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new owner of Ideapad 120S

Q: new owner of Ideapad 120S

I am a new owner of a Ideapad 120S purchased yesterday on Black Friday.I have mostly owned Dell laptops previously. I am guessing that when I power the laptop the first thing I need to do is create a backup on a USB flash drive. Any gotchas I should know about?

Preferred Solution: new owner of Ideapad 120S

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: new owner of Ideapad 120S

Yep, backing up is a good practice.

Other than that, you should be good to go. Enjoy your new machine!

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Hi, i have a new lenovo ideapad 120s i just install win 10 pro but mai shortcuts key for volum, brightness, airplane mode, etc. is not working even when i press FN key +F1, F2,F3......etc. If some one knows to help me

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Hello, Yesterday i bought Ideapad 120S-14IAP and i have a problem with FN key. It does not work at all.  I installed Windows 10 Pro x64 , after that,  i installed all drivers from lenovo website. Windows is up to date.I tried a usb stick with Ubuntu 16.04  and FN works perfectly.  Seems to be a driver problem.I thought it was a fail driver. I dont know. PS. In BIOS is enabled FN key.     

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Brand new Ideapad 120S purchased last Friday.Just got around to powering up. Went into Windows 10 to create a recovery drive and get the common non-descript error "A problem ocurred while creating the recover drive". First I used a 16GB PNY in the rightUSB port.Second I tried a 32GB SanDisk in the left USB port. What do I do now? The laptop appears to be working.    

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I brought my laptop less than 2 weeks ago and earlier today I couldn't use my keyboard I have no idea why as i haven't been into my settings. Are there anyway my keyboard would work again. Is it frozen please I would try  anything that could help thanks Best regards 

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I have seen that on older models with emmc drive, there was an available m.2 slot on the motherboard where you could put in an m.2 drive. Can you do that in the ideapad 120s? I have the 11 inch model with emmc drive soldered to the motherboard. Thank you.

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Nowhere in the documentation, web site is any info about what kind of controller and hence what size SD cards this model is supporting.Even Lenovo tech support doesn't know that info!I am really hesitant to buy a SDXC card of +32GB only to find out it supports on SDHC cards, thus limited to 32GB... thanks for any useful info, Ralf

A:What kind of SD card controller is in a Lenovo IdeaPad 120S-11AIP? SDHC or SDXC compatible?

Hi ITWorxLA,
Welcome to the Community Forums.
As per system overview :
IO port: Memory card slot (SD/SDHC/SDXC/MMC)
Platform specification:
One microSD Card slot, supports up to 2TB
Usually there would be stickers on the box or laptop to indicate the format it also supports.
You can try to find/borrow  a spare 32GB SDXC to test first before purchase.
Hope this helps answer your query.

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This picture shows how my name has been changed in User Accounts and in regedit, as displayed by running winver, but yet all my files are still found at C:\Users\Owner.
When I go to C:\Users, the Owner folder is locked and cannot be renamed even though my account type is administrator, as seen here.
How do I really change the name from Owner to a name of my choosing?

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I purchased my HP from a big computer store with Vista home installed on it. It was an out of the box sale (I thought I could avoid a wait for the comptuer I wanted). The company that sold it to me was listed as the administrator. The old owner took off their password before I took possession of the computer I purchased. I followed instructions on how to put on a password to start the computer. However, there are dozens of fiels named after the previous administrator. I tried to find out how to change the administrator globally to my name. There is still an administrator account name and it appears the previous administrator is still above my permission status - even though i am the computer owner, don't think I am the ultimate administrator yet.

I read that not being able to use screen print was a result of not being the administrator. I can't make the screen print work either.

I assume some members have dealt with these matters before. I would greatly appreciate anyone directing me to some good "how to fix" information.

Thank you

and boy do I miss XP!!!!!!!!

A:Change all references held by previous owner/administrator to new owner

Hi gerevent and welcome to the forums

See if you can solve your problems with the aid of the following Tutorial (and the links within).

Administrator Account

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I recently bought an Acer AX3810 with Vista 7 Home Premium 64 bit from the widow of my neighbor. I had transferred all his personal files and copied all the photographs to an external hard drive for her then deleted all the files using "Eraser". I cannot seem to be able to delete the previous owner as administrator. His file has a little padlock symbol on it. I changed his name to mine in the "Manage user accounts" but no matter, it is still "him" that is logged on. I created a new account in my name and then changed the status from standard to administrator but he is still "there". I feel like I am being haunted. Any ideas?

A:New owner but cannot remove previous owner as administrator

You could do a clean install: Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

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Haha, I don't know what else to call it, but how do you change the owner where it says C:/User/Owner


A:How do I change the owner in C:/user/owner

Hello Nick, and welcome to Vista Forums.

The only way to change the C:\Users\Owner folder name is to create a new administrator account, then delete the old C:\Users\Owner account from within the new account. Be sure to copy the contents that you want to save from the old accounts user folders into the corresponding new account's user folders to restore them to the new account.

Hope this helps,

Is this you to?
User profile

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I purchased a new desktop operating on Windows Vista. Now, since I do all my computing from home, I have had little need of my very basic laptop. The laptop is a panasonic toughbook pc that is still operating on windows 98. I purchased it Feb. 2, 2007. I lent it to someone that has been a friend for about 1 and a half years. I lent it to friend because friend stressed the need of a computer NOW but offered to purchase it in increments LATER when financial situations could afford it.

Friend kept contact more frequently than usual to learn all of my laptop's operations. After awhile, friend's (cell phone) number changed and a variety of people are consistently saying that friend is never there at friend's known residence. Finally, some young child at friend's residence (maybe a cousin or nephew) told me that friend has moved. Now, I have no contact with friend. Friend seems to have run off with my laptop for FREE and won't respond to e-mails. I've never had this much trouble contacting friend.

WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IS: Is there any way that I can CHANGE MY ACCESS PASSWORD ON MY LAPTOP FROM MY DESKTOP to better the chances of getting in contact with friend?

I have all the information on the laptop from the company that I purchased it from, can obtain any information that I don't have from the company that has my information on laptop purchase, and I created the original access password myself, so, I know what it is but ... Read more

A:Can Owner Change Access Password On Owner's Computer From Any Computer?

What you seek is prohibited on BleepingComputer. We do not assist is cracking, hackig, or otherwise circumventing security measures on any computer.No subject matter will be allowed whose purpose is to defeat existing copyright or security measures. If a user persists and/or the activity is obviously illegal the staff reserves the right to remove such content and/or ban the user.Source= RulesDo to the nature of the topic this Topic is Closed.

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Hi ,         We purchased 3 lenovo ideapad 110-15ISK Laptops (ideapad). in that i installed windows 7 professional os. i am trying to incre,decrease screen brightness(fn+f11,fn+f12). but brightness control buttons not working. how to control brighness part.Now brightness is very high. Because of this brightness i am getting eye pain. So Please provide me solution for brightness control. my mail id : [email protected]  Thanks.  

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I got a 2nd hand Lenovo Ideapad 100S. It came with Win10 installed but had someone elses profile and data. 
(I am not sure if it originally had Win8.1 when it was shipped, there is no rollback option anymore)
My preference is to wipe the current installation completely by downloading Win10 and installing a clean copy off USB. 
I also usually prefer to delete all partitions, including recovery because future reinstallations can be done from scratch via USB. (I don't need the option of reinstalling from recovery partitions , the extra space is more important)
I see a warning in the user guide however .....
"Do not delete or modify the Recovery Partition on a WIMBoot-enabled computer. If the Recovery Partition is deleted or modified, you may not be able to restore Windows to the factory status. For computer models on which WIMBoot is enabled, deleting the Recovery Partition may cause Windows to fail to start. How can I determine whether the Windows running on my computer is WIMBoot enabled? WIMBoot technology is normally enabled on copies of Windows 10 Update running on SSD (or eMMC) -only computer models."
What is the best way to do this?

Install a clean copy and remove the partition by booting off a USB, or should I not do this?
Via Settings: settings > Recovery > Reset this PC > Remove everything, or
settings > Recovery > advanced startup > Reinstall from USB

Which of t... Read more

A:Ideapad 100s - Win10 clean installation on ideapad...

 Hi larrens , 
Welcome to the Community Forums. 
It's a good thing you posted first before proceeding with any clean installation. 
Not sure what the Machine Number is to verify the details and specifications of your system.
But if you have a pc with a Windows Image Boot (or WIMBoot) you may not want to choose a clean installation. 
This new deployment of installation is compressing part of a big OS file so that you can have an operating system that can only take small spaces intended for small storages (SSD).
Best option to wipe out previous owners profile is a have a fresh out of the box image is using the Puch button Factory reset (Novo key similar to Item 7 page 1). Simply shutdown the system and use the button to turn on, System Recovery option would provide One key recovery from initial backup to do it. 
WIM boot are usually created thru OEM depot authorized by Microsoft . DIY for WIMboot maybe a bit complicated.
Click on underlined links for further review. 
Hope this answered your query.
Update us. 

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Ho Comprato un'IdeaPad 100: il volume di dell'altoparlante e Basso RISPETTO un calcolatore di un altro Lenovo bis del calcolatore di Altre Marche, vorrei Sapere se Qualcuno ha LO STESSO Problema. Grazie.
Google translated from Italian to English......
I Bought un'IdeaPad 100 : the volume of the speaker and Basso RESPECT one computer to another computer in a Lenovo Other brands , I would like to know if anyone has the same problem . Thank you.
Mod's Edit:  Since this is an English forum you may get a better response by posting in English.  Readers have a tendency to avoid posting in threads which require translation.
Modifica del Mod : Dal momento che questo č un forum inglese si puņ ottenere una migliore risposta inviando in lingua inglese . I lettori hanno la tendenza ad evitare distacco in fili che necessitano di traduzione.

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I have Lenovo Ideapad 300-15ISK type/model 80Q700DRSC.
I want to update BIOS, so I downloaded D5CN47WW. In text file it is written that this is BIOS for my computer.
Everything seems fine but when I execute BIOS exe file it says that this is BIOS for Lenovo Paris 300 notebook!
What Paris now? I tried to google but only can find Paris in France.
I am user of Lenovo notebooks for many years (from IBM ThinkPads to this days) but when txt Readme file said
this is update for your computer, it was! This is confusing for me so I cancelled update.
Can anybody explain this mistery?
Thanks in advance
Mod's Edit: System model added to the front of Subject line to improve visibility / clarity.

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i just bought a second hand computer with windows xp pro installed. its not updated and asks me to update to sp2. when i try, it won't let me.

what are my options here? i know its pirated because i can't update.
do i buy the full version of xp w/sp2? or can i buy the xp w/sp2 upgrade, because xp is already installed? not sure which way to go....don't really want to buy the full version too much $$. one more question....can you install the full version of xp home version when i already have the pro installed?

thank you for any advice! greatly appreciated......

A:new owner, old xp....

Sorry I have lost the link
If you go to the microsoft web site they have a policy of helping people with pirated stuff. are you sure it is pirated?
If I find the link I will re post

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Q: Owner

Good grief:

It's one of those easy "stupid" questions I have. I once saw a Tech Republic letter that gave a simple method of changing the Microsoft IE identification bar. I changed mine to read "Microsoft Internet Explorer provided by Geoff Michael Group". I'd like to change it back to the default but didn't write the change down and now can't recall how I made the change.

Thanks for any help someone is able to share.



Is this what you're looking for?


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Q: Owner

Hi Their People ,
I have a pent 4 with windows xp my computer keeps crashing before it crashes it says.
The 1740 D N TS display driver has stoped working notmanly
Save your work and re boot system to restore fully display functionality ,the computer wont do this but when turned off at power point for several hours it will start up but then crashes as above again I have checked the monitor all ok I also put another vidio card in went ok for a while then crashed again.
What is a pc1 card used for .
This computer has gone through several vidio cards and is only 4 years old
Angie xxxxx


Sounds like an overheating video card. Make sure that all the computers fans are working.
Check that any cabling is not blocking air flow through the case. Also check that the power supply fan is running.
If the video card does not have fan purchase an add on fan.

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Q: Owner


I have a wired network of 25 desktop computers and 1 laptop with XP Professional and W2K Professional. A server is utilized but accessible for only 5 of the stations. DSL is the Internet connection.

I would like to set up the laptop with a wireless connection to the network. I have configured a wireless router, Linksys Wireless Access Point Router with 4-port switch (802.11b), to one of the W2K systems. I connected the cat 5 cable to the Linksys and then a cat 5 cable back to the computer. I used the setup wizard to configure the Linksys for the network which uses static IP addresses.

I then connected a Linksys USB wireless adapter to the laptop configuring it to obtain the IP automatically.

I can connect to the Internet just fine but I'm unable to "see" or communicate with the other computers on the network unless I revert back to the network cable.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



Q: owner

microsoft office porfessional 2003
document imaging printing
it is now locking up the computer at least twice in a process
it locks up when going to either the imaging printing or hp printer
have plenty of hard drive and ram
on a network with high speed dsl
not sure where the problem is
switched everything to lap top and it's ok there for now but desktop is not ok

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Q: owner

my laptop starts in safemode...can get it off of safemode


As posted by

You will need to give more information and fully describe all the symptoms. Just saying your PC is booting into Safe Mode doesn't tell us much.Click to expand...

what have you tried - system restore
make and model of the PC - laptop / desktop
when did this first happen and what where you doing just before hand

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Not sure if it is an Owner tag or a third party program ran to add it to the boot screen.
When booting and the Dell splash appears there is AMERACAN AIRLINES above it.
We have about 50 of these that we would like to remove.


A:Owner Tag???

See this thread: en.community.dell.com/.../19361806

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Q: owner

I can't seem to get the updates for mcafee security suite. I'm running
windows xp and have done everything it says to do. Everything was
working fine until five days ago. When trying to update I get a message
saying I can't connect to the internet. This is wrong. Another message
I get is something about configuring the activex. I did this and still no
luck. I've tried to contact mcafee support but am unsuccessful.



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Where is the owner tab in properties? I have none.

A:owner tab

Please be a little more precise as to your problem. Which owner tab and what properties have you opened? Perhaps a screenshot will help!

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Q: owner

when i download a casino site it wont let me play,it says download server not available.it didnt do that before last month


Can you provide a link to this "Downloadable" site?

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I have a desktop PC running Windows 7, the only user is Owner.  Should I change this?

A:Why use Owner?

If it is yours then it's only a name, you can change it in control panel. If your not the owner you may want to use the guest as the real owner may not want you to have admin, privileges

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Q: owner

how can i fix windows installer,or get it back?

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Q: owner

i am useing windows vista home basics. version 6 service pack 2. when i get an email that opens with notepad the message comes in note pad alright but it is all encripted and unreadable. how can i fix.


Hi bugs461, and welcome to TSG.

Notepad is not an e-mail program that would normally open an e-mail message. It might be used to open certain types of files that are attached to an e-mail message. Are you trying to open attachments to e-mails? A wrong program association in the the email program may be causing the mail software to use Notepad to open a non-text file.

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I have a LAN connected and all sorted out at my house, but i need one thing.

I have the bad habit of leaving Pc's on around the house ( I haven't got all the programs sorted out) and i need something that i can click (Or something similar) to shutdown all the Pc's that are on or single, or disply messages.

I just need something that will give me full control of my LAN. It would be incredibly handy if you could find some Freeware software for this, i would preferably not like to use DOS based programs, as i know how to use them but prefer GUI programs.

Thank you.
Daniel Osborne...

A:LAN Owner needs help...

What I would suggest is to move this thread to the Networking forum here at TSG and let our networking folks have a good go at this problem. If you would just click the little triangle at the top right of the screen and ask a moderator to move this thread to Networking?

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I'm selling a computer and want to remove my name as owner. How do I do It? How do I remove my log in screen and go back to it was before user accounts were set up?

A:Owner name

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First, allow me to say I love my Lenovo Products. I started with a G550 Laptop. Good performance and reliable. Still running great. I then bought a H520 Desktop. Worked great until last Saturday. 3 months shy of 4 years. I think the Power Supply has a short. Was using it, then lost power. When I moved it, I pressed the power button and it came alive for a few seconds.My questions are about my new H30-05. Since the DVD Player is vertical, how do I position disc to hold in place?I have an old HP Officejet G85. Sometime I can get Test Print but nothing more. I always get unidentified error. My G85 worked great on H520. I have removed driver many times. Windows 10 no longer detects it. I have to add it manually with no luck. Any sggestions? Debating whether buying Epson XP-830 or HP Envy 7640.Thank you for any assistance

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Q: Owner

A program called Sys Protect keeps inserting itself onto my computer. I do a remove program through control panel, but the next time I start my computer, there it is again. What can I do?

Thank you.


Hi Knotknit,
The tech helpers in these forums will probably want to see a HijackThis log in order to be able to help you. Run a scan and post the saved log in this thread. If you do not have HijackThis program, here's a link where you can download it safely:


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New owner!!

Well i finally got the Rig i been thinking about!

AMD [email protected]
MSI nForce2 K7N2-Delta
2X256 Kingston [email protected] in dual channal mode
PNY FX-5200 Ultra
XP Home

The thing rocks,,around 8000marks in GLXs
Problem with ethernet,,its really slow,could anyone offer some help?

Thanks all

A:New rig owner!!

i'd put a propper NIC in, ive never been a fan of the onboard ones, for thr sake of the £5 they cost!

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New laptop - had about a month. When I got the computer I created my user account and named the laptop right after starting up.

I just opened Properties for the C: drive, and in Security ->Permissions for Users ->Advanced, the current owner is listed as TrustedInstaller, not me.

Obviously I can change it to match the username/computer name I created for this system, but.... is this odd?

Computer: vostro 1500
Processor: C2D T7500 2.20GHz,
Operating System: Vista Home Premium 32bit
Memory: 2G RAM
HD: 160G HD
File System: NTFS
Display: WSXGA+ TrueLife
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS

A:I'm not owner of OS (C:) ?

No. Normal. Otherwise malware would have access to every part of your system, including Windows, through your account.

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I recently purchased an older PC from a friend of mine. My problem is that when I try to open winzip files and several other instances, the machine defaults to the previous owner's information and will not install. I have changed the ownership of the PC in the registry, but when I try to delete all references to the previous user's information, I get a message indicating the former owner (Mary Jo Duncan in this case) is a system file and can't be removed. Is there a way to get rid of ALL the previous owner's information, defaults, etc. without doing a clean install? I finally got my desktop the way I want it and would really hate to start from scratch.

Would it screw things up if I changed her name to mine in EVERY location in the registry?

Thanks for any suggestions.

A:New Owner Issues

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My hard disk recently crashed and I am in the process of installing my apps and restoring my data onto my new hard drive. I have my data on an external Western Digital My Book. The first thing I did after loading Windows XP onto the drive was install Trend Micro on my system. While I was restoring data from the external drive and loading applications, I got a message from Trend regarding owner.exe. I'm not sure how I responded, but I don't think it was not the correct answer! )

I get the following error message when I try to open the external hard drive thru Windows Explorer

Windows cannot find "oWNer.Exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the Start button, and then click Search.

I've unplugged the drive from the power source and the USB port. The drive is working, but I'm not able to "see" my data.

I did a scan of my C drive and found this worm.

Virus Scan Logs 9/4/2009 OWNER-F6D3114CF
Time Threat Name Status Pattern Version
20:22 WORM_VB.SM Clean 6.419.50
19:15 WORM_VB.SM Clean 6.419.50
19:08 WORM_VB.SM Clean 6.419.50
18:45 WORM_VB.SM Clean 6.419.50
It also found the same today.

Below is my HijackThis file.

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 8:59:02 PM, on 9/11/2009
Platform: Windows XP SP3 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18702)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.... Read more

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guestimation that a virus has taken over my laptop and all it does is give me the following: Boot Device Not FoundPlease Install an operating system on your hard disk. Hard Disk 3F0F2 System Diagnostics For more information, please visit: www.hp.com/go/techcenter/startup I cant perform the F2 systems diagnostic, nor am i able to load any disk with my external drive. what am i to do at this point?

A:Never help when you need it....frustrated new HP owner

Don't think it is a virus. Looks like hardware failure. Hard drive. You need to open a support case to get warranty help. Posting here does not do that. We are fellow end users, not HP Support. 

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Gentlemen, Ms.;

I Am Operating On Windows Xp, With A Fully Loaded Presario,(compaq)
As Far As Operating Systems Go, I Still Have Plenty Of Room To Install
Other Stuff. Here Is The Problem; I Am Profoundly Deaf, As Of 2 Years Ago,
And I Have Tried Going Through Tech Support For Hp, Microsoft, And Comcast
My Provider. I Am Looking For A "plug-in" That Will Support Closed-captioned
For Webforums, Newscasts, And General Video Supported Web Pages. I Realize
That Before I Lost My Hearing, That Material First Has To Be Encoded Before
This Could Happen; But I Also Know, I Haven't Kept Up With Technology As Much,
In This Area As I Should. Do You Have Any Ideas, Per-say??

Thanks, James



The problem is not with your computer, but with web designers and software.

There is a multitude of options for "ease of use", but as far as captioning existing websites, it is up to the designers. the ADA is highly active in finding solutions to your issue and others. Some options already exist on your computer. They can be found under your start menu/accessories/accessability.

There are programs that will caption existing DVD or Video. Maybe even some other multimedia. I think streaming video is still underdeveloped.

This link is from a company that has developed captioning software.


This link is from a research paper on disabilities vs. ease of use and what is to be done to overcome them.

Good luck with your search. I hope I have helped in some way.

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We have moved our entire company over to vista and we are having some odd issues with the 'owner feild' and author feild.

We have software that scans each computer and looks for the owner info. The problem is all the owner info is now being tagged with "administrators"

We have all domain users OU added to the Administrators group on the local machine. I'm assuming this is where its pulling that info from.

What I'm trying to do is get the owner name to show as the user who is currently logged in from the domain, and not the administrators account.

As well, the 'author' name of the person who works on the file doesn't show up all the time, its very random. Example, we will scan 20 images on a flatbed scanner.. the first image has author info, and the 13th,15th, and 20th image all has the the scanners name (domain user) showing as "author", but the rest of them are blank.

Any suggestions on how to change this or get the author info to show correctly?


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Hi. I have a window 7 computer that shows my husband as the owner when I sign into the computer. I would like to be the owner as the computer belongs to me. My husband has no objection as he has his own computer.

Can this easily be done? If yes, can someone let me know how to do this.

Help, as usual, is appreciated.

Thank you.

A:Change Owner

Hello Carole,

You can use the method in the tutorial below to change the registered owner of the PC.

Registered Owner and Organization

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I am unable to log into my account which is <removed>. can you help me?
Don Arber

A:Owner of site

Never post your email address on a public forum.

Have a look at Gmail support here:
Contacting Support - Gmail Help

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About 4 days ago I did a fresh install of Windows XP. I didn't reformat.
Somewhere it asked me for a name and I put in "Nunya."
In the C: drive "Documents and Settings" I have:
All Users
All Users.Windows
Default User
Default User.Windows

I'm getting mixed up as to what user is the default. I'm the only person who uses this computer and I'm wanting to know if I can safely get rid and how to get rid of all unwanted "User" names. So that there is just one User...One Administrator, etc...me, Janet.
Thanks for any help you can give me.

A:Owner & Accounts

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I am trying to delete a file that I need permission for.
Windows Vista ultimate and I am Administrator
It is an old backup file that I no longer need.
Thanks Ray

A:Owner permissions

How to take ownership of a file.

Or, you can try the free Unlocker.

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hey guys do you put your real name or ur nickname on the registered user of the windows, u noe when u click on computer, press alt, then help, then about windows....

A:registered owner

Its your choice, I put the same name that I have here. That nickname has a meaning to me..

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i cant change the owner of c: drive because it says i dont have permissions i need ....

A:cant change owner

Have you tried this?? Take Ownership Shortcut

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