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Portable USB Windows 8.1

Q: Portable USB Windows 8.1

I am using the following things 
Universal USB Installer 
Hard Disk partitioned in 2 drives (78 GB Each)
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional X64 Incl Update Jan 2016 - Freeware Sys 
ok , So i first used universal USB Installer to install into one of the drives and it didn't work as it was formatted in (FTA32 Format)
and then i formatted the drive into NTFS and then tried to install with the help of the above mentioned problem (Luckily it worked but there was an error )
Setup does not support configuration of or installation to disk connected through USB or IEEE 1394 port
What i am trying to do here is make a bootable hard drive which is use wherever i want to and while installing it shows only options of Main Operation System (Drive 0) and Drive 1 but i am not able to install this windows in Drive 1 (This drive is for HARD DISK )  
In short i plan on using that external drive across multiple computers to boot from
Note : I am not willing to use Rufus as it makes our pendrive / harddisk write protected and we cannot write it anymore.

Preferred Solution: Portable USB Windows 8.1

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Portable USB Windows 8.1

Is this a legal copy of Windows?

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If anyone needs flash for portable browsers, go here ---
Portable Adobe Flash Player

Easiest way to use flash for portable browsers. I use on Firefox portable.

The website is of a well known member RejZoR on Wilders & Avast, etc...

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i am looking for a replacement for my fawtly Seagate 500gb with new 1TB Seagate external HD model I cannot decide of buying portable or non-portable. Do branded portable work as good as non portable? The reason i ask is becasue i have Steam games working from faulty 500gb exteernaall HD,so in upgrading to 1 TB will the fact it is portable/non have noticable effect?

A:portable external HD work as good as non-portable?

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Some software publishers or authors offer both portable and installable versions of their products. (Kee Pass is one of them.)

Is it advisable to systematically prefer the portable version, when running it from a fixed drive and not a thumb drive, according to the logic that if it's possible not to write into the registry, it's better not to ?

I often try new software, and I'm concerned about long-term stability. I install and uninstall a lot, using Revo Uninstaller Pro. But I've come accross people advising not to use Revo or other fancy uninstallers, just to stick to the product's own uninstaller or the Windows function.

Also, I have set C-Cleaner to a daily auto-run. In the past, I used its registry cleaner quite regularly. But some people say it's better not to clean the registry at all.

So I figured the more applications could stay away from the registry, the better. Is this a correct assumption ? Are there any drawbacks to portable apps ?

A:Are portable apps preferable, even for non-portable use ?

I have been using a lot of cleaning softwares too . Registry as well as junk cleaners.
Registry cleaner to me is a good thing as it removes the useless leftovers of programs that are left by their regular un-installer or some deleted files.

ANS1 > I recommended to clean registry as it improves performance and reduce junk in resgitry . So if portables apps dnt have or create these junks in registry then ur assumption is right and i m at your side too because " u dont need to re-install every software when u replace OS as it will work as it is if its PORTABLE "

ANS2 > Portable softwares are better then installed ones .

Above are the answer given as a user , i have used many portable softwares never had any issue just benefits

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Has anyone made one or what'd be the best way to have an Antimalware scanner on a USB stick? I know there is Malwarebytes Techbench, so has anyone used it and does it use MS-DOS tool or what?


A:Portable scanners & Malwarebytes Portable?

this? Techbench - USB Malware Detection & Removal

seems just a portable version using both a GUI and a Command line interface.

for portable scanners, you have plenty: Emsisoft Emergency Kit, HMP, etc...

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HP deskjest 100 portable printer will not recognize a new tri color cartridge (98). Just says :  "cartridge not installed" When I put back the old one that is out of ink, it works fine.  I have tried several new ones and all say same message.I have physically looked for any possible mechanical issue but found none.  The printer is about 3 years old but has printed maybe 200 pages.      Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks!

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I am looking for a program I once had, but I don't know the name of it.  It's not a virtual disk, it does not require OracleBox, and it does not require Virtual PC.  I already have those.
This particular program is an application that does run within Windows 7, but it's function is more like a portable program and not a virtual machine.
What is the program?

A:Windows XP Portable

I think you are looking for Mini-XP or Win-PE.

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Is there a portable version of windows 8, that can boot of of a USB drive?

A:Windows 8 portable

It is called windows to go. In the tutorial section

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Hello, I will be getting a samsung N310 for christmas and among the goodies in my stocking will be an external hard drive and some ram, I want to install Windows 7 ultimate 32bit onto it. I am aware the hardware can handle it but I am researching a permanant install of the OS onto the existing built in hard drive of the samsung(XP) from the portable HDD. So far I am unlucky and I cant find a tutorial. Getting the OS is fine, its Installing the bloody thing thats got me all conflustered.
Any Help would be greatly appreciated, and I can provide further information if any one needs it to answer the question. Thanks in advance

A:Windows 7 install from portable HDD

Christmas must have changed since I was young, because one never knew for certain what they might receive for Christmas...unless it was something that they got for themselves.

The only way that I'm aware of to install an OS from one drive to another, is via cloning, or burning an image from one drive location or another. It would be better to start with a fresh clean install.

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Ok, I'm up the wall on this, I'm trying to get a copy of Windows to install on a flash drive and boot from BIOS, but there's almost now way of doing so.

I remembered that Windows 8 7850 build had or has a feature called Portable Workspace where Windows will install onto a flash drive so you can take it to any puter you please. That's great and all, but where in the blue hell is it?! :stomp: It's like it's not there. Do I need something special to do something to it or what?
Thanks! :bounce:

A:Windows 8 Portable Workspace, where is it?!

Hi there, this feature is only for windows 8 enterprise edition. Are you running that?

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I would like to use Windows Mail (which I think is an EXCELLENT piece of software) on both my desktop and Laptop computers.

I have tried copying all the files to the alternate machine, which works.

BUT - and this is the BIG BUT, each time I move the files to the other machine, I have to re-input passwords for all the e-mail accounts I have set up. As I have several, this is a real pain.

Does anyone know where these e-mail passwords are held?

Also, IDEALLY, I would like to specify that the mailstore was on a flash drive or external disk, but Windows Mail (like Outlook Express before it, does not allow this). Does anyone know a workaround (eg: registry edit) to fix this?


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Hello, I am not 100% sure that this topic is in the right section but here goes...

I have a portable, bootable, Windows XP Professional SP2 built with USBoot on my Toshiba 400GB external USB HDD. It works perfectly for when I run virus scanners and cleaning utilities at work as well as do photo editing and 3d modeling at school. The only problem is I've been able to boot it on every computer that supports USB 2.0 so far, except for my own computer at home.

My home computer is a Dell Dimension 8300 and it does support booting from USB devices. (I use to run Slax, and then Kubuntu off of it and they booted fine off the drive on my home system but it was frustrating to have to deal with their incompatibilities in a mostly Microsoft world...) Unfortunately now when I try to boot portable windows from it on my home system I get "Error Loading Operating System" which leads me to believe that the Bios is at fault.

An idea I had was to bootkick it from some CD or use some form of boot loader that points to the USB drive and doesn't fully rely on the Bios' ability to boot it. But I have no idea how to do that for Windows XP alone or if it's even possible. What would be really cool is if the CD could also help with booting it on systems which their Bios doesn't support USB booting, But if there's some other way that I can use to make this work I would love to hear about it.

It's 12:27 AM and I'm tired so I'm not sure if I inclu... Read more

A:Portable Windows XP Booting issues

Hi There

Its actually not a good idea to have windows XP on a portable drive as when you move it to a diffrent PC the configuration of the OS changes to that PC, So I would recommend Installing XP onto your home drive and do not try booting XP from a portable HDD again as this damages the files on the disk as the OS has to install new devices everytime itstarts

What you could try at work is , go system properties , advanced , enviroment varibles and set the following system varibles :Varible Name: devmgr_Show_non_present_devices Varible Value : 1

Now go to device manager and click show all devices (hidden devices) , the one's that are greyed or washed out icons , you could uninstall without affecting your system. This should work

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Ok guys so here's a list of portable software with it's categories. If i missed something, let me know, and i will add it to the list Ok so let's get started.

1)Audio editor

Audacity (Free alternative to Adobe Audition)
2)3D Graphics Editing

Blender 3D
3)Antivirus Scanners

Hitman Pro
Dr.Web Cure It!
VIPRE Rescue Scanner
Norman Malware Cleaner
Emsisoft Emergency Kit
Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool
McAfee Stinger
Panda Cloud Cleaner
Norton Power Eraser
Comodo Cleaning Essentials
Zemana Antimalware
4)Audio Players

WinAmp (discontinued)
5)CD/DVD/BD Burning Software

BurnAware Free
ISO Workshop
6)Image Viewing and Editing

FastStone Image Viewer
FastStone Photo Resizer
Image Tuner
7)IM (Instant Messaging)

8)Compression Tools

9)Torrent clients

10)Maintenance/Tuneup Tools

10.1 Disk/Privacy Cleaners

Privacy Eraser
Wise Disk Cleaner
Disk Cleaner
Mooo0 Disk Cleaner
10.2 Uninstallers

Revo Uninstaller
IObit Uninstaller
Geek Uninstaller Free
Wise Program Uninstaller
10.3 Registry Cleaners/Defraggers

Wise Registry Cleaner
Auslogics Registry Defrag
10.4 Disk ... Read more

A:List Of Portable Software for Windows

Are they all really portable software?

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hi guys
i have 2 portable programs(photoshop and nero).the worked properly in my last windows(7) but when i open them nothing happens?

A:my portable programs do not work in windows 8

Hi there
Portable Photoshop is not a LEGAL program so according to Forum rules you shouldn't ask about these and we aren't allowed to give answers on them either.

As for Nero there's a free version available or imageburn also free is available.

The best way if you want to run "Portable apps" is really to install the LEGAL programs you need and create a Windows to Go system.


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What is the correct way to disconnect a USB portable drive from a Win7 system running Windows PE (during image capture/deployment)? Can I just pull out the USB connector or is there a safer method?

A:Disconnecting Portable USB drives in Windows PE

Try to make your removal drive offline with diskpart tool then eject it.
Hope it helps.
Alex ZhaoPlease remember to click ?Mark as Answer? on the post that helps you, and to click ?Unmark as Answer? if a marked post does not actually answer your question. This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.

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SE-Explorer - a free portable alternative for Windows Explorer is updated and now supports ZIP archives and has new Size Scanner panel which allows to search and classify large files on your computer in a moment.

Features summary:

Two file windows side by side
Enhanced search function
Tabbed interface
A lot of build-in viewers:

Picture viewer which supports most popular image file formats
Video player for quick video preview
Audio player with playlists support
Text editor with syntax highlighting
Hex editor for binary files
ZIP archives explorer
RTF document file view
SWF Flash movie preview
Browser window for local web files
TTF Font files view
XML structure view

Program requires Microsoft .NET and installation is about 580 KB.

Web site: SE-SOFT.COM

A:Portable alternative for Windows Explorer

Umm, already mentioned by you : http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic108302.html


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I'm trying to create a portable version of windows 7

Do you know how to do this?

I'm trying to:
- create a VHD with system installed
- create a bootable pen with windows 7
- add the vhd, now copied into pen, to usb boot menu

.. what do you thing ?

A:I'm trying to create a portable version of Windows 7

edit - ok I see you already have another thread on this topic so lets discuss it there:

Windows 7 VHD installed and used on USB Key?

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Hi, I have a pc running windows 7 pro 64 bit. I am wondering why everytime I turn it on with my portable drive plugged in, it would attempt to boost from that drive and give me an error. I have checked the boost order and did not see anything strange in the setting. This is a picture that I took (ADATA CH11 is the portable drive in question- there are other thumb drives plugged in too but they do not cause any problems).


can someone take a look at this for me? Many thanks!

PS: inside that portable drive I copied the C drive of my old vista computer and put it in a folder- I do not think it causes the issue but just in case...

A:windows keep boosting up from portable drive

Double check you boot order.

Please complete this tutorial by Golden.

Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image

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I'm new here and i have no idea if I'm I in the right place for my question or not
any way:
I have a laptop witch used to run vista home ..... but I had a problem and my DVD-RW is brooked so I want to install vita again in my laptop I formated my HD and trayed to install vista again but that not work know I want to know if can I install vista in a HD extern and that put it in my laptop or xp

thank you for your repaly friends.

A:Can I install Windows Vista on a Portable HDD

It can be done for both Vista or XP (despite what Microsoft says): however, you need to have a system with BIOS and a motherboard that support USB booting for starters. Then, assuming it is possible from a system perspective (the issue is essentially keeping the USB ports continuously active so you don't lose connection with the USB drive) the procedures are extremely complicated. Finally, you do ultimately need to install the OS from a computer with a working CD/DVD drive (though I suppose the installation could be done with a flash USB drive if you wanted to add that complexity to the equation). Another thing is that this configuration is completely unsupported (almost nobody will be able to help you with it so you will be on your own) and there are some aspects and programs that may not properly function even if you do everything right (I've read this may apply to Windows Updates but can't confirm that). Also, you should backup the computer you are using to do this (and create a restore point and backup the registry) and you should be prepared to need to completely re-install the system because what you will be doing is very unconventional and the slightest error or the smallest problem with any part of it could cause your system to crash.

From what I've read, you need a working computer to do this so your current situation won't permit it (but if you want it on your computer, you need to install a working OS on it to get this to work (and confirm it is configured and d... Read more

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I am hoping very much that someone can help me out of a catastrophic situaition after having done a clean installation of Windows 7.

The situation is that I used my 500 GB Fugitsu HandyDrive to save Windows Easy Transfer file but now neither of my two computers will recognise the HandyDrive - they just keep saying ?new hardware found - looking for drivers? but don?t find any.

This is devastating as it is (or was!) almost ? full of months of hard work - some backed up some not (my fault of course).

I have been using the HandyDrive to work between my 18? and 10? laptops both of which had Vista.

I have the Acer Windows 7 Upgrade Kit for the 18? laptop and after 4 failed upgrade attempts and one failed clean installation, I tried one last clean installation which at last was successful. Each time I ran the Upgrade Advisor and carried out the recommendations. The Handydrive was shown as ?USB Mass Storage Device? and shown as being Compatible with Windows 7
I saved the Windows Easy Transfer file on the Handydrive.

After the successful installation of Windows 7, I carried out the Easy Transfer but was dismayed to find I had very few programs now (I had thought they would be on the Upgrade disc but cant find them). I took the Handydrive out of 18? (now with Windows 7) and plugged it into 10? (Vista) so that I could print the Upgrade Advisor file I had saved, which showed the programs I had before clean install. Disaster - it wouldn?t work! The HandDrive was not in my Cio... Read more

A:Could Windows 7 Have Reformatted My Portable Harddrive

When doing a clean install there is only one way to get your old prograams, you must reinstall with key numbers if applicable.

Reinstalling programs is one downside of clean install. Easy Transfer is used for settings, email, personal data, but not programs.

I truly wish you luck with your situation,

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Hi there

ADDED Notes for UEFI systems --- see my last post in this thread for details when using UEFI systems.
If you haven't got Windows 8 Enterprise and you want to make a portable Windows system then it can still be done quite easily (and a good learning process too).

What you need to get acceptable performance is a USB3 stick (large enough for a Windows system) or better an SSD - if you've got or replaced an older 120 GB SD for example that will be perfect.. An SSD connected to even a USB2 port will provide a decent enough response - better if you connect the SSD to a USB3 port even with the standard SATA==>USB2 cable. An esata connection is fastest. You need also a USB installation stick.

1) Download OPENSUSE 13.1 either the full version or the Live CD -- while the live CD is less download the full version seems to work better.
2) Create a bootable USB of the downloaded distro. To do this read this link - it's better on a USB even if you DO have DVD/CD's in your machine. Faster and easier.


3) boot the USB -- Very important press F2 to select your language and keyboard and F3 to select the correct video resolution for your monitor.

4) In the selections after boot choose KDE (it's the easiest and most Windows like interface for people not used to Linux).

5) Now follow the instructions here EXACTLY - especially the BOOT LOADER otherwise you will write the boot record to your Windows HDD and you'll get pro... Read more

A:How to make Portable Windows system (any version)

I've got to get me a 64GB USB3 stick to try this with, sounds like fun.

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I couldn't find anywhere else to post this question.

Why would you want to install W10 on a portable usb hard diskj you may ask?

Simply because I don't want to ruin my current W7 desktop installation+software configuration

and I would liker to try W10.

A:Can Windows 10 be installed on a portable USB hard disk?

This might be what you are looking for,

Portable OS - Carry your OS on an External Drive

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I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits

I use Adobe Flash CS5.5 Portable for old compatibilities issues.

To make it work I've uninstalled KB3045999, KB3022345 & KB3068708

It worked perfectly till today but unfortunately after a windows update the annoying window "The application was unable to load a required virtual machine component...." has appeared again.

Any idea of which update could conflict again with portable apps ?


A:Portable apps not working again after Windows update

Uninstall one by one to find it?

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My work PC running WinXP SP3 32 bit was recently flattened out and loaded with Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Some of the portable apps crash on launch. I am logged in as local administrator as well. I have performed the following steps but still no luck. All programs are under "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" folders

1. Executed TAKEOWN /f on both directories
2. Executed ICACLS /grant administrators:F /t on both the directories
3. Set the application compatibility mode to Windows XP SP3 and even tried launching with "Run as Administrator"
4. Ran procmon when launching the applications. None of the entries stood out except a CreateFile entry prior to process exit related C:\Windows\Prefetch with result status NAME_NOT_FOUND. However I could navigate to the directory and locate the file as well
5. I tried launching in Windows XP Virtual PC and received module MSVCR80.dll cannot be loaded error message

Any help is much appreciated

A:Portable apps not launching on Windows 7 Ultimate


Portable apps not launching sometimes is a DEP problem. Event viewer would show event ID 1000 (app crash) with source 100. usally can be cured by changing dep setting to "for all apps"

Just a guess hope it works


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I feel like I'm missing something here, because there has to be a way to do this. I don't like data redundancy, so I'm trying to avoid having a copy of every song on my hdd and my zen micro. But, it seems that windows media player wont play songs directly off the device! Is this really the case? Under the "All Music" tree in "My Library" there is no option for portable devices! If this is really supposed to be like this, I'm a little dissapointed that I changed my firmware to PlaysForSure to sync with WMP. Am I just missing something? Thanks!

A:Windows Media Player 10 And Portable Devices

Here's a thought...

Try opening up My Computer and accessing the Zen Micro as a storage drive and double clicking to play the files from there.


Don't use Windows Media Player and instead use some thrid party program like WinAmp.

My $.02


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I have always imaged my Windows 7 laptop using the in built Windows system image back up and it works great. A couple of times I have restored the image to get me out of a hole and it worked every time.

Anyway over the weekend I went to take an up to date image onto my USB 3.0 WD My Book Hard drive. I plugged the USB drive into the power strip and heard a loud bang like a balloon being burst. I quickly unplugged the USB drive. After a change of underwear I flipped the breaker back up to restore upstairs power. Everything came back to life indicating the problem must of been with the USB hard drive. But bizarrely when I tested the WD drive at another power strip it lit up and seemed to still be alive!!! So I put it down to one of those unexplained things and proceeded to start the windows image of the laptop. It took a while because it was backing up 650 gb of data and hadn't been done for nearly 6 months. After about 2 or 3 hours it was nearing the end of finishing the image backup when suddenly I got BSOD on Windows 7. Pretty annoying. I force powered off the laptop and rebooted windows. I decided to try and start the imaging off again but now the USB HD isn't detected by windows when I plug it into any of the USB ports. I tested the ports with a couple of small USB flash drives and they were detected just fine. So the problem obviously lies with the WD drive. I am just worried by the BSOD and whether that may of risked damage to my windows installation being disrupted dur... Read more

A:Are portable USB hard drives ok to use for Windows Image?

Yes, no problem. The external drives that require their own power supply are generally 3.5" drives while the smaller drives that can be powered via the USB port are generally 2.5" drives. Neither is "safer" or more reliable so it's simply a matter of personal preference which you use. As long as the smaller drive is large enough disk space wise to handle your backup needs then it is certainly much handier since there's no need to plug in for additional power.

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Hello, I bought a Seagate SRD00F1 1TB external hard disk drive. It does not show up on my computer. All it shows is as portable, and nothing on the computer window.

Please help I am on the verge of losing important data

It does not detect on any other ports of the desktop or in another desktop or laptop, and also my ports are fine I can plug in other hard disk drives just fine.

A:Windows wont detect portable harddisk

Well, I would try to see if you have a Linux machine or if a friend has one where you can plug your external in and see if it can detect it?

Also, this may not be your HD failing but it could be the chip on your case that has gone bad. The only way to test this is to physically remove the Hard Drive from its external case (being VERY careful). Typically (but not always) this involves completely destroying the case. As I said "not always" my external case simply has a piece that I can remove to get to the Sata connectors, which is what you want to get to.

Once you have removed your external case and/or have access to the Sata connectors on the actual Hard drive, use a Sata data/power cable to connect it directly to your PC. (as if it were just a normal HD)

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Like i said in title windows creates folders on my portable hdd and read only and can not be deleted when windows is running folder names look like hash, one time i saw how windows installer dumped automaticly temp files on my hdd. Thats should be all.

A:No Hurry: Windows creates folder(s) on portable hdd

I'm not sure I know the question. ???
It sounds like you have temporary files assigned to it. What do you normally store on the drive? What is it's use? Do you have any software programs stored on it? Did you download ZIP files to it?

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While its great (build 7100 x64) but till now "most" portable programs work but some don't work in windows 7, they work fine on Vista though.

Any clue how to make them work or whats stopping them from working?

A:portable programs dont work in windows 7

which apps did you use ?
Which compatibility shims were used ?

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I had bought a WD portable HD of 1TB storage about 8 months ago. It has worked fine until yesterday when I tried to plug it in to my laptop, the pop up read "You need to format the disk in H:\ before you can use it". Formatting it is obviously not an option - not now that it has 8 months worth of data on it.

I tried assigning a different drive letter to it using disc management - but the same pop up shows up every time.

So in short, when I plug it in, an icon for it does show up in the explorer but I am not able to view its contents and get that wretched pop up that I am sick of seeing by now ..

Any help would be greatly appreciated since the drive has *very* important work related documents that I do not have a backup of - ironically the copies on the drive are supposed to be the backup copies

A:Western Digital portable HD - not recognized on Windows 7

If you have only one copy, then there is no backup regardless of the name you apply to the media on which it resides.

Try connecting the drive to another computer. If the result is the same, then try removing the disk from the enclosure and connecting it internally to another computer as a secondary drive. If the result is the same, you may need $professional$, $pecialized help.

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I have a portable hard drive 270gb. I want to install Windows 7 on it. Anybody knows? I need help. Thanks

A:How to install Windows 7 on a portable hard drive

As far as I know.

All the Windows iterations I've tried will not boot from an external drive.

If anyone can get Seven to do it- I want to know how

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I had Windows 7 in my previous computer and now I am trying to use it in my Lenovo tower with Windows 10.  A message appears:  D:\ is not accesible.  The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.
Can you help me please?

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HelloCan you clone from one laptop to another laptop with USB cabling?

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I've been swimming through useless google results for hours.......

Can someone PLEASE tell me how to change the taskbar icon for Firefox Portable?

A few failed attempts........

Right clicking shortcut and choosing 'change icon' - only works for shortcut. Original FF icon still shows up on taskbar.

Using a resource hacker - have tried 5 so far, and none have worked. They only corrupt the .exe file for the browser and causes it not to launch.

Using very HARSH language - only temporarily relieves tension, icon problem remains.

So sick of not be being able to change something that should be so simple. Can someone please help?

A:Changing Taskbar Icon for Firefox Portable (Windows 7)

first of all create a shortcut to the .exe
then right click on the shortcut and click change icon
change it to the icon you want it to
delete the shortcut of your taskbar
replace it with the one you just created


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I have copied some windows media files to my portable hdd player.

Each of the files is contained in a separate file folder whilst on the portable hdd.

When the hdd is connected to the pc via usb, I can view the files without any problem.

When I connect to hdd to the television, some of the files I have copied cannot be viewed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

A:Problem with windows media files copied to portable hdd

Can you add some extra information for me? What are the model numbers of ALL of the devices in you mentioned in your post?

And also, when you say "windows media files" what are we talking about? WMV? AVI? MP4?

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I've been swimming through useless google results for hours.......
Can someone PLEASE tell me how to change the taskbar icon for Firefox Portable?

A few failed attempts........

Right clicking shortcut and choosing 'change icon' - only works for shortcut. Original FF icon still shows up on taskbar.

Using a resource hacker - have tried 5 so far, and none have worked. They only corrupt the .exe file for the browser and causes it not to launch.

Using very HARSH language - only temporarily relieves tension, icon problem remains.

I also cannot pin anything to the taskbar. I do not have admin rights on the cpu in questions.
So sick of not be being able to change something that should be so simple. Can someone please help?

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hey guys, does anyone know where i can find these? i found some earlier, but it turns out they were all infected with virii and i had to re-install XP on the machine. i always believed that it was more difficult to infect a portable app with a virus? guess i was wrong. btw, i have an app running on this machine and when it runs it runs something called 'thinstall' in the lower right hand side of my screen.

thanks guys

A:Where to find legitimate source of portable applications for Windows?

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Replace standard Windows Explorer with SE-Explorer - simple and powerful dual panel file manager with tabbed interface and lots of build-in viewers.

Main features:

* Clear tabbed interface
* Different file browsers: dual panel, classic windows explorer, command prompt
* Enhanced file search function and embedded size scanner
* Media player for audio and video files: MP3, WAV, AVI, MPEG, WMV, SWF, MOV, etc.
* Picture viewer which supports most popular image file formats
* Archive explorer for ZIP, RAR, ISO, 7Z, MSI, CAB, etc.
* Resource view for executable files and icon libraries
* PDF, DjVu, Html Help and RTF document view
* Text viewer with syntax highlighting
* Hex viewer for binary files
* Browser window for local web and email files
* TTF Font files view
* XML structure view

Features in latest release:

* Created new application SE-MediaPlayer for audio and video files playback
* Interface for file operations (copying, moving, deleting etc.) is improved
* Added viewer for EML email files
* User requested interface improvements are implemented

SE-Explorer is absolutely free for personal use. No registration or activation is required

Publisher: SE-SOFT.COM

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Hi there
Has anybody been able to make a W7 equivalent of W8's Windows to go -- this is a FULL RUNNING Windows system that boots AND RUNS entirely from the external device and where you can also install standard Windows programs -- I even have Office and Adobe Photoshop installed on mine. The system will even run if there's NO HDD or a broken one in the host computer.

You can make various WINPE type of W7 disks but anybody succeeded in running W7 totally from an external HDD without needing ANYTHING from the Host such as a boot manager.

The only way I've managed this is by running a small Linux system and then running Windows as a VM from Linux but I'd rather have a real NATIVE portable W7 system.

Anybody done this yet -- note a FULL running Windows 7 system --not an INSTALL or RECOVERY bootable disk.

(I have W7 PRO, Ultimate and Enterprise so version is immaterial if someone has managed this on any of these W7 versions).


A:Windows to Go (W7) or Portable W7 windows

Many people have asked, but I don`t think it`s been done yet.

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Hi, was wondering if anyone could give guidance in trying to get Windows Update working properly in a friends old computer. Trying to restore from a 2yr old Macrium Image and using Portable Update to transfer updates from my laptop to his. The Last Windows Updates on the Image was 10-25-2014 before using Portable Update Offline.
Windows Updates from Portable Update's cache folder, up to Sept. 2016, appear to be successfully installed on 10-31-2016. I had to manually install Windows Update Client KB3138612-x64.msu in order for Portable Update to install them.
This is the only update I have manually installed to this point. Also looking at what updates where installed, I see that Portable Update did not install some of the updates in it's cache folder.
At this point, Windows update never finds updates which is what I expected, as Portable Update appeared to install updates in it's cache in a certain systematic order [ oldest required first etc. ] for this specific machine.
I have attached a CBS.zip file and sfcdetails.txt file if this helps.

Basic system specs on this machine:
HP xw4600 Workstation
Win7 Professional-SP1 - 64bit
Internet Explorer 10
Intel Core Duo CPU 2.53 GHz
6 GB Ram

Thank you for any help in advance.

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Just thought this would be a good place to announce.I just found out that the actual creators of SAS have released a portable version.as far as i can tell. the filename is always random, the extension is .com, and the definitions are up to date.check it out...http://www.superantispyware.com/portablescanner.html

A:SAS portable

For some reason when posting links to superantispyware, the part after the / gets removed when you click it. Just go to http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&cli...mp;aqi=&oq= and it should be the first link

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Hi All.

I was about to buy WD passport 500G when I noticed that they released a new edition and accordingly to the majority of the reviews on Amazon.co.uk Western Digital My Passport Essential 500GB USB 2.0
it is a disaster. They built s/w into HD's ROM, so you cannot get rid of it by formatting HD (it is loading a virtual cd-rom every time you plug the HD in. Just like Scan u3 usb stick, although I think you can get red of this one (didn't try it b/c I like it)). Also it has nonstandard small USB connector/cable.

So, I will have to buy either previous edition while stock lasts or I found another HD that looks OK but I don't know anything about it.
Samsung S2 2.5-inch 500GB USB 2.0
Do you know anything about this Samsung HD? I found more or less good review on Tom's h/w but I would like to hear from "real" people

A:Portable USB HD

You aren't necessarily limited to the major brands. You could build your own by buying an external enclosure and then fitting it with the drive of your choice. I no longer buy WD/Maxtor, Seagate, ect externals. I just find an enclosure with good reviews and a decent price, then match it up with the drive I want.

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Has anybody make a successful Win XP Portable with a thumb drive?

I have read many websites and "How To's" but to no avail... it is one of those things that I tell myself I must learn to do as it would make my life easier for those times when the computer has a virus or help a friend with a problem, etc, etc.

I was able to get one going with bartPE but it takes a long time to load the iso file.

If any of you have, can you point me in the right direction?

A:USB Win XP Portable

Assuming you'd even getting it working, it wouldn't be usable. The USB interface doesn't work well booting a Windows OS. The performance would be bad, and some sites claim it drasticllay shortens the life of the drive.

Quote: Originally Posted by AstaLaVista

I must learn to do as it would make my life easier for those times when the computer has a virus or help a friend with a problem, etc, etc.

I'm not sure how this would help (if it were possible) for either situation. If a computer has a virus, either fight it directly or pull the drive and connect it to a working computer and clean it.

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Very often, and getting more frequent now, when i plugged in my HDD into my laptop, it hangs and produces a beepng sound. Sometimes it goes away after a while and then it opens, sometimes it just hangs and I have to stop it.
Does problem lie in the HDD or my laptop OS? My OS is Vista Business 32bit.
Any advice anyone? Thanks!

A:Portable HDD

Try plugging it into another pc with same operating system. If it works fine it's not the hard drive however if it hangs it could be either one and you'll be back where you started from. GOOD LUCK

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Hi everyone,
I'm going on holiday soon, I have a very nice Fuji digital camera, I have an 256Mb Xd picture card with it, lots of pics you may say, actually it takes around 100 at 6 million pixels, less at 12 million, not bad however, last time I was on holiday the picture card was soon full, I couldn't take anymore photo's last 3 days.

My question, is there a portable disk that will connect to my camera via the USB cable which will allow me to download all the pics from the Xd card thus enabling me to empty the card to start taking more pics?
Any help and advice will be gratefully accepted,

A:portable hdd?

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