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Access denied" getting this while trying to update information for windows 7 ESU Using VAMT

Q: Access denied" getting this while trying to update information for windows 7 ESU Using VAMT

Access denied" getting this while trying to update information for windows 7 ESU Using VAMT

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Preferred Solution: Access denied" getting this while trying to update information for windows 7 ESU Using VAMT

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)


Need help.
We are  getting "Access denied" on some windows  while trying to update information for windows 7 SP 1  ESU Using VAMT.

non-working Machine (Network Logs)

Working machine (Network logs)

we also getting "RPC query failed (5)" during port query but port is showing listening.

Thank You


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We have implemented VAMT for windows 7 ESU. We have bunch  of windows 7 machine and we successfully discovers products (computers).We also activated almost 250 machine through VAMT. Now for the remaining machine we getting "Access denied"
while trying to update information.
Note:We have successfully discovered all products.

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ok so about 2 weeks ago ive been noticing that any cd i burn, half of the cd would be un readable . so for example: if i were to try burning a 21 sond cd i would only be able to listen to songs up to song 7 or so and the rest of the songs were showing up on my cd player screen but no sounds would follow...

so ive tried the usuall stuff here...first did a scan with adaware se and spybot and then i un installed then re installed my cd burners drivers and tested the burnign out on nero once more...no success at all......

so heres my nero log maybe u guys can find something. thanks.

Drive Information
Drive : LITE-ON LTR-52327S
Type : CD-RW Recorder
Firmware Version : QS0C
Buffer Size : 2 MB
Date : ?
Serial Number : ?
Drive Letter : F:\
Location : 1:0
Mechanism : Tray
Read Speed : 12, 8, 4 X
Write Speed : 52, 48, 40, 32, 24, 16, 12, 8, 4 X

Read CD Text : Yes
Return C2 Pointers : Yes
Read CD-R : Yes
Read CD-RW : Yes
Read DVD-ROM : No
Read DVD-RAM : No
Read DVD-R : No
Read DVD-RW : No
Read DVD+R : No
Read DVD+RW : No
Read Digital Audio : Yes
Read CD+G : Yes
Read VideoCD : Yes

Write CD-R : Yes
Write CD-RW : Yes
Write DVD-R : No
Write DVD-RW : No
Write DVD+R : No
Write DVD+RW : No
Write DVD-RAM : No
Buffer Underrun Protection : No
Mount Rainier : Yes
Modes : Packet, TAO, DAO, SAO, RAW SAO, RAW SAO 16, RAW SAO 96, RAW DAO 16, RAW DAO 96
Disc Information (F:\)
Type : - no disc inserted -
Capacity : 00:00.01 (0 MB)
Tracks : 0
Sessions : ... Read more

A:"D:\ access denied" and "no additional sense information (000000)" Burner Probs

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I had a user today whom i was assisting with domain password change.
Machine was on corporate domain.
Machine was connected to corporate network via LAN connection
Machine was connected to corporate network via corporate WiFi network same time
Pressing CTRL + ALT + DEL password change will not work.
Had user change password via corporate online system.
Now machine would not unlock with new password would still unlock using old password.
Confirmed user logged onto machine with domain account.
I disconnected LAN and was able to lock/unlock Windows with new domain password while system was connected to corporate WiFi network.

What would cause this issue? How to troubleshoot such issues to find out root cause?

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I still can't update windows xp home to sp2. I've gotten good suggestions here but so far they haven't solved my problem. I've done what the MS "Access is denied" KB873148 message said to do. I followed ALL its instructions to the letter. I verified that the update was failing when it tried to delete registry key HKCR\vnd.ms.radio. My setupapi.log file showed that it tried and failed to do that twice in succession before it launched into its uninstall routine.

Following KB873148, I then edited the registry (I backed it up to ...my documents... first). I changed the permissions for the vnd.ms.radio registry key that the update routine was trying to delete. I am quite certain that when I clicked File/Exit and saved the modified registry all the permissions for administrators had the "allow" check box selected for "read" and "full control".

That did NOT solve the problem. After I did all that, and reran the *.exe full file version of sp2 which I had previously downloaded, I still got the same "access is denied" error message and I still had the same message in the setupapi.log file afterward.

I'm getting WAY WAY over my head here to suggest this but it's all I can think of:

If the update routine is failing when it tries to delete that single registry key, for whatever reason, is there a way I could edit the registry manually and just delete it that way and see if that works? Assuming I've... Read more

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I have a legit copy of windows professional and have been trying to install this update with no luck. I am an Admin on the computer, the specific update I am having trouble with is:

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 for x64-based Systems (KB976932)

Update type: Important

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is a recommended collection of updates and improvements to Windows that are combined into a single installable update. The service pack can help make your computer safer and more reliable. A typical installation will take about 30 minutes to complete, and you will have to restart your computer about halfway through the process.

Just after I try to begin the install I get a small pop up alert saying "Error access denied"
I have tried restarting many times. The error still occurs.

Any help with this issue is appreciated

A:Can't install Update, access denied: "WindowsUpdate_00000005"

Hi Drewseph,

Can you please run the following tool, and then copy and paste the results here in your next reply?



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I've searched all over the internet for a fix for this and haven't found anything that works yet. I was wondering if anyone else might have some insight as to what may be causing this!

First, what I'm trying to accomplish; The installation of the NVIDIA nforce Networking Controller #2
The Wireless card is working fine for this machine (HP s7600n) so I am able to get internet, however the person whom this PC actually belongs to does not have a wi-fi connection at their house, so the Ethernet port is crucial!

When I try to update and install this driver it completes all of the processes, but in the end is met with "An error occurred during the installation of the device. Access is Denied."

I have gone through REGEDIT to reset permissions, I have gone through REGEDT32 to do the same, I have logged in under Safe Mode to try to install this, have deleted the device, rebooted, reinstalled, created new accounts with Administrative Access... Literally everything I could find online about this issue and NOTHING has worked.

Also to be noted - this is a CLEAN install. And there is only ONE user account. I have also tried everything under the hidden "ADMINISTRATOR" account that shows up in SAFE MODE.

This PC did have Ubuntu 13.04LTS on it, but programs that the owner needs for work are not compatible with the LINUX kernel, and she's not savvy enough to use WINE.

A:Ethernet Driver Update - "ACCESS DENIED"

and welcome to the Forum

Please post a screenshot of Device Manager with the Network Adaptor group expanded. . see the link in my signature for how.

How do I get into Windows Device Manager?

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I just upgraded legitimately to win10 yesterday but right before that with win7 I could not update my gtx750 gpu drivers. I keep getting this error mess. right from the start. (see pic) This has followed me over to win10. I was able to get my gtx750 working but still can't update it and I have no control panel either.

I am an admin, I have even tried creating a separate profile, to no avail. Have removed everything nvidia with gur3d and then I had only Basic Drivers, was able to get my gtx750 to be recognized but I have no idea what drivers are installed now because I have no Nvidia Control panel. Also my original driver disc won't install either.

I have been working with nvidia to no avail. If this is not the place for this issue, just let me know and I will continue with Nividia support.


Win10 64bit HP E8400 2 core duo gtx750

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Long story short here. Running Windows XP Home Edition. Previously had Microsoft Plus! Superpack for Windows XP installed (Movie Maker2 etc.) AND SP2. Everything worked fine. Then victimized by tons of spyware/adware that required I do a complete system restore. Totally fine now.

In trying recently to reinstall the Plus! software, I was prompted to download Movie Maker2 from the MS site. Then discovered that to do that I had to update to SP2. Not a problem, I'd done it before without a hitch. Only this time I receive an error message "Access is denied," and it uninstalls itself. What gives?

Has anyone else encountered this and successfully had this problem resolved? Thanks in advance for your assistance!

A:Rec'd "Access Denied" Message During SP2 Update.Help!

Follow the same advice I gave here and report back:


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Good morning,I have a system that has had numerous issues, mainly virus related. I have cleaned the system, and show no virus activity... but I'm still having issues.Late last week the system was stuck in a loop, it wouldn't boot to Windows at all (no safe mode, no normal mode). I resorted to a Windows repair from the install disk. It worked... to a certain degree. I am now able to get into Windows, but can not open IE and I can not install a display driver.I am unable to access Windows Update, but was able to set automatic updates to install lots of updates including SP3, but I am still unable to make any changes.Initially when I attempted to open IE I would get a window saying that IE had to close instantly. I attempted to reinstall IE, and I attempted to install a newer version of IE. Neither worked. If I chose to install the updates with the install I would get an access denied error, if I chose not to install the updates with the install it would look like it worked, but now when I click on IE I get "Error loading C:\WINDOWS\System32\inetcpl.cpl. The operating system cannot run %1"In device manager, I have no drivers installed on my display adapter. If I try to update it, it looks like it's going to install... but then I get "Cannot install the hardware. Access is Denied".Any assistance or insight into this would be appreciated.

A:Unable to access IE, access denied when updating display drivers, no windows update

On any system with a number of issues...it's often better to do a clean install to wipe the slate clean, rather than hope that you have patched all known and unknown issues, IMO.


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Hi all,

I had a system crash after installing drivers for a d-link wireless card (PCI). In the system that the crash occured on I had 2 Harddrives: one Maxtor SATA 200GB, and one Maxtor IDE 160GB. I used the 200GB for windows and my documents, and I used the 160GB for PS2 game backup ISO's and media files. The crash involved a BSOD when trying to load windows, and it reset many of my BIOS settings. It also corrupted my 200GB hard drive, but did'nt harm the 160GB one. I have since changed back the BIOS settings, and I installed XP onto the 160GB hard drive, in order to salvage the damaged one. at first the damaged one wouldnt open saying "Drive G is corrupt and unreadable". I then ran chkdsk and it fixed tons of errors so that I can now browse the HDD, but it still wont boot windows off of it, giving me another BSOD. What I really need is the files in the "My Documents" folder on my 200GB HDD, the one that was corrupted and repaired. HERE IS THE PROBLEM: I had the folder made private on my old windows installation, and not password protected. when I try to get in now I get "access denied" errors because of that. I NEED to get in there in order to take the important stuff out and put it on the 160GB hard drive. afterwards I will go about trying to fix the windows installation on that drive. I appreciate all of your help ahead of time, but I do ask one thing: please don't give me help with the crash, restoring windows, or those issu... Read more

A:Windows Crashed: Salvage attempt being hindered by "access denied" windows. Hlp plese

I would try to reset permissions on the folder itself or take ownership of that folder. And then make sure that you give all full access for the time being so when you resolve the issue with the corrupted os you can reset the permissions back. I would explain in the post how to take ownership, but MS does a better job of it here


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I am trying to use the fsutil file setshortname to set "Program Files" to PROGRA~1,

but the system is giving me an "Error: Access is denied" response.
what I have typed:
Microsoft Windows [Version 6.3.9600]
(c) 2013 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
C:\Windows\system32>cd /d D:\
D:\>fsutil.exe 8dot3name set 0
The registry state is now: 0 (Enable 8dot3 name creation on all volumes).
D:\>fsutil file setshortname "Program Files" PROGRA~1
Error:  Access is denied.
And I try it in Safe Mode.It is also "Access is denied.".
Can someone
help me?

A:"fsutil file setshortname "Program Files" PROGRA~1"=>"Error:Access is denied."

Hi TimFF,
This might be related with the UAC settings, check this thread:
give full permission for the users in program
files folder
The steps in the above thread is not recommended.
For the short name usage, we may consider to create a directory-junction from
PROGRA~1 to C:\Program Files:
With the following commands:
mklink /J "C:\PROGRA~1" "C:\Program Files"
Best regards

Michael Shao
TechNet Community Support

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It seems that other than the 'dir' command, every command I run from my dos prompt, I get an "Access is denied." message.  Example:
Access is denied.

I've checked my UAC settings and made sure they're set to "Never Notify".

I've also tried to run sfc.exe, but can't:
Access is denied.

Finally, I've tried to run cmd.exe as administrator, but no luck.
The one thing I've noticed is that if I go to cmd.exe's Properties and then the Security tab, I see that TrustedInstaller has Full control, but SYSTEM, Administrators and Users have only:

Read & execute andRead
I've tried to change permissions by editing, but when I do so, I get an "Access is denied" message.
I've run out of ideas on what else to try and would appreciate the help.

A:[SOLVED] Windows 7 cmd prompt gives "Access is denied." error for every command


The problem was that I had the Personal firewall from Comodo installed.  By uninstalling this, all normal DOS functionality seems to have returned!

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I get error "can't create directory C:\Program Files\GNS3\PROJECTS\test123" : access denied. this is when i click on "new blank project" so GNS3 tries to create new folder "test123" in the path mentioned in 1st line here. how to get it resolved so that GNS3 can create directory when I click on new project and than save it?

could you advise?

A:windows 7, GNS3 0.8.2; Error "can't create directory; access denied"

Hi Iray007, welcome to the Seven Forums.

The Windows system folders Program Files, Program Files (x86), Windows and ProgramData are protected and by default the user cannot create / save anything inside them without taking the ownership of these folders or using the built-in administrator rights.

It is not recommend to use these protected system folders for saving program output or personal files. You should create and save your projects on some other location, for instance create a folder in your personal user folder for this purpose (C:\Users\Your_Username\MyProjects).


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My HDD recently crashed and I'm trying to recover my Outlook.pst file using the Windows Recovery Console - logged in as the Administrator. I can see the files just fine with a "dir" command. However, when I try to "copy" the file I get "access denied". There has to be a way around this? Is there some way to change the attributes such that I can copy it?


A:how to override "access denied" when copying files in Windows Recovery

I don't think you can do this with the recovery console. By default, for security reasons, the recovery console will only allow access to the root of all drives plus the Windows folder. There is a registry setting that will change this, but you can't change that with recovery console.

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1st noticed when I plugged in my iPhone & instead of the ususal little popup box asking what to do with pictures (can't recall what it's actually called) it now comes up with New Hardward Found.

The iPhone syncs ok with iTunes as the "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver" is ok in Device Manager & I can transfer music & videos etc

However the "iPhone" shows an exclamation mark in Device Manager - which is the camera drivers, meaning it doesn't show as a drive in My Computer.

Whenever I plug my iPhone into the USB it always comes up with new hardware found & tries to locate the drivers, it does this ok but when installing them it always come back with the message "access is Denied" I have tried reinstalling them from within Device Manager as well but get the same message.

I have also plugged in a USB card reader previously unused on the laptop to check if it was just my iPhone & again it finds it as new hardware & tries to install the drivers but again comes back with "Access is Denied" So it's not related to just my iPhone, it looks like is related to USB devices.

I have tried using a different USB port (There are 3) one of which has the mouse plugged into & the mouse works ok, the other has a bluetooth dongle in it & that works ok as well.

I have turned off User Account Control & this has made no difference.

I have got Avira & Comodo Firewall installed & have also... Read more

A:Windows Vista is saying "Access Denied" when trying to install drivers for USB device

Download the driver EXE file & save to desktop. RIGHT-click on desktop EXE icon, select "Run as Administrator"

That might do it, but COMODO either is or will be a problem. It's firewall does not play nice with Vista and causes system services to crash. All 3rd party firewalls have this problem if not completely configured properly for NETBIOS ports in particular. If 1st suggestion does not work - remove comodo.

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I have a newly purchased HP Deskjet 3050A e-All-in-One Printer series - J611 which should be working with Windows 7, but when I try to install the device drivers I get a "Access is denied" error.

How can this be bypassed or fixed?

A:Cannot install HP printer drivers - "Access is denied" in Windows 7

Exactly how are you installing the driver?

Make sure the printer is switched off and is not connected by a USB cable.

When you attempt to install the driver, right-click it first and choose Run as Administrator. During the install, you'll be prompted when to switch the printer on and connect it.

You also need to make sure you are installing the 32-bit version of the driver as you have Windows 7 32-bit.


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hi everybody, i have an old pionex elite, which my son had about 3 years ago, and i figured id network the two i have, but evidently, my son put on a program called "access denied" wich after the first win98 splash screen, prompts you for username and password, but it does it before you can press f8 to get into DOS, and it is impossible for me to get the password from my son, because my son is no longer on gods green earth. i can still get into the bios, so is it possible to format from bios? or if anyone has any experience in getting past these types of programs, please post. id very much appreciate it.

A:problem with a windows lock down utility "access denied"

hi sodken, and welcome to the boards!

are you talking about a Windows password box, or something on a black screen from the BIOS?

Is there a "cancel" button?

Notice the name of BIOS at the black screen during startup? (hint -press the "pause" key to read it)

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Please Help.

I un-checked boxes (haphazardly) in the Security Field under Printers. I think I must have changed the User Settings for ADMINISTRATOR. Now, The computer won't allow me to add a printer under "Devices and Printers". And, I am signed on as the ADMINISTRATOR.

When I hit the "Add Printer" link, a box pops up with an "X" in a red circle and states the following, "WINDOWS CAN'T OPEN ADD PRINTER. ACCESS IS DENIED".

Please tell me how I can reverse this mistake I've made. Thank you.

A:Solved: "windows can't open add printer. Access is denied"

Have you tried doing a System Restore to a date/time prior to doing this?


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Our server crashed and while our IT dept is working to restore it, I have two Western Digital USB MyBook Backup Drives that have backups created with Win 2003 Backup/Restore Utility.  I connected the WD HDs to a PC running Win7 and although the OS sees
the USB WD drive, when I click on it, it returns an ACCESS DENIED and will not let me see any data.  How do I get at the backups on these drives?   
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
[email protected]

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I'd like to put a .cmd file in my c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup directory, but \Documents and Settings has a lock on it and tells me "Access denied" when I click on it. Is this a job for "Take Ownership" or is there another way? The instructions for "Take Ownership" say not to use it on the C drive, but it's not clear if that applies to the whole drive, or individual files/folders on it. Thanks.

A:"Access denied:" How to overcome denied access to a folder

That is the incorrect path. No need to mess with permissions, I'd advise leaving them alone.

The path you are looking for is C:\Users\<your user account>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

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Today I was trying to view some astronomy mpegs (supernova explosion animations) with my Windows Media Player (version 6). When I'd click on the link to play the mpeg, a d/l window popped up (first time thats happened) and once the d/l was complete, another window would pop up saying, "Access to specified device, path or file is denied". In all the years I've had this computer, that has never happened before when I wanted to view mpegs. This has just started happening out of the blue and I don't know why. I did check properties for WMP and made sure that under the secruity tab full access was being given to me as the administrator. My computer is a home PC and not on a network. Some help would be greatly apprecaited.

A:Windows Media Player gets "Access to specified device, path or file is denied"

It may be something to do with the link/site rather than your player. Version 6 is also a bit more limited than later ones.
Can you post the link to see if someone else can view these animations?

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I run a check for updates on Windows Update, and I get a "1 optional update is available". I click on it, and I get to the "select updates to install" page. I click on the available update so that it's highlighted and on the right side pane, at the bottom, I get 2 links, "more information" and "support information". Well, these don't work, when I click on them nothing happens. By the way, this happens only on my user account. If I log on with my other windows account, these buttons work just fine, and I am directed through firefox to microsoft's kb page. Any suggestions please?

A:Windows Update "more information" button problem

Hi nik33134 & welcome to sevenforums.

run attached try your steps again.


Please follow Windows Update Posting Instructions

Post your CheckSUR.log located at: C:\Windows\Logs\CBS

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I am the only operator of:
Dell PC - P4/2GHz - 512RAM - Win XP-HomeEdit.-OE&IE 6 -dial-up -not on a network - new 11/2001. Never have "logged on" or used a password. User Accounts are {my name}Computer Administrator and Guest(closed).

If I try to open System Information directly or using msinfo32 on the Start/Run line, System Information opens but with the following message:
"Can't Collect Information. Access denied to Windows Management Server on this computer. Have an administrator change your access permissions."

How can I gain access to this information tool?

Thank you,


A:System Information-Access denied!

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Hello, recently uninstall Windows 7 to re-install xp for some reason, well my old user account password windows 7 not even had much less some sort of encryption, I mean the main library folder "documents" now that I try to access this folder from xp I get an access denied error not to do and are very important these documents help. I see no action to unlock and I already went crazy.

A:Ex windows 7 documments folder get "Access denied"

Take ownership

Right click properties>securities> advanced>owner.

You are not currently recognized due to the change.

Hopefully it is done the same way in XP, this is the Seven procedure.

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I've been trying to solve this problem for weeks now and to no avail so I thought I'd try you guys and see if you can help me.

I have a notebook an Acer travelmate TM8372TG-5454G50Mnbb
Windows 7 ONLY

When I try and access the C drive, it says " c:\ is not accessible Access is denied."

When I try and open some other things like CCleaner and MalwareBytes, it says "Windows cannot access C:\program files......Check the spelling or there might be a problem with your network....."

I have managed to run MalwareBytes (nothing found) & Windows Reg Repair from a USB in safe mode, it didnt work. I have also run a full scan with Avast (Now Avast doesnt work and is always in unprotected mode)

I also noticed in safe mode there is a "repair your computer" option, I tried that and no success either.

I have been able to system restore in safe mode but that didnt work either. ( I couldnt restore in normal admin mode, it wouldnt let me)

I can access the internet ok but cant seem to open anything that needs to run, picture and movie folders are all accessible (but not via the c: drive)

If anyone can help or has a solution I'd be really grateful.

Thank you

A:Windows 7 Vista " c:\ is not accessible Access is denied."

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I am having some real troubles getting back on track with my laptop.

Recently I was having some problems with ownership controls with 'My Documents' , namely I could not uncheck the "Read Only" attribute. Or I could uncheck it, yet when i reopened properties it was checked again.

So I booted up into safe mode, and switched ownership over from administrator to my user account. In the process I think I deleted the 'User or Built-in security principal' account for accessing services.

Now maybe half of my services =
Avira ANti-Vir
Commodo Firewall etc..

will not start because of a 'Log on as...' failure.
I tried to bump the services over to start up on my User account, yet it still says 'access is denied'

I am having some trouble in figuring out what exactly to do next, and any help would be greatly appreciated!


*Note: the services dialog box that comes up upon trying to start the services in question comes up with an
"Error 5: Access is denied"

A:windows services "access denied" problems

In the Services Properties box under 'Log On', I've tried switching it back and forth the "Local System account" and any other designated account under "This account..."

With the "This account..." option the error code is #1069
Local System error code is #5

I think maybe somehow the Local System account got screwed, so the permissions dont apply or cant be used for starting services up.

Anyways if anybody knows how to re-establish the Local System account maybe that would help?
Just thinking off the top of my head here. Thanks again!

P.S. Sorry about the second post but i couldn't re-edit the first one.

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Error Number: 0x80041003, Facility: WMI
Description: Access denied
Compiler returned error 0x80041003Does this need any configuration in the windows privileges before running this command. ? Any help ?

A:Unable to compile .mof usind command mofcomp in Windows 7 , throws error "Access is denied"

Hi, open the command prompt with elevated rights (run as administrator and accept the UAC prompt) and now run mofcomp again. Does it help? André"A programmer is just a tool which converts caffeine into code"

CLIP- Stellvertreter http://www.winvistaside.de/

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Hey, I have my problem of my computer, my computer says "The group policy client failed to logon.

Access is denied".

I tried to use regedit to edit values of mine, but it says access is denied. Also everything of my PC such as changing my themes not working.

My computer got infected, but it must be hijacked by a virus and my major error caused while im getting a crack + keygen for AVC ultimate's license. I've tried EVERYTHING such as antivirus, PC cleaners, etc. and more but still getting access is denied.

1) I've wonder not sure If i download a game, should I get an error access is denied?

2) If im downloading a software such as Audacity, Bittorrent (Except Softwares containing viruses), should I'll get access is denied error?

My OS is Windows 7 Ultimate.

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Hi, I'm having some serious issues with my computer I can't seem to resolve. I started having problems with internet and some programs not loading or running correctly. My first action was to run avira and malwarebytes and they found no detections, without being able to identify the problem I eventually did a system restore which made things worse. It logs me in with a taskbar message that I'm logged in with a "temporary account". Most the desktop is gone with a black screen as well as audio device not working etc. Any program or tool I tried to use either gives me an access denied message an error, or just freezes. Including all my computers security in control panel, it's disabled and I get an access denied message if I try to enable it.

I tried an earlier restore point without success. Now start up just gets to "preparing desktop..." and stops. I can bypass it with cntrl+alt+dlt and i'm logged in with this error "There was a problem Starting C:\Windows\System32\iedKcs32.dll Access is denied". From their everything at the click of the mouse has a problem.

Safe mode is a bit better, My desktop and personal files are all there, I can open internet and programs, but if I try to use them like backup or security etc. I get corrupt or denied messages and security options still freezes. Here's a few of the messages I'm experiencing.

Regular startup
Start menu - "The specified module could not be found. (msls3l.dll)

Misc control panel to... Read more

A:Windows 7 Issues "Access Denied"

I would suggest backing up any data you have on the system and just re-installing Windows after formatting the drive. I would also suggest scanning the hard drive with a diagnostic tool from Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba or Fujitsu and see if any errors turn up.

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Hi there! I just switched to Vista and as usual, I downloaded Piriform's Defraggler (as I "hate" Windows Defraggler). Anyways, I did a defrag and a message poped up saying that some files were not defragged. So, I checked the files and it was System Volume Information. Now I know by default you don't have access to this folder (I am logged in as the Administrator), so I went to see If I had permission to it, I also made the "Hidden Files and Folders" show. Nothing changed, I still don't have access to the System Volume Information. I know that Windows Defraggler somehow bypasses that, but I REALLY hate using it.

A:Access Denied to System Volume Information

Did you read this.

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I cannot check for updates, it says "Some settings are managed by your system administrator" and i dont have access to any settings, i am the admin and the only user of this computer. Also when i try to install updates and security fixes from Microsoft's website, every single update package gives me the error "This update does not apply to your system". I contacted Microsoft support for this and they sent me a hotfix that should fix this, but it didnt fix it. Is there a way to give me control over Windows Updates again ?

- Hakon

A:Denied Access to windows update?

Excatly what is your system specs? On your profile page it says x64, please confirm what you have.

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Access denied - H:\system volume information,

I?m confronting serious problem due the virus that

1. Hides folders
2. Generate shortcuts

Through the search in the web, none of the solutions could remove this virus!

According to one of the advices, the hidden file on a particular hard drive can be shown by applying the command

F:\>attrib ?s ?h *.* /s /d

I tried it, But it ended up with (also attached):

Access denied - H:\system volume information,

What might be the issue here?

I don?t know the use of the antivirus software! They do nothing! Nothing at all

Thank you



A:Virus - Access denied - H:\system volume information

Jamal NUMAN,

Let's see if we can get to the root of the problem...

Please download RogueKiller:
Tlcharger RogueKiller (Site Officiel)

When you get to the website, go to where it says:
(Download link) Lien de t?l?chargement:
Select the version that applies to your system: x64.
Click the dark-blue button that applies.
Save to the Desktop

Close all windows and browsers

Right-click RogueKiller and select: Run as Administrator

Press: SCAN

When done, a report opens on the Desktop: RKreport.txt

Please provide the RKreport.txt (Mode: Scan) in your reply.
(Please do not delete anything!)

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Hi ,
I am using XP Pro and and get "access denied" when trying to access system volume information on a removable drive. I am set to see hidden files etc. but I also get "unknown boot code" from bootkit_remover.exe
When I use "fix" parameter from this utility it says "cant read first sector of disk"
Have tried a format but still the same.

Now I am not sure If I really have a virus.

Any help appreciated

A:access denied system volume information - virus ?

System manufacturer and model?Can you post a screenshot from Disk Management? Start/Run...type diskmgmt.msc and hit Enter.How to take and share a screen shot in Windows - http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/tutorials/how-to-take-and-share-a-screen-shot-in-windows/ Louis

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I am ready to pull my hair out here! I can't wait for help.

I am trying to use Heidi Eraser ver. to sanitize a small (80 GB HDD) secondary drive. I receive the following error message "Files in E:\System Volume Information did not have its cluster tips erased because of the following error: Access to the path 'E:\System Volume Information' is denied."

PC is a Dell studio XPS 8100 -- Dell - Studio XPS 8100 Desktop / Intel? Core™ i7 Processor / 8GB Memory / 1.5TB Hard Drive - SX8100-2777NBC) -- running Windows 7 Home SP1 with Webroot (anti-virus). The 80 GB drive is a second drive added to the system.

I am running Heidi Eraser from the Administrator account (full rights). I have System Restore turned off on this secondary HDD. I turned off Webroot. I formatted the drive through DOS, and I am still receiving this error message when trying to erase. Oh, and in Heidi Eraser I do have the option selected to... Erase Cluster Tips.

What am I missing please?

A:Sanitizing & access denied to System Volume Information

Quote: Originally Posted by 2wheels

I am ready to pull my hair out here! I can't wait for help.

I am trying to use Heidi Eraser ver. to sanitize a small (80 GB HDD) secondary drive. I receive the following error message "Files in E:\System Volume Information did not have its cluster tips erased because of the following error: Access to the path 'E:\System Volume Information' is denied."

PC is a Dell studio XPS 8100 -- Dell - Studio XPS 8100 Desktop / Intel? Core? i7 Processor / 8GB Memory / 1.5TB Hard Drive - SX8100-2777NBC) -- running Windows 7 Home SP1 with Webroot (anti-virus). The 80 GB drive is a second drive added to the system.

I am running Heidi Eraser from the Administrator account (full rights). I have System Restore turned off on this secondary HDD. I turned off Webroot. I formatted the drive through DOS, and I am still receiving this error message when trying to erase. Oh, and in Heidi Eraser I do have the option selected to... Erase Cluster Tips.

What am I missing please?

System volume information is owned by the user group "system" Even admins dont have rights to it. Only way I can think of is to take ownership of it (perhaps in DOS) from another OS or DVD.

That may make the HD unusable.

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Hi folks , my machine was infected with a virus a while back ( alas , i dont recall which one ! ) which has since been neutralised . However , since then I am unable to access C:System Volume Information - I get the message .... C:\System Volume Information is not accessible . Access Denied . Mousing over the folder I am told the folder is empty . Also when I go into C:\Recycler there is always one folder in there that I cannot delete as it is "being used by another person or program . I have tried renaming it , Advanced Uninstaller Pro , etc . I even restored it but it keeps coming back to Recycler and always the same story ! Does anyone have any ideas how to get these back to normal ?

Thanks in advance

A:Access Denied:Recycler and System Volume Information

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I'm using the OP system of XP Home Edition and I've changed the parameters to allow me to view the System Volume Information folder but I am denied access to view / open that folder.
Any suggestions on what to change to grant me access?

A:Access denied when trying to open System Volume Information

Have a read of

M$KB 309531 How to Gain Access to the System Volume Information Folder


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I have been trying for ages to install SP2 on my machine and keep getting an error message "Access Denied" it happens about half way through does anyone know what this might be?

A:Windows XP SP2 "Access Denied"


Here is a KB Article to help you

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On the windowsupdate.com site, I get the message:

"Network Policy settings prevent you from using Windows Update to download and install updates on your computer."

I bought an older computer from my company that is now mine and am using like a home laptop. Running WIN2000, SP4. I am not the administrator, but I see under users/passwords that I belong to a group called administrators that has full capabilities on the machine? I believe I can get the password if I need to be logged in under the actual administrator, but my ID should be ok.

Anyone know what I need to do so I can change the network policy setting? I've searched other threads and although I saw some close problems, most were due to admin. rights. I believe I have admin. rights, so maybe I need to change something?

A:Windows Update Site - Access Denied

Check the time and date settings on your PC. If they are off too far Windows update will not run.

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I added a slave drive to my Windows XP Pro computer, and it appears to work properly.

However, when I open the "Documents and Settings" folder (on the slave drive E:\, which is Windows XP Home Edition -- not XP Pro), I do not see any of my documents, sub-folders, etc. There should be MANY sub-folders (inside the "My Documents" folder which isn't even visible), with hundreds of documents, jpgs, etc. within it.

When that drive is installed as the Primary drive in my other computer, the User "Larry" (which is me) has all Administrative privileges. On the computer that I'm running now (with the slave drive in it), I also have Administrator privileges. I own both computers.

My User Name "Larry" is password-protected when I login to Windows (when the drive is Primary and installed into my main computer (not this computer with XP Pro).

I've tried clicking on all the users; Administrator, Default User, Larry, Guest, etc. (Note: I get an "Access Denied" error when clicking on the Guest "Documents and Settings" folder).

So, the questions are:

1. Why can't I see any files or subdirectories in the "Documents and Settings" folder on the slave drive?

2. There's supposed to be a folder named "My Documents," but I can't find it. Normally, that path is "C:\Documents and Settings\My Documents".
--- Where is that folder? It contains all the files I'm looking for.
... Read more

A:Solved: Slave drive "Access Denied" on "Documents and Settings" Folder

Follow the directions here to take ownership of a file or folder.


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Anyone tried deleting a registry key in Windows 7?  Got "access denied" or "Error while deleting key"?
The usual response is, "You need to run regedit as an administrator".  but I *AM* logged in as Administrator, and running regedit as administrator, trying to assign administrator full permissions on that registry key in order to delete it!!  
Am I mistaken, or isn't Administrator supposed to be able to administer and control all the settings on the computer, in order to set it up for the "Average Joe" user?
So, under the permissions menu of that key, go to advanced, change the owner from System to Administrator, and try again.  It's no longer saying "access denied", but "Cannot delete xxxxxx. Error while deleting key".

The scenario: Basically, the wireless has stopped working on a laptop. The device does not show up in Device Manager, but is in the registry, so the normal procedure is to delete the registry entry for the device in HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet (and /ControlSet001) /Enum/PCI    ,then attach the device or restart the computer, it finds the "new" hardware and reinstalls it. Easy!...

Not with permission restrictions on the administrator account it's not!  So I need to give myself permission, to give myself permission, to do a simple task like delete a single registry key!  Why, Microsoft, why???!!!  Please just make the Administrator accoun... Read more

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I tried to associate the file extension .txt to a new editor program
with the well known cmdline programs ASSOC and FTYPE.

No, assigning them through WinExplorer menu does not work.
But this is another problem which should not discussed here.

When I type now one of the following alternative commands at the CommandPrompt then Win7 returns me something like:

assoc .txt=txtfile

"Access denied"
The following error occurs: .txt"


ftype txtfile=D:\notepad++\notepad++.exe "%%1"

"Access denied"
The following error occurs: txtfile"


The command above work fine under WinXP


A:"access denied" when using "assoc" and "ftype" from cmdline?


Did you run cmd.exe with administrative previlliges?
Elevated Command Prompt

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This has happened with Windows 10 PRO and Windows 7 PRO now.

New PC, Fresh install of windows.  All updates, patches, fixes, etc.. installed.
I transfer the customers info from their OLD pc (windows 7 in one instance... windows vista in another)
After transfer the data IS accessible.  After reboot the data IS accessible...  after a few days "access denied" error. (permissions error)

I can move the same file to another location (folder) other than "documents" and the file will open fine.
I can transfer ALL The files to that location and the files will open fine.
IF I "move" the documents folder to the new location... after a day.... access denied (permissions error)
I am not doing anything that I haven't done over the last 10 years,... VERY FRUSTRATING.  I believe it is a windows update of some sort that is causing the problem but cannot pin it down.
Any assistance is GREATLY appreciated!


John Huber

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Hi, All.

I've got an interesting situation that I'm hoping can be resolved. I built a server using FreeNAS 8.2 to store family pictures, videos, music, and Windows backups. In my home we have Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit and Windows 7 Professional 64bit. The server is setup with 3 Windows (CIFS) Shares. One share for each of the two computers and then a common share for multimedia. The user accounts on the NAS belong to the common group "family." The Multimedia share has ownership (user:group) of root:family. The permissions on the directories in the Multimedia share are read/write/execute for owner, read/write/execute for group, and read/execute for everyone else (or 0775 in the *nix world). Sorry for the long setup explanation.

Anyway, on my computer (Professional) and my wife's computer (Home Premium), I see the shares in Windows Explorer | Network. I am able to access the shares, and the first time I accessed, I was prompted to enter user credentials, which I did along with checking the box to have the credentials remembered. So, now, when I access the shares in Windows Explorer, I have immediate access. I can read, write, delete, whatever through Windows Explorer.

On my computer, I was able to easily transfer my iTunes library to the Multimedia share through the iTunes application, and iTunes now sees all of my iTunes media from the NAS, rather than local. On my wife's computer, I am having a problem with pictures. I was able to easily move all of the 4.8 GB... Read more

A:Import Pictures to NAS "Access Denied" Error Though User Has Access

So have you tried setting the permissions using the Security tab rather than the Sharing tab? Often times you need to set the permissions on both of those tabs in order to have complete access. The link below shows you how.

HDD sharing

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Two things. First, my virus scanner, Trend Micro, has picked up and quarantined several viruses in the system volume information folder. I then went and tried to get into the folder, but was denied access. When i click to open it is says "C:\System Volume Information is no accessible. Access is denied." Second, when i look in my task manager and the processes that are running on my machine, i often see a weird program running that is named with random letters and numbers like "QO8F91.EXE." When i end it, another one, with a different name, comes up the next time i use my computer. Below is a scan from hijack this, which shows the weird program running. Any ideas? Thanks.

Logfile of HijackThis v1.99.1
Scan saved at 7:37:26 PM, on 5/26/2005
Platform: Windows XP SP1 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP1 (6.00.2800.1106)

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\OfficeScan Client\pccntmon.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Real\Update_OB\realsched.exe
C:\Program Files\QuickTime\qttask.exe
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Hardware\Mouse\point32.exe
C:\Program Files\iTunes\iTunesHelper.exe
C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\OfficeScan Client\ntrtscan.exe
C:\WINDOWS\System32\nvsvc32.... Read more

A:Solved: System Volume Information access denied and weird programs running


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