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Secondary hard drive cage for Thinkcentre M91p 4524

Q: Secondary hard drive cage for Thinkcentre M91p 4524

Having a hard time finding a part number for the secondary hard drive cage. This would be the cage that is L-shaped and attaches to the base of the tower. For now I was able to put the 2nd hard drive in the card reader bay, but would prefer to mount as designed as I'm concerned with the heat associated with one hard drive mounted directly about the other.thanksjoe

Preferred Solution: Secondary hard drive cage for Thinkcentre M91p 4524

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Secondary hard drive cage for Thinkcentre M91p 4524

Since no one ever answered this, and I have one in front of me...The sticker says the part number is 43N9680The stampings in the metal say 1B03AFY00 REV B and 2G266-01 REV B

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Kingston a400 (120GB) or Samsung 860 EVO (250GB), Are these SSD's compatible with M91p (4524-PJ1)?. I need to upgrade my PC

A:Compatible SSD with ThinkCentre M91p (4524-PJ1)?

I used a Samsung 850 Evo 250 GB in a M91p tower.  So the 860, being an update, will work also. 

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Hi all, I am in need of installing a second disk drive for my ThinkCentre E53 10AS. I read the manual, which has instructions on replacing the disk drive - it does mention that in order to install a second disk drive, to follow these same instructions! Of course, it would not be an identical process. For example, there are 3 SATA plugs on the mother board, SATA1, SATA2 (both red), and SATA3 (yellow). SATA1 is plugged into the HDD.
There is a box connected to the power button, that has two buttons on the back. SATA power and SATA data. The SATA power is connected to the HDD and the motherboard via a 4-wire cable. The SATA data is connected to the HDD via a ribbon SATA cable. 
So, if I want to install a second HDD, do I use a SATA plug to connect it to the yellow SATA 3 plug? 
Does the fact that the plug is yellow mean anything?
And finally, I have looked everywhere, but cannot figure out what the max HDD capacity would be for a secondary drive? I bought a WD Red 3TB. Hopeful it works?
Any advice is greatly appreciated! 
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A:ThinkCentre (E53): need to install as secondary hard disk drive

According to the hardware maintenance manual for the E73, the two motherboard SATA connectors (which you say are red) are SATA3 which supports 6GB/s.  The third one (which you say is yellow) is SATA2 which supports 3GB/s.
Sinc you've bought a SATA3 drive, you should use the second red SATA3 connector to get maximum performance out of it.  Be sure you use a SATA3 data cable and not a SATA2 data cable, as that's part of the requirement to get SATA3 performance.
As far as drive capacity goes, there's no hardware limit pertaining to your E73.  However there IS a consideration depending on the fact that your drive is larger than 2TB.  In order for a new drive to be usable, it must be "partitioned" and "formatted with a file system".  And in order to use a drive larger than 2TB the partitioning technique must be GPT, and not MBR.
You can partition the new drive to have one or more partitions, but if you mistakenly use MBR as the partitioning technique only 2TB of the drive will be visible and usable for partitions.  And there will be a maximum of four "primary" partitions (or a maximum of three "primary" partitions and any number of "logical" partitions).  The extra 1TB of your new 3TB drive will be invisible and unusable.  And the largest MBR partition is also limited to 2TB.
In contrast, if you partition the drive using GPT (which is the modern partitioning method that is recommended), this method supports drives... Read more

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I would like to add more hard drives into my computer, but the "drive cage" only docks spaces for 2 hard drives in the HPE-270f. There is addition space below the blu-ray drive that hold's a 3rd HD which I am already using. There is space for 2 more HD's if the cage was expanded or if a bigger cage for my model is available that can house 3-4 HD's instead of only two. Are there HD cages (caddy) that are made for my model computer that can do so? Or are there caddy addons that will allow me to attach them to my existing one?You can see images of the HD cage being pulled out here and how there is plenty of space above/next to it for more: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01882178

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Hi!I want to install a MSI Radeon RX480 8gb in my M91p, but it doesn't boot. I think the Bios can't hande the card.The newest Bios-Version i found is 9HKT58AUS.Do i have any chance to make the graphic card work?

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Hello, i can't pull out the hard drive from my HP Compaq dc7700 CMT, I pull up the green bracket and when i try to pull out the hard drive it's stuck, i used all my force put i can't get it out.What can i do?

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I am upgrading an Inspiron 620 to Windows 10.  I choose to do the upgrade on a new hard drive to preserve the original hard drive as a backup.  When I attempted to remove the hard drive from its mounting following the instructions (remove two screws and pull) I could not get it to come out of the cage.  Something appears to be holding the hard drive securely in the cage.  I removed the two screws that mount the hardware to the hard drive with no success.  Currently I plan to install the new hard drive in the tower leaving the old hard drive unpowered but would like to remove it to place it in an external USB case.
Any ideas as to what might be locking the hard drive in the case would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

A:Inspiron 620 Hard Drive Stuck in cage

Its a super tight fit.  What you do is get a pair of pliers and squeeze the ears of the rails inward and it will slide out like nothing was ever wrong. (I am assuming you removed BOTH screws BEFORE trying to bend the ears) Using both hands and standing on the case and pulling wont get it out.  I considered smashing the drive with a sledge but decided against that.

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I picked up an XPS 8500 used, but it's missing the 3.5" hard drive cage(2 drives).
I've been unable to locate a DPN for this anywhere.
Anyone have that info?  Are replacements available from Dell?

John R

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Hello, I am trying to replace the hard drive on my desktop computer, but I am currently having trouble  with removing the metal cage that encloses the hard drive. This is the recommended method of replacing the hard drive, according to these instructions: http://www.manualslib.com/manual/359309/Hp-Pavilion-P6230f.html?page=21#manual I am stuck on step 13 for that manual in particular. I push down on the "#1" latch, and pull forward, but it's not sliding forward. I am unsure what I am doing wrong, but the thing is not moving. Do you guys have any idea what I may be doing wrong? Thank you.

A:Unable to Remove Hard Drive Cage from Desktop computer

Hi, Slide the HDD cage towards the top of the PC  while depressing the latch. Then pull the cage out of the tower. I have an h8 1380t with the same HDD cage. Jay   

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First of all, I would like to appologize since Im not an expert on IT and I dont know most of the technical words to refeer to some things... And so I have my computer at work. I used to love it because it was so fast and I could do plenty of tasks with it at the same time (e.i. listening to music while I translate some docs, searching on internet looking for words, forums, etc.) But last year, it started to reboot/restart by itselft. I realized it happens when I see videos on youtube (but not always), when I check some websites with music or when the website has too much information and pics and similars (for instance, online news websites, official websites, etc.) Last year also, it had a sound coming form the CPU...It was like the ventilator I think, but now not any more. When I ran the examination everything seems fine so I really dont know what is wrong with it... Someone had experience something similar???

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Hiya, In my current PC I have an i5 3470, and In the Thinkcentre M91p i have recently purchased, it has an i7 2600, which is a little overkill for what ive purhcased it for, so I was thinking of swapping the cpu's so I have the 2600 in my gaming PC and the Thinkcentre gets the 3470.However I'm not sure if this would work as I have no idea whether the motherboard of the ThinkCentre would accept the new Ivy Bridge chip, and I don't even know if my Asus P8H77-V would accept the 2600?So would this work? and how would I go about doing it? Im a noob at all this im sorry ;(All answers are much appreciated, Ajsski99

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Hello Lenovo Support Forum! This is my first post here, happy to meet you all. My question goes like this : On a out-of-warranty ThinkCentre M91p, if we replace the standard CPU (i5) with a socket compatible Xeon CPU, will the motherboard support ECC RAM? ThinkCentre M91p desktopModel : 7052A7F Best regards,Idexo


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A:ThinkCentre M91p motherboard and ECC RAM??

My question goes like this : On a out-of-warranty ThinkCentre M91p, if we replace the standard CPU (i5) with a socket compatible Xeon CPU, will the motherboard support ECC RAM?

No.  It's the Intel Chipset that interfaces to memory, and only workstation and server Chipsets support ECC.  Check the specs for your desktop Chipset if you like. 
Also, just because a processor will fit into the socket, does not mean it will be supported by the BIOS.   Sometimes there is overlap between ThinkCentres and ThinkStations which do use Xeons.   If so, that Thinkstation model will be listed on your BIOS download page, but for unknown reasons that upgrade does not always work. 

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Hi, I am trying to add a second drive (250GB Samsung EVO 850 SSD) to my M91p but I don't see it in the bios. I have tried the 4 sata ports and no luck. The SSd works fine, I pluged it to a docking station and I could format it with my windows laptop.  Samsung magician didn't allow me to do anything via USB. My bios version is 9HKT58AUS 9H45A 06/10/2014 Anybody knows what I could do?

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Bought one of these beauties on amazon,  So far ive given it 16gb ram, and a msi 1050ti 4gt lp. it has an I5-2400, #1 would it be worth it swap in an i7-2600, and if so, does anything need changing? #2 all of the reviews ive read say that the 240w psu handles it, but should i upgrade, and to what? Thank you!

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Hello, I cannot find the way to install an AMD FirePro v3900 on a ThinkCentre M91p.I need such board for sharing the desktop between two monitors having a DisplayPort and a DVI and don't have enough time to purchase another board. On the M92p, I can use it by going in the BIOS, set the video settings to "PEG" (PCI-e Graphics Device), enable Multi-Monitor support. The cards works and I can later install the driver (coming with AMD Catalyst) to obtain the possibility extending the desktop to two screens. But on the M91p, it does not work : the screen connected to the PCI Express graphic card reports "no signal" no matter if I connect the display with the DVI or the DisplayPort. I also tried setting the video to "IGD" (Internal Graphics Device) or to "Auto" with the graphic card plugged, but connecting the cable to the M91p's native VGA or DisplayPort, with the hope that I could see something and install the driver for the graphic card. But there is no signal to the native ports when the video card is plugged. I also trid using AMD Radeon cards which were working with ThinkCenter M91p or M92p.One with HDMI+DVI works.One with DisplayPort+DVI doesn't.I need a board with DisplayPort (DP) as most of my screens have DP and no HDMI. The drivers are up to date (including the chipset). Only the BIOS was not updated.Should I update it ? Or does the problem have other origin (e.g. power) ? Thank you very much for your help.

A:Cannot use AMD FirePro v3900 on ThinkCentre M91p S...

Upgraded the BIOS : no change :-(

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I recently (November 2018) purchased the following system through Amazon: Lenovo ThinkCentre Premium High Performance M91P Desktop Computer, Intel Core i5 Quad-Core Processor 3.1GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Windows 10 Home (Certified Refurbished) (This is the product description from the Amazon website.)  From the Lenovo support website, their lookup tool gave me the following info specific to my PC:Serial #: MJPYNVMMachine Type Model: 7033A25 According to www.datamemorysystems.com the maximum capacity is 16GB.And the memory type is: 4 x 4GB DDR3-1333 (PC3-10600)  512x64  CL9  1.5v  240pin  DIMM I provide this information for the benefit of others who need this info and to see if anyone disagrees before I go out and buy it. Thanks and good luck,gstarnes55   Here's just a little background info:(This post is not a complaint.  So far, I'm happy with the PC.  It has a couple of glitches but I expected as much since it's a refurb.) It actually arrived with 7GB RAM and 2TB HDD.  (I guess they traded off 1GB of RAM for 1TB of HDD?) In my experience you always install RAM in pairs or, at least, even numbers.  There are four slots on this machine filled as follows: 2GB+2GB+2GB+1GB.  Just seems odd. When I first booted up the machine I was getting memory errors every five or ten minutes.  It was a pop-up window saying something like "Cannot write data to memory address xxxxxxxx... Read more

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Hello everyone! I've tried upgrading my ThinkCentre M91p with a R7 250X graphics card and a 500W PSU. The graphics card is slightly bigger than the one that came with the desktop, if that information is any helpful. The problem is that the PC turns on, but my monitor doesn't recieve any output. I checked the slots and everything is plugged in as it should be. According to some similar topics, the GPU is too strong for the BIOS. Is there any way to fix this? This is the only graphics card I have. Thank you!

A:ThinkCentre M91p won't work with AMD R7 250X

See this recent thread:  Lenovo-m91p-White-List-GPUs
M91p BIOS has two modes, UEFI and a compatibility? mode, I suggest you try both.  Also, check that the BIOS setting for the Video Devices is set to [AUTO], or has the Multi-Monitor Support = Enabled.  Otherwise, it may only use the internal graphics, ignoring the card.   

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I have a ThinkCentre (SFF) M series, M91P, type 4518ESU, running Windows 10. Can I add internal Bluetooth?

A:ThinkCentre M series M91P Bluetooth

A better way to add Bluetooth to a desktop is with a USB dongle.   
Bluetooth is a quickly evolving technology, and to support later devices, you'll need an adapter that supports the latest versions of Bluetooth.    'Newegg' is a good place to look for anything computer related.

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Hello, I recently bought a Thinkcentre m91p desktop. It comes with an Intel Core i5-2400 and a motherboard Lenovo 7052A9G (BIOS 9HKT47AUS - 01/10/2012). What is strange is that the CPU fan runs almost all the time at full speed. I installed HWMonitor and the CPU temperature is normal, but I noticed that one value, the VR temp, is changing all the time and is very high (around 100C and sometimes more than 200C, even at startup). I'm thinking about buying a Zalman Fanmate in order to control manually the CPU fan, but I would like to know if this is a known problem and if there's a solution to fix this. Thanks !  

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I have the 2N3904 transistor, that used as thermal sensor.Genuine-Lenovo-ThinkCentre-M91P-M73-Temperature-Sensor-Cable-SFF-54Y9922 Genuine-Lenovo-ThinkCentre-...Can somebody give me a pinout of the thermal sensor connector for properly wiring this transistor to the connector?

A:thinkcentre m91p temp sensor pinout

I'm confused, the photo in the link above shows it having a connector.  Isn't a case of simply connecting it to where the old one was?  

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I just got a recent AMD Polaris card (RX 550) for Lenovo ThinkCentre M91p, and it simply doesn't boot with it. It doesn't even get to the starting splash screen with Lenovo logo. The monitor remains blank. I updated the BIOS to the last release I could find but it still didn't help. Can anything be done with it? It works with Nvidia cards, but I'm running Linux and want to use open drivers, so AMD is a much better option. I replaced the power supply by the way with better one.

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Hey everyone, I am trying to install new parts onto my workstation. I accidently unplugged the cables that connect to the power switch and such. I was wondering if there was a manual for the Motherboard that would show me exactly where to plug the switches in at. I have attached a picture just to show what I mean (hard for me to explain sorry) This is a picture of another manual that wasn't the right motherboard.  Thanks for the help! -Tyler

Capture.PNG ?191 KB

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Updated to Windows 10 Pro x64 and now multiple BSODs per day. I've run the Lenovo driver updates and everything is up-to-date including power management software. Also reset BIOS to defaults. The BSODs seem to be related to sleep mode but not 100% sure about that. The BSOD message is "driver irql not less or equal...ndis.sys". I only have one add-on to the unit, a USB3 card. Anybody else having this or suggestions on how to proceed? I'm considering rolling back to W7.

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A:ThinkCentre M91p 7033A1U - Windows 10 BSOD

Intel does not support this processor (Sandy Bridge) for Windows 10. http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/processors/000006105.html

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Hello everyone,Recently my motherboard started to beep twice and just has a black screen. I made sure to have the power cables plugged in and everything. It did two beeps continually.  I redid all the cables and now it just beeps twice on start up (doesnt show up on monitor & backup monitor) and doesn't beep anymore.  Thanks for any help! -Tyler

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Lenovo ThinkCentre M91p 7033-A2U Intel i5 3.1GHz 8GB RAMIs it possible  to run A kitchen design program called 2020 spaces similar to auto cad on this computer.Also should I add seperate video card which one?Could I put ECC ram if yes  would it be better or it wont help me which one and how much ram or this computer wont do the job?

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How do I fix my Lenovo ThinkCentre High Performance M91P Desktop Computer that froze, fan speed increases and won't display on the monitor anymore?Hello, today my computer froze and now I can't see the screen anymore. It's been freezing multiple times but now after I unplugged it, it won't display anymore. I have a meeting tomorrow on this computer! This is the last time I buy a "certified refurbished" computer on Amazon !  Also, when I turned the computer back on the fan speed increased. It was getting louder and louder. I thought it was going to explode! Well I repeatedly hold down the power button and unplug the power cord and that's not working. That's what I would do every time my screen froze in the past. The screen would freeze, I couldn't move the mouse either. The light on the desktop is on, I tightened the cord of the monitor to make sure it's connected properly, and the mouse light is still on. The exact desktop name: Lenovo ThinkCentre Premium High Performance M91P Desktop Computer, Intel Core i5 Quad-Core Processor 3.1GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Windows 10 Home (Certified Refurbished) ...and I purchased it on Amazon. I bought this desktop in April of this year and now I don't have product support via amazon anymore. I can't find the serial number on this computer. 

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bought a ThinkCentre M91p, minus the hard drive. The bios rev is 9HKT43AUS and BOOT block is 9H43A
Fitted a blank 2TB hard drive, with the intention of loading LINUX mint. My problem is that the system is still
attempting to boot from a non existing LAN. The original specification inculded PXE V2.1 and AMT 7.1
How Can I return this Unit to boot normally to the HHD. Will upgrading the Bios Acheive this, or must I also
work on the Uefi.  Sorry if this seems simple It is causing me a large amount of stress.
Mod:  expanded the problem description on the Subject line


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A:ThinkCentre: recommissioned system will not boot from HDD; BIOS, AMT, PXE, M91p

I'd recommend going into the UEFI, which replaces the old BIOS standard, and resetting to optimal defaults, which will likely fix the issue. You also should update it, if you have access to a Windows system use rufus to format a bootable dos usb stick and copy the contents of the USB Drive UEFI BIOS Flash Package so you won't need Windows (or a CD) on the actual system to do updates. The current version is 58 vs the 43 you have on there now. By the way you can also use rufus to install Windows to a usb drive for 'Windows To Go' mode which is quite useful at times, especially if you don't want Windows on the system itself. You can download a Windows 10 iso directly from Microsoft's website and via rufus  'Windows To Go' mode isn't limited to just the Enterprise version. CHANGES for 9HKT58A/9HJT58A
-Maintenance release.

-Update CPU microcode for VT FlexPriority.

- Updates the CPU microcode M12206A7_00000028.PDB.

- Computrace update.
- Upgrades flash BIOS tool afuwingui.

- Modify C State Support option items in WMI and related help messages in BIOS Setup.

- Replaces bitlocker issue solution, which was added in 50A, with a new solution.
- Fixes CPU Cache Info is incorrect in SMBIOS.
- Adds a C0 item option for C state and modify correlative descriptions.

-Upgrades MEBX to new version MEBX released with ME k... Read more

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I have 4 desktop Lenovo ThinkCentre MT-M 7033-A2U (M91p) machines in my office. We purchased them refurbished about 1 year ago. Recently, all 4 machines are experiencing sudden freezing. Monitor remains on, mouse and keyboard input is ignored (cursor remains frozen in position). The only way to recover is to hard reset, at which point the machine operates normally. There are no warning signs leading up to the freeze. It seems to occur when there is a sudden increase in activity (opening a large Excel workbook, running a large report, etc.). It is intermittent - it can be 1-30 days between occurrences. All users with this model have experienced it at least once, and have lost work as a result. Event viewer reports a Critical event in which the device loses power at the same time as the freeze ("Kernel-Power: The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first.") A second Error event is created upon hard reset ("EventLog: The previous system shutdownn was unexpected.") Perhaps the hard drive is losing power when the electrical draw increases? Perhaps a flaw in motherboard power flow?Would replacing the hard drives with Solid State Drives correct this, as they draw less power? Replacing the hard drive would certainly be more affordable than replacing the entire machine.

A:M91p 7033 hard drive power loss/freezing

Perhaps the hard drive is losing power when the electrical draw increases? Perhaps a flaw in motherboard power flow?
Would replacing the hard drives with Solid State Drives correct this, as they draw less power? Replacing the hard drive would certainly be more affordable than replacing the entire machine.

I used a M91p for business for years without issue.  I'm pretty sure the HDD is powered directly from the power supply, so a flaw in the motherboard would not be possible.  Perhaps if you provided details of the OS, BIOS version, details of any graphics cards, or devices installed or attached, memory size and apps you're using, we could help you more.  

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I have a 7052-B2U M91p with four SATA connectors on the motherboard: two are SATA 6.0, one is SATA 3.0 and one is eSATA.  Two hard drives and one SATA DVD burner use the three SATA connectors.  Is there a straightforward way to employ the eSATA connector for an additional internal hard drive? How is this eSATA connector different from the others, practically speaking? Or was this connector simply meant to power an eSATA connector on a back plate at the rear of the computer? Thanks for your helpfulness. Doug  


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A:Can I use eSATA connecter on M91p motherboard for a 3rd internal hard drive?

just intended to pass-through to the back plate.  It should work just fine.

T61p, T400formerly x23, x40

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My daughter has a M91P model 7052-A9G serial number S4VEK82 running Windows XP SP3 for compatibility with legacy software.  Her existing monitor is connected via VGA and she now wishes to use a Dell U2715H for better definition.
When she connects the new monitor to the display port on the M91P it is not recognised by the system and the video is still only active on the VGA port.
She is 80 miles from me and I support her using Team Viewer which enabled me to switch the desktop display properties to digital but still no output on the Dell so I changed it back to VGA so that she could work.
The new monitor and display port cable has been tested on a friend's computer where it worked OK.
Has anybody met this before and how did you resolve it.
Many thanks, Firkle
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A:ThinkCentre M91p: will not connect to Dell U2715H monitor via DisplayPort, no signal (DP ver. 1.1)

When I Googled for your problem, I found this on the Dell forum.  The built-in Intel graphics on M91p has DP 1.1: 

RE: U2515H - "no signal coming from your computer"

This happened to me when I enabled DP 1.2 option in the menu.
If that is the case, you do not have a DP 1.2 compatible hardware and software/OS. (perhaps if you are using a linux machine)
When your monitor tells no signal... push a menu button for about 10 seconds. It will show you other input sources, keep pushing. Then it will bring a menu to disable DP 1.2. Disable it. Restart the computer.
Hope this helps

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I recently (November 2018) purchased the following system through Amazon: 
Lenovo ThinkCentre Premium High Performance M91P Desktop Computer, Intel Core i5 Quad-Core Processor 3.1GHz, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD, Windows 10 Home (Certified Refurbished) (This is the product description from the Amazon website.) 
From the Lenovo support website, their lookup tool gave me the following info specific to my PC:
Serial #: xxxxxxxx
Machine Type Model:  7033A25
According to www.datamemorysystems.com the maximum capacity is 16GB.
And the memory type is: 4 x 4GB DDR3-1333 (PC3-10600)  512x64  CL9  1.5v  240pin  DIMM
I provide this information for the benefit of others who need this info and to see if anyone disagrees before I go out and buy it.
Thanks and good luck,
Here's just a little background info:
(This post is not a complaint.  So far, I'm happy with the PC.  It has a couple of glitches but I expected as much since it's a refurb.)
It actually arrived with 7GB RAM and 2TB HDD.  (I guess they traded off 1GB of RAM for 1TB of HDD?) In my experience you always install RAM in pairs or, at least, even numbers.  There are four slots on this machine filled as follows: 2GB+2GB+2GB+1GB.  Just seems odd.
When I first booted up the machine I was getting memory errors every five or ten minutes.  It was a pop-up window saying something like "Cannot write data to m... Read more

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i so far read Lots on this site
i also updated bios
i have Thinkcentre M91p
new big case
New EVGA 750 Watt G2 powersupply
with Geforce 8800 GT works fine
16 GB Ram
i uninstall driver for video then turn off pc install new PNY RTX 2070 turn on get blank screen i have tryed all
ports on new video card DP,digital,HDMI all computer dose boot but get blank screen??
i put old card back in works or use on board vga works fine
any Ideas?? YES i do Now know Geforce2070 is Not on list of working cards but i didnt read this forum before i bought card. i do see GTX1060 on list, Any idea would be greatly appreasiated ?
Mod:  edited to correct GTX2070 to RTX 2070

A:ThinkCentre M91p: trying Nvidia PNY Geforce RTX 2070, get Blank screen? (works with recased M92p)

That a look at these two threads ..  let us know if any of the suggestions there work: 

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Hello All, I am not a very computer savvy person, but here it goes. I have added a second hard drive to my computer and I installed Windows XP OS. My primary hard drive has Windows 7. My primary drive is connected via a SATA connection and the the secondary hard drive is connected via IDE connection. I have set the jumper "pins" on both drives to match each other. The Bios has the Second hard drive set as slave. Upon start up I do not get an option to select an OS. It automatically goes into Windows 7. What do I need to do so that I can get prompted to chose an OS? Please help. Thanks alot.

A:Can't boot secondary hard drive that has different OS from primary hard drive

Apples and oranges. There may be tricks, but normally dual boots require setups all be on the same type cables and connectors.

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I am trying to figure out how to add a second hard drive to my new ThinkCentre M910z All-in-one. I have only been able to find instructions on removing or replacing the existing first hard drive, but not how to add a second hard drive. I have bought a 500GB 7200rpm 2.5? 6Gbps SATA Hard Drive (4XB0M60786) to install. This drive also did not come with a storage cable. Please point me to instructions on how to install it. 

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About 1 year ago I had a second hard drive installed on my computer. Now it has seemed to just not be there according to my computer. When I try to bring a file up that should be there on the d drive it says shortcut not available and the d drive no longer shows up when I look to explore. My luck it has fried itself somehow but is there any simple procedure to check it or something simple that may have happenned to where it isnt being located properly?

A:Secondary hard drive

First thing you can do is boot to a Windows 98 startup disk (floppy) and see if you can access the drive using dos commands.
For example: dir d:

will give you a listing of what is on drive d: if it's present. Let us know what happens or if you need further instructions.

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I have just built my own machine:
windows 98
Fujitsu 20.4g hard drive (default jumper settings)
and would like to use my old hard drive as a secondary one on the new pc.
Could anybody tell me how to do this and the required jumper settings.
Many thanks

A:secondary hard drive

Instructions for installing hard drives can be found here.

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Hi, i am trying to fit a 80 gig harddrive into a computer for a friend, he only wants it as storage so i have put it as the Secondary master, there is also a CDRW on the secondary slave. I have these both on cable select. In DOS the harddrive is recognised, it is also found in device manager, but i can't seem to get it to appear in my computer for use.

Help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


A:New secondary hard drive

Hello and welcome to Techpot.

It might be better for you to connect the new drive to the primary ide channel as a slave drive. If you really must use the secondary ide channel, set the drive up via it`s jumpers as master and then set the cd-rw as slave. Don`t use cable select.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:

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I have a compaq presario 5000. 1.2 ghz celeron, 512 sdram. I have an 8 gig hard drive installed which contains the My operating system,,windows xp. I have a 20 gig that i want to add. Basically what i want to do is keep my 8 gig as the slave with my operating system(Windows XP), and put the 20 as my master. The problem is my comp will only recognize the drive that is mastered. Do i need to upgrade my bios so that my comp will recognize the secondary hard drive?? I went into bios and did the IDE scan, yet it only shows the master drive..Any Suggs>?

A:Secondary Hard Drive!!

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hey guys. sorry for asking this simple question but i needed some input on this.

i want to get a secondary hard drive and put it in my cpu. i wana put linux on the second hard drive since im not a big fan of windows. too much worry over viruses, spyware etc...

anyways, here are the specs. right now i have

Intel pentium III processor
501 MHz
128 MB of RAM
windows xp pro
my total hard drive space is 10 gigs.

would adding up a second hard drive be possible on this system? i think i should be able to, and i think i shouldnt have any problems with the performance.. and i plan to partition the secondary hard drive ill get and put atleast two operating systems on it.. ubuntu and maybe something else... anyways, is it as simple as i think it is? or am i missing something here?

any opinions as to what i should watch out for? which hard drive is reliable? does brand name matter with these things??

thanks for the input.

A:secondary hard drive.

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Hi, a while ago one of my hard drives (it was C at the time) started making a clicking noise, so I turned off the pc and sent it away to be repaired, but because I wanted to keep everything that was on the hdd, I had it setup as a secondary drive instead, so I could quickly rescue everything and then chuck the drive. Well, it was going fine, and I nearly had all my stuff of the drive without any problems, but now it started clicking again, and when it does that it causes my ENTIRE computer so slow down to a snail's pace. I copied stuff off the drive onto C and was planning to disconnect the drive from the motherboard until I needed it again, as it now works for 5 minutes after booting before screwing up on me. Well I disconnected the drive, started up and got an error saying

For best reliability & performance, please change the stand alone slave drive to maste. System halt...

I'm not even able to use the pc to type this post, I'm on my laptop. Can someone tell me how to boot without that secondary HDD being needed? I don't see why I should have to have it connected to boot..

A:Secondary Hard drive

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I woke up this morning to a problem with my computer (it is always left on) here is the problem:

On the monitor there was a msg saying 'book disk failure - insert windows boot disk'

Now the computer has windows xp, 2 hard drives - main 80g , slave 120g. I thought for sure that the main drive was gone or it was a cable problem so I changed the cable, only hooking up the master drive to test, it worked... so I tried to hook up (attach) the slave drive and now I get the same error of 'boot disk failure' ??

The computer works fine if I only hook up the master drive but wont boot at all if I attach the slave. Is this a slave drive failure? (if so, that sucks as I loose alot of stuff) Nothing in the configuration changed as the computer rarely gets turned off, the computer worked fine last night but when I got up this morning it was down...

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated

A:Secondary hard drive gone?

it's a possibility, check in the BIOS and see if it sees the secondary drive.

try to put the secondary drive as primary on 2nd IDE controller. Most likely the drive is gone if it had been working properly. Hope not as that is a rude awakening.

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PC is running the pits so it looks like a total re-install ...question is i have a secondary internal hard drive that i also wish to clean up and start fresh on...do i just click format the secondary drive to erase it?

A:Secondary Hard drive

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Ast Advantage 9303- upgraded cpu to a 200mmx- 64 mb edo ram- 2 cdroms- Windows 98se
Hi. I'm going to buy a used hard drive (6gb) and install it as a slave drive. I have never done this before but I know where it is supposed to be plugged and I know about primary and secondary stuff. But, I don't know what I'm supposed to do to prepare this drive after I install it . Do I have to install the same operating system on it as what is on my primary drive? OR can I just start my computer and start storing data on it? Im assuming this new drive has been formatted. ( all old stuff errased)

A:Secondary hard drive

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hi all
my c drive is maxed out and would like to install secondary hard drive.

i have another hdd in another computer that i can use but has os on it.

i know to set it for slave but if i put it in and reboot will it start up correctly
so that i then can go to device management and reformat.

also do i need to partition it or just format? not trying to dual boot i just need
more space.

after sec, hdd is setup how do i move stuff from primary to slave? or will i need to
even do so?

A:Secondary hard drive

Can you format the 2ndary hd, in the pc its currently in ?

Once you do, and it is a "fresh" Hd, after installing it, it *SHOULD* show up in "my computer" as a seperate drive.You should be able to drag and drop any files over to the secondary drive.

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The desktop currently can only access the internet using the hardwired RJ 45 connection, but I would like to add the ability to access the internet wirelessly by installing a wireless card in one of the available PCI express slots. I would like to know what wireless cards are available and compatible with this model. Thank you! 

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