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Brand new computer, Brand new windows 7.. no wireless?

Q: Brand new computer, Brand new windows 7.. no wireless?

I just unpacked my custom build and got it turned on.. went to try and get the internet working, and for the life of me.. i can't figure it out.
I don't even have a little wireless bar down in the right hand corner. when i try to connect to a network in network and sharing center, it wants me to plug in an ethernet cable. But i want wireless.. Also in the side panel of Network and sharing center, i don't even have the option for wireless.. i have Change adapter settings, and Change advanced sharing settings.

I try to set up a new connection or network and Connect to the internet, the only way it asks me to connect is by broadband(PPPoE). If i try set up a new network it asks me to choose the wireless router or access point i want to configure, might take up to 90 seconds for networks to appear.. but nothing pops up.
Anyone have any ideas?

Preferred Solution: Brand new computer, Brand new windows 7.. no wireless?

I recommend downloading and running DAP. It can help sort out any driver and firmware related issues on your system

It's worked out well for many of us in the past.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloaddap.org. (This link will open the download page of DAP so you can save a copy to your computer.)

A: Brand new computer, Brand new windows 7.. no wireless?

In Device Manager, Network Adapters, is your wireless shown?

If yes, is the driver installed? If no, is it enabled in BIOS?

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Recently I purchased an AM003i ibuypower desktop from amazon with the Black Friday deal and ever since it has been here it has continuously had issues with the network. Every other device works fine until this computer is connected through a wireless USB adapter, ( I have tried 3 different adapters and each suffer from the same problem). The connection shows that it is connected but it is not and it someone's switches back and forth between the limited exclamation mark. I have tried everything possible including cmd commands chancing the IPv4 back and forth from google and my router and setting it to automatic, I have even ran the trouble shooter over and over and it gives me different issues each time such as gateway not avaible or modem issue when it is clearly neither of those issues. The ibuypower support team have done everything they can and have not figured out anything out. What is weird is that after a while somehow I can miracously have internet and it will be fine until next shut down / restart. I may not play games nearly as much as I used to, but I still use the internet frequently. My family is really mad at me because of the situation when my computer is on and it says it's experiencing connection problems, it lags out the internet. Any help possible would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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I recently purchased a new desktop that runs XP Pro, SP2. I had to install a PCMIA wireless card and chose the Belkin wireless g card. I installed it as directed.

I have had a Belkin router for the past year for our two laptops and it works beautifully.

However, this desktop will connect to the internet initially, but after awhile (I can't determine a steady time period--anywhere between 20 minutes to 2 hours) it will lose the connection. It will see the wireless network and see that it has "excellent strength" but it will not connect.

When I try to click "repair connection" through Windows, it will repair it for about 2 minutes, then kick me off.

When I originally tried to repair the connection using the Belkin utility, it would see the signal strength but not connect, period.

So far I have tried:

de-checking the Belkin program from startup (through msconfig)
exchanging the desktop wireless card at Microcenter

I don't know what to do next. I have hardly had this computer a few weeks and don't use it much b/c of this problem, so I doubt it is a virus.

If anyone could help me I would really appreciate it.

A:Brand new computer but wireless network keeps kicking me off. ??


Try using a different channel from the default for the Router and PCMIA wireless cards.

You may be getting interference from another nearby Wireless Network or other wireless devices such as cordless phones.



Edit typo

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Dream Machine, bad brand? good brand?

What is your Dream Machine? I mean spec... but realistic example not a time machine and what component brand you have bad experience with and what brand you very worship?

heres my Dream Spec:
- AMD Athlon64 FX-74 quad-core
- dual 300gb internal hdd, 15,000rpm, 16mb cache
- Blue Ray burner
- 8gig Buffalo Firestix rams
- dual 2900XT 1gig version in crossfire mode
- E-Mu 1616M 16 channels sound card
- Physx card
- Killer Nic card
- Altec Lansing FX5051 89 watts 5.1 surround sound system
- 1000watt Antec TruePower Quattro psu
- Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit
- liquid cooling
- custom see through hard plastic glass case
- gigantic fan that cover each side of the case
- red lighting fancy neon colors
- every components all red color like ram, video card, mobo etc....
- Machine name: The Blood Demon

I chose amd processor cause so far I have no problem with amd cpu. I have bad experience with intel cpu's..... got celeron 466mhz and it auto reboot often and sometimes wont boot. got pentium3 1.10ghz on laptop and it is out of order for less than 3 years of purchase. got pentium4 3.0ghz 630 and going to folder full of pictures seems slower than my athlon64 3200+ winchester.

chose dual 300gb instead of one piece 1tb hdd is cause as i study theres no 1tb that has 15,000rpm so ill go with dual 300gb 15,000rpm, 16mb cache instead.

chose blu ray over hd dvd is... just felt like it.

chose buffalo firestix ram is ca... Read more

A:Dream Machine, bad brand? good brand?

That little lot wouldn't be any good without a mobo tho.

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i have just received my replacement tablet from best buy after one day having it code 10 on wireless adapter, i was on it it did one update then was able to get online again, after 2nd update, it failed to get my online, took it back to store and geeksquad confirmed hardware failure, which i initially assumed was a driver issue, so did they.. so they gave me a replacement, one update after replacement now code 10 on wireless adapter also..... this cant be so, this is rediculous, quality control cant be that bad... i was curious if anyone was familiar with these insignia tablets, quality of such, should i just get my money back

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i have just received my replacement tablet from best buy after one day having it code 10 on wireless adapter, i was on it it did one update then was able to get online again, after 2nd update, it failed to get my online, took it back to store and geeksquad confirmed hardware failure, which i initially assumed was a driver issue, so did they.. so they gave me a replacement, one update after replacement now code 10 on wireless adapter also..... this cant be so, this is rediculous, quality control cant be that bad... i was curious if anyone was familiar with these insignia tablets, quality of such, should i just get my money back

A:2 brand new insignia windows tablets wireless adapter code 10

Sounds impossible. Take a look at your Device manager for Driver issues.

Also, please update your OS in your TSF Profile.

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If you did the Windows 8 upgrade, this question most likely doesn't pertain to you, as your Windows 7 probably already had it on it.

This is for people who have purcahsed a NEW laptop or desktop running Windows 8.

1. Are you able to open web pages that contain Flash?
2. Did you have to download the Adobe Flash player or did it just open the Flash pages right-off-the-bat?
3. Is there an "App" in Windows 8 store to download the Flash player?

I realize that Flash is going away (probably with Windows 9), and was almost not support with Windows 8 but it is my understanding that do to some pressure, Microsoft did decide to support it.

I have a brand new Laptop with Windows 8, just out of the box, and it does not open flash on web pages that have it.

What can I do to solve this so I can see web pages with Flash on my Window 8 laptop?


A:Brand new computer with Windows 8 ?

There's two versions of IE10 in W8, a Metro/Modern version with limited support for Flash and the desktop version which you need to go to the Adobe website and download Flash for just like for previous versions of Internet Explorer.

You also have the option of using Google Chrome which includes Flash or Mozilla Firefox which you need to download a Flash plug in for which you also get from the Adobe Flash website.

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I've just set up a brand new Dell XPS 8700 desktop.  All uneventful except the Dell (wired) mouse didn't work - no problem, I have several wireless ones and they do work <G>.  The Dell is now online via WiFi; I will connect it to the router by cable in due course (I am fussy about cable quality so will wait till the new ones arrive <G>).  I am typing this now on the new Dell.
This initially set up Windows 7 Professional.  It says that Win 8.1 Pro is built in, I take it that is the Anytime Upgrade mentioned in several places.  I intend in due course (that is, almost immediately) to proceed to Windows 10 (can't see any reason not to?).  Question arising, should or must I first upgrade to 8.1, and from there to 10?
On starting up, the Win 7 wanted a whole mess of updates - more than a hundred.  Those are all now downloaded and installed.  I have not yet installed any software, other than Google Chrome as default browser.
For most of the past two years I have been using a Dell laptop, running Windows 8.0, as my main computer.  I now want to move most of my "stuff" - bookmarks, E-mail (and the rest of MS Office 365) etc., over to the desktop machine.  The laptop will then start living as a laptop, going to meetings and so on.
This machine (like all Dells AFAIK) came with a one year subscription to McAfee Live Safe.  I will eventually want to replace the McAfee with Avast Internet Securit... Read more

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I've bought a brand new system 2 weeks ago(Intel core2duo 8400) but Pioneer CD/DVD writer won't let me install any Windows on it(tried 5 different versions that work on other computers)! It starts installation but never finishes(just stops reading). After that won't read any Cd/DVD'S. When left without power overnight starts reading again but never long enough to complete Windows installation(when it stops I got different message every time: cannot copy file or file is missing etc.). I'd brought it back 3 times for the repair and every time I was told that nothing is wrong with my system. Next time they gonna charge me if I bring it back for the same problem. I didn't want to open it and connect my old burner because of warranty(they can say that I messed up something). Any ideas!! I am really going nuts!

A:Can't install Windows on brand new computer!!!

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Hello All.

I need some help really badly.
I've just got a brand new laptop for my birthday/christmas , and is already installed with windows 10.
My laptop is a HP Pavilion 17-G153NA, and is brand new.
My problem is removing windows 10, which is a pain to remove.
I've tried to install windows 7 64bit hp factory default, but with no success.
I've tried to install windows 7 32bit straight from the disc, but it just spin with no image or anything.
I've tried windows xp professsional, it go so far, but states that the ACPI something like that is incompatible with.
I've tried windows vista, straight from the disc, but when it comes to install on disc, it states can't install as the harddisk gtp setup something like that, and won't install.
Is there anyway to remove windows 10, as my old laptop, an acer aspire 7551, which is 6 years old, has windows 7 home premium 64bit, which i'm using right now, but is so long in the tooth with being very slow, and my new laptop, which is extremely powerful, just sits doing nothing, with windows 10.
I really need to remove windows 10 as its doing my head in.
Anyone know how, much appreciative for your help.

A:Removing Windows 10 from a brand new computer :-(

Hi BCMMSX and welcome to the Forum
I don't think you can "go back" to Windows 7 as your new machine never had Win 7 in the first place. Have you got a licence key and installation disc for Windows 7 Retail.
When it comes to cleaning the hard drive his should do the job;
Darik&#39;s Boot and Nuke download | SourceForge.net

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I have been having problems with downloading files and watching videos on youtube.com, etc..

It is a desktop. HP, Model p6823w, 3.50 GHz Processor, 4 GB Ram Memory, 64 Bit Operating System, Windows7 Home Premium.

So instead of re-instaling my HP recovery disks on the 1T HDD I had in the computer, I bought a new 1T HDD, re-installed the original Windows7 that came with the computer in hopes I could get back to the use of downloading files and the use of youtube.com.

But the same $#%@&!*#$ problem and nothing has been downloaded on the new HDD except the Windows7 Recovery Disk Set.

Connected to the internet, went to youtube.com, tried it , NO GO!

Tried downloading "FlashPlayer", which youtube "needs" to run and the computer stopped downloading after about 10%.

Anyone have any suggestions on what the problem is?

I am wondering if the memory chip might have some kind of problem. I ran Microsoft's Memory Checker that is in Windows7 but it said nothing is wrong.

The download features worked perfectly for well over a year with the new HP computer but just started all this about 3 or 4 months ago and I have tried everything the forum guys have suggested on, removing malware, viruses, etc, and no better. I thought sure this new hard drive and reinstalling Windows7 would cure the problem but NOOOO!

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

BTW, I have a Dell computer sitting on the same desk as this problematic HP/Windows7. It is running XP Pro and w... Read more

A:OK. I have a Brand New HDD in my computer and Windows 7 Installed

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I just built my second computer. I bought all the parts I needed and went to work installing them in my new tower.

My specs are in my profile!

Problem is I am getting all these pixels on my screen. I don't know what it is but it only started after a day on my new machine. I did a bunch of updates and installed the driver that came with the Card but It is really bugging me that this brand new machine is messed up! I thought it was a temperature issue but its running at 37 C so its not the temp of the Card! What else could it be? I will install the newest driver and see if that changes anything and will post back with my results!

A:Brand New Machine with Brand New Problems

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I have a Dell laptop. When comparing as new products and not taking into account that Dell wont warranty the product if I use a non-Dell battery, is there a big difference between brand name batteries and so-called generic replacement batteries? I mean, do the generic batteries last just as long as the genuine Dell batteries?

A:Brand name vs. non-brand name laptop batteries

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I just purchased a microsoft zune mp4 player (brown 30gb). I have loaded all my music (that's compatible) and my video files, and a few pictures. The 2nd day I was on a road trip and it ran out of battery that night, and I left it alone I had no computer access to charge it. The next morning I open the zune software to charge it (today), and I wanted to load a song onto it and it said error, no more space. How is this possible if I had 21 gigs left the last night and i only have 1200 songs, 10 pics, and 2-3 movies, 10 music videos. I looked online and also other people had the same problem, but it didn't show how to solve it. And the microsoft website just said the inbox should've been enlarged, and that didn't make any sense but I did it anyway, no results. I just spent 200 bucks on something I was pretty hyped about, now look where it put me, microsoft always lets me down from the x64OS, to MFSX, and to this.

Does anybody know what to do?

A:Brand new Zune, Brand new problem


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Ok, I built a computer... specs are as follows
it's socket A
AMD 2600+
512 megabytes of ram(doubt this matters but oh well)
80 gig western digital 7200
mobo is a gigabyte 7VT600P-RZ

it posts fine.. I just really have no clue on how to install windows XP, I set first drive to boot in the bios as the CDROM and put in the windows XP disk, it goes to a blue screen with white text on the bottom saying it's loading stuff.. Then it says "Loading Windows XP" for about 10 seconds, then I get a 2 tone alarm (2 beeps each, like "beep boop beep boop" and the computer shuts down. I don't think it's a heat issue as I can let the computer run all day in dos and it won't shut down, but once it gets to Loading windows Xp it goes downhill...

So guys help me any ideas?

My AIMer is Kriegsher if anyone wants to try and walk me through this

A:Unable to install Windows XP on brand new computer

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Well, where do i start?

It has been 4 days now, and i have ran outta ideas. From, nLite, drivers, even went and bought a new HD.

Basically here it is in a nut shell. Been building computers now for roughly 11 years now, never ran into a problem i couldn't fix without help.

Built a "semi" good computer.

P5LD2 Asus MB.
1gig Kingston Ram
160gig SATA WD HD
P4 LGA 775 2.8 Gig Dual core
x1600 ATI video
Off brand CD-RW(Have others available, but this will be in the final computer)
Off-Brand DvD-Rw(Have 2 others available, this will also be in the final computer)
Cheap Floppy
160gig EIDE WD HD(my new one I just bought today)
Windows OEM XP Pro

Day 1
Well basically here it is, Got all my parts in, put it together, booted up fine! yay! I place my Windows CD in to install it, after making sure my SATA drive was detected and everything. Got all the way through the windows loading for the install, and then it Error'd out, 0x0000007b...fine seen this before, time to make a floppy with the right drivers.

Day 2
So after finding the right drivers and putting them on a floppy...same error... ok lets nLite a CD and just put all my drivers on the CD and get it over with...1 hour later, new CD...still same error...

Day 3
Ok getting alittle upset now, with stress at work, and the holiday season... Lets just go buy a EIDE HD, so i wont have to install these drivers, and it will all work(meh, Best buy had it on sell today for 60$) One long trip to best buy, and one long w... Read more

A:New Help, Windows wont install on a Brand new computer!

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ok - brand new dell desktop - windows xp pro

Try to open my computer, control panel, outlook, my documents, etc - sometimes it works, but mostly i get the following error:

Error Signature

AppName: Explorer.exe AppVer: 6.0.2900.2180 ModName: ntdll.dll
ModVersion: 5.1.2600.2180 Offset: 00018fea

How do I go about fixing this? Dell says its a software issue and want me to pay for them to fix it cuz its past 30 days. HELP!!!

A:Windows explorer error - brand new computer

If you have a System Restore point that predates the problem, that might be the quickest fix -- otherwise I can tell you it might be very hard to sort out by trial and error troubleshooting.
Start > Run: msconfig > Launch System Restore.

Look for a date when you did not have the problem. System Restores can be undone if not helpful.

I've seen this error in the past, but it was generally limited to "right click" context menu access.

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i have recently bought this computer only used it a couple of times.
i7 , 8 gb ram , 1 tb hdd , etc.
yesterday i was uninstalling the av when bsod happened , netio.sys.
attached is the dump.
the os is windows 7 home edition sp1



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I just purchased this new computer from Best Buy on Friday, 12/2, after returning a Lenovo with a bad hard drive. The computer came loaded with Windows 10. Everything seemed to be working except applications such as Calculator and Windows Store. They appear as a flash and then disappear. I was on with the geek squad for 4 hours and they cleared everything, checked malware, etc but couldn't fix the problem. Then calling MS they said I had to pay for a fix. Instead, call HP to help. Maybe reload W10. A brand new computer and i have to pay to fix it?? IS there a fix for this? Since this was preloaded with Windows 10, its not as if i can reload it. HELP

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so i got a brand new computer with windows 7 and i plug in the cable modem and all connections ared good but when accessing the interner everything is very slow. also i cheked the network and it came up with one problem saying dns server error. i researched a little and found that it might have something to do with windows 7 virtual wifi

A:brand new computer windows 7 very slow internet PLEASE HELPPPPP

What is the rated speed of your connection as described by your ISP (internet service provider)? See what http://speedtest.net/ says.What browser are you using? If you're using IE8, I recommend trying Firefox.

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I am looking for some help with what brand card to buy for my home network.I have a 2 story home with windows XP on 4 computers 3 desktops and 1 laptop.I am using a SBC 2wire DSL modem router.
I tried Netgear and I will never buy another product made by them.The wg311t cards that I bought locked up by computer everytime I restarted, nothing but headaches.
So I really need a very good card that will not casue conflicts with my AMD 3000XP and SOYo Dragon plus KT600 MB with VIA chipset.

A:What wireless brand to buy

Linksys is always a good brand

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I am considering going wireless but I want to make sure I get quality. I heard bad things about d-link. Anyone have any suggestions?

A:Solved: What is the best brand for wireless?

In truth, any of the major brands will serve you well. I've used D-Link, Netgear, and SMC with excellent results. I have no reason to believe Linksys would not work well, I just haven't used their wireless stuff.

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Hello everyone.
How important is it to have the same brand of wireless card for the laptop and wireless router--ie if I have a Netgear card in the laptop, must I use a Netgear wireless router, or can I choose another brand, ie D-Link or Belkin. (I am ordering an Inspiron E1505 laptop from Dell and other than a draft n card, I am not sure what brand the wireless card will be). The laptop will be Vista. My desktop where the wireless router will be installed is a Dell Dimension 8300 with Windows XP Pro, SP2 which just has a cable modem now.

A:Same Brand of Wireless Router and Card

As long as you stick with standard protocols, you should be fine mixing brands. I have four brands of wireless adapters here, and two different brands of routers. All of them play 802.11g together nicely.

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Linksys has a tradition of being touted as one of the best home grade router and wireless networking devices (as well as wired, of course). Anybody can do wired. But it seems when it comes to wireless, they're reluctant to maintain a driver set that supports the latest upgrades (Vista is not supported by my wireless B card, for example), and the router it authenticates with has not seen a firmware update from Linksys for quite some time. A firmware update would be great for that router if they would finally address an issue it has with high amounts of UDP traffic causing it to freeze, requiring a reset. Some people think these things should just be regarded as water under the bridge, and that I should just toss the equipment in the trash with a smile and spend more money on new equipment. But others, like me, know that this hardware is still capable of performing well if only it were supported with an occasional driver update or firmware release.

So...enough about my gripe with Linksys. If you guys think it's still "the @#$#", then I'll buy it again. But if anyone out there thinks there's a competing manufacturer who's customer service, support, and functionality/reliability of their hardware rivals or beats Linksys, I'm all ears.

A:What's your favorite brand name wireless manufacturer?

I've tried Linksys, Dlink, Netgear, and Belkin. I've always gotten the strongest and most reliable signal with my Belkin Pre-N equipment. I've had it for about 3 years so it's a little outdated but has never given me any problems.


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Hi I'm pretty much new to the whole world of wireless networking due to me always having a desktop and nothing else, but now I have the need for some type of wireless network in my house due to the addition of a few new gadgets.

Basically, I have my desktop hooked up to my cable modem via USB, because my computer's ethernet port no longer works. So, basically, where do i go from here? I know I need a wireless router, but will I need anything else? Should I get that port fixed? Thanks in advance for your help

A:Brand new to wireless networking, help needed

I'd buy a cheap PCI NIC and get the Ethernet port working.

If you have a modem that supports Ethernet, you just need a broadband wireless router. If you already have the "wireless gadgets", that's all you need.

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I've been using linksys for a couple of years, but it seems like they stop updating their firmware after a certain period of time goes by for devices they make. They also seem to make almost too many varieties of the same hardware, which can cause a little bit of confusion when looking for drivers.

I've messed around with a dlink before, but I'd have to say that I like the internal configuration web pages layout on the linksys.

I am wanting to upgrade my network to something faster and more reliable (as this wireless B is just a pain, as well as much more insecure). However, I might actually decide to simply run cat 5 cables through my attic to each room (keystone jacks and everything) as this would probably be cheaper than upgrading the PC, replacing the router, and replacing the wireless card on my laptop. So, cost is in the mix. I'll stay wireless if it's cheap enough and if I don't have to expect screwing around with it for hours because of some sort of bug or bad firmware.

Also, I am wanting to convert all of my computers over to linux and would like a brand of wireless adapter that is known to support linux well.

A:What is your favorite brand of wireless network stuff and why?

i have friends with all sorts of manufacturers and they all seem OK to me

I have had dlink for about 4 years all ok

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I just bought a new Gateway NV53, running Windows 7. When I boot the computer, it finds my home network with no problems and it connects me automatically... within about 1-2 mins, my connection drops and my laptop can no longer find ANY wireless networks to connect to (i live in an apartment block so there is usually at least 3 networks that are visible) The only thing that seems to fix the problem is to restart my computer, but again, it will only find and keep the connection for about a minute...

I'm thinking a its a Windows 7 related problem, b/c my other laptop does not lose it's connection through my router... although I'm oficially stumped...

any ideas would be greatly appreciated... thanks

A:dropped wireless connection on brand new laptop

have you checked your network adapters in device manager?

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My family currently just bought my brother an HP Intel Core i3-330UM Processor Laptop. Everything was fine until we tried to connect to our home wireless. I do not know what is causing this problem. I was looking around on google and I saw that Windows 7 may not be compatible with our old router. Is this the issue? What recourse do I have to fix this? Is there something I can do with the router (Linksys) or do we have to purchase a new router that is windows 7 compatible?

Thank you for your help

A:Brand new laptop not connecting to wireless internet

Quote: Originally Posted by ortegar1210

My family currently just bought my brother an HP Intel Core i3-330UM Processor Laptop. Everything was fine until we tried to connect to our home wireless. I do not know what is causing this problem. I was looking around on google and I saw that Windows 7 may not be compatible with our old router. Is this the issue? What recourse do I have to fix this? Is there something I can do with the router (Linksys) or do we have to purchase a new router that is windows 7 compatible?

Thank you for your help

Its not the router.

Are you using homegroup?

Have you updated the wifi driver?

Can we get your system specs and network setup?

Ken J

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Hi, I had an HP Pavillion for a number of years and last week I found myself unable to connect to the network.  This was the first in a long line of events that ended up with the computer completely dying and me having to buy a new one. I now have a brand new HP Envy notebook and EXACTLY the same is happening.  I've been through all the recommended steps on the self help guide on here, made sure all the wireless drivers are up to date, and the troubleshooter is coming up with the following: Problem with wireless adapter or access pointA cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken. Thankfully I'm able to connect via an ethernet lead but this is obviously not a fix.  Why would this happen on a brand new computer and be an identical issue to what I had on my old computer? (the wifi and router are working fine in general, other devices connect with no problems). Please can someone help me, I have a lot of work to do this weekend and the helpline isn't open until Monday. (Please bear in mind that whilst I'm confident in using a computer, I'm not at all confident in doing back end stuff and working with registry keys or anything like that). I'd appreciate some guidance,Thank you, Caroline

A:Brand new HP Envy - wireless adapter not working

CarolineDBC Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums!I read your post about your WiFi not working on your new PC and wanted to help.Since this is a relatively new machine, instead of struggling for hours to fix it yourself, why not just let HP fix it -- for free!!  You should contact HP Customer Support directly to have them put you in touch with HP Technical Support to see what they can do about diagnosing and repairing your machine remotely.I did this recently and the HP Tech was able to remotely access my PC from the Internet and do the needed repairs.If you live in the US or Canada, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/phone-assist.html#section1If you live elsewhere, contact information is on this page: http://www8.hp.com/us/en/contact-hp/ww-contact-us.htmlNOTE: After you get through, stay on the line until you are finally able to talk to some one -- it can take a while!Good LuckI am a volunteer and I do not work for, nor do I represent, HP.========================================================================If you feel my suggestions helped you, please click the Thumbs-Up symbol to say thanks!If they helped resolve your issue, please click "Accept As Solution" to help others find similar information.

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I got a new xps 15 - 9550 4 days ago. The wireless does not work, and ever since I've been trying to get it to work. I've done all the suggestions on the internet (disable WMM, enable ip flushing via regedit & flush ip / winsock, disable power saving on the wireless card, disable netbios, add new protocol(reliable multicast)), none of them helped. I then purchased the usb-c adapter and tried the ethernet, but it does not even recognize there is an ethernet connection. I then tried the wireless, bios and thunderbolt driver updates on the dell website (sent them using my macbook via bluetooth), but they didn't help either.
When I try win10 troubleshooting, it says "one or more network protocols are missing on this computer"
Please help, I'm about to lose my mind, it's been 4 days :/

BREAKTHROUGH: I can browse the internet perfectly fine over a hotspot from my OnePlus 3 (2.4 GHz band). Not sure what this means, but at least I know it's not a hardware problem.

A:brand new xps 15 - 9550; wireless / ethernet does not work

If the system came with a copy of the malware known as McAfee Live Safe, uninstall it and let WIndows defender activate.  Then reboot and I'll bet you have network connections once again.

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I just received a brand new S6500 wireless speaker, but it simply does not power up. If I plug in the USB cable to a charger, I don't even get the light to turn on. No button responds, the on/off button at the base of the device has no effect. Any suggestion before I return it?

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I purchased my brand new Compaq presario CQ60- 430SA last night, and with it I bought a Belkin N150 wireless router.
This morning I made my way through setting up the router, to find out that i could connect to local, but not the internet. I queried this on the help and support on my laptop, and was led to try and set up an internet account. it then told me on attempting to connect to the internet that my dad's details and IP address etc. were incorrect. He is with supanet, and i have all of his details from him next to me.
I tried several times trying over and over, and eventually after 3 or 4 tries i gave up.

Can anybody please help me?

A:Solved: Internet problems with brand new laptop and wireless :(

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I have a Speedtouch Wireless g adaptor which I want to use to connect another pc to the internet. The trouble is it was designed to work in conjunction with an Orange Livebox adsl modem router which i no longer have. So i just want it to connect to my current Belkin N1 modem router. The original installation disc wants me to connect it to the orange livebox- of course I can't and it all ends there. I tried just installing it through windows and the hardware isnt found. There must be a way-after all its only a standard USB wireless G adaptor.
Im using XP Pro .
Any ideas anone- is there a generic driver I could use and is there a generic wireless connection utility?

A:How to use a branded USB wireless adaptor to connect to different brand router

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Hi guys. Recently bought new HP laptop, ran into problems since day one.I took it back thinking it was maybe a problem with the computer itself, so I exchanged it for another one but the same model type. These are the issues I ran into:First laptop:1. Downloaded Chrome first up, that worked fine. Tried to download iTunes, download become interupted at 12% (after many clean attempts to download it) every time. Exactly 12%.I tried Microsoft edge, and would get to 10% before the download was interupted. Again, 10% every time. 2. Thinking it was an update issue, I tried updating the computer with all the Windows updates. Couldn't complete any of the installations. I would get an error saying "Installation complete: Failed to install". 3. Even tried turning off Firewall, turning off/uninstalling McAfee (partially because they did an antivirus deal with it, which I wouldn't have bought if I knew the computer already had an AV!), still didn't work. 4. Tried system restore a few times, nothing fixed. Watching YouTube would work fine for maybe 15 minutes before webpages would load all the way to a crawl, before evnetually failing to load. Restarting the computer would fix the problem for another 15 minutes, before the cycle began again. Took the laptop back and exchanged for the same model. Laptop 2 issues:1. Again, can't properly download iTunes. Interuptions at 10% again using Microsoft Edge. But that's if the download would eve... Read more

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Long story short: Received my new laptop on Monday and I installed Windows 7 and the Drivers on Tuesday. I was able then to connect to the internet wirelessly in another room in my house.

My router is a 6 year old + wired Linksys G router and in order to provide wireless in my home I set-up a TrendNet Access Point N a year and a half ago. Though there are times that I need to periodically reboot we can access the internet anywhere in the house on our laptops.

The laptop at the beginning connected fine recognizing the TrendNet and the signal was strong. I then installed Windows Updates, Microsoft Essentials and the latest Adobe Flash. By the way, the W7 firewall was enabled from the beginning.

After a time I shut it down but when I came back this system will not connect at all.

1. It shows that the system is connected to the Access Point with a strong signal but when I go to connect to the internet wirelessly it constantly says that there is a problem.

2. Diagnosis says it?s my modem, access point, or router. So I reset them at least five times but nothing has changed. Besides, my two PC's have no trouble connecting to the internet. Two Lenovo laptops have no trouble connecting to the internet throughout the house. I even fired up my 8 year old Toshiba Tecra S1 using a TP Link USB adapter at the opposite end of the house and it connects.

3. Diagnosis diagram shows connection from Access Point to laptop but no connection from laptop to internet.

4. I did a syste... Read more

A:Brand new laptop: Wireless worked at the start, now it doesn't


if it shows the current IP address as 169.x.x.x then the issue is not finding
(or being blocked from sending/receiving ) the DHCP service in the router.

ALSO, if you see an IP address like 0db8:85a3:0000:0000:8a2e:0370:7334
then you have IPv6 enabled on the laptop;
1) google for disable ipv6
2) apply the solution for your {XP,Vista,Win/7} laptop

reboot and reconnect

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i was brought new laptop and i install it with my genuine Windows 7 Professional 32 Bit. There was no problem at all, but when i installed the wireless adapter it said ' install success ' but my wireless not shown, and i check it in network connection and device manager no adapter found. i try to install another adapter and still goes same result. Please help me resolve this problem

A:My new brand laptop cant detect any wireless adapter, ASUS A455LD

When you installed the first driver was it showing up in the device manger before hand, and is your cpu a 4 series or 5 series u cpu? Fill this out for us please. System Info - See Your System Specs Asus on their support site for Malaysia (where google said the pc is sold so its what I went off of) only has drivers for 64 bit 8.1 so we need to know the specs of yours specifically to tell you what to get for 32 bit win 7. Does it show up in device manager if you push the airplane on your keyboard in top left?

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I'm on the verge of buying a system and debating between these two devices.

Linksys Wireless-G USB Network Adapter with Speedbooster :

Or the name brand...

Microsoft Wireless Network Adapter Xbox 360:

Been to the xbox 360 forum and they seem to be completely clueless. A friend of mine uses another linksys device and it works fine. Some of the people over at teh xbox forum think that it will not work due to a driver issue which doesn't make much sense to me. Basically, the microsoft device costs $100 and the other only $15 so I'm trying to make a logical better buy.

Anyone able to clear this up for me with no assumptions... please?

A:Xbox 360 networking question -Do I have to use a name brand microsoft wireless device

There is a list of model numbers that will workat www.xbox.com I have a linksys BEFSR41 (ver 3) it cost $80 at walmart. and its on the list.

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I bought this Desktop computer only a few months ago, three at the most. And since I bought the damned thing it's been nothing but slow and a pain to work with. I got a 10 year old laptop that runs faster than this. I can't do anything on this POS without it crashing or it taking a ridiculous amount of time. Should have known with it being at damned walmart that it'd be worthless. Is it just me or are other people experiencing it too? I bought this thing to do some light, and I mean very light gaming and to work on school projects. I barely have five files on this thing of very small size. So far I'm wishing I had just saved the extra money and gone with apple, at least their products actually work. Never again.

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I just put together a new system from scratch ( and regretting it BIG TIME).
I have an intel d915GAG board with an intel P4 3.2 chip. Brand new WD HD, floppy, and 2 dvd/cd drives. After the final screw was tightened, I started my new system and the intel logo appeared. I pressed ESC and it appears to start the bios setup. It flashes my memory size (size is 512 MB), then the screen immediately flashes and begins to do and IDE scan, in which it promptly tells me that Device 0 not detected, device 1 not detected, device 2 not detected, device 3 not detected....and the setup stops right there. I don't have a clue, after searching Intel's site for 2 hours where to go from here. I can sure use a clue. Thanks

A:Brand New Computer

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What would you do to protect a brand new computer. its actually a laptop toshiba w/ vista


A:Brand New Computer What To Do

What came pre installed on the computer?

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Good Morning Everyone!

I wasnt sure just where to post this so here it is...A friend of mine asked my advice on just what to install on a brand new computer. Having lost former computer to something totally nasty and having set financial limits, I suggested an updating antivirus such as Nortons, a Zone Alarm firewall (freebie), AdAware & Spybot. User friendly products are a bonus too.

Your recommendations would be most appreciated.

A:Brand New Computer

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I purchased a brand new Inspiron 15, 3000 series laptop and am using it for the first time.  I plugged it in and turned it on.  The screen is blank.  Does it take a while to boot up?  What am I doing wrong?

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I have a computer that is 3 days old and locking up very often where I can't even close things in "Task Manager". You guys helped me so much to get my last computer in amazing condition.

Can someone please walk me through all the scans so I can get rid of all the garbage programs the manufacturer on it?

A:Please help with brand new computer

Since you are already receiving help here, please continue in that thread. Do not start new threads or duplicate topics as this causes confusion and makes it more difficult to get the help you need to resolve your issues. Further, it necessitates staff spending time with housecleaning to remove those duplicate postings...time which could have been provided to others needing assistance.Thanks for your cooperation.This thread is closed. If you have any questions, please PM me or another Moderator.

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I just got a brand new laptop and was wondering before I even turn it on for the first time, the proper steps to maximize security for my new PC. I plan on using AVG for antivirus. Also, I was considering the following: ad-aware, spybot, hjt, and spywareblaster. Any other recommended progs? Anything else I should do the first time I turn it on? Also, I do not want to use IE. Any recommendations for a better substitute and do I totally wipe IE off of my system? Thanks in advance.

To the tech guys and mods on this forum, what would you do if it were your PC and you were starting it up for the first time?

Thanks again.

A:Brand New Computer

JJAndry said:

Also, I do not want to use IE. Any recommendations for a better substitute and do I totally wipe IE off of my system? Click to expand...

You don't want to disable IE, as other webpages can only be viewed (properly) in IE.

You can get extensions tho for firefox, but they aren't perfect yet and have some bugs, so you would still need IE.

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i just got this brand new computer(custom built) and when i turn it on it starts making this beeping noise. i dont know why it does tht but when i hook it up to the moniter it doesnt respond. i will list exactly what is in the computer below.

Sempron 64 3000+

AM2 Motherboard -w- 6100(came with a installatin disk)



160GB hard drive

Black Exo Computer Case

A:Brand New Computer Need Help!!!!!

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Right out of the box...beatiful...

$4000...top of the line everything...

Probelm is when I bought the dual monitors graphics card, and have both monitors pulgged in, the windows display settings still wont let it go dual monitors...it only detects a generic video card and 1 generic monitor....

Both monitors are plugged in and working, cause I turned it on and vista was using both monitors to display the desktop twice (2 pointers) and all of the sudden turned one off, and only one works now...

I suspected a driver problem, so I go to the ATI website and download the driver, and the website lets me download the catalyst program or whatever, and the driver specifically...

I click on them and say run, and after they finish, even with the close this box when im finished box unchecked, it closes and doesn't load anything....so I went to the file again and tried several times, and then when I click to save the file, it just closes as if nothing was ever pressed...

So i have 2 issues...not being able to download anything
Not having the right drivers installed for the second monitor to work....

Thanks for any help

A:Brand new computer....

Have you verified which version of Vista you're using (ie 32 bit or 64 bit)?

Next, it's not advisable to select "Run" when downloading something - you won't get any feedback (and, if it's a virus, you've just allowed it to install on your system).

Instead, select Save and save it to your desktop. Once it's there, scan it with your antivirus to make sure it's not infected - then it'll be safe to run (and you can monitor it's progress when installing it).

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