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Email goes to a wrong mailbox

Q: Email goes to a wrong mailbox


Client of mine has 4 different email accounts, they are :

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]
admin and accounts on one PC

admin and chris on the other PC

admin and operations on the third PC

Only admin is shared on those 3 PCs.

Recently I reapet recently this happen when the client send an email from chris to operation only, this email goes to account as well,,,,means it goes to operation and account ,,,,why this happens ?

Client is using outlook 2003 and email is POP3,,,,,no Exchange server is used


Preferred Solution: Email goes to a wrong mailbox

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Email goes to a wrong mailbox

are the accounts "accounts" and "operations" a child of another account or each other. in other words, in some web hosting services, you can have you email accounts as a sub account of one account... in your case, you might be sending to operations an email, but since operations is a sub account of "accounts" then it is SHOWED in accounts too...

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When one of our employees logs into netscape 7.2 he get the message - "Unable to write the email to the mailbox. Make sure the file system allows you write privileges and you have enough disk space to copy the mailbox." Our email provider is Bell South and their tech people says that the mail file must have a problem. Their side is ok and we can see their side from web mail ok. So our file does have a problem. The question is does anyone know how to fix this situation without losing the previously saved mail in the mailbox. This user has extensive mail files with lots of sub layers. Please address replys to [email protected]. Thanks to whoever can help.

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We run Exchange2k3 and have a user that has reached their storgae limit. I have increased the size from 350000(kb) to 600000(kb) and I still get the Undeliverable message. I have removed the check from "prohibit send and recieve" and still doesn't work. Does this take awhile to replicate? Are their any higher settings that trumph the ones i've made?

A:Undeliverable Email Mailbox is Full

it depends on your set up but i can take hours to replicate the change in storage settings for an individual user.

Allow 24 hours and see if the problem has rectified itself.

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I use Netscape as my email client. Recently I cannot receive emails due to an error message which reads"

Unable to write email to the mailbox. Make sure the file system allows you write privileges and you have enough disk space to copy the mailbox.

I can still send messages fine, but I just can't receive them! Please help!

A:Unable to write the email to the mailbox

I am also using Netscape 7.1for my e-mail and yesterday this exact message began appearing whenever I tried to get new mail.
I tried compacting all folders and even deleted over 20,000 e-mails I had on my computer. Can still send.
Have gone to using outlook express.
If anyone can help me please respond

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I have Microsoft Outlook 2003 on a few computers. It appears that they get their emails from a local server which is defined as the MS Exchange Server. (Box ticked for Use Cached Exchange Mode). Outlook is then configure with my username to pull my emails of the server (i guess...). I get an email to my company email from an external source (not company email) that is CC to another company email address, and I will get a duplicate email in my inbox. If it is CC to 2 people I will get 2 duplicates (3 messages in total) This leads me to believe that outlook is not configured to pull the right emails from the server right? However, when receiving an email from an internal source (company email) and it is CC to another compnay member, I only get 1 copy. When dealing with 1 to 1 emails, everything works fine. Any ideas?

A:Outlook 2003 duplicate email from mailbox

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An associate gave me his email, which is registered at hotmail.com. I only have his email. I have tried sending emails to him, but all of them hard bounced from both a hotmail and a gmail account. I know the email exists because I have attempted registering with that name at hotmail and it said it's taken. Gmail says that the mailbox could not be found. We originally discussed a Windows Live Messenger conversation.

- could a WLM account work and exist without an accompanying email account?
- what exactly is happening? could it be a hotmail issue? (I can send email from my gmail to my hotmail so not sure about that)

Much appreciated.

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Hi. I am running Windows 7, 64 bit, Office 2010.

We're switching to Outlook as our email client, and I currently use "The Bat!"

Within The Bat!, I can export my email as either .msg, eml or Unix Mailbox files. I can only import email from Outlook Express, Windows Mail or Eudora from within Outlook 2010. I have a Windows 7 64 bit system, so I can't even load Windows Mail/Outlook Express on my machine. I couldn't import any of the .eml, .msg or Unix Mailbox files into Windows Live Mail.

I have two questions.

1) How can I accomplish my goal of migrating my email messages from The Bat! into Outlook 2010. I can open each of the exported mail messages and from within there "copy to a folder." But I don't want to do that 2,000 times.

2) Also, what has Microsoft made this so difficult? This is such a hassle that I would not use Outlook if I didn't have too. I'm not going to buy a third party application that will migrate mail for me. What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance,

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I registered my domain with 123-reg which provided a free mailbox 2 years ago. Come renewal time, I am told that the mailboxes will no longer be free and need to pay ?12 per annum for 1GB. I understand that gmail and outlook used to offer a way of linking personal email addresses for free. So before I part with my cash, do any of you gurus know of any other free/cheaper service I could use to link my personal email addresses to?

I would like the service to provide IMAP, as that's how I sync my mail with Thunderbird and AppleMail. I did try Outlook, but I need to use their web interface for emails to be sent as my personal email address set as an alias. Through Thunderbird, it sends as the Outlook address.

On a slightly separate note....with IMAP, if I reach the capacity of my mailbox and purge some emails, will they remain in my offline email client?

Thanks in advance!

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Is it possible to get a desktop notification in the system tray when a new email arrives in a shared mailbox, in the same way it happens for a personal one?

A:Outlook 2007 - Shared Mailbox new email alert

Any emails that come into any mailbox set up on a client should show an alert if it is set up in the options. Not sure what you mean by a shared mailbox though.

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By default, when you print an email in memo style the mailbox name is printed in the upper left-hand corner. Any way to turn this off? So far I haven't been able to find this option.


A:Outlook 2003 - Print an email sans the mailbox name

Maybe this will help. Does anyone know what the section directly above the header information is called on an email printed from Outlook 2003?

On my email print outs it has my mailbox info listed and then a solid dark line/border and then the normal header info.

This is driving me mad!!!!

Thanks for any and all help....

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How to set Email forwarding based on the time a message sits in a mailbox Unread?

I would like to create a rule in Outlook 2007 to forward any message that has been Unread in my “Inbox” for 15 minutes, to another email address or distribution group. The catch with creating this rule is the time variable, the email sits unread. Once the email is forwarded the message needs to be marked as read, as I only want the email forwarded once.

Any Hints please
Thanks, Curious01

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I have a situation where someone has 2 email addresses. One of them is now redundant and I have deleted it from the People section. However, when I am set to make a new email to that person and type the first letter of their name, in the pop up window (that you can click on) their old email address still appears.
How do I delete this from that list? Can find no way to do so.

A:Outlook Email - Deleting Wrong Email Entry when starting new email

In new email, start typing the address you want to remove. When you have enough characters for auto complete to show it (sometimes one letter is enough), use DOWN ARROW key on keyboard to select the address in question and press DEL key.

That's it.

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Hello everyibe,
We have a hydride infrastructure, with E2016 onpremise and O365 (Exchange, teams...). On both sites we have the same users and separate created mailboxes.
We are migrating mailboxes from Ex2016 to O365 in phases to remove E2016.
Users on both sites have the same mailbox name. Example: E2016 [email protected] and O365 mailbox [email protected]
When we migrate a user's mailbox to O365 and from ExchangeOnline we send an email to a non-migrated user, the email reaches the existing mailbox in O365, not the onpremise mailbox.
An alias has been created for non-migrated users in O365, marking themselves as main and we have tried to delete the default email address given by the username. But even if the latter is deleted, the deleted email address always appears, so the email always
reaches O365 and not E2016.

Is there any way that when a user with a migrated O365 mailbox sends an email to a user with a mailbox in E2016 onpremise, the email does not go to the O365 mailbox and to the onpremise mailbox?
What would be the solution to keep the default username (for teams solutions, etc) and to be able to modify the email in O365?
Thank you

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hi there,,when i go to enter my email address in firefox the pop up address is spelled wrong,,,how can i change it,without losing all my auto complete forms.
i am using windows xp home edition..

A:Solved: wrong email spelling in auto complete email address

Delete Firefox auto-complete entries

There is also an add on for firefox that allows you to manage autocomplete

Available features include:

* matching against bookmark addresses
* matching against page titles and bookmark names
* matching anywhere in the address, not just the beginning
* changing the sorting criterion to alphabetical by address or title, most frequently visited, most recently visited, or top-level pages first
* completing the best match inline
* temporarily or permanently disabling the suggestion popup
* excluding local pages and pages containing search results
* swapping the address and title columns on the suggestion popup
* highlighting the column where a match was found
* fine-tuning the popup appearance by hiding page titles, changing the number of visible suggestions, and setting the truncation method for long addresses and page titlesClick to expand...

Autocomplete Manager 2.3

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we have a windows 10 laptop and the log in email is incorrect htmail.com instead of hotmail.co.uk...how can i alter this tried a reset, is my only option a clean install,

A:log in email wrong

Is this the Windows user account or within the email program itself?
If email program which one and what version?

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Afriend called me to sort out her email,which is Hotmail,her o/s is Windows ME,for some reason she cannot gain access to her email,she keeps getting rejected with it saying that her username or password is wrong when it isnt,I have tried to uninstall it and re-install but of course it is still the same,I even tried to register her onto this site but again she was rejected when she entered her email address,it saying something along the lines that her security wouldnt allow her access to the site,we checked out all her security settings and they look fine,so at the moment Im a bit bamboozled as to what to do next,its looking like its all to do with Hotmail somewhere,but where? any help would be appreciated

Virus scan shows NO viruses

I should tell you that I can access her account from my computer using her details,which is bugging me even more LOL

A:email gone wrong

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Currently I have been getting email from people I don't know. I guess they got it from people who forward me with their little stories. Is there any program out there that can get rid of the unwanted email? I have windows XP and am not using the firewall that came with it. Have Norton Antivirus and firewall installed.

A:wrong email

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My OS is Windows 10. I have been using MS Office Outlook for my email. I've used it for years. A few weeks ago I decided to try gmail so I set up an account. I did not give anyone my gmail address but for some reason I started to get a lot of my email from friends who have my Outlook address. I even got some of the junk mail on gmail. I then shut down my gmail account as I don't like it. Then I noticed that I wasn't getting much email. So I opened my gmail account and there were dozens of email messages there. Here's my problem. I want to close my gmail account but then I'll miss all of the messages that will go there. My question is. How can I stop messages from going to the gmail? Would appreciate some feedback on this. Thank you.

A:email going to wrong account

Kari seems to be under the weather

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When I type an apostrophy ' i get a a with the french tent above and a pound sterling symbol with tm beside it instead of an apostorphy. How can I get it to type the apostrophy and not the other symbols.

A:Email wrong keys

What font are you using?

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For over the past three weeks I have been getting this Return mail notification in my email boy everyday. The odd thing is that I never use my yahoo email account for outgoing mail, especially about Viagra. I have changed my password several times daily but yet here it is...

The original message was received at Sat, 24 Dec 2005 17:50:47 -0500
from dsl.static859719982.ttnet.net.tr []


Your e-mail is being returned to you because there was a problem with
delivery. The address which was undeliverable is listed in the section
labeled: "----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors

The reason your mail is being returned to you is listed in the section
labeled: "----- Transcript of Session Follows -----".

The line beginning with "<<<" describes the specific reason your e-mail
not be delivered. The next line contains a second error message which
is a
general translation for other e-mail servers.

Please direct further questions regarding this message to your e-mail

--AOL Postmaster

----- The following addresses had permanent fatal errors -----
<[email protected]>

----- Transcript of session follows -----
... while talking to air-yg04.mail.aol.com.:
>>> RCPT To:<[email protected]>
550 <[email protected]>... User unknown


Re... Read more

A:Something wrong with Yahoo email

Hi, and welcome to TSF. It would appear that some spammer is spoofing your address as a "from" address. OR, your machine is infected and is actually sending this stuff. If this were true, these things should appear in your sent items. If the items don't appear in the sent folder, then just report the "undelivered" report as spam, so it goes in the bulk mail. The bad thing is, since AOL has you on the spam list, you might not be able to send mail to AOL receipients. Also look very carefully at your email address in the report. You may find it does not exactly match. If that's the case you can be quite confident it did not originate from your machine.

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Hi everyone.
When I right click on a file, of any type, and choose send to then mail recipient.
I don't get Thunderbird starting up. Thunderbird is set as my default email program in settings.
What does startup is Microsoft Office Outlook, which I have never used.
Any suggestions folks?

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Hello, I am new to this forum. I'm a beginner. I have had several, sepreate email accounts for some time, but lately the mail has been going to the wrong inboxes? I did add a new account in June and it was then that the trouble began. I have since found out that my server has changed the program... I don't know what it means, but it is now called I 'live mail'. I think and it is attached to Messanger? I have windows 6, microsoft outlook 2010, XP. I have an old desktop computer it's an Acer Veriton 3700G. I was told that it might have something to do with the cached file/folder? But I don't know what that is?
Thank you for your time.

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I have OE 6

I have one email address (I use a lot) that always comes up as cm (after yahoo.com) instead of "com" like it should.

I noticed this because email would come back when sent. I thought I had mistyped it, but it was in the address book correctly.

I've tried to change this, deleted it and put it in again, edited it, putting in the correct word (com) and saving it as default. Even tried putting it in with a new nickname for the person.

When I start putting the email address in, and it auto fills in, it still puts "cm" instead of "com" on the end of it.

I have to type it all in by hand, or let it auto fill and go over it, putting the "o" in com.

When I look in the address book it says "com" like it's supposed to, and says it's the person's default email (in my address book)

How can I fix it so it comes up correctly?

I seem to have the strangest problems....

~ Carrie

A:email address wrong in OE

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A long time ago, over a year, I sent some emails for my mother from my computer. She has never used this computer herself. Since then I've been getting spam sent to her. Is there something in the registery or folder tree that has her name in it that I can delete? I have set up rules for the inbox that works very well but I would like to stop any further emails being sent to her. I use Outlook Express in Windows XP Media Edition. Thanks

A:Still getting email sent to the wrong person.

Someone that has your mothers email address on it or her details in an email has been infected and the details have been harvested by a spammer.

That is being used as default info in spoofing spam emails, most likely.

This is one problem with email data being out of your direct control once it has left your PC, any recipient that is careless about infection then gets your details made available to spammer lists.

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Hey guys - question...

I had a systems burp over last weekend - my OS (XP Home) decided it didn't like me and crashed requiring a complete reload to make it functional again. But before I wiped my HD, I made an image copy of it so that important information wasn't lost. I managed to recover everything of major value to me before the rebuild - except...

How in blazes do I get my old email back? I'm running Outlook 2002 Enterprise Edition (Which I believe may have actually caused the crash, as it happened while needing to do a hard shut down. I had surfing some web sites, and unfortunately found one that was causing all sorts of issues that required that operation - Outlook wasn't happy that I was shutting it down that way and told me so - next thing I know, I'm getting the old Windows Opening Screen Blink - ouch!) In the image files, I can find what looks like the old Outlook files, but I certainly don't see anything saying 'Inbox' or anything. Any clues on where to look?



A:Solved: Looking for Email in All the Wrong Places

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Here's my problem. One night I was using AIM and I clicked the icon in the taskbar because it indicated that I had email. Instead of bringing me to the normal aol.com screen, it was a netscape.com screen. The login was the same as AOL.com so I just thought AOL was doing some weird promoting.

Anyways, now my default POP email account is [email protected] and I can't find a way to change it back to [email protected]! Help!

A:AIM monitoring wrong POP email account! HELP!

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Hi, when create an Hotmail account, we have to enter another email account (says an Gamil account) for verification, I just discover there is an typing error on this verify email account. However, tel number still correct. How can I change the verify email
account? thanks

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I was ordering a product when I used the wrong email to purchase, however, I only discovered it was wrong after the purchase. I want to know if theres a way I can change the email or cancel the purchase.

A:Ordered a product with the wrong email.

This is the wrong place for that. We are fellow end users that have no connection to the "merchant" side of HP. You need to call or chat with the online Store folks. 

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Hi, I'm hoping you'll be able to resolve a problem with my mother's computer.
Today, my mother got an email from a local store containing a document. She tried opening on her iPad and it would not open properly (I believe she said that a message said 'it could not be recognized'. Not know this as a warning sign, she then opened it on her desktop computer and saved it.
Unsurprisingly, it turned out to be some kind of malware. The local store, when asked about the email, said that someone must have hijacked their email account and told her not to open her email. My mother's Rogers email account (technically Yahoo, who works with Rogers, a Canadian service provider) email account has been locked due to too many password change requests.
I'd greatly appreciate some help in trying to resolve this issue! I don't know if it was an email only thing or what, but I'd appreciate some help in trying to make sure her computer is safe (as well as the iPad, although I'm actually not too worried about the that as I understand they are fairly malware resiliant).
Her computer is running Windows Vista. She ran Norton, but it found nothing.
So far, I have taken no mesures yet to deal with the issue (aside from turn off her computer). I'm not great with computers, but I am good at following instructions from more knowledgable folks than!

A:The Perils of Email Attachments - Something Definitely Wrong

It looks like it was a zip file called document46092.zip attached to the email, if that means anything.

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Hi All

Had a bit of a look about and can not find anything the same as a problem I have

Time zones on computer, exchange server and Outlook are correct, when checking webmail times are correct.

Open outlook (on computer) and email times are an hour out, (did one test email) same with calendar for others invited to a meeting, both states of sender (me and any other person he gets email from) and person with problem do not have daylight savings - also daylight savings un-ticked

I have done a gpupdate /force

Thinking of adding another email proilfe of the same user to see if same thing happens.

Any Ideas anyone?



A:Calendar and email times wrong

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Hi Guys,
Is there anyway users can be notified via email that they have typed their wrong password even once. Let's say when i try to login to my computer, if i type wrong password even once, it will trigger an email to the user and copy the tech support as well.
Is there any bulit-in functinality in AD by which we can achieve that. 
Please let me know.

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My ISP is SBC/Yahoo. I have a SBC email account & a Yahoo web base email account. However, when I set up to use the SBC configuration on my MS Outlook to retrieve email, it get redirect to the my Yahoo web base account.

If anyone out there has the same problem, please let me know how I can resolve the problem.

Thanks in advance.


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Windows 10

When a friend sends an email from his BT Webmail account, those in receipt of the email see his email address as ******@btinternet.com in the 'From" part of the header. However, when clicking on "Reply" (in my case Outlook 2010) the outgoing address is chanced to *******@outlook.com. Initially he used to open his BT Webmail account using the Microsoft Edge browser and so I changed his default browser to Google Chrome and accessed his BT Webmail account from Chrome to see if that made any difference - but it did not.

His computer has been scanned (and my computer has too) with Avast! and Malwarebytes and no malware has been found. So, I am at a loss to understand why this is happening. Can anyone out there help?

A:Email Reply Redirected to Wrong Address

I found the solution to the problem myself and it may be useful for anyone else with the same problem. There was a "reply to" setting on his BT Webmail account that was set to "*******@outlook.com. This email address was removed and that fixed things.

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I have a person in my office who has discovered her contacts are not correct. Well they are except the display is showing the wrong email address wrong name. So instead of showing

Joe Doe
[email protected]
<Joe Doe [email protected]>

She sees

Joe Doe
[email protected]
<Jane Somebody [email protected]>

obviously sending out other peoples contacts isn't good. From what I understand it goes to the correct person it just shows someone elses contact information
this just started thi afternoon.

A:Outlook Shows Wrong Email in Contact

Has she tried deleting the contact from the address book and adding it back? Try it on a couple of them to see if this resolves the issue.

If it does, then she can delete and add back the rest of them. The only downside to this is that it would be tedious to do if she has a lot of contacts.

Maybe someone else will have a better idea for a cure.

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I cannot access my email via yahoo, gmail or hotmail. Everytime i go to the page, it kicks me back page not found. I can access the internet via IE, and browse. I tried installing firefox , other spyware removal and avg, and i cant because the pc tells me im not connected to the server, but i can get online? My firewall is off

I contacted my isp dock.net and they ran the lines and the lines are fine. They pinged my ip, and everything was good. Im just trying to check my email but it wont allow me. It's been a week.

I ran hijack this and here is my log

Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2
Scan saved at 3:56:49 PM, on 5/6/2008
Platform: Windows XP SP2 (WinNT 5.01.2600)
MSIE: Internet Explorer v6.00 SP2 (6.00.2900.2180)
Boot mode: Normal

Running processes:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccProxy.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccSetMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\ISSVC.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SNDSrvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\SPBBC\SPBBCSvc.exe
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\ccEvtMgr.exe
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 3.0\PhotoshopElementsFileAgent.exe
C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveUpdate\ALUSchedulerSvc.exe
C:\PROGRA~1\Gris... Read more

A:Cant Check Email????????? Cant find out whats wrong help

Run HJT again and put a check in the following:

O2 - BHO: (no name) - {5f90c0e3-4c0a-4d54-a8ac-5afe6163a99e} - (no file)
O3 - Toolbar: Starware Games Toolbar - {1962c5bc-e475-465b-823b-133e711bceb9} - (no file)

Close all applications and browser windows before you click "fix checked".
Please download ATF Cleaner by Atribune.
This program is for XP and Windows 2000 only

Double-click ATF-Cleaner.exe to run the program.
Under Select Files to Delete choose: Select All
Click the Empty Selected button.

Click Exit on the Main menu to close the program.

Download and scan with SUPERAntiSpyware Free for Home Users
Double-click SUPERAntiSpyware.exe and use the default settings for installation.
An icon will be created on your desktop. Double-click that icon to launch the program.
If asked to update the program definitions, click "Yes". If not, update the definitions before scanning by selecting "Check for Updates". (If you encounter any problems while downloading the updates, manually download and unzip them from here.)
Under "Configuration and Preferences", click the Preferences button.
Click the Scanning Control tab.
Under Scanner Options make sure the following are checked (leave all others unchecked):
Close browsers before scanning.
Scan for tracking cookies.
Terminate memory threats before quarantining.

Click the "Close" button to leave the control center screen.
Back on the main screen, under "Scan for H... Read more

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Wrong email address was entered in on the first screen and I can't get off the first screen to sign on 

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Windows 10

When a friend sends an email from his BT Webmail account, those in receipt of the email see his email address as ******@btinternet.com in the 'From" part of the header. However, when clicking on "Reply" (in my case Outlook 2010) the outgoing address is chanced to *******@outlook.com. Initially he used to open his BT Webmail account using the Microsoft Edge browser and so I changed his default browser to Google Chrome and accessed his BT Webmail account from Chrome to see if that made any difference - but it did not.

His computer has been scanned (and my computer has too) with Avast! and Malwarebytes and no malware has been found. So, I am at a loss to understand why this is happening. Can anyone out there help?

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I am new to windows 8 and am unable to find any settings or anything. I was setting up the computer for the wife and put in the wrong email address which is for someone completely different than her just happen to share first name. so they have the confirmation email instead of us. how can we get this confirmation email / change that email address to hers as I have changed it on the microsoft page as navigated to from the store but when entering the store it still has the wrong email address there and won't let us download. Please help

A:wrong email address when signing up the computer now i can't...

Use the link at the top of the Microsoft store document. At the bottom of the web page you can change the country location if required. Your interactions at the Microsoft Store have nothing to do with HP as they are different corporate entities. 

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I'm having a frustrating problem that I'm guessing is going to be easily solved.
I have a user who opens word and excel files directly from a website and has a requirement to fill some details in and then send them via outlook 2007 to recipients.

Up until about a week ago this was no problem... within Word 2007, simply click on the send to mail recipient button and outlook opened and off it went.

After seemingly nothing has changed, Word now wants to open outlook express instead of Outlook 2007. (The default mail program is still Outlook 2007).

Does anyone know the cause of this.


A:Office 2007 using wrong Email Program

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The clock on my PC is right, but in Outlook it is wrong, I changed from Outlook Express. The time is wrong on incoming emails. I've triple checked the PC clock and triple checked the Outlook clock settings; both are correct. Outbound emails show the correct time, but incoming are 1 hour late on the displayed time. I've been to the MS website and checked everything. Also, under PC clock settings/internet time gives me an error msg when I try to synch the time with internet time as well . It's driving me NUTS

I hope someone can help. I can't really say if it's from switching from OE to O, or from the early daylights saving time...I'm guessing the latter.

The other problem I'm having with Outlook is importing emails. I have Comcast and those emails transmit fine; sending and receiving. But, work uses FuseMail for webmail, which imports into Outlook fine, but when I try to respond to work emails in Outlook, it will not send the emails. I have smtp.comcast.net listed in the settings. Any advice?

Thank you

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I've never had reason to send multiple emails, so this was a first. I myself hate it when people do it and reveal my address. So I wanted to be sure that I didn't do the same. I addressed the email to myself and placed the group list in the CC. I also sent one to another of my email addresses to see that all went a-ok. To my shock everyone's address is showing. What did I do wrong? I think now another multiple email is in order with my apologies.


A:Solved: multible email addresses, what did I do wrong?

I've solved it. I forgot to send it BCC. Thanks.

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We are running Outlook 2003 in XP SP2 Home Edition. My wife and I each have our own user name, etc.

We have 3 POP email accounts: Hers, Mine and Ours, with different usernames and passwords, all with the same ISP (Comcast.net). I have set up her Outlook account to receive Hers and Ours, with instructions to leave a copy of Our messages on the server for 10 days. Of course, I have set up mine to download Mine and Ours, leaving Ours on the server 10 days. That way, theoretically, I'll see all my email and our email, she'll see all our email and her email, unless one or the other of us doesn't get on for 10 days (highly unlikely...10 hours maybe).

Mine works fine. But she keeps getting stuff like the CERT reports, stuff from The Tech Guy, reviews from ZD Net and other stuff she doesn't want to wade through. When she opens one, at the top it is clearly addressed to me, not her or us. When she pulls down Tools and selects Email accounts, Outlook shows her only two: Hers and Ours. Microsoft KB search reveals nothing; ditto Comcast.net Help search.

Any clues? How come she can't stop getting mail for an account which is not listed in Outlook, or even in Start/Control Panel/Mail/Profiles/Accounts?

Thanx for any suggestions...


A:Outlook downloads email for wrong account

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I have a Mail server running Microsoft Exchange 5.5 on a NT 4 machine.

I created a distribution list say, listA. I added some accounts in the listA distribution list.

Someone reported that he sent an email message to the listA distribution list but the email was received by someone else who does not belong in the distribution list (listA). Do you have any idea what might happened. The NT 4 machine is a Pentium Pro acting also as a primary domain controller + webserver IIS 3 (!)

Thanks in advance!


A:{Advice Offered} - wrong email delivery


Make sure that Distribution List B has not been put in Distribution List A, by mistake.

If that has happened, then everyone in Dist List B is also on Dist List A.

Also, have a look at the original e-mail on the sender's side (lokk in his sent items folder). Make sure that it was sent purely to the one list, and that this user is not perhaps the name just above or below the name of the Dist List... and may have been added by a slip of the mouse...
As you may have guessed, I am thinking this was a user glitch, not an Exchange fault. I think this is a case of the Computer doing exactly what you TOLD it to do, not what you WANT it to do....... know what I mean?


Reuel Miller
Windows NT Moderator (yes, that does make me biased )

[email protected]

Every morning is the dawn of a new error...

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New computer with Vista ... imported outlook express address book (.wab). All individual email ID's are good, but in the Groups, some, if not most of the contact email ID's are missing from 1 to 3 of the first letters in the email address... for example, [email protected] will show up as [email protected] Not all in the group are bad.... just random.

The group contact Id's in the wab file are correct.

I appreciate any input on this,


A:random wrong email id in contact groups

[QUOTE=cburns93;1196061]New computer with Vista ... imported outlook express address book (.wab). All individual email ID's are good, but in the Groups, some, if not most of the contact email ID's are missing from 1 to 3 of the first letters in the email address... for example, [email protected] will show up as u[email protected] Not all in the group are bad.... just random.

The group contact Id's in the wab file are correct.

I appreciate any input on this,


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I have MS Outllok 2003 and in order to cut down on some of the spam I have used some simple filter, but recently I have had some new business contacts send me email that gets sent to a "spam folder" and is labeled "spam". I haven't applied any filters to cause this that I know of any suggestions on how to fix this?


A:Outlook 2003 labels wrong email spam

What "simple filter" did you use?

Only thing I can think if is just adding them to the Safe Senders list in the Junkmail options in Outlook

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After I started using Outlook.com, I noticed that I entered an email address incorrectly in my contacts. I changed it and then later I deleted the whole contact and re-entered the address, but when I use 'Reply' to that email, Outlook.com sends it to the original wrong address and I get the non delivery message. The email is delivered correctly when I use 'New Mail' to send it.
I'm using Windows 8.1. Any suggestions? Thanks

A:Solved: Can't remove wrong email address from Outlook.com.

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