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Taskbar previews tweak question

Q: Taskbar previews tweak question

I like the feature where if I hover over a thumbnail, it will show just that window and hide all the other windows, so I can pop over to another window to check something and then resume working in my current window.

But the problem I have at the moment is that I have to move the cursor to the taskbar icon, and then move the mouse to the thumbnail. Anyone know of a way to let this work by just moving to the taskbar icon?

- Eli

Preferred Solution: Taskbar previews tweak question

I recommend downloading and running Reimage. It's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identify and fix many Windows problems with a high level of success.

I've used it in the past to identify and fix everything from blue screens (BSOD's), ActiveX errors, corrupt files and processes, dll/exe/sys errors, recover lost memory, Windows update problems, defragging, malware removal etc.

You can download it direct from this link http://downloadreimage.com/download.php. (This link will automatically start a download of Reimage that you can save to your computer.)

A: Taskbar previews tweak question

Hello Eli,

Sorry, but Aero Peek will only kick in when you move the mouse on the thumbnail preview.


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"change the size of thumbnail peviews invista taskbar"

Can anyone tell me why this tweak won't work, i have been trying for a few days now, and basically it shoud work

This is the tweak

Now in the rhs pane, create a new DWORD value and call it "thumbnailsize" right click on it and choose modify, then select decimal option and enter the desired value data in pixels, it can be changed to a value between 32 and 256.

And thats it "simple" well not for me i cannot get this to work

Here is a snapshot

I have windows vista home premium 32 bit

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Hey, all!

This may be a problem others have had, but I've looked everywhere and haven't been able to find a good answer, yet. I'm dealing with a few bugs.

The first bug relates to alt-tab. When I hold alt and press tab, the pop-up with previews of each active window appears as it should, however after about a half a second, it disappears. In that half a second, I can quickly alt-tab from the active window to the one directly behind it, and if I hold tab, it quickly cycles through all the others with the pop-up staying up, but the minute I let go of tab for the first time, the pop-up disappears and nothing happens.

I have a similar problem with my taskbar. The Aero theme includes the great feature of hovering the mouse over the icon for an open program to show a small preview of that window (or all the windows in a given application). When I do this, the preview pops up breifly, but then quickly disappears as well. If I move my mouse slowly across the icon, each time the mouse stops, the preview refreshes, but the preview disappears when I try to move my mouse over it to, for example, select one Word document out of 3 that I'm working on.

A related bug to this may be that when I try to click-drag to reorder the icons on my taskbar, the click-drag only "grabs" the icon for a half a second before releasing it (even though my mouse is still down) back to where it originally came from.

I'm running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit on a refurbished Alienware M1... Read more

A:Alt-Tab and Taskbar Previews Disappear

Hello Azweibel, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You can use CTRL+ALT+TAB , and press tab to cycle through the open windows instead to avoid them closing on you so fast.

Since this is a laptop, I bet it may be your tapping or sensitivity settings for your touchpad causing the pointer to lose focus while hovered over the taskbar icon's previews.

Hope this helps,

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hello a question about the taskbar previews...
when i play a movie or any window with a dynamic movement inside it, i don't
see it live when i hover the window in taskbar...

for example, when minimizing a media player window, i don't see the video still running in the preview, only when the window is opened i see the video running.

so i guess this is set for saving in cpu, but how can i change it?
maybe a registry edit?

A:Vista taskbar previews...

Hello Shayx,

Double check to see if Windows Media Player is set as the default program with all of it's associations set with it. This tutorial will help show you how to if needed.

Default Programs - Program Default Associations

If that does not help, then see if turning the taskbar thumbnails off and on may reset it to allow it to show properly.

Hope this helps,

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So recently I've been using windows 7 a lot and every so often the task bar stops showing previews and starts showing tool tips and when I move the mouse off of the taskbar the icon remains highlighted as though my mouse were still over it the only way to fix it is to restart explorer.

anyone else ever have this issue and or know of a way to fix it?

A:Taskbar stops showing previews

Hi Flare561,
I think Windows Aero has to be enabled in order for the previews to show up. Are you turning it off perhaps? My VGA card did not qualify for Aero so I only see the words. Not the previews.

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I've searched a lot about how to do it, but I coudn't find it anywhere. I want to disable this preview:

Things that I've already tryied:

- Disabling Aero Peek. It just disables the visualization of the windows, when I put my mouse over the thumbnail preview. Besides that, it disable the "Show Desktop" function of the button in the right of the Taskbar (the mouse over function, not the click one), which I do like!

- Enabling the option on Gpedit.msc>User Config>Admininstrative Layouts>Start Menu And Taskbar>Disable Taskbar Thumbnails (I'm not sure if it's this exactly, I translated from portuguese by myself), but this only works in Vista.

The only thing that works is using the classic themes, but I don't want to use them... they're uggly!

What else can I do to try to get rid of it? I can't get used to it, it annoys me a lot, and there's no real use for me, since I don't enable the grouping itens option.

Sorry for my english, and thanks in advance (:

A:How to disable the taskbar thumbnail previews?

If you have Business, Ultimate or Enterprise version, you can use a group policy. Run gpedit.msc, then go to User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Start Menu and Taskbar. Enable the "Turn off taskbar thumbnails" option.

For Home versions (or if the group policy doesn't quite do what you want), try this tool: http://rammichael.com/?proj=29

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I cannot for the life of me get the folder preview's to go away. They keep popping up on my taskbar when i have a lot of icons. I have tried the ExtendedUIHoverTime thing and that doesn't help. Any suggestions.

Currently running on windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

Here's a screenshot as well...

A:Windows 7 Taskbar folder previews

Hello Dizzm,

I'm not sure what you mean. The screenshot you have posted does not have any taskbar thumbnail previews in it. Take a look at the example screenshot in the tutorial below to see what a taskbar thumbnail preview is.

Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable

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I recently have updated programs and have been cleaning my registry with RegistryEasy. Suddenly the taskbar changed and the theme isn't vista-like anymore. Please help me!!!!!
I have attached a picture of the bits...

A:Problem with Taskbar, Theme and Previews

Set back to a previous restore point and get rid of the Registry Easy. That's your problem.

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I used to be able to preview the icons on my desktop if I had different programs open, but now it's not working. What is wrong, and what can I do to fix it? Thanks.

A:Taskbar icon previews not working.

Aero Peek - Turn On or Off

Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable

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Okay, so I did a lot of searching and I thought I figured out what this option does (in the performance options within system properties). I thought it kept the thumbnail previews in the cache so when I hibernate or sleep, the previews will still be there. But that doesn't appear to be the case.

Usually, when I hibernate or sleep the computer, some of the previews don't show up and instead just shows the application's icon until I click on it and the preview gets saved again.

So basically, I see no difference between having this option checked vs not checked. Can anyone help?

(Specs are below, in case)

A:save taskbar thumbnail previews - what does it do?

Hello terrorist,

It's basically to have the taskbar thumbnail preview windows above the icon to be saved to a cache to help the image in the thumbnail preview load quicker. If you don't have it turned on, then the thumbnail preview is loaded fresh each time when you hover over a icon on the taskbar of an opened window instead of from the faster cache.

Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Save

Hope this helps,

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It happens when I wake up computer from sleep, or after a few idle hours (1-2). What confuses me is that some thumbnails are ok while some don't work.I checked for corrupted user account using  sfc /scannow but it didn't find any errors.Maybe problems with GPU drivers? Or SSD drivers?

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Hello, every since I updated my 8.1 to update 1 I have this annoying bug, the taskbar miniatures stop appearing and instead i have this annoying tooltip with whatever program's name I hovered last, that insists in staying above all other windows:

The only way to fix it is rebooting my computer, but it just comes back after a while.

I haven't found any link to any open program, any way I can debug this to find out why this is happening? I'm close to formatting the computer because of this annoyance.

A:Taskbar thumbnail previews not appearing, tooltip instead


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i always keep 2 firefox windows open when i'm working, one for work and one for, uh, non-work stuff. i always open my non-work window first, so its preview thumbnail is on the left, while the other window's preview thumb is on the right.

lately, they've been swapping for some reason. i'll go to open a particular window using the taskbar, and it will be on the wrong side.

is there any way to switch these short of shutting down the first window and opening it again?

i know it's pedantic, but i'm compulsive about this sort of thing, and it's really bugging me

A:change order of taskbar thumbnail previews?

Open them in order?


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I am no longer getting the thumbnail previews on my taskbar. It may or may not be related that when I booted up this morning, I got a blue screen (I didn't watch the boot process - not sure when it occrured) and had to reset the PC.

I have tried the four solutions here to no avail:
Taskbar Thumbnail Previews - Enable or Disable

Except 1 because the homepage is down and the alternative source which I found is a .php file which I can only seem to open in gpedit or something and 2 because it doesn't apply.

Please, how do I enable my live thumbnail previews? I don't think I could have done it inadvertantly, because I haven't been toying with any settings.

A:How to enable live taskbar previews? They've gone, mysteriously

Is your Aero on?

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After playing around with the operating system I found that I don't like the thumbnail (previews) from the taskbar. Is there a way to disable this in Windows 7?

I don't have the same screen as vista as listed here: Thumbnail Previews on Taskbar - Enable or Disable - Vista Forums

A:Disabling taskbar thumbnails (previews) in Windows 7

Just do it the same way as the tutorial, threw gpedit.msc. Enable it, click ok or apply and restart.
Or, if you don't want to restart..right click on the task bar and click on task manager, go to the process tab, select explorer.exe and end process. Then to restart it, click file on the task manager menu bar, new task-explorer.exe-OK. And it will work after that instead of restarting the computer.

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Hi All,

I have noticed that if I open 10 internet explorers or a mixture of 10 different programs; when you hover over their taskbar icon displays a preview pane as normal, but as soon as I open 11 or more programs or internet explorers the previews turn in line discription bars (the images change into writings only) if this makes sense.


Is there any way that after 10 programs open the image previews can stay?

If I close down some programs or internet explorer tabs, down to 10 or less, the previews (images) come back.

Hope I explined the above properly?

John Fairview

A:windows 7 taskbar thumbnail previews missing?

Hello John, and welcome to Seven Forums.

Yes. This is the taskbar's thumbnail and list mode threshold limit. You could use a option in the tutorial below to change the limit to what you would like instead.

Taskbar List or Thumbnail Previews Mode - Change

Hope this helps,

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currently I have this situation

I like that the previews are shown together, but if, in the taskbar, I move one of the actual windows [like the middle window ''puushh''], then all three windows are moved in the taskbar.
I want the actual windows to not to be glued, but still l want to have all the thumbnail previews show up when I summon only one.

is this possible?

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Microsoft has admitted that the Aero Glass interface, while some thought it was pretty, was a useless waste of processing power and an impediment to usability, and they have removed it from Windows 8. Some of us would have disabled it in Windows 7 long ago and used a Classic or Basic theme except for one feature that was available only when Aero was enabled: Taskbar thumbnail previews. If either of those themes was selected, Aero was disabled, but that also disabled the thumbnails. We could disable transparency and keep the thumbnails, but that left us with Aero and several weird features (such as simulated transparency in title bars when windows are moved) still enabled.

I've always found taskbar thumbnail previews to be a very useful feature, especially when I've got a bunch of browser windows open with several tabs in each window. I mean, I remember what I was looking at, but what I think should be the title of a page and what a web developer actually used in the <TITLE> tag are often unrelated (for developers, it's always been about indexing in the search engines). That makes the window listings that replace the previews in those non-Aero themes sometimes less than useful.

There used to be several utilities for Windows XP that would bring taskbar thumbnail previews to that OS (one was called "Visual Tooltip"). I'm wondering if there is a similar third-party tool that will allow thumbnail previews in Windows 7 when the Basic or Classic themes are enabled... Read more

A:Utility to Display Taskbar Thumbnail Previews Without Aero

Visual Tooltip is Windows 7 compatible, as it is stated in their site.

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I am using Windows 7 in 5040x1050 resolution using Matrox TripleHead2Go.

The problem is that taskbar live previews appear to be automatically disabled at this resolution (only windows titles are shown). When I am using 5040x1050, they look like this:

When I switch to 1280x800 notebook display, the previews look like this (notice that the thumbnail is shown):

I get live previews in 3360x1050 too. But 5040x1050 doesn't work.

Please help me force Windows to draw live previews with thumbnails at the 5040x1050 resolution. The DWM works at that res just fine - previews are visible in Flip3D and in Alt+Tab switching.

YT, Danila

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I've just got Windows 7. So far i've enjoyed it, but found one annoyance:

When I hover over application icons (that are open) on the taskbar the thumbnail preview only flashes up for 1 second, even if I leave my cursor hovering on the icon.

This is the case most of the time, but I find when I have certain windows open (e.g. the regeditor - random I know!) then the thumbnail previews for other applications will stay up as long as I hover over them.

Can anyone help?


A:Increasing the length of time thumbnail previews on taskbar display

Quote: Originally Posted by Hirroshi


I've just got Windows 7. So far i've enjoyed it, but found one annoyance:

When I hover over application icons (that are open) on the taskbar the thumbnail preview only flashes up for 1 second, even if I leave my cursor hovering on the icon.

This is the case most of the time, but I find when I have certain windows open (e.g. the regeditor - random I know!) then the thumbnail previews for other applications will stay up as long as I hover over them.

Can anyone help?


Hi Hirroshi and welcome to SF!
Just look here, follow all instructions as they are posted and enjoy!

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Rather than use a third party docking bar, I'm determined to use the new W7 taskbar. However, I've found changing the icons; pinning and unpinning programs, folders, and files; and positioning the icons on the taskbar to be hit or miss.

I've found a simple but effective way to do all three using one technique. (It's very possible that someone has already done this. If so I apologize for re-posting it.)

1) Create a new folder on the Desktop. Call it "Taskbar Folder." (You can create the folder anywhere actually, but I put it on the desktop for ease of access for steps (2) and (3), and because I hide all desktop icons anyhow.)

2) Create normal shortcuts of all the programs, folders, and files that you would like to have on your Taskbar. (You can even make one for the Trash Bin.)

3) Put the shortcuts into the "Taskbar Folder" you just created.

4) Change the icons of the shortcuts to whatever you'd like. (You have to use .ico files.)

5) Right click on the Taskbar > (left click) Toolbars > New Toolbar and browse to the "Taskbar Folder" on your desktop.

6) All the shortcuts in the "Taskbar Folder" should appear on your Taskbar. Right click and un-check "Show Text" and "Show Title."

7) Slide this new toolbar anywhere you want on the Taskbar. (Taskbar must be unlocked.)

Unfortunately, the icons are pretty small (compared to typical dock icons). The only way to make them large (see attached image) is to increa... Read more

A:Taskbar Tweak

Hi Soupie,

Welcome to 7 Forums.

If you do it that way, you lose all the functionality of the 'pinned icons'. Here is a better way to center the icons and retain the functionality. Taskbar Buttons


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Ok in windows 7 your taskbar has a glossy look, it lately has gotten very annoying to me! Windows 8 they dont have that, and the taskbar doesn't have thst white thin line at the top.

Is there ANY way to get rid of that gloss without changing themes?

A:Tweak The Taskbar?

you mean the transparency?

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That would say...make it look like there was nothing ther when there was actually a program there? The reason is, my little brother keeps making a big deal about how I shouldn't be in "Chat Rooms" (A sane person would call them "Forums."), and sometimes he even flips the power switch and shuts down the computer when I'm in the middle of something. If Windows Blinds does that then I'm all set because I'm already downloading that program.

I'm also looking for a program that will download all the suspicious features of Windows XP without making the software unusable. You know, the features that heighten security, at the cost of your privacy. Somthin' like that.

~The Servant of Eru~

A:Looking for a Windows XP Taskbar Tweak...

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I want the StartButton to be at the bottom of my taskbar when I have it placed vertically. I have it on the left side currently.

I've decided to this because with widescreen displays becoming prominent, we have unused horizontal space when doing common tasks such as internet browsing and word processing. (I'm on a laptop with a somewhat limited screen.)

I've searched all over the interwebz and I haven't seen anything.

A:Taskbar Alligned Vertically Tweak?

I know they have this for multiple monitors, but don't know about a single one. You may have to research for yourself, but note that most programs charge, as does this one: MultiMon. I doubt it will do what you want it to, though.

Just use the internet full screen if feel you are wasting space. I buy bigger monitors so I don't get a cluttered feeling. If you want less wasted space, buy a smaller monitor. You cannot have the start button separate from the taskbar, they are connected.

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I have recently turned on the 'Group similar taskbar buttons' feature in Windows XP.
There is, however, one element of this that I really am finding annoying.

I often find myself switching backward and foward between two different applications. If those applications have more than 1 window open, this means that every time I want to switch back to the previous window I was looking at, I have to firstly click on the taskbar button, and then select the particular window that I want to view.

All-in-all, a slow, and painful process, which involves 2 clicks, and movement of the mouse, where a simply click should be enough.

I was wondering if anyone knows whether my proposed solution is possible. I've attached an image which shows a possible solution to this. Here's what would happen. If someone clicks on a taskbar button to the left of the the white line, the previously opened window in that application automatically opens by default. There is no timewasting.
However, if someone clicks on the taskbar button to the *right* of the white line, it opens up the list of all available windows, from which you can select the window that you want.

Any help would be appreciated!

A:Taskbar button grouping in Windows XP tweak

Switching back and forth between applications is easier done with alt+tab.

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There is a registry hack available to stop you having to use the shift key when using the right click menu to run as a different user - see
http://www.sevenforums.com/tutorials/155532-run-different-user-without-shift-right-click-context-menu.html This works fine if you are in Windows explorer but if you have pinned the program to the task bar, it doesn't work adn you still have to hold the shift key down and right click to get the 'run as different user' option on the menu. Does anyone know of a way to permanently set a shortcut on the taskbar to be run as a different user to the one you are logged in as ?

A:Tweak for 'run as different user' option on taskbar shortcut

You need to put there a shortcut for batch file instead with content like this:

Runas /user:johnDoe "C:\mycommand.exe"
More info on Runas command.

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is there any registry tweak to make taskbar completely transparent and crystal clear


A:registry tweak to make taskbar transparent

There is an Enable Transparency option in the Personalization settings. Have you tried that first?

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I remember there was a tweak that gave me the possibility to navigate harddrive just moving the mouse and hovering on an Arrow Icon, right in the taskbar, very useful to avoid opening Explorer to go to destination.

This tweak is still available in my father notebook, but i don't remember how to enable this.

A:Tweak to enable to navigate Computer hardrive from the taskbar ?

Hello SanXer, and welcome to Seven Forums.

You could add the hard drive as a toolbar on the taskbar for this.

Taskbar Toolbars

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Are these Windows 7 tweaks possible without using 3rd party software:

1. Right click on taskbar icon shows a standard windows menu instead of Jump list?

2. Hide the "Show desktop" button at the end of the taskbar?

3. Fix scrolling in Windows Explorer? Something to replace FlashWheel / KatMouse.

4. Blinking network activity icon that indicates if your network is active or not? Something to replace Network Activity Indicator.

I would like to replace 7+ Taskbar Tweaker 5.0, KatMouse 7 and Network Activity Indicator 1.7. Are these safe to use?

Any help is much appreciated!

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Hi all.
I have a simple question how to reduce the taskbar menu icons using regedit
For now they are big to me.
Of course I know how to reduce the taskbar menu icons but I want to reduce them using registry.
Is there any trick to do this?
Maybe someone you know and you can help?

here is where i want to change it to smaller icons on taskbar meniu.

And this is the way i know how to change but not do not know how to do that with registry.

Thank you in advance.

A:how to enable small icons in taskbar menu using registry tweak ?

Hello Polas, and welcome to Eight Forums.

The way you are showing is how to change the size of the icons on your desktop, but not on the taskbar.
OPTION TWO or THREE in the tutorial below can show you how to change the taskbar icons to be large or small using the registry. It's the same in Windows 8.

Taskbar - Use Small or Large Icons - Windows 7 Forums

Hope this helps,


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Have recently discovered that whenever I double click on a picture to view it in the picture viewer, it comes up with the border but the actual picture doesn't show up.

At the same time, whenever I use Windows Movie Maker, if I import pictures into it, they show up in the preview window when I left click on them at first, but when I drag them down onto the video editing track, they no longer show up on the preview.

Can anyone help me with this?

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I added a few programs to the right click(shell) of My Computer, by modifyin this key:

Can I do the same for MyDocuments? If so I'd like to add entries to open My Pictures and a few other folders in the My Documents folder. But I don't know if this is possible, or what key to modify. If you do...pls let me know.


A:Registry Tweak Question

I dunno - but the context menu is sensitive to the "context" in which you use it (what you get depends on what you right click on).

I'd suggest backing up your registry and finding out how to restore it if you can't boot into Windows (a hard, but not impossible task). Once that's done, you can hose the registry to your heart's content - and still be able to resume using Windows (as long as the backup is fairly current).

Then just experiment with the different keys until you find a solution.

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Is this a program that allows you to overclock without needing to go to bios?  This would most likely explain why I'm getting BSOD.  I'm not changing the votage but I'm maxing my settings :/.

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So, I am currently working in a division where we want to tweak the logon screen, but not just what I have found so far, which has been about the branding text or the background or even how to make the user icons be all the same.

What we are looking for is just so it only shows the user login. Now I know about the 'don't use the last user' one... While that is nice, we don't mind the last username showing, but we don't need a bazillion icons for each user who has used the machine, as this is an enterprise environment.

Anyone have any ideas how to accomplish that, or are we basically stuck with the only option of the don't use the last username tweak?

A:A different kind of Logon Tweak Question...

Hello Keiichi,

You might see if this may work for what you are wanting. It sets the log on screen to where the user must enter both their user name and password instead of selecting their user icon.

Log On with User Name and Password

Hope this helps,

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In my quest for XP tweaks to increase speed and boot up speed etc I read the other day that changing to Windows classic makes a difference in speed,but I was wondering if my system was XP then would not the XP theme not be faster as it would be the default? I also read that changing the start menu to classic would help,again I have the same question,would not the default be faster?
It's all the small tweaks that added up make a bit of a difference.I enjoy tweaking...

A:Solved: XP Speed Tweak Question

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I want to find out how to make window (IE windows) launch as maximized when I right-click on a link from with in a page I am viewing. I have been to all the options screens and cant find this.
there must be some way to get this done .

BYW, my original IE window launches maximized, it's just the ones that I spawn using the right-click, open in new widow that I cant make open as maximized windows.


A:IE 6 right-click on link question (UI tweak)

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Im tweaking my page file, putting it on a seperate hard drive and giving it an absolute size (I have 512MB of RAM, so I making Inital and Max 1536MB - totalling 2048MB).

Here's my dilema - I have two hard drives: One hard drive is a Western Digital 120GB 7,200rpm w/ 8mb cache I use it for my O/s and software. The other is a slow offbrand (Quantum Fireball) 40GB 5,200rpm w/ 2mb cache.

Now, I'v heard that putting the page file on a SEPERATE hard drive that what you run your O/s and software on is optimal, however, I'm wondering if that's teh case for me since me secondary hard drive is so slow.

I'm prolly going to one of these days upgrade either my slave to a 60GB 7,200 2mb cache, or get a new master (250GB 7,200rpm 8mb cache) and make my current master my slave.

What my question is, I know that putting a page file on my secondary is said to be optimal, but is that still the case when my master with my O/s and software is much faster than my slave? I don't really see any performance drop (at least in gaming) with it being on the slow slave, but I'm just wondering which would be optimal.

Let me know what you guys think is best about which drive to put the page on. Thanks dudes.

A:Page File Tweak Question - Which Hard Drive?

My opinion, it's better on the separate drive.

I was working for IBM when the first Virtual Storage operating systems came out and we used to say, "nothing good happens after a 'page fault'. That's because the speed differential between an in memory operation and a disk read operation was measured in orders of magnitude.

From the computer's perspective everything came to a grinding halt, while you waited for the dinosaurs to go extinct and man to land on the moon!

What I'm getting at is that the difference in the speed of those two drives is NOTHING when compared to the fact that you are having to do a disk read (actually many) instead of a memory read in the first place!!!

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Dose any one know of this tweak, to make the IE load faster?

"step 1: first you go to start menu and then choose run.
step2: After you choose run,it appears a little box,then you can type regedit.
step3:Find the key that you need by following this HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ InternetSettings
step4:On the right box,right click and choose new ,then continue choose DWORD Value
step5:type into the box : MaxConnectionsPerServer
step6:Just right click on that key and choose modify,and then type the value that you want into the value box(when you type the large number then your browser faster)
step7:create another key such as MaxConnectionsPer1_0Server (do the same the above steps)

Thank you!!

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Found This Guide over in the forums at Rage 3d. This guide is to help users who own a Ati Radeon and use the Rage 3d Tweaking Tool.
*This Guide is not for the regular Ati control panel, for that I would suggest Techspots Thomas Mcguire's Radeon 9x00's Tweak Guide as it is the best around the net, along with his other tweak guides :grinthumb



A:GUIDE - How To Tweak Rage 3d Tweak v3.8c

I believe Thomas new version of the guide will also cover Rage3d tweak, won't be up for your reading pleasure until next week though, so

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how can i change the shortcut on the taskbar for windows explorer to open up a different folder? I want the documents folder to open instead of libraries.

A:taskbar question

Taskbar - Pin or Unpin a Folder

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Hi Guys, I have a simple question to ask but i cannot figure it out. I found out how to remove text from running apps on the taskbar (like windows 7) but when i put my taskbar vertical to the left side of my screen the text comes back. I would like to have my Vertical taskbar and No text on open apps just the icon like when i have the taskbar vertical. Any ideas, thanks.
I used a registry hack to remove the text --

A:taskbar question


Look at the software talked about on that page. I've used it before and it worked for me, but it's not 100% guaranteed to work.

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As i restarted my computer this morning...the taskbar was at the top of the screen not the bottom...is there a way to get it back to normal?...is because of just a setting or a virus?..please help

thanks in advance :angel:

A:Taskbar Question..

Right click on your taskbar and make sure the "lock taskbar" is not ticked then drag it to where you want it. Once it is in place right click it again and tick "lock taskbar"

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Ok, I'm trying to set up my task bar so that some programs show up and some don't, but when I change to don't display all notifications and icons , my task bar trey area disappears and only shows that arrow thing.

How can I show some of my programs in the task bar and not have that arrow there?

A:Taskbar question

You may need to go into "MSCONFIG" and disable some of the programs from starting with Windows. Also, some programs will let you disable the tray icon. Sometimes it needs to be done one by one.

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I have three question about XP PRO:
1) I have the quick launch enabled and want to know how I can add an icon to the taskbar. In win98se, I can drag an icon and add it to the taskbar but I can't do it in XP PRO. How is it done?

2)How do you configure Outlook Express not to automatically download emails? I clicked on Tools and then Options and I could not find anything that would stop the automatic downloading. In Netscape Messenger I am able to do this. Any ideas?

3) when I click on Start. Help and Support, it brings up the Help and Support Center. On the upper left, there is a Search window but no matter what I search for, it comes back with a No Match answer. If I click Support on the toolbar, it connects me to Microsoft Online Assisted Support, so I know it can connect to the internet. Am I using it wrong?? TIA


A:XP PRO Taskbar Question

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Hi everyone,

I have W7 Pro on my notebook and I just setup a client with W7 Home.

He has lots of Thunderbird email windows open and when you hover over the Thunderbird icon Pinned in the taskbar, you see each of the opened windows as a small representation of the window.
On my W7 Pro I set it up the same, but each open window is represented by a horizontal line of text.
( much less real-estate and easier on the eye when you have lots of windows open! )

It this a difference between Pro and Home ?
I have looked everywhere for a setting that control this, but cannot find one !

If anyone has any ideas on this I'd really appreciate it...

regards, Dave

A:Pin to taskbar question

Right click on desktop and choose personalize. Are you using an aero theme?

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This isn't all that important, more of "I wonder why that happened" kinda thing.

My Taskbar at the screen bottom used to have some coloring on it.
Made it a lot easier to see the icons.

The Taskbar now is pure white, and although all the icons are still there, some of them are very washed out, and a bit hard to see with my eyesight.

Why did it change its coloring/tint ?

Any way to get it back to the original coloring ?


A:Taskbar Question

Quote: Originally Posted by Robert11


This isn't all that important, more of "I wonder why that happened" kinda thing.

My Taskbar at the screen bottom used to have some coloring on it.
Made it a lot easier to see the icons.

The Taskbar now is pure white, and although all the icons are still there, some of them are very washed out, and a bit hard to see with my eyesight.

Why did it change its coloring/tint ?

Any way to get it back to the original coloring ?


Hi Bob! Have you tried Right-Clicking the Desktop then going to Personalise and then changing Window Colour?


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