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Monitor PSU is fine until I plug it in!! WAAAATT

Q: Monitor PSU is fine until I plug it in!! WAAAATT

My monitor is a 17" TFT LCD Monitor made by Hanon Model: L-1715.
The monitor will not turn on as the PSU green light is flashing when I plug it in to the monitor. When i diconnect the monitor from the PSU, the PSU green light becomes constant like it should be, so..
the PSU green light stays constant when not plugged into the monitor.
as soon as i plug the PSU into the monitor the green light starts flashing and my monitor won't work
please help

Preferred Solution: Monitor PSU is fine until I plug it in!! WAAAATT

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Monitor PSU is fine until I plug it in!! WAAAATT

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Hi, I am having a mojor headache with a Toshiba Satellite Pro A120. The screen has started switching to blackout at random times and is happening more and more. It doesn't matter whether W
Jayindows has loaded or if I enter the bios,or boot from CD,or leave it sat waiting for me to select a boot device. It more often than not goes black but you can still see what should be on the screen, it's just not lit at all to see clearly. The laptop itself is still working fine as it works on an external monitor and makes system beeps, cd spins up etc.
Have tried the following:
Adjusting various settings in the graphics properties and within the bios but makes no difference.
It also switches back on if I press FN + F5 to swap monitors but goes off again after a few seconds.
It's not overheating as it's been stood all night and still happens sometime during boot when stone cold.
I've tried booting with / without the battery - no difference.
I've tried booting without the HDD - no difference.
I've tried removing the battery, pressing power for 60 seconds, then add battery, power and boot up again - no difference.
I would have sworn it was the inverter but it does the same thing with an inverter I know works! don't think it can be graphics as it works on an external monitor and doesn't go off.
I'm out of ideas and seeking a genius to sort this for me please!!!

A:Satellite Pro A120 - Black Screen - Fine on External Monitor - LCD fine

Apologies, the bit that says " *It doesn't matter whether W*
*Jayindows has loaded*"

Should actuall read: " *It doesn't matter whether Windows has loaded*"

My laptop keyboard is knacked too!


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Briefly, I've been using my monitor instead of the laptop screen for over a year now. Everything works fine. Suddenly yesterday the monitor went black! It's actually still functioning on some level but doesn't keep the display. I was doing something on the internet, possibly saving a password in RoboForm, maybe just wandering. There are no error codes or indicators.

When I reboot, having previously changed the setting to dual - laptop & monitor, it briefly flashes the Vaio splash screen, then black, then briefly flashes the Windows splash screen. Then black. The laptop screen is fine. I've tried both 'Single Display - Monitor' and 'dual display' - Laptop as Primary; 'dual display' - Monitor as Primary, and in none does the monitor work - laptop screen always works.

If I unplug the VGA output from the laptop, then plug it back in, the monitor briefly (maybe 1-2 seconds) shows the desktop images perfectly! Then black! It seems that everything is actually working just not properly! It's making me crazy. I did try downloading the most current graphics driver from Intel...nothing. The monitor continues to show a green light (indicating that it is receiving a signal). The audio (plugged from the monitor into the front of the laptop by a separate plug) continues to play thru the monitor.

To Recap: Display on 'Monitor only' has worked just fine for a year. Now it won't show any image... Read more

A:Laptop fine, 2nd monitor fine - but no display!

Bump.....still hoping....
P.S. I DO have a signal! Just no display on monitor.

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This is kind of a strange problem, but my monitor plug is missing a few of the prongs that are inserted into the computer. I was wondering if this could be fixed, or do I need to buy a new monitor?

A:Monitor Plug

I just had a look at a spare and it seems to have a few holes where you would think pins should be, works fine.

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Pc is hp b6840 but no idea wgerectge actual disk drice is either

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I am trying to install a 17" LCD Monitor with a no name LCD controller that has no plug and play capability. I have tried turning off hidden modes (works in 2000 Pro) and changing the monitor type to standard LCD 1280 by 1024. In the display information window it show 1280 by 1024 but it is displaying 640 by 480.

Anyone have a work around this feature of XP Pro? Oh, yes I have tried this on XP Home and it works up to 1024 by 768. Which is better then I get with XP Pro.

Thanks for any help I can get.

A:Non Plug and Play Monitor

check the manufacturers site for a driver for it,but if it is working in pro reinstall your video drivers

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I have an Emachine T-5026 with an Intel 915GAG board. Ubuntu 7.10 is installed. I currently have a SOYO 24" LCD monitor in the system, (1920 X 1200 native resoution).
Ubuntu will not pick this monitor up at more than 640 X 480 resolution. I couldn't find a video driver for the Linux at Intel's support page. What now?

The previous monitor was a Westinghouse 22" at 1680 X 1050 resolution. Ubuntu picked this up at a maximum of 1280 X 1024.

The Intel XP video drivers for this chipset will provide all native resolutions.

A:No Plug n' Play Monitor

Perhaps install an inexpensive graphics card which does have driver support for Linux.

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Is there any tool to monitor IE in terms of the creating and destruction of plug-in instances?

Thank you

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I purchased an Acer monitor today to use as my second monitor. Whenever I plug the Acer monitor in I get a BSOD right away. I have tried to boot up my PC with just the new monitor plugged in and not my original, and I get the BSOD immidiately after I sign into my PC account. I have tried updating my drivers and restarting many times, no installation CD came with it so I'm not sure if I need to install something for it to work.

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When I boot my system my monitor has 3 of everything on the desk top...( I know my old eyes are bad), but I do the "add new hardware" to correct this every time...any suggestions to help me would be appreciated.
Monitor: Nec MultiSync A500 ( I now old old)
OS: win 98se

A:Monitor Plug and Play

Try starting your computer up in safe mode. and check the resolution setting of the graphics. If it is set too high for your old old monitor as you put it, lower the resolution. Try 800X600. Also try setting your color quality to a lower setting.

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I have a little problem...
I have CTX PR705F monitor whch doesn't have drivers(even in CTX homepage). I was sad that it should be found as Plug & Play monitor and work properly. But it didn't, it found it as a standard monitor. So, does anyone know how you can chose Plug & PLay manually?
I tryed reinstallng and 'manually chosing' the drivers but couldn't find plug & PLay
Any ideas?
(I have Win ME)

A:Plug & Play monitor

Right-click on your desktop and chose "Properties". That will bring you to the "Display" option in "Control Panel". Click on "Settings", and then on the "Advanced" button near the bottom.

Next, click on the "Change" button near the top of the new window and then look for and select "Plug and Play Monitor". Windoze should be able to find and load the standard Plug and Play monitor drivers for you.

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I bought a new motherboard (Asus A8R-MVP) and the thing where you plug the monitor is a male and my monitors cable is a male at the end as well. If you don't know what a male and female is, then here's a pic

Do I buy this to solve the problem?

Thanks in advance,

A:Need help with monitor plug and mobo

Yes that would be what you want.

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I am using windows 7 64bit and i have a hdmi cable hooked up to my monitor for my computer, I have it hooked up to the ati radeon 5770 pci express
Every since i upgraded to the latest versions of catalyst everytime i turn my computer on the screen is not the right size about 2 to 3 inches is black and i have to right click on desktop and goto ati control panel and then just click ok to make the monitor use the whole screen i have to do this everytime i start my computer and it is very annoying. How can i get it to save my settings so i dont have to do this everytime i start my pc thanks.

A:Problem with monitor and hdmi plug

Can you set up a profile?

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I just got a new Compaq Desktop computer and was woundering why it detects default monitor insted of the monitor i have hooked up it wont install the driver for the monitor.

A:Monitor wont plug and play

Do you have the driver for your display adapter installed? Have you tried installing the monitor driver manually?

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I have small Medion laptop computer with LG LCD monitor.

It all worked fine for two weeks but now when I start my PC monitror does not respond. It stays in stand-by mode. If I unplug the monitor it says "Check you input cable" so I guess monitor knows it is connected to a PC but PC won't run it.

What could be the problem?


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Hi, I recent came across another monitor, and I'm trying to use it as a dual display monitor (the kind where you can drag things across both monitors, etc). My graphics card is a Nvidia GeForce GT 240 and it has a VGA port and DVI port. I bought a DVI to AGP plug (DVI male, AGP female) since the other monitor has a AGP male plug. However, when I plug it in it isn't detected, nor is it detected when I plug it into the motherboard AGP port. Both monitors work when I use them with the AGP port on my graphics card. Also, in device manager, if they are both plugged in, they both show up.

Any suggestions?

A:Extra Monitor not being detected, may have something to do with AGP/DVI plug

I think you mean D-Sub, not AGP. AGP is a type of graphics card slot on the motherboard. On the chance that the adapter is bad, try another brand. They are relatively inexpensive.

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I have a PIII 700 motherboard with an on-board SIS 630 graphics card.

I updated the drivers for the graphics card recently, and it works just fine, with one exception - when the computer boots up, it doesn not load the driver for the plug and play monitor!

If I check the display properties (via Control Panel), it seems that the monitor cannot be recognised, and consequently the power scheme settings for the monitor do not work and have to be reset.

If I run the 'Add new hardware' applet, it finds the 'Plug and Play Monitor' immediately, and the system returns to normal!

I have been to the monitor manufacturer site (Logix) and can't find any specific drivers for the monitor. That doesn't seem to be the issue. I assume that it's probably tied up with the order in which things are being loaded, but I can't work out how to alter this?

This one has me stumped. Hope someone can help.

A:Can't identify plug and play monitor

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Hey! I bought a plug and play monitor with embeded speakers.. The monitor works great! But the speakers do not!!! I have everything plugged in right and it still doesn't work.

The monitor/speakers I bought is the 17 inch LCD monitor by Westinghouse
When I go to the sound and audio devices part of the control pannel, it sais "No Audio Device"
When I go to the hardware part it says that everything is working properly.
I am running windows XP Home Edition
I was thinking my computer is confused and only thinks it is a monitor, but the speaker part has its own seperate plug (the little green type)

I don't know what else to say about it so I guess we can just start with that.

A:Plug and play Monitor/Speakers

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Hi everybody
My name is Majid , I live in Iraq ,
Due to electric power crisis in my country , I replaced my old , 500 watts monitor with second hand Fujitsu LCD monitor (50) watts , so that I could work on UPS for longer period of time , the problem is the connector is not standard "D" type , it's MDR28 ,28 pin , having a built-in speaker , .
Any body please help me with pin assignment , to convert it to standard "D" type ?

Thank you

A:Fujitsu monitor plug assignment

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I recently upgraded my board and processor from a pentium 450 to an AMD while keeping my drives. I am operating on windows 98se. My new board has built in onboard 64 meg graphics while my old system had on board 8 meg. My problem is, I cannot change the monitor settings. It is set at 16 colors and 640x480 res. I have only two color selections available, 2 and 16.
I have tried various bios changes, driver updates, reinstalling windows and also deleting the device and rebooting.

Any Ideas?

A:Plug and play monitor problem

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Seriously I might expect this with Windows 98 but 12 years later and I still can't plug in a new Samsung SyncMaster 226BW and have Windows set the correct resolution. The correct resolution isn't even available to set manually!

Drivers from the Samsung website are no help. Graphics card is completely up to date.



A:It's 2010 and I still can't just plug in a monitor and have it work

I cannot help but think this is a Samsung driver issue. I have a dual LG display but had to install the driver for each for Windows to permit their respective resolutions. Another, less likely source could be ATi's CCC if you are running same.


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I plug in vga cable and nothing shows up. I've tested with a laptop and it work fine it showed up. So it's not the wire or the Monitor . It's the computer but idk what

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Having issue on the monitor DisplayPort Hot Plug issue on the  HP EliteDisplay E222.  The monitor wiil lost signal after reinsert the DisplayPort or the monitor power plug.  Did follow the instruction to change both Source Detection mode and DP Hot-Plug Detection mode to Always Active, some of the PC able to recover the screen after hot plug, but some of them failed. Noted that all of the PCs are using Intel(R) HD Graphic 530 Display adapter. 

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I have a MSI-875P neo motherboard with 512MB PC3200 DDR400 made by Infinion. I also have an ATI Radeon 9600 Pro card, and 3 Ghz prescott chip. My problem is that I cant see anything on the Monitor. POST comes on fine but I cant see anything. I know the Monitor works because ive used it with another computer. I have no Idea if my video card is working or if I have the wrong memory installed. I tried my old video card which is a Nvidia GeForce2 MX400 and I get the same result. Maybe it is not compatible with the two other motherboards. I also have a New ECS 848-P motherboard and when I try switching the motherboards I get the same result. I know the CPU works because it is brand new too. Most of these things were bought because of this problem. By the time I'll fix this problem I will probably have enough spare parts for another computer. I need help.

A:Monitor Works fine but cant see anything

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Hello genius folk! Help needed please. My PC is on WinXP SP3. My monitor went kerplunk the other day so just bought a used one that I saw working perfectly before I bought it (it's a 17" Relisys). I hooked it up to my PC and loaded through to my desktop fine, except the resolution wasn't great and a white bar stayed in the middle of the screen which read OUT OF RANGE. I looked into this and did the properties>settings>monitor>change values thing and changed the resolution down a step (can't remember what resolution, sorry). I had to do the obligatory restart for values to take effect and it loads through the XP scroll page, then goes black and the same white bar with OUT OF RANGE comes up again and the whole screen is now black - I can't get out of it. Have I messed up my machine? I'm not very techy, sorry. Any clues/help on this would be most awesome. Many thanks in advance. Simon

A:Plug n' Pray monitor has left me puzzled - help please :)

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I have just reinstalled Windows XP on my computer....Obviously my computer is not picking up my video card, monitor, etc....it is the same monitor that came with my Dell Dimension 2400 desktop computer, How do I make this work?

A:My Plug and Play monitor isnt working!

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I recently connected a Gateway VX1130 Diamondtron 22-inch CRT monitor to my IBM computer running Windows XP. The colors on the monitor are way off, even after trying to adjust them using the controls on the monitor itself. There's nothing wrong with the monitor; I got it from my uncle and colors showed up beautifully when he had it on his computer.

I thought downloading the monitor's driver might solve the problem, but every time I try to install it, I get a screen that says something along the lines of it won't install because the computer is using the generic Plug and Play driver instead. How can I get it to recognize the monitor's actual driver instead of the Plug and Play? And more importantly, if I am able to get the official driver to work, will the colors show up more accurately, or would I just be wasting my time?

A:Actual monitor driver vs. Plug and Play

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Hi.... You guys helped me so much with another problem, (birthday present for son)...hoping you can help again. Temporarily, my mom has hooked up her computer in our house, but didn't have a monitor, so used our flat panel from our Dimension 2400. We ended up using HERS (not a flat panel, but a newer dell) and tonight I switched them back. Now our my son's Dell flat panel, which is supposed to be a plug and play PLANAR, will not register. The system is using the default VGA and all the text is too big, doesn't give any other display options but 16 bit. I tried turning the computer off for about a half hour and restarting, then unplugging the monitor, turning the pc on, and plugging the monitor in after the pc was started, hoping to see the "new hardware found" msg, but nothing. Why won't it detect the right settings automatically? (I recently also reloaded the entire system from the original boot cd again, since it was really congested). Help anyone?

A:Help... Monitor switch, now Plug & Play won't work?

Make sure you have the correct drivers, or plug it into the other vga adapter.

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Hello all,

I have been having a problem with my monitor setup for ages and am now at the end of my tether...so need some help!

I have a Digimate L-1931W monitor, in plain speak, a 19" Widescreen TFT LCD monitor. The screen had been flickering (losing channels) for a while and I have diagnosed the cable as being the culpret (A VGA D-Sub, 15 pin cable). Change the cable you say...which I have done 3 times. Herein lays the problem.

This is where I show my staggering ignorance. The original cable seems to allow my windows XP machine to locate and install an appropriate driver for the monitor, and my Nvidia adapter has the monitor listed as a "M19W". Using any other VGA cable means that the monitor is listed as a "CRT" monitor in my nvidia control panel, and is impossible to change. Being CRT, it gives me no option to have the relevant widescreen resolution (in this case 1440 x 900), and also annoyingly flickers on and off as if it has a CRT gun! (when changing resolution).

Does anybody have any idea why changing a VGA cable would disable the plug and play driver installation from my monitor? Many thanks for any help.

A:Plug and Play Monitor Driver Issue

Not fixed...not fixed...not fixed

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is there an abdaptor i can use and if so where do i buy one my new tower is a HPslimline model 260=p030xt  ------when i bought new tower salesman said evertthing would connect ----old tower was HP PAVILLION ELITE  HPE    THANKS ROR ANY INFO

A:Bought new tower but monitor cord won't fit new plug in take...

@KC-13 Hello;Allow me to welcome you to the HP forums! Here is a link to the specs for your HP tower PC:  https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c05152614 Under the Back I/O Ports it shows both VGA and HDMI video jacks. You would need an adapter to connect either of these to your monitor, if it does not have either a VGA or HDMI jack.Good Luck

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I have a Viewsonic Optiquest Q7b-3 monitor. For the longest time, it was working just fine on me... until just the other day. Now, whenever I plug it in, it won't turn on. If I hook up the monitor to a PC or a Laptop, the little light under the power button will flash about three times, stop, and nothing will show up on the monitor.

About half a year ago, it did something similar to this, but I was able to fix it by replacing a domed capacitor. It worked perfectly... Up until now, of course. I opened up the monitor, and after looking at all the capacitors, none of them seem bad or even domed this time.

Here's the thing though; while I have it opened up and it's plugged into the wall, I can hear a faint buzzing noise. The faint noise sounds sorta like "Wee-ooh wee-ooh wee-ooh wee-ooh", and will continue until I unplug it.

Anyone have any idea's? It is now trashcan-filler, or do you think it is still repairable?

Any replies will be appreciated. Thanks in advance~

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As said , my primary monitor disconnects as soon as I plug in my secondary one , the secondary one instantly becomes the only one recognized D:
nVidia GeForce 970
Intel 4970k
Corsair 16gb ram
thanks for helping :D

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DVI Monitor cable goes to what socket on the cards? Don't want to try experimenting, I'm quite unlucky at that, Any clues will be appreciated.

A:sli video, two 7800gtx's 4 places to plug monitor

since nobody else has answered this, I will chime in here...

With standard single video cards with dual monitor capabilty, it never mattered which output connector you used (the vid card would sense which one was plugged in)... I can only assume that it wouldn't matter in your case either. In SLI mode, the 2 cards function as 1 single card.

I can almost assure you that if it did not state in your video card or motherboard manual which connector to plug the monitor into, then it doesn't matter. when you plug it into any "socket" it will be recognized and configured from there. In any case it won't do any harm to plug it into a different output

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I've never seen anything like this. Whenever I try to startup my friends comp his monitor is fine while the harddrive is initially booting up and then as soon as it starts to go into windows it just kicks out and goes into standby mode. Now I was lucky enough to get the system running in Safe Mode yesterday but I haven't been able to get back to that screen and don't know how to stop windows from loading regularly so that I might get it to load in SafeMode again. Anyhow if someone could help me out that would be greatly appreciated...I've messed around a bit in the bios and have the monitors .inf file figuring that might be the problem. But it is a plug n play monitor so I dunno. Please help. Thanks

A:Monitor is fine on startup (DOS) but dies in Win

What is most likely happening is windows is requesting a resolution or a refresh rate that the monitor does not support so the monitor instead of frying, shuts down. You need to change the resolution in safe mode to fix it. To get to safe mode, in win98 hold down the control key on bootup until you get the menu to choose safe mode, if win95 then repeatedly press the f8 key until you get the menu.

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I just got an LCD monitor for my computer and I'm interested in finding a program of some sort that will guide me thru setting up the contrast, brightness, etc. so that I can get teh best picture possible. Thanks for any help!

A:Fine tuning color on monitor

Go here; from the menu Benchmark Tools > Monitor. Lots and lots of stuff.


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Whenever I hook my monitor up to my PC, my eyes get eye strain and things just look blurry-ish/off in general when compared to a Mac or Windows laptop that I use as well. However when the same monitor is hooked up to my PS4, everything is fine, no eye strain, blurriness etc. Could this problem be from my video card or my monitor? And how would I fix this?


*edit: I wouldn't necessary say things look blurry, things in general just doesn't look the same if compared with my Mac or PS4
*edit 2: I also sit at similar distances and have similar lighting in both instances

A:Eye strain when monitor is hooked up to PC but fine with PS4

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I recently got a laptop the hp pavilion zv6000 and figured well cool i can just plug this into my external monitor hook my keyboard mouse etc all into it and have a nice computer so i came on here and asked how to do this becuase i was having problems a member suggested i got to the hp website which i did and they said to press the fn key then the f4 key and it will switch over and i did and it worked after i restarted my laptop it went back to the laptops screen wtf....... so i attempted to switch it back and all it did was my external monitor would flash a litle then nothing so i got mad and just shut the laptop off and walked away from it later i got back on and tried it again and it worked ummm ok..?? why...? thats weird so i was like cool and then i restarted it again and it brought it up on the external monitor again awsome! so i played some games on it to test it out and restarted it here we go again it went back to the monitor on the laptop and now it wont go back to the external monitor is there any way to set the external monitor as the primary once and for all? or untill at least i decide to take the laptop with me somewere in the settings tab of display i see something under monitor 2 that says set as primary device but it is grayed out and it wont let me click it....

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Monitor displays with red background not normal white background at all websites & oulook & desktop.

could it be damaged plug?

A:Monitor displays everytin with red background= could be damaged plug?

not sure what type of display we are talking about
if connected by VGA cable
check the pins in the plug - common problem , bent PIN - we used to get them a lot on projector cables - where used on a laptop and the pin gets bent but the plug still goes intothe socket

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Just got my new PC, but when i plug in hdmi and power cable it starts up but no signal on monitor?

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I have a dual screen setup of a Sony Bravia and a standard LCD monitor. The television is connected to a Raedon R9 via hdmi and the monitor is connected to my ASUS P8Z77-V vga port. I have updated both drivers to the most up to date, the monitor is using IntelHD4000. I use Chrome which is also up to date, the same issue happens on firefox which is up to date but not Edge (that's convenient?).

Okay so as an example I try to load this page: http://www.icy-veins.com/heroes/kharazim-build-guide
and when I do it with the browser on my monitor it doesn't load properly but on my TV it loads fine. I can even load it wrongly on monitor drag it over to TV and reload and it sorts itself. The website has skills or characters that you can hover over and it will display descriptions and extra information. When loaded on the monitor these are displayed very poorly almost unreadable, with transparent background, text having lots of line breaks so it isn't view-able in the field of view of the monitor and if you scroll you no longer have the mouse hovered over the correct place.
Is there anything I can do to fix this or is it as I fear that it is loading on each display using the corresponding driver and I just need to wait until Intel fix the issue in their driver

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Never had a problem with the monitor before.
now it is normal for a while then becomed fuzzy
then after a while,clear.It's a Dell M70.Says there are no drivers installed.Are there some settings that may help?I've had the computer for over 3 years.I have checked to see that the cable going from the monitor to the PC is tight.

A:Monitor is fine for a while then it gets fuzzy,then normal again?I never had a proble

Check your refresh rate. Also, you should have some driver associated with the monitor or it wouldnt work. Go to your device manager and check to see if you have a exclamation point listed (!). This means the device is not working properly. If you do then simply update the driver.

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Hi.. Sorry for weid title but i could fit funny there so i put a sad face instead.
So on my last computer with nvidia gt 430 gpu i oc'd my monitor to 75Hz (Freaking loved that speed)
Now with the gtx 660 when i oc the exact same monitor to 75Hz the picture gets messed up and the resolotion gets completely out of the normal. i did set the pixel ratio to 1600x900 that is the stock one..
Is there a colour setting on the monitor i have to fix or is it another thing?
If i way worse gpu can handle it so should a gtx 660 i feel...

A:Monitor ran fine with 75Hz, Now with new computer the picture gets :(

Hey mate,

First, check the box that says 'hide modes that this monitor cannot display'. Is 75 still listed? If it is, let me know.

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Recently I have put together a new computer (ordered parts from newegg woot) but after putting everything together and turning it on for the first time it gave out a loud long continuous beep with no display to the monitor. While troubleshooting I found out that my ******* forgot to plug in the PCI-E power to my graphics card. So round two I turned on my computer again and finally no long beep at all but still no display to the monitor. I've researched online for similar problems and did a number things such as replugging and reseating everything in the mobo along with taking the CMOS battery out to reset the bios. Still nothing. All the fans light up and work, hard drive feels like its working due to the minor vibrations I felt and even the CD drive works. PSU fan is running fine and even the video card is running. I tried reseating the video card and STILL nothing. I'm completely lost... I only have one extra video card that's in my roommates computer that I built for her so could test it if needed. I keep reading that it might be a different problem so I havn't tried yet. The only part that I didn't buy from newegg WAS the videocard because the card I have is the one from the old build. It ran WoW and starcraft but then one day my computer just shut down for no reason during gameplay and during normal activities. SO, I bought a whole new system since I figured it was time for an upgrade anyways and my mobo was getting old either way. Is it my vide... Read more

A:Computer turns on fine but no display on monitor

Sounds like the only thing not considered is that the monitor is bad. Try it with another machine, sometimes we overlook things like that, I had a very similar problem recently

As for the power button, I have no idea what in the world could be causing that to happen. That sounds like a really weird problem.

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I installed my old ASUS EAH 4670 video card in my new desktop so that I could use dual monitors. My second monitor (VGA) flickers whenever I use my mouse. The problem is solved and the monitor works fine if I let the CPU go to sleep and then wake it up. I have tried twitching monitors and always the VGA flickers. Both monitors are Dell.

A:Second monitor flickers, but works fine after sleep

it sounds to me like there could be a internal hardware glitch of some sort causing the flickering. however; there is one thing short of trashing the monitor that you can try first; try seeing if you can adjust the resolution for the monitor in windows settings. Sometimes adjusting the refresh rate and or changing the resolution can fix the issue. Give that a shot and see if it does anything for ya to resolve the issue. If not report back and we can try and go from there.

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My HP Pavillion XT 936 gave me an error messge, that said my CPU fan was not working, and that it was going to shut off in 5 seconds to stop it from overheating...and it did shut right off.

I took it to my techno buddy, who sat it on his desk...and of course, it worked fine...I took it home, and it gave me the same error message and I looked inside...fan was off.

Dumbass me, wasnt thinking it had a thermostatic switch, and I Replaced the fan...plugged it in WITHOUT my monitor...and of course, NEW fan works perfect...runs with no problem, (just like the old one duh).

So. HEREIN lies the problem, The Second I plug my monitor in, I get the old error message and it shuts off in 5 seconds. Why does my computer hate my monitor?? HOW DO I FIX THIS???

A:Comp works fine, until monitor is plugged in. Says the CPU fan is off (its on and ok

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Hi - Using IBM T42 with External Monitor. When booting Win XP Home SP3, both monitors work, then laptop monitor goes blank. External monitor works fine. I have tried everything I can think of - resetting displays, changing ATI Radeon mobility 7500 driver, disconnecting external monitor, Function key combinations, booting in safe mode. Nothing works. But when the laptop boot starts, the laptop monitor works for a few minutes then shuts down. Seems like a switch is not working properly.
Any ideas as to how to solve this problem. And the laptop monitor was working fine until a few days ago, the last time I used it alone, i.e., separate from the external monitor.

Many thanks in advance.

A:Laptop Monitor Not Working External Fine

Being that the ibm t42thinkpad is an older model its very possible that the whole screen will need replaced as the ribbon cable, inverters, or backlights might have gone bad.replacing the whole screen might be easier to do than trying to find the individual parts needed.

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