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memory usage for windows media play in windows XP

Q: memory usage for windows media play in windows XP

When I run the application of windows media player wihtout playing any video files, I test the memory usage in the following aspects: working set, pages files, virtual memory.

When I play the mp3 in the background and connect the internet in the foreground in the windows media player, the working set, pages files, virtual memory all increase.

Who can tell me why the virtual memroy increase?
why the page files increase?
why the working set increase?

Preferred Solution: memory usage for windows media play in windows XP

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: memory usage for windows media play in windows XP

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I've been having this issue for quite awhile now. The issue i'm having is when trying to watch embedded video in either Firefox, or Internet explorer. About 50% of the time I attempt to watch a video, both Firefox, and Internet Explorer will crash. This isn't the only problem I have with it. Not only will the browser crash, but when I try to CTRL+ALT+DEL to shut the process down it will not let me. The system CPU usage for both programs skyrockets to 50 of the 100%. The other 50 is being used by the System Idle Process. Normal windows usage for me is 98-99% System Idle Process. When the browser crashes and I attempt to close it, I am unable to, Windows task manager will not close both Firefox and Internet Explorer. On top of this, I am not able to even restart my computer through the start menu, I am forced to use the power button on the front of my machine, which I hate doing. If anyone has any comments/suggesstions I would really appreciate it.

IE 6.0.2900.2180
Windows Media
Windows XP SP2

A:Embedded windows media player 10 crash/memory usage [Firefox/IE]


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I'm at my wits end.

I put together a capable gaming pc about a month ago with a bunch of new components and some cannibalized older components.

I installed all of the drivers from the motherboard cd. I have a radeon x1300 vid card. I'm running windows xp home ed. I've installed about every codec and plugin under the sun. I've troubleshot my load with regard to Windows itself.

I cannot play Windows Media Audio/Video files for the life of me.

I do get audio, but the video is all hyper-colored like looking at scrambled porn.

It doesn't matter if I download the video or watch it in a browser (any browser). It doesn't matter if I open up the DLed video in real player, Windows Media player or Generic DIVX player #458973: it still comes out all scrambled and in crazy moon-man rainbow colors.

I have no problem playing any other type of windows media player file. Quicktime works fine as well.

Please help.

A:Windows Media Player won't properly play Windows Media Audio/Video files

Well standard Window's media files should play without the need for any additional codecs.

Maybe check the forums of your vid card for some answers.

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Hello all, I tried to reply to the thread with a similar title to provide a correct answer. So I am reintroducing the topic and providing an answer that seems to work.

Problem: I want to use media player with very minimal frame. Many answers are "play full screen". But I know that media can be played in windows media without any skin, very minimal framing and floating media controls over the video that auto hide when you move away.


Press Ctrl-2. This puts you in a skin mode. There should be menu items at the top: File, View, Play, Tools, Help
Choose View->Skin Chooser
You are now in the full media player experience. Do not choose a skin. Click the 3 square & arrow thing at the bottom "Switch to now playing"
Viola! No skin, minimal borders and floating media controls.

I have no idea why this is not a simple option. I think what I am choosing is the most basic skin, maybe not even intended for use. But this is my favorite player, super simple.

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Hey there.

So I'm having a problem playing .wmv files on my system (it's not just WMP). Everytime I play a file with a .wmv extension, the file will play, with proper audio and everything, but the colour will be messed up, almost as if the player (could be WMP, Realplayer, Quicktime etc...) is playing in negative mode. I can't fix it even with codecs. I've downloaded numerous codec packs, codecs from Microsoft, third parties, everywhere, and I can't seem to fix it. This only happens with wmv files, mpg, avi, mpeg etc...all play perfectly.

Running XP Pro

Thanks in advance

A:Windows Media Play wont properly play.wmv files, colour is messed

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I got my sis an advent 7211 laptop for Christmas and I have been setting it up for her ...it has a x200 ati integrated gpu but that's all she'll need as she mostly does work and multimedia stuff on it.

It's running Vista home premium and has only the original codec and ffdshow installed on it.

Anyway the problem is it will play files in WMP11 fine but when I try to play them in windows media center I get black dots all over any white parts of the video.

Anyone got a clue thanks?

I know she could just play the files in wmp11 but she loves the media center and would just like to solve it.

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I formatted my computer, and after installing windows 7 again, my physical memory in task manager is very high, and cpu keeps jumping up and down.
I looked at the processes tab, but noticed absolutely nothing taking abnormal memory (private working set.) Then moved on to performance tab> resource monitor, and found svchost (I think it was netsvcs in parenthesis,) hogging all the memory. After ending the process, I still have had high memory usage, and surprisingly, do not see a process anywhere in task manager with high numbers next to it, so I have no idea what's happening.
I have noticed that my windows 7 folder keeps increasing in size, currently about 26 gigs, and a helper told me that it's normal because the updates in windows 7 have a different compression method than windows 8 and after, however when I had previously installed windows 7, fully updated... my folder size was normal, so I assume it can be done?
I originally posted in the Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs section, however I did not find malware on my computer, so unless it's very new malware, I am certain windows 7 is causing this problem.
For antivirus, I am currently using a free trial of Norton.
P.S. This is probably better for the hardware section, but can constant high physical memory, and cpu usage ruin my hardware? I am avoiding using things that take up high cpu and memory right now, and it's currently about 1.2 g... Read more

A:Windows 7 Jumping Cpu Usage, High Physical Memory Usage

1.  Please download MiniToolBox  , save it to your desktop and run it.
 Checkmark the following checkboxes:  List last 10 Event Viewer log  List Installed Programs  List Users, Partitions and Memory size.
 Click Go and paste the content into your next post.
2.  Please download and install Speccy to provide us with information about your computer.  Clicking on this link will automatically initiate the download.  

When Speccy opens you will see a screen similar to the one below.

Click on File which is outlined in red in the screen above, and then click on Publish Snapshot.
The following screen will appear, click on Yes.

The following screen will appear, click on Copy to Clipboard.

In your next post right click inside the Reply to Topic box, then click on Paste.  This will load a link to the Speccy log.

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Ok, I am literally KILLING myself over this!

I installed Windows 7 64Bit over XP around a month ago and it was so good that I recommended it to my brother who was previously on XP too. We got him a copy of the 32bit version as he has only 2gb of memory, and he installed it on his machine. However, he constantly had high CPU and RAM usage (Even though no programs were obviously taking it all up in his task manager) and it was making his computer sluggish and slow. Everything was freezing and hanging and it was a nightmare.

I spent a day looking all over the net to find out the problem, but could not fix it at all, no matter what the hell I tried. So he reverted back to Windows XP. (A nice waste of money on Windows 7.) His Windows XP now runs smoothly and is all as it was.

Suddenly today, after my brother connected to my Windows 7 homegroup (or workgroup rather) through his Windows XP machine, my computer got the EXACT same problem as he had ages ago! I have been browsing Google all day downloading s**t, changing things in my computer, trying EVERY possible fix that people have suggested and that sound legit. Nothing works!

So now all of a sudden, my computer is sluggish, games are jumpy and jittery, video rendering times are slooooooow.

Here is a picture of my resource monitor:
You can see the physical memory usage being at 45%. I've ordered the memory usage of each service in highest to lowest.
I just CANT see where the problem is!
(I've tried leaving my homegroup to see... Read more

A:Windows 7 random CPU usage and high physical memory usage!!!

I can tell you what is probably causing your problems. AVG.
When you are looking at memory, do not sort by Working set, sort by Hard faults.
Hard faults is what causes things to slow down. Plus you have plenty of memory not to worry about usage.

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windows 10 media player can not play some other files.wma. There displaying "media changing" and diverting to a website.
I have lots of these audio format which are favorites and its dificult to trace all websites and download again. Please help

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Haven't tried to play audio cd's since I re-installed Windows 98SE several months ago as my music is on the hard drive. However, when I tried today to play an audio cd, I got an error message: "WMP encountered an error when reading the CD ROM drive in digital mode. Click OK to switch to analog mode."

Nothing happened when I tried to do this. Went to Tools/Options/Devices and clicked on the relevant hard drive - nothing happened. Tried to open Properties and it wouldn't so I can't get in to see what the setting is.

Data cd's seem to be OK. My music already on the hard drive plays OK.

Any ideas? Thanks

A:Windows Media Play 9 won't play audio cd's

Just needed to extract and re-install the ASPI files from the Windows cd.

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H I GUYS!.....I cannot play dvd,s though cd,s play fine through windows media In my DELL DIMENSION E520 until nowthe function has been functioning fine!....I have been checking in properties!......properties trouble shooting check says that all is ok!!........i have reloaded windows media player only too repeatedly having the same problem!.....the d;drive just wont play a dvd disc!..............anyone familiar with this problem!
id be very appreciatable i tells ya! as i need too upload some footage i own & upload it too youtube! so thanx in advance for all your help craig.

A:cannot play dvd,s though cd,s play fine through windows media

Do you have a dvd-rom drive? A dvd-rom and cd-rom aren't the same thing.

a cd-rom can not read dvd disks.

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I swear that I am on the site that I was on yesterday, and I posted this question, but it isn't here & I still find this site very confusing to navigate, so I will try once more!!

I ripped a 2 disc CD to my computer - Disc 1 - no problem, Disc 2 - the first part of the tract info came up in squares & the remainder was correct. I created a playlist. I synched it to the first MP3 - no problem, then I tried a second MP3 - errors in red circles - files missing media usage rights. So I deleted the first playlist, made a new list and no problems. The files from both Disc are not protected, according to their properties description.

I subscribed to a site in November and downloaded DRM files - big problems - these files had to be synched every month & playlists for CD's which had files which were not protected, were also affected - that is error messages came up for those playlists - even though I had previously been able to synch & play them on the MP3 with no problems. I have deleted all DRM files from my computer, but I was able to (unintentionally) find a software program which would remove the DRM protection. So I have been able to burn these files to a CD, which I previously could not do. If I try to synch these files to my MP3 - am I going to have problems?

Thank-you very much

A:Windows Media Player, media usage rights.

Hi & welcome

I have sent you a private message

please click on User CP to the left of your screen and halfway between your name above and the picture showing Techsupportforum.

you should get a notification that you ave a private message. Just follow the instructions to open a new window with the message displayed.

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When I try to play a video file WMP 11 attempts to download Media Usage Rights. I get a big button that displays "Download" (pic1), however when I press the button the next page does not display(pic2).

The window says that it is going to download video license ver 3.412

My OS: Windows Vista 32-bit SP1
Wmp version: 11

Anyone that can help me?

A:Windows Media Player 11 - Media Usage Rights


I get the same message.

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When I got my Dell Inspiron 531s last fall, everything worked just fine. Actually, I rather enjoyed using the new Media Player. But the last past week the audio quit on me. My speakers are working just fine. I just can't hear anything music from my Media Player. I have no idea why this happened... and so suddenly! Please help me!!!

A:Windows Media Player on Windows Vista Premium won't play audio

This might help you:
There is a little small icon at the bottom of the media player,(next to the volume control). If you click this icon, your sound might turn on (This is the icon for mute ONLY on windows media player). Once you click this the sound for windows media player might work again.

Below is a thumbnail showing the windows media player screen. In the red box at the bottom is the icon. To zoom into the thumbnail once you have opened it click on the picture once more.

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I have a amd athlon 2100+ with 256 mb ddr (should be getting some more)running windows 2003 server.

When I try opening any online video, (online clip, or streaming media) I get this message "windows media player cannot play this file. Connect to the internet or insert the removable media on which the file is located, and then try to play the file again. BUT I'm online and can do I think everything online. I disbaled windows firewall and don't have any currently installed. I've tried going to options and enable everything and configure everything to automatic, BUT that wouldn't help either. I don't know if this might help, But I do keep on getting occasionally the "view offline" or "try again" window. Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated ! THANKS FOR YOU TIME!

A:windows media player windows 2003 server, won't play online clips, stream.

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My problem is that I am unable to play my MPEG-4 packaged videos in Windows Media Center in Windows Vista Ultimate. I have Vista Ultimate 64-bit installed on a Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz dual core CPU. I got this set up specifically to play my DVDís which I transcoded to H.264 using Nero recode (Nero Digital AVC Ė HDTV profile) .
I can see the thumbnails and times, but when I try to play them I get either a codec missing error or usually they just play green interlaced garbage.
I tried a bunch of suggestions, but most seem to not all be applicable to the 64-bit Vista (surprise, surprise). I have installed ffdshow 64 bit (ffdshow64-rev2546.exe ), which seemed to help, and I have tweaked the registry of course to recognize the file extentions. By the way, everything plays fine in VLC and even play fine in WMP 11, JUST not in Windows Media Center!

A:unable to play MPEG-4 videos in Windows Media Center Windows Vista Ultimate

i couldnt get them to play in mine either. i have premium. so i just used VLC.
if you get yours to work let me know.


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Is there anyway in Windows Media Player 11 to play media without displaying skin, meaning only the media is displayed. Full screen display basically does that with controls being hidden and then activated by cursor movement. ATI does that with it media player by allowing you to hide/display border/controls.

Thanks for any help!


A:Windows Media Player 11 - How to play media without any skin

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Hello, I'm new to the forum, so please be patient.

I have a Windows Movie Maker clip that was sent to me through an e-mail. I had difficulty playing it at first as Windows Media Player gave me an error message "... does not recognize", or something to that affect. I got past that after some research.

I tried to re-send it to a friend and it would only open in Note Pad on his computer. From the error messages, apparantly there is a problem with the file extension. I sent it back to mayself and figured out how to solve that problem and advised the friend.

What my ultimate goal is, is to post this clip on my website or U-Tube for promotional purposes. Can someone please tell me how to resave this file or what ever else is necessary so that I can post it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated .


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my cpu usage spikes everytime i play media files , causing them to buffer , i cant watch videos online cause they are crazy slow frame rates so i wittled my services down to the bare bones following the amazing guides on this forum , and no joy although my memory usage is now 34%
but my cpu is still crazy one minute its at 5% then at 66% , then once i open firefox or divx media player bam 99-100% , i never had this problem before until i installed the new camfrog , and they havent helped , im sure theres a guide to lowering cpu here?
cant watch videos online cause they are crazy slow frame rates

ive ran multiple registry cleaners , scanned my comp aload of time , spent countless hours disablign and enabling muliple services , my comp windows speed is fine runs really well , only issue is with firefox and the media lagg

ive had some good advice about my gpu and that uac is blocking it , but i need a dummys guide to solving my problem as im not that computer nifty

any suggestions?

running with over 2gb ram , vista home basic 32 , ati radeon graphics card also its a dell inspiron laptop

processer is a 1.88 ghx dual core

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I am operating on Windows vista. Iused to be abble to play my library of music and watch videos and everything but the last couple of days everytime I try to play any kind of media on it wont play at all. It somes up with " Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file. For additional assistance, click Web Help" When I click Web help I go through all the steps I should but the all that they suggest is fine on my computer. Except that it gives me the option of contacting my computer manufacturer and mine doesn't even come up. I have an ASUS. I have no idea what to do. can you help. I would rather not just not use WMP like you suggested someone else.

A:Windows Media Player won't play any media

reinstall WMP.
get it here http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/winfamily/mediaplayer/default.mspx

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This desktop computer was built for me just over a year ago. I have never played DVDs on it until I tried today. I keep getting the error message C:\Windows\System32\MF.dll is either not designed to run on windows or it contains an error.
The DVD in question works perfectly on my old Dell Laptop.
I run Win7 on an AOC desktop and have Malwarebytes and BitDefender. Loads of memory and the driver is OK. Properties say the device is working perfectly.
Can anyone suggest what might be wrong.

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When I try to play a DVD I get (Windows Media Player is currently unable to play DVD video)
Error Message
Error ID = 0xC00D116A, Remedy ID = 0x00000000
Can some please help me?

A:Windows Media Won' Play DVD's

You need a third party app to play commercial DVDs to decode encrypted films etc e.g. WinDVD 8.

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I've actually having two issues right now. First, my media player has no problem playing albums stuck onto the sight via the web, BUT will not play anything CDs I have. In fact, it just makes a disturbing whiring sound. The second issue is that I cannot do a restore. None of the points are recognized. Help to solve any of these problems would be appreciated.

A:Why won't Windows Media play any of my CDs?


The Windows Media Player and CD audio issue: go here

If you are planning on doing a system restore do the above after the restore.

Your System Restore failing...
Some common problems that could cause System Restore not to work properly and their solutions include the following:
• There is less than 200 MB of free space available on the computer—free up some space on the hard drive by deleting unused files or images.
• After rebooting, the restoration is unsuccessful—choose an earlier restore point and try again.
• Restoration was denied due to non-administrator status—log out and then back in as an administrator.

Hope that helps

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We have a performance critical application (a windows service) that required accessing around 5GB of data frequently. As a result, we decided to put the 5GB data in the shared memory for fast performance consideration.
We are using the createFileMapping and mapViewofFile APIs from Microsoft to do the job. The system is running under windows 7.

1. We found that when the system is about to running out of memory, our data file will be paged to the virtual memory and subsequent performance degrades. We would like to know if there exists a way for
our user application to acquire non-paging memory. That mean we would like to acquire memory that will NOT page to the virtual memory. And always keep at the physical memory. Please provide the function call names and related sample source code.

2. In case our shared memory are paged out from the physical memory to virtual memory, what is the appropriate way to detect this because we would like to alert customer that memory paging occurred. Please provide
the function call names and related sample source code.

3. What kind of tools can we see the memory usage at shared memory? For example, how much shared memory is consumed by our application? Is there any shared memory viewer available?

4. How should we interpret the standby and free memory (diagram below)? We found that when free memory approach to zero, our application performance will become slow.
While the available is 1567MB (standby +... Read more

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Windows 10 uses 90% of memory even on startup with few programs open, t looks like there's a memory leak.
I ran poolmon.exe and i got this:

Tag Type Allocs Frees Diff Bytes Per Alloc
LSbf Paged 33738008 ( 0) 33737831 ( 0) 177 144902657478524898 ( 0) 818659081799575
LSbf Nonp 431 ( 0) 128 ( 0) 303 144902640298687214 ( 0) 478226535639231
ismc Nonp 2 ( 0) 0 ( 0) 2 35635200 ( 0) 17817600
IWA1 Nonp 2 ( 0) 0 ( 0) 2 4276224 ( 0) 2138112
dump Nonp 2 ( 0) 0 ( 0) 2 4018384 ( 0) 2009192
MmPb Nonp 3 ( 0) 0 ( 0) 3 4448256 ( 0) 1482752
hibr Paged 5 ( 0) 4 ( 0) 1 774144 ( 0) 774144
IWBX Nonp 3 ( 0) 0 ( 0) 3 1940672 ( 0) 646890
AmlH Nonp 4 ( 0) 0 ( 0) 4 2097152 ( 0) 524288
IWBy Nonp 1 ( 0) 0 ( 0) 1 524288 ( 0) 524288
PfNL Paged 1 ( 0) 0 ( 0) 1 491520 ( 0) 491520
Pool Nonp 27 ( 0) 20 ( 0) 7 3409472 ( 0) 487067
XENO Nonp 14 ( 0) 0 ( 0) 14 4917856 ( 0) 351275
VadL Paged ... Read more

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(First I needed a new thread) Why is this happing? I never really did anthing for this to happen. I tried Anti-viruses scans, AD-AwareSE and other stuff. I would listen to 1 or 2 songs and then the player would just go up to 89 to 99 percent usage. It would take forever to change/stop songs. I have no I Idea what HiJackThis is or how to use it. Is there any other sugestions, because I have a FALL BACK plan and it is what it says ... FALL BACK ... reformatt xp. If you need any other Information just ask.

A:Windows media player 99% cpu usage??? HELP

This is how to use HJT - http://www.tomcoyote.org/hjt/ and this is what to do before and after using HJT- http://www.techspot.com/vb/topic30213.html
Are you running visualizations ? They can use a lot of CPU.
You can also trying re-installing WMP.Sometimes works.

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if i open task manager/processes windows media plaer is usualy near the top when
Memory (private Working Set) is selected
at the moment its at 32,252K is this normal when its not even running?
if i stop the process it just starts again.

A:windows media player usage

If I open my player, it uses ~27,000K, just doing nothing. It should not start back up though if you've closed it or killed it via the task manager; that's quite odd.

Have you run a virus scan lately? I'd do that asap, then run Malwarebytes: Malwarebytes

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I have recently reformatted my computer. Everything has been really smooth with the exception of WMPlayer 11. For some reason unknown to me just opening the program is causing constant 100% CPU usage. I was thinking that it could be an update in progress or a similar download but giving it time to complete the task results in no change. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

A:Windows Media Player & Cpu Usage.

Try uninstalling WMP11.

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whenever i play a song in windows media player 11 the CPU usage goes up to about 97% and the memory usage goes to about 200,000K im not sure what to do or how to fix it can someone help?

A:Windows Media Player CPU usage

Welcome to TSF....

Try this in WMP 11: Right click on the display screen and turn-off the visualizations and see if that helps.

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When i open windows media player10, the cpu usage goes to 90-100% all the time.

Using windows xp...3.2ghz p4 with sp2.

What should i do??

This is a screenshot of taskmanager:



A:windows media player causes 100% usage

uninstall it and reinstall it

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Hi as the title suggest every time I use windows media to play songs, videos etc my PC uses almost 100% CPU -

I have disabled network sharing which I thought was the problem but media player still uses almost all of my cpu , does any one have any idea what the cause is or how to resolve it please - any help will be greatly appreciated

A:Windows Media Player - 100% Cpu usage?!

Have you installed any codec packs? What folders is WMP monitoring?

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I have Vista Home Premium and Windows media player won't play the videos I take with my Blackberry. Any ideas?

A:Windows media player won't play my mp4's

Hey,Follow the instructions below Download FFDShow from here.Run the installer. Select your language and click Next. Now you must accept the license agreement of FFDShow, and click Next to continue. Now you can choose an install directory (default is fine) and click Next again. You are now on the Select Components screen, VfW Interface should be selected by default, but if it is not, then please select it.Click Next and select a start menu folder (default is perfectly fine again), Click Next again and now you reach the "Select Additional Tasks" screen.It is important now that you ensure that under "Decode the following video formats with ffdshow", H.264 / AVC, DivX, and XviD options are selected. Scroll down further until you reach "Decode the following audio formats with ffdshow" and just ensure that AAC is selected and also selecting MP3 won't do any harm. (these settings are usually default) When you click Next, you will come to a "Management of compatibility issues" screen.It is recommended to leave the option to use FFDShow for video only with the programs listed beneath to prevent any compatibility problems with other software. Media Player Classic and Windows Media Player will be in here. Click Next and you will get the same screen again, this time for audio. Click Next and select your speaker setup (if you only have 2 speakers, its stereo). Click Next again and then "Install".

When the installation is finished, yo... Read more

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I just went to play a CD on my computer and there was no sound coming from Windows Media Player. Anyone have any ideas how to fix this?
Thank you.

A:Windows Media Player won't play CD


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I've recently purchased a laptop with Windows 7 Home x64. I've tried playing dvd's, wma, mp3's, mp4's, avi's, etc, but none of them will play on it! I've tried other programs and they run just fine on them. What is going on?

A:Windows Media player won't play anything!

Your post is a bit unclear. Are you trying other programs on the same computer? Programs other than *which * program?

Are you trying the same media on other computers? If so, does the laptop have Home premium or Home Basic?

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As of two days ago my Windows Media Player will not play any CD's. When I right click on the start menu and explore - I can find the appropriate option and click on the E drive to run the CD. The error message says "Insert a disc - Please insert a disk into drive E." There is already a disk in the player. I have never had any issues with the media player before so I am unsure of even where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A:Windows Media Player won't play CD's

Welcome to TSG forums (fellow Corhnusker)
First thing I suggest doing is to run a cleaner on the drive (looks like cd but is special) and also clean the cd itself.
You might need codecs. K lite codecs is free and may help you. you can d/l it free at www.majorgeeks.com or www.download.com.

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I used to be able to play VOB files with a simple double click on WMP. Now all I get is a red "!" in the play list. My laptop does the same and did the same when it was on WMP9 (it is now on 10) The PC is on WMP10. Does anyone know what has happened. Was it Seattle during a Windows Update? Can I get the facility back?

VOB files play OK using PowerDVD and VideReDo plays them and converts them without problem.

A:Windows Media Play and VOB files.

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I am trying to get familiar with Windows Media Player 11 (WMP11). I am having trouble working with PlayLists. It is pretty obvious how you create one, how to rename one, how to save one, etc., but how to you access saved playlists so you can play them? Per the Help info on PlayLists, there is supposed to be a PlayLists selection in the Library Tab:

"Click the Library tab, and then click the Playlists view in the Navigation pane"

There is no such selection in my copy of WMP11 (11.0.5721.5230). Initially I thought that perhaps the PlayLists tab would not be displayed unless there were saved Playlists. So I checked the "My Playlists" folder and there are several saved playlists. What am I doing wrong?

NEVER MIND. The list was sitting there in the upper left corner of the window all along.

A:Windows Media Play PlayLists

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I'm running WMP version 9.0 on a P2 350 MHZ computer. I have 256 RAM installed and are having problems getting the player to play audio samples from the web. For example: I'm interested in hearing a certain track on amazon.com's site; I scroll down to the CD's track listing and are offered a chance to "listen" to a certain song. I'm assuming that it isn't the ENTIRE track so it shouldn't take long to steam it. I have a DSL line and it takes a long time to try to get the song to play so I just quit out of it. One time I waited nearly 5 minutes and still no music. Is there a reason why WMP 9.0 isn't working with my setup ?? If I click on WMP (launch the program) my video and audio works WITHIN that but not when I try to sample a song from another website. What can I do to fix this ? Is upgrading to version 10 the answer? Before I purchase a CD online I'd like to hear what's on it first. You can't download these samples, you can only listen to them. Any help is appreciated.

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I updated to WMP 11 and now I can't play my newly bought dvd's

I have searched threads here and have so far d/led DECCHECKSetup and ran that. (I have attached a pic of the results)
I tried what was suggested and set InterVideo Video Decoder as the preferred decoder but there was change
At the moment it has been reset to defults.

I rolled back to WMP 10 and now I get Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD because a problem occurred with digital copyright protection.

It does however play dvd's bought in Bali

A:Windows Media Player won't play new DVD's

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Hi, I can't get Windows Media Player 11 to play DVD's I've been on the Microsoft site and downloaded the Microsoft Windows Video Decoder Check up Utility and it says I no longer have a MPEG2 decoder installed. As far as I know this hasn't been deleted. The error message that comes up when I try to play a DVD is "Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because there is a problem with digital copy protection between your DVD drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card". Does any one know how to solve this problem or where I can go to get a free mpeg2/DVD decoder from? Thanks for your time.

A:Windows Media Player 11 Won't Play Dvd's

Here you have the decoder. You have to switch off the DRM in WMP 11

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When i open Media files such as mpg and avi in WMP I get a Black screen where the video should be, but i get the sound of the videos. This also happens in Winamp and in Windows Movie Maker. I first thought it may have been because all of my videos are encoded into DivX and my free DivX trial had run out, so i purchased DivX permanently but the videos are still not working.
I can still play movies on QuickTime.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A:Help: Windows does not play any media files.

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I have WMP 12, with Windows 7 Home Premium on a 64-bit machine.  WMP 12 will no longer play any CD's.  They will not auto start when inserted into the CD-DVD drive nor will they start by manually selecting the tracks.

I know the CD-DVD drive works because I have downloaded VLC Media Player and every CD's I have installed plays through it.
It is WMP 12 that is not recognizing a CD.  
All of the MS support articles I find here, end up sending one back to solutions for WMP 8 to 11, which does not apply, as the described steps and selections do not exist is WMP 12.

A:Windows Media Player 12 will not play CD's

Please logon with
Clean Boot, and try to run this troubleshooter:
If the issue persists, you can try to disable WMP and enable it again on Control Panel\Programs and Features
 Leo Huang
TechNet Community Support

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Hello, I can't play dvd's on my laptop running windows xp pro sp3 with windows media player 11. when I try to play the dvd it tells me that i do not have the proper codec. So I installed PowerDVD 7.0. Now I can play my dvds with PowerDVD 7.0 just fine but not in wmp. Every time I insert a dvd the PowerDVD program immediately opens. How can I play dvds with WMP?

my friends laptop running xp pro sp3 i just pop in the dvd and a menu comes up asking if I want to play with windows media player, power dvd, real player, quick time etc. so I choose wmp and the dvd plays just fine.

Please help me be able to play dvds on windows media player...

A:can't play dvd with windows media player 11

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It plays and I hear on it.  It plays playlist to IPod ect.  But when I put in a disk to play on DVD nothing, no video, no sound, can you tell me what I doing wrong or checklist on playing a DVD it did at one time.  I hate to be a nuisance to you, but it seems things are just going wrong.  Thanks for your help.

A:Windows Media Player won't play DVD

Click on the Start orb and type devmgmt.msc, right click on it when it appears under Programs, choose Run as administrator.
Scroll down to DVD/CD-ROM drives and click on the clear diamond to expand the tree.  
Double click on your DVD/CD drive, then click on the Driver tab, then click on Uninstall.
Restart your computer.  The driver which was uninstalled will be replaced when the computer boots.
See if resolves the problem.

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Hello, not too far back but long enough, my Windows Media Player refused to play ANYTHING! I had it set as default to all file types and it had worked fine the day before. The next day, any mp3 file or midi file I tried to play would not work what-so-ever. I've tried reinstalling, installing an older version, cleaning the registry completely, searching for spyware and adware, searched for virus' but good lord, I am at my wits end. I have no idea what to do. Please, help me out! Thank you very much. =D

A:Windows Media Player 11 Will Not Play Anything!

Please, if anyone knows anything I could do, please help.

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When i attempt to play an AVI movie or clip in windows media it reads the file you are attempting to play has an extension AVI that does not match the file format. Playing the file may result in unexpected behavior.......i have klcodec475 installed but i still cant viwe AVI files in windows media please help.....thank u

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