
This one is the fastest of the three and yet no one has rated it? And it seems like the model number on this one is lower than the other 2..does this mean anything?
Basically, which one should I get?

Thanks for the suggestions

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I'm currently putting together a new gaming rig and given that the price of the 6800gt has fallen considerably, have seriously contemplated getting a leadtek 6800gt for about 211.
However, according to various sources, it seem that the forthcoming playstation 3 has a graphics cpu more powerful even than the 7800gtx - call me childish but I've always prided myself that no matter what gaming rig I had, it was always more powerful than the current console machines of the time but the thought that a console is going to be more powerful than my uber rig has worried me into thinking about getting a more powerful gfx card so am currently looking at picking up a 7800gt at 259, I can only JUST afford the extra funds req'd for the 7800gt but can anyone indicate if it is powerful enough to warrant veering away from the cheaper 6800gt which in its own right is a powerful piece of kit?

A:Is the 7800gt/gtx good value for money?

If you can spare the extra 40 to get the 7800GT then by all means do. I wouldn't worry too much about Playstation III, it's not about to get out & once it does, PCs will have had at least one VGA generation change since then.

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I purchased a new mid-range gaming rig and it has come with twin 8500GTs in SLI set-up.

My old rig died of a motherboard failure, but it has a perfectly serviceable (single) 7800GT card. Would I be better replacing the twin 8500 cards for the single 7800GT? I'm using Windows XP and have no plans on upgrading to Vista for a very long time, and don't have the cash to upgrade to newer or better cards either.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

A:A single 7800GT or two 8500GTs in SLI for XP?

twin 8500GT's are going to be the same and maybe a little better than the 7800GT.

Why not sell all three and get a 8800gts?

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Was recommended to buy either one of these 2 within my budget being around 150-ish (7800 GT or 7900 GS). Need a bit of advice really from one you technical people

A:nVidia 7800GT or 7900GS?

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Hey guys,

Well after I got the PC working (almost) properly again after the PSU issue, I flashed the bios and it got corrupted, so I bought a new Mobo:

A crappy MSI K8N Neo4.

The drivers on the packaged CD did not give me what I needed. My 3dMark05 scores are lower than my old 6800GT scores, and I know its not the Motherboard, because an Nforce4 chipset should demolish my ASrock Uli.

My FPS are about half of what they were on my ASrock. I downloaded the newest Nforce4 drivers, newest VGA drivers, and its still dirt slow.

Can you guys help me find the correct drivers? I tried searching MSI's site but the drivers links were down.

Any help would be appreciated.



A:Slower 7800GT with new Motherboard?

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I used to be able to, but after I updated drivers to newer ones, (so my games run better) it always says "fail to pass driver test" both in rivatuner and the nvidia with coolbits. the card is not very hot, usually idle at 43C, and i have gotten to overclock for a while when switching to an older driver, but it never stays.
I did switch from pci-Express port 1 to 2, because I figured i could get better cooling farther from the CPU, but I think I heard that you shuold only use 1 if you only have 1 card. Could this be it?

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I'm wanting to OC my videocard but I think its too hot. Its on stock cooling. It is a eVGA 7800gt 468/1097 Which was stock. The temps are 55C Idle and 92-95C underload. Is this too hot already, or Do I still have a little room to increase?

A:OC 7800GT Load 92C-95C Too hot? Stock

Ok, I'm a *****. When I cleaned my case to get rid of dust, I did not think to take the top off the Videocard's cooler, and clean out the dust. (There was a lot.) now my card runs 46C idle and 64C underload.

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I have a 7800gt and I am trying to figure out the best driver. I am using NGO optimized ones and the newer one base on the NVIDIA 158 version seems to get me around 60FPS average when testing on COH and the one base on the 97 only gets me like 20 for some reason. however I want to overclock some and the 158 only has motherboard and tuning options, I was wondering if the old screen can be displayed, and which do you think is better.

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Perhaps this should be in the cooling and modding forum...I wasn't sure. I recently purchased a 20.1" widescreen 1680x1050 monitor and had to rma my evga 7800gt for a bfg 7800gt. Since then, I've had major trouble with artifacting while gaming, specifically with Splinter Cell Chaos theory at low in-game settings, and occasionally (but not as often) with HL2 at max settings. The problem also occurs using rthdribl for a few minutes. When the GPU temp reaches 69-70C, major artifacting occurs and I have to close the game. It also seems that upon first starting the game, it'll artifact at 62-65C, but withstand the heat a bit longer as it breaks in. I'm guessing this is an effect of the thermal pad heating up.

Tech support at BFG indicated that the GPU should work up to 90C without problems. Can anyone offer their experience with GPU temp artifacts...is 70C all I can expect from this BFG card, or should it be able to take more heat? BFG also indicated that changing the fan and thermal compound will void the warranty, so I'm leary about doing this. Finally, they suggested updating my BIOS and chpset drivers...could this actaully improve the temp performance of the graphics card? (nvidia graphics driver is clean and up-to-date)

Thanks a lot for any feedback.


BTW, it's been hot here lately in CT,about 85F in my apt, so that is probably contributing...but not as hot as you folks on the west coast!

A:BFG 7800GT struggling with temps

You could try removing the side panel and pointing a fan into the case. If you are having heat problems with your GPU this may help. Another possibility is that your power supply may not be up to snuff. What kind of PSU are you using, what is the wattage, and how many amps on the 12v line (all this can be found on the psu sticker)?

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i have duel 7800gt cards and my monitor dosnt come out of powersave mode
dont know what i can do about it
any ideas?

A:xfx 7800gt's & my monitor dont work

you need to give us WAY more info, like your specs, when this stared t o happion

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I wont be overclocking and I want this to be future proof...

I know the 3700+ setup will be better for games, and the 3800+ will be better for multitasking, but I can't decide. I want this rig to last 5+ years too. Is there a huge increase in performance in games with the 3700+ setup compared to the 3800+?

A:Should I get 3700+/7800GT or X2 3800+/6800GS?

Not yet
Not too much software out there will support the dual core cpu but that will come eventually.

If I were you, the 3700 and 7800 would be the way to go
I already have the 3700 and it is stinkin fast ........ hehe

that's just me.
That video card is mucho better than the 6600 which in itself , is a huge increase in performance especially if you do mucho gamin'

just my opinion !!!!!!!!


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After winning Techspot's "4 7800gt givaway contest", I have decided to write a short review, and post some pics of it.

XFX 256mb 7800gt Review​

Card Bundle

-2 vga to dvi adapters
-1 hdtv/vivo adapter
-1 farcry dvd
-1 moto gp2 cd
-2 x2 the threat cds
-Quickstart guide
-Driver/software install cd
-Molex to pci-e power adapter

The packaging of the card was nicely done, everything seemed secured well in the box. The bundle is one of the better bundles I've seen, and farcry on dvd is a nice bonus.

click for larger view

Impressions​My first impression of the card was that the card was large and heavy. It makes my 6600gt look like a child's toy in both weight and size. I really like that it has a "anti warp bar" on the top of the card, this keeps the card from warping under it's own weight while installed. It really does a good job as the card is solid. I also like that the heatsink is screwed onto the card, instead of fastened with plastic pins. After installing the card, I was pleasantly surprised at how quiet it is. It has a built in fan speed control, in 2d it runs only about 25% fan speed, and on 3d mode it's still only about 45% speed.
It's almost silent in 2d mode, and in 3d mode it's audible, but I wouldn't call it loud(probably still less than 30db). Also note in the newest version of Rivatuner, you can adjust your graphics ca... Read more

A:vnf4ultra's 7800gt short review.

Nicely done, great review, looks very nice the way you layed the review out, reminds me of how tomshardware does it,

well good luck and happy gamming

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Should I do this? or is it too much?

It is for only one game, but I love the ww2 games cuz I have tons of family (some dead) that were in it so the mroe real the better!! Today is today because of this war. Hail .. USA!

A:want new 7800gt cuz COD2 games free

If you need a graphics card(and can afford a 7800gt) and want the game, yeah it'd probably be a good deal, but if you just want the game and already have a decent system, here you go.

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Ok so I have a Sharp LC-26SH12U & and a EVGA GeForce 7800GT that both work perfectly fine as far as I know. I have my GFX card hooked up to my PC monitor and everything working good haven't had any issues.

The other day I was trying to use my Sharp HDTV as a PC monitor through the VGA cable so I can watch movies on it, so I hooked up my VGA cable and everything. I can see my PC boot up on the HDTV and Windows XP starts loading but after that the screen goes blank and my HDTV says there is no signal.

Having no clue to what the problem was I can see that my GFX card was not detecting my HDTV so I braught my brothers Toshiba Sattelite laptop which had Windows Vista on it and my HDTV worked completely fine with it.

So I'm just wondering how can I get this to work with my Geforce 7800GT. I tried changing the refresh rate and still no luck. Am I missing something?

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I have a Gateway 835GM with 1024mb of memory, Pentium D 820, and a 7800GT OC. Just recently, I have been having problems with the screen glitching out while playing any kind of game. It's usually fine just cruising the internet and watching videos, but as soon as I start up any video game I am lucky if I can play for 2 minutes before I have to restart. This is what I have tried and checked in my diagnosis:

- Monitored temperature to ensure that it was not overheating, it didnt get above 75 or 80 degrees fahrenheit. Just to make sure, I re-seated the card and cleaned the heatsink with compressed air.
- Underclocked both the core clock and memory frequencies to 75%, 50%, and 25% power and I was still crashing.

What should I do? I really need to get this computer running.

A:Nvidia Geforce 7800GT OC --- Stability Problems

I doubt its not clearing 80 Farenheit, thats not too much warmer than room temp, running the computer will put you above that. If it really is reporting that its reporting inaccurately.

I assume you've updated your video drivers.

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I have a MSI K8N SLI (series)
x2 7800gt
windows is updated, directx is updated, bios is not, but it only fixes a reboot problem, ive installed the newest videocard drivers 91.31 and enabled sli, and selected multi GPU mode in the nvidia setup.

so when I run 3dmark05 I can see a slightly performance in sli, (35FPS at the very start of the bench, and 22FPS in Single GPU mode) so it works here, sort of...
In these games there is no or even lesser! performance in sli mode: Battlefield 2, warcraft 3, Counterstrike, counterstrike source, Prey, Quake 4 demo.

Why doesnt my sli system work properly?

A:nvidia 7800gt sli only works in 3dmark05, help needed

Post your system specs. And 35fps is terrible at the start of the bench, I get 44fps at start on an xfx 7800gs (g71). There must be something wrong, make sure your profile is set to 3dmark05. The answer to your question, why these games do not work properly is because you did not configure you system, or the games are not updated (patched) to the latest version. POST YOUR SPECS and some screens comparing SLI with NO SLI

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This is my first post ever, so I'd like to say hello to everyone on Techspot (been kind of a lurker), and I'll keep the whole story short,

Yesterday my best friend began to move away for college, and his computer was going to be passed down to me. It's in near perfect condition, and the only thing we had to replace before starting it up again was the power supply. His supply before was a solid 400, and the one we bought is a 450w.

We bring it back to his house, replace the power supply and voila! The computer is running.

So it continues to run perfectly fine, we play games on it and make sure everything is smooth, and it is. Start -> Shutdown. We bring it back to my house.

So we plug in everything, and we're about to start it up. My buddy presses the power button, everything goes on, but the monitor remains black while still receiving a signal.

His nVidia 7800 gt gfx card has it's fan running, which would leave me to assume it's running fine. it's NOT the monitor. I've tried other monitors and they get a signal, but its a black screen. The monitor also works on other computers. The gfx card has two HD ports, and my friend had two converters for them so not just an HD monitor could run on it. I've tried different combos of cords/converters and could not figure out what is wrong.

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

A:No display on monitor (but I get a signal) with an Nvidia 7800GT

Try reseating the graphics card and while you're in there double check all data and power cable connections for tightness. It's possible something came loose during the process of moving the PC.

If that doesn't help, maybe the graphics card or possibly the power supply has failed. Even though it can provide some power, the PSU might not be able to provide enough total power. Just because a part is new doesn't mean it can't fail. What power supply did you buy and what are the other components?

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What video card is better?
Radeon 1050 or the 7800gt?

A:Solved: ATI Radeon 1050 vs GeForce 7800GT

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Hi I just upgraded my old system
3800+ dualcore @ 2400MHZ
1.5gb ram

When I play games eg: Need For Speed Most Wanted, GTA San ANdreas or Never Winter knights

The game tends to speed up sometimes.

I will be playing GTA and I am walking the streets then all of a sudden It's like I am running 2x speed of running.. then it goes back to normal speeds...

The clock in GTA goes faster too.

same things happen with the games I wrote above.

Please help..

A:Geforce 7800GT XFX weird problem speed effect!

Try running CPU killer to slow your system down a bit when playing older games.

You can download cpukiller here: http://www.cpukiller.com/

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I have read many places that MS SQL Server using Named Pipes is using port 139 and port 445. But I don't know when port 139 is used instead of port 445 and vice versa?

Are port 139 and port 445 actually duplicates?

I have limited knowledge in NT Networking.

A:Named Pipes, Port 139 and Port 445

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Need to unlock my computer ex changed the administrator password now all I get is the log in screen

A:unlocking my pc

Sorry but we don't assist with passwords as per the site rules:

Passwords - Please do not ask for assistance with (or ways to bypass) a forgotten or unknown password, personal identification number (PIN) or any other type of access code that may be required on a computer, mobile device or web site. As there is no way to verify the actual situation or intent, no assistance will be provided and any such threads will be closed.Click to expand...

Closing thread.

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Hey guys I just came across something today that took me along time to find and I dont know if many other people know it well when unlocking a processor the bios in my case wont recognise the model and displae amd processor model unknown well I made a video on how to remedy that in fact you can name your processor anything you want so if you wanted you could change windows displaying a celeron and make it show up saying i7 xD just trying to be of service so here it is hope it helps someone because it took me a long time to find out how to do this

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I just ordered an Iwill XP333 motherboard and an 1800+ cpu with pc 2700 ram and I was wanting to know if this will work for unlocking the multiplier or is there another way http://www.hardcorecooling.com/

A:unlocking AMD XP

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i bought and iphone which is locked to 02 7.0(as the carrier when i check from the about menu), the model number mc131b and the version is 4.0.2(8A400).

can someone help me the procedures and the software i will need to unlock it so i can use any sim of my choice? i would be very glad for your help. thank you

A:unlocking iphone

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hello everyone... I recently purchased an AMD 1700+xp on a chaintech 7AIA5 mobo to upgrade my dads system..

I overclock most of my systems, but this is the first AMD I've ran.

I was wondering how to unlock the multiplier to get a higher speed out of it, and if my mobo would let me change the multiplier once unlocked..

the heatsink and fan is rated for a 2100+xp, so shouldnt I be able to jump this thing up to about 2100 specs without additional cooling?


A:unlocking an amd 1700+xp

Howdy jason,

Maybe this will help:



Shows using a lead pencil to unlock the L1 bridges. Use a conductive ink instead, the graphite from a pencil lead is not permanant.


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I have a Route 66 Mini satnav and I'm trying to find out if it can be unlocked or cracked to allow me to download and use other maps on it. At the moment only UK & Ireland are unlocked and even though I've placed a map of Europe, that I downloaded on there it still remains locked.

Or is there a way of installing a new operating system on my satnav.

Thanks for any help

A:Sat Nav Unlocking or Cracking?

As we can't ascertain the true meaning of unlocking the device, we are going to have to shut this one down.



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Before I begin, I know there is a thread with a very similar name, I've read it and unfortunately it was of no help - my problem is not the same.

Ok, so this computer is 3 days old, and until today it was working very well.
It is an Acer V3-571G. Intel i7, 16GB RAM, Nvidia 730M.
What happens is that every second shut down and boot, the computer freezes while booting and I'm forced to force shut down. The second boot works but takes around 2 minutes and unlocking takes around 30 seconds. After unlocking everything is slow to load, even right clicking the desktop takes 20 seconds to open up the options menu (the one with personalize, screen resolution etc).
After its initial "preparation time" it gets back to full speed and works like a charm, but its really annoying to have to deal with slow boots and only being able to boot every second time.
I have very few startup processes, all of which are either intel, microsoft and nvidia related. The only 3 third party processes are steam, avast and mcafee.

I would be glad if someone could help me.
Thank you very much.

P.S. I don't have a windows 8 CD or a system restore point.

EDIT: I have to go now so I probably won't answer. I'll check back whenever I can.

A:Lag on startup and after unlocking

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