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Ethernet broadband router and/or wireless router

Q: Ethernet broadband router and/or wireless router

My question is regarding our needs for a router/routers.

Our current setup consists of an ethernet broadband router (where everything plugs in) in the "main box" that holds all of the wiring that then goes throughout the house into the bedrooms/den/kitchen desk via cat 5 wiring.

At each of those room locations you can then plug into the wall (cat5) for internet/phone/etc. We have many items that use wifi (iphone, tablets, roku and laptops) so we have plugged a wireless router into the cat 5 jack in the den, then plugged the desktop computer in that room into the wireless router. The rest of the items are used wirelessly throughout the house.

Well our broadband router up in the "main box" we think is going bad (guess is its 8 yrs old). Our internet lately has been patchy, slow and needing to be reset often. Upon speaking with our ISP, they say the connection to the dish on the deck from their tower on the neighboring hillside is "excellent", so we are thinking it must be the router installed when the home was built.

My husband logs on to his work computer from home with gotomypc.com and works on (enormous) spreadsheets, so we need speeds to be fast to keep his sanity. Our current service is 4mbps.

Now my questions finally, 1) do we need the 2 routers i.e. the broadband router in the "main box" with a wireless router in the den or can we do everything we need with one router in the "main box"? The "main box" is upstairs in a closet behind a fuse box type cupboard. 2) what brand of router(s) are recommended to take on the task of our home? Thanks in advance!!!!

Preferred Solution: Ethernet broadband router and/or wireless router

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You can download it direct from this link http://goo.gl/1bjhSi. (This link will automatically start a download of Outlook PST Repair that you can save to your computer.)

A: Ethernet broadband router and/or wireless router

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I have a sagem 3304 wifi modem router provided by the telecoms company. it has a limited wifi range and in my experience of wifi it also has frequent dropouts/connection problems. we connect the desktop pc to it by ethernet and that's just fine.

we also were given (by a 3rd party) a belkin n1 wireless router (the model without modem) and would like to try it out to be the wifi router. The idea is to connect it by ethernet to the sagem and place it in a more central part of the property. I reckon about 15m of ethernet cable. we would disable the wifi on the sagem. had we been given the belkin model with internal modem, this would not be an issue and we would not need to use the sagem at all - that is not meant to sound ungrateful!!

can anyone see any pitfalls with this? or if it is do-able, any recommendations re:configs?

I have found another post loosely related to using 2 routers however it doesn't really address this specifically:

A:Connecting a wireless router to a modem router via ethernet?

Connecting two (or more) SOHO broadband routers together.

Note: The "primary" router can be an actual router, a software gateway like Microsoft Internet Connection Sharing, or a server connection that has the capability to supply more than one IP address using DHCP server capability. No changes are made to the primary "router" configuration.

Configure the IP address of the secondary router(s) to be in the same subnet as the primary router, but out of the range of the DHCP server in the primary router. For instance DHCP server addresses through, I'd assign the secondary router as it's IP address, for another router, etc.

Note: Do this first, as you will have to reboot the computer to connect to the router again for the remaining changes.

Disable the DHCP server in the secondary router.

Setup the wireless section just the way you would if it was the primary router, channels, encryption, etc.

Connect from the primary router's LAN port to one of the LAN ports on the secondary router. If there is no uplink port and neither of the routers have auto-sensing ports, use a cross-over cable. Leave the WAN port unconnected!

This procedure bypasses the routing function (NAT layer) and configures the router as a switch (or wireless access point for wireless routers).

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D-Link How do I configure both my Pc`s to work on the web at same time. I have fast cable service from sbcglobal. I dont know if this is enough info, but can anyone help me out. Thank You : XP Home-OS

A:Ethernet Broadband Router

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Hello, wondering if I could anyone could help me out.
My father used to have SBC DSL and used a 2WIRE-wireless router. He liked being able to have his computer connect to the internet downstairs and connect by access point with his laptop upstairs. Well he moved and now has DSL through anther phone company(www.NETNET.com) He now connects through a ethernet router. Not sure how to use the wireless router as well as the ethernet router? Thank you for anyone who takes the time to help out!

A:Connecting a DSL ethernet router and wireless router

Can't he just use the wireless router and not the ethernet router?

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Hi folks, i just got a broadband connection via an ethernet cable but keep reading routers are essential for security, i never use wireless so what kind of router do i need for best security. I also never have anything else using my connection , it's always just me.


A:Just got broadband on laptop, why do i need a router? i use ethernet

You may already have a combination modem/router provided by your ISP. If so, nothing else is needed. I have AT&T service and they furnished this:

Amazon.com : AT&T 2701HG-B 2Wire Wireless Gateway DSL Router Modem : Computers & Accessories

The owner instructions should let you configure the modem/router for optimum security. Again, using AT&T as the example, I can go into my modem/router and access this:

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Just wondering if you could help me! I am thinking about purchasing a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router, and i was just wondering if a tiscali broadband modem (a sagem one) would have the correct cable to connect it to the back of the router. PLEASE HELP ME!!! LOL

A:Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router and Tiscali Broadband

If you have a model number, we could probably help. Do you know if the modem is USB or Ethernet? USB is not compatible with a broadband router, Ethernet is compatible.

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Can someone suggest a good wireless broadband router which comes with ADSL modem & supports multi VPN connections.

A:Wireless broadband router

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We use true ip addresses on every single computer in my company. Let's say we have 10 computers. I tried to add a broadband router on our LAN to provide wireless access service . I plugged the network cable(from swtich) in router's WAN port, then I plugged another network cable(connect to my desktop) in one of LAN ports on the router. It worked for 5 minutes and then it disconnected itself.

My desktop got an ip from the router (built in DHCP
The router's ip is true ip getting from DHCP server on LAN.
It worked for around 3-5 minutes after I restarted the router. I tried many times and I got the same result.

I was wondering what's wrong with the connection. Is there anything I did wrong?

Thank you

A:Broadband wireless router and fix ip

We use true ip addresses on every single computerClick to expand...

I have no idea what you mean by this. ALL ip addresses are true.
I can only guess you have
and you added

--switch---newRouter---yourPcClick to expand...

1) you need to get the IP addresses coming thru the switch connect your PC to the switch, get a command prompt and enter ipconfig
you'll get back something like IP Address. . . . . . . . . . . . :​you have two choices
use the new router to create another subnet (eg: 192.168.1.x)
{connect the switch to the newRouter's WAN slot}
or use it to extend the existing network, keeping everything on 192.168.0.*
{leave the newRouter's WAN port empty and connect everything to only LAN slots,

and you need to disable the DHCP service in the new router}
(1) will isolate all systems from the company
(2) will allow print/file sharing everywhere

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I currently have DSL at my home, but have seen several Wireless Broadband routers that have just come on the market. Can I use my existing DSL connection with these new routers and have wireless connecitivity from multiple home computers (mainly laptops).

A:DSL & Wireless Broadband Router

You would also have to purchase wireless network cards for each computer.

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I have an "old" Cisco router that I am no longer using (its not actually very old, and should be in good working condition). I also need a switch for a LAN. Is there any way this wireless router would be able to work? It has 4 ethernet connections in the back as well as an internet connection.

I googled this problem and read something about it working but "MAKE SURE the IP address is different on both networks BEFORE connecting." Has me a bit worried - would hate to mess the network up and pay someone twice as much to fix it as what a normal switch would cost me.

I read a bit more and it sounds like as long as I connect only to the "ethernet" (LAN) connections on the router and NOT the "internet" (WAN) connection I should be fine and it would work properly.

Any help, including the likelyhood that I severly mess something up with the network, is greatly appreciated. I am fairly new to networking but not computers - I am confident I can figure it out will a little bit of guidance.

A:Wireless broadband router as LAN switch?

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Just a query about the speed of broadband I'm getting.

I'm in the UK and have an up to 8Mb connection with Pipex. I use a Netgear DG834 wireless router to connect.

The router identifies the downstream connection as 8128kbps and the upstream connection as 448kbps, which is what I think they both should be.

When I do a speed test online I get an average of about 348kbps for uploads - not too bad - but only about 956kbps for downloads.

Am I misinterpreting the figures, or am I losing a lot of speed between the router and PC? If so, is there any reason for this/way I can improve it?

Thanks in advance

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hiiiii please help me! ok well i hav a dell laptop. i want to be able to use my laptop and pc without paying to bills. so i bought a BT Voyager 2110 Wireless Broadband ADSL Router and i was told that you just conect it up and replace my old wired modem. However when i had plggued it in my computer internet wouldnt work. and my wifi on my laptop found it but i didnt no what todo it said put a network key* in so i iddnt know what taht was so i had to leave it. coudl someone please tell me what to do?
Regards, rachel

*Whats a netowrk key how di o find out what mines is?

A:Wireless Broadband ADSL Router

If U Need Any More Info Let Me Know

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I have the Linksys Wireless G Router and I can get on line with it no problem, but when my daughters come for a visit and try to get on line with their laptop computers, a screen comes up asking for a Password. I don't remember putting in a password, but have tried all the ones I usually use and they do not work. Do you have any idea how I can change the password or do you have a telephone number that I can contact Linksys. I also have a Linksys Computer Adapter that is suppose to make whatever you attach to it wireless, but it still asks for the password??? Any help will be appreciated. Both daughters when they are here are on business trips and are working from home, so I need to fix this problem so they can connect to their respective companies.

A:Linksys Wireless G Broadband Router

Please supply the following info, exact make and models of the equipment please.

Make and model of the broadband modem.
Make and model of the router.
Connection type, wired or wireless.
If wireless, encryption used, (none, WEP, WPA, or WPA2)
Make/model of network card or wireless adapter.
Make/model of your computer (motherboard if home-built).
Version and patch level of Windows on all affected machines, i.e. XP-Home (or XP-Pro), SP2, Vista, etc.
This sounds like an encryption issue. It also depends on exactly how the router was configured.

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i have wireless broadband internet modem & i want to know if there are any routers that supports this. i want to set up a wireless network this way. is it possible? please help!!!!

A:Can you set up wireless broadband internet modem to a router?

If your ISP's cable modem also provides wireless then it's probably also a router. Best way to confirm exactly what it is is to tell us the exact make/model of the device. Look for a metal tag on it (usually on the back where the cables connect or on the bottom) and give us the make/model

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I am helping a friend instal BT Broadband. The installation went well until nearly at the end when a request to insert the Windows 98 SE disc to obtain some dll files was made. A series of error messages indicated none of the required files could be found on the Windows 98 SE disc. The disc is several years old and was probably a fairly early Windows 98 SE version. The operating system in the PC has been kept up to date by all the required Microsoft updates.

The BT support desk was unable to give any constructive advice how to get round this problem. Any help welcomed.

A:Installing BT Broadband Wireless Router on Windows 98 SE PC

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hi, my first post here hope im doing things right.

i just bought a new Linksys Wireless - G Broadband Router and
a Linksys Wireless - G PCI adapter, and im having some problems but lets start by telling u what i am using it for.

i have a pc out in our basement that that has a SB4100 cable modem (Motorola Surfboard) and id like to get the same highspeed in my room which just has dial up so i went out and bought some Liksys products and i followed the tut's that werent difficult, so now i have the router conencted to my cable modem so the internet on the pc in my basement works, and i have the adapter hooked up to my pc in my room. they connected fine and the adapter connected with the router fine as well, they say they have a very good to excellent connection but the problem is when i try to get the pc in my room to something online it tells me that "this cannont be displayed offline."

in the bottom right where it shows my internet connection theres 2 different connection symbols one that shows the Linksys wireless adapter and one that shows my old dial up connection the dial up connection shows as off line and when u put the mouse over it it says it has been disconnected, but the linksys wireless connection symbol says online with a great conenction.

i tried taking the old dial up card out but that didnt do anything (i didnt expect it too) and the same thing came up again.

so the problem is it says im connected to my main modem in the other ... Read more

A:Linksys wireless-G pci adapter with G broadband router

do this.

Start>run>cmd hit enter
type "ipconfig /all" without the quotes.. hit enter

look for line that says IP address .. it should read 192.168.1.x where x is random number generated by routers dhcp..

also look for the following Default gateway. should be (if you didn't change the routers default ip address)

also look for DNS Servers.. you should have atleast 1 most times 2 listed here.. they will be assigned by your cable provider.

if you do not see something close to the above your router is not allowing wireless internet access.... i have seen this before. you will have to login to the admin console of the router. typically from a internet explorer window.

then click on the security tab, then go to wireless, and enable wireless internet access.(location may not be exact depending on model of your wireless linksys router)

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I have a WRT54G wireless broadband router.

The problem I am having is when I plug my router (WRT54G) into an open port of my 8 port hub witch splits my Verizon DSL internet connection with all of the computers on the network the network crashes including the wireless network.

The other option is to plug my modem into my wireless router (WRT54G) and then plug my hub into the router (WRT54G). If I do this my internet speed drops to a quarter of its original speed everything works just very slowly.
Thank you for your help

A:Problem with my WRT54G wireless broadband router

With what do you want help?

I don't understand your first network configuration. How does a hub split a DSL internet connection? Are you connecting the hub to the router's WAN (Internet) port or a LAN port? What do you mean by "crashes"? And what wireless network?

Your second network configuration is more understandable. I don't know how many computers you have, but with a hub broadcasting to all connected, and I think a hub is half-duplex, one-quarter speed is not surprising. Try disconnecting the hub and see what you get for speed with just one to four computers connected to the router.

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I just got a never used AT+T Wireless Router (2701HG-B Gateway) from a friend to use with my laptop and comcast broadband connection. I have windows vista, and use IE as my main browser. Can I do it, or is it set up to only work with an AT+T connection? I do have all the software discs that came with the unit, but haven't run them as they seem mainly for setting up DSL connection with AT+T.

A:Can I use an at+t wireless router with my comcast broadband connection?

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Until I started using the Vonage Broadband telephone system, my home network was perfect. I had a Belkin Pre-N Wireless Router hooked up to my cable internet service. Out of the router I had my main PC and a Mac, both hooked in by ethernet, a desktop PC using a wireless desktop network card and my laptop with the built in technology that recognized the router (don't really know the correct terms so I will offer a description). All was working excellently. THEN I signed up with Vonage and they had me connect their Motorola box. So they instructed me to connect the cable modem into the Motorola box; then out of the Motorola box comes the wire into the Belkin router (WAN port); then all other items come out of the Belkin like before (main PC and Mac). Well, I save money on my phone bill, and all items connected to the Belkin via ethernet cable work fine. However, the two systems that required wireless access can no longer get me online. My laptop will recognize the signal, allow me to connect to the network, tell me my connection is strong and good, but when I open up my web browser I cannot get a page. I am so frustrated b/c I have been on the telephone with all of the manufacturers - who keep blaming the problem on each other. Please help me.

A:Wireless Router combined with Broadband Telephone

Try moving the Vonage adapter to a port on the router, not in front of it. That's how I use mine, and other than when I'm doing heavy downloads, it works fine there.

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Hi everyone I hope you can help. Right heres the situation as it stands:

I currently have two desktop PCs connected via a wireless router for broadband with one of the desktops having a built in wireless card.

I have just got my hands on an old laptop with windows 98 with a PCMCIA Card slot. My question is can I get a PCMCIA card and get it to connect to my wireless broadband router so I have broadband on my laptop?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:PCMCIA Card and Wireless Broadband Router?

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Is this worth it against WRT54GS??

what do u think?


A:Linksys Wireless-N Broadband Router WRT300N

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I don't quite fancy paying 40 for a wireless router from Virgin so that I can turn my home broadband into wireless. Can I use a router such as this to enable wireless internet in my house or do Virgin impose some way of making sure you buy directly through them?

Thanks in advance

A:Solved: Wireless Virgin broadband with eBay router?

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hi all

i have a dell wireless 2350 broadband router and when i plub a cable from my laptop to ethernet port on the router it connects...then disconnects...then connects...and disconnects and so on.

i have reset the router with no success.

is the router broken? i tried installing dell setup utillity but it just says no router connected
has anybody got any knowledge on this...i want to make sure i havent missed something before i tell my client he should replace the router.


A:dell wireless 2350 broadband router broken

Try resetting the router to factory default settings.

Sounds like a problem with router's LAN port, cable or laptop.

Try different LAN ports. Try a known working cable. Can the laptop connect via ethernet to the modem directly?

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Hope you can help me, My brother has a D Link Modem Router and a wireless connection to his PC in the spare room. Everything was working fine, set up was good and he had access to the internet not a problem, however his phone company informed him of work that was going to be done to the phone line, and that he would not be able to take phone calls for a day.When the work had been completed. he tried to access the internet but no joy. I have looked at his set up with regards to the wireless broadband connection, everything is as it was before the line was worked on. He asked his phone company to check the broadband connection to his house they said all was ok, however he still cannot access the internet. His PC screen comes up with dialling error, I have rechecked all settings and the ADSL has been changed for a new one in case that was the problem. All settings on the PC are as per the set up required but his PC still will not access the internet.
Please can someone help and point me in the right direction, as I may be missing something here.
Many Thanks if you can It would be very much appreciated

A:Broadband Wireless Router Problem Connecting to the Internet

Do a reset via the button on the back, then perform a reinstall.

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First off, Im not too knowledgable on Wireless networking, much less computers/internet so the solution to this escapes me.

My setup is a main desktop in the living room that runs on Broadband DSL which runs on 100.0 Mbps. Connected to that is a Linksys BEFW11S4 Wireless-B Broadband Router. Then I have my dell Inspiron 9400 laptop with an Itel Pro Wireless 3945 (which I guess is a/b/g?)

I might be wrong about the 3945. It could be the same or different from what I'm looking at under Wireless connections which says:

Wireless network Connection
connected, Firewalled
Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network connections

Is that the same as an Intel Pro Wireless 3945?
I'm thinking I should have faster speeds than this but from what I've read, my problems would be either my router, the card in my computer or both. The signal my laptop receives only runs at 11.0 Mbps which is a bit slow for me.

Is there any way to boost the speeds up with what I have or do I have to replace either the router with a Wireless-G Broadband or the PCI?

I've also read that the PCI and the router type has to match. Is this true?

Again, forgive me if I made any mistakes in my breakdown of my equipment. Dealing with these are new to me.

A:Intel Pro Wirless 3945 or Wireless-B Broadband Router?

Your right that is your Laptop wireless.

No the router and the laptop's carddon't have to match brands but it does help in ensuring compatibility a little IMHO especially if your having wireless problems you can then go back to 1 company instead of having them play the pointing fingers game.

As far as yours running at 11 its because your router is only B you won't get higher than B speeds on a laptop with G if the router is only B since you can only go as fast as the SLOWEST component.

If you want it faster what you want to do is upgrade the router to G. The card should then start working at G speeds. The desktop uses a hardwire so this isn't even affected it should still hit the router at 100mb

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hey everybody. im using a Linksys router BEFW11S4 and it keeps losing the connection. like before it worked fine and everything but like within the past month or two it just stops working everyonce in a while and it has to be restarted. im running cable internet through it and ive got two laptops that use wireless cards in them and i have two xboxs plugged strait to it. it works fine, but randomly it just stops working with the internet. when im on the laptop or the either of the two xboxs it will tell me my internet connection was lost, but i dont know if it will let me still connect through the router to each xbox or anything. its really quite annoying because whenever it happens i have to unplug the router for a while and then plug it back in and even then it still happens randomly. any help would be lovely

A:Linksys Wireless Broadband Router BEFW11S4 Problem

"... within the past month or two it just stops working everyonce in a while and it has to be restarted."

Start your process for shopping for a new router. That way you won't be unprepared when your current one dies completely. :-( (Yes, I think you have described a router that is wearing out.)

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I've been told that it's possible that i may have viruses or trojans on my router. Is this possible? How would i get rid of them?

A:Linksys Wireless-G Broadband Router. Viruses/trojans

No, this is extremely unlikely unless you installed some compromised firmware there yourself.

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I have a Netgear WNR-2000v2 broadband router (for PPPoE connections such as iBurst). I am getting a 4MB/s ADSL line soon which comes with an ADSL modem (not wireless)
Will i be able to connect the modem to my netgear router via ethernet and then connect to the internet wirelessly?

Link to my router: WNR2000

Link to my modem: Billion ADSL modem

A:Can I use a PPPoE broadband router to make my ADSL wireless?

It seems to have all the properties of a typical router so I don't see why not. I can't tell you for certain as I have never used the particular model though.

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I want to know if it is tecnically possible to user the Canon Mx 410 as a network printer on the WRT 160N (CA)

Canon guy said it can be done on some routers but they don't support?

Anybody confirm or know?

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I have used for years a Link Sys wireless access point along with a Link Sys 4 port switch so my wife could access internet from upstairs. I have been given a Link non-wireless Broadband Router. Will they work together? I have been printing and reading the manuals, and even though I haven't looked yet, I think the Wireless access point and the non wireless router are both on the same IP address. Is there a way around this, or is it even a problem?

A:Solved: Will Wireless Access Point and Broadband Router Work Together?

Well yes if they have the same IP address that would be a problem as you cannot have two devices sharing the same IP address. But it is a simple matter to move one or other device to an alternative IP address (still in the same subnet).

As your existing router is likely also the DHCP-server then I'd change the IP address of the WAP; manually set it to some other IP address in the same subnet, preferably outside the issuing range of the router. e.g if the router had IP address, and issued IP address range -, you could safely make the WAP

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Like the title says, "Does anybody know the exact power requirements of a Linksys Wireless-G 802.11g Broadband WRT54GS Router with Speedbooster? My elder borther is letting me use on of these but lost the power converter so he could not give me it. If anybody knows please tell me so I can get a hold of a replacement. Thanks, Erlehacker

A:Anybody know the power requirements of a Linksys Wireless-G Broadband WRT54GS Router?

Erlehacker said:

"Does anybody know the exact power requirements of a Linksys Wireless-G 802.11g Broadband WRT54GS Router with Speedbooster?Click to expand...

Input Voltage: 12 V Dc Device - Input Current: 1.0 As HERE Not necessarily that particular one.

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Okay i got a Linksys Wireless Broadband Router. I bought it for my PSP to go online with it. So. Anyway, I set up the router and followed the instructions on the disk. Router is good. I like it, it gives good a good signal to the PSP. But, theres a problem. Sometimes, (it never is me when i go on) but when my dad or his g/f goes on, the PC that is connected to the router, sometimes doesnt get internet. It displays "Page cannot be displayed" and then inorder for me to fix it, i have to unplug the power from my ISP modem, wait a few seconds, then plug it back in and then it should work. But i dont want that, neither does my dad or his gf cause that will get annoying. Alright. So heres the specifics on how its hooked up - ISP Modem >> Ethernet cord connected to the Router Ethernet port >> Ethernet cord connect to a Ethernet Port (i have 4) >>> Connect that ethernet cord i plugged into the port, plug it in the back of my PC to the other Ehternet port. I did it correctly. Now i need to know how can i fix this problem? The Router channel is on 1 atm. I tried 6 and 11 what they perferred. I really dont want to go out and get a different brand router but if i have to i will. If there is absolutly no way to fix this problem instead of unplugging and replugging in my ISP modem, I need some reccommendations of a new router. I need it to give good-great signal, Not too expensive (40-55$) and will not do this problem above. Thanks soooooo much!


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I was wondering if I could run a device (Nintendo DS and iPod Touch) that uses Wi-Fi with my router? Is that possible? If yes, How well would it work?

A:D-Link's DI-624 Airplue Extreme G 2.4GHz wireless Broadband Router

I don't see why not.

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netgear n300 wireless
wnr 2000 v4

Ethernet cable connections are ok
The computers that connect wirelessly have to be restarted often to regain connection.

A:ethernet/wireless router

from one of the computers - can we see an xirrus screen shot please

Run Xirrus Wi-Fi Inspector
Download and install
If you cannot access the internet with this PC, then you will need to copy the program across to the faulty PC
Save the file to a USB flash drive or other removable media. Plug it into the working computer with internet access and copy the file and install the program.
You will now need to take a screen shot and copy that back to the working PC and attach the screen shot in a reply on the forum here.

If you do not have another PC - do you have a phone connected to the internet - can you photograph the result and post the image in a reply

( the site now appears to require a business email, and does not allow webbased emails like gmail,hotmail or yahoo etc )

Use the links below


Then run and install the program - on a wireless enabled PC/Laptop
if you get an error - You will need to have NET Framework installed for the WiFi Inspector to function.
On windows 8 - (i do not have windows 8) but, it would appear that, When you first try to run, you may get a message that .net framework is needed, and included in that message is a link to download/install.

Run the program

A user... Read more

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Hi, I currently connect to the internet through a wired ethernet port in the wall which connects to my university's network.

I want to make this wireless since I bought a new macbook and was wondering if this product would do it? http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B006PYGWG6

I don't know much about it but I was concerned because the Router Mode says 'cable connection only' and I'm not sure the connection is cable (is it ADSL?). Will I need anything else like a modem?

Any advice?

A:Making an ethernet university connection wireless with TP-LINK Wireless Travel Router

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hi pardon me if there's a relative post about my post but i want to point out my problem.

i have an existing wifi capable router CDR King LP-8186 originally we use this to network 3 computers (1 Laptop and 2 Desktop) we use wired network and we have no problem until i purchased the Wireless Broadband (USB Dongle) in which i am using to connect to the internet.

The Wireless Broadband is having a DNS error if i am wired to LP-8186 and i can't browse the internet but if i unplug the wire it can connect.

Can anyone please help me to solve this problem. I Just want to use the Wireless Broadband (USB Dongle) to have an internet connection while am also wired to CDR King LP-8186 router (without buying new router that can accomodate both)

Laptop - Win7 OS wifi capable
2 Desktop - Win XP SP3 no wifi just LAN Card

Thank you in advance.


A:Solved: internet/network on wireless broadband and wifi capable router

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Our home school's having trouble attaching a wireless router to my XP PC's ethernet port.

Our donated vintage Macs and XP machines are tied to the internet via a cable box's wireless router. Works just fine. Now I wish to boost the signal to a building beyond the local area by attaching a wireless router to a Dell 260 running XP. This router's IP is (ON) and (OFF), and I've spent hours with the Connection Wizard thing on XP trying to create a ethernet path to the router but I can't find a configuration that states an ethernet path or channel. The modem lights normally and other machines can pick up and connect with its signal but there's no real transmission, the receiver machines getting:

Firefox can't find the server at http://www.acorn.com.
Check the address for typing errors such as ww.example.com instead of http://www.example.com
If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer's network connection.
If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Firefox is permitted to access the Web.

Ironically, the router works just great on the Macs, which has both Airport on to receive signals from a cable TV wireless router and also has its shared Ethernet connection on, and the ethernet side requires no IP configuration like it seems you must on the XP's internet connection page. The router in question just plugs in the Mac and transmits just fine. I... Read more

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*I am not tech savvy, at all! I will need specifics on HOW to get somewhere/do something. A lot of the terminology used is completely foreign to me.* ​
Weeks ago, my Toshiba Satellite P755-S5215 suddenly stopped having internet access. Instead of a 'connection' icon, I had a computer (??) icon with a red X over it. It said there were no drivers installed. At the time, I had the phone/email support of my computer-knowledgeable ex-husband, who has since decided to stop offering his help. With him, I was able to re-install all network adapters (which were showing the yellow triangle/exclamation mark..I have 7 WAN Miniports that still show this). I tried rebooting in safe-mode, I tried system restore (it says the specified object was not found), and when I tried to run the recovery disc, I go a pop-up message that said "This program does not have a file associated with it for performing this action..."

I did something, as I now get the 'connection' icon, however it has the red X, and says no connections are available. My sons' computers/phones/tablets pick up the wireless, so I know there are connections available. I also tried to connect using an ethernet cable, but that didn't work, either.

I appreciate any help that anyone has!
Thank you!

A:No wireless or ethernet connection - not router

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Hello, friends,

So, I have a weird issue. The other day, I was playing League and my connection started dropping. I spent a couple of days troubleshooting everything I could think of - using multiple PCs, swapping ethernet ports, messing with my router, etc. After a lot of frustration, I had an idea.

Now, on my roommate's PC, he could play League with no issue. On my laptop and my desktop, I couldn't do anything without my connection failing. Bear in mind, I'm hard wired and he's on wifi. Now, our router has a 2.4 ghz band and a 5 ghz band. His wifi connection is on the 5 band, and, as I mentioned, he had no issues. I asked him to swap over to the 2.4 connection, and all of a sudden, lag spikes everywhere.

So, from that we managed to deduce that the 2.4 ghz band on our router is dying. That's all well and good, but now we have another issue - why is our network connection trying to force its way through the wireless router? We tried hardwiring 4 different PCs, and 3 of them are defaulting to the wireless router networks, even when the wireless adapters are turned off. My laptop and desktop are defaulting to 2.4, my roommate's desktop is defaulting to 5, and our last desktop is connection just to "Network". Below is a screenshot of my network connections.
I tried doing an ipconfig /release, /renew, /flushdns, but I got the following error - "The operation failed as no adapter is in the state permissible for this operation." I'm completely ... Read more

A:Ethernet connection going through wireless router

Welcome to the forum!

Choose to "forget" the wireless network. Turn off wireless SSID broadcast on the router. Unselect "connect automatically" for the wireless network. Select "connect automatically" for the wired network.

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I have a hopefully simple problem to solve!
I'm in a shared house and the wireless router lives just outside my room. However, the wireless has been playing up a lot lately and keeps dropping out.

I have an ethernet cable connected from my PC to my PS3.

Can I remove this from the pS3 and connect it to the ethernet port on the router to get a wired connection?
I tried it but it would only pick up the wireless and, when I disabled the wireless dongle, nothing at all!

Is there some setting I need to make to 'active' the ethernet connection?

The Router is an O2 Wireless II box. I have Windows 7 Ultimate.

What the lights on the O2 wireless box mean - Support - O2

I may end up getting a separate service put in, because the dropping out is really annoying, but I thought this would be a relatively simple stopgap solution!


A:Ethernet/Wireless router confusion...

For the wireless dropping out problem, have you tried using a different channel in the router's wireless connection settings?

You can scan the area around your house using this Xirrus wi-fi inspector which will help you find an unused channel in your area.

Xirrus: The Leader in High Performance Wi-Fi - Advanced IT Wi-Fi Networking Tools

As for the wired connection, assuming the DHCP is enabled, it should work as soon as you plug in the eithernet cable. If not, then you might need to download some drivers for your wired eithernet adaptor.

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Good afternoon everyone,

Please excuse the way that I may communicate as I am fairly new to posting on here.

I have been having problems with my fathers computer. He currently has a linksys B network card and also has the capability of hooking up with an ethernet cable as he is close enough to it. The software he is using is windows XP

The problem that he has is that while he is using any of his applications, such as on facebook, the computer will intermittently lose connection completely. At first i though that it may have been a problem with the network card but then found out that it is also happening when directly connected.

I run on the same router in the house and use a dell Latitude E6500 with windows vista and no problems staying online.

Does anyone have any possible idea as to how to resolve this. I am in the process of ordering a new network card for him that is a 802.11g instead of a 802.11b beyond this I cannot find any idea as to what is causing it. Any assistance is appreciated and I am more than happy to provide anymore necessary info.

A:computer int disconnects from router on both wireless and with ethernet

Welcome to TSG:
If you are experiencing disconnects on both wired and wireless,I might assume that the problem does not lie with the wireless adapter alone.
Couple of things I might do.
Run your updated antivirus/antispyware suite to flush out any potential threats.
When you lose connectivity,take a look at task manager.Any particular task/process using a high % of cpu.? Idle task should be running above 90%.
Boot up in safe mode with networking.
Same problem?.
Just to be safe,I might download any more current firmware for your router.I understand that your other pc does not have an issue,but newer firmware if available can't hurt.
Any error msgs when connectivity is lost ?
How do you recover ?

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I have had Windows 10 for a while and haven't had this problem until today. My connection was fine until I woke up this morning. I have tried updating my drivers but none are corrupt and are up to date. I have tried several solutions and looked at many videos and I cannot find a fix. Can anyone help?

A:My Ethernet cable nor wireless detects router.

Hi Dez37, welcome to the forums. Go to start, search and type cmd right click on the returned command prompt and select run as administrator, at the prompt copy paste:-

ipconfig/all > 0 & notepad 0 (press enter) Please post the notepad outcome here.

Also go to start, search and type devmgmt.msc, press enter, device manager will open, expand the tree under network adapters, tell us what you see.

Try a power cycle, turn off the modem/router and remove all power to it, turn off your computer and remove all power to it (if a laptop take out the battery) with the power off press the computer start button for a second, this will drain any residual power, leave the computer off. Now repower the modem/router and wait until it acquires all lead lights. Once this happens repower your computer, test your connection now.

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My problem is that I can not access the internet and print at the same time. I access the internet thru a modem with a ethernet connection directly to my laptop and I also have a wireless router (TrendNet 54 Mbps, TEW-432BRP) that I use to connect 2 printers.

If I want to use the internet I have to disconnect the wireless router and then if I want to print, I have to re-connect the wireless router which then prevents me from accessing the internet. I can only connect to one of these at a time which is driving me crazy.

I also receive error messages about ip address conflicts on my laptop so I don't know if this has anything to do with my problem. I hope someone can help me with this.

Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version
OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1, 64 bit
Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU B815 @ 1.60GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 42 Stepping 7
Processor Count: 2
RAM: 4039 Mb
Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1795 Mb
Hard Drives: C: Total - 260242 MB, Free - 119605 MB; D: Total - 29690 MB, Free - 27423 MB;
Motherboard: LENOVO, Base Board Product Name
Antivirus: Microsoft Security Essentials, Updated and Enabled

Thanks & God bless,


A:Solved: Ethernet & Wireless router problems

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I have a Belkin G wireless router connected to an Arris modem (Comcast).
I am trying to connect a laptop and an android phone. There is also a PC connected to the wireless router via an ethernet cable.

When the PC is connected, the speed of the wireless connection drops significantly.
From my phone speedtest shows ping 13ms, 27.75 down and 24.18 up when the PC is not connected. When the PC is connected, speedtest shows ping 20ms, 0.2 down, and 0.1 up (if the connection doesn't time out.)

It seems the ethernet connection is taking nearly all the bandwidth and the wireless devices just won't work. How can I give equal bandwidth to the wired and wireless connections?

A:Wireless router won't work with ethernet connected

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I need to connect my W98 SE PC to my wireless router via ethernet cable so I can change the router's settings. I have never used the ethernet adapter on the this PC. DO I have to install any software first? I have been accessing the router via a wireless adapter. Could it be (I hope) as simple as plugging in the wire between the PC and one of the 4 router ports? Does the router signal the PC or will I need to reboot?
Sorry for the "dumb" questions but I know I always get good advice from you guys, and learn in the process.

A:Setting up direct ethernet to wireless router

If you can access the router via wireless you can configure it from there as well.

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I was wondering if it is possible to connect my printer (HP 6310xi) to my wireless router. Both have ethernet ports so I will be using my ethernet cable.

I wanted to do this mainly because originally my printer is connected to my desktop and I am using print share, but I'm getting rid of the desktop so the print share will be gone, and I still want to be able to print wirelessly from my laptop.


A:connect printer to wireless router (ethernet)

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