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OLD XP pc suddenly beeps 3 times

Q: OLD XP pc suddenly beeps 3 times

Well first of all, i got it up and running after about 2 years of sitting. Cleaned it out of dust, made sure everything was plugged in and pushed in. It ran for couple days, playing games internet etc. Than i brought it home and i re-did it like it had this OS that was windows 7/vista/XP and i made it XP. It worked and ran fine (its 32-bit btw) and than i had plans so i shut it off probably by holding power button i forget. and I just got this ram for my pc PC133, (its double sided, and says samsung on it ye my computer isn't samsung its Seanix) i got 2 512mb sticks. My computer has 3 slots for ram, already had 2 (1 is 256mb and other not sure i think 512mb) and so i put one of the new sticks in last slot, i try starting, and it starts and than shuts down. Not sure why i hadnt got it in properly because i just realized today i had it wrong way lol but i turned on shut off. So i removed it and ried turning on, nothing, wouldn't start anything but it did have a L.E.D light up when its off showing it gets power and same for the ethernet cord had the 2 lights on. but than i took out power cord put back it moved and pushed some things and turns on and loads up. Than i shut off and turn back on and it starts to Beep 3 times. i googled and check says if 1 long and 2 short video card or if 3 short its the ram. I have the original ram in and still does it, i took out video card and put it and blew out dust still nothing. I tried many combinations of ram in different slots alone, with old one and new one and together. I also took out video card and still beeps and also beeps without ram in. So i thought could be harddrive i took it out and everything else like the disc tray etc. nothing still beeps. I did however put the Volts to use in the back to try to the 23V and doesn't beep but, i dont think harddrive loads and screen doesn't.( btw, the screen doesn't turn on at all with the 23 volts and original and doing the combinATIONS AND EVERYTHING) so what now? do i get new video card and ram even thos i got new ram? i also did take out the battery for 5 minutes. Please help thanks. ( i did not ground mymself either.)

ALSO its a Seanix TC0 or TCO Series

40gb harddrive, 32 bit

Last working yesterday august 1st.

(tested screen, still works.)

( i do not have keybored plugged it could that be why?)

HELP thanks .

Preferred Solution: OLD XP pc suddenly beeps 3 times

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: OLD XP pc suddenly beeps 3 times

Try to start the computer with one stick of ram in at a time, and moving that stick into different slots. Beeps=RAM.

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When power on i get 4 long then 4 short beeps repeats 5 times then computer turns on

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My HP Compaq 8000 Elite will not turn on instead a red led blinks 4 times I found that someone said it meant power supply failure but what does that mean and how do I fix it.Ps: I forgot to mention that my house got hit with lightning and this started happening after that.

A:My HP beeps 4 times (red)

Hello Please refer to the HP Post Error Message guide found at this link. Scroll down to front panel codes. Four LED blinks could mean power supply adapter has failed. It is also possible the surge from lightning has daamaged the power supply. Grzy

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hi...i just bought a cpu from a hospital, and when i went to start it up, it beeps 5 times and the orange light flashes with the beeps. it wont start up. what do i do?? HP Compaq dc5100 sff

A:beeps 5 times

Read this article: HP BIOS beep codes.

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When i try and turn my dell insiprion on nothing happens then it beeps 7 times, what does this mean and how can i fix it?

A:My dell beeps 7 times what does this mean?

Hi united30 ,
Welcome to Dell community forum.
As ejn63 correctly said, we need to know the system model which would help us determine what 7 beeps means. If the computer is a notebook, it might be an issue with the processor.
Kindly post with the model number of the computer.  I would  research on this issue and get back to you with results.
If you have active warranty, you can contact me directly by clicking on my user name, add me as your friend, and send me the system service tag and phone # with address.

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I installed 250 Gb second HD in my PC DC7900,PC did not starts and beeps 5 times,I checked connections again and pressed on all memory modules,PC started OK and runs fine,problem seems recudding when I open the case and touch cables,rams look firmly seated,and cables well connected,I tried disconnects the second HD I installed but it did not solve the problem,otherwise PC runs fine and fast,I am thinking of upgrading ram to 8Gb instead of the 4 Gb present,if issue is caused by ram,I appreciate any help?thank you.


View Solution.

A:HP DC7900 beeps 5 times

Hi: If the problem is not occuring now, perhaps reseating each memory module fixed the issue. I would not bother testing it again unless the 5 beeps reoccurs.

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Hi, have recently installed 2k and then put a new TV card in, turned comp on and beeps a few times, absolutly no talk with monitor. Removed TV card and still just beeps on power up. CD and floppy still get attention but thats it ??????????

AMD 2000xp, 256mb ram, 20 gig,



A:Cputa Beeps A Few Times And Nothing More?

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Hello,I have got an old think pad X61. When I press the start button, it beeps 4 times, repeated 4 times with a short pause between blocks of beeps. The screen stays black. As far as I understand, this means it is a problem with the system board (security chip). Does it make sense to replace the system battery?Thank you for your helpbeep4x

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I just installed a new video card, and once i boot up with it, i get 10 beeps and the monitor just goes black with the power light blinking. If i put my other card in it works fine again. Whats going on?

A:Beeps 10 times, BLACK SCREEN

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I just built a new computer with a Gigabyte motherboard and an Intel i5 1150 processor worked fine for about 4 days now beeps repeatedly about 50 times and then reboots and repeats the process. Never passes POST so I can't use any diagnostic software. I've tried removing the PCIe cards and doesn't resolve issue.

A:Computer beeps 50 times and reboots

How many memory sticks are installed? Did you put thermal paste between the CPU and its heat-sink?

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When I turn on my Satellite Pro it beeps 4 times then just stops.

After a couple of seconds the fan turns off, the power on button stays lit, but nothing else happens.

Can someone tell me what the beeps mean?


A:Re: Satellite Pro beeps 4 times at start up


To offer some precise answer we need exact model description. Toshiba has two different BIOSes on different Toshiba models and I believe they can have different codes. It is definitely hardware problem but it can be everything possible, from RAM to CPU.

Anyway, I believe there is nothing you can do alone. Only thing you can do is to contact nearest Authorized service provider and ask for help. using diagnostic tools they can say which hardware component is defective.

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Hii was giving a hp envy computer with a IPMMB-FM motherboard. When I turn it on it give me a blank screen six long beeps and stays on. The power led light flashes orange with each beep. I'm not trying to add a video card on it. I'm using the o/b video. I had to get a adapter for vgi to VGA. I've tried taking out battery put it back in. I unplugged everything then took out battery and put it back. But I still get the same six beeps can some one please help me out. Thanks.

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My PC won't start properly when turned on - doesn't matter whether my monitor is connected or not.
Everything inside it lights up like normal, but after about 10 seconds the presumed motherboard begins to beep:
1 long and 2 short beeps, to be exact.

Also, the MB shows the code A2.

Here's what I have tried so far:

- I have tried disconnecting my harddrives (except for the SSD, that one definitely works fine!)
- I have removed the RAM cards one by one and moved them to other ports.
- I have tried inserting a factory new RAM card to make sure my own RAM cards weren't at fault.
Known specs (can't remember the specs exactly and kind of hard to check):

i7 processor
GTX 780 graphics card

Please tell me if you need me to be more specific or similar.

Thank you in advance!

A:PC Not starting|Beeps 3 times (details in OP)

You didn't provide the brand name and model number and revision number of the motherboard, so it's difficult right now to know what a "1 long, 2 short" beep code is associated with.


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When i turn on my computer it does two long beeps and the fans and everything start going but i'm not getting any picture on my monitor. my computer is a dell precision 420

A:Computer Beeps two times and no picture

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i have recently turned my pc on and everytime i do it beeps 4 time 3 short and 1 long and does it over and over i do not know what to do

A:beeps 4 times 3 short and 1 long. over and over

@kodey 3 short beeps and 1 long beepCPU configuration error or CPU type is not compatible http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c02222922 REO

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Hi there,As Battlefield 3 is nearly published I tried to upgrade my Z800.Used ASUS Geforce GTX560 TI CUII, but with six POST beeps system does not boot. Have checked that both leds in the graphic card are green which indicates that power is ok. I tried also old NVIDIA 9600 GT which worked ok without any problems. -BIOS is the latest one.-PSU is 1100W Any advice? Thanks.

A:HP Z800 with GTX560 TI, beeps six times.

Hi: Something is either wrong with the card or your Z doesn't like it. 6 Beeps = video error. Paul

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I attempted to fix my younger brother's computer by exchanging ram sticks to see if ram was the problem. After i put my own ram sticks back my computer gave 3 short beeps and restarted. I tried to look up the problem and it seemed to be in my ram, but i removed and cleaned them and the slots many times to no avail. After a while i realized it beeps 3 times and restarts regardless of whether or not i had the sticks in or not. Please help.

A:Computet beeps 3 times then restarts

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I attempted to fix my younger brother's computer by exchanging ram sticks to see if ram was the problem. After i put my own ram sticks back my computer gave 3 short beeps and restarted. I tried to look up the problem and it seemed to be in my ram, but i removed and cleaned them and the slots many times to no avail. After a while i realized it beeps 3 times and restarts regardless of whether or not i had the sticks in or not. Please help.

A:Computer beeps 3 times then restarts

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Hello, I has been using my new computer for 5 months and yesterday it beeped 5 times at startup, though it still can boot into windows without any problem, the beeps still continue but not as loud as when startup. It's really annoying, can anybody help me solve this
P.S: Sorry for my English.

A:My computer beeps 5 times at startup

Without knowing the brand of your BIOS, I will simply refer you to this web page:


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I have my HP DC7900 SFF beeps 5 times and did not starts! it was not in use for nearly a year and stored, and was fully working before that,I opened the case and checked all connections they seem all in order, that still did not help, then I tried reseated all the installed RAMS ( four slots) the PC started fine and runs OK,all rams seems fine so is slots, what has caused this problem and how to solve if it happens again?any help is very much appreciaed.

A:HP Compaq DC7900 beeps 5 times

If the only thing you did to resolve the issue was reseat the DIMM modules ,then just do the same thing if it happens again.

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I have an ASUS P5GDC DELUXE motherboard. And sometimes the board makes a beeping sound when i'm playing games (one beep, then a 2 second pause then another beep).

This is not a great concern for me as the games run fine at max detail with no problems.

Also it doesn't do it constantly, just one or twice an hour, or sometimes never. Is this a heat related issue?.

The processor has a stock cooler on it, and the case has an additional 4 cooling fans, not including the graphics card.

Temperatures at idle...
CPU 44c (2556 rmp)
Motherboard 25c
Graphics card 39c

Many thanks in advance.


A:Motherboard beeps 2 times when playing games!!!!

Check Howard's beepcodes http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic17013.html

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My Dell Inspiron N5110 beeps 5 times for 5 times in a row when I boot up my computer. I ran a system scan everything passed except it said to launch window memory test.
Did that and it also said it passed. Can anyone explain these beeps? I did a code search and have not been able to fing anything with 5 beeps, 5 times in a row.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

A:inspiron N5110 beeps 5 times on start up

5 beeps usually mean cmos battery failure. Replace the coin cell battery

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Hey TSG. Yesterday, I helped my friend upgrade his computer. He bought a new case, power supply, and a new GPU. When we started the computer up it beeped 3 times. It's not the RAM or the BIOS as I tried installing the old GPU and it booted up fine. I'm guessing it's either an incompatibly between the GPU (Asus GTX 760) and the motherboard (Joshua uATX) or a faulty GPU. Is there any way I can test what the problem is?

Thanks in advance.

A:Computer beeps 3 times and doesn't start up?

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I've recently purchased an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti and it doesn't seem to be cooperating with my PC.

I have searched the internet extensively as well as made several phone calls to the Alienware support team to no avail.

Here is everything that I have tried:

1. Tested my old graphics card again to check if there was any hardware damage (there wasn't, it worked fine).

2. Made sure I was connecting my new card properly (I was).

3. Attempted to update the BIOS. I was NOT able to do this. Upon trying to run the executable files provided on the Dell website I would get the following errors:

A06 and A07 Update: Please run the application again! (looped if I tried again)

A14 Update: You must update to A06, then A07 before updating to A14! (isn't that just dandy? this update however seemed to work properly, it just requires the previous versions to proceed.)
​In an effort to fix these errors, I performed a clean installation of Windows 10 Home and updated it to the most recent version. Even after this, the errors persisted.
​System Specs:

Model: Alienware x51 (ANDROMEDA_R5) (support agent told me that this is an R1 even though that's not what my system info says?)

CPU: Intel® Core? I7-3770 Quad Core (8MB Cache, up to 3.40GHz w/ Turbo Boost)

GPU (current): NVIDIA GeForce GTX 555 (functional)
GPU (new): NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti (non-functional)

RAM: HyperX Fury 8GB x2

PSU: 330W External Powerblock

m-itx style Motherboard
If... Read more

A:New graphics card beeps 6 times then powers down

read this https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Deskt...S-beeps-after-video-card-install/td-p/2391089

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When i turn on my computer it does two long beeps (Low then high)and the fan start going but i'm not getting any picture on my monitor.Please help me nip this thing in the arse.

BIOSTAR M7NCG 400 Socket A
G-skill ram 512mb
Sempron 2.0 ghz

A:Blasted Computer Beeps two times and no picture

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Hey all, I am trying to fix my friends computer and at the start the computer makes 3 beeping noises. I have googled that and apparently it means that the video card is shot or the ram? I had a few video cards just laying around so i tried all of them but none of them worked! So I replaced the ram 64mb ram and that got rid of the beeping noise but the computer still wouldnt boot. I figured this was because it wasnt large enough to boot windows XP so my buddy went out and bougth a 256mb and I installed that and the machine still begins to beep. Any suggestions are much appreciated! thank you in advance.

A:Computer beeps 3 times - No picture on screen

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My P70 beeps 3 times when booting from my 40A50230US workstation dock unless it's in hybrid mode or I leave the lid up. I normally run my p70 in discrete mode but I'm wondering if my dock or system board is failing. Initially I didn't have this issue but I was out of the office for six weeks and when I returned updated the firmware on the dock. There were also several bios changes during that time period. There are 3 options in bios thinkpad lcd, display port, display on dock. It doesn't matter which I choose same problem. Also if I choose 512 or 256 same issue. If I leave the lid up I don't get the beeps in discrete mode. In hybrid mode it seems to work fine. Any ideas? Thanks. 

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I have a vista biz box. my 2T Seagate external HDD stopped working. I got into it with Seagate like everyone else (sounds like a common problem with Seagate) I've had the click of death with this company's HDD, but this time it started beeping (3 times) then nada. I was told to change out the power supply, nada
find one with a little more amperage. nada.. then said to send in for 600$ repair.... i hope not?
any ideas
Thank you

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I've got a Dell a few years old. I added an internal HD about 5 years ago. It's a Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9 200 GB ATA/133 HDD. It has worked perfectly up and until 2 days ago. I turned off my computer and turned it back on 10 seconds later, and the drive was no longer recognized. Since it a secondary drive and not the main C:/ drive where all the programs are stored, Windows starts without a hitch and all the programs run perfectly also. However, the secondary drive is not recognized at all. Also, whenever I boot my computer, the HD makes a series of beeps. Yes, the actual HD is beeping. It is a series of ascending notes that sound like a ringtone. I have opened up my computer and I am absolutely 100 percent positive it is the HD that beeps (I guess it has a tiny speaker), NOT the motherboard or anything else. I changed the power cord from the hard drive to the main power supply but that didn't help. I also changed the flat gray cord that connects the HD to the PCI card but that didn't help either. What can I do besides try a recovery service that costs way too much? I had a lot of important information on there.
By the way, there are a few threads on different sites about this (like here: http://www.thetechlounge.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2691 ) but I couldn't find a solution.

A:Internal HD suddenly beeps and is not recognized

It may be on its last legs.

Try tests.

Free Hard Drive Testing Applications:
HD Tune
CheckDisk 1.03 (Marks bad sectors as unusable.)
HDAT2 (Diagnostics and bad sector recovery)
MHDD Low-level Diagnostics
Bootable Hitachi Drive Fitness Test Floppy or CD Image (works on most drives)

Hard Drive Manufacturers' Diagnostic Utilities Links:

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running Vista Home Premium
this is an eMachines T5086
The desktop computer is less than 2 years old.
We just moved. Now when I turn on the computer, it will make its whirling sounds then it will beep 3 times..like error beeps. The monitor will display "no signal". So I tried another monitor...same message. What could be wrong with it all of a sudden? This is the kids computer and they are sad

A:turn tower on..beeps 3 times..no image on monitor

To me it could be one of three things if you are comfertable going inside the computer try reseating the ram or if there are two sticks take one out and see if it will boot up if not put it back and take out the other stick and try to boot up if it will boot up with just one stick then the other stick is bad. to test the power supply see if your cd or dvd drive will open are there any lights showing? If its none of the above its your motherboard most probably a capicitators blown or something see if you can spot any dark marks like burn marks on the motherboard. Well I hope its the ram.

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Computer beeps 4 longs 4 shorts repeats 5 times then turns on

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Hi Guys.

I have a Dell Desktop that works well. However, I often press the power button and get no signal to the monitors. I hear 2 short beeps.

Then I press the power button again briefly, and the fan immediately turns off. I press the power again (not hold) and it starts to boot, but again, 2 short beeps and no signal to monitor.

After 2-5 times doing this, it all loads, and everything is great, and won't mess up if I leave the p.c. on.

Anyone have any ideas? Could it be a graphics card going? ram problem? battery on the mother board?

What could be causing this mystery?


A:Takes 2-4 times power on / off before booting (2 beeps) Mystery

How old is the motherboard? It could be the battery. I would run memtest.

RAM - Test with Memtest86+

Also please fill in the specs of the dell computer.

System Info - See Your System Specs

Edit for additional info, how are your temps? try this to see and post results.


Also have a read here

Troubleshooting Windows 7 Failure to Boot

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only way to reset is by removing the AC cord and the battery. happens each time the laptop goes into hibernation. Have updated to latest BIOS (2.23 for T540), have tried using sleep and/or hibernation. Have tried the solution center. no luck

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I have connected my new SSD to a PCIe slot and connected the power cable to wrong pins on the mother board. After this mistake the front panel PC indicator flashes in red and beeps 8 times. Here is what hp official page says: The Diagnostic LED blinks red 8 times and the system beeps 8 times (once per second), then a 2-second pause follows:This indicates an invalid system ROM based on bad checksum and entering Failsafe (Boot Block) recovery mode.To resolve the issue, complete the following steps:1) Re-flash the system ROM. (Failsafe Boot Block ROM Recovery)2) Replace the system board. Here is the photo showing to witch connector I used for the SSD. I have marked the correct pins and the wrong pins that I connected on the first try with red arrows: Do you think I am doomed to get a new motherboard? Could my mistake have fried the whole motherboard?.. 

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Whenever I turn on my laptop, it beeps many times until I enter any key on keyboard.

A:My dell laptop inspiron beeps many times while turning on

Thanks for writing to us. 
When did the issue start? Have you tried running hardware diagnostics from f12 menu? 
If possible please record the beeps and forward the file to us for better understanding. 
Do provide us your system tag#, email address and name via private message,by clicking on my name in blue and then select send a private message.


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Hi there,
I have a 4 year old Inspiron 15R SE 7520 laptop, now out of warranty, which has decided to beep repeatedly 3 times when powering up.  All I get is a blank screen and does not boot up.  Could someone help me to solve this issue please?

A:Inspiron 15R SE 7520 - Beeps 3 times continuously and does not boot

The mainboard is bad - you'll need to replace it to solve that problem.

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I have a 2 years old Inspiron 7537, it is working perfectly and out of warranty.
It beeps 5 times in Dec 2016 and I sent it to a shop to replace the CMO battery. it fixed the issue.
Then on Jan 2, I drained the laptop battery (not CMO battery) during a trip. It now continues to beep 5 times again.
Should i replace the CMO battery again or it is something else ? i drained my laptop battery a couple times before but don't think it will do anything to the CMO battery.
I did all the possible dell diagnostic and they all passed.
I can replace the CMO battery again but just want to make sure that i am fixing the root cause.
May I please have your comment.

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Looking for guidance on how to get my laptop working again. I removed the screen assembly because of a broken LCD panel. I haven't been able to find a replacement, so I'm hoping I can just use an external monitor. The only problem is, when I try to boot it up with an external monitor, the laptop beeps 8 times in a row continuously. The external monitor lags on the Dell welcome screen, but the f2 and f12 keys don't work. 
I've tried everything the forums suggest:
removing the battery, holding down the power button, and restarting,
removing the hard drive,
loading with the D button held down

Please advise.

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My computer refuses to start up and makes 2 beeping sounds. I found that I could force it to start by double tapping the power button to make it turn on then off immediately, after which I would turn it on again and it would work. I already looked online and tried cleaning my gpu and dusting ff the motherboard but it still doesn't work. The first times this appended, I waited a day, then I turned it on, and it turned itself off immediately without me needing to double tap. Then it started working again. When I got off and came back, it did the same thing then when I turned it on it stopped working and made those two infuriating beeping noises before refusing to start up. Does anyone have any idea what is wrong with this? It now refuses to turn itself on and off immediately, even if I double tap. My keyboard turns on, so i dont know what the problem is.
Specs: Intel 3570k
Sapphire 7870 ghz oc edition graphics card
Intel dz77ga-70k motherboard
Windows 7 home premium 64 bit

A:Solved: Computer beeps two times on startup, but doesn't actually start up

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I cannot find an answer to this particular sequence of beep codes. All in one is about five months old. After the series of 3 long 4 short beeps occurs five times, the PC boots to the desktop. Any suggestions? The PC is under warranty, but it would be nice if there was a simple fix first.

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I was playing a game on my PC while it was storming out and the power surged. Before I could unplug my pc the power came back on and my computer started back up. After starting back up it said installing update do not turn off the computer. I waited until it was done then it brought me to a black screen with a Windows logo and a circular loading bar. I waited somewhere between 5-10minutes before holding down the power button until it turned off. Upon turning the computer back on all the fans would work and everything it would show the blue screen that says to press esc then brings me to a black screen where it would have a _ mark in the top left and beep non stop. It isnt a long beep or anything its just multiple beeps non stop until I turn it off. I have tried taking out the ram and putting it back in but it just keeps beeping. I did a mem test and it showed that nothin was wrong with the ram.  The beeps are high pitched and very fast. 

A:Hp Pavilion beeps multiple times nonstop and black screens

This will help:http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/bph07107andhttp://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c02222922

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My computer when I switch it on beeps 3 times (+/- 3 or 4 secs long), continues to boot. Lights come on, hear fan and hard drive come on. Then it freezes. Power button wont work but reset does. Tried moving ram to other slot no difference.
Dont know my system details, but this is little I know

Motherboard : Written intel desktop board
Ram : 1 Gb
Harddrive : IDE excelstor 40gb. Boots and work when I conect to s friend computer
(disconnected the sata samsung 250 gb harddrive use it for storage)
Bios : Dont know what it looks like. So have not tried reseting jumpers.
Power supply : model atx 230v
Intel chip with gold bar in corner : intel

pls help. Confused very limited knowledge. will apreciate and try any suggestion

A:computer wont finish booting beeps 3 times and freezes

Without knowing the maker of your BIOS it's had to say what the 3 long beeps mean. Try disconnecting the keyboard and any other hardware except the monitor and see if the PC boots then.

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Hi Team,
My dell inspiron 15 3542 laptop beeps for 7 times from yesterday , the power light turns on & then slowly turns off & the beep sound starts.It is merely 1.4 years old.Please help me with any suggestion.
1.I have already tried using Fn key during start up,no luck
2.I tried removing battery , press power button for 15 sec, it doesnt help me

A:My dell inspiron 15 3542 laptop beeps for 7 times & dose not turn on

Hi Ananya_Garia
Thanks for writing to us. 
7 beeps indicates issue with the processor connector on the motherboard. Should your system be under warranty we can get it repaired.
Await your response.

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It beeps four times then stops and starts again....I have had this computer for a little bit over than a year. I really need help since I can't afford a new computer right now. It was working fine till I left it in sleep then after 45 mins when I went to turn it back on it did that. The lights come up but the desktop is completely black then followed by the beeps describe before.

Any help is extremely appreciated....Thank you so much!

A:[SOLVED] My laptop a Dell inspiron N5010 won't turn on and it beeps 4 times

I would suggest checking the memory modules first.

Try removing one of the modules and boot the laptop.

If unsuccessful swap the modules and try again

Inspiron N5010 Service Guide

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Randomly my laptop starts with a black screen and beeps 8 times. Using F8, I tried repairing it and it worked but again I got this problem, especially when I restart my computer or install updates. 8 beeps as I have researched means I have an LCD problem but I tried the D button trick (holding D while pressing power) and I see all the colors. This happened again today and I got through to my laptop using F8 again but how do I stop this from happening?
Any help will be appreciated,

A:Problem: Black screen on Inspiron 14z, beeps 8 times (please read details)

Hi Akini1,
Welcome to Dell Community Forum. Please run the LCD BIST diagnostics to determine exact point of failure.
Here are the steps to follow to run the LCD BIST:
Boot to the PSA diagnostics.
To launch the PSA+ Diagnostics on this system, perform one of the following actions:

Hold down the <Fn> key while pressing the power button.
Turn on the system, press <F12> at the initial Dell™ logo screen, and select Diagnostics from the boot menu.

Disconnect the AC power and remove the battery. While holding down the power button, insert the AC connector into the back of the system. The system then starts and the message Diagnostic boot selected displays. The system then launches the PSA+ Diagnostics.

Watch the screen and listen for the color bar test prompt tones emitted by the PSA diagnostics.  NOTE: If the screen is visible, the PSA diagnostics draws a series of multicolored bars across the screen. Once complete, a prompt asking if the pattern was seen appears accompanied by a brief series of tones. 
Press <N> or wait approximately 30 seconds to fail the color bar test. Watch for the LCD BIST color generation and listen for the beeps every 2 seconds that indicate LCD BIST is running. LCD BIST runs for approximately 20 seconds then stops. The 3-3-3 or 3-3-4 error code then is displayed upon the completion of the LCD BIST. While running this test, the LCD is operating on its own, free of the video controller which may be ... Read more

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Hello, when I power up my Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 my laptop beeps 7 times and the monitor remains black, do you have any recommendations for how to resolve?

A:Dell Inspiron 15R 5537 Beeps 7 times with blank video screen at start up

This is a bad mainboard and/or CPU.  Both are soldered together, so you'll need to replace the board.

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